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Happy early Father's Day (where applicable- ladies, last month was yours), Attached is the Church Scroll. "Let the teaching of Christ live in you richly. Use all wisdom to teach and instruct each other by singing psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs with thankfulness in your hearts to God. Everything you do or say should be done to obey Jesus your Lord. And in all you do, give thanks to God the Father through Jesus." Colossians 3:16-17 Mel June 7, 2012.pdf 342K View Download 美丽莎·休斯顿 6 月 8 日(11 天前) 提前祝父亲节快乐(适合于妇女的,是上个月是你的节日), 附上是教堂书卷。 “你们要让基督的信息丰丰富富地长住在你们心里。要用各样的智慧互相教导、规劝, 用诗篇、圣诗、灵歌从心底发出感谢的声音来颂赞上帝。无论做什么,说什么,你们都 要奉主耶稣的名,藉着他感谢上帝。“歌罗西书 3:16-17 美丽

The Church Scroll The First Christian Church ~ Disciples of Christ ~ Salem, Oregon Church Services ~ 8:30 am, 9:30 am & 11:00 am ~ Sunday School ~ 9:45 & 11:00 am Volume 70 #11

“Reaching Up and Reaching Out”

June 7, 2012

Salem Interfaith Hospitality Network Needs You! Our church is hosting SIHN June 17-24. We are in need of: Breakfast Hosts, Evening Hosts, Dinner Preparers, Overnight Hosts, and someone to shop for the day center food. For more information see the SIHN article on page 2.

Stewardship Thought OPEN ! OPEN! OPEN!

What’s Inside Pastor’s Message pg. 2 Volunteer Opportunities pgs. 2, 3, 6 Celebrating our Church Family pg. 3 Calendar pg. 4 Children’s Message pg. 5 Youth Message pg. 5 VBS Information pg. 5 Prayer Corner pg. 6

Did you know that First Christian Church is open for business seven days a week? Did you ever look at the cars in the parking lot and wonder where they all come from and just what they are doing here? On some days it is up to 100 persons attending AA meetings. Sometimes it is "Just For Fun Singers". Every weekday many volunteer drivers deliver Meals-on-Wheels food packets to home-bound folks in the community, and every once in awhile there is a dandy barbecue celebration for neighbors and friends. Add to that, our own church-related activities, Vacation Bible School, prayer groups, and Bible Studies--daytime and evenings-- and WOW! we are busy. A wonderful presence in the community doing good work for God. So what makes us run? What makes us tick? Well, it is folks like you caring and sharing in a dedicated, committed way. We know what we do here at First Christian Church matters to you in fundamental ways, or you would not keep giving as you do. You give because you care. You support your church through regular gifts of money and pledges, right from your own pockets. As your Stewardship Chairwoman, I salute you; I thank you; I praise you. And now with Summer upon us I urge you to continue your support lest we fall behind. We have ongoing responsibilities and God-shared goals. And the world is watching. With your help we will keep the programs going all summer long and beyond. Your tithes and offerings make the difference. Will you help? Your Stewardship Chairwoman, Virginia Krebs

Housekeeping pg. 7

Inside Church Picnic - July 29 On July 29 we are having a special “inside” picnic following the 11:00 am service. The church is providing: hamburgers, hot dogs, buns and condiments. We are requesting you bring either salads and/or desserts to complete the menu. Chuck Shorow is preaching that Sunday. Having the “picnic” following the service allows us to visit with Chuck and Penny.

教堂书卷 第一基督教堂~基督使徒~俄勒冈州撒冷 教堂服侍~8:30am,9:30am&11:00am~主日学~9:45&11:00am

70 卷 11 期


2012 年 6 月 7 日

撒冷不同信仰网络需要你! 我们教堂 6 月 17-24 日做 SIHN 主人 我们需要:早餐主人、晚上主人 、晚上准备的人、过夜主 人、食品中心需要人。更多信息见 SIHN 文章在第 2 页。

管理思想 开放!开放!开放! 你知道第一基督教堂一周七天工作开放吗?你曾经看过停车 场的小轿车,想到过这些车从哪里来,在这里做什么?有时 里面有什么 候来了 100 人参加 AA 会议。有时是“就是为滑稽歌手“。每 周许多志愿者驱车传递饭---在—轮子上食品包,给社区里回 牧师的消息 pg.2 家的老乡,并且偶尔有一顿极好的烧烤为邻居朋友来庆祝。 加上我们自己教堂相关的活动,假日圣经学校、祈祷组和研 志愿者的机会 经—白天和晚上,以及 WOW !我们非常繁忙。这是在社区里 pg.2,3,6 为神做好工作,多么精彩的呈现啊。 那么我们凭借什么运转呢?好阿,这正是象你一样的老乡用 庆祝我们的教堂 奉献、承诺来关心和分享之路。我们知道我们在第一基督教 大家庭 pg.3 堂这里用基本的方法为你所做的事情,或者你做的时候,还 不能持续给的事情。你给因为你关心。你支持教堂是通过你 日历 pg.4 的金钱和你个人认捐的奉献,正是来自你的腰包。作为你管 理思想的女主席,我向你致意,我感谢你,我赞美你。正值 年轻人的消息 pg.5 夏日当头,我督促你继续你的支持以免我们落在后头。我们 继续履行责任和继续分享神的目标。世人正在关注。有你帮 VBS (假日圣经学校) 助我们将在夏天进行节目有一定的长度和超越。你的十一奉 信息 pg.5 献和奉献会产生影响。你愿意帮助吗? 祈祷角 pg.6

你的管理思想女主席 弗吉尼亚·科伯斯

家务 pg.7

教堂内部野餐--7 月 29 日 7 月 29 日我们将在 11:00am 的服侍后进行一场特别的“内 部”野餐。教堂提供:汉堡包、热狗、小面包和调味品。我 们需要你带上或者沙拉和/或甜点来完成菜单。 查克·绍柔将在这个礼拜天布道。接着服侍后进行的野餐, 能让我们和查克和潘尼谈谈。



Bites of Bread from Bob Today's article comes as an assignment. In their book, "A Guide to Rational Living", Albert Ellis and Robert Harper offer a list of the 10 most common irrational beliefs. These are beliefs that block us from living healthy emotional lives. Your assignment, should you choose to accept it (I grew up watching "Mission Impossible"), is to look at the list and find a Biblical verse or story that would be the opposite of the irrational belief. I would love to see what you come up with. An example for #1 might be how the prophets, Jesus and his disciples were treated or "In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world." John 16:33. I look forward to seeing your list. The 10 Most Common Irrational Beliefs 1. The idea that you must – yes, must – have love or approval from all the significant people in your life. 2. The idea that you absolutely must be thoroughly competent, adequate, and achieving. 3. The idea that people absolutely must not act obnoxiously and unfairly, and that when they do, you should blame and damn them, and see them as bad, wicked, or rotten individuals. 4. The idea that you have to see things as being

Sunday Sermons 8:30, 9:30 and 11:00 am - Pastor Bob Hanna June 10 "Comforting the Afflicted and Afflicting the Comfortable" The book of Isaiah was written to an audience in two different settings. In one setting, Isaiah's words are to those who feel like all is going well. In the other setting, things are not going so well. Isaiah has a word to each of us, regardless of what setting we might happen to be in. June 17 Father's Day. The Bible offers examples of both good and bad fathers. Throughout, the Bible lifts up the father as an important person in a child's life.

awful, terrible, horrible, and catastrophic when you are seriously frustrated or treated unfairly. 5. The idea that you must be miserable when you have pressures and difficult experiences; and that you have little ability to control, and cannot change your disturbed feelings. 6. The idea that if something is dangerous or fearsome, you must obsess about it and frantically try to escape from it. 7. The idea that you can easily avoid facing many difficulties and self-responsibilities and still lead a highly fulfilling existence. 8. The idea that you’re past remains all-important and that because something once strongly influences your life, it has to keep determining your feelings and behavior today. 9. The idea that people and things absolutely must be better than they are and that it is awful and horrible if you cannot change life’s grim facts to suit you. 10. The idea that you can achieve maximum human happiness by inertia and inaction or by passively and uncommittedly “enjoying yourself.” God Bless, Pastor Bob

SIHN continued from cover During my time in seminary, I served a church that participated in a program much like Salem Interfaith Hospitality Network (SIHN). They recognized God in everyone who came in the door, “Whenever you did it for any of my people, no matter how unimportant they seemed, you did it to me.” Matthew 25:40. Because they recognized all of the guests they welcomed were children of God, many different types of people in the church took on various volunteer roles. It was a way of showing hospitality. The youth of the church set up and made the beds for the guests. That simple act was incredibly welcoming to those spending the night. It is the same way with SIHN, every role and task we do as a community is an act of welcoming and hospitality to our guests. They are struggling and looking for a place where they are loved. How are you going to respond to the challenge of taking care of God’s children, as they come into our church building? If you have any questions or would like to sign up, please contact Chris Snow at the church, 503-363-9273.

11 期


鲍勃灵修分享 今天的文章是作为作业的。在阿尔伯特·艾 丽斯和罗伯特·哈伯的《理性生活指导》中, 他们提供了 10 个最普通的理性信仰的清 单。这些理性信仰阻挡了我们生活健康、 情绪化的生活。你的作业应该选择接受(我 看着《不可能的任务》长大),即看这列出 清单,找出一段圣经或圣经故事来反对理 性生活。我爱看你想出的理性信仰。举个 例子是先知是怎样的,耶稣和祂的门徒被 看做否则“在这个世界上你会遇到麻烦。但 但振作起来!我已经胜过了世界。“约翰福 音 16:33。我盼望着看到你列出的理性信 仰。 10 个最普通的理性生活 1.想法你一定---是的,一定--有爱或同意 所有你生命中重要的人。 2 想法—你绝对一定是完全能干、完全胜 任、完全胜利。 3.想法—人绝对不要扮演惹人讨厌和不公 平,并且当他们这样做的时候,你应该 指责、谴责他们,并把他们视为坏的、缺 德的、或者是烂人。 4.想法—当你极度疲倦或遭到不公平对待

礼拜天布道 8:30,9:30 和 11:00am –鲍勃·汉那牧师 6 月 10 日 “安慰折磨和折磨安慰“以赛亚书写给听众 用两个不同的设置。一个设置是以赛亚的 话是给这些感到所有都好的人,另一个设 置是事情不是进展得这么好。以赛亚有一 个话给我们大家,无论设置怎样我们都会 碰到。

时,你看到的事情就是糟糕的、可怕的、 极不友好的和结局悲惨的。 5.想法--当你有压力和经历困境的时候, 你一定是悲惨的,并且你没有能力控制, 也不能改变心理失常的心情。 6.想法--如果什么事危险或可怕,你一定 被缠住,要疯狂地努力逃离它。 7.想法--你可以轻易地避免面对许多困难 和自我责任,还引领着非常令人满意的生 活。 8.想法--你保留了过去所有重要的东西, 因为有些东西曾经强烈影响了你的生命。 它要继续决定你今天的感情和行为。 9.想法--如果你不能改变生命的枝节的事 实去适合你,它就是可恶和可怕的。其他 的人和事绝对一定比你的好。 10.想法--你可以通过惯性和不活动完成人 的最大幸福或者通过被动自由的“自我享 受“完成人的最大幸福。 神祝福 鲍勃牧师

SIHN 封面继续

我在研讨会我的时间里,我服侍过一个教 堂参与了一个节目很象撒冷不同信仰款待 网络(SIHN)。他们每一个进来的人承认 神:“既然你们为我的跟从者中最微小的 一人做,就是为我做!“马太福音 25:40。 因为他们承认所有他们欢迎的客人是神的 孩子,教堂里许多不同类型的人担当着不 同的志愿者的角色。这是一种表达好客的 方法。教堂的年轻人为客人们装配和设置 6 月 17 日 了床。最简单的行动就是非常欢迎这些过 父亲节。圣经提供好父亲和坏父亲的例子。 夜的人。 自始自终,圣经举起父亲作为孩子生命中 SIHN 适用同样的方法。我们作为社区做 重要的人。 的每一个角色和任务是对客人表示欢迎和 款待。他们努力寻找着他们爱的地方。 当神的孩子们来到我们教堂的时候,你如 何回应照顾他们的挑战?如果你有任何问题 或想注册,请联系克瑞斯·斯诺 503-3639273。



Celebrating our Church Family Birthdays June Virginia Hill Evelyn Savage Kinzie Lazarus Sean Cooper Ellie Horn Dominic Sinibaldi Caitlin Wilson Katie Stebbins Pat Stephens Kim Resch

Prayers For

June 12 12 13 15 15 16 16 17 18 19

Gary Danielson JoAnna Jackson JB Wagner Jackie Austin Zane Ridings Andrew Rolen Cordelia Brintnall Erin Gunia Walt Jackson Larry Dalke Earnest Freeman

20 20 20 21 21 21 22 22 22 23 23

NEEDED: Preschool/Kindergarten Sunday School Teachers Sunday School teachers for July and August; Fall Kindergarten Sunday School Teacher. Payment in hugs and heavenly rewards. Please call Laurie Dyer soon to choose your dates, children are standing by.

Attn: Ambassadors Class Non-Rv’ers Please join the class Rv’ers at Silver Falls State Park, Wednesday, June 20, at 5:30 pm for a pot luck dinner, games and visiting. Bring a hot dish, salad or dessert and beverage. Most of the Rv’ers can warm the hot dishes. Meet at the church to leave at 4:30 pm and either car pool or ride in a church vehicle. There is a $5 per vehicle entry into the park. Those that wish, can come any time during the day.

Wedding Shower for Chris Snow & Jenn Webb The Youth Director, Chris Snow, is marrying Jenn Webb in August. We would like to bless this couple with a wedding shower being held on Sunday, July 8, at 2:00 pm in the Chapel. This lovely couple are registered at REI, Target and Bed , Bath and Beyond.

Ron Crom, health concerns. Mille Kitzmiller (Jackie Hermann’s sister) terminal bone cancer. Keri Lazerus’ aunt has stage 3 breast cancer. Margaret Cleveland, health concerns.

Memorial Service for Opal Carson Sunday, June 10 3:00 pm, Fellowship Hall

Thank You Thank you so very much to our church family and friends for all your prayers, cards and condolences of sympathy to our family with the loss our father, Herb Dalke. We truly appreciate your thoughtfulness. A big thank you to all who provided such a wonderful meal and reception in his honor and to his family following the service. So many took time out of their busy schedule that day and we appreciate all you did. We truly can not thank you enough. Many of you have known him for a very long time and have been a special part of his life. We will miss him very much. He had such a full life. We thank you all. Love and Blessings, The Dalke kids and their families I would like to thank everyone for your calls, cards and especially your prayers for me during my recent bout with shingles. I am doing well and thankful for my church family. Dave Dezotell Laying mom, Marcia Vowell, to rest was made into a warm and enriching experience. In losing the best and strongest of family members we were reminded, by your joining us, that our family is so large and full of love that we will never lack for family support. We are privileged to be a part of this congregation. Thank you, The Vowell family

。11 期


庆祝我们的教堂大家庭 生日 6月 弗吉尼亚·希尔 12 艾沃林·撒瓦吉 12 金泽·拉撒路 13 西恩·库伯 15 艾丽·豪恩 15 多米尼克·辛巴迪 16 凯特林·威尔森 16 卡迪·斯坦宾斯 17 帕特·斯提凡斯 18 金·瑞斯驰 19

祈祷 6月 嘎瑞·丹尼尔森 20 乔安那·杰克森 20 JB·瓦格呢 20 杰克伊·奥斯汀 21 詹尼·瑞汀斯 21 安德列·若兰 21 科德利亚·布瑞特纳勒 22 艾瑞·冈尼亚 22 瓦特·杰克森 22 拉瑞·达克 23 厄尼斯特·弗瑞曼 23

让·克如姆,健康关怀。 米勒·济兹米勒(杰克伊·赫曼的姐姐) 骨癌晚期。 克瑞·拉撒路的姨姨,乳腺癌 3 期 玛格丽特·克丽夫兰,健康关怀。

奥帕·卡森追思会 6 月 10 日 3:00pm 友谊大厅


非常感谢我们的教堂大家庭和朋友们, 我们失去了父亲赫伯·达克的时候, 你 需要:学前班/幼儿园 们的祈祷‘、卡片和哀悼的怜悯给我们 主日学老师 的家庭。 7 月和 8 月主日学老师,秋季幼儿园主日学老 我们真的感谢你们的体贴。一个大的 师。报酬是拥抱和天堂的报酬。请打电话给劳 感谢给你们大家,提供了这样极好的 瑞很快选择你的日期、孩子们站那等着呢。 饭和招待给父亲的荣耀和跟着服侍下 来的达克家。这么多人在繁忙的日程 注意:大使班的非休闲车 里抽时间参加父亲的葬礼,我们欣赏 请来参加大使班在银瀑布州立公园的休闲车班, 你们做的。我们真是不足以表示感谢。 时间是 6 月 20 日星期三,5:30pm 有家常晚餐、 你们很多人已经认识父亲很长时间, 沙拉或甜点以及饮料。许多休闲车可以暖热菜。 并且成为他生命中特殊的一部分。我 在教堂碰头 4:30pm 离开,或者合伙用车或者 们会非常想念他。他有这样充实的生 乘坐教堂的车。进公园每车$5。希望来的在活 命。 动的任何时间都可以来。 我们感谢你们大家 克瑞斯·斯诺和简尼·威伯 爱和祝福 婚礼送礼会 达克的小孩们和他的家庭 年轻人的指导克瑞斯·斯诺就要和简尼·威伯在 8 月结婚。我们想用婚礼送礼会为这对新人 在最近我得带状疱疹期间,我想感谢 祝福,送礼会将于 7 月 8 日礼拜天 2:00pm 在 每一个人打电话、卡片,特别是你的祈 礼拜堂举行。这对相爱新人在 REI、Target and 祷。我做得挺好,谢谢我的教堂大家庭。 Bed、Bath and Beyond 注册。 达夫·德佐戴勒 安葬母亲马霞·沃维尔,留下的是安葬 变成了温暖和丰富的体验。在失去家庭 中最好、最强有力的家庭成员时,你们 的参加提醒了我们,我们的家庭这么大 并且充满了爱,我们从不缺乏家庭的支 持。我们在这个聚会中有特别恩典。 谢谢 沃维尔一家



Mark Your Calendars Young Adult Fellowship

Church Camp

Special Coffee Hour

Thursday, June 7 6:30 pm, Youth Lounge

Registration forms are due in

Sunday, June 24 Noel & Myrna Phillips and Jerry & Diane Watson are celebrating their 45th wedding anniversaries.

Memorial Service for Opal Carson Sunday, June 10 3:00 pm, Sanctuary

Prayer Service Tuesdays, June 12,19, 26 6:45 am, Sanctuary See page 6 “Prayer Corner” for more details.

Prayer Shawl Ministry Wednesday, June 13 2:00 pm, Parlor

Pinochle Wednesday, June 13 6:30 pm, Chapel

KFC Strawberry and Ice Cream Social Saturday, June 16 1:30 pm, Parlor

Craft Day Saturday, June 16 10:00 am-5:00 pm Fellowship Hall There are plenty of tables for all CRAFTERS… including quilters. The fellowship is awesome and there is always laughter. Come and create!

the church office by Sunday, June 17. • CYF Camp (grades 9-12) July 29-August 4 • Chi Rho Camp (grades 6-8) August 5-10 • JYF Camp (grades 3-5) August 12-16 You can find forms and information on the youth bulletin board.

Salem Interfaith Hospitality Network Salem FCC is the hosting church for overnight stay. June 17-23, Fellowship Hall See cover and page 6 for more details.

VBS Meeting Sunday, June 24 12:30 pm, Fellowship Hall

Rebuilders Fieldtrip Tuesday, June 26 8:30 am, meet at the church See page 6 for more details.

Alzheimer's Group Wednesday, June 27 1:00 pm, Chapel

Happy Independence Day! Wednesday, July 4

Scroll SubmissionsAll items need to be 100 words or less and due no later than Monday at 10:00 am– June 18 Email to- or drop off in Melissa’s box.

Summer Solstice Wednesday, June 20 Summer begins with the longest day of the year.

Book Club Thursday, June 21 2:00 pm, Library

Young Adult Fellowship Thursday, June 21 6:30 pm, Youth Lounge

Wedding Shower for Chris Snow & Jenn Webb Sunday, July 8 2:00 pm, Chapel

Babylon Vacation Bible School July 22-26 See page 5 for more details.

11 期


标记你的日历 年轻成年人友谊 6 月 7 日星期四 6:30pm,年轻人休息室

奥帕·卡森追思会 6 月 10 日礼拜天 3:00pm,礼拜堂

祈祷服侍 6 月 12 日,19 日, 26 日 6:45am,礼拜堂 详见第 6 页“祈祷角“

祈祷披肩组 6 月 13 日星期三 2:00pm 会客室

教堂营 注册表格 6 月 17 日礼拜天 截止于教堂办公室。 ● CYF 营(9-12 年级) 7 月 29 日—8 月 4 日 ● Chi Rho 营 (6-8 年级) 8 月 5-10 日 ● JYF 营(3-5 年级) 8 月 12-16 日 你可以在年轻人公告栏找到 表格和信息。

撒冷不同信仰款待 网络 撒冷第一基督教堂做主人 招待过夜住宿的人。 6 月 17-23 日 友谊大厅 详见封面和第 6 页 。

特别咖啡时间 6 月 24 日礼拜天 诺尔&马瑞那·菲力普斯 和杰瑞&戴尼·瓦特森庆 祝他们结婚 45 周年。

VBS 会议 6 月 24 日礼拜天 12:30pm 友谊大厅

重建者的外出活动 6 月 26 日星期二 8:30am 在教堂相聚 详见第 6 页

老年痴呆症组 6 月 27 日星期三 1:00pm 礼拜堂

皮诺驰 6 月 13 日星期三 6:30pm,礼拜堂

KFC 草莓和冰激凌 联谊会 6 月 16 日星期六 1:30pm 会客室



所有稿件需要 100 字或少于 100 字,不晚于 6 月 18 日星 期一 10:00am 。发 E-mail 给 或投递到美丽莎信箱里。

7 月 4 日星期三

克瑞斯·斯诺&简 尼·威伯婚礼送礼会 7 月 8 日礼拜天 2:00pm,礼拜堂

夏天联谊会 手工日 6 月 16 日星期六 10:00am –5:00pm 友谊大厅 有充足的桌子为所有 手工者...包括拼布。友 谊是令人敬畏的,总是 有笑。来创造!

6 月 20 日星期三 本年中夏天最长的一天。

图书俱乐部 6 月 21 日星期四 2:00pm 图书馆

年轻成年人友谊 6 月 21 日星期四 6:30pm 年轻人休息室

巴比伦假日圣经 学校 7 月 22-26 日 详见第 5 页



For Children and Youth Summer Flickers of Fun from Laurie

Flurries from Chris

Happy Summer Everyone! Here is a flicker of what is to come this summer for our children:

It is hard to believe that another school year is almost over. As summer is quickly approaching I can not help but look forward to all of the activities that are planned for the summer. While at the same time looking back at all of the adventures the youth and I embarked upon over the past year. The big events of the summer are the youth group’s mission experience. We are staying at the church over night, while during the day going out to the community to learn about the realities of hunger and working to help fight hunger.

JUNE: • Potter’s Workshop Sunday School theme: Treasures in Heaven • Camp registration deadline: June 17 • JYF Fishing trip: TBA JULY: • Potter’s Workshop Sunday School theme: Gems of the Kingdom • Vacation Bible School: July 22-26, 5:52-8:30 pm AUGUST: • Potter’s Workshop Sunday School theme: Shadow of Good Things to Come • JYF Camp for children who have finished grades 3-5: August 12-17 JUNE 19-AUGUST 22: • Families can take their children to $1 Movies at Lancaster Mall Stadium 11, every Tuesday and Wednesday at 10:00 am

Vacation Bible School Bring your kids to Babylon, where Daniel had courage in captivity. You will travel back into Bible times—without even leaving our community. Each day, your children can become part of history as they see, hear, touch, and even taste what it was like to live in Babylon! You will explore the marketplace shops, visit Daniel, take part in games, dance to lively Bible songs, and sample tasty tidbits as you discover more about Daniel’s adventures in Babylon. These experiences make God’s Word come alive with new meaning for all who participate! Mark these dates on your calendar: JULY 22-26 The adventure starts at 5:52 pm and will end at 8:30 pm. Registration begins Sunday, June 24, after church. Sincerely, Betty and Laurie Your Babylon VBS Directors

The other big event this summer is, of course, summer camp. This is a chance for our youth to join together with youth from around the Oregon region for a week of fun, fellowship, learning, and worship. Each year I watch our youth head off to camp and then return with wonderful stories and insights that were gained while at camp. The dates for camp this year are; High School July 29-August 4, and Middle School August 5-10. Registration forms are available on the youth bulletin board as well as on the regional website at We do realize the cost of camp can be problematic for families and that is why we have a long history of paying half of the camp fees for all of our campers who have attended at least five weekly church events from September until the registration deadline. The deadline for registration forms to be turned into the church office is Sunday, June 17. If you have any questions or would like more information, contact Chris Snow in the church office. Peace, Chris Snow

Dates to Remember: • • • •

Camp Registrations Due June 17 Youth Group Mission Experience July 22-26 CYF Camp July 29-August 4 Chi Rho Camp August 5-10

11 期


为孩子们和年轻人 来自劳瑞夏天的有趣的闪光 每个人夏天快乐! 天为孩子们的:


6月 ● 波特的工厂主日学主题: 天国珠宝 ● 营注册截止日期是:6 月 17 日 ● JYF 钓鱼旅行:TBA

7月 ●  波特的工厂主日学主题:天国宝石 ● 假日圣经学校:7 月 22-26 日, 5:52-8:30pm

8月 ● 波特的工厂主日学主题: 好事带来的阴影 ● JYF 营已经完成 3-5 年级的孩子们: 8 月 12-17 日

6 月 19-8 月 22 日: ● 在兰卡斯特大型购物中心 11 体育场,家 庭可以带孩子们去看$1 电影。每星期二 和星期三 10:00am

假日圣经学校 带你的小孩子们到巴比伦,在这里但以理 在被囚禁的时候有勇气。你将会漫游回圣 经的时代—甚至不用离开我们的社区。 每天,当你的孩子们看、听、触碰、甚至 尝到就象是住在巴比伦的时候,他们能够 变成历史的一部分。你将会探索市场商店、 访问但以理、参加做游戏、跟着生动的圣 经歌舞蹈、当你发现更多但以理在巴比伦 的冒险的时候引人入胜的有趣花絮例子。 这些体验让神的话对所有参与者来说活生 生有了新意。 在你的日历上标记这些时间:7 月 22-26 日 冒险 5:52pm 开始,8:30pm 结束。 注册 6 月 24 日礼拜天服侍后开始。 诚挚的 贝蒂和劳瑞 你的巴比伦假日圣经学校指导

来自克瑞斯的小雪 很难相信又一个学年几乎过去了。当夏 天很快到来的时候,我禁不住盼望夏天 所有的活动计划好。与此同时,我回想 着和年轻人去年所做的所有冒险。夏天 的大事是年轻人组的布道体验。我们在 教堂过夜,白天要去社区学习真实的饥 饿并作工去帮助战胜饥饿。 另一个夏天的大事当然是夏令营。这是 我们年轻人的一个机会,与俄勒冈地区 的年轻人一起度过有趣、友谊、学习和 敬拜的一周。每年我观察我们的年轻人 绕道去夏令营,带着精彩的故事和在夏 令营中的深刻见解返回。今年夏令营的 时间是:高中是 7 月 29-8 月 4 日,初中 是 8 月 5-10 日。注册表格可以在年轻人 公告栏以及 的 网站找到。 我真正意识到了夏令营的成本成为家庭 的问题,就是为什么我们有悠久的历史 付一半夏令营的费用为所有的营员,他 们参加教堂的活动至少 5 周,从 9 月直 到注册截止日。注册表格的截止日期 6 月 17 日把表格送回到教堂办公室。如果 你有任何问题或者想知道更多信息,联 系教堂办公室的克瑞斯·斯诺。 平安 克瑞斯·斯诺

记住日期 : ● 营的注册截止到 6 月 17 日 ● 年轻人组布道体验 7 月 22-26 日 ● CYF 营 7 月 29-8 月 4 日 ● Chi Rho 营 8 月 5-10 日



Here at FCC Prayer Corner

Welcome Desk Volunteers Needed

Romans 8:26 “In the same way, the Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groans that words cannot express. And he who searches our hearts knows the mind of the Spirit, because the Spirit intercedes for the saints in accordance with God’s will.”

For Sunday mornings after the 9:30 am service and/or after the 11:00 service.

Please join us on Tuesday evenings at 6:45 pm for worship and prayer. Each Sunday morning, groups are praying from 9:00 until 9:40 am, and 10:30-10:50 am for the services and people in attendance of our services. If you are being led by God for this blessed service, please contact Allison in the church office, where you will be able to locate the groups.

Check It Out! The beginning of Tuesday night prayer service this week prompts me to mention three books on prayer for your edification. In a recent sermon, Pastor Bob mentioned “Too Busy Not to Pray” by Bill Hybels. This book offers practical ideas of how to slow down and take time to pray in our busy world. “Breakthrough Prayer” by Jim Cymbala comes highly recommended by Thursday Night Bible Study. Phil Patterson, after reading “Prayer – Finding the Heart’s True Home” by Richard Foster, commented that it was one of the best books on prayer he has read. Look for these books in your church Library, set apart on a shelf near the prayer section. May reading them bless your richly! Betty Charnholm Librarian

Come by the Welcome Desk to sign-up or contact Julie Hanna if you have any questions.

Rebuilders Alert! We are going on a summer fieldtrip to the Tillamook Forest Center for fun and a learning experience. This event will be on Tuesday, June 26, leaving the church at 8:30 am to return in the late afternoon. You are encouraged to bring a picnic lunch with you. There are some “items” for sale at the Center. This Center is 22 miles east of Tillamook on highway 6. We are hoping to go and get ice cream before returning home. Please call the church office to sign up for this event.

Marriage Encounter September 28-30, 2012 Worldwide Marriage Encounter is 44 hours where married couples can get away from jobs, kids, chores, phones, and focus on each other. Space is limited; register soon to secure your space. Where to go for information: Brochure and registration– Information Center Wilbur & Lela Jackson– 503-378-0335 Pastor Bob Hanna– 503-363-9273

11 期


在第一教堂这里 祈祷角


罗马书 8:26“况且,我们的软弱有圣灵的 帮助,我们本不晓得当怎样祷告,只是圣 灵亲自用说不出来的叹息替我们祷告。监 察人心的,晓得圣灵的意思,因为圣灵照 着神的旨意替圣徒祈求 。“

礼拜天早晨 9:30am 服侍和/或 11:00am 服侍。 来欢迎桌注册或有任何问题联系朱丽·汉那。

请在 6:45pm 星期二晚上参加我们的 敬拜祈祷。 每礼拜天早晨,组从 9:00 直到 9:40am , 10:30-10:50am 为服侍和祈祷我们服侍参 加的人祈祷。如果你被神带领来这个蒙祝 福的服侍,请联系教堂办公室的艾里森, 会安排你在组里。

重建者留心! 我们打算夏天外出活动到提拉木克森林 中心来一个有趣的和学习的体验。 这个活动将在 6 月 26 日星期二 8:30am 离 开教堂,在午后返回。 鼓励你带野餐午餐。 有一些“物品”在中心销售。这个中心提拉 木克东 6 号公路 22 英里。 我们希望在回家之前去得到冰激凌。请打 电话到教堂办公室注册。

夫妻恳谈 看一看! 这周星期二晚上开始的服侍马上让我想到 三本书来启迪你的祈祷。在最近布道,鲍 勃牧师提到比尔·赫伯斯的《越忙越不祈 祷》。这本书提及实用的观点:如何在我 们繁忙的世界里放缓并花时间祈祷。 吉姆·西姆巴拉写的《祈祷突破》,被星 期四晚上的查经高度认可。腓力·帕特森 读了里查德·弗斯特《祈祷—找到心灵真正 的家》,评论这是他读过的祈祷中最好的 一本书。在我们教堂图书馆寻找这些书, 在祈祷部分附近的书架上。愿读这些书祝 福你丰富! 贝蒂·查霍姆 图书管理员

2012 年 9 月 28-30 日 世界范围的夫妻恳谈是 44 小时已婚夫妇能 离开工作、小孩们、杂务、电话并聚焦在 彼此。 空间有限;速来注册确保你的空间。 哪里获得信息: 小册子和注册--信息中心 威伯&来拉·杰克森--503-378-0335 鲍勃·汉那牧师--503-363-9273



Housekeeping Serving Sunday, June 10

Serving Sunday, June 17

ELDERS 8:30 & 9:30 am– Mary Ann Smith 11:00 am– Gene Clemens, Claire Widener, Ron Nelson, Dave Rehbehn, Orin Bruton

ELDERS 8:30 & 9:30 am– Kim Resch 11:00 am– Orin Bruton, Bud Pierce, Claire Widener, Kent Hazelwood, Virginia Krebs

JUNE DEACONS 8:30 am Service– Bob Adams, Faith Coleman 9:30 am Service– Robin Bigham, Deanna Costello 11:00 am Service– Ione Adolf, Justin Bolen, Gary & Linda Danielson, Judy Garrett, Jim Kinkaid, Gene & Shirley Pilcher, Joe Resch, Bambi Rux Choir: Jim & Penny Blackwell

JUNE DEACONS 8:30 am Service– Bob Adams, Faith Coleman 9:30 am Service– Robin Bigham, Deanna Costello 11:00 am Service– Ione Adolf, Justin Bolen, Gary & Linda Danielson, Judy Garrett, Jim Kinkaid, Gene & Shirley Pilcher, Joe Resch, Bambi Rux Choir: Jim & Penny Blackwell

SATURDAY FILL Dena Gish, Faith Coleman

SATURDAY FILL Margaret Cleveland

COMMUNION CLEAN UP Bob & Janet Schafer Bruce & Judy Gilbertson

COMMUNION CLEAN UP Duane & Audrey Setness Shari Ridings, Marilyn Ross

COFFEE HOUR Bob & Virginia Krebs

COFFEE HOUR Jeff & Barbara Leisman

HOLY GROUNDS Colleen Revello, Rebecca Revello

HOLY GROUNDS Rebecca Revello, Riane Towery

FLOWERS In remembrance of Opal Carson by her family.

FLOWERS From Donna & Lyly Mason in celebration of their 57th wedding anniversary.

N U M B 3 R S

May 20, 2012

May 27, 2012

June 3, 2012

GIVING General– $4932.27 Building– $75 Special Offering– $132

GIVING General– $4680.07 Building– $0 Special Offering– $390

GIVING General– $12,404.13 Building– $110 Special Offering– $25

ATTENDANCE 8:30– 38 / 9:30– 88 11:00– 200 Sunday School– 124

ATTENDANCE 8:30– 46 / 9:30– 94 11:00– 192 Sunday School– 100

ATTENDANCE 8:30– 36 / 9:30– 101 11:00– 194 Sunday School– 105

11 期


家务 6 月 10 日服侍礼拜天

6 月 17 日服侍礼拜天

长老 长老 8:30&9:30am -玛丽亚·安·史密斯 8:30&9:30am --金·瑞斯驰 11:00am –简尼·克来门斯,克来尔·威德呢, 11:00am --奥瑞·布如顿,巴德·皮尔斯,克 让·尼尔森,达夫·瑞宾汉,奥瑞·布鲁顿 来尔·威德呢,肯特·哈兹伍德,弗吉尼 6 月执事 亚·科伯斯 8:30am 服侍--鲍勃·亚当斯,费斯·克来曼 6 月执事 9:30am 服侍—罗宾·比格汉姆,迪那·科斯 8:30am 服侍--鲍勃·亚当斯,费斯·克来曼 泰洛 9:30am 服侍--罗宾·比格汉姆,迪那·卡斯 11:00am 服侍—艾奥尼·阿道夫,贾斯汀·伯 泰洛 伦,嘎瑞&琳达·丹尼尔森,朱迪·嘎瑞特, 11:00am 服侍--艾奥尼·阿道夫,贾斯汀·伯 吉姆·金凯德,简尼&舍丽·皮尔驰,乔·瑞 伦,嘎瑞&琳达·丹尼尔森,朱迪·嘎瑞特, 斯驰,巴姆比·如克斯 诗歌:吉姆&潘 吉姆·金凯德,简尼&舍丽·皮尔驰,乔·瑞 尼·布莱克维尔 斯驰,巴姆比·如克斯 星期六填写 诗歌:吉姆&潘尼·布莱克维尔 戴那·基斯,费斯·克来曼 星期六填写 圣餐清扫 玛格丽特·克里夫兰 鲍勃&简尼特·斯查夫 圣餐清扫 布如斯&朱迪·吉布森 端尼&奥椎·赛特尼斯 咖啡时间 沙瑞·瑞汀斯,马瑞丽恩·柔斯 鲍勃&弗吉尼亚·科伯斯 咖啡时间 圣地 杰夫&巴巴拉·雷斯曼 科林·瑞沃勒,瑞贝卡·瑞沃勒 圣地 花 瑞贝卡·瑞沃勒,瑞尼·托瑞 奥帕·卡森的家庭纪念她 花 多那&丽丽·马森庆祝结婚 57 周年

数 字 追 凶

2012 年 5 月 20 日 给 总数--$4932.27 建筑物--$75 特别供应--$132 参加 8:30-38/9:30-88 11:00-200 主日学—124

2012 年 5 月 27 日 给 总数--$4580.07 建筑物--$0 特别供应--$390 参加 8:30-46/9:30-94 11:00-192 主日学—100

2012 年 6 月 3 日 给 总数--$12,404.13 建筑物--$110 特别供应--$25 参加 8:30-36/9:30-101 11:00-194 主日学--105

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June 7, 2012 En-Chinese  

Happy early Father's Day (where applicable- ladies, last month was yours), Melissa Houston Attached is the Church Scro...

June 7, 2012 En-Chinese  

Happy early Father's Day (where applicable- ladies, last month was yours), Melissa Houston Attached is the Church Scro...