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Sunny July Greetings, Attached is the Church Scroll. "God, you are my God. I search for you. I thirst for you like someone in a dry, empty land where there is no water. Because your love is better than life, I will praise you." Psalm 63:1,3 July 26, 2012.pdf 309K ViewDownload 阳光的 7 月问候 附上教堂书卷 “神啊,你是我的 神,我要切切地寻求你,在干旱疲乏无水之地,我渴想你;我的心 切慕你。因你的慈爱比生命更好,我的嘴唇要颂赞你。“诗篇 63:1,3

The Church Scroll The First Christian Church ~ Disciples of Christ ~ Salem, Oregon Church Services ~ 8:30 am, 9:30 am & 11:00 am ~ Sunday School ~ 9:45 & 11:00 am Volume 70 #14

“Reaching Up and Reaching Out”

July 26, 2012

10:30 am Combined Worship Sunday, July 29 Chuck Shorow is preaching. No Sunday School. Following worship is the . . . What’s Inside Stewardship Thought pg. 2 Prayer Corner pg. 2 Celebrating our Church Family pg. 3 New Directories pg. 3

Inside Church Picnic IT IS HERE! The church picnic is this Sunday, July 29, in the basement of the church. Hamburgers, hot dogs, barbequed beef, buns and condiments! JD’s baked beans and some homemade ice cream! We are requesting you bring either a salad or side dish to complete the menu.

Children’s Message pg. 5

This is also the 50th wedding anniversary for Orin & Karna Bruton; 24th wedding anniversary for Brad & Audrey Hirsch, so a special anniversary cake will be there for this celebration!

Youth Message pg. 5

You will not want to miss the exciting celebration!

Calendar pg. 4

Concert in the Park pg. 6 Housekeeping pg. 7

教堂书卷 第一基督教堂~基督使徒~俄勒冈州撒冷 教堂服侍~8:30am,9:30am&11:00am~主日学~9:45&11:00am 70 卷第 14 期 “达到和延伸“ 2012 年 7 月 26 日

10:30am 合一起敬拜 7 月 29 日礼拜天 查克·绍柔将布道。

没有主日学。 跟着敬拜下来是...


教堂内部野餐 管理思想 pg.2 祈祷角 pg.2 庆祝我们的 教堂大家庭 pg.3 新教堂目录 pg.3 日历 pg.4 孩子们的消息 pg.5 年轻人的消息 pg.5 公园里的音乐会 pg.6 家务 pg.7

就在这里!教堂的野餐是 7 月 29 日礼拜天,在教堂地下室 有:汉堡包、热狗、烤牛肉、小园面包和调味料!JD 家的 烤豆和一些家制的冰激凌! 我们需要你带或者一道沙拉或配菜来完成菜单。 这也是庆祝奥尼&卡那·布鲁顿结婚 50 周年;布拉德&奥 椎·赫斯驰结婚 24 周年,所以有一份特别的周年蛋糕为 这庆祝准备! 你不会想错过这令人激动的庆祝!


Stewardship Thought EGADS! NOT AGAIN! Ouch. There it is, another Stewardship letter. Nag, nag, nag. Always asking for money. Never satisfied. Mumble, grumble, complain. "Don't they think I have enough to worry about without always having to think about church finances?” Huh. I know just how you feel; I'm a member too. Actually, we do not always ask for money at First Christian Church; choosing to believe that contributions to your church should be faith-based and spiritually motivated. On the whole we have been quietly restrained in the "passing-the-hat" department. But now, maybe it is time to bang the drums just a little. O.K. As chair of your Stewardship Committee, I am spiritually motivated to tell you we are falling down on the job. Just a little. Our stewardship is lagging. (Just a little nag). We are in danger of not meeting our monthly budget which reflects our priorities as a serving, caring church. You know that Money matters. Perhaps now is the time to talk enthusiastically about the rewards of generosity. Perhaps we need to remind people that God's gifts always out-shine our own. That with renewed giving, comes renewed blessings. Nothing really belongs to us anyway, so you might as well give some of it away, right off the top. We ask you to consider carefully your personal commitment. If you are a regular giver, try a tithe. Or, alternatively, you might consider giving 10 percent more than what you regularly give. However you choose to respond, you will be blessed. You may just prevent another stewardship letter. Virginia Krebs Stewardship Chair


Sunday Sermon 8:30, 9:30 and 11:00 am July 29– Chuck Shorow, at a 10:30 am combined worship. No Sunday School. “Write the Ending First” Luke 12:13-21 August 5– Alan Brown August 12– Joyce Frame

Prayer Corner I Thessalonians 5:16-18 “Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” Simple to memorize, easy to follow, rewards are priceless. If you are not able to participate in the Prayer Gathering on Tuesdays at 6:45 pm, daily practice this encouraging scripture in your own life. In the Sanctuary you will find the faithful attendees: joyful, praying and praising. You are welcome to come and join us.

To All Women of Salem First Christian Church You are invited to a

Fellowship in the Garden Saturday, August 11 10:30 am Anna Russell's Garden 4653 19th Ct. S, Salem RSVP 503-585-8077 or 503-393-5306. (Car Pooling is a good option!) Sponsored by Christian Women's Fellowship

14 期

管理思想 噢主!不要再这样!



7 月 29 日—查克·绍柔 10:30am 合一起 哎呦!又是另一封管理思想的信。唠叨、唠 敬拜,没有主日学。 叨、唠叨。总是问钱的事。从不满意。咕噜、 “写在第一次结束“路加福音 咕噜抱怨:“他们不认为:我足够担忧不总是 12:13-21 思考教堂的财务吗?“ 8 月 5 日--阿兰·布朗 哈!我知道你们怎样的感受;我也是其中的 8 月 12 日--乔伊斯·福瑞姆 一员。事实上,在第一基督教堂我们不总是 问钱的事情;选择相信奉献给你的教堂应该 祈祷角 是基于信仰的基础和圣灵的感动。整个过程 帖撒罗尼迦前书 5:16-18”要常常喜乐, 我们已经在“行行好“的部门非常约束了。可 不住祷告,凡事谢恩,因为这是神在基 是现在我们或许到了敲锣打鼓的时候,就一 督里向你们所定的旨意。“简单的记忆, 会儿。O.K.作为咱们管理思想委员会的主席 容易跟上,无价的回报。 我受圣灵感动来告诉你们我们失职了。 就 如果你不能参与星期二 6:45pm 的祈 一点点。我们的管理思想脱后腿了。(就 祷聚会 ,就每天在生命中实践这段鼓 是一点唠叨)。我们危险了,对不上我们每 励的经文。在礼拜堂,你们将找到忠实 月的预算,反思我们首先是一个服侍、关心 的参加者:欢乐、祈祷和赞美。欢迎你 的教堂。你知道钱的事。 来参加到我们中来。 当然,现在是时候来满腔热情地谈论慷慨的 回报。当然我们需要记得神给人的恩赐总是 给所有撒冷第一基督教堂的 从我们自己照射出去。来重新更新给予,而 妇女们 重新更新恩赐。没有什么真正地属于我们, 邀请你们来参加 因此你可以也把它们赠送出来,立刻第一 花园里的友谊 的赠送。我们请你仔细考虑你个人承担的义 8 月 11 日星期六 务。如果你日常给予,尝试一下十一奉献, 10:30am 或者考虑超过你日常奉献的 10%来代替。然 安娜·罗素家的花园 而你选择的回答是你将会蒙福。你可以合理 4653 19th Ct.S,Salem 的阻止另一封管理思想的信。 RSVP 503-585-8077 或 503-393-5306。 (合伙用车是好的选择) 弗吉尼亚·科伯斯 基督教妇女友谊会 管理思想主席 主办



Celebrating our Church Family Birthdays July John Erickson Andy Jackson Virginia Krebs Dee Mackaman Cory Shay Kenny Shay Derek Stebbins

August 29 31 31 31 31 31 31

August Tina Cox Debbie Hegr Dena Turner Judy Brown Margi Wolski

Prayers For

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Marilynn Carlisle Wally Bryant Kylie Buckmaster Gene Pilcher Delores Seeds Niki Clausen Shirley Evenhus Jim Blackwell Margaret Brutscher Bob McAllister Arleen Olson Riane Towery Tracy Jones Alia McKenzie Webb Terwilliger

6 7 7 7 8 9 9 10 10 10 10 10 11 11 11

New Directory A new church directory has been created which includes email addresses. (It had current information as of July 1st!) The directories are located at the Information Center for you to take one home. Thank you Donna Rennick for all your hard work.

Larry Crom, on hospice care. Pastor Bob Hanna, on a sabbatical. Marica Iken’s sister and brother-in-law, heath concerns. Betty Patterson, having knee surgery on August 6. Claude Shinn, recovering at home from pacemaker surgery. Phaye Talley, recovering from a stroke. She is at Salem Hospital’s In-patient Rehabilitation Center. Jerry Watson, health concerns.

Condolences Susan Brooks passed away on July 17. Our prayers and sympathies go out to her husband Roger and to the rest of her family. Her funeral is on Monday, July 30, at St. Joseph's Catholic Church in Salem Rosary at 1:30 pm, with a Mass at 2:00 pm.


During Pastor Bob’s sabbatical, please call the church office for pastoral needs. During non-office hours, please call Allison Pfaff at 503-851 -5934. Pastor Bob is on a sabbatical until August 15.

Flower Calendar The 2012 Flower Calendar is on the bulletin board by the staff offices. Please consider sharing your memories and celebrations with your church family through flowers. Thank you.

14 期


庆祝我们的教堂大家庭 生日


7月 约翰 ·伊瑞克森 安迪·杰克森 弗吉尼亚·科伯斯 迪·马卡曼 科瑞·赛 肯尼·赛 德克·斯坦宾斯

29 31 31 31 31 31 31

8月 蒂那·考克斯 戴比·赫格 戴那·特纳 朱迪·布朗 马吉·沃斯基

1 2 2 3 5

8月 拉瑞·克鲁姆, 临终关怀 马瑞丽恩·卡丽斯勒 6 鲍勃·汉那,在安息日 瓦利·布瑞扬特 7 马瑞霞·艾肯的姐姐和姐夫,健康关怀。 凯利·巴克马斯特 7 贝蒂·彼德森,8 月 6 日膝部手术。 简尼·皮尔驰 7 克劳德·施恩,做起搏器手术,在家康复 德罗斯·希德斯 8 中。 尼基·克劳森 9 费耶·塔利,从中风中康复。她在撒冷 舍丽·伊文哈斯 9 医院的康复病人住院中心。 吉姆·布莱克威尔 10 杰瑞·沃特森,健康关怀。 玛格丽特·布鲁斯驰 10 鲍勃·迈克阿里斯特 10 哀悼 阿丽恩·奥森 10 苏珊·布鲁克斯 7 月 17 日去世。我们的 瑞尼·托瑞 10 祈祷和怜悯给她的丈夫罗吉和她其余 翠西·琼斯 11 的家人。 阿丽·迈克肯泽 11 她的葬礼在 7 月 30 日在 1:30pm 在 威伯·特威里格 11 撒冷罗沙瑞的圣约瑟的天主教堂举行。 2:00pm 做弥撒。

新目录 一个教堂新目录已经建立起来,包括 email 地址。(它的信息就像是 7 月 1 日的) 目录位于信息中心,为你备好带一份回家。 谢谢唐那·润尼克为此付出的努力。

注意了: 鲍勃牧师安息日期间,有牧 养的需要,请打电话到教堂办公室。在 非办公时间,请打电话给艾里森·帕法 夫 503-851-5934。鲍勃牧师的安息 日直到 15 日。

花的日历 2012 年花的日历是工作人员写在公 告栏上。 请考虑与教堂大家庭通过花来分享你 的记忆和庆祝。 谢谢



Mark Your Calendars Combined Worship Sunday, July 29 10:30 am, Sanctuary Chuck Shorow is preaching. No Sunday School.

Inside Church Picnic Sunday, July 29 Fellowship Hall Following the 10:30 am combined worship.

Elevator Modernization The elevator will not be available for use between July 30-August 17.

Prayer Gathering Tuesdays, July 31, August 7, 14 6:45 am, Sanctuary See page 2 “Prayer Corner” for more details.

Young Adult Fellowship Thursday, August 2 6:30 pm, Youth Lounge

Scroll SubmissionsAll items need to be 100 words or less and due no later than Monday at 10:00 am– August 6 Email to- or drop off in Melissa’s box.

Prayer Shawl Ministry

Board Meeting

Wednesday, August 8 2:00 pm, Parlor

Sunday, August 19 12:30 pm, Fellowship Hall


Alzheimer's Group

Wednesday, August 8 6:30 pm, Chapel

Wednesday, August 22 1:00 pm, Chapel

AMPT Concert in the Park

Rebuilders Potluck Lunch

Friday, August 10 5:30 pm at Riverfront Park, Salem See page 6 for more details.

Tuesday, August 28 12:00 pm, Chapel This is a support group for any and all who are rebuilding from any life experiences.

Fellowship in the Garden All Women are Invited Saturday, August 11 10:30 am Anna Russell's Garden See page 2 for more details.

CWF Meeting Thursday, August 16 10:00 am, Parlor

Book Club Thursday, August 16 1:00 pm, Library

Craft Day Saturday, August 18 10:00 am-5:00 pm Fellowship Hall There are plenty of tables for all CRAFTERS… including quilters. The fellowship is awesome and there is always laughter. Come and create!

14 期


标记你的日历 合一起敬拜



7 月 29 日礼拜天 10:30am 礼拜堂 查克·绍柔布道 没有主日学

8 月 8 日星期三 2:00pm 会客室

8 月 19 日礼拜天 12:30pm 友谊大厅

教堂内部野餐 7 月 29 日礼拜天 友谊大厅 跟着 10:30am 合一起 敬拜。

电梯现代化 电梯在 7 月 30 日—8 月 17 日将不能使用。

祈祷聚会 7 月 31 日,8 月 7 日, 14 日 6:45am,礼拜堂 更多消息详见“祷告角“

年轻成年人友谊 8 月 2 日星期四 6:30pm,年轻人休息室

皮诺驰 8 月 8 日星期三 6:30pm,礼拜堂

AMPT 公园里的 音乐会 8 月 10 日星期五 5:30pm 在撒冷河前公园 详见第 6 页

花园里的友谊 邀请所有的妇女 8 月 11 日星期六 10:30am 安那·罗素家 详见第 2 页

CWF 会议 8 月 16 日星期四 10:00am 会客室

书卷投稿 所有的稿件需要 100 字 或 100 字以内,不晚于 8 月 6 日星期一 10:00am 发 E mail 给 或投递到美丽莎信箱里。

图书俱乐部 8 月 16 日星期四 1:00pm,图书馆

手工日 8 月 18 日星期六 10:00am –5:00pm 友谊大厅 有充足的桌子为所有 手工者...包括拼布。 友谊是令人敬畏的,总 是有笑。来创造!

老年痴呆症组 8 月 22 日星期三 1:00pm 礼拜堂

重建者幸运锅午餐 8 月 28 日星期二 12:00pm 礼拜堂 这是一个为任何所有从 任何生命经历中重建者 提供帮助的支持组。



For Children and Youth A Little Light from Laurie

Flurries from Chris

There once was an ambitious Children’s Ministries Director, who found a great Vacation Bible School curriculum based on the book of Daniel with the overall thought of, “what’s right is not always popular and what’s popular is not always right.” She liked it so much she decided to take on this huge Bible-times project for the children of the church.

As I am writing this, the youth and I are immersed in our five day mission experience. We have six youth engaged in the work for our community. They are: B.J. Hirsch, Dominic Sinibaldi, Megan Eno, Jenna Hermann, Jordan Strehlow, and Cheyenne Schnelle.

“But how can I do it myself?” she asked herself, momentarily panicked. Betty Charnholm said, “Oh I can do that.” And Nancy Stebbins said, “I would LOVE to help!” And then Dena Turner and Teri Garland said, “that sounds fun!” and along came Christine Sinibaldi who said, “I can sing that!” And Robbie Adams said, “I can paint that!” Then came Kathy & Alan Brown, Dena Gish, Margaret Cleveland, Jan and Aliyah Jackson, Kim Otis, Jessica and Emily Snyder, Sandra Gross, Madyson Jones, Shannon Endler, Donna Shay, Ann Krummel, Craig & Becky Johnson, Kim Resch, Doris Jackson, Carol Talley, Wayne and MaryAnn Smith, Doug & Lorna Johnson, Sherina Walle, Tina Cox, Ryan & Kristen Rux, Bob & Janet Schafer, Judy Brown, Megan and Joy Eno, Virginia Krebs, Claire Widener, Ed Gish, Shelli McKenzie, Izzy Whitlock, Jim Blackwell, Judy Aldredge, Ione Adolf, Nicole Rux, Joyce Zook, Val McCarty, Natalie Clark, Rebecca Revello, BJ Hirsch, David DeZee, Cindy & Ron Nelson, Justin Williams, Zane Ridings (aka: M.C. Zanzabar), and three Dyer boys: Daniel, CJ and Joe, who said “Yes mom, whatever you want help with!” People came from far and wide to pray, donate, paint, paper, haul, tape, paint, paper, haul, donate, teach, play, sing, craft, shop, feed, and share God’s love at Babylon Vacation Bible School. Thank you one and all for sharing your talents, love and generosity. Laurie Dyer

All the projects we are taking on this week are no more than two miles from the church. On Monday we worked at the Interfaith Hospitality Network day center, Tuesday we were at a community garden close to Fred Meyers in North Salem, Wednesday we toured the Marion-Polk Food Share and worked at the Oregon School for the Deaf community garden. On Thursday we concluded our work projects by working at the HOME Youth and Resource Center. All of these locations helped our youth see there is a real need in our community for service. It is a reminder of the need for the whole church body to get out and serve the community. There is always more than enough work to be done, but not always enough people willing to help. I would encourage you to think about this as we prepare for a Service Sunday in September. For some, this is a time for our church to rally around a number of projects that will help our community. This idea of making our service our worship, has begun to spread around the Disciples in Oregon. I heard of other congregations planning their own version of Service Sunday, with the understanding there is the need to focus our lives in Christ– outwards and away from ourselves and towards our community. Peace, Chris Snow

Quick Note: If you have borrowed the knitting looms during a previous Service Sunday please return it to the youth lounge. We are missing most of our knitting looms.

14 期


为孩子们和年轻人 来自劳瑞的一点光           来自克瑞斯的小雪 曾经有一位牧养指导发现了一个伟大的    在我打算写文章的时候,我和年轻人正 假日圣经学校课程,是根据但以理书的    沉浸在我们5天的的布道体验中。我们 全部思考是:“对不总是流行,流行的     有6个年轻人参与了为社区做工。他们 不总是对的。“她非常喜欢这个想法就决    是:B.J.赫斯驰、多米尼克·辛巴迪、麦 定去呈现这个巨大的圣经时间项目为教 跟·艾诺、简那·赫曼、乔丹·斯垂豪和切 堂里的孩子们。 尼·斯驰奈勒。 “但我自己怎样做呢?“她问自己,暂时有 所有我们这一周呈现的项目离教堂不超 点恐慌。贝蒂·查霍姆说:“哦,我可以做 过 2 英里的路程。星期一我们在不同信 这个。“接着南希·斯坦宾斯说:“我爱帮助 仰款待网络日中心。星期二我们在社区 做!“接着蒂那·特纳和泰瑞·嘎兰德说: 花园离南撒冷的弗瑞德·梅耶斯很近。星 “听着有趣!”克瑞斯蒂·辛巴迪跟着说: 期三我们去马瑞恩-波克食品分享愉快的 ”我可以在这个项目里唱。“罗宾·亚当斯 转了一圈并在俄勒冈学校为聋人社区 说:“我可以在这个项目里绘画!“ 花园工作。星期四我们做我们的工作总 接着来了卡西&阿兰·布朗、迪那·基斯、 结在青年之家和资源中心工作。 玛格丽特·克来夫兰、简和阿里亚·杰克森、 所有这些地方帮助我们年轻人看到在我 金·奥蒂斯、杰西卡和艾米丽·辛德、桑 们的社区有服侍的真正需要。这也提醒 佐·格如斯、马蒂森·琼斯、沙农·安德勒、 我们整个教堂的身体需要走出去服侍社 当那·赛、安·克鲁迈尔、克瑞格&白克 区。总是有超量的工作要去做,却不总 伊·约翰森、金·瑞斯驰、多瑞斯·杰克森、 是有足够的人愿意帮助。 卡罗·塔利、瓦尼和玛丽亚·安·史密斯、道 我想鼓励你们在我们准备 9 月服侍礼 格&劳那·约翰森、舍瑞那·瓦丽、蒂那·考 拜天的时候思考这个问题。更进一步, 克斯、让&克瑞斯蒂·如克斯、鲍勃&简尼 是我们教堂鼎力相助许多项目的时候, 特·斯查夫、朱迪·布朗、麦跟和乔艾·埃诺、 这有有助于帮助我们社区。这个想法让 弗吉尼亚·科伯斯、克莱尔·威德呢、爱 我们服侍我们的敬拜已经开始传遍俄勒 德·基斯、赛丽·迈克肯泽、、伊兹·怀特劳 冈的使徒们中。随着一步步懂得需要聚 克、吉姆·布莱克维尔、朱迪·奥佐吉、艾 焦我们的生活在基督里---出去并离开我 奥尼·阿道夫、尼可·如克斯、乔伊斯·祖克、 们自己到我们社区,我听说别的会众正 瓦尔·迈卡提、纳塔利·克拉克、瑞贝卡·瑞 计划他们自己版本的服侍礼拜天。 沃勒、BJ ·赫斯驰、大卫·戴泽、辛迪& 让·尼尔森、贾斯汀·威廉姆斯、詹尼·瑞汀 平安 斯(aka:M.C.詹扎巴)和三个迪耶家的 克瑞斯·斯诺 男孩:但以理、CJ 和乔说:“是的妈妈,随 时听候您的安排!“ 立即注意了: 人们从远处的许多地方来祈祷、捐献、绘 如果你在上个服侍礼拜天借了织机,请 画、纸手工、拉来东西、打印、绘画、纸 送回到年轻人休息室。我们正找我们的 手工、拉来东西、教、玩、唱、手工、购 大部分织机。 物、喂养和分享神的爱在巴比伦假日圣经 学校。 谢谢你们每一个人分享你们的爱、才能和 慷慨。 劳瑞·迪耶



Here at FCC “Sometimes we just wear out!” That is what the faithful 23 year old lawn mower has told us! We are blessed with six men who faithfully rotate caring for the lawn, flowers and general upkeep of the outside of the building. Parts are not available for the old lawn mower, thus we are asking for donations for a replacement for church usage. If you would like to make this happen, please mark your donation as “Lawn Mower” or contact Allison in the office. Thank you.

Concert in the Park Friday, August 10 5:30 pm, the Amphitheater in Riverfront Park FCC’s own Praise Team (AMPT) is giving a concert. There will be a BBQ and some fun activities for the kids. Bring your family, friends and neighbors. We hope to see you there!

Max Meek Hike Reserve Saturday, September 8. More details to follow.

Marriage Encounter

Relatives of Founding Minister Visit FCC Two gentlemen came in the Marion Street door one morning in Spring and I was fortunately the one who greeted them. They explained this was their first visit to our church, but their history with us went back to one of our founders: John Rigdon. If, like me, you have an interest in genealogy and if, like me, you have studied our church’s beginnings, then you can imagine how thrilling this meeting was to me. I shook the hand of the man whose grandmother’s grandfather was John Rigdon. Dale Rutledge and his son Phil, from Little Rock, Washington, are the great-great and great-great-greatgrandsons of John Rigdon. In the 150th Anniversary of First Christian Church, Salem Oregon, compiled and written by Hank Arends for our sesquicentennial celebration, Rigdon is described as “an evangelist of note” who, with Alex McCarty began what was to become First Christian Church in 1855. I was privileged to introduce Dale and Phil to Bob Hanna and together we took them to the library to show them the picture of their ancestor in our 150th Anniversary book. They are shown in this photo with the book open to the page with John Rigdon’s picture.

September 28-30, 2012 Worldwide Marriage Encounter is 44 hours where married couples can get away from jobs, kids, chores, phones, and focus on each other. Space is limited; register soon to secure your space. Where to go for information: Brochure and registration– Information Center Wilbur & Lela Jackson– 503-378-0335 Pastor Bob Hanna– 503-363-9273 Dale Rutledge (right) and his son Phil (left), Spring 2012.

If you came to First Christian after 2005, I encourage you to check out the book explaining our church’s past. There is so much to discover and to honor. Sometimes you are in the right place at the right time. So it was for me on that day. Becky Johnson

14 期


在第一基督教堂这里 “有时我们就是用坏了 “ 这是我们信实的 23 年割草机告诉我们 的!我们蒙福有 6 个人信实地轮流照看 草坪、花和教堂建筑物外面的普通维护。 有些部分不能用老的草坪机,因此我们 请求捐款来替代这个教堂的惯例。如果 你愿意促成此事,将标记你的捐献为: “草坪机“或者联系教堂办公室的艾里森。 谢谢。

公园里的音乐会 8 月 10 日星期五 5:30pm,在河前公园的圆形露天剧场 FCC 自己的赞美队(AMPT)打算开一场 音乐会。将会有烧烤和有趣的活动为小孩 子们。 带上你的家庭、朋友和邻居。我们希望 在那里见到你!

马克斯·米克远足 保留 9 月 8 日星期六。更多详细接下来


创办牧师的亲戚来拜访 FCC 春天里的一天早晨,两位绅士来到马瑞恩 街的门口,我有幸成为欢迎他们的人之 一。他们解释这是他们第一次拜访我们 的教堂,但他们和我们的历史要追溯到 我们的创立者之一:约翰·瑞格登。如果, 象我一样,您对宗谱有兴趣并且如果, 象我一样,您研究过我们教堂的开始,那 么您就能想象出这次相会对我来说有多么 激动。我与这个人握手,这个人的祖母 的祖父是约翰·瑞格登。 达力·如特里吉和他儿子菲力从华盛顿州 的小岩石来,是约翰·瑞格登的曾曾和曾 曾曾外孙。在俄勒冈州撒冷的第一基督 教堂成立的 150 周年,由汉克·阿让兹遵 照并写的 150 年庆祝里,瑞格登被描述 成值得注意的宣教士,与阿里克斯·迈克 卡提开始在 1855 年成为了第一基督教堂。 我有幸把达力和腓力介绍给鲍勃·汉那并 且我们一起领他们到图书馆给他们看我 们 150 周年庆祝的书里他们祖先的照片。 他们的这张照片是打开这本书的约翰·瑞 格照片的那一页。

2012 年 9 月 28-30 日 世界范围的夫妻恳谈是 44 小时 已婚夫妇能离开工作、小孩子 们、杂务、电话聚焦在彼此。 空间有限,快点注册来保证你的空间。 那里去获得信息: 小册子和组册---信息中心 威伯&莱那·杰克森—503-378-0335 鲍勃·汉那牧师--503-363-9273 达力·如特来吉(右)和他儿子腓力(左),2012 年春。

如果你 2005 年后来第一基督教堂,我鼓励你 看一看解释我们教堂过去的书。这里有这么 多发现和值得荣耀的事。 有时你在合适的时间呆在合适的地方。那么 我那天就是这样。 白克伊·约翰森



Housekeeping Serving Sunday, July 29 ELDERS 10:30 am– Mary Ann Smith, Irene Jones, Keven Widener, Claire Widener, Alan Brown JULY DEACONS 10:30 am Service– Dena Gish, Faith Coleman, JD & Arty Day, Earnest Freeman, Judy Garrett, Jack Gill, Brian Smith, Wayne Smith SATURDAY FILL Becca Revello, Colleen Revello

Serving Sunday, August 5 ELDERS 8:30 & 9:30 am– Orin Bruton 11:00 am– Alan Brown, Kim Resch, Irene Jones, Bud Pierce, Loyst Streeter AUGUST DEACONS 8:30 am Service– Bob Adams 9:30 am Service– Randy & Ruth Schnelle 11:00 am Service– Richard Adams, Rosealee Clemens, Jack Gill, Dena Gish, Debbie Hegr, Bob Krebs, Ethan & Monique Ownby

COMMUNION CLEAN UP Jean Cronemiller, Debbi Rehbehn, Colette Tennant


NO COFFEE HOUR Join us at the combined 10:30 am worship, followed by the Inside Church Picnic.

COMMUNION CLEAN UP Judy Brown, Karna Bruton, Linda Jordan

HOLY GROUNDS Riane Towery, Gavin Watson FLOWERS In celebration of Orin & Karna Bruton’s 50th wedding anniversary and in celebration of Brad & Audrey Hirsch’s 24th wedding anniversary.

N U M B 3 R S

COFFEE HOUR Loyst & Sharron Streeter HOLY GROUNDS Beth Manzo, Ferol Weyand FLOWERS From Tina Cox in memory of Bill Cox.

July 15, 2012

July 22, 2012

GIVING General– $33,757.66 Building– $0

GIVING General– $4,424.59 Building– $10

ATTENDANCE 8:30– 32 / 9:30– 84 11:00– 165 Sunday School– 101

ATTENDANCE 8:30– 26/ 9:30– 55 11:00– 164 Sunday School– 69

14 期


家务 7 月 29 日服侍礼拜天 长老 10:30am –玛丽亚·安·史密斯,艾瑞尼·琼 斯,开文·威德呢,克莱尔·威德呢,阿 兰·布朗 7 月执事 10:30am 服侍—迪那·基斯,费斯·克来曼, JD&阿提·得,厄尼斯特·弗瑞曼,朱 迪·嘎瑞特,杰克·吉尔,布瑞恩·史密斯, 瓦尼·史密斯 星期六填写 白卡·瑞沃勒,科林·瑞沃勒 圣餐清扫 吉恩·克柔尼米勒,戴比·瑞比汉,科来 特·坦纳特 没有咖啡时间 参加我们 10:30am 敬拜 接下来是教堂内部野餐 圣地 瑞尼·托瑞,嘎文·瓦特森 花 庆祝奥尼&卡那·布鲁顿结婚 50 周年和 布如德&奥椎·赫斯驰结婚 24 周年

数 字 追 凶

2012 年 7 月 15 日 给 总数--$33,757.66 建筑物--$0 参加 8:30-32/9:30-84 11:00-165 主日学—101

8 月 5 日服侍礼拜天 长老 8:30&9:30am –奥瑞·布鲁顿 11:00am --阿兰·布朗,金·瑞斯驰,艾瑞 尼·琼斯,巴德·皮尔斯,劳斯特·斯垂特 8 月执事 8:30am 服侍--鲍勃·亚当斯 9:30am 服侍--让迪&如斯·斯驰奈勒 11:00am 服侍--里查德·亚当斯,罗莎 丽·克莱门斯,杰克·吉尔,迪那·基斯,戴 比·赫格,鲍勃·科伯斯,伊山&莫尼克·奥白 星期六填写 米佐德·威伯 圣餐清扫 朱迪·布朗,卡那·布鲁顿,琳达·乔丹 咖啡时间 劳斯特&沙荣·斯垂特 圣地 白斯·芒佐,费柔·威扬德 花 蒂那·考克斯纪念比尔·考克斯

2012 年 7 月 22 日 给 总数--$4,424.59 建筑物--$10 参加 8:30-26/9:30-55 11:00-165 主日学--69

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