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Championing health and social care in West Berkshire Key Messages for Children and Families

Healthwatch gives people the power to improve their local services.


Your views on local services


Local Healthwatch Positioning Helping you get the best out of your local health and social care. Local voices improving local health and care.

Healthwatch will give children, young people and adults a powerful voice locally and nationally. Local Healthwatch will work to help people get the best out of their local health and social care services. Whether it’s improving them today or helping to shape them for tomorrow. Local Healthwatch is all about local voices being able to influence the delivery and design of local services. Not just people who use them, but anyone who might need to in the future The ambition of local Healthwatch is…

The best health and care services, shaped by local needs and experiences

The principles that drive us are…

Championing equality Representation, evidence, and accountability Local Healthwatch shares with Healthwatch England its ambition to achieve the best health and care services that are shaped by local needs and experiences

The way we go about all our work is… Open, flexible, approachable Practical and dynamic ‘From the ground-up’


Local Healthwatch will work towards this ambition in their area, championing fairness and equal access and treatment, making sure they are at all times representative of the whole community and local needs, rooted in the evidence of local experiences and accountable, ultimately, to local people

Every voice counts Local influence for local impact Every voice counts when it comes to shaping the future of health and social care, and when it comes to improving it for today. Everything that local Healthwatch does will bring the voice and influence of local people to the development and delivery of local services. Children, young people and adults need to feel that their local Healthwatch belongs to and reflects them and their local community. It needs to feel approachable, practical and dynamic and to act on behalf of local people

We recognise that children and young people are sometimes under represented. We want you to be listened to and want you to be able to speak up. What is going on in the world that makes what Why do we feel that this is important? we do important?

There are huge changes taking Health and social care services place in our health and social are better when they recognise care services the specific needs of children, young people and adults Children and families are recognised as under represented in the new system

Your voice is important and we can champion your views We know you have felt unheard before You may not be aware of the power of your voice to influence We are aware of children being under represented and can help change that

This opportunity for change may not be here again for a very long time Healthwatch is independent from the services you use and it represents an opportunity to ensure health and social care services really meet your needs We will speak up for your needs We want you to have the best local care

We want you to feel listened to and want you to be able to speak up


We want to hear from you. How are we solving these problems?

How do we want people to respond?

We are talking to children, We want to hear from you young people and adults from We’re here, ready to get started. Come and talk the whole community – every to us. Your words will make a difference Know that your voice counts, and really will voice counts and will be change care for the better listened to in equal measure We’re an open organisation and want to make it easy for you to talk to us. Tell us how you want to be involved and engaged We’re inclusive – we want people from every part of your community to join us

We’re powerful – we are well connected Tell us what you want, like and dislike

Healthwatch will work because people support us, join us, work with us, and take part

We’re here to help services to improve We use your evidence to build a true picture of your experiences

Healthwatch gives people the power to improve their local services


Every Voice Counts



Family Resource Centre UK have been commissioned by West Berkshire Council to deliver Healthwatch West Berkshire . This independent service aims to give a voice to people of West Berkshire, to have real impact on health services and care.

Email us at: Call us on: 01635 886 210 Postal Address: Healthwatch West Berkshire, Broadway House, 4-8 The Broadway, Newbury, Berkshire, RG14 1BA Family Resource Centre UK. A Charity Registered in England and Wales No. 1078331. A Company Limited by Guarantee No. 3841084.

Children and Families Key Messages  

Healthwatch West Berkshire

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