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Happy Thursday! Attached is the Church Scroll. "And now faith, hope and love abide, these three; and the greatest of these is love." I Corinthians 13:13 Take care, Mel 美丽莎休斯顿 星期四快乐! 附上交谈书卷 ”如今常存的有信,有望,有爱;这三样,其中最大的是爱。“哥林多前书 13:13 保重 美丽

The Church Scroll The First Christian Church ~ Disciples of Christ ~ Salem, Oregon Church Services ~ 8:30 am, 9:30 am & 11:00 am ~ Sunday School ~ 9:45 & 11:00 am Volume 71 #21

“Reaching Up and Reaching Out”

November 7, 2013

All-Church Rummage Sale Friday and Saturday, November 8-9 9:00 am-3:00 pm $5 Bag Sale - Some Priced Items Food Available for Purchase Both Days

Discover First Christian Church What’s Inside Pastor’s Message pg. 2 Fall Bible Schedule pg. 2 Annual Budget pg. 2 Bible Study pg. 2 Celebrating our Church Family pg. 3 Calendar pg. 4 Children’s Message pg. 5 Youth Message pg. 5 Check It Out pg. 6 Mission Trips pg. 6 Housekeeping pg. 7

We are a place where faith and life meet. One of the early slogans of our church was "In essential unity, in non essentials diversity and in all things love." You will find Salem First Christian Church to be a place with open arms, ready to embrace you just as you are. We are striving to be a place where real life meets an everyday faith that makes sense and makes a difference. We would like to welcome everyone to the Salem First Christian Church community. On Sunday, November 17, we will be hosting a luncheon for anyone who is interested in information about First Christian Church. Please come to the Fellowship Hall at 12:15 pm for this event. We will be sharing basic information about FCC: • What it means to be a member • How one goes about joining • A time to ask any questions about the church • Get to know some of the church leadership • Meet others who are new like you • Tour the church Please RSVP to the church office at 503-363-9273 or or you can also sign-up on the website: The table is ready, come to the table!

Thanksgiving Sunday ~ November 24 Join us for our Thanksgiving Worship and Feast 9:00 am Sunday School

10:00 am Combined Worship 11:40 am Thanksgiving Dinner This is one worship and one meal for all our people to gather as a family celebrating the abundance God has given us. Please come and join us.

教堂书卷 第一基督教堂~基督使徒~俄勒冈州撒冷 教堂服侍~8:30am,9:30am&11:00am~主日学~9:45&11:00am

71 卷 20 期


2013 年 11 月 7 日

全教堂搜罗销售 11 月 8-9 日星期五星期六 9:00am—3:00pm 每包$5—一些标价的东西 2 天都可以购买食品 发现第一基督教堂 我们是一个信仰上帝和约会生命的地方。我们教堂早期的口号 是“在根本的合一中,在没有根本的分歧和所有的事情都是爱”


你将会发现第一基督教堂是一个敞开双臂随时准备拥抱就是这 样一个你的地方。我们努力成为一个真正生命聚会的地方,每

牧师的消息 pg.2


秋季查经日程 pg.2

我们想欢迎每一个人到撒冷第一基督教堂的社区。11 月 17 日

每年预算 pg.2


研经 pg.2

教堂有兴趣的人准备。请在 12:15pm 来友谊大厅参加这个活动。


我们将分享有关第一基督教堂 FCC 的有关信息:

大家庭 pg.3


日历 pg.4


孩子们的消息 pg.5

● 一次问任何有关第一基督教堂问题的时间

年轻人的消息 pg.5

● 获知有关教堂领导关系

看一看 pg.6

● 与其他任何象你一样的新人见面

布道旅行 pg.6

● 教堂之旅

家务 pg.7

请 RSVP 到教堂办公室 503-363-9273 或 或者你也可以在网站 上注册。桌子预备好了, 来入席!

感恩节礼拜天—11 月 24 日 参加到我们的感恩节的礼拜和宴会中来 9:00am 主日学 10:00am 合一起敬拜 11:40am 感恩节午宴 这是一次敬拜和一次饭为所有人作为一个大家庭聚在一起庆祝神 给予我们的丰富。请来参加我们的聚会。



Bites of Bread from Bob

2014 Annual Budget

It seems that everywhere that Jesus went he was being interrupted. One time while trying to teach, people tore open the roof and lowered a paralyzed man down in front of him. Another time while walking along a person reached out to touch the hem of his garment hoping for healing. Wherever he went, people would call out for his attention. Jesus always seemed to accept these interruptions as part of his ministry. Henri Nouwen made some similar comments. He used to think his important work was always being interrupted. He later came to realize that the interruptions were often his most important work.

At the Board Meeting on November 3, 2013 the 2014 operating budget was voted upon. The total figure for 2014 is $669,875. This is an increase of $46,062. If you have any questions, please contact Allison in the church office.

It is easy to feel disturbed when something disturbs our carefully laid plans. I often tell wedding couples that have elaborate plans, the things they will remember the most of are the things that did not go as planned. We need rethink interruptions. Find how they might be the most important work of our lives. As our schedules get cranked up to a higher level with the holidays, look for the blessings inside of interruptions...look to see if you might find God there. God Bless, Pastor Bob

Fall Bible Reading and Sermon Schedule November 10 - I Corinthians 14:26-40 - Worship November 17 - I Corinthians 15-16 - Resurrection

Thanksgiving Offering Disciples congregations will receive a special offering on November 24 to support the ministries of our Disciples of Christ colleges and seminaries. Students can pursue a variety of programs at Disciples related schools. Seminary students receive tuition support and instruction through seven different theological institutions. You can support the Thanksgiving Offering for higher education ministries by making a contribution.

Thanksgiving Taize Prayer Service Tuesday, November 19 6:45 pm, Chapel Come and join in prayer with your church family. In the Taize-style of silence, song, and scripture, we will take time for Thanksgiving prayers for our families, our church, our country and the world. This is an opportunity to make Thanksgiving truly a time for giving thanks.

Thursday Evening Bible Study Beginning in January, we are doing another Beth Moore Bible study. It is a 10-week study on “Believing God: Experiencing a Fresh Explosion of Faith.” This study is based on Isaiah 43:10, which explores what it means not only "to believe in God" but "to believe Him.” Through studying the lives of Abraham, Moses, and others as examples of persons who believed God, Beth encourages us to deepen our own trust in God and receive a fresh word from Him. Please contact Betty Charnholm or Allison Pfaff, if you would like to attend. A $15 workbook needs to be ordered for you.

21 期



2014 年年度预算


2013 年 11 月 3 日的委员会会议投票产生


了 2014 年的操作预算。2014 年总数是


$669,875,这比$46,062 增长了。如果你有






11 月 9 日星期二





断。他后来意识到打断常常是最重要的工作。 风格的静默、唱歌和经文。我们将花时 当我们仔细安排计划时被打搅,这很容易感









从 1 月开始,我们进行另一个白斯·摩尔






索。” 这个研经是根据以塞亚书 43:10,









11 月 10 日—哥林多前书 14:26-40—敬拜


11 月 17 日—哥林多前书 15-16—复活



里森·帕法夫。你需要订$15 的工作手册。

11 月 24 日使徒会众将收到一个特别供应是 支持我们基督使徒的大学和神学院的牧养。 学生们可以在基督使徒的相关学校追求不 同的项目。神学院的学生通过 7 个不同的 神学机构收到学费的支持和教育。你可以 做一个奉献来支持感恩节为高等教育的供 应。



Celebrating our Church Family Birthdays November

November Barbara Herndon Stefani Kephart Elizabeth Hirsch

Prayers For

12 14 16

Loyst Streeter Roger Jackson David Walle

19 20 22

Sanctuary Flowers for December The Worship Committee has provided poinsettias the last few Decembers. We have found it very difficult to keep them healthy for the entire season of Advent. So this year the Flower Calendar (on the bulletin board by the staff offices) is open to individuals who wish to bring fresh beautiful flowers for the Sanctuary. Please sign the calendar and indicate if the flowers are in appreciation, honor or remembrance of someone special. As always, the tribute will be printed in that Sunday's bulletin. Thank you for sharing with your church family.

Bob Adams, recovering from surgery Chuck & Sally Austin, health concerns Robert Jenner, recovering from surgery Beth Manzo, recovering from a fall The Personnel Committee as they search for a Youth Director. The Trustees as they work on the Morgan building lease. The Nominating Committee and nominees of our 2014 Elders, Deacons and Trustees

GriefShare: Surviving the Holidays Sunday, November 17 1:30 pm, Chapel The holidays can be a difficult time following the loss of a loved one. The “Surviving the Holidays” video offers some great suggestions for helping one cope during the holiday season.

Thank You Welcome Baby Colton! Colton Anthony Resch was born on November 1 and he weighed 8 lbs. 6 oz. His parents are Tony Resch and Lori Paige; his grandparents are Joe & Kim Resch, and big brother is Caden Hammond.

Attention Book Readers: The Church Book Club for November is reading "Love Does" by Bob Goff. Anyone wishing to join us for fun and lively discussions, just pop into the Library on the third Thursday of every month at 1:00 pm. The only exception is we don't meet for the month of December.

From my family to my church family, heartfelt thanks for the cards, phone calls, and personal words of sympathy on the passing of grandson Michael’s wife, Jessica Carden. Your generosity and prayers over the months of her health concerns are so appreciated. Please keep Mike and the children in your prayers. Love you, Delores Seeds Thank you all for your expressions of sympathy and the many who attended Don’s memorial service. God Bless, Lee Hanna

21 期


庆祝我们的教堂大家庭 生日


11 月

11 月


巴巴拉·赫登 12

劳斯特·斯垂特 19


斯台法尼·科法特 14


伊丽莎白·赫斯驰 16


20 22

罗勃特·简呢,从手术中康复 白斯·芒佐,从一次摔倒中康复 个人委员会正在寻求一位年轻人的指导。

12 月礼拜堂的花


敬拜委员会已经为最后 12 月的这些日子提供

提名委员会及我们 2014 年长老、执事






11 月 17 日礼拜天













11 月 1 日科顿·安松尼·瑞斯驰出生,他重 8 磅


6 盎司。他的父母是托尼·瑞斯驰和劳瑞·佩吉, 在我的孙子辈的孩子迈克尔的妻子杰西 祖父母是乔&金·瑞斯驰,大哥是卡丹·哈蒙德。 卡·卡丹去世期间收到的。过去几个月, 读者注意:


教堂图书俱乐部 11 月读的书是鲍勃·高夫写






可以每个月第 3 个星期四 1:00pm 来。


只有 12 月除外。

感谢你们大家表达的怜悯和参加了当的 追思会。 神祝福 李·汉那



Mark Your Calendars Rummage Sale Friday-Saturday, November 8-9 9:00 am-3:00 pm, Fellowship Hall

Discover First Christian Church Sunday, November 17 12:15 pm, Fellowship Hall

Outreach Meeting Sunday, November 10 12:30 pm, Cornerstone Rm

Parents of Youth Meeting Sunday, November 17 12:15 pm, Youth Lounge

Church Office Closed Monday, November 11 In observance of Veterans Day

GriefShare: Surviving the Holidays

Prayer Gathering

Sunday, November 17 1:30 pm, Chapel

Tuesdays, Nov. 12, 19, 26 6:45 pm, Chapel

Scroll Submissions

Prayer Shawl Ministry Wednesday, November 13 1:00 pm, Parlor

All items need to be 100 words or fewer and due no later than Monday at 10:00 am– Nov. 18 Email to- or drop off in Melissa’s box.

Pinochle Wednesday, November 13 6:30 pm, Chapel

Friendship Sewing Circle Wednesday, November 20 9:00 am, Accordion Rm

Marriage Encounter Event November 15 - 17 Marriage Encounter is an intense weekend of working on marriage communication. If you would like more information, contact Bruce & Judy Gilbertson (503) 390-1292 or Pastor Bob & Julie Hanna.

CWF Business Meeting

Craft Day

Alzheimer's Spiritually Speaking Group

Saturday, November 16 10:00 am-5:00 pm Fellowship Hall Plenty of tables for all crafters… including quilters. The fellowship is awesome and there is always laughter. Come and create!

Thursday, November 21 10:00 pm, Parlor

Book Club Thursday, November 21 1:00 pm, Library

Thursday, November 21 1:00 pm, Chapel

Congregational Meeting DATE CHANGE– Now on Sunday, November 24 Thanksgiving Sunday November 24 9:00 am Sunday School 10:00 am Combined Worship 11:40 am Dinner

Rebuilders’ Potluck Lunch Tuesday, November 26 12:00 pm, Fellowship Hall This is a support group for any and all who are rebuilding from any life experiences.

Happy Thanksgiving! The church building will be closed on November 28.

Church Office Closed Friday, November 29

21 期


标记你的日历 搜罗销售



11 月 8-9 日,

11 月 17 日礼拜天




11 月 24 日礼拜天





11 月 17 日礼拜天

11 月 24 日

11 月 10 日礼拜天


9:00am 主日学



10:00am 合一起敬拜

教堂办公室关闭 11 月 11 日星期一

11 月 17 日礼拜天 1:30pm,礼拜堂

11:40am 午餐 重建者家常午餐



11 月 26 日星期二


所有的东西需要 100 字或

12:00pm 友谊大厅

11 月 12,19,26 日星期二

100 字以内,不晚于 11 月



18 日星期一 10:00am 发 Email





11 月 13 日星期三





教堂建筑物将在 11 月


11 月 20 日星期三

28 日关闭。

11 月 13 日星期三






CWF 事务会议

11 月 15-17 日

11 月 21 日星期四


10:00pm 会客室




11 月 21 日星期四



(503)390-1292 或者鲍勃



11 月 21 日星期四

手工日 11 月 16 日星期六 10:00am-5:00pm 友谊大厅 充足的桌子为所有的手工者... 包括拼布。友谊是令人敬畏 的,总是有笑,来创造!


11 月 29 日星期五



Children and Youth A Little Light from Laurie

Ramblings from Riane

When the plans for the Harvest Festival were forming, and the idea of it being a celebration of blessings came up, it never occurred to me just how blessed we would be. People of all ages came to help; bring desserts, soups, chili and stews; and to just have fun. IT TRULY WAS A CELEBRATION! Thankfully, we had a lot of gracious help! Special thanks to Mark Ridings for once again going above and beyond the job description to set up, clean up, organize and even prepare a pot of chili! Big thanks to Bert & Dee Mackaman for arranging our line dancing teacher, Colleen Witt. She was a hit! Nancy Stebbins helped with shopping, prepping, planning and with her husband, Mike, they cooked, baked and each took charge of a fun activity station and then stayed to clean. Neva Clausen made our cornbread, dessert and cleaned up. Dena & Dennis Turner made a pot of clam chowder and helped wherever they were needed, including the clean up! We had lots of help from Orin & Karna Bruton; Phil & Betty Patterson; Betty Charnholm; Arty & J.D. Day; Bob & Julie Hanna; Beth Manzo; Shari Ridings; Sandra Gross; Kim Otis and soooo many others who stepped in where needed. Thank you one and all, you made the Harvest Festival a blessed event!

This past Sunday I resumed the position of Interim Youth Director and am very excited for the upcoming events we have as a youth group!

DON’T FORGET! All children are invited to sing and perform in our Christmas play, ALOHA CHRISTMAS, on Sunday, December 15, at 11:00 am. Practices have begun and are being held during Sunday School time at 9:45 am. Please bring your children on time so they don’t miss out. ALSO, children in grades 1-5 don’t want to miss the next several weeks of Sunday School because we are having some AWESOME lessons about Corinthians. They are also earning tickets when they come on time, participate, bring their Bibles and friends. These tickets will be spent at the Sunday School Christmas Store on Sunday, November 17. JYF Saturday coming up! More details soon. Thankful for my church family, Laurie

As we head towards the holiday season, there are some important dates to take note of. First off, we are starting youth group back up for both the middle school and high school groups beginning Sunday, November 10, from 6:00-7:30 pm. Dinner will be provided. Secondly, there will be a parent meeting Sunday, November 17, at 12:15 pm in the youth lounge. We will be compiling contact information, discussing upcoming events, confirming a time for youth group and collecting volunteers, among other business. Lunch will be provided. Please contact me if you are not able to attend so I can provide you with the information discussed at the meeting. For the past several years, the youth at Salem First Christian Church have volunteered to depict the nativity scene during the Advent Walk at the Salem Golf Course on River Road South. This year the Advent Walk takes place on Sunday, December 1, from 5:00-6:00 pm. Youth will meet at the church at 4:00 pm to get into costume and dinner will be provided upon return. Lastly, we will be going Christmas caroling Sunday, December 15. All family and friends are welcome to join us! Time of departure from the church is to be determined. In Sunday School this week, the youth learned about what it means to serve others. Whether it is a simple act of kindness or a week of dedication while on a mission trip, God uses us to show his love to others. We talked about the Mission to Mexico trip that takes place during spring break. If interested, paperwork is due November 15. Have a great week! Riane Towery (503) 302-6691

21 期


孩子们和年轻人 来自劳瑞的一点光 当收获节的计划形成时,就有了庆祝祝福的 想法,我们怎样被祝福,这还从没发生在我 身上。所有年龄段的人都来帮忙,带来甜 点、汤、辣椒和炖的东西,并且玩得挺高 兴的。这真是一个庆祝! 谢天谢地!我们有许多亲切的帮助!特别感 谢马可·瑞汀斯再一次一马当先,在工作描述 之前,就开始布置、打扫、组织甚至做了一 锅辣椒汤!非常感谢伯特&迪·马卡曼安排我 们的舞蹈老师的台词,科林·威特她大受欢迎! 南希·斯坦宾斯帮助购物、运动前的练习计划 并和丈夫迈克烹饪、烘烤并且每次活动站都 有笑话, 接着留下来打扫。尼瓦·克劳森制作 我们的玉米面包、甜点和清扫。迪那&丹尼 斯·特纳做了一锅杂烩汤并帮助各个地方的需 要,包括清扫!我们有许多帮助来自奥瑞 尼 &卡那·布如顿、腓力&贝蒂·帕特森、贝 蒂·查霍姆、阿提&J.D·得、鲍勃&朱丽·汉那、 白斯·芒佐、沙瑞·瑞汀斯、桑卓·科柔斯、 金·奥蒂斯以及许许多多人走进那些有需要 的地方。感谢每一个人和全体!你们制作 了收获节这样一个蒙福的活动! ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ 别忘了!邀请所有的孩子们唱和表演我们 的圣诞剧“你好圣诞节”,是在 12 月 15 日礼拜天 11:00am。练习已经开始了,在 主日学 9:45am 举行。请带上你的孩子准 时来,以免他们错过时间。 ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ 还有,1-5 年级的孩子不要错过下几周的主 日学,因为我们有有关哥林多书的令人敬畏 的课程。他们也要赚票,根据他们准时、参 与、带他们的圣经和朋友来。这些票将在 11 月 17 日礼拜天圣诞节商店花费。 ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ ⚫ JYF 青少年友谊星期六开始!更多详细很快 出炉。 感激我的教堂大家庭 劳瑞

瑞尼漫谈 上礼拜天,我假设代理年轻人指导的位 置并为即将到来的一个年轻人组的活动 感到激动! 我们要先提一下假期,有一些重要的时 间要记录下来。首先:我们开始了年轻 人后备组为中学和高中组的在 11 月 10 日礼拜天 6:00-7:30pm。提供晚餐。 第二:11 月 17 日礼拜天 12:15pm 年 轻人会客室举行父母聚会。我们将收集 联系信息、讨论即将到来的活动、确认 年轻人组的时间并招募志愿者、期间的 其它活动。将提供午餐。如果不能参加 请联系我,以便我提供给你会议讨论的 信息。 过去几年,撒冷第一基督教堂的年轻人 在降临节步行期间在河路南的撒冷高尔 夫球场描绘基督降生的场景。今年的降 临节行走是 12 月 1 日礼拜天 5:00-6:00pm。年轻人将于 4:00pm 在教 堂相聚化妆,回来将提供晚餐。12 月 15 日礼拜天我们举行圣诞颂歌。欢迎 所有家庭和朋友来参加!从教堂的出发 时间待定。 这周的主日学年轻人学习有关服侍别人 意味着什么。无论是一个简单的恩慈行 动或者在一个布道旅行中的一周默想, 神用我们向别人表现出他的爱。我们谈 墨西哥的旅行,是在春假时。如果有兴 趣,文书工作截止到 11 月 15 日。 祝福丰富的一周 瑞尼·托瑞 (503)302-6691



Things to Know and Do Mission to Mexico 2014

Check It Out!

Application Due: November 15, 2013

Pastor Bob mentioned in last week’s sermon “The Hole in Our Gospel” by Richard Stearns. Pastor Bob was sharing the message from Ephesians 2:8-10 that through Jesus we are saved from sin and saved for good work. Richard Stearns, President of World Vision, shares this same message through compelling stories of the revolutionary power of the Gospel around the world.

The mission trip dates are March 20-29, 2014. Contact Pastor Bob for more information.

Quilt Raffle Winner Is . . . Eleanor Westlake of Portland FCC won the beautiful quilt made by Bev Ikeda. Best of all, over $1400 was raised to benefit FEDICE, our mission partner in Ecuador. Thank you to all who bought tickets.

Ecuador Mission 2014 We are in the beginning stages of planning for our mission trip to Ecuador. Mission dates are July 1022, 2014. We will again be working with FEDICE, our global missionary partner in Quito, Ecuador. If you are interested in this, please email Rick Ikeda at or call or text him at 503798-7221.

Annual Christmas Tea Our Theme: “Let It Snow” Saturday, December 7 – 12:00 noon Make your reservations now! Tickets on sale Sundays, November 17, 24 and December 1, at the Information Center. Ticket prices: Adults $12 each Children under 12 - $6 each Be sure to visit our Christmas Treasures that day.

Christmas Treasures Sale The Tea and Treasures event takes place Saturday, December 7. We would appreciate your contributions to the treasures sale. We will be happy to have your baked goods, preserves, craft items, jewelry, and any other items that are gift quality for adults or kids. Joan Lloyd and Cheryl Clendennen Please contact Joan at 503-585-0811 or

“The Hole in Our Gospel” was named Christian Book of the Year in 2010. We are fortunate to have the book in our Church library because of the kind donation of Brian Smith. You will find “The Hole in Our Gospel” displayed on the Missions shelf for your reading convenience. Do Check it Out! Betty Charnholm, Librarian Ministry of the Books – For God’s Glory

Accepting Tea Cups and Pots To ALL who are "downsizing," "don't use them," "think they take up too much room," or “simply don't like them” (really?), the CWF invites you to DONATE any or all of those pretty china tea cups and saucers you have to our new "Pretty Tea Cups for Pretty Parties!" project. Please, no mugs, plastic, chipped or cracked pieces. Loyst Streeter is building us a very nice tea cup and saucer cabinet for safe and secure storage and we will be able to use them for years to come. Tea pots may also be donated. To donate, please call me at 503-585-8077 and I will arrange to meet you to collect your items. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Anna Russell

21 期


知道的事和做的事 2014 年去墨西哥布道 申请截止日期 2013 年 11 月 15 日 布道旅行的时间 2014 年 3 月 20-29 日。 更多信息联系鲍勃牧师。 拼布抽彩赢家是... 波特兰第一基督教堂的伊利诺·外斯特雷克赢 得了由贝夫·艾克达制作的拼布。首先,筹集 超过$1400 是 FEDICE 受益,这是我们厄瓜多 尔的牧养伙伴。感谢所有买票的人。 2014 年厄瓜多尔布道 我们开始 去厄瓜多尔布道旅行的计划阶段。 布道旅行的日期是 2014 年 7 月 10-22 日。我们 将再次与 FEDICE 工作,这是我们在厄瓜多尔 奎头的牧养伙伴。 如果你对这项事工感兴趣,请发 email 给里 克·艾克达 或者打电话 或发短信到 503-798-7221。 每年的圣诞节茶 我们的主题是“让天下雪吧” 12 月 7 日星期六中午 12:00 现在就订票吧! 票在 11 月 17 日,24 日和 12 月 1 日礼拜天 在信息中心销售。 票价:成人每人$12。 12 岁以下的孩子每人$6。 那天一定要来我们的圣诞节珍宝噢。 圣诞节珍宝销售 茶和珍宝的活动是在 12 月 7 日星期六。我 们欣赏你对圣诞节珍宝的奉献。我们将感 到高兴收到你的适合成年人和小孩子们的 烘烤的东西、腌制的东西、手工的东西、珠 宝和其它东西,这些合格的礼物。 乔·劳艾德和切瑞尔·克莱登嫩 请联系乔 503-585-0811 或者

看一看 鲍勃牧师在上周的布道中提到里查 德·斯蒂恩斯写的《我们福音中的 洞》。鲍勃牧师分享了以弗所书 2: 8-10 中的信息:通过耶稣我们从罪中 获救并因为好的工作得保守。里查 德·斯蒂恩斯是世界愿景主席,通过 围绕全世界的福音改革的力量激发 兴趣的故事分享了这个同样的信息。 《我们福音中的洞》是 2010 年度获得 提名的基督教书籍,我们教堂图书馆 有幸运这本书,是因为布瑞恩·史密斯 令人感激的捐献。你会在布道的书架 上展示这本书,这方便你的阅读。来 看一看! 贝蒂·查霍姆 图书管理员 书籍牧人---为神的荣耀

接受 茶杯和茶壶 对于所有“精简” “ 不用” 、“ 认为占空 间太大”或“简单地就是不喜欢”(真的 吗?)的所有人,基督教妇女友谊会 CWF 邀请你来捐献任何或所有这些漂 亮的中国瓷器茶杯和碟子,你捐献到 我们新的“漂亮的茶杯为漂亮的聚 会!”项目。请不要捐马克杯、塑料杯、 碎片和有裂痕的杯具。 劳斯特·斯垂特为我们建造了一个非常 好的茶杯和碟子的橱柜,以安全和保 护存放,这样能用多年。茶壶也可以 捐。 来捐献,请打电话 503-585-8077,我 会安排约见来收集你的东西。 感谢!感谢!感谢! 安娜·罗素



Housekeeping Serving Sunday, November 10

Serving Sunday, November 17

ELDERS 8:30 & 9:30 am– Kim Resch 11:00 am– Virginia Krebs, Anna Russell, Virginia Krebs, Ron Nelson, Mary Ann Smith

ELDERS 8:30 & 9:30 am– Rick Ikeda 11:00 am– Mary Ann Smith, Irene Jones, Anna Russell, Craig Johnson

NOVMBER DEACONS 8:30 am Service– Evan & Joan Lloyd, Russ & Tammy Colgan 9:30 am Service– Robin Bigham, Andy Eno 11:00 am Service– Gene Pilcher, Richard Adams, Kathy Boles, Gary & Linda Danielson, Ed Gish, Becky Johnson, Jim Kinkaid, Shirley Pilcher, Joe Resch, Wayne Smith Choir: Dennis & Dena Turner

NOVEMBER DEACONS 8:30 am Service– Evan & Joan Lloyd, Russ & Tammy Colgan 9:30 am Service– Robin Bigham, Andy Eno 11:00 am Service– Gene Pilcher, Richard Adams, Kathy Boles, Gary & Linda Danielson, Ed Gish, Becky Johnson, Jim Kinkaid, Shirley Pilcher, Joe Resch, Wayne Smith Choir: Dennis & Dena Turner

SATURDAY FILL Colette Tennant

SATURDAY FILL Margaret Cleveland

COMMUNION CLEAN UP Linda Jordan, Marilyn Ross, Duane & Audrey Setness

COMMUNION CLEAN UP Judy Brown, Beth Manzo, Ferol Weyand



N U M B 3 R S

October 20, 2013

October 27, 2013

November 3, 2013

GIVING General– $34,804.50 Building– $0

GIVING General– $4500.19 Building– $0

GIVING General– $17,206.57 Building– $10

ATTENDANCE 10:00– 238 Sunday School– 17

ATTENDANCE 8:30– 31/ 9:30– 69 11:00– 179 Sunday School– 104

ATTENDANCE 8:30– 40/ 9:30– 78 11:00– 196 Sunday School– 112

21 期


家务 11 月 10 日服侍礼拜天

11 月 17 日服侍礼拜天









11 月执事

11 月执事

8:30am 服侍—伊万&乔·劳德,如斯&

8:30am 服侍--伊万&乔·劳德,如斯&



9:30am 服侍—罗宾·比格汉姆,安迪·以诺

9:30am 服侍--罗宾·比格汉姆,安迪·以诺

11:00am 服侍—简尼·皮尔驰,里查德·亚

11:00am 服侍--简尼·皮尔驰,里查德·亚








威尼·史密斯 诗歌:丹尼斯&迪那·特纳















2013 年 10 月 20 日 2013 年 10 月 27 日 数

2013 年 11 月 3 日 给







参加 10:00-238

参加 8:30—31/9:30—69

参加 8:30—40/9:30--78






First Christian Church 685 Marion Street NE Salem OR 97301-3729

Periodical Postage Paid At: Salem OR Post Office

Flower Calendar The Flower Calendar is on the bulletin board by the staff offices. Please consider sharing your memories and celebrations with your church family through flowers. Thank you.

First Christian Church Phone: 503-363-9273 / First Christian Staff Senior Pastor Bob Hanna Business Manager Allison Pfaff Children’s Ministries Director Laurie Dyer Director of Ministry Involvement Michelle Gorman Interim Youth Director Riane Towery Secretary Melissa Houston Keeper of the House Mark Ridings Music Director Judy Dyer Praise Team Leader Billy Strehlow Nursery Coordinator Teri Garland Handbell Choir Director Christine Sinibaldi Organist Marilyn Reischke Security Terrance Jull, John Erickson Sound Engineer Loring Hermann Video Engineer Ed Vawter The Church Scroll UPSP 112-660 Published Semi-Monthly by the First Christian Church 685 Marion Street NE Salem OR 97301-3729 Periodical Postage paid at Salem, Oregon POSTMASTER SEND ADDRESS CHANGE TO: The Church Scroll 685 Marion Street NE Salem OR 97301-3729

The Church Scroll November 7 2013  

First Chirstian Church Salem OR

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