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From Your Pastors…

LifeGroups at Faith Life Church aren’t about filling empty chairs. And, we don’t want you to join a LifeGroup because you feel like you’re supposed to. We know you don’t need to add just anything to your already overloaded plate. It needs to be worth it. We believe LifeGroups are. The world is a scary place right now. Every day, you face news and reports that could drain the life right out of you, if you’ll let it. That’s why you need to be a part of a LifeGroup—you need a good laugh, some encouragement, and friendships that go deeper than what you can get through social networking. You need to take the time to enjoy life, to get more of God, to make an impact, and to have more of the good life God planned for you. You need to get involved in a LifeGroup. While you’re at it, take the opportunity to help someone else that might be feeling drained, or close to it. Invite them to come to a LifeGroup with you. Start with your family, neighbors, and coworkers. We know it’ll be worth it. In love,

Pastors Gary and Drenda P.S. Our Impact Teams section has grown! Be sure to check out all of the opportunities for you to make an impact!

“You need a good laugh, some encouragement, and friendships that go deeper than what you can get through social networking.”



WHAT IS A LIFEGROUP? A LifeGroup is a group of people that meet to connect, share an interest, study biblical teachings, support one another, and have fun! At FLC, we put our LifeGroups into specific categories—Interest Groups (interests & hobbies), Life Enrichment Groups (teaching and Bible study), Support & Recovery Groups, and Impact Teams (service teams that keep everything going). WHERE AND WHEN DO LIFEGROUPS MEET? LifeGroups meet at different places on various days or nights during the week and on the weekends. Several LifeGroups meet at The Now Center, while others meet in homes, or in other locations throughout Central Ohio. WHY ARE LIFEGROUPS IMPORTANT? We believe that connecting with one another is vital for our spiritual lives, and LifeGroups are a great way to do that. Our desire is that everyone would be involved in a LifeGroup. HOW DO I CHOOSE A LIFEGROUP? Some people choose a LifeGroup based on hobbies, or a desire to be with people in their same life situation, or because they want to learn or try something new. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call the church office and we will gladly assist you. And, remember, you don’t have to choose just one! Feel free to get involved in as many LifeGroups as you’d like. HOW DO I SIGN UP FOR A LIFEGROUP? Once you find a group (or a few groups) that you’re interested in, feel free to contact the leader directly using the information listed with the group.  WHAT IF I WANT TO JOIN A CLASS THAT HAS ALREADY STARTED? It’s never too late to join most LifeGroups. Check with the leader of that group to see about jumping in. WHAT ABOUT CHILDCARE? Childcare is provided on a case-by-case basis. Ask your LifeGroup leader for the specifics for your particular group. HOW DO I BECOME A LIFEGROUP LEADER? You can become a LifeGroup leader by completing an application, providing personal references, and completing a background check. All Life Enrichment Groups must also submit outlines and materials for approval. Following approval, all leaders are required to attend a training session to get equipped for the upcoming session.




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CH IL DR E N ’S M I N I STR I E S NURSERY (AGES BIRTH - ONE YEAR) Our dedicated, trained team provides a safe, loving, baby-friendly environment, so you can participate in adult services with complete confidence that your baby is being well taken care of.

PRESCHOOL (AGES 1-5) Our energetic team members have hearts for children and for sharing the love of God.

We create a fun, safe environment for your child to learn about Jesus. We use exciting, age-appropriate songs, stories, games, and hands-on projects to create an awesome learning experience for your child while you participate in adult services.

For more information, email


MOTION CITY (AGES 6-12) Our enthusiastic team of young adults and teenagers use live stage productions filled with cool lighting and music to help teach your child incredible lessons from God ’s Word. Motion City is an awesome, exciting, imaginative place where children experience amazing biblical adventures and learn just how much Jesus loves them.

For more information, email

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BALLET FOR BEGINNERS (AGES 6-13) Does your daughter pretend to be a ballerina, floating and twirling gracefully across the floor? Then this fun and energetic class is for her! Designed for beginners to girls who have been taking classes, this class will teach basic ballet moves, and will be a ton of fun along the way! Instructor Haley Kolda has been dancing since the age of four and was a member of a ballet company for four years. Dance has taken her to Walt Disney World, New York City and Panama City. Day/Time: Tuesdays from 5:15pm–6:00pm beginning September 20 Location: The Now Center Children’s Wing Contact: Haley Kolda at (740) 965-9655 or Requirements: One time fee of $25 per child BLAZE THEATER AND DRAMA TEAM (AGES 7-12)  Do you like to put on plays for your family and friends? This is the group for you! Learn how to teach others about God through drama as you help develop and perform skits for younger, pre-school children, and the community. Come have fun and become a role model while you’re at it!

“My two little girls really enjoyed Creative Movement. Haley teaches them at their level, and they loved getting to wear their tutus!”

CREATIVE MOVEMENT (AGES 3-5) When your child hears music, does she instantly start dancing? Then this fun class, designed to help her learn basic ballet steps, is for her! Instructor Haley Kolda has been dancing since the age of four and was a member of a ballet company for four years. Dance has taken her to Walt Disney World, New York City and Panama City. Day/Time: Tuesdays from 4:45pm–5:15pm beginning September 20 Location: The Now Center Children’s Wing Contact: Haley Kolda at (740) 965-9655 or Requirements: One time fee of $20 per child

Day/Time: 2nd & 4th Wednesdays of every month from 5:00pm–6:00pm and special events Location: The Now Center and other locations as determined Contact: Carrie Walland at (614) 9479058 or

GAMERZ (YOUNG MEN AGES 7-13) Hey 7-13 year old guys! Come hang out, eat snacks, play sports and video games, and have fun with other guys your age! Sign up today and get your game on! Day/Time: 3rd Saturday of every month from 2:00pm-4:00pm and special events Location: The Now Center and other locations as determined Contact: Carrie Walland at (614) 9479058 or


HOMESCHOOL CO-OP Are you new to homeschooling? Is your homeschooling family new to FLC? Are you looking for a way to meet new people and get your family connected? Then join us once a week, for ten weeks, and participate in a variety of classes. There is something for every age and every family including fitness, science, writing fundamentals, zoology, history, kids in the kitchen, and much more! Come share your experiences, get encouraged, and have fun!

“I love co-op because I get to have fun with friends!”

Day/Time: Every Wednesday from 9:30am-3:00pm beginning September 14 Location: The Now Center Contact: Stacy Healy at (614) 746-7725 or HOMESCHOOL SUPPORT FOR MOMS Welcome to a new school year! Whether you’re teaching a child to read, or preparing your child’s transcripts, this group is for you! Join us every other month as we cover specific topics like strategies for teaching math, how to teach multiple ages, and how to keep your child’s heart. We will also be planning informal meeting times where moms will meet for a night out to enjoy food and fellowship. Get plugged in and let’s band together on this amazing journey that has eternal rewards!

“I love learning about science and doing experiments in co-op.”

Day/Time: 2nd Tuesday of every other month from 6:30pm-8:00pm (9/13, 11/8, 1/10, 3/13, 5/8) Location: The Now Center Contact: Heather Zell at (614) 440-7140 or or Kandy Williams at Childcare: None provided.

“I’ve learned so much from the Homeschool Support group. It’s a great group of women who really understand, and are more than willing to share ideas and help you work through issues you might face as a homeschooling parent.”





CASHFLOW Join us as we learn how to get out of the Rat Race and onto the Fast Track where your money works for you by playing the game of CASHFLOW! Practice real world investing with play money! CASHFLOW is an educational board game created by Rich Dad, Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki. Day/Time: 1st and 3rd Fridays of each month at 7:00pm Location: 319 Oxford Oak Drive, Blacklick, OH Contact: Keith Parrill at (614) 374-6063  or Childcare: None Requirements: Must be 18 years of age or older COLUMBUS RESOURCE BUSINESS NETWORK Join other movers and shakers in the Columbus business community in this interactive business-networking group designed to help you succeed. Bring your dreams and ideas and come get inspired to walk them out. Led by successful entrepreneur and business owner Bert Lindsay. Lunch Day/Time: Tuesdays from 12:00pm–1:00pm  Pizza and soda lunch available for $5 Location: The Now Center Evening Day/Time: 4th Thursday each month from 6:30pm–8:00pm  Location: To be announced Contact: Eric & Lisa Traylor at (303) 9127610 or Childcare: None provided.

FAITH LIFE MEDIA Come learn how to film live action video and turn it into dynamic productions in this introduction to the exciting world of HD video! We will shoot on location and in studio in this course designed to give you a solid foundation. Take your skills to the next level as you learn from television and film production professionals. No experience required! Day/Time: 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month at 7:00pm Location: The Now Center TV Control Room Contact: Jonica Badal at (773) 771-5625 or Childcare: None provided. FAITH RIDERS MOTORCYCLE GROUP Love the freedom of the open road, but tired of riding alone? Come show off your bike and join us for monthly rides to different locations for food and fellowship. Day/Time: 3rd Sunday of every month (Sept-Oct) at 1:45pm Location: Varies Contact: Dan Gremling at  (614) 561-2321 or FANTASY FOOTBALL Wish you could manage your own NFL team? Here’s your chance! Test your skills and join the competition. Sign up to be a part of our online fantasy league! Day/Time: Any day, league beginning no later than September 8 Location: N/A Contact: Mark Walchle at (740) 392-6753 or Requirements: Must have computer access and a Yahoo account. Must be 10 years of age or older to participate.

GARDENING AND FOOD PRESERVATION Have you always wanted to learn how to grow your own fruits and vegetables, but didn’t know where to start? Would you like to learn how to preserve the things you learn to grow? Join us for this weekly class to discuss how to plant, care for, and harvest a garden, as well as how to preserve the food you grow. Learn freezing and canning tips and share recipes. Participants are encouraged to get the Ball Blue Book Guide to Preserving for reference.

Day/Time: 1st Monday of each month at 10:00am Location: New Albany Garden Center Contact: Janet VanHoose at (740) 919-0346 or 

Day/Time: Tuesdays at 7:00pm Location: 10 West Avenue S.W., Pataskala, OH Contact: Corky Wion at (614) 915-1170 or

“I really enjoy meeting new people each week at the Columbus Resource Business Network meeting. It’s a great opportunity to bounce ideas off of others and to get inspired!”

7TH SEAL PAINTBALL Come join us for a time of fun and fellowship playing paintball! Bring your friends! Please note: Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Day/Time: To be determined Location: To be determined  Contact: Matthew Kirk at (614) 751-1084 or  Childcare: None Requirements: Must be at least 10 years of age (parents permission and attendance required for children under 18) and be able to cover fees and equipment rentals.


Day/Time: Sundays at 2:00pm Location: The Now Center back field Contact: Logan Howe at (740) 509-0263 or Requirements: Must follow safety rules.

GLORY GIRLS You’ve heard of the Red Hat Society, right? At FLC we have THE GLORY GIRLS! These sassy, and sometimes ornery, ladies over 50 are a force to be reckoned with. Whether they are letting their hair down and putting on skits during ministry at local nursing homes, playing basketball with the teens, or wreaking havoc at the local diner with a sing-a-long, they always have loads of fun and provide sidesplitting entertainment. And, all the while they show the world that age means nothing when it comes to walking in the joy of the Lord! So if you are a woman over 50 then come join the fun! 


FLAG FOOTBALL Red 18. Blue 21. Hut. Hut. Hike! Grab your tennis shoes and come out for an awesome time! You don’t want to miss this great time of teamwork and fellowship.




BECOMING A BETTER YOU Whether you’re a parent, a business owner, an employee, a salesperson, or just someone wanting to improve your life, this group is for you! Based on the principles taught by Jim Rohn, John Maxwell, Art Williams, Zig Ziglar and others. Topics will include time management, goal setting, recruiting, communication skills, marketing, presentation skills, and much more. Invite your friends and business associates! Day/Time: Thursdays at 7:00pm Location: The Now Center Contact: Mike Koehler at (614) 581-7701 or CELEBRATE FREEDOM MENTORSHIP We stepped out in faith and said, ‘Yes!’ to God through our Celebrate Freedom Faith Campaign. Now, it’s time to share and learn from proven leaders how to get our victory! Topics include how to stand in faith while you’re waiting for the harvest, how to hear from God on new ideas and concepts, the importance of confessing the Word, and much more!

DISCIPLESHIP IN THE HOME American society is declining because our families are in crisis. The hope for our future begins with Christian parents teaching, training, and discipling our children according to biblical wisdom. Join us each week to learn together how we can instill values and beliefs into our children so they can fulfill the call of God on their life. Day/Time: Thursdays from 7:00pm-8:00pm Location: The Now Center Contact: Cindy Farber at (614) 855-7393 or Childcare: Yes Requirements: Read Discipleship In the Home by Matt Freidman

Day/Time: 1st Saturday of each month following service Location: The Now Center Contact: (740) 964-7400 or DESTINATION: DESTINY How do you find out God’s plan for your life? How do you stay on course once you find out? Join us each week as we walk through the Word of God and discover what God has for us! Day/Time: Thursdays from 7:30pm-8:30pm Location: 294 Heathermere Loop, Galena, OH Contact: David Badal at (614) 726-5258 or Childcare: None provided. Requirements: Read God’s Master Plan for Your Life by Gloria Copeland

“Every month, you can hear testimonies during Celebrate Freedom Mentorship that PROVE that the Kingdom principles taught at FLC work EVERY time.”

DRENDA TELEVISION PROGRAM TAPING SESSIONS Join Pastor Drenda for the taping of Drenda, our television program designed to bring women together in emotional, relational and spiritual wholeness. Be a part of the studio audience and have fun while you receive spiritually! We’ll tackle some of the greatest issues affecting women today, with celebrity guests, practical relationship help, humor, inspiration, tips for living a balanced life, and much more!  Day/Time: To be announced Location:  The Now Center Contact: Childcare: Provided.

HEART FOR ISRAEL Have you been concerned about recent events in Israel and the Middle East? Do you believe that those who bless Israel will be blessed? Then this group is for you! Join us each week as we discuss the Jewish roots of Christianity, the biblical reasons Christians should support Israel, and what we can do to help support Israel in her time of need. Day/Time: Tuesdays from 6:30pm-8:00pm for eight weeks Location: The Hickey’s Home, 7576 Jersey Mill Road, Alexandria, OH Contact: Linda Hickey at (740) 924-5512 or Childcare: None provided Requirements: Read A Bible Study on Israel by Cheryl Morrison HOW TO HEAL THE SICK Do you want to get a deeper understanding of healing but you don’t know where to start? Come identify the truth about healing from the Word of God, build your faith, and experience the healing power that is available to all of us. We’ll answer the questions, “Does God make people sick? What about Job? Why are good people sick? Is it God’s will to heal?” and many more. Day/Time: Tuesdays at 7:00pm for five weeks Location: The Garner’s Home, 5668 Flintlock Lane, Columbus, OH Contact: Mark Garner at (614) 554-2448 or Childcare: None provided.

Day/Time: Sundays from 9:30am-10:30am for 10 weeks beginning September 18 Location: The Now Center Contact: Matt and Kim Kamppi at (740) 964-7400 or Childcare: Children can participate in activities in Motion City MARKETPLACE EVANGELISM Are you comfortable sharing your testimony with others? Do you even have a testimony? Learn how to develop your personal testimony and share Jesus Christ in this new class designed to help you become an effective witness in any situation or circumstance. Day/Time: Tuesdays at 7:00pm Location: The Fry Home, 3760 GreenCook Road, Johnstown, OH Contact: Bob and Kathy Fry at (614) 578-5347 or Childcare: To be determined. REDUCE ME TO LOVE (Women Only) It can be easy to lose sight of what is at the very heart of our lives as believers–God’s love for us and His command that we reach out in love to others. Join us as we unlock the secret to lasting joy, and learn how to live a full life! Day/Time: Mondays from 6:30-8:00pm for eight weeks Location: The Fouche Home, 1982 W. Mound Street, Columbus, OH Contact: Deanna Fouche at (614) 272-7278 or Childcare: None provided. Requirements: Read Reduce Me to Love by Joyce Meyer


Day/Time: Thursdays at 7:00pm Location: The Now Center Contact: James Wion at (614) 915-7320 or Childcare: Available upon request. Requirements: Read The Paleo Diet by Loren Cordain

KINGDOM PRINCIPLES Are you looking for a way to grow your relationship with God? Do you want to gain a better foundation and understanding of the Word? Then join us as we learn how to grow stronger in the Lord and develop lasting relationships. This is a great class for anyone that is new to Faith Life Church as well. Come join us on a Sunday morning–and then stay for the second church service afterwards!


GOOD HEALTH – THE GOOD LIFE What does it mean to have good health? How can good health lead to a good life? Join us each week as we learn what good health means and cover topics like God’s design in you, vitamins and minerals, the real cause of disease, the value of exercise, proper body mechanics, the effect of balance on the body systems, and more!




SHARE JESUS WITHOUT FEAR Many Christians have the opportunity to share the Gospel, but don’t. Why? Is it the fear of rejection, or do they just not know what to say? This new class will help ease your fears and give you the confidence you need as you partner with the Holy Spirit to share Jesus with anyone, anywhere! Day/Time: Thursdays at 7:00pm Location: The Now Center Contact: Del and Kay Wilhelm at (614) 939-1605 or Childcare: None provided

THE ART OF PRAYER What does a consistent prayer life look like? How do you know you’re praying effectively? Join us for this important study and get the answers you’re looking for. We’ll cover relevant scriptures and learn about the different types of prayer, the principles that govern each type of prayer, how to establish a life of prayer, and how to pray effectively. Day/Time: Wednesdays at 7:15pm for seven weeks Location: The Now Center Contact: Nancy Kopaczewski at (614) 933-9427 or Childcare: None provided Requirements: Read The Art of Prayer by Kenneth Hagin

“I’m really looking forward to doing a study on The Power of a Praying Wife. Any woman experiencing marital difficulties, or wanting to prevent them, should make sure she gets to this group!” THE POWER OF A PRAYING WIFE Whether you’re a wife looking for restoration, renewal, or growth in your marriage, this class is for you! Come learn the power tools to guide your prayer life, get encouraged, and transform your mind.

SPIRIT, SOUL AND BODY Do you know who you are and what you possess spiritually in Christ? Join us as we renew our minds to spiritual realities and build a biblical foundation for understanding our born-again spirits from New Testament teachings. Day/Time: Tuesdays at 7:30pm Location: The Laparo Home, 6600 Darling Road, Blacklick, OH 43004 Contact: (740) 933-0800 or

Day/Time: Every other Thursday at 7:00pm beginning September 22 Location: The Now Center Contact: Tasha McKinney at (740) 392-3392 or Childcare: Provided Requirements: Read Stormie Omartian’s The Power of a Praying Wife

“I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard someone say that a sickness was God’s will for their life. I honestly didn’t know what the Bible had to say about that until I went to The How to Heal the Sick LifeGroup. Now, I know the truth about healing directly from the Word of God.”



MEALS FOR MOMS You can help bless families when they welcome their new arrivals by taking them a meal. You don’t have to be a gourmet chef! A simple meal is a huge blessing to these families. If you are willing to provide meals, or are expecting a baby and would like meals provided, please contact us! Day/Time: Throughout the year as needed Contact: Wendy Kirk at (614) 562-6586 or   WELCOME HOME  Join our group for veterans and their families. Come fellowship and share in the unique bond between men and women who serve and have served our country. Let us join together in fun, fellowship, and our desire to help others. 

COFFEE TALK FOR MOMS Join other moms for a time of conversation, prayer, encouragement, and laughs as experienced moms sharing what God has taught them as wives and mothers. Day/Time: Every other Thursday at 10:00am beginning September 15 Location: The Now Center Contact: Wendy Kirk at (614) 562-6586 or Childcare: Provided. MARRIAGE ON THE ROCK “To have and to hold from this day forward…” If you desire to grow and learn in your marriage, we’re here to help. Come grow spiritually and emotionally as you learn the secrets of a solid marriage from couples that have been tested and tried through the fires of life. Day/Time: Wednesdays from 7:30pm-9:00pm Location: The Now Center Contact: Bob and Janet Vanhoose at (740) 919-0346 or Childcare: Provided. Requirements: Read Marriage on the Rock Workbook – available in the bookstore

Day/Time: 4th Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m. Location: Tim Horton’s/Wendy’s in New Albany Contact: Doug and Sue Kirk at (614) 933-8991 or  Childcare: None provided.

“Every marriage can use strengthening on some level, or in some area. The Marriage On The Rock LifeGroup gives powerful, tested marriage advice to do just that.”



ALTAR MINISTRY TEAM Use uplifting words to minister the power of God to those who respond to God’s voice for new birth, re-dedication, baptism in the Holy Spirit, healing, personal one-on-one prayer requests, and other needs. We’re always looking for people who have a passion for prayer!

CREATIVE ARTS/SERVICE PRODUCTION TEAM Want to be a part of making every event and service top-notch at FLC? Work behind the scenes on lighting, set design, videos, staging, and more to make sure everything is as it should be so people can be ministered to effectively.

Day/Time: Service times Contact: Matt & Kim Kamppi at Requirements: Must be a member of FLC for at least one year. Approval and training also required.

DAY/TIME: Service times and more as needed CONTACT: Amy Freudiger at

CAFÉ LA VIE TEAM Be one of the friendly faces greeting people who are looking for a refreshing cup of coffee, a little jolt of caffeine, or some refreshments. Café la Vie is the perfect place for you if you love interacting with people! DAY/TIME: Before and after service times CONTACT: Tracy Cox at COMMUNICATIONS TEAM (Includes Web, Journalism, & Graphic Design) Do you have skills in journalism, marketing, or social media? Do you love to take photographs? Have you ever dabbled in graphic design, or do you think it would be cool to learn how to develop Web sites or manage content? This team is for you! Come help us share the stories, mission, values and goals of this amazing ministry! Day/Time: Commitment determined by availability Contact: Carisa Russell at


DANCE TEAM Many times the medium of dance is added to illustrate a sermon or enhance a musical number. We are looking to incorporate dance in many different areas, so commitment levels will be determined per performance. DAY/TIME: Varies CONTACT: Alecia Keesee at REQUIREMENTS: Must be at least 18 years old to participate FACILITIES TEAM Do you enjoy staying busy? Here’s an opportunity for you to plug-in by helping to keep The Now Center looking great! If you like the outdoors, we’d love your help with groundskeeping, or help with various indoor tasks like window washing, floor cleaning, and general cleaning. Opportunities are available weekly or monthly. DAY/TIME: Commitment determined by availability CONTACT: Zach Roberts at

GUEST SERVICES TEAM Everyone remembers their first visit to a church—not knowing anyone, or where to go, or what to do—feeling like an outsider. Our Guest Services team desires to change that for all of our first-time visitors and make their first impression, as well as their second and third, the most welcoming experience they have ever received. We want to be that friendly face in the crowd and offer fellowship, gifts, and answers to questions about our church. Use your gift of hospitality to help make our special guests feel at home! DAY/TIME: Once per month before and after service times as well as special events CONTACT: Sharon Sykora at

HOSPITAL VISITATION TEAM If you’re a member of FLC and have the desire and compassion to see God’s people well, then this is the group for you! Travel with us to local hospitals as needs arise, ministering God’s healing Word into people’s lives, and stand with the members of FLC when their health is challenged. We desire to watch the manifested presence of God restore and renew people’s lives! DAY/TIME: On call CONTACT: Matt & Kim Kamppi at Requirements: Training HOSPITALITY TEAM The Hospitality Team serves in various ways—from providing refreshments for the Pastoral staff each week to ministering to guest speakers by arranging gift baskets and personal refreshments. We also assist with special events and seasonal décor throughout the year. DAY/TIME: Volunteer opportunities available weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly–there’s something for every commitment level. CONTACT: Tracy Cox at


DAY/TIME: Once per month before service times as well as special events CONTACT: Sharon Sykora at

“It feels great to hear testimonies from people about how the Faith Life Now teachings or products have helped change their lives, and to know I had a part in that because of my role on the product team.”


GREETER TEAM You never get a second chance to make a first impression. If you have a heart to help make someone’s first impression of FLC memorable, then we need your smiling face. Share the joy of welcoming every guest, visitor, and church family member into each service.

MEDIA TEAM Media surrounds our lives and at FLC we strive to create the most creative and state of-the-art media ministry in the nation. Help with television production, HD video editing, Photoshop, sound editing, set design, lighting design, art direction, etc. Desire and creativity are all that’s required!

“It’s awesome to be getting real world experience in graphic design and helping the ministry touch lives at the same time.”

DAY/TIME: Service times and additional times as needed CONTACT: Amy Freudiger at




MEDICAL MISSIONS/MEDICAL CLINIC TEAM Do you have a heart to serve people? Join us as we begin preparing to open our FLC Medical Clinic to serve people in our community. Whether you have a medical background or not, you can help minister the love and compassion of Jesus through medical care, healing prayer, and touch. Medical professionals, administrative persons, and prayer leaders are especially needed. DAY/TIME: To be announced CONTACT: Sondra Lott at (614) 406-4896 or MOTION CITY TEAM Working in children’s ministry is NOT just babysitting! We prove that in our kid’s church services! We minister to kids ages 6-12 in a setting that is loving and life-changing. We play games and sing, perform skits, tell Bible stories, share memory verses, play, and pray! DAY/TIME: Once or twice a month during service times as well as special services and events CONTACT: Jon Patton at

“I guarantee that once you get involved in Uptown or Motion City, you won’t want to stop. There is nothing greater than knowing that you’re helping to raise up the next generation in Christ.”

MUSIC TEAM Help people connect with God in worship experiences and create an atmosphere for the miraculous through music. There are opportunities to serve in the band, choir, frontline singers, special music productions, and administration. Come use your gifting for the Kingdom. Contact us for more information about tryouts and commitment times. DAY/TIME: Wednesday night practice and weekend services CONTACT: Rusty Yanok at Requirements: Must be a member of FLC and tryout THE NOW PLAYERS PERFORMING ARTS TEAM Come join us for a great opportunity to mentor, learn, and minister to others through the medium of drama. With new productions being offered often, you can choose the dramas you would like to participate in. We can’t wait to get you acting! Day/Time: To be announced Contact: PRAYER LINE TEAM Would you like to make a nationwide impact? We’re looking for team members to join us as we minister to callers from around the nation as a result of our scheduled television broadcasts and web presence. Training will be provided. DAY/TIME: Varies CONTACT: Tracy Cox at

RED INK BOOKSTORE TEAM Serve in the focal point of our church! Open before and after each service, the Red Ink Bookstore provides a fresh and exciting selection of books, Bibles, music, and service CDs that minister to the whole family. DAY/TIME: Saturdays and Sundays before and after services, as well as assistance with administrative tasks when necessary CONTACT: Heather Roberts at ROOM-BY-ROOM CRAFTSMANSHIP TEAM Are you a natural handyman? If so, the Craftsmanship Team may be just the place for you. This team is dedicated to keeping The Now Center looking and operating at its very best, room by room. Grab your tools and join us for fellowship while we build and maintain the house of God. DAY/TIME: As needed CONTACT: Tim Murphy at SET DESIGN TEAM Do you have a passion for interior design? Do you have an eye for scale and color? Do you love to literally “set the stage” for services, productions, and performances? Then this team is for you! Experience is welcomed, but not required.

DAY/TIME: Service times and other activities or events CONTACT: Rusty Yanok at UPTOWN PRESCHOOL TEAM Do you have a heart for children and a passion to see them grow in the things of God? Join our team! DAY/TIME: Once or twice a month during service times as well as special events or services CONTACT: Sarah Traylor at USHER TEAM Do you think being an usher is just a matter of meet/greet/seat? Well, think again! Before, during, and after service, the Spirit of God moves on the congregation, and our position is to be there to ensure the Spirit moves freely. We do this by protecting the anointing around Pastor, addressing distractions, assisting members, maintaining security and serving leadership. If you are a person of integrity and feel led to step into one of our usher positions, we encourage you to get involved.


DAY/TIME: Varies CONTACT: Heather Jenkins at

SOUND TEAM Help set the tone for our Praise & Worship team to minister, help protect the anointing on Pastor as he delivers God’s Word clearly, and ensure that the message can go forth uninhibited. If you have a love of music and a gifted ear for mixing, then this is the place for you. Experience is welcomed but not required.


PRODUCT TEAM (Includes Message Makers and Product Table Team) These Teams are essential to the ministry of Faith Life Now. If you think you might enjoy duplicating or assembling media or product packages, assisting with large-scale mailings, setting up and selling product during special services, conferences, or events, or helping customers with their purchases, we’d love to have you!

DAY/TIME: Service times as well as special events and services CONTACT: Dave Pribonic at

Day/Time: As needed Contact: Tabitha Keesee at



GETTING TO KNOW YOU RECEPTION September 10, October 8, and November 19 All newcomers to Faith Life Church are welcome to attend this reception following service. Come fellowship with our leadership, elders, and staff, and hear the vision of FLC directly from the hearts of Pastors Gary and Drenda Keesee. Childcare is provided. Please RSVP at or (740) 964-7400

M5 GROWTH TRACK October 15 from 2:30pm-5:30pm Learn more about Faith Life Church membership, personal ministry, spiritual maturity, mission, and multiplication through M5, our essential mentorship and growth track. Childcare is provided. Please RSVP to or (740) 964-7400. HARVEST CARNIVAL October 28 for more information contact, Sarah Traylor at


Watch for details about NEW YEAR’S EVE NOW December 31



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