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is a 24 year old native of Grand Bahama. Since accepting the Lord as personal savior in 2009 Jillian has been living on fire for God with an undying passion to show the world the goodness of Jesus by any means necessary. Her pure love for God and His presence coupled with her gift of writing has her currently working on her first book “My First Love” which is geared towards encouraging God’s people to move away from ritualistic Christianity to relationship with God. God’s plan for her life, even from a young age, was revealed to her mother and ignited a flame in her mother to constantly cover and train Jillian for the work she was called to. Though she lost her way throughout her teen years the prayers of her mother and the purposes of God lead her back to her first love in 2009. After recommitting her life to God Jillian submitted her

gift of dance back to the Lord and joined Hinds Feet Dance Ministry where she is now currently the leader. She is employed at Life Changers Ministries International as an Office Administrator and is also the anchor for their television program, Walking In Dominion. Jillian is the wife of Decorey Gray and like everything in her life this union was strategically orchestrated by God. This fire filled couple is focused on activating the gifts in others as well as themselves for the advancement of the Kingdom of God. Jillian lives her life with a passion for pleasing God only and focuses on making Him smile daily.

Introduction Hi, thanks for taking the time to click this publication. “Faith Over Fear” is one of my newest writing projects. The topics covered will be on faith, family, trials and triumphs all backed by Godly wisdom and revelation. The phrase “Faith Over Fear” is what I declare when I’m about to do something new. I declare this because, for some strange reason, when I am about to produce something new an irrational feeling of fear overwhelms me and seeks to paralyze me. I pray that through me overcoming my fears and producing this work, that you too will step out with faith knowing God is with you every step of the way. This second edition of Faith Over Fear, which is in honor of fathers day, is very special to me. This magazine features my pastor, my nephew and brother-in-law and also some of my friends and a piece by my husband. I pray that their stories and words of wisdom inspire you to be all that you can be and go forth in the work of the Lord. Blessings -Jill

Gifts for dad

We all love birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, Mother’s Day and of course Father’s Day, because that is when those we love show their apC. Jillian Gray preciation to us. It’s always good to have a day set aside to appreciate those we love and to be appreciated, however wouldn’t it be nice to feel special and appreciated everyday?


As you know we’ve just celebrated Father’s Day and the streets are still rolling with the wrappings of our love and appreciation to the men in our lives. But let’s not just treat them like the king they are on Father’s Day. Let’s treat the like a king everyday. Here are some fun, quick and easy gifts for dads everyday! 1. Share in his favorite activity Guys are made up of two components BRAWN and BRILLIANCE! See which mood your dad is in and spend some time doing what he wants. Play a game of chess or go biking together. It’s important to know that your dad’s world DOESN’T revolve around you. What he likes to do is important so share in that. 2. Make his favorite meal Let’s face it, ALL MEN LOVE FOOD!!! The way to truly show your dad that he is appreciated is to make him his favorite meal. Now I should say here that if your dad’s favorite meal is something that you can’t make, you should probably get professional help. A cookbook or your mom would work. We don’t want to turn his favorite meal into his last!

3. Watch his favorite sport The top three sports watched by males are football, basketball and baseball and these aren’t that difficult to sit through. Now even if your dad is into tennis, golf or soccer, watching a sport with him shouldn’t be too much of a daunting task. One way to spruce up this dad date is to pull against him. Root for whatever team he isn’t rooting for and watch the magic happen!

4. Pamper him Our dads work hard to provide for us everyday; even though some of us are married with kids. In dads eyes we will always be dads big boy or daddy’s princess. So for all his hard work treat him to a gift certificate to a spa where he can get a massage or pedicure. Trust me he’ll thank you for it!


Exclusive Interview Godly Wisdom and practical application is becoming a rarity in our society today. Gladly there is not a deficiency of either in Apostle Valentino William’s life. We had a chance to chat with Apostle Williams about what are some of his views on parenting and his advice to new fathers. Apostle Val, as he is affectionately called, is one of the youngest pastors in the Bahamas and as such he has faced his share of challenges in mentoring persons both younger and older than himself. He says that “It’s somewhat difficult because most people will only allow you to go so far in their lives.” Even though persons have placed boundaries up Apostle Val still is able to effectively carry out the work that God has commissioned him to do. Some of this success he attributes to two great lessons that he’s learnt. One from his biological father- “hard work is the ingredient for success.” and the other from his Spiritual Father- “don’t allow anyone or anything to cause you to lose focus. Success comes as a result of focus.” These two statements have helped to guide the decisions that he has made. It is typical for men to work hard because of their role as the provider and this often detracts them from their family. As a pastor, mentor, spiritual father, businessman, husband and biological father, Apostle Val says that balancing everything takes, “Proper time management.” He says you must, “Cut out all of the things in your life that are unnecessary and focus on what’s important”

Apostle Val says that the best advice he can give to a father is “Live an exemplary life for your children to follow…children learn from what they see and not necessarily what you say.” These words of wisdom ring so true, especially in a nation where there are so many absentee fathers. We have a culture where fathers are not actively taking a role in their children’s lives. Apostle Val says that the biggest issue facing fathers today is “providing leadership to their children.” And the solution is that “they need to spend time developing their children’s leadership skills and abilities. He says that, “Children follow your example and You can’t take people where you haven’t gone yourself. “ He knows both the triumphs and the trails that come along with being a father and believes that no matter what you can overcome through God. As a spiritual father one of the most difficult situations he’s had to face and overcome was, dealing with a spiritual AD daughter who had a child out of wedlock. He said he had to embrace with love and restore her back to spiritual health. No matter what your difficulty is as a father you are able to overcome.

Godly Tips For Dads From Dads Every dad needs a bit of advice on how they can be a better father! Here is some wisdom from dads to dads! 1.) Live a life that you would want your children to emulate. 2.) Spend quality time with your children. 3.) Discipline your children when necessary. 4.) Provide spiritual direction for your children. Apostle Valentino Williams Father of three. Jahleel Valen- 5.) Put provision in place while they are young tino (13) , Justin Vashon (11) for college or any future aspirations or dreams and J’Lynn Ashley (6)

they might have.


Japheth “Lyrically Blessed” Ferguson Father of two. Japheth and Jaylah Ferguson (2 months old)

Finances 1. Save save save!!! Life happens and you would want to be ready for whatever it throws your way. Be wise when it comes to lending. 2. Every penny counts in this season. Knowing who you are and the important role you play in your child’s life is fundamental. You’re a father now, so that makes you a provider at all cost. Know when to say NO! 3. Your child’s needs are priority. Watch those wild spending habits. It’s not about you anymore


Growing your kids

1. Respect your spouse Kids will learn the value of relationships from their parents. A household filled with love and affection will create confident and stable minded

1. Discipline Discipline provides the necessary structure your child needs. Kids need structure. Spare the rod; spoil the child.

children. 2. To each its own 2. It’s Us (Husband and wife) Vs. Them It’s all a learning process, so don’t beat yourself up. Every household (The kids) It is always us against them so it’s very should have its own core values; know what works for you and important to work as a team, even when disagreements arise. Never allow stand firm on those beliefs. your children to see you divided. Together we stand divided we fall!

Paul K. Ellis, Jr. (Father of Judah Emmanuel (10), Jada Elizabeth (8) and Jael Elyon (5) - affectionately called, The 3J's) 1. Expect Uniqueness- though all of my children are born to the same mother and father, I've come to understand that it is important to expect uniqueness from my 3 children. Judah, for example is our adventurous and creative child and one who is fully content being by himself at all times. While Jada, (Ms. Wisdom) prefers to be under (sometimes literally) us at all times, showing some sort of affection and love (kissing, hugging, cuddling) and sharing her nuggets of wisdom. And then there's Ms. Jael - the inquisitive, get into everything, dramatic and rambunctious child. If a stranger walked up to either of the 3 of them, their personalities vary so much you would not think they were actually siblings. 2. Embrace Trials - each child will bring with them their own individual trials. It's perfectly okay and as a father, though it tugs deeply at your heart, you have what it takes to bring them out, comfort them and love them in spite of what they face.

3. Escape Comparing - NO two individuals are alike. The Apostle Paul admonishes us in the book of 2 Corinthians 10:12, "to compare ourselves among ourselves is un-wise". To have the same expectation of one child that you have for another is unwise, particularly if their personality differs and if THEY are aware that you are comparing them. It creates much trauma and pain for them as individuals and between each other (I speak of this from personal experiences). Telling Sally that she should be like her older sister Sue minimizes the uniqueness of both Sally and Sue.


The Father ate sour grapes...


the book of

proverbs Solomon says that there are some things in this world that -Decorey G. Gray are so amazing. There are some things so wonderful that even I being the wisest man on earth do not understand it. He saw the way an eagle flies in the sky and thought it so amazing. The way it just glides on what seems to be the edge of the earth thousands of feet in the air. Solomon said amazing is a ship sailing on the sea. To see a huge ship travelling along the waters is like watching a city float away, it is just so amazing. These things amazed Solomon. It left him speechless and deeply moved.

Father’s Day is traditionally a day of the year where we celebrate fathers. Just like Mother’s Day we take time out to show love and appreciation. The story portrayed of the father teaching his son how to ride a bike is the prototypical story. The father fulfils part of his role by providing guidance and assurance for his son as he makes his way through this complicated world.

The sad truth is that in many societies, father’s day is treated as a chore instead of great joy and privilege. The truth is there are many people who have dysfunctional relationships with their fathers. There are many people who never received love, assurance, guidance, affirmation, counselling, teaching, correction or wisIf I could add an amazement to this list, I dom from their father. The role would add the amazement of a father teaching his of the father is vital to the wellson how to ride a bike. To see the bonding of that father and son is something to behold. The son be- being of the family. When the ing terrified of this new activity looks to his father father is dysfunctional it tends for guidance and assurance. Showing fatherly love, to cause the whole family to bethe father assures his son that he was also terrified come dysfunctional. We will when learning to ride a bike. The father uses his ex- take a look at a few fathers in perience to teach his son what to do that he may the bible to learn biblical leslearn also and teach his son someday. This scene to sons on how to be and not to be me is too amazing for words. It is one of the most a good father. beautiful things on earth. It is truly too wonderful to behold.

David was a father in the bible who set a bad example as a father by stealing another man’s wife. This left his children in a place where they lost respect for him and it ultimately caused a myriad of disasters within his family. As fathers we must set a good example for our children. Children learn what you teach them but become who you are. If you are going to be good father you must not only teach righteousness and uprightness, but you must be righteous and upright. Eli was another father in the bible. Eli walked upright before the Lord but failed in fatherhood because he gave no correction to his sons who he knew did evil in the sight of God. Eli thought he was being a good father by just setting a right example, but true fatherhood is shown through personal interaction with children. “Spare the rod and spoil the child” is a well-known proverb about parenting. Eli failed as a parent because he did not correct the path of his children. Children need guidance. Children left alone lack reasoning as to what is right to do and what is wrong. Part of the father’s role is to teach children the difference.

The Apostle Paul set an example of how to be a good father. Although he was the spiritual father of Timothy and not his biological father, the two roles function very similar in principle. Paul affirmed timothy and imparted the gift he needed to fulfil his purpose. In the letters he wrote to Timothy he showed fatherly love in wanting Timothy to carry on the work of the Lord successfully. Paul gave Timothy guidance and direction as to what he should be doing, as well warnings against possible dangers and pitfalls that could derail his destiny. There is no better example of spiritual parenting than what Paul provided for Timothy. If not for Paul, Timothy would not have successfully carried out his purpose. Fatherhood is so powerful. We could take any ill in society or the church and if we were to dig deep enough we could trace it back to dysfunctional fathering. The saying holds true “the father ate sour grapes and set the children’s teeth on edge”. The opposite also holds true. I believe bad fathers are responsible for many problems we see today, but I also believe good fathers are the solution. Youth are the future, but fathers are the ones who shape that future. Fathers have the power to change communities, cities and nations. If we are going to change nations for the better we need good fathers in the natural and in the spirit. It is through fatherhood that we can heal that which is broken, recover that which was lost and free those that are in bondage.

Our Featured Dad On September 25, 2012. D'Quan Brown was diagnosed with Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia, which is a deadly form of childhood cancer. Two days later he began treatment for the disease. On that day, his protocol required a Lumbar Puncture, also known as a "Spinal Tap". On the afternoon following the procedure, he realized that his legs were completely numb and the following day he couldn't move the legs at all, and had lost all control of his bladder and bowel function. It was discovered that he had significant loss of sensation of his lower extremities. Despite being told by the doctors that he will never walk again, D’Quan with the help of his parents believed in God and is walking today. When D’Quan was first diagnosed, his parents, D’Quido and Shavourne Brown had no clue what to do. But no matter what, they knew that they had to be strong for their son. D’Quido left his job and relocated to the United States with D’Quan to be his caretaker as he went through treatment.

While most persons have to wait a long period to receive a match for a bone marrow transplant, D’ Quan didn’t have to. His little sister, Kelly, carried the miracle he needed and in 2014 D’Quan had the bone marrow transplant which totally cured him of cancer, allowing him and his dad to be able to return home. After two years in remission D’Quan started experiencing abnormal abdominal pains, causing him and his father to have to return to the US for doctor visits. We highlight D’Quido Brown as our featured father because through it all he has and is still holding his faith and family together. D’Quido was one of the premier motivators during D’Quan’s recovery. It’s because of this that D’Quan did not give up hope when going through treatment and mobile rehabilitation. And when the fight to walk was too much to bear D’Quido would literally carry D’Quan long enough for him to regain strength to begin again. D’Quido would constantly encourage D’Quan to put his best effort forward, never give up the fight and to be strong and courageous because "nothing lasts forever." We ask that you continue to pray for the Brown family and if possible donate to the medical fund of D’Quan Brown as he continues to fight with his family for total healing.

Donate at Be sure to send your love and encouragement to them @ DQuanBrownMedicalFund on Facebook.



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