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Melissa Houston 3:02 AM (14 hours ago) Happy Halloween (early), REMINDER: Sunday, October 20, worship is a combined service at 10:00 am. Also, Sunday School is at 9:00 am. For more information, read the cover of the Church Scroll. Following the 10:00 am worship, there will be a special Coffee Hour so we can meet Michelle Gorman, our new Director of Ministry Involvement. Attached is the Church Scroll. "If I speak in the tongues of mortals and of angels, but do not have love, I am a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal. And if I have prophetic powers, and understand all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have all faith, so as to remove mountains, but do not have love, I am nothing. Love is patient; love is kind; love is not envious or boastful or arrogant or rude. It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; it does not rejoice in wrongdoing, but rejoices in the truth. It bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things." I Corinthians 13:1-2, 4-7 Take care, Mel 万圣节快乐(提前) 提醒:10 月 20 日敬拜是合一起 10:00am。还有 9:00am 是主日学。更多消息,读教堂书卷 的封面。10:00am 的敬拜接下来有一个特别的咖啡时间,我们能见到米切尔哥曼,我们 的新的牧养参与指导。 附上教堂书卷。 “我若能说万人的方言,并天使的话语,却没有爱,我就成了鸣的锣、响的钹一般。我 若有先知讲道之能,也明白各样的奥秘、各样的知识,而且有全备的信,叫我能够移山, 却没有爱,我就算不得什么。 爱是恒久忍耐,又有恩慈;爱是不嫉妒,爱是不自夸,不张狂,不做害羞的事,不求自 己的益处,不轻易发怒,不计算人的恶,不喜欢不义,只喜欢真理;凡事包容,凡事相 信,凡事盼望,凡事忍耐。”哥林多前书 13:1-2,4-7 保重 美丽

The Church Scroll The First Christian Church ~ Disciples of Christ ~ Salem, Oregon Church Services ~ 8:30 am, 9:30 am & 11:00 am ~ Sunday School ~ 9:45 & 11:00 am Volume 71 #20

“Reaching Up and Reaching Out”

October 17, 2013

World Communion Sunday October 20 9:00 am Sunday School We are inviting all Sunday School classes to join in a combined Sunday School in the Fellowship Hall. As usual, no class is required to meet in the Fellowship Hall but we hope you do. Come prepared to discuss your experience with Communion over the years.

10:00 am Combined Worship What’s Inside

Come and celebrate the Lord’s Supper with a beautiful array of breads from around the world. Following the 10:00 am service, we will share in the fellowship of tasting the breads in the Chapel and Parlor and welcoming our new Director of Ministry Involvement, Michelle Gorman, during Coffee Hour.

Pastor’s Message pg. 2 Fall Bible Schedule pg. 2 Rummage Sale pg. 2

Intergenerational Harvest Festival Wednesday, October 30 6:00-7:30 pm, Fellowship Hall

Celebrating our Church Family pg. 3 Calendar pg. 4 Children’s Message pg. 5 Bible Study pg. 5 Mission Trips pg. 6 Housekeeping pg. 7

Fun! Food! Fellowship! Music! Games! Food! Chili and Soup Cook-off. Volunteers needed. Cooks needed. Desserts needed for the dessert walk. Contact Laurie Dyer at the church office, 503-363-9273.

教堂书卷 第一基督教堂~基督使徒~俄勒冈州撒冷 教堂服侍~8:30am,9:30am&11:00am~主日学~9:45am&11:00am

71 卷 20 期


2013 年 10 月 17 日

世界交流礼拜天 10 月 20 日 9:00am 主日学 我们邀请所有的主日学班在友谊大厅参加合一起的主日学。 通常,没有要求一个主日学班在友谊大厅相聚,但我们希望你 们这样做。来准备在圣餐的时候讨论过去多年你的经历。

10:00am 合一起敬拜 来与来自世界各地美丽面包阵来庆祝最后的晚餐。接着 10:00am


的服侍,我们将在礼拜堂和会客室分享品尝面包的友谊,并且 在咖啡时间欢迎我们新的牧养参与指导米切尔·哥曼。

牧师的消息 pg.2 秋季查经日程 pg.2 搜罗销售 pg.2 庆祝我们 教堂大家庭 pg.3 日历 pg.4 孩子们的消息 pg.5 研经 pg.5 布道旅行 pg.6 家务 pg.7


Bites of Bread from Bob Upon the passing of my father I have been overwhelmed by your expressions of love and caring. The cards, the hugs, the caring words have meant so much. Thirty-one of you were even able to make it to my Dad's memorial in Prineville. For those who were not able to attend, it was a beautiful tribute to the man I was honored to call "Dad." I used to sing a song with my boys called, "Seeing My Father In Me." One of the lines in the songs reads, "I notice I walk the way he walks. I notice I talk the way he talks. I'm starting to see my father in me." I remember the day I came up to the sliding glass door at our house and thought I saw my dad, only to realize it was my own reflection. In the loving care that you have shown to me and my family, I see the reflection of our Heavenly Father in you. Thank you so much. God Bless, Pastor Bob

Fall Bible Reading and Sermon Schedule October 20 - I Corinthians 11:17-34 - Communion 10:00 am Combined Worship with 9:00 am Sunday School October 27 - I Corinthians 12 - Spiritual Gifts November 3 - I Corinthians 13 - The Love Chapter November 10 - I Corinthians 14:26-40 - Worship November 17 - I Corinthians 15-16 - Resurrection

GriefShare: Surviving the Holidays Tuesday, October 22 12:00 pm, Fellowship Hall A potluck lunch will be provided and the video will begin at 12:45 pm. The holidays can be a difficult time following the loss of a loved one. The “Surviving the Holidays” video offers some great suggestions for helping one cope during the holiday season.



November 8 and 9 9:00 am - 3:00 pm Good job to all who have brought their rummage donations to the Fellowship Hall. If you have not gathered up your donations, your time is running short. Donations can be made until November 4. Hold large items (furniture, etc.) until November 3. Christian Women's Fellowship (CWF) will also be selling food both days, so bring your appetite. Do not donate the following: • Broken/soiled items • Computers & all computer components • Televisions • Electronics over 4 years old • Wire clothes hangers • Exercise machines • Golf clubs and bags • Snow skis • Glass jars (non-canning) • Books (Hold them for the CWF Book Sale) If you can help sort rummage, we sort Mondays and Thursdays from 9:00 am-12:00 pm. CWF appreciates your support of this fundraising event. Proceeds go to missions and projects. Question can be directed to: Lois Kinkaid- 503-362-6594, Rosealee Clemens- 503-393-4366, rosealeeclemens@

20 期


鲍勃灵修分享 我父亲去世期间,我被你的爱的表达和关心 包围。卡片、拥抱、关心的话语意义这么多。 你们中的 31 个人甚至把这些送给我爸在普瑞 尼威勒的追思会。对于这些不能前往参加的人, 这归给我有荣耀称作“阿爸”的美丽。 我常常和我的男孩们唱歌叫“看我父在我里面”。 歌中有一行写道:“我注意到我走在他走的路 上。我注意到我用他谈话的方法在谈话。我开 始明白我父亲在我里面。”我记得那天朝我房子





间不多了。奉献持续到 11 月 4 日。把大东西


(家具等)留到 11 月 3 日。






不要奉献如下东西: • 破/毁损的东西


• 计算机&所有的计算机部件


• 电视

10 月 20 日—哥林多前书 11:17-34 –圣餐

• 电子产品超过 4 年

10:00am 联同 9:00am 主日学合一起敬拜

• 凉衣架

10 月 27 日—哥林多前书 12--灵里的恩赐

• 练习机

11 月 3 日—哥林多前书 13—爱的篇章


11 月 10 日—哥林多前书 14:26-40—敬拜

• 滑雪器械

11 月 17 日—哥林多前书 15-16—复活

• 玻璃瓶装酱(不是罐头的) • 书(保存到 CWF 书籍销售)



10 月 22 日星期二

期四从 9:00am—12:00pm。


CWF 欣赏你对这募捐活动的支持。所得款项

将提供一份家常午餐,录像将在 12:45pm 开





罗斯·金凯德 503-362-6594,


罗莎丽·克莱门斯 503-393-4366,




Celebrating our Church Family Birthdays October Joyce Frame Austin Gish Ashton Kenady Russ Colgan Anny Krummel Alex Rux Karen Salter Mary Weathers Mike Stebbins Erin Towery Murray McNeil Donna Rennick Pete Larson

20 20 21 22 22 23 23 25 27 27 28 28 29

October Dolores Blust Deloris Briggs Christine Sinibaldi

Prayers For Bob Adams, bladder surgery on October 21 Michael Russello, heart problem 31 31 31


November 9 Emmett Johnson Laura Rolen Elton Brutscher Brad Hirsch Garrett Schippers Peggy Musgrave Kayla Strehlow Dena Strehlow Jordan Strehlow Chuck Austin

The Personnel Committee as they search for a Youth Director.

1 1 3 3 4 6 6 8 8 9

Would you like to become a Coffee Barista? We have openings and will train you to work the Holy Grounds Coffee Cart. Please contact Beth Manzo, Ferol Weyand or Allison in the church office for details!

Flower Calendar The 2013 Flower Calendar is on the bulletin board by the staff offices. Please consider sharing your memories and celebrations with your church family through flowers. Thank you.

Scheduling Church Equipment To schedule the use of equipment for Sunday School classes, events or meetings, please call the church during the week, 503-363-9273. Thank you.

Donna Gilmour died on October 11. Our prayers and sympathies go out to her husband, Gayle, and the rest of her family. Services are pending.

Thank You To My Church Family, I wish to thank everyone for their prayers, cards and phone calls concerning my son Brett’s surgery. He is doing well and anxious to get back to work. Thanks again, Cathy Austin A Special Thanks As Snoopy would say, “It was a dark and stormy night” when Pastor Bob drove the church bus to the Just For Fun Singers’ concert at the Oregon Christian Conference in Turner. Some of us could not have gone had he not made the transportation available. What we did not know was, just before we left, Bob received word that his father had unexpectedly passed away. None of us was aware he was carrying around such sad news. Thanks to Pastor Bob, and Julie, for taking such good care of this congregation. Bobbi Trott I wish to thank everyone for their cards and prayers for my family for the losses we had in the last few months. This church family has been a wonderful blessing for me ever since I started coming to FCC. God bless you all. Love, Norma Loquvam

20 期


庆祝我们的教堂大家庭 生日


10 月

10 月

鲍勃·亚当斯,10 月 21 日膀胱手术

乔伊斯·福瑞姆 20

多瑞斯·布拉斯特 31



戴罗瑞斯·布瑞格斯 31


阿斯顿·肯纳迪 21




11 月

当那·吉默 10 月 11 日去世。我们的祈祷

安尼·克鲁梅尔 22

艾米特·约翰森 1


阿里克赛·如克斯 23





艾顿·布鲁斯策 3






20 22


1 3

迈克·斯坦宾斯 27

嘎瑞特·斯驰普斯 4



佩吉·马斯格瑞夫 6


墨瑞·麦克奈尔 28

卡拉·斯垂豪楼 6



迪那·斯垂豪楼 8









27 28 29












2013 年花的日历由教堂工作人员写在公告













到第一基督教堂,这个教堂大家庭就为 我精彩祝福。 爱每一个人的卡片和祈祷 诺马·卢库瓦姆



Mark Your Calendars CWF Business Meeting

Prayer Gathering

CWF Group Meetings

Thursday, October 17 10:00 pm, Parlor

Tuesdays, October 22, 29, Nov. 5 6:45 pm, Chapel

Book Club

Friendship Sewing Circle

Thursday, October 17 1:00 pm, Library

Wednesday, October 23 9:00 am, Accordion Rm

Craft Day

Alzheimer's Spiritually Speaking Group

Wednesday, November 6 • J. Wilson– 10:00 am, Parlor Hostesses: Dee Mackaman, Sally Austin • Mary-Martha– 1:00 pm, Parlor Hostess: Sheila Mathieson • Rosa Dots- 6:30 pm, Parlor • Priscillas– 6:30 pm, Fellowship Hall

Saturday, October 19 10:00 am-5:00 pm Fellowship Hall Plenty of tables for all crafters… including quilters. The fellowship is awesome and there is always laughter. Come and create!

Observing World Communion Sunday

Thursday, October 24 1:00 pm, Chapel

Board Budget Workshop Sunday, October 27 12:30 pm, Fellowship Hall

Harvest Festival

Rummage Sale Friday-Saturday, November 8-9 9:00 am-3:00 pm, Fellowship Hall See page 2 for more details.

Congregational Meetings All Services Sunday, November 10

October 20 9:00 am Sunday School 10:00 am Combined Worship

Wednesday, October 30 6:00 pm, Fellowship Hall See the cover and page 5 for more details.

Welcome Reception for Michelle Gorman

Happy Halloween!

Prayer Shawl Ministry

Sunday, October 20 12:00 pm, Chapel Come welcome our new Director of Ministry Involvement.

Thursday, October 31

Wednesday, November 13 1:00 pm, Parlor

Kids & Youth Pumpkin Patch Activity Sunday, October 20 12:15 pm, Fellowship Hall

Looking Ahead Daylight Savings Time Ends!

GriefShare: Surviving the Holidays Tuesday, October 22 12:45 pm, Fellowship Hall

Monday, November 11 In observance of Veterans Day

Pinochle Wednesday, November 13 6:30 pm, Chapel

Sunday, November 3 Remember to turn your clocks back on Saturday night. See you Sunday morning.

Rebuilders’ Potluck Lunch Tuesday, October 22 12:00 pm, Fellowship Hall This is a support group for any and all who are rebuilding from any life experiences.

Church Office Closed

Board Meeting Sunday, November 3 12:30 pm, Fellowship Hall

Scroll Submissions All items need to be 100 words or fewer and due no later than Monday at 10:00 am– Nov. 4 Email to- or drop off in Melissa’s box.

Marriage Encounter Event November 15 - 17 Marriage Encounter is an intense weekend of working on marriage communication. If you would like more information, contact Bruce & Judy Gilbertson (503) 390-1292 or Pastor Bob & Julie Hanna.

20 期


标记你的日历 基督教妇女友谊会                    祈祷聚会                                   基督教妇女友谊会 CWF 事务会议                           10 月 22 日、29 日 11 月 5 日      CWF 会议

10 月 17 日星期四                        星期二                                       11 月 6 日星期三 10:00pm,会客室                          6:45pm,礼拜堂                         • J.威尔森—10:00am 图书俱乐部                                友谊缝制圈                               会客室 10 月 17 日星期四                       10 月 23 日星期三                         女主人:蒂∙马卡曼, 1:00pm,图书馆                            9:00am,风琴状房间                     沙莉∙奥斯汀 手工日                                       阿兹默灵里讲话组                  • 玛丽亚­马大— 10 月 19 日星期六                       10 月 24 日星期四                         1:00pm 会客室 10:00am—5:00pm                      1:00pm,礼拜堂                            女主人:西拉∙马舍森 友谊大厅                                     委员会预算研讨会                 • 罗莎∙多驰—6:30pm 充足的桌子为所有手工者...        10 月 27 日礼拜天                          会客室 包括拼布。友谊是令人敬畏        12:30pm,友谊大厅                     • 百基拉—6:30pm 的,总是有笑,来创造!            收获节                                          友谊大厅 遵守世界交流日                       10 月 30 日星期三                        搜罗销售 10 月 20 日                                  6:00pm,友谊大厅                        星期五­­星期六 9:00am 主日学                            详情见封面和第 5 页。                11 月 8­9 日 10:00am 合一起敬拜                   万圣节快乐!                           9:00am­3:00pm 米切尔∙哥曼                               10 月 31 日星期四                        友谊大厅 欢迎招待会                               先睹为快                                   详见第 2 页。 10 月 20 日礼拜天                       夏时制结束                                 会众会议 12:00pm,礼拜堂                         11 月 3 日礼拜天                          所有的服侍 来欢迎我们新的牧养                   记得把你的时钟拨回到                11 月 10 日礼拜天 参与指导。                                 星期六晚上,礼拜天早                 教堂办公室关闭 小孩们&年轻人的南瓜           晨见!                                          遵守退伍军人日 地活动                                        委员会会议                               祈祷披肩组 10 月 20 日星期二                       11 月 3 日礼拜天                          11 月 13 日星期三 12:15pm,友谊大厅                      12:30pm,友谊大厅                      1:00pm 会客室 重建者家常午餐                        书卷投稿                                   皮诺驰 10 月 22 日星期二                       所有的稿件需要 100 字或            11 月 13 日星期三 12:00pm,友谊大厅                     100 字以内,不晚于       11    月             6:30pm,礼拜堂 这是一个支持组,为任何             4    日星期一    10:00am                     婚姻邂逅活动 所有从任何生命经历中重           发 Email 到                                   11 月 15­17 日 建者提供支持。                               婚姻邂逅是一个热烈 悲伤分享:存活假日              或投递到美丽莎邮箱里。             的周末,在婚姻交流 10 月 22 日星期二                                                                           工作。如果你想了解 12:45pm,友谊大厅                                                                          更多信息,联系布鲁                                                                                                        斯&朱迪∙吉伯森                                                                                                        (503)390­1292 或                                                                                                        鲍勃&朱丽∙汉那牧师



Children and Congregation A Little Light from Laurie

Thursday Evening Bible Study

Traditionally, harvest festivals were a time to celebrate the bounty of harvest with neighbors, friends and family. We like the idea of celebrating with neighbors, friends and family so much, we want to have a Harvest Festival here at the church on Wednesday, October 30. Instead of a scary, gory sugar-fest, as Halloween can sometimes turn into, let’s make it a Celebration of Blessings.

The Thursday evening Bible study group is starting a study on the book of Colossians the latter part of October. You are welcome to come and participate. We meet at 6:45pm in the Library.

This church is a family and we have a lot to be thankful for. We have many in our congregation who have made our church what it is today, and we have many who will carry it into the future. What a wonderful time to come together and celebrate our bounty! Jesus is the reason we come together and Jesus is the one we give the glory. Allison Pfaff is graciously blessing us with apples she picked. As we talked about the idea of being a celebration of blessings, she said, “Just like apples, big or small, a blessing is still a blessing!” Thank you, Allison! Won’t you please count your blessings and join us on Wednesday, October 30 from 6:00-7:30 pm for an evening of fun, food and fellowship? Let’s celebrate God’s bounty together. Let’s celebrate each other. Volunteers still needed for: • Activities • Set up and/or clean up • Pots of soup/stew/chili • Desserts The HOME Culinary Group, led by Neva Clausen, will make the cornbread for this event. Thank you HOME. See you all at the festival! Laurie

Beginning in January, we are doing another Beth Moore Bible study. It is a 10-week study on “Believing God: Experiencing a Fresh Explosion of Faith.” This study is based on Isaiah 43:10, which explores what it means not only "to believe in God" but "to believe Him.” Through studying the lives of Abraham, Moses, and others as examples of persons who believed God, Beth encourages us to deepen our own trust in God and receive a fresh word from Him. Please contact Betty Charnholm or Allison Pfaff if you would like to attend. A $15 workbook needs to be ordered for you.

Accepting Tea Cups and Pots To ALL who are "downsizing," "don't use them," "think they take up too much room," or “simply don't like them” (really?), the CWF invites you to DONATE any or all of those pretty china tea cups and saucers you have to our new "Pretty Tea Cups for Pretty Parties!" project. Please, no mugs, plastic, chipped or cracked pieces. Loyst Streeter is building us a very nice tea cup and saucer cabinet for safe and secure storage and we will be able to use them for years to come. Tea pots may also be donated. To donate, please call me at 503-585-8077 and I will arrange to meet you to collect your items. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Anna Russell

20 期


孩子们和会众 来自劳瑞的一点光


传统上,收获的季节是与邻居、朋友和家 人庆祝收获的奖励。我们非常喜欢与邻居、 朋友和家人庆祝的想法,我们这里想 10 月 30 日星期三教堂来一个庆祝的收获节。代 替吓人的、血淋淋的、糖节,这个万圣节 有时可以改变一下,让我们大家把它变成 庆祝蒙福。 这个教堂是一个大家庭,我们有许多要去 感谢。在我们会众中有许多人让教堂成为 今天这样并且我们还有许多要在未来实施。 多么精彩的时光聚在一起庆祝我们的奖励! 耶稣是我们来相聚的理由并且耶稣是我们 荣耀的唯一。 艾里森和蔼地用她摘的苹果祝福我们。当 我们谈到蒙福的祝福的想法时,她说:“就 象苹果,或大或小,一个祝福就是一个祝 福!” 谢谢,艾里森! 难道你不想数算一下你的祝福并来参加我 们在 10 月 30 日的星期三 6:00-7:00pm, 一晚的滑稽、食物和友谊吗?让我们一起 来庆祝神的奖励。让我们来相互庆祝。

星期四晚上的研经组将在 10 月末开始查 歌罗西书。欢迎你来参加。我们 6:45pm 相聚图书馆。 1 月开始,我们打算做另一个白斯·摩 尔研经。这是一个 10 周的研经是关于“相 信神:体验一个新鲜的信仰的探索”。这 个研经是基于以赛亚书 43:10,探索的意 思不仅“去相信神”而且“去信靠他”。通过 学习亚伯拉罕、摩西和其他个人信靠神的 例子,白斯鼓励我们加深对神的信靠并从 他那里收到新鲜的话语。 如果你想参加,请联系贝蒂·查霍姆或艾里 森·帕法夫。需要订$15 的练习本。

接受 茶杯和壶

对于所有“精简”、“不用””认为占空间太 大“、或”简单地不喜欢它们“(真的吗?), 还是需要志愿者 : 基督教妇女友谊会 CWF 请你捐出任何一个 ∙ 活动 或全部这些漂亮的瓷器杯和碟子,给我们新 ∙布置和/或清扫 的”漂亮的茶杯为漂亮的聚会!” 项目。请 ∙汤/炖/辣椒罐 不要马克杯、塑料的、碎片和有裂痕的杯 ∙甜点 子。 家的烹饪组,由尼瓦·克劳森领导。将为这 劳斯特·斯垂特建了一个漂亮的茶杯和碟 次活动制作玉米面包。谢谢家。 子橱,来保证存贮安全,我们能用很多年。 节日里大家再见 茶壶也能奉献。 劳瑞 捐献请给我打电话 503-585-8077。我会 安排接待你,收你的东西。 感谢!感谢!感谢! 安娜·罗素



Things to Know and Do Mission to Mexico 2014 Application Due: November 15, 2013 The mission trip dates are March 20-29, 2014. Contact Pastor Bob for more information.

Tony Campolo Fundraiser October 26 – Get Your Tickets Today! Dr. Tony Campolo will be in town supporting our ministry with Salem Interfaith Hospitality Network! Dr. Campolo, renowned speaker, pastor, author of Red Letter Christians and once a spiritual advisor to former President Clinton, will speak at Our Savior’s Lutheran Church on October 26 at 6:00 pm. Tickets are $5 and you can purchase them from the church office or at Scholarships are available. Please come and be one of the millions Dr. Campolo has challenged all over the world to respond to God’s boundless love by combining personal discipleship, evangelism and social justice. Free will offering will be taken to benefit Salem IHN.

Ecuador Mission 2014 We are in the beginning stages of planning for our mission trip to Ecuador. Mission dates are July 1022, 2014. We will again be working with FEDICE, our global missionary partner in Quito, Ecuador. If you are interested in this, please email Rick Ikeda at or call or text him at 503798-7221.

Christmas Treasures Sale The Tea and Treasures event takes place Saturday, December 7. We would appreciate your contributions to the treasures sale. We will be happy to have your baked goods, preserves, craft items, jewelry, and any other items that are gift quality for adults or kids. Joan Lloyd and Cheryl Clendennen Please contact Joan at 503-585-0811 or

State of Oregon Energy Tax Credits Available The church still has thousands of dollars in Oregon tax credits available. The purchase price would be at a reduced price. It does not have to be purchased in total. Individuals, partnerships or corporations may be eligible to purchase our credits and use them to directly offset Oregon state income taxes. These tax credits are spread over five years and can be used beginning with your income taxes payable for 2013. If you pay quarterly to the state, you could use the credits this year. The purchase amount comes directly to the church. If you are interested in obtaining more information contact Gene Clemens at 503-393-4366 or

Spiritually Speaking Alzheimer’s Support Group Please join us on the fourth Thursday of the month for our Spiritually Speaking Alzheimer’s Dementia Support Group. All of us have been touched by this disease, or will be, within our families, among friends, or within our larger Church family. Come for information and understanding; come for physical, emotional and spiritual support. Come with questions and concerns and leave with answers and tools for Caregiving and supporting our loved-ones affected by Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia. ALL ARE WELCOME!! (Facilitated by Pastor Bob Hanna, Scott Lichtenstein, NTS and Christy Turner, CDP of Golden Lifecare Solutions, a Geriatric Care Management Company.) Recent and ongoing topics of education and discussion have been: • Alzheimer’s 101 • Caregiver, Care for Thyself! • Driving, Financial Protection, and Home Safety for People with Dementia • Estate Planning 101 • Continuing to Experience Moments of Love, Depth and the Sacred with Our Family Member who has Dementia Upcoming date for our next support group meeting: Thursday, October 24, at 1:00 pm in the Chapel.

20 期


知道和做的事 2014 年墨西哥布道

申请截止:2013 年 11 月 5 日 布道旅行的日期是 2014 年 3 月 20-29 日。 更多信息联系鲍勃牧师。


10 月 26 日—现在就买票! 托尼·堪普勒博士将在镇子里与不同信仰款 待网络支持我们的牧养!堪普勒博士是知名 演讲家、牧师、《红字基督徒》的作者并 曾做过前总统克林顿���顾问,将于 10 月 26 日 6:00pm 在我们的救主路德教堂演讲。 票是$5,你可以从教堂办公室购买或在 购买。有奖学金。 请来,成为堪普勒博士成千上万的支持者 中的一员,他通过聚集个人使徒友谊、福 音和社会公平挑战全世界来回应神无尽的 爱。将采用自由奉献,撒冷不同信仰款待 网络 IHN 将受益。


教堂还有上千万美元的税收信用卡。 购买价格是减价的。不必全部购买。 个人、合作伙伴或公司有资格购买直 接抵减收入税。这个税收信用卡可以 延续 5 年,能在 2013 年开始递减你 的收入税收。如果你按季度付款给州, 今年你可以使用信用卡。直接来教堂 购买。如果你有兴趣获得更多信息, 联系简尼·克莱门斯 503-393-4366 或。


茶和珍宝销售在 12 月 7 日星期六举行。我 们欣赏你对珍宝销售的奉献。我们将非常高 兴地接受你烘烤的东西、腌制的、手工的东 西、珠宝和任何为成年人和小孩的礼物的东 西。

请参加到本月的第 4 个星期四我们 的灵里讲话阿兹默老年痴呆支持组。 我们所有的人都被这种疾病触碰到了, 或者将要被触碰到,在我们的家庭中、 朋友中、在我们的教堂大家庭中。来 了解信息和理解这种疾病;来获得身 体上、感情上和灵里的支持。来带着 问题和关心,带着问题和工具离开, 这是由给予关心和支持我们受到阿兹 默或其他老年痴呆症影响的爱人。 欢迎所有的人!!(促进者由鲍勃·汉 那牧师、斯考特·里驰谈斯坦、NTS 和 克瑞斯蒂·特纳 CDP 和金色生命看护 解决--是老年医学看护管理公司。) 最近进行的教育和讨论的主题: ∙阿兹默的 101 ∙ 给予关怀,关心你自己! ∙ 驾驶、财务保护、老年痴呆症家里 的安全


∙财产计划 101

请联系乔 503-585-0811 或者



2014 年厄瓜多尔布道

我们开始去厄瓜多尔布道之旅的计划阶段。 布道的日期是 2014 年 7 月 10-22 日。我们 将再次与 FEDICE 工作,这是我们在厄瓜 多尔奎头的全球牧养伙伴。 如果你有兴趣请发 email 给里克·艾克达 或打电话发短信到 503-798-7221。


神圣地去体验。 即将到来的下一个支持组聚会: 10 月 24 日星期二 1:00pm 在礼拜堂。



Housekeeping October Deacons 8:30 am Service– Judy Dyer, Dutch Sealy 9:30 am Service– Randy & Ruth Schnelle 11:00 am Service– Bob Olson, Justin Bolen, Judy Garrett, Wilbur & Lela Jackson, Mady Jones, Sheila Mathieson, Murray McNeil, Linda Olson, Ethan & Monique Ownby Choir: Earnest Freeman, Barbara Holler

November Deacons 8:30 am Service– Evan & Joan Lloyd, Russ & Tammy Colgan 9:30 am Service– Robin Bigham, Andy Eno 11:00 am Service– Gene Pilcher, Richard Adams, Kathy Boles, Gary & Linda Danielson, Ed Gish, Becky Johnson, Jim Kinkaid, Shirley Pilcher, Joe Resch, Wayne Smith Choir: Dennis & Dena Turner

Serving Sunday, Oct. 20 ELDERS 8:30 & 9:30 am– Ron Nelson 11:00 am– Anna Russell, Loyst Streeter, Kim Reasch, Irene Jones SATURDAY FILL Margaret Cleveland COMMUNION CLEAN UP Judy Brown, Beth Manzo, Ferol Weyand COFFEE HOUR JD & Arty Day HOLY GROUNDS Rebecca Revello, Riane Towery FLOWERS Judy Brown in memory of her brother, Danny

N U M B 3 R S

Serving Sunday, Oct. 27 ELDERS 8:30 & 9:30 am– Craig Johnson 11:00 am– Virginia Krebs, Neva Clausen, Rick Ikeda, Loyst Streeter, Dave Rehbehn

Serving Sunday, Nov. 3 ELDERS 8:30 & 9:30 am– Bud Pierce 11:00 am– Dave Rehbehn, Virginia Krebs, Neva Clausen, Sharron Streeter


SATURDAY FILL Betty Patterson

COMMUNION CLEAN UP Jean Cronemiller, Judy Erickson, Barbara Kuhn, Barb Leisman

COMMUNION CLEAN UP Sally Austin, Karna Bruton, Bruce & Judy Gilbertson

COFFEE HOUR Orin & Karna Bruton, Brad & Audrey Hirsch

COFFEE HOUR Walt & Doris Jackson

HOLY GROUNDS Riane Towery, Gavin Watson

HOLY GROUNDS Beth Manzo, Ferol Weyand FLOWERS Emily and Jessica Snyder in anticipation of the babies’ births to the Beyer and Ranieri families

October 6, 2013

October 13, 2013

GIVING General– $13,910.75 Building– $175

GIVING General– $7183.50 Building– $51

ATTENDANCE 8:30– 37 / 9:30–82 11:00– 186

ATTENDANCE 8:30– 34 / 9:30–70 11:00– 196

Sunday School– 91

Sunday School– 115

20 期



                                                 10 月执事 8:30am 服侍—朱迪∙迪耶,达驰∙西利 9:30am 服侍—让迪&路德∙斯驰奈勒 11:00am 服侍—鲍勃∙奥森,贾斯汀∙伯伦,朱迪∙嘎瑞特,威伯&莱拉∙杰克森,马迪∙琼 斯,西拉∙马舍森,墨瑞∙迈克奈尔,琳达∙奥森,伊山&墨尼克∙奥白 诗歌:厄尼斯特∙福 瑞曼,巴巴拉∙豪勒                                                  11 月执事 8:30am 服侍—伊万&乔恩∙劳斯特,如斯&塔米∙科跟 9:30am 服侍—罗宾∙比格汉姆,安迪∙以诺 11:00am 服侍—简尼∙皮尔驰,理查德∙亚当斯,卡西∙伯伦斯,嘎瑞&琳达∙丹尼尔森,爱 德∙基斯,白克伊∙约翰森,吉姆∙金凯德,舍丽∙皮尔驰,乔∙瑞斯驰,威尼∙史密斯   诗歌: 丹尼斯&迪那∙特纳 10 月 20 日服侍礼拜天           10 月 27 日服侍礼拜天               11 月 3 日服侍礼拜天            长老                                         长老                                              长老 8:30&9:30am—让∙奈尔森      8:30&9:30am—克瑞格∙约翰森   8:30&9:30am­巴德∙皮尔 11:00am—安娜∙罗素,劳斯    11:00am­­弗吉尼亚∙科伯斯,     斯 特∙斯垂特,金∙瑞斯驰,艾      尼瓦∙克劳森,里克∙艾克达,劳   11:00am­­达夫∙瑞宾汉, 瑞尼∙琼斯                                 斯特∙斯垂特,达夫∙瑞宾汉         弗吉尼亚∙科伯斯,尼       星期六填充                                  星期六填充                       瓦∙克劳森,沙荣∙斯垂特 玛格丽特∙克莱夫兰                            米佐德∙威伯                                 星期六填充      圣餐清扫                                      圣餐清扫                                    贝蒂∙帕特森 朱迪∙布朗,白斯∙芒佐,         吉恩∙科罗尼米勒,朱迪∙伊瑞克          圣餐清扫 费罗∙威扬德                            森,巴巴拉∙库汉,巴伯∙莱斯曼     沙力∙奥斯汀,卡那∙布       咖啡时间                                         咖啡时间                         鲁顿,布如斯&朱迪∙吉 JD&阿提∙得                                 奥瑞&卡那∙布鲁顿,                布森        圣地                                     布让德&奥椎∙赫斯驰                           咖啡时间 瑞贝卡∙瑞沃勒,瑞尼∙托瑞                    圣地                                沃特&多瑞斯∙杰克森         花                                      瑞尼∙托瑞,嘎文∙瓦特森                            圣地 朱迪∙布朗纪念他的哥哥丹尼                                                       白斯∙芒佐,费罗∙威扬德                                                                                                                     花                                                                                                   艾米丽和杰西卡∙辛德盼                                                                                                   望婴孩出生给贝耶和让尼                                                                                                   瑞的家庭                                                  数       2013 年 10 月 6 日          2013 年 10 月 13 日                                           给                                        给                        字      总数­­$13,910.75          总数­­$7183.50                                  建筑物­­$175                 建筑物­­$51                        追               参加                                参加                                 8:30—37/9:30—82        8:30—34/9:30­­70                        凶       11:00­186                      11:00­­196                                 主日学—91                     主日学­­115

First Christian Church 685 Marion Street NE Salem OR 97301-3729

Periodical Postage Paid At: Salem OR Post Office

First Christian Church Phone: 503-363-9273 Fax: 503-378-0971

November 8 and 9 9:00 am - 3:00 pm See page 2 for more details.

First Christian Staff Senior Pastor Bob Hanna Business Manager Allison Pfaff Children’s Ministries Director Laurie Dyer Director of Ministry Involvement Michelle Gorman Secretary Melissa Houston Keeper of the House Mark Ridings Music Director Judy Dyer Praise Team Leader Billy Strehlow Nursery Coordinator Teri Garland Handbell Choir Director Christine Sinibaldi Organist Marilyn Reischke Security Terrance Jull, John Erickson Sound Engineer Loring Hermann Video Engineer Ed Vawter The Church Scroll UPSP 112-660 Published Semi-Monthly by the First Christian Church 685 Marion Street NE Salem OR 97301-3729 Periodical Postage paid at Salem, Oregon POSTMASTER SEND ADDRESS CHANGE TO: The Church Scroll 685 Marion Street NE Salem OR 97301-3729

First Christian Church 685 Marion Street NE Salem OR 97301-3729

Periodical Postage Paid at: Salem OR Post Office



第一基督教堂 电话:503-363-9273 传真:503-378-0971                     主要工作人员                                主任牧师                                            鲍勃∙汉那                                                              事务管理                                                               艾里森∙帕法夫                                                     孩子们的牧养指导                                                         劳瑞∙迪耶                                

月 8 日和 9 日                                                                                          牧养参与指导                9:00am­3:00pm                                                                                           米切尔∙哥曼                详见第 2 页                                                                                                               秘书

                                                                                                                                                   美丽莎∙休斯顿                                                                                                                                                            看门                                                                                                                                                      马可∙瑞汀斯                                                                                                                                                        音乐指导                                                                                                                                                         朱迪∙迪耶                                                                                                                                                      赞美队领导                                                                                                                                                     比利∙斯垂豪楼                                                                                                                                                       看护协调人                                                                                                                       ��                               泰瑞∙嘎兰德                                                                                                                                                    手铃诗歌指导                                                                                                                                                     克瑞斯蒂∙辛巴迪                                                                                                                                                          风琴家                                                                                                                                                   马瑞丽恩∙瑞斯驰克                                                                                                                                                            安全                                                                                                                                           特让斯∙朱尔,约翰∙伊瑞克森                                                                                                                                                            音频                                                                                                                                                        劳润∙赫曼                                                                                                                                                           视频                                                                                                                                                        爱德∙瓦特                                                                                                                               

The Church Scroll UPSP 112-660 Published Semi-Monthly by the First Christian Church 685 Marion Street NE Salem OR 97301-3729 Periodical Postage Paid at Salem Oregon POSTMASTER SEND ADDRESS CHANGE TO: The Church Scroll 685 Marion Street NE Salem OR 97301-3729

October 17 2013