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YOU Can Make an


8 Quick Facts About Impact Teams 1.


Impact Teams work together to help make FLC and FLN effective for God.


Impact Teams are a great opportunity for you to get plugged in and use your unique giftings and talents.




Impact Teams help you connect, share an interest, develop friendships, and have fun.

Impact Teams are very diverse. You can try as few or as many as you would like!


What do you think you might like to try?

You can do a “First Serve!” You can try an area you have an interest in with no obligation to stay there.

By being a part of an Impact Team, you help make an impact on the lives of others. You should read through the whole list of Impact Teams before deciding where you might want to get involved.

You can be a part of more than one Impact Team!


There’s no need to wait to get involved! Contact the team now to start making an impact!

Impact Teams are important at FLC. Like LifeGroups, Impact Teams allow you to connect, share an interest, develop friendships, support one another, and have fun. But Impact Teams are also more than that.

Second, by getting involved with one of these teams, no matter how small the role might seem, you help make an impact on the lives of others.

Sure, making the commitment to one of These teams are how we function. They these teams will require that you set aside work together to make Faith Life Church time in your busy schedule. Sometimes it and Faith Life Now effective in helping will require that you look beyond your to-do people take the next step in their journey list, your calendar, and your laundry. But by toward and with God. doing so, you’ll help share God’s love with others. You’ll meet the needs of people at We call them Impact Teams for a reason. FLC, in our community, and in the world. First, they impact YOU by helping you You’ll not only help impact lives, you’ll help discover God’s plan and purpose for your change lives. life. Impact Teams are your opportunity to get plugged in and use your unique giftings and talents in the best way possible—to further the Kingdom of God.

IN THIS ISSUE Communications


Connections 6 Creative Arts & Service Production 9-10 Faith Life Now


FLC Operations 12 Spiritual Care


Student Ministries




COPYWRITER Do you love to write? Join our team and share the stories, mission, values, and testimonies of this amazing ministry in text through print, Web, and other mediums. Day/Time: Varies Requirements: Ability to write communication materials for print, Web, and other mediums that engage, inspire and inform readers. MUST be able to spell, and use grammar and punctuation properly. Initiative to seek out stories about what God is doing in and through Faith Life Ministries. Contact: EDITOR Do you catch spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes in almost everything you read? Do you have a slight obsession with reducing wordiness or improving content? Do you know how to use a style manual? Then this team is for you! Come help us share the stories, mission, values and goals of this amazing ministry clearly and effectively! Day/Time: Varies Requirements: Ability to proof communication materials (print, Web, media, etc.) as needed for grammar, spelling, punctuation, and typos to help engage, inspire and inform readers. Desire to serve as a secret shopper, testing verbiage, pages, sites, etc. to find anything that is broken, clunky, or cluttered. Contact:


GRAPHIC DESIGN SPECIALIST Do you have an “eye for design�? Are you detail-oriented? Do you know what the acronym C.R.A.P. stands for in design? Join our team and find out as we create visually appealing designs that will touch, move, and inspire those who look at them. Day/Time: Varies Requirements: Knowledge of design elements such as color and composition. Effective communicator. Working knowledge of Photoshop, Illustrator, and/or InDesign. Internet and email access. Contact: PHOTOGRAPHER At FLC, we love to share the stories, mission, values and goals of the ministry through photographs! Join this team and help capture images for use in print, Web, and other mediums. Day/Time: Varies Requirements: Background check. Must have a camera and way to provide photos to leader. Contact:




Communications PRESS/PUBLIC RELATIONS COORDINATOR Do you find yourself telling strangers about what’s going on at FLC? Are you an excellent communicator? We’d love to have you on our team! Help share all ministry events, conferences, and activities with the community and the press through online community calendars, local media, etc. Day/Time: Varies Requirements: Ability to write press releases and other communication materials. Internet and email access. Contact: SOCIAL MEDIA SPECIALIST Do you love Facebook and Twitter? Have an interest in Pinterest? Adore Instagram? If you’re an excellent communicator, then this team is for you! Help us share the messages of Faith Life with the world! Day/Time: Varies Requirements: Understanding of social media platforms, Internet and email access Contact:

“I signed up for something that I knew would stretch me, and I was encouraged by my teammates. They worked with me to accomplish things I never knew I could!”

WEB CONTENT COORDINATOR Do you have an interest or passion in Web? Do you have a good understanding of the principles of Web design and usability? We’d love to have you on our team! Help keep the content and images updated and fresh on our ministry websites by suggesting new images, graphics, content, navigation changes, etc. Assist the team in fixing anything that is broken, clunky, or cluttered on our sites! Day/Time: Varies Requirements: Solid understanding of the principles of Web design and usability, Internet and email access Contact:





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Connections CAFÉ LA VIE TEAM The Café is growing and we’d love to have your friendly face helping to greet people who are looking for a refreshing cup of coffee or some refreshments. Café la Vie is the perfect place for you if you love interacting with people! DAY/TIME: Before and after service times CONTACT: GREETER TEAM You never get a second chance to make a first impression and we want everyone’s first impression of FLC to be the best! If you have a heart to help make someone’s first impression of FLC favorable and memorable, then we need your smiling face. Share the joy of welcoming every guest, visitor, and church family member into each service.

HOSPITALITY TEAM Join this fun, busy team and help provide refreshments for the pastoral staff each week, minister to guest speakers by arranging gift baskets and personal refreshments, assist with special events and seasonal décor throughout the year!

DAY/TIME: Before service times as well as special events CONTACT:

DAY/TIME: Volunteer opportunities available weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly – there’s something for every commitment level. CONTACT:

GUEST SERVICES TEAM Do you remember your first visit to a church? Did you know anyone? Did you know where to go or what to do? Did you feel like an outsider? Our Guest Services team wants to make sure that all of our first-time visitors feel welcome and loved on. We want to be that friendly face in the crowd and offer fellowship, answers to questions about our church, and gifts! Use your gift of hospitality to help make all our special guests feel at home!

USHER TEAM There is more to being an usher than just meeting, greeting, and seating! Join our team and be there to help make sure the Spirit of God can move freely. If you are a person of integrity we encourage you to get involved in this position designed to protect the anointing around Pastor, address distractions, assist members, maintain security, and serve leadership.

DAY/TIME: Before and after service times as well as special events CONTACT:

DAY/TIME: Service times as well as special events and services CONTACT:



For babies under one- year old. Made up of a dedicated, trained team. A safe, loving, baby -friendly environment.

Participate in adult services with complete confidence that your baby is being well taken care of!


For kids ages 1-5. Made up of an energetic team who have hearts for children and for sharing the love of God. A fun, safe environment. Jam -packed with exciting, age-appropriate songs, stories, games, and hands-on projects. All about teaching Jesus and the Word of God. For more information, email



Made up of an enthusiastic team who loves to teach kids how much Jesus loves them. Amazing live stage productions. Very cool lighting and music. Designed specifically to help teach your child incredible lessons from God’s Word.

For more information, email


Creative Arts & Service Production “Knowing the opportunities we have to reach millions with our media ministry makes me want to do everything I can to help us get there!” DANCE TEAM The medium of dance is extremely useful when added to illustrate a sermon or enhance a musical number. We are looking to incorporate dance in many different areas, so commitment levels will be determined per performance. DAY/TIME: Varies CONTACT: REQUIREMENTS: Must be at least 18 years old to participate. MEDIA ARTS TEAM Media surrounds our lives and at FLC we strive to create the most creative and state-of-the-art media ministry in the nation. We’d love to have your help with television production, HD video editing, Photoshop, sound editing, set design, lighting design, art direction, etc. Desire and creativity are all that’s required! DAY/TIME: Service times and additional times as needed CONTACT:

PERFORMING ARTS TEAM Come join us for a great opportunity to mentor, learn, and minister to others through the medium of drama. DAY/TIME: Once per month before service times as well as special events CONTACT: SERVICE PRODUCTION TEAM Want to be a part of making every service and event at FLC top-notch? Work behind the scenes on lighting, set design, videos, staging, and more to make sure everything is as it should be so people can be ministered to effectively. DAY/TIME: Service times and more as needed CONTACT:

Creative Arts & Service Production SET DESIGN TEAM Do you have a passion for interior design? Do you have an eye for scale and color? Would you love to literally “set the stage” for services, productions, and performances? Then this team is for you! Experience is welcomed, but not required. DAY/TIME: As needed CONTACT:

WORSHIP TEAM Help people connect with God in worship experiences and create an atmosphere for the miraculous through music through opportunities in our band, choir, frontline singers, special music productions, and administration. Come use your gifting for the Kingdom. Contact us for more information about tryouts and commitment times.

DAY/TIME: Wednesday night practice and SOUND TEAM weekend services Do you have a love of music and a gifted CONTACT: ear for mixing? Come help literally set the REQUIREMENTS: Must be a member of FLC tone for our Praise & Worship team to minister, and tryout help protect the anointing on Pastor as he delivers God’s Word clearly, and ensure that the message can go forth uninhibited. Experience is welcomed but not required. DAY/TIME: Service times and other activities or events CONTACT:

Faith Life Now PRAYER LINE TEAM Make a nationwide impact by joining our team to minister to callers from around the nation as a result of our scheduled television broadcasts and web presence. Training will be provided. DAY/TIME: Varies CONTACT: REQUIREMENTS: Training

“No matter how small you might think the role is, when you’re serving on an Impact Team you’re making a difference for the ministry, which means you’re making a difference in someone’s life.” PRODUCT TEAM Come help duplicate, assemble media and product packages, assist with mailings, set up and sell product during special services, conferences, or events, and help customers with their purchases. We’d love to have you! DAY/TIME: Varies CONTACT:

Spiritual Care ALTAR MINISTRY TEAM Do you have a passion for prayer? Then, join our team and help use uplifting words to minister the power of God to those who respond to God’s voice for new birth, re-dedication, baptism in the Holy Spirit, healing, personal one-on-one prayer requests, and other needs. DAY/TIME: Service times CONTACT: REQUIREMENTS: Must be a member of FLC for at least one year. Approval and training also required.


SAMARITAN MEALS TEAM Be the hands and feet of Jesus for someone who has experienced illness, a death in the family, or just needs a little help by providing a home-cooked meal. DAY/TIME: As needed CONTACT:

FLC Operations DÉCOR TEAM Join our team and help make The Now Center even more beautiful for services, conferences, events, and special occasions! DAY/TIME: Before and after service times CONTACT: FACILITIES TEAM Help keep The Now Center looking great! If you like the outdoors, we’d love your help with grounds keeping, or help with various indoor tasks like maintenance and general cleaning. Opportunities are available weekly or monthly.

RED INK BOOKSTORE TEAM Join our team and help people who are hungry for the words find the tools they need to transform their lives or help share the gospel and make disciples. Open before and after each service, the Red Ink Bookstore provides a fresh and exciting selection of books, Bibles, music, and service CDs that minister to the whole family. DAY/TIME: Saturdays and Sundays before and after services, as well as assistance with administrative tasks when necessary CONTACT:

DAY/TIME: Commitment determined by availability CONTACT:

Spiritual Care TRANSPORTATION TEAM Do you like to drive? Are you a good, qualified driver? Join our team and help reach others by delivering meals, driving special guests, assisting those who can’t drive themselves to weekend services, etc. DAY/TIME: As needed CONTACT:


Fun evEntS Good convErsaTion Closer FriendShiPs EveRy OthEr MondAy aT 7:0Opm Like us on Facebook to stay in the know. or email

Student Ministries COLLABORATION TEAM Get involved behind-the-scenes with the planning and prep for this group for young adults ages 20-30. Help plan fun events and community outreaches, and inspire good conversation, closer friendships, and a closer relationship with God. DAY/TIME: Varies CONTACT: MOTION CITY TEAM Working in children’s ministry is NOT baby sitting and we prove that in our kid’s church services! Join us and minister to kids ages 6-12 in a setting that is loving and life-changing. We play games and sing, perform skits, tell Bible stories, share memory verses, play, and pray!

“Help make an impact for God in a kid’s life through Children’s Ministry, and you can change a family. Change a family and you can change a community. Change a community and you can change the world.” UPTOWN CHILDREN’S MINISTRY TEAM Do you have a heart for children and a passion to see them grow in the things of God? Join our team and watch God move in the lives of the little ones! DAY/TIME: Once or twice a month during service times as well as special events or services CONTACT: REQUIREMENTS: Background check

DAY/TIME: Once or twice a month during service times as well as special services and events CONTACT: REQUIREMENTS: Background check

XM TEENS & TWENTIES TEAM Bring your own flavor and style and impact a generation by joining the XM Teens & Twenties Team! There are plenty of opportunities to get involved. Help with production, hospitality, guest services, drama, music, and more! Get plugged in! DAY/TIME: Service times as well as special events, services, etc. CONTACT:


Faith Life Church Impact Team Opportunities  

A catalog of the many opportunities to serve at Faith Life Church in 2012