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MCI(P) 102/05/2018



A biblical basis for marriage and the family

Being the Salt and Light in our community




Develop spiritual disciplines in your personal and family life


(JAN-APR 2019)

M a r k yo u r ca len da rS a n d p r ay w i t h u s! January 2019 6 Jan Vision Sunday Services @ CW & ACJC 15 Jan FaithCARE Talk 26 Jan Corporate Leaders Session 30 Jan Corporate House of Prayer

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MCI(P) 102/05/2018



A biblical basis for marriage and the family

Being the Salt and Light in our community




Develop spiritual disciplines in your personal and family life



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explore life faith meaning Alpha Intro Night 7 March 2019 (Thu), 7.00pm Charis Hall @ Level 4 Faith Methodist Church Email:

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Alpha is a series of interactive sessions that freely explore the basics of the Christian faith. Alpha is for anyone who’s curious. The talks are designed to encourage conversation and explore the meaning of life in a friendly, open and informal environment. No question is out of bounds and you are free to discuss as much or as little as you wish.

Alpha at Faith MC 2019

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Intro Night Who is Jesus? Why did Jesus die? How can I have faith? Why and how should I pray? Why and how should I read the Bible? How does God guide us? Why and how should I tell others? How can I resist evil? Does God heal today? What about the Church? Celebration Night



MY PORTION FOREVER Whom have I in heaven but You There is nothing on earth I desire beside You My heart and my strength many times they fail But there is one truth that always will prevail

God is the strength of my heart God is the strength of my heart God is the strength of my heart And my portion forever, forever

Each time I hear this song, or read Psalm 73:25, 26 (from where this song references), it always reminds me that the Lord’s place in my life is unmatched to any creation (i.e. A person) or the created (i.e. Material things). In times of success and fruitful outcomes, I am tempted to attribute the results to my own human wisdom and strength instead of giving rightful place and honour to the Lord. Then in difficult times, I cave in to emotional pressure in order to “set things right”, momentarily forgetting that the God I serve, holds the world in the palm of His hand. There is nothing too big in my life that He cannot handle, neither is there anything too insignificant happening to me that will not catch His attention.

Sometimes we can fall prey to the temptation of selfsufficiency. This happens in the good times when our lives are filled with a sense of joy and accomplishment; which is not wrong in itself, because God wants to see us do well in life. But when successes overwhelm us and we begin to think that perhaps, our human efforts played a part, we forget to acknowledge that God is the author of our life. At heights of success, can we truly say that “there is nothing on earth I desire besides You” - and walk away from the temptation of glory and material gain? Conversely, in times of trials and testing, when things seem to be going out of hand, our natural tendency is to do whatever it takes to alleviate the situation without approaching God in prayer email .

and supplication. We make decisions to get certain outcomes that we think are best. Why would we trade a heavenly solution for a temporal earthly one? Perhaps it is a human thing we face; a need to “be in control” of situations all the time. In both instances, God is left out of the equation. Friends, I pray that 2019 will be marked by God’s presence and power as you reinstate His rightful position in your life. In challenging times, surrender to Him and trust in Him even though the circumstances do not make sense. In the glorious moments, pause in thanksgiving and give praise and glory due to Him. May you remember that He is your portion forever and guide you in the days ahead!

In Christ,

Glynisia Yeo Editor




NEW YEAR TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY 2018 ended on a high note with the Faith Community Carnival, and what a testimony of God’s faithfulness and goodness! Many came and were blessed. It was a tremendous opportunity to be salt and light to the community here at Tanglin Halt and beyond. All honour and glory to our God! My heart was especially touched by the hard work put in by about 1600 volunteers (including children) who went out to invite the community, help man the Carnival stalls and oversee programmes, and those who were involved in the Christmas Production, the Mandarin and Foreign Domestic Workers’ Outreach. Praise God for giving us this divine opportunity to serve as One Family! Yes, One Family. In 2019, we continue in this direction of building authentic and loving relationships in our Small Groups and ministries; strengthening our family and community life as we seek to be faithful disciples of Christ. Allow me to share one thought on how we can be One Family. Blessed are those who are pure in heart for they shall see the Lord (Matt. 5:8). The heart of the matter is the matter of the heart. To be One Family, it starts with the condition of our hearts.



Are our hearts pure as we begin the year? The Greek word for “pure” is katharos which essentially means “clean, without guilt, stainless and blameless”. While the word “heart” in Greek can mean the physical heart, it also refers to the spiritual focus or centre of one’s being and life. Hence, the heart is the seat of our thoughts, desires, purposes, intellect and character. To be pure in heart is therefore to be blameless in who we really are internally and not just who we appear to be externally, for the Lord looks at our heart and not outward appearances (1 Sam. 16:7). As John Piper rightly puts it, a pure heart is more than just an external purity of behaviour; it is an internal purity of the soul. A pure heart is therefore an undivided heart, where there is no deception but a singleminded allegiance to God. This is why those with pure hearts will see God. Seeing God here is not physical sight. Rather, it is being in His presence, encountering His glory, and receiving His grace. And a pure heart enables us to experience all of that. This is why a pure heart is needed for us to be One Family.

The external expression of love, unity and authenticity can only happen when there is a purity that comes from the internal being. For when the heart is pure, we experience God’s presence, glory and grace in our family relationships, Small Groups, ministries and weekly Services. We experience the breakthroughs we so desire as the glory of God’s love pierces through the darkness of our selfishness and selfcenteredness, so that as One Family we may truly glorify Him.

Let’s get our hearts right at the start of a New Year. Resolve to guard it well for from your heart flows the springs of life (Prov. 4:23). And the springs of life will surely lead us to authentic, God-honouring relationships which will define us as One Family. Come, let’s see the Lord together. Let’s be One Family who will do that in the New Year. Looking upwards with you,

Will you ask God to create in you a clean heart? (Ps. 51:10) Only He can do that. Plead with the Lord to purify your heart, remove anything that defiles, distracts and distorts.

Pastor Ray




SERVING THE LORD WITH GLADNESS Reflections on my pastoral ministry at Faith from 2017-2018. By Rev Derrick Lau

It has been a blessed and meaningful two-year journey for me at Faith MC. Firstly, I would like to express my profound thanks and appreciation to all the prayers, support, participation and encouragement from my fellow pastors, staff, leaders and church members. I thank the Lord for the meaningful and fruitful engagements with each one of you in my various areas of service, including:

1 Preaching God’s Word and Ministering His Grace I praise God that the Word shared and the Sacraments celebrated, often led to a dedication of our hearts to the Lord. This has also facilitated conversations and a subsequent formation of warm fellowship among members


and friends. My appointment, though brief, has been very meaningful and rewarding.

programmes. I have also supported the ministry to foreign workers, as well as deepened the ministry among the poor and elderly via the God Of Love Delivery (G.O.L.D.) initiative.

2 Providing Pastoral Direction and Leadership in Various Ministries (c) Witness & Evangelism (a) Missions Committee Deepened the ministry in the mission fields, affirming and encouraging our missionaries and mission trippers through various field visits and interactions, as well as supporting the Committee in reviewing, formulating and renewing strategies and policies for mission work engagement. (b) Outreach & Social Concerns Contributed to the strengthening and expansion of our AdoptA-Block (AAB) and AdoptA-Family (AAF) outreach

Working closely with the Committee in developing appropriate platforms to reach out to pre-believers (e.g. Alpha Course, evangelistic services, outreach to migrant workers, etc.), as well as organising seminars to equip members in sharing the Gospel. (d) FaithActs Served as the Chaplain to minister to the staff and conduct monthly devotions with them. (e) Representative of the Inter Racial/Religious Confidence Circle (IRCC)


of Buona Vista, interacting with religious leaders to support our nation’s agenda of promoting peace and harmony in our country.

3 Leadership Engagement and Sharing the Heartbeat Engaging in leadership conversations have resulted in some ministry construction, deconstruction and reconstruction. We achieved a greater degree of clarity and commitment towards the ministry of the church; in both local and overseas endeavours. I genuinely value and treasure the spirit where issues are discussed and debated openly and honestly. Consequently, this has paved the way for a deeper sharing of our heartbeat, and thus creating an atmosphere where “anyone’s idea is worth exploring” becomes the distinctive hallmark of a maturing leadership culture.

I am thankful to know that there has been a greater mobilisation of Faith members in terms of serving God’s mission. Many more have taken on active roles in God’s work, be it in the area of full time missionary service, participating in mission trips, being involved in outreach to the community and the marketplace ministry, etc.

Apart from taking on pastoral responsibilities at Faith Methodist Church, I was concurrently serving as ViceChairperson of the Methodist Missions Society (MMS) ExCo, as well as the District Superintendent of Trinity Annual Conference (TRAC) District 2 overseeing six churches. I also thoroughly enjoyed serving alongside a superb and dedicated team of Pastoral and Administrative Staff.

5 In The Office In the church office, I appreciate the overwhelming support of the pastors and staff, in particular Pastorin-charge Raymond Fong (current) and Pastor-in-charge Edwin Wong (2017), for the flexibility in planning my time to serve in various roles and capacities.

As I begin a new season of service with MMS, my family and I covet your prayers. My move from Faith MC is a continuation of my ministry which the Lord has graciously called me to, more than three decades ago. I know that our paths will cross again, so till then, may Love, Grace and Peace be with you all!

I appreciate the far-sighted nature of Faith’s leadership team and their generous support for ministries within the local church and beyond.

4 Promoting, Equipping and Empowering Promoted active engagement of members in terms of equipping and empowering them for Christ’s ministry in areas where God has called them.

Pastor Derrick Lau continues his ministry with the Methodist Missions Society from January 2019. By the time you read this article, Pastor Derrick would be serving in his new position as Executive Director of Methodist Missions Society (MMS), the denominational Missions Agency serving 46 local churches, as well continuing as District Superintendent of Trinity Annual Conference (TRAC) District 2 (3rd Year).




HAVE WE LOCKED JESUS OUT? When I was young, I grew up hearing the Good News about how Jesus knocks on the door of our heart. But these days we seldom hear anyone talking about Jesus knocking on our door. By Rev See Swee Fang

“Behold! I stand at the door and knock. If any man hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and dine with him, and he with me.” Revelation 3:20

Revelation 3 refers to the Christians in Laodicea. They were described as complacent and lukewarm in their faith. They had lost their sense of meaning and purpose as Christians. They had lost the power to make moral and spiritual distinctions. They were no longer living a victorious life with their new lives. Even then, Jesus did not give up on them but came, seeking them out. He knocked on the door of their hearts to restore them.


Jesus Is Knocking, Will You Answer? When will Jesus knock on the door of our heart? Well, it is when He is not inside our hearts! When was the last time you heard Jesus knocking on the door of your heart? Perhaps you have been going through such a rough and challenging season that you have “locked” Jesus out of your life. Jesus is knocking on your door. Will you let Him in?


HERE ARE SOME EXAMPLES… • Have you been consumed by grief over a loss? Jesus is knocking on your door. Will you let Him in? • Is your marriage falling apart and you are feeling bitter and lost? Jesus is knocking on your door. Will you let Him in? • Have your children gone down a different path and you feel so utterly helpless and ashamed? Jesus is knocking on your door. Will you let Him in?

Open Your Heart To Jesus It is in situations like these that Jesus is knocking on our door. But are we too engaged in the mess that we are in, that we fail to hear His voice and respond to the knocking of Jesus on our hearts? We have then locked Jesus out of our lives. If you hear the voice of Jesus, just as He has promised that He will come in and have fellowship with you, open the door and let Him in. Jesus will not force His way in. Jesus comes not to condemn us for the mess we got

• Are you living in darkness and sometimes feel disgusted with your life? Jesus is knocking on your door. Will you let Him in? • Is your health failing you and you feel that you are fighting a losing battle? Jesus is knocking on your door. Will you let Him in? • Do you feel aimless in life and there is nothing for you look forward to? Jesus is knocking on your door. Will you let Him in?

• Do you feel that you are in the wilderness and feeling desperate? Jesus is knocking on your door. Will you let Him in? • Do you feel that you can identify with Elijah telling God: “I have enough, Lord, take my life; I am no better than my ancestors.” Jesus is knocking... Will you let Him in?

ourselves into, but rather to restore us first with Him, and then to strengthen our lives. Jesus comes to restore our sense of meaning and purpose as Christians, to restore power to us so that we may once again make moral and spiritual distinctions and live a victorious life! Let us live to claim the promise in Revelation 3:2122, “To him who overcomes, I will give the right to sit with me on the throne, just as I overcame and sat down with my Father on His throne. He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.”

Pastor Swee Fang has been a pastor at Faith since 2016.





“Gird up your loins like a man, I will question you, and you shall declare to me.” - Job 38:3

I recall an instance when I asked God a question, but I wasn’t ready for His answer. It wasn’t that I was not ready to hear one, but His answer went beyond what I could ever expect from my own understanding. The phrase “gird up your loins” is an allusion to the ancient practice of tucking in one’s tunic into the girdle which was worn at the waist. In this way, the hem of the tunic would not hinder a person’s movement when he was fighting a battle, doing hard labour or going on a long journey. This action of “girding up one’s loins” demonstrates the readiness of a person for a demanding task. This sense of readiness for the challenge ahead is also found in the familiar story of Exodus 12:11 when the LORD


instructed His people to eat their final meal in Egypt with their sandals on and loins girded to prepare for the exodus. In a similar sense, God invites Job to be ready for His response which would challenge Job’s understanding of Him. However, I believe that Job would never be ready enough for what God was going to tell him.

The God Of More Than Enough The divine speeches in Job 38-42 show that God has always been with him in his circumstances. Furthermore, God’s concern for Job is magnified in these final chapters. He invites Job to contemplate on the things that are beyond his own comprehension, revealing His sovereignty and transcendence in three areas: the cosmological realm (Job 38:4-38), the animal kingdom (Job 38:40 – 39:30)


The transcendence of God is precisely the reason we can have courage, because in those times of need, we will need a God who is bigger than our circumstances.

and the extraordinary beasts (Job 40:15 – 41:34). Contemplation, in the biblical way, not only deepens our knowledge of God; it also invites us to bring difficult questions of life to Him. Contemplation on the pattern and order of the creation brings us to at least two realizations: 1) There is rationality, justice, and order though we cannot fully fathom it 2) God is still in control even in the mystery of suffering The discipline of contemplation is essential to our discipleship; however, our busyness often robs us of that. Contemplation in the natural order builds godly courage in us in the face of uncertainties, struggles and

grief. The transcendence of God is precisely the reason we can have courage, because in those times of need, we will need a God who is bigger than our circumstances. We need to cultivate a discipline of contemplation in our lives.

needs Him. We have every reason to have courage because God has given Himself to us through His Son Jesus Christ. He is indeed the Sovereign God who is at the same time Immanuel, God with us.

Beyond health and wealth, God affirms Job that he only

Pastor Anthony is an Assistant Pastor at Faith. In his free time, he enjoys a game of soccer and taking walks.




CROSS CURRENTS IN THE FAMILY (PART 1) Preserving the biblical portrait of marriage and the family. By Bishop Emeritus Rev Dr Robert Solomon Transcribed and edited by Sandra Tang

Editor’s Note: During Faith’s 52nd Anniversary celebrations in July 2018, Bishop Emeritus Dr Robert Solomon spoke on the topic, Cross Currents in the Family, over two sessions. He highlighted the challenges that families face today, as well as how to deal with them by returning to the biblical purpose of the family. Faithlink will feature the entire sermon over a 4-part series. In this first instalment, we discuss the very big topic of “family” as we look at the biblical definition and purpose of marriage.

FAMILIES IN THE MODERN WORLD Today’s families face many challenges, whether or not they are in church, as being in church does not make you immune to challenges. A few years ago, the number of nuclear families, father, mother and children, among all households was lower than 50%. That is a trend and a change. It may dip further which means that the way we think of a normal family – father, mother and children – is something that is not as common as we think it is. There are single parent families, single people living alone, widowers, widows and all kinds of other arrangements. A young man made an observation that more than half of his married friends were now divorced. JANUARY 2019 . FAITHLINK

13 In a recent conversation with an old friend who is a Small Group Leader in a church, he also observed that among the marriages in his own cell group, about half of them have serious marital problems. Now if you go by that, it suggests to us that the church is actually facing a serious challenge to family life.

What is marriage? One definition by Daniel Block, a New Testament scholar, is that marriage is a covenant relationship; a commitment made in God’s presence for specific God-ordained purposes. Now, what is the purpose that God ordained marriage for then? What is the purpose of family?

Because we do not talk about it openly, it is an open secret in some ways. Many couples in our churches are facing tremendous stresses and pressures, and families are breaking up. Parents and children are not having as good relations as they ought to have. Elderly seniors are struggling with loneliness and how they can fit in to family life as younger family members are so busy with their own lives. This is the situation our families are in, in the modern world.

The purpose of marriage is…

THE BIBLICAL DEFINITION AND PURPOSE OF MARRIAGE The best way for us to approach this is to look at the first portrait of a family in the Bible. Let us take a careful view of the first snapshots of the origin of the family in the Bible because they represent for us what was God’s idea, what went wrong, and what God’s solution is.

1) Procreation In Genesis 1:28 it says that immediately after God created male and female and differentiated genders, He blessed them and said to them “be fruitful and increase in number, fill the earth”. Have children. 2) Co-creation In Genesis 1:20, the next thing God commanded was to “fill the earth and subdue it, rule over the fish”. God has recruited the family – the couple – to rule over and manage His creation with Him. Therefore, marriage and the family is actually like an economic

unit. It is a very efficient economic unit that raises children with certain values, educates and gives them a future. Imagine, without family, children are brought up in institutions resulting in chaos. As such the relationship of marriage is also a social unit and economic unit, and helpful for the way society is structured. 3) Recreation/Companionship Thirdly, God said in Genesis 2:18, “it is not good for the man to be alone; I will make a helper suitable for him”. Here is the idea of companionship.

ORDER AND PRIORITY OF THE PURPOSES OF MARRIAGE What is the priority of these three concepts? And which comes first? According to the order of appearance in the biblical text: (1) Procreation, (2) Cocreation, (3) Recreation/ Companionship. That was the order of traditional society and traditional church. The problem with us today, is that modern society has changed and modified it and even taken some items off the list and that can create all kinds of problems. For instance, the LGBT challenge and those who propose same-sex marriage.




Those who argue for same-sex marriage say that the purpose of marriage is companionship and faithful love. So if two men are capable of companionship and faithful love, what is preventing you from stopping them? Because in modern society, that order of priority has been changed. If we trace the traditional liturgy of marriage, we will find that the first purpose of marriage is procreation. Second, God has called you to co-creation, and then of course companionship. However, over time, in the 20th century, that order has been changed. Thus in modern liturgies and in modern churches, the pastor would say, “First of all, the

purpose of your marriage is companionship – romantic love. Just love one another, be each other’s companion. And, by the way, if you have the opportunity, have children.” In this way modern concepts have influenced modern liturgy and some churches have even dropped the procreation part. Due to these changes, we can imagine that the church has already lost or is losing the battle for the idea that marriage is exclusively between a man and a woman. It is important for us to emphasise that in God’s plans, He brings man and a woman together first to make children, second to manage to be useful in society, and thirdly to

be companions to each other. This is very important. Some church fathers went very far to say that the only purpose of sexual relationship in a marriage is procreation. Now that is a bit extreme. There were contextual problems which I am not going to deal with. But it is important for us to remember that marriage has to be biblically understood. If you think of marriage, you must think of family, you must think of children. I am not sent by the government to encourage you to make babies but I am just talking from the Bible. And it is important for us to remember that. ~ end of part 1 ~

In the remaining parts of this series, we will cover these other areas: (Part 2) External Threats, (Part 3) Tensions Within, (Part 4) Truths From Above Part 2 – External Threats will be featured in the next issue of Faithlink.



SALT AND LIGHT (MATTHEW 5:13-16) By Rachel Tham Translated by Jocelyn Choo

The Faith Community Carnival (FCC) was the landmark outreach event at Faith Methodist Church in 2018. Led by a committee helmed by Jason Tan, also Chairperson for Outreach & Social Concerns in Faith, FCC was jointly organized by Faith and FaithActs, supported by the Inter-Racial and Religious Confidence Circle and SGCares, and partnered with sixteen other organizations. The collaboration resulted in an exciting lineup of stage presentations, talks in both English and Mandarin, dance workouts, free haircuts and podiatry assessments, and cooking demos, plus fun carnival activities that were enjoyed by all. The biggest highlight of FCC was the Christmas Production put up by members of Faith’s congregation. Titled “The 思珍堂社区嘉年华是思珍堂在2018 年别具一格的外展活动。此嘉年华由 思珍堂外展与社会关怀事工的主席, 陈文生弟兄带领组委会,由思珍堂与 惠爱联办,并获族群与宗教互信圈和 关爱新加坡的鼎力支持。16个不同 机构呈献舞台表演、提供中英语讲 座、免费理发与足部评估及许多好玩 的嘉年华活动等,使访客们享有无穷 的乐趣! 嘉年华的最大亮点是由思珍堂会友们 群策群力呈献的圣诞话剧,剧名为“

Greatest Gift Of All”, the enactment of the nativity story in song and dance was performed over two nights, with simultaneous Mandarin dubbing for Chinese-speaking guests. There was also a Mandarin Christmas evangelistic outreach in partnership with New Charis Mission held on Saturday afternoon, and the Language Ministries organised a memorable Christmas Party for foreign domestic helpers on Sunday. Faith’s evangelistic Christmas services were held on 23 December (instead of the usual 25 December) to coincide with FCC, with encore snippets of the Christmas Production performed at the 9am and 11am Services, (the latter was streamed “live” on Faith’s Facebook page). The SUN JAM 最美好的礼物”。为期两天的演出以 歌舞带出耶稣诞生的故事,并特为讲 华语的宾客作中文现场配音。 其他活动包括与新颂恩宣道合作的华 语圣诞布道外展,及外语事工为外籍 帮佣举办的圣诞派对。 为配合嘉年华,思珍堂的圣诞布道崇 拜於12月23日举行(有别于过往在 12月25日举行),并在早上9点和11 点崇拜中重现圣诞话剧精彩片段, 而面书上也直播11点崇拜状况。儿

FCC Committee

Children’s Ministry also put up a special Emoji Christmas Programme for children aged 4 to 12, retelling the Christmas story with kid-friendly emoji. The FCC weekend welcomed a total of 4,700 visitors. Through its related evangelistic outreaches, another 229 salvations and rededications were recorded—a true testament of God’s hand at work through this community event! It also stirred members of our congregation to step forward on a scale uncommonly seen, as 1,600 volunteers served together as One Family to see FCC through to fruition. Thank you, FCC volunteers and Faith members, for being channels of God’s love and for being the salt and light in our community! 童事工也为4-12岁的孩童特别举办圣 诞节目。 嘉年华共吸引了4700名宾客。透过 不同的布道节目,229人决志信主和 更新与上帝的关系 – 这确实见证了 上帝的手透过这活动在社区动工! 同时这也激发了约有1600名会友如 同一家人参与服事,使这嘉年华得 以实现。 感谢嘉年华志工们成为上帝爱的渠 道,也成为社区中的盐与光!

16 21 - 23 DECEMBER



17 21 - 23 DECEMBER



18 2018 21 - 23 DECEMBER


19 21 - 23 DECEMBER


Hope Wall





Greatest THE









Mandarin dubbing team




Penning a Christmas prayer in church FAITHLINK . JANUARY 2019










In recent years, Faith Methodist Church has taken small steps to engage its congregation through various online initiatives. We take a look at two newest developments. By Harry Tan

Word-In-Season Bible Reading App Another development at Faith is the newly-created Bible-reading app that was launched in June 2018, as an extension of the Wordin-Season (WIS) programme at Faith. WIS is a Bible study initiative which aims to cover all 66 Books of the Bible in seven years. The WIS hardcopy journal includes a daily Bible reading schedule with space for writing personal reflections.

Facebook Live On 31 December 2017, Faith launched its first-ever livestreaming (real-time “live” broadcast) of its Watchnight Service via Facebook Live. This move allowed those who were abroad or home-based due to family commitments or medical reasons, to log on and “attend” the online service. The convenience of technology, coupled with the connectedness of social media, enabled members to join the church at the press of a button in whichever location they were at. Subsequently, the church also live-streamed the 2018 Good Friday Combined Service, the 2018 Christmas Celebration Service at 11am, as well as the 2018 Watchnight Service.

Several heartfelt comments on the church’s Facebook page came mostly from members who were unable to join the service or who were overseas (some as far as America, Japan and Thailand). The positive vibes address a pertinent issue that churches may face today—how to bridge the church and people’s lives through social media, as well as provide a platform for members to remain connected to their home church despite physical distance. Plans are in progress to stream other services “live” on Facebook, so be sure to keep a lookout for the announcement in church!

Harry and wife, Grace, with her sister, Kwee Hong, attend the 11am service. They are part of “Fisherman GR” Small Group led by Ivan Goh.


The church is currently in its fifth cycle of Wordin-Season, with almost 25% of the Bible Books completed as of December 2018. The customised and straightforward WIS app allows members to access the Daily Reading Scripture passages and journal their reflections while on the move, and on any mobile device. With this app, Faith hopes to enhance the spiritual journey of the congregation and inspire all to spend time in the study of the Word, at any location, any time of the day. If you have yet to download the app, it is available on both iOS and Android-based devices (search for: Word in Season by Faith Methodist Church). For more information on the Word in Season programme, contact




We are living in the age of media convergence – newspapers, books, radio, television and even cinemas have been integrated to a screen on our smart phone or other digital devices. With this comes a load of other concerns, such as,

On 25 August, over 30 enthusiastic parents gathered for the Conversation Series on Social Media: The Digital Conversation. The event was held at Faith Methodist Church and those who came, had the desire to upgrade their parenting teens “software”.

“How do parents control their children’s screen time?”

Carol Loi, who was the guest speaker, is a Digital Literacy Educator, Parent Coach and Regional Director of GOV (Generations of Virtues). The session explored media trends (think current – Snapchat is passé), psyche of youths (their search for identity), technology (think augmented versus virtual reality) and sexuality (think NC13 or R18 but realistic parental concern). Throughout the session, we received golden nuggets on how to guide teens in harnessing the power of technology for Christ.

“What contents are they consuming behind the screen?” “How do we distinguish whether they are ‘interested’ or ‘addicted’ to these contents?” As parents of teenage children, there seems to be a tension between “we” and “they”, especially on the onset of teen hood. It is when we see our offspring developing from boy to man and girl to woman, that we have more questions than answers. CONVERSATION SERIES: WALKING WITH TEENS To equip eager-to-be-better parents to brace against the new world that we live in, the TTB* Parents Support Group inaugurated the “Conversation Series” to help address the needs faced by both parents and teenagers.

Yes, there is a need to talk because nagging does not work! Parents, we must start walking and have conversations with our youths! Join us for the next conversation series! Lily is a member of Faith and attends the 1030am Contemporary Service. On some Sundays, she also worships at the Youth Service where she serves as a Team Leader.

For more information on the TTB Parent Support Group and the next Conversation Series, please email

The interestingly interactive session did not feel like three hours. We were all rather sad to leave. The clock started to tick loudly after 5pm as Carol concluded the session with four keys for parents to help their children avoid high risk behaviours: Family Connectedness, Clear Expectations, Father’s Role and Media Discernment.

* TTB stands for The TackleBox, which represents the youth ministry of Faith Methodist Church.




MID-AUTUMN MANDARIN SERVICE: SERVING AS ONE FAMILY IN FAITH The Mandarin Ministry organized a memorable Mid-Autumn evangelistic service. By Peh Oon Thian

Each year, the Mandarin Ministry (MM) at Faith organizes several evangelistic meetings to encourage the congregation to invite pre-believers to hear the Gospel. During the MidAutumn Evangelistic Service on 16 September 2018, members of the Chinese congregation rose up to the occasion and a total of 549 people attended the event. Desmond Sim, a former MediaCorp celebrity, was invited to share his testimony to the Chinese-speaking congregation. Aside from the guest speaker, the organizers

planned a meaningful programme to reflect the spirit and cultural relevance of the Mid-Autumn festival. This included a guzheng performance of classic Chinese songs, followed by a sing-a-long session led by the Mandarin members of the ukulele team. The Revelation Shofar Team was present to blow the Shofar as a symbolic act of welcoming the presence of God which also signaled the start of the worship. The event ended with a lunch fellowship as hundreds stayed back to savour a delicious

meal while chatting with friends, new and old.

One Family In Christ The highlight was definitely the appearance of Desmond Sim, who was welcomed with rousing applause as he went onstage. Many recognized his familiar face from Channel 8 drama serials and television shows and listened attentively while he shared his personal testimony of how God came through for him during a challenging season of his life. It was an edifying testimony and we rejoice that four individuals

Desmond Shen, with his wife, at our Mandarin Service


29 Desmond shared a heartfelt testimony with the congregation.

Special music performance on the guzheng.

MANDARIN MINISTRY FAMILY RETREAT Some 85 members of the Chinese-speaking congregation at Faith made a trip across the Causeway in September 2018 for their first ever family retreat. Organised by the Mandarin Ministry, the group bonded over a short and meaningful 2D1N stay at Holiday Villa Johor Bahru, and enjoyed their sessions with invited guest speaker, Mrs Louise Fong.

made a decision to accept Jesus as their Saviour, with six more re-dedicating their lives to Him. Praise God! The success of the event was possible because of the many willing volunteers that day. From the crowd control team who helped ease congestion during the lunch fellowship, to the intercessory team who provided a spiritual covering with their consistent prayer support throughout the event; everyone served with joy and gladness of heart. More than the efficient planning and exciting programme, how everyone came together to serve in different roles, effectively captured the true spirit of what One Family is about. To God be the Glory! To find out more about Faith’s Mandarin Ministry, do email Peh Oon Thian is the most senior in age among the Faith staff and is the Ministry Overseer of Prayer, Mandarin, Hospitality, and Seniors.





Some 200 Faith members gain spiritual insight on building prayer altars in their lives. By The Family Life Team

On Saturday, 8 September 2018, the Family Life ministry held a seminar on Building Prayer Altars (BPA). Over several intense but uplifting sessions, the participants were guided on how to build their personal and family prayer altars. By the end of the day, attendees had gone through an assigned 28-page handbook, which was condensed from a 66-page book on how to build prayer altars.

Transformed Through Prayer Rev Tim Gibson was the invited speaker for the event.


After detailing the biblical precedence and imperatives of prayer altars, he then gave a hands-on demonstration, with his audience following suit. He openly shared how his life was like before cultivating a prayer altar lifestyle, and the difference it made in his personal life. He described how he would be “like an angel in church” and yet fly into a rage at home because the floor was dirty. This was confirmed by Rev Tim’s wife, who shared testimonies of the transformation she witnessed together with her family. The visible changes

happened once her husband established his personal prayer altar and a weekly family prayer altar. Describing his former condition as a consequence of the “layers of defilement which can overcome even a pastor”, Rev Tim revealed how God had disciplined him in this area. He learnt how to push against the darkness of a world controlled by the evil one (1 John 5:19) and worked towards becoming “a child of the light … and of day” (1 Thess. 5:4 – 8) through the regular habit of building prayer altars.


“A prayer altar is not a physical altar but a spiritual discipline to train us for the working out of God’s plans in our lives”. The Prayer Of Blessing Over The Family In another powerful demonstration, Rev Tim invited his wife and children on stage to illustrate a vital aspect of the family prayer altar: the bestowing of blessings to family members. Referring to the section on “Why Do Jewish People Prosper?” in his seminar workbook, he used it to explain why he had adapted what Jewish parents practise weekly during their ritual family worship, not only to prosper but also impress

God’s truths on his children’s hearts and minds. Rev Tim shared that his family’s weekly prayer altar had not only deepened their bonding in God, but also injected a gospel-centred rhythm to their everyday lives, and re-set the spiritual climate within his family.

Encouraging Feedback For Jeffry Koh, his take away from the session was “being able to spend quality time with the Lord in my daily walk and becoming more intimate with my Maker”.

~ Joanne Mak, Building Prayer Altars workshop attendee

Gregory Teng attended the seminar with his parents and shared that his family now prioritizes the practice of intercession for others daily. “The more we do so, the more we realize how much our friends and family need prayer! Repenting daily also gives us more confidence when we pray to God,” he shared. As for Jazzy C. who had accompanied her in-laws to the BPA workshop, she was surprised to learn that the prayer altar was not “man’s




POST-SEMINAR FOLLOW UP: AN ONGOING JOURNEY After the BPA workshop, participants received follow up materials to help their spiritual journey. They were given weekly emails for three consecutive weeks with links to videos on the significance of Solomon’s temple and a two-part series on “Building altars of transformation all over Singapore” by Dr John Mulinde. This helped to calibrate the absorption of BPA’s key concepts in “layers”, allowing for the cultivation of new habits to new spiritual disciplines.

idea to appease God but had been God‘s idea all along, for cleansing from sins but also the reclaiming of our divine rights to empower God’s plans”. In conclusion, Rev Tim taught that a prayer altar can be established in every heart when we truly seek to adore God. With daily consecrated lives (Romans 12:1) we can call forth His presence to empower us as His cleansed priests, anointed with His covenantal authority (Genesis 1:26-28) to “carry each other’s burdens” (Gal. 6:2) and to transform lives.

In addition, one of Faith’s pastors, Rev See Swee Fang incorporated elements of BPA practice into the Corporate House of Prayer meeting on October 26. It was an opportunity for those who wanted more practice to experience the process “live”, and also allowed those who missed the BPA workshop to learn about prayer altars.

Prayer Altar Focus Group To foster support in the BPA journey, a focus group session was conducted with 20 participants in Charis Hall on 20 October 2018. Members shared positive experiences, challenges encountered and how to

overcome them in the pursuit of building personal and family prayer altars. A common insight expressed was the deepening of faith and relationship with God through the intensified reading aloud of His Word, better discipline in time management and preparation to meet God at an appointed time, and the cultivation of a holistic approach to prayer, through the prayer altar. Faith’s Pastor-in-charge, Rev Raymond Fong, was present at the group meeting and shared some key elements to reinforce the teaching of Rev Tim: • Reading a substantial amount of God’s Word • Praise and worship with thanksgiving • Repentance and consecration • Spiritual Alignment (Infilling of the Holy Spirit) • Intercession for others • Declaration that stirs faith • Application The discussion closed with the announcement of the Prayer Altar Wagon (PAW), a WhatsApp prayer support group set up for mutual encouragement on the BPA journey.

If you are interested in joining PAW or have any other enquiries regarding support groups for Family Prayer Altars, please email ADDITIONAL RESOURCES If you wish to learn more about Building Prayer Altars, a number of books on this topic are available from the Attic Library at both Commonwealth (Attic Level) and ACJC (Candeck).





BUILDING PRAYER ALTARS Author Timothy James Gibson Contributed By The Family Life Team

In his preface, Timothy Gibson who authored this concise 2016 booklet of 66 pages explains he isn’t advocating a “right way” for building prayer altars with his 8-step method that he shares. Instead, the prophetic singing pastor from the Church of Singapore uses it to effectively re-focus Christendom on their biblical precedence, necessity and urgency at every level, from personal to family, church, marketplace and nationally. The image of a prayer altar is wont to conjure a designated place and time for religious ritual. But right from the introduction, Gibson rightly removes that notion and instead references how building prayer altars is a “lifestyle… that transforms people and places”. He also takes pains to define through a table summary in Chapter 2, the prayer altar versus the

Our position in Christ is to be in His Presence, moving under an open heaven with great authority. We regain this position at the prayer altar. ~ Building Prayer Altars Page 49

prayer meeting. It indeed contrasts the desire for God’s presence that powers every prayer altar versus the human agenda for petitions to be met behind a prayer meeting. Through his creative use of the acronym ALTARS, which stands for: Adoring God, Listening to Him, Turning from sin, Agreement with His covenant, Revival of the

fire of His glory in our Lives, and the opening of a Spiritual gateway to heaven, Gibson offers his formula for building them. He makes a compelling case for offering our sacrifices of worship, repentance, consecration and intercession at the prayer altar of our hearts, for God’s Kingdom to come, and His will to be done on earth as it is in heaven (Matthew 6:10).

The book, Building Prayer Altars, is available at the Attic Library.






130 children gathered on Saturday, 6 October 2018, as they used multiple senses to experience the wonders of science! Through messy, fun and gravity-defying experiments, they learned that our God is a powerful God that is always in control. We pray that these budding scientists will always remember to rely on God’s amazing power to see them through the challenges of life!





WORD IN SEASON: ABIDE IN HIM Faith member, Dominique Yapp, shares how being rooted in God’s Word helped bring strength and alignment to his personal and spiritual life. By Dominique Yapp


Several months ago, I was undergoing a challenging season of my life, both at work and in my family. It was during this time that my journey with God deepened through the Word in Season (WIS) Bible programme in church. God’s Word not only helped me to reflect and align myself with His promises; it also strengthened me to deal with my personal situations.

was tasked with the difficult job of downsizing and staff termination. Aside from the emotional stress I faced from that, I was also feeling daunted by the thought of working singlehandedly as my assistant was on maternity leave at around the same time. To top it all, I received news that my mother’s health had deteriorated, and I took urgent leave to visit her in East Malaysia.

In office, I was heavily involved in my company’s structural reorganization and

Despite these mounting challenges, I know God is good all the time and He

37 Dominique (back row, middle) with his Small Group.

remains faithful in times of adversity. Thanks to the WIS journals, I learnt how to acknowledge His presence, meditate on His Word, and discern what He wants to tell me, focusing on Jesus and committing all in prayer. THE WORD OF GOD BRINGS LIFE I was especially encouraged by the Book of Joshua, as I read how the Israelites relied on the courage of God and counted on Him to conquer the enemy. Joshua 1:9 says, “This is my command—be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid or discouraged. For the Lord your God is with you wherever you go”. I claimed all these promises and chose to remain strong. The WIS journey has helped me to reflect and identify with God’s Word and its effectiveness in dealing with my personal situations. Here are some observations and reflections from my Bible readings which have strengthened my spiritual life.

God does not remove the problem, God walks with me. Just as the Israelites focused on the giants, I worried too much about the tasks at hand. God did not make my job easier; instead, I discovered a joy in me as I continued my work, in spite of the increased workload. I believe that when we surrender all to Jesus, the burden is lighter and we can find rest in Him! God provides opportunity when I see otherwise. With God’s grace and love, supported by the prayers of my Small Group members, my mother’s condition improved. More importantly, God opened the door for me to share the Gospel with two members of my family during the trip home. I did not know how I did it, but with the Holy Spirit’s prompting, the words just flowed. God knows well in advance. My company’s business suddenly picked up so quickly that I was shocked! It was highly plausible that the

company’s targets were going to be met and the restructuring may not happen at all. What an awesome intervention from the Lord! Truly God hears and answers our prayers! Focus on Jesus. No matter what predicament we are in, we should ask ourselves: How does God want me to view it and feel about it? Then we can choose —with His help—to have that frame of mind. It was a timely reminder from God and an assurance that although suffering may come, Christ lives in us and we can lean on Him! ABIDE IN HIS WORD John 15:4 (NKJV) says: “Abide in Me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself, unless it abides in the vine, neither can you, unless you abide in Me.” Thank God for His unchanging faithfulness and His Word that brings life! Dominique Yapp attends the 8am service and belongs to Green Pastures Small Group at Faith.




All Bible verses are taken from the NIV.

Season 5 of our Word in Season (WIS) includes a journal and Bible Reading Plan. The journal comes in two volumes, covering the Books of Romans, Job, Matthew and Song of Solomon.

Taste of




SINGAPORE In August 2018, Faith welcomed two fellow sisters-in-Christ, Lin Man En and Dong Zhao Mai, from our Acts 1:8 mission field in Nujiang, Myanmar. They are from the Nujiang Counselling Shelter which Faith Methodist Church supports. This is their first time travelling out of their home country, and this trip to Singapore was a wonderful experience for them. Apart from sharing their testimonies at our different services, they also spent a few days exploring Singapore.

Dong Zhao Mai (left) and Lin Man En enjoying local delights.

By Cheryl Tang Translated By Jimaia Wong

Q: PLEASE INTRODUCE YOURSELF. Man En (ME): Hello everyone. We are from Nujiang Counselling Centre, a centre filled with warmth and love. The centre is located in a village near Lashio, Myanmar. My name is Lin Man En, I am 21 years old and I am currently a Second Year Senior High Student in Lashio. Zhao Mai (ZM): My name is Zhao Mai, I am 20 years old, and I am from the Kachin Tribe. I have been in the centre since I was 9 years old. I am also a Second Year Senior High Student in Lashio. Q: WHY ARE YOU IN SINGAPORE? ME and ZM: We are thankful to God for this chance to visit Singapore. We also want to thank our teachers, Cheryl (Tang) and Javis (Jee) for their help in

facilitating this trip. Never in our wildest dreams did we think that coming to Singapore would become a reality one day. But now that we are here, we are so glad to have the opportunity to share our testimony of God’s goodness in our lives. Not only did He save us; He transformed us and gave us new life!

from different countries, first time bowling, and my first time going to a zoo. All these firsts will forever be etched in my mind as wonderful memories.

Q: WHAT IS THE HIGHLIGHT OF THIS TRIP? ME: Coming to Singapore is like a dream come true! I saw many interesting things that I have never seen before, such as skyscrapers and the undersea tunnel (Marina Coastal Expressway aka MCE).

Q: IS THERE ANYTHING YOU ARE NOT USED TO IN SINGAPORE? ME: One thing I may not be used to is the seeming lack of interaction between people. Perhaps it is because everyone is so busy with their lives that even when they see someone they know, they hardly stop to greet them and instead, hurry off to their destination. I only felt the warmth of people when I was at Faith (church).

ZM: I had many firsts coming to Singapore. It was my first time seeing the sea, my first time on a Ferris wheel (The Singapore Flyer), my first time seeing fireworks, first time trying food

ZM: Singaporeans lead a very fulfilling life. But many of them pack their schedules so tightly that they do not have time to enjoy life with their family and friends.






今年八月,我们迎接来自怒江学生中心的两位姐妹林满恩 和 董照卖。怒江是思珍堂在缅甸支持的其中一个宣教禾场。这 是她们第一次出国而神也在行程当中彰显了祂的大能。以下 是她们的分享: 文 邓静仪 翻译 黄淑仪

问:请自我介绍。 满恩:大家好,我们来自缅北腊成 市附近的一个比较贫僻的村庄,而 在这个村庄里有个温暖又有爱的大 家庭,名叫怒江学生辅导中心,我 的名字叫林满恩,今年21岁,在腊 戌圣光就读高中二年级。

照卖:我的名字叫董照买,今年20 岁,是坷嵌民族。我九岁就进到 (怒江学生辅导中心)在中心住了 9年半的时间。现在在腊成就读高 中,二年级的学生了。

问:你们为什么会到新加坡来? Q: WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO SAY TO FAITH MEMBERS? ME and ZM: Thank you Faith, for your love and care towards Nujiang Counselling Centre. We are glad to be part of this warm and loving spiritual family. Thank you for your hospitality during our stay. It is through your contribution and prayers that we can be where we are today. May the Lord continue to bless you! Cheryl serves in the Missions Committee, and also as a keyboardist in the Mandarin Ministry. She is a marketer by day and a drama junkie by night. She enjoys travelling, bubble tea and a good read.

满恩和照卖:很感谢神,藉着(邓 静仪)老师、(余德辉)老师的帮 助下,我们可以到达新加坡。我们 以前做梦都不敢想,自己能够到新 加坡,还可以分享神在我们生命 中,如何改变我们,给了我们一个 新生命。

问:这次的新加坡之旅,有些什 么亮点/高潮?

满恩: 可以去新加坡旅游真的是好像 一场梦。在新加坡我看到了很多稀 奇又奇怪的东西,比如说高大 厦,还有很多奇怪的建筑,更让我 目瞪口呆的是海底还有隧道,等 等…………。 照卖: 在这次新加坡之旅中,给了我 很多第一次,如:第一次看到海、 第一次坐摩天轮,第一次亲自看到 满空中美丽的烟花,第一次可以品

尝到不同国家的美食、第一次玩保 龄球、第一次去动物园。很多的第 一次在我的生命中刻下了深刻的美 好回忆,给我的回忆贴上了一幅美 丽之图。

问:有什么比较不习惯的吗? 满恩:我不大习惯新加坡人与人之 间没有了那种感情,可能是因为大 家都太忙碌了,看到认识的人都不 打招呼,匆匆忙忙的擦肩而过了, 只有在教会才有那样的热情。 照卖:新加坡人每天生活都很充 实。我看到很多人就是把自己的时 间都排得很密,却不给自己一个 空间休息一下、来看一下身边的朋 友或物、没有好好去感受生活的  美好。

问:有什么话跟我们教会的朋友 说吗? 满恩和照卖:很感谢思珍堂的每位 爱主弟兄姊妹,谢谢你们一直对中 心的照顾和帮助,可以在这个爱的 大家庭里成长。很高兴能到思珍堂 分享!很感谢弟兄姐妹热情的宽 带,谢谢神藉着(思珍堂)弟兄姐 妹的付出及代祷,中心能有今天都 是大家爱心的帮助才有今天的我 们。谢谢您们!愿神纪念您们的 摆上。 静仪在思珍堂的宣教部事奉。她是一位 行销人员,平时也爱看电视剧,旅游, 喝泡泡茶和阅读。

To find out more about this mission field and how you can be part of God’s work, feel free to reach out to Jimaia at 如果你对这禾场有负担或者想知道的更多,可以联络Jimaia(淑仪)。 JANUARY 2019 . FAITHLINK

组 小

“I wanted to GO on a mission trip where I could use the skills and talents that God has given me. Last year, I went to Surabaya with my Small Group and we conducted training for teachers and parents of students in a slum school.”


出 “我要把神赐给我的技能和才华用在布道的出发路 发 程上。去年,我和小组团契去了泗水一趟。我们 在一所贫民窟里的学校训练了一批老师和家长们。”

Amigo gape sS ,A m

p Grou all m

, A ll @ F l a m e

关 怀

“我和当时还在东亚的宣教士 Peng 搭档 。 我们时常沟通来往。我尽力的以祈祷,鼓励和 各方面的支持方式来关怀他。”


All@Flame Sm m, a Li

“I partnered then-mission worker Peng while she was based in East Asia. We communicated regularly and I would try my best to CARE for her by praying, encouraging and supporting her in various ways.”


叙 “我邀请了教会的宣教同工曾金元来我的小组团契 叙述 他的工作范围和需要。 以实际活出使徒行传 述 第一章第八节所说的,我们也参加了圣诞布道会, 向世人叙述圣经的好消息。”



“I invited our church’s mission worker Lionel Chan to TELL of his work and areas of need in my Small Group. To live out Acts 1:8, we also participated in a Christmas outreach to TELL others about the Good News.”

Anne La

roup ll G

Alis on




p Grou all m

Lim C he n

MISSIONS at Faith 思珍堂的宣教事工

g ap e A mig o





“One of the key lessons we have learned from the Acts 1:8 Trip Preparation was contextualisation. Contextualisation reminded us that we need to consider how we can bring the Gospel in such a way that the hearers understand from their perspective.” Liaw Chun Huan, Lay Leader and member of Lion of Judah SG

As we encourage church members to find their roles in missions through “Tell, Care, Go”, we also need to be equipped for His work. The Missions Ministry offers, on a regular basis, a range of missions training that meet the needs of every member, regardless of your missions journey.

Through this training, I found out there are many ways to get involved in the Missions Ministry that I did not know about previously. God reminded me to use the gifts that He has given me to serve.” Henry Tan, Wild Olive Branch SG




“I am glad I attended the training as it answered some of the questions I had. I appreciate the mission workers and the work they are doing and will encourage my Small Group to pray for missions.” Linda See, Karis SG

“The sessions we had for missions preparation were great eye-openers because they helped me to gain new insights about missions. They also taught me about different things we have to take into consideration when spreading the gospel in different contexts, being considerate and sensitive to different people groups and cultures.” Elaine Khaw, Y4 TTB Youth


th • Never been involved in missions • Want to find out what missions is all about and how you can be involved • Ready to embark on your first Acts 1:8 trip


r the SE A





• Been on several mission trips • A deeper understanding of the trends and growth of mission work • Better engage the local communities




“The Kairos course provides a good biblical perspective and understanding of God’s heartbeat for missions and reinforces the calling for me to obey the Great Commission. I also learned about the history, strategies and cross-cultural challenges of missions and would highly recommend all those interested and involved in missions to attend this course.” Tan Chow Boon, Associate Lay Leader

“I enjoyed the workshop on ‘A Dream, A Talent, A Skill: Planting Training Centres’. Each of the speakers spoke their heart about using their gifting and the business to bless needy people.” Wilson Lau, Local Mission Worker and from Xara SG




“My perspective of the Great Commission was transformed. I learnt that God can use me to reach out to unreached people groups not just overseas but also locally. The Lord also placed in me a burden to inspire and encourage others to go to the mission fields that He opened to us.” Lina Wong


• Actively engaged in missions • In need of a renewed passion and fresh perspective on missions strategies • Refresh, reflect and relearn

MISSION CONFERENCES/ SEMINARS This year, some of our congregation joined thousands of missions-minded Singaporeans and foreign delegates at the quadrennial 2018 Go Forth National Missions Conference. Here are some insights they gained...

“The key to witnessing is to act in ways that prompt people to ask questions to which the answer is the gospel: “I represent a God that really loves you.” Crystal Koh, Year 4 TTB Youth Leader

“Missions is not about accomplishing a task, but about expressing God’s character in the most tangible way. The Great Commision therefore begins with us walking with God; to know Him so that we can make Him known.” Gabrielle Tay, Anaviosi SG

KAIROS COURSE (SIX SESSIONS) Upon completing the Kairos Course, participants can also attend the Kairos Facilitator’s Course where they will learn and be trained to facilitate future Kairos Courses.

Email if you would like to find out more about the above trainings for yourself and/or your small group.





WHO THE SON SETS FREE Six members from Faith Methodist Church conducted a 3D2N camp for 30 youths in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. By The Cambodia Mission Trippers: Larry Wong, Kelly Lee, Low Ching May, Paige Lee, Fong Ming Hui and Jiamin Choo-Fong

Over the weekend from 7–9 September 2018, a team of six from Faith Methodist Church conducted a camp for 30 youths from the Community Outreach Services–Immanuel (COSI) and Upper Room Ministry in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The


team was hosted by Doris Chan, a Faith international worker, and the theme of the camp was “I Am a Child of God". The trip included meaningful sessions centred on helping the youth build a sense of identity and godly character, making Godhonouring choices, and to be an influencer for Christ.

JESUS Our Identity Upon arrival on the first day, the team engaged the youth through a T-shirt making activity. Each youth was presented with a themed “I Am” t-shirt that they could personalise and decorate themselves. Kelly then led a session on “I am made in

His image” to reinforce the idea that no matter what others and even the youth may think of themselves, they are precious in God’s eyes and matter to our Heavenly Father. The day concluded with a dramatized vesper shared by Larry adapted from John 8, which ended with a heartfelt rendition of the camp song, “Who You Say I Am” which everyone sung loudly into the night. On Day Two, Minghui ran a session on “I am made with an inheritance", helping the youth understand the story of Ruth experientially and to encourage them to honour their family members. Jiamin then shared her journey

NDEED, I’M A CHILD OF GOD, YES I AM” about making choices in relationships, with a focus on “I am made to love". Ching May used her time to teach the youths about exercising wisdom when engaging social media.

Sow Into This Youth Ministry The camp concluded with a BBQ celebration as everyone mingled and watched the performances presented by the youths. Pastor Phearunm, the local pastor in charge of the Upper Room Ministry, then reinforced the theme of camp; “I am a child of God”

45 and encouraged the youths to apply it in their lives. It was a joy to see the COSI and Upper Room youth interact and form friendships to encourage one another. The Singapore team was especially blessed to see how hungry they were to learn and to dig deeper into God’s Word. Through our interactions with the youth, we also discovered how intentional mentoring and Christian friendships are key to helping these youth grow up as ambassadors for Christ to their families and country.

Good role models help these young people live a life that honours God and blesses their community. Will you consider playing a part to grow this mission field?


CORPORATE HOUSE OF PRAYER Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Every alternate month, Faith conducts a corporate prayer meeting known as Corporate House of Prayer. In the July session, the theme was on Missions and reaching out to the nations. Members spent time interceding for different nations around the region and were encouraged to step forth to fulfill the Great Commission.


Bishop Chong Ching Chung commissioned one of Faith's members, Vincent Lim, as a missionary of the Methodist Missions Society (MMS). Together with our PIC, Rev Raymond Fong, Rev Philip Lim (Executive Director of MMS 2012-2018), Rev Derrick Lau (Outreach Pillar Pastor of Faith), the leaders prayed for Vincent and his young family in their missions endeavours in Thailand.





G.O.L.D. (God of Love Delivery) is an outreach arm of the Outreach & Social Concerns Ministry that provides lunch seasoned with love to the seniors. To bless these seniors, the G.O.L.D. team organised an excursion on Parent’s Day to Bollywood Veggies on 30 June 2018. A guided farm tour and plant potting activity were part of the programme; but the message shared by Reverend Nicholas Choo, using magic and balloon sculpturing, was definitely the highlight of the day! 




We gathered once again during the MidAutumn festival to commemorate this meaningful festival on 21 September 2018! There was a sterling performance by the FaithActs seniors and the Ukulele team lifted the ambience with their lively repertoire of Chinese songs. Thereafter, sounds of laughter filled the place with excitement as the people played a few rounds of Bingo. To end the evening, Preacher Yeh Thiam Pieng from our Mandarin Ministry shared about the love of God to all who came. 




SOWING SEEDS OF LOVE A Small Group at Faith sows into the lives of the residents at their adopted block, and reaps wonderful results. By Chwa Wei Jie & Harrison Teo

The Outreach & Social Concerns Ministry at Faith intentionally engages the surrounding residents through meaningful programmes, such as, Adopt-A-Block (AAB), Adopt-A-Family (AAF) and God of Love Delivery (G.O.L.D.). Church members, together with their Small Groups (SG), are encouraged to build bridges and befriend the residents and to render help where needed. Here is a story of one Small Group whose lives were impacted through their outreach efforts.

In Ephesians 2:10 (NIV), Paul says that when we are created in Christ, our purpose is to do the good works that God has prepared for us to do. Our Small Group, Hum Yu, has been involved in the Adopt-aBlock campaign for a few years now and our adopted block is Block 82 Commonwealth Close. The residents are mainly elderly, although there are younger families as well. Initially, we struggled a lot due to language barriers and generational differences because we could not fully identify with their issues. Nevertheless, we continued to sow into the residents’ lives and over time, began to reap positive results.

Reaping In Joy One such resident is Uncle Wang and his wife. Our initial meeting was met with bitterness and sadness. But over time, we saw God’s hand at work in the lives of these elderly folk as they witnessed the goodness of God through our continuous acts of love. JANUARY 2019 . FAITHLINK

We found out about their financial struggles and health problems. Both had mobility issues and daily activities were a chore. They could not support themselves as finding a job was next to impossible. We referred them to FaithActs, a community service centre, and they looked into their situation and arranged financial assistance. FaithActs also recommended some renovation works to increase accessibility and improve their living conditions. After a few visits, followed by the renovation works and cleaning up of the flat, our greatest joy was hearing that this family wanted to visit Faith. Their willingness to visit the church in spite of mobility challenges was a sign of their faith and thankfulness. Yet God makes the impossible possible and faith accelerates this possibility. God’s plan does not stop without making Himself known. Through this experience, we praise God for using us as His channel of love to Uncle Wang and his wife Chwa Wei Jie and Harrison Teo are members of Hum Yu Small Group.



In the wake of the Asian Financial Crisis in 1999, I found myself retrenched by December of that same year. The multinational corporation (specialising in Quarrying and Mining Equipment) that I was working for had decided to cut its losses and abruptly exited Singapore. It was an unforeseen departure and uncertainty soon crept in. Despite the circumstances, I chose to trust in the sovereignty of God, and knew that He was in control of my life. A verse from Romans 8 encouraged me, “And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to His purpose,” (Romans 8:28, ESV).

God’s Bigger Plan: Pioneering CAREnet At Faith God was working behind the scenes six months before my impending job loss.

ALL THINGS WORK TOGETHER FOR GOOD A testimony of God’s goodness and providence in business. By Jackie Ng

In July 1999, six months prior to my retrenchment, 10 of us from Faith were invited by our then Pastor-in-charge, Rev Dr Donald Chia, to be trained as leaders in Seattle USA with Stephen’s Ministry. We returned to Singapore as the “core leaders” to pioneer CAREnet (now renamed as FaithCARE), which is a structured systematic caregiving ministry within the church. CAREnet was launched in January 2000 and I was appointed the Chairperson. Due FAITHLINK . JANUARY 2019



to the commitment required to oversee this young ministry, I realised on hindsight, that it would not have been possible to serve God in that capacity had I had a regular job then.

Starting A New Business After my retrenchment, I found an opportunity to service the existing customers in the absence of the manufacturer. As the General Sales Manager in my last position, I knew the market, the products and I had a good relationship with the end-users. It was a bold move so I prayed for guidance and proposed to the manufacturer to appoint me as their exclusive distributor. They did not take long to consider–probably because they had no other option and the market was depressed then. Together with my wife, who would be the company’s second director, we officially registered the new company (Minrock) on 17 January 2000. I thank God for my wife, who was supportive throughout, and provided timely counsel, but never interfered with the business. God also provided an office and warehouse space that was within walking distance from my home. We dedicated the business to the Lord and invited Pastor Donald Chia to bless the business. When our office shifted to a new location a few years later, another Faith pastor, Pastor Lynette


Sathiasingam, was invited to bless the new office.

Making Plans God’s Way To ensure the business stayed focused, I made some plans and set some goals. As part of my initial marketing strategy, I attended conferences, sent out mailers and made presentations to relevant government agencies and contractors. I realized gradually that I could plan everything but it is God who was directing the business. I was reminded of this verse from Proverbs, “A man’s heart plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps,” Proverbs 16:9 (NKJV). Apart from commercial plans, I resolved from Day One to conduct the business based on biblical principles in order to become a good testimony for God. Here are the areas we cultivated: • Integrity: To keep our word to our customers at all times (Matthew 5:37). • Fairness: To make prompt payment to all clients and suppliers, and to reward staff with generous bonuses when possible. • Honesty: To remain upfront with customers and give accurate returns to government bodies. • No “Kickbacks”: We would never offer bribes to secure any sort of deal.

• Humility and Patience: Inspired by Matthew 10:16, we conducted our affairs likewise, and learnt to be “humble as doves and wise as serpents”. This was good advice I received from the market place. • Service Before Profit: To always put the needs of our customers before our own profit. • No Unequal Partnership: We adhered to the principle from 2 Corinthians 6:14-15.

Favour From Above I could see the Lord’s favour was with me constantly as I built my business. More good things started to happen. My principal extended to us credit terms and employed an expat to support the region. As he was based in Singapore, his presence in the early days provided a boost in my new venture and brought confidence to the market. The business grew steadily over the years. Orders poured in from unexpected and non-traditional sources. In fact, the first major sales for new capital equipment came from the most unlikely place, Singapore, where there were neither quarries nor mining activity. The business continued like this over the years: There would be one or two capital equipment sales and monthly spare parts sales that kept the company going.


we did not have to borrow from the bank, we never defaulted on payments to my principal or suppliers, and we established an excellent reputation as a company that offered good products with reliable service. When we ended the business, all debts were collected in full and we closed with a healthy balance in the bank. We praise and give thanks to a faithful God – my Business Partner! (Left to right: My first assistant Ms Lilian Foo, my wife Christine, Frank Yee (tenant), Rev Dr Donald Chia, K C Soo (a Service Engineer from the manufacturer/tenant), myself Jackie Ng) ~ taken in year 2000

Trusting God Amidst Challenges It is always easy to use human confidence and wisdom to make decisions and resolve problems instead of relying on divine wisdom. But the Bible tells us to trust in the Lord instead of our own wisdom. “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight,” Proverbs 3:5,6 (ESV). We faced several challenges along the way but I learned to trust in God and He saw me through every problem. These trials increased my level of faith and dependence on Him and I grew stronger spiritually. The verse from Psalm 18:2 (ESV) was my guide in such

times, “The Lord is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer, my God, my rock, in whom I take refuge.” One important life lesson I learnt was not to react to circumstances, but to lean on God because “in quietness and trust shall be my strength” (Isaiah 30:15).

The Closure Sometime in 2017, I saw some signs that God wanted me to give up the business. I made the decision to strike off the business in mid-2018. God is faithful and He did not fail us all these years. From the day we started, we recognised God’s hand in this and we trusted Him to see us through. We praise God that throughout the years,

Jackie & his wife, Christine, worship at the 8am Traditional Service. Jackie is also a Small Group Leader, Team Leader, involved in FaithCARE Ministry and serves as Worship Leader at the 8am service.




FaithActs is a shining beacon of hope and love to the community. By Helen Wong

CASE STUDY 1: A Brand New Life The living room is strewn with red plastics bags containing trash and household supplies. To keep warm, she wraps her head and legs with plastic bags. Her valuables are kept inside another plastic bag that is carefully hidden underneath the only blouse she is wearing. She climbs over the piles of plastic bags to use the washroom. When she has to go downstairs, she painstakingly squeezes through the small opening of her front door to get to her wheelchair which is tied to the main gate. This is how Madam Chew has lived her life on a daily basis. Her home is always dark, save for some light streaming in from a louvered window, which she leaves open to chat with visitors. FaithActs first came to know Madam Chew in February 2018. As expected, she was suspicious of us and was not open to interact with strangers. It was challenging to befriend her but we persisted and our efforts eventually paid off. JANUARY 2019 . FAITHLINK

A volunteer giving Madam Chew a much-needed haircut

We discovered that Madam Chew was a lonely senior who felt abandoned and forgotten. Over time, she began to share her stories and our relationship with her improved, so much so that she fondly referred to us with celestial terms like Sun, Star, and Cloud. Despite warming up to us, she was adamant about keeping her hordes of “rubbish� whenever we asked her to dispose them. After some negotiation, we managed to clear some of her plastics bags. Madam Chew faces many challenges living alone and unsupervised. While

she is generally alert and resourceful, she hallucinates occasionally. Although we have an in-house volunteer doctor keeping check on her health, these checks are insufficient to meet her needs as an elderly. Her plight was further exacerbated when the meal delivery service failed and she had to starve for several days. Furthermore, the plastics bags she kept at home were a fire hazard. We realised that she needed longterm solution. The subject of moving into a nursing home was finally broached. Madam Chew was initially reluctant but finally


Doing her homework in FaithActsCentre

CASE STUDY 2: Helping an 11-year old, with no formal educationÂ

The in-house volunteer doctor checking on Madam Chew

agreed to the proposal as she recognised the benefits of being cared for round-theclock. In no time, the relevant agencies were called in and an application to the nursing home was underway. FaithActs continued to journey with her, reassuring her that we would visit her regularly. We also thank God that through His grace and at His perfect timing, Madam Chew came to know and receive the Lord! This is the most comforting gift to all of us. We are excited for Madam Chew who is looking forward to a brand new start in a brand new home.

Over a year, volunteers from the Chinese Development Assistance Council (CDAC) and Faith Methodist Church came to FaithActs five times a week to coach an 11-year old girl in English, Chinese, Mathematics and social skills. FaithActs provided the girl with student care placement and monitored her interactions with peers. This was to enable her to ease into primary school life as she had not received any formal education. When her mother passed away, her father sought assistance to place her in school as she was not registered with the state since birth. FaithActs assisted with the parental test fees for her citizenship. We also helped the father-daughter move from a shelter home to a rental flat. Volunteers also assisted her in penmanship skills to prepare

her for school work. Other volunteers stepped in to give her emotional support to help her ease into school life with peers. The girl started her Primary 2 education in 2018 and is adapting well in school and in her student care centre. We thank God for everyone who contributed to her well-being. Helen attends the 11am service at Faith and is currently working in FaithActs as a Community Care Executive.

There are many needs around our community. Would you partner us in reaching out to them, to impact and transform lives? For more information on FaithActs services, please visit our website or call us at 6339 7611.





DREAM BIG By Faith Kindergarten

The K1 children participated in the Start Small Dream Big project, which was initiated by the Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) to encourage pre-schools to create authentic platforms for children to innovate, problemsolve and tap on their unique strengths to help others. This 6-month project aims at inculcating good values in our children and giving back to the community. Under the guidance of the teachers, children have worked on a few interesting and enjoyable hands-on activities for the past few months.

Putting together patches of cloth to signify ‘United, We Are One’

Playing a Mind Boggling Game

Playing Games of Yesteryears Enjoying a Calligraphy Session.


Auntie Ami demonstrated ‘The use of the ‘Air Koboan’, a Malay Practice before Food



Honouring the presence of Rev Raymond Fong FMC PIC & Rev Lisa Yu from QCMC

Concert MC Maureen Nga

The Concert Finale with Staff of Faith K

Concert MC Ling Jia Hao

Our Guest of Honour Mr Liaw Chun Huan and Rev Goh Aik Hiang PIC of QCMC

The K2s Handbells Ensemble

The K2s Graduands

The Pre-Nursery & Nursery children putting up a wonderful performance

Presenting the Faith K Handbells Ensemble

IN CASE OF EMERGENCY On the last day of school, the children from Faith Kindergarten were taught what to do in case of a medical emergency. This was explained through a fun and entertaining demonstration presented by the Red Cross.




FAITH’S 52ND ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION SERVICE 14 JULY 2018 Faith celebrated her 52nd birthday with a family conference and combined celebration service held at the Sanctuary and Worship. The event was graced by Bishop Emeritus Rev Dr Robert Solomon who spoke in two teaching sessions (refer to page 12 to read Part 1 of his sermon transcript). A short skit was presented at the start of Session 2 which depicted how social media had disrupted family life. The service included a dance presentation by Genesis Dancers, an uplifting song item by the SUN JAM kids entitled “It’s About L.O.V.E”, and the customary cake-cutting ceremony.




FAITH ANNIVERSARY BOWLING 22 JULY 2018 Faith’s anniversary celebrations would not be complete without its annual bowling tournament. Held at SAFRA Mount Faber, different teams competed for the top spot and the winner walked home with the coveted trophy.




SMALL GROUP LEADERS’ SESSIONS 18 AUGUST & 24 NOVEMBER 2018 Small Group Leaders gathered on two occasions to receive direction from the pastors and align themselves with the vision of strengthening the Small Group structure at Faith. Let’s continue to uphold our SG leaders in prayer as they serve faithfully in their roles.




CHILDREN’S MINISTRY AT FAITH 7 OCTOBER 2018 On 7 October, the children from the different services celebrated Children’s Day with special activities. There was an outdoor trip to West Coast Park for older kids, while the younger ones had fun at Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden. Others enjoyed an indoor celebration with exciting station games that pitted their skills with one another.

We dedicated the SUN JAM teachers at various services on 2 September. We are thankful and grateful to this amazing ministry that touches young lives and helps raise children who love God and His Word.




DAY OF HIS POWER & PRAYSINGAPORE 8 AUGUST & 7 OCTOBER 2018 These inter-church, nationwide prayer rallies issue a call for local churches to unite in prayer and to intercede for our beloved homeland, Singapore. Faith was involved in both events, with hundreds of members showing up at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on 8 August, and the National Stadium Sports Hub on 7 October. May our hearts beat strong for the souls in Singapore who have yet to know Jesus!






LCEC DEDICATION SERVICE 7 OCTOBER 2018 We presented and prayed for the newly-elected members of the Local Church Executive Committee 2018-2019 during a special Dedication Service in October. With this new leadership in place, we look forward to entering the next season of growth as a church.

GETTING TO KNOW... Lim Boh Chuan LCEC Chairman (2018-2019)

I have been attending Faith since 1976. It was God’s calling in 2009 when I started serving Him in the LCEC as the Church Governance Chair. This was followed by the call to take on the role of Finance Chair, followed by Member Care Ministry, and now, LCEC Chair. I am also currently a Team Leader for two Small Groups: United in Christ (which I am attending) and Growing in Christ.

Liaw Chun Huan LCEC Lay Leader (2018-2019)

I joined Faith some 30 years ago when I was in the army. In 1992, I started serving in Sunday School, firstly as a guitarist, then a teacher, department head, superintendent and finally Associate Lay Leader for children. From 2010, I served as Church Treasurer and then as Finance Chair, before becoming Lay Leader this year. I’m also concurrently serving on the Faith Kindergarten board.

On Sundays, you can find me attending the 8am service with my wife Cheryl. We are blessed with three grown-up boys Jonathan, Jeremy and Josh. In my free time, I enjoy a round of social golf or an adventure overseas, as I love travelling.

Since 1994, I have been with Lion of Judah Small Group. In 2012, I started a Mandarin Small Group under the 10.15am Mandarin service at ACJC. I attend the 9am service with my wife Morica, who serves in SUN JAM, and we are blessed with five daughters Ann Shin, Ann Yi, Ann Zhen, Ann Lin and Ann Sze.

In this season of my life, serving God is my priority, and I pray that I can lead the LCEC with His wisdom and guidance.

As Lay Leader, I am always open to hearing from you; feel free to catch me on Sundays at both CW and ACJC.





Faith’s Young Adult (YA) Ministry hosted a group of trainers and executives from Chick-Fil-A, a famous fast food chain from America. The group was visiting the region to talk about their business model (S.E.R.V.E.), which is a tried and tested Christian marketplace leadership practice. The session at Faith allowed participants to understand how Chick-Fil-A used their SERVE model as a framework to establish values and culture through influence, modeling, performance rating, growth development and mentoring as their way of life. What is S.E.R.V.E.? S - See and Shape the Future E - Engage and Develop Others R - Reinvent Continuously V - Value Results and Relationships E - Embody the Values

“What I took home was the need to be intentional about cultivating a conducive team environment to empower and grow your leaders; to serve the leaders under you so that they can find confidence to have a voice.” ~ Amanda Koh

“The SERVE principle focuses on leaders and key decision makers of an organisation who can utilize resources to drive them to action. However, as an individual in the working world, there will be a need to tune them to apply them in the diverse working world.” ~ Chow Tat Keong




BAPTISM & MEMBERSHIP SERVICE 17 NOVEMBER 2018 We rejoice with our brothers and sisters who were baptized and/or received into the membership of Faith on Saturday, 17 November 2018. May the Lord Jesus continue to strengthen their faith as they grow in their walk with Him. We also pray for the children who were baptised, that they will grow to become faithful disciples of Christ.





One of the highlights at Faith is the quarterly Night of Worship sessions where members come with expectant hearts to be refreshed and recharged in the presence of God. Come 2019, Night of Worship will be held once every two months. See you there!




Winda (1st from left with glasses)

GOD’S WORD MOVED MY HEART By Winda from Faith Indonesian Fellowship

I previously worked in Malaysia from 2008-2013 and later wanted to work in Singapore. Praise God! I had the opportunity to come to Singapore and I worked for a Christian family in 2014. My main responsibility was to look after an elderly lady who passed away six months into my employment. Two weeks after her passing, my employers asked if I wanted to know more about God and when I said “Yes”, they shared two Bible verses with me from John 14:6 (Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me,”) and John 1:12 (Yet to all who did receive him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God).


These two verses moved my heart and I wanted to know God more. I finally chose to believe in Him and was baptised in 2015. In 2017 I began attending the Indonesian Fellowship at Faith Methodist Church. It was here that my faith grew and I learned to serve God whole-heartedly. Six months after joining the fellowship, my mentor chose me to become a worship leader. Praise God! I could feel myself growing in Him. He revealed His love in my life, my family and those around me. Since then I have been following God with much joy and peace, all because of the Lord Jesus and His love for me!  



Ara (extreme left)

By Ara Teo from Faith Filipino Fellowship

In July 2017, I felt a strong prompting from God to visit Faith and each time, I would hesitate and delay the decision. Over the next few weeks, I sensed God leading me there but once again, I was very reluctant to do so. One particular Sunday, I eventually surrendered and visited the 8am service at 400 Commonwealth Drive.

and faithful, we just need to submit, surrender and obey.

When I entered the Sanctuary; I looked at the church pews and immediately recognised them from a vision I saw at a prayer and power night many years ago. A tremendous peace flooded my heart; it was the same feeling I had experienced as a young girl. This peace stayed with me throughout the day. I also remembered the sermon preached that morning which aligned with what God was impressing on me.

I have been a member of Faith since 26 May 2018. In retrospect, I realised, when God first spoke to me in the early morning of 16 July 2017, I would have celebrated the church’s 51st Anniversary together with you. I am glad that this year, I was able to join Faith in celebrating our 52nd anniversary as a fellow church member.

I registered as a visitor and opted to see a counsellor. By God’s grace, I met with sister Esther (Ong) and found out that she was the leader of the Indonesian and Filipino Fellowship. I shared my story of how I came to Christ in Singapore with the help of an Indonesian and two Filipina friends. She then invited me to attend the Filipino Fellowship that day, which I did.

Nowadays whenever I take the MRT and it passes Commonwealth Station, I feel a sense of belonging. My prayer is that Faith will grow in holiness, and her members continue to love one another as the Lord loves us. By this, the world will know we are His disciples and come into His family and Kingdom! Amen!

Indeed there are blessings in obedience and I soon experienced a wonderful breakthrough. God opened the way for me to return to my province in Philippines, which I had not visited for over 10 years. My husband finally agreed to a family vacation there and I was very happy! God is good!




TRAC EVENTS AT FAITH Faith opened its premises to host some of TRAC’s (Trinity Annual Conference) ministry meetings and services this year. We highlight some of these memorable moments from the TRAC Board of Seniors Ministry, the TRAC Healing Service, and TRAC Conference Sunday.

TRAC BOARD OF SENIORS MINISTRY (Afternoon Prayer and Worship Services) JULY - NOVEMBER 2018





Rev Dr Jonathan Seet

11 NOVEMBER 2018 TRAC Conference Sunday provides an opportunity for congregations to hear from other Methodist pastors, and for local church pastors to preach at other Methodist churches. While our PIC, Rev Raymond Fong, was preaching at Paya Lebar MC that weekend, Faith warmly welcomed five guest speakers: Rev Wendy Tay (8am service), Rev Dr Jonathan Seet (9am & 11am services), Rev Sng Chong Hui (10.30am service), Rev Anthony Lee (TTB service, not pictured) and Rev Yap Seok Chin (Mandarin Service, not pictured).

Rev Sng Chong Hui

Rev Wendy Tay






INVESTING IN GOD’S ETERNAL ECONOMY Discover how Education, Stewardship and Discipleship form a major part of a believer’s life. By Khoo Tse Horng

“Have you done your homework?” “How did you do for your test?” “If you don’t study hard now; you won’t go far in life.” These are common refrains we hear between parents and children. Education is one of the top considerations for many parents and even for adults who are considering postgrad studies. While Singapore’s education system generally performs well on international platforms, including the Programme for International Assessment (PISA) by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OCED), the Ministry of Education (MOE) 1

is always forward-looking and conducting reviews and making improvements to our education system. To nurture lifelong learners, there is a need to help students discover more joy and develop stronger intrinsic motivation in learning1. Singapore is ahead of many systems in gearing up for the future, and our government is constantly planning for the future and makes the necessary changes to prepare our children and youth. Pedagogies are now geared towards engaging students to think critically and inventively, and expecting them to collaborate and be selfdirected in their learning. At the core of these changes, is a set of values where MOE believes is essential for our society and for our students to be rooted in Singapore.

LIVE LIFE MORE ABUNDANTLY Holistic education is very much an expression of our belief that God has created us in His image. Unfortunately, I have encountered enough students and parents to know that there are some who have let their identity be defined by their grades. Parents, unknowingly, whether in words or actions, reinforce this belief. This is so contrary to what God says in the Bible, that we are “fearfully and wonderfully made” (Psalm 139:14) in His image. Because each individual is made in God’s image, we are therefore full of potential and have the capacity to learn and grow, to discern and decide, and to serve and lead. Education brings out the personhood in our children and youths and provides each individual with the tools and skills to grow. This is how we aim to instill in students the dispositions, such as, curiosity and self-directedness, and equip them with new skills. Continual learning pleases God. Look at how Jesus challenged His disciples and the religious teachers about their pre-existing beliefs, and asked them to consider His claims and His teachings.




Learning and growth are never meant to stop. In a fast-changing world, with ever shifting norms, it is important that Christians be a learned people so that we can juxtapose our learning with God’s Word and serve to be light and salt of the world. This is where learning becomes a lifelong pursuit. In my roles as a school Principal, a church lay leader, and a father to my children, promoting learning is important. It is not just about accepting new information but critically and reflectively considering how God wants us to live our lives abundantly and purposefully (John 10:10).

STEWARDS OF HIS GIFTS CS Lewis wrote, “Pleasures are shafts of glory as it strikes our sensibility” and he encouraged us to “make

every pleasure into a channel of adoration (of God)2.” Whether you study God’s Word or pick up a leisurely hobby, both honour God. Through my reading of the Word, it is important to understand that truth is meant to be practised on a regular basis. Long before the educational psychologists and policy-makers proposed it, the Bible has always put it forth that head knowledge is not enough. In many of His teachings on earth, Jesus focused on the practice of truth rather than the discourse on truth. Believers need to return to what our Lord has always been emphasising: To go beyond listening to a sermon or having Bible Study, to putting what God is speaking to us into practice. The more we practise God’s truth, the deeper the truth will be rooted in us. 3

We know that learning a new skill or thinking routine requires practice. The same applies to learning to live out a value. As faithful disciples of Christ, we need to learn and think deeply and widely. Theologians Stanley Hauerwas and William Willimon said the task is “to make the world credible to the Gospel”3. They remind us that right living is more the challenge than right thinking. This means learning and thinking is not enough, we need to act upon God’s truth. Just as learning is a complex process that cannot be reduced into some simple formulae, transforming into Christlikeness is not by mere human efforts or methods. It is by disciplining ourselves to the lordship of the Holy Spirit. My prayer is that just as we invest so much into education, we should invest even more in God’s eternal economy.

2 CS Lewis’ book “Letters to Malcolm”. Resident Aliens by Stanley Hauerwas and William H. Willimon

Tse Horng has been blessed by the ministry of Faith’s people and his Small Group Barnabas since 1982. He attends the 11am service with his wife, Bee Leng. His children are in SUN JAM and The Tackle Box. He is a principal of a mission school and the Chairperson of Nurture and Discipleship at Faith. He welcomes comments at


Our Sunday @ 400 COMMONWEALTH DRIVE 8am 9am* 11am*

Traditional Contemporary Contemporary

Sanctuary (Level 1) Worship Hall (Level 4) Worship Hall (Level 4)

@ ANGLO-CHINESE JUNIOR COLLEGE (25 DOVER CLOSE EAST) 10:15am Mandarin 10:30am TackleBox Youth 10:30am* Contemporary

Main Building LT1 (Level 2) Main Building LT4 (Level 3) Faith Centre for Performing Arts (CPA)

*Children’s Programme is available at these services Find FAITH at 6471-9420


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Faithlink is the magazine of Faith Methodist Church, published 3 times a year for internal circulation within the congregation of Faith and...

Faithlink (January 2019)  

Faithlink is the magazine of Faith Methodist Church, published 3 times a year for internal circulation within the congregation of Faith and...

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