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How to have a kingdom impact using the arts such as music, painting, dancing and more.


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Linda Pintus

In this special edition we have a wealth of content aimed directly at ministry leaders, pastors and believers at large. Without having to spoil it for you, we went all out with ‘Church Startup For Dummies’ showcasing just how to get a ministry up and running,the right way. We also have an excellent piece by Bobbie Ann Cole on ‘Overcoming the Squirm’ or discomfort regarding witnessing to others for Christ. And finally, a host of other interesting material that is sure to bring out the leader in you. Oh, wait, we also launched our first annual ‘Innovative Ministry Awards’ which we’ll be having each year from now on. So do check that out.

Editors FEED

This edition marks our first annual ‘Innovative Ministry Awards’ so be sure to tune in.

If you are a pastor, leader or someone who is hungry to see others move closer to God, then I want you to spend extra time reading and studying this edition as it will develop you personally, professionally, and evangelically [if there is such a thing]

Jamiel Cotman

The N-O awards, I think that is a very cool nick name for what we’ve founded here. Do you know that our editorial staff searched and searched for a ministry innovation awards and didn’t find anything? Well, NO MORE! Each year we all decided that Faith FEED will bring highlights of the most innovative leaders, ministries, churches, books and more right here to you absolutely free! [You’re welcome] But what’s more, the world will benefit as we encourage the behavior that redeems mankind. Everybody wins! Also want to check out the ministry of arts material we have placed inside.

Managers FEED

We’ve scattered this edition with very valuable artwork aimed at witnessing for Jesus. See if you can find it and tell us what you think.

You probably didn’t see visual, dance and entertainment arts as the ministry we’ve showcased it as. We learned that people are more visual anyway, and thus, ministers [like were all called to be] should seek visual means of

Communicating with both the lost and those in the body of Christ. Its time. And I’m glad that you’re a part of it as a faithful reader of our magazine. So sit back, enjoy, and most of all, feed on the faith!

Arts Ministry Page 40

Quinto, South America

Jesus used the arts to issue ministry to others. Whether or not we realize it, visual arts is a powerful tool. See more on page

The Wilderness




ods calling men out to the deep!

the wilderness in scripture, God

He wants you and I to get away

is training His sons.

from a safe place, and move into a faith place. Faith takes courage. Faith takes risk. Faith takes fearlessness [Lk 8:50]. And one way God builds our faith in Him, is the wilderness. Whether it was Jacob wrestling with the angel, the Israelites in the dessert, or the place of Jesus’s temptation from Satan, it stands that every time we see

Wikipedia says, “The word wilderness derives from the notion of "wildness"—in other words, that which is not controllable by men. The most intact, undisturbed wild natural areas left on our planet—those last truly wild places that men do not control” It goes on to say, “The word's etymology is from the wildeornes, which in turn

God is calling His sons to the wilderness.

God uses the wilderness to bring us to perfection. Every soldier needs boot camp.

derives from wildeor meaning

proper environment. He needs a

wild beast (wild + deor = beast,

setting that’s not controlled by

deer) From this point of view, it

the limitations others have

is the wildness of a place that

superimposed on you. For that

makes it a wilderness”

reason, it’s a place where your

Think about that for a moment. The wildness of a

place, natural processes, and not controlled by humans. It would appear that God wants to get you away from the influence

faith grows and your fear shrinks! Contrary to popular teaching, God wants to turn us into lions, not sheep! He’s calling you to be alone with Him! You may be saying, “I’m

of people, to be empowered by

blessed! God doesn’t want me

Him! Why? There is something

to experience the wilderness”.

only He can prepare you for

Scripture would disagree.

that’s going to demand the

Every champion needs training. Every fighter needs to spar. Every soldier needs boot camp.

The wilderness message isn’t popular today. People love to hear about the end result, it’s not so cool to discuss the process.

Likewise, God uses the

The wilderness message

wilderness to bring his sons to

isn’t popular today. People love

perfection. Look at this verse,

to hear about the end result. Its

“Then Jesus, being filled with

not so cool to discuss the

the Holy Spirit, returned from

process. But if you’ll get a hold

the Jordan and was led by the

of this, you’ll use every adversity life

Spirit into[a] the

brings to develop, not deteriorate.

wilderness, 2 being tempted for

It amazes me how great

forty days by the devil. “ [Luke

fighters of today often choose

4:1-2]. Notice the statement,

not to train in state of the art

“…led by the spirit into the

boxing gyms. Many of them go

wilderness”. It wasn’t the devil. It

to a farm, or their old housing

wasn’t a demon. It was the Holy

project in the city. Why? I’m

Spirit that led Jesus to be

convinced it’s because they

tempted by the enemy. Before

want to pull upon their wild side!

God puts you in the ring, He

They want to get in touch with

wants to know if you can fight.

the part of them that’s not

No, He’s not going to tempt you.

limited by what others think.

No, He’s not going to hurt you.

This is a place of development.

Rather, God wants to train you

It’s a place where God is

for what’s up ahead.

coaching you, much like Rocky

Balboa’s trainer Micky Goldmill

did in the hit series.

So how do we as men respond to the wilderness experience? 1) Accept the challenge Remember God is looking to train, not bring pain. 2) Do the Word The Israelites took 40 years, Jesus took 40 days. What’s the difference? It’s how they responded. This is training and like any general God wants his cadets to use their weapons. 3) Strengthen your brothers And what does God tell Moses when he’s finished training him in the desert? It’s the same thing he tells Peter to do after he endures his trails, - strengthen your brothers. Realize that you’re promotion is not for you, but to uplift and empower other men.

The message is clear, God wants you to pull away from the influence of people, to be engulfed by His presence. If you want to stay where it’s safe. If you’re afraid to come out into the open, that’s

fine. Just remember you won’t grow! Make up your mind today to face every adversity life presents, by doing God’s Word, even when it gets hard!

Wilderness Manual Accept the challenge


John stayed in the wilderness until it was time for his 6 month ministry.

Utilize your weapon


Remember, God is training. Use this time to become efficient at using his word, not to complain.

Strengthen your brothers


Your training is not for you alone. Other men need to see your light.

8 H

ouston, Texas. The 5th biggest city in the United States. You see I grew up here. Just North of



Change Riding through, I think about the basketball tournaments and playing football on the side

downtown, or, Houston Heights,

streets. Oh the memories. Many

we had the best of times! I

of my friends, dies, are in jail,

remember the water gun wars

while only a few [such as

and playing chase. Chase was

myself] actually grew up and

our version of hide and go seek,

became something.

- on steroids. Everyone had to wait until dark, put on all black, and you could hide anywhere within a one block radius. Boy was it fun! We’d be out there all night trying to find each other.

But that’s when I see Slim. Ol man Slim is what we called him, though back then, he was but in his late twenty’s. And what do you know, not to my

surprise, he was still the same.

and dance. He just started using

Actually he was worse. I use his

back then, but now, he seemed

real nick name because it was

really aged and torn down. I

only a nick name. But Slim,

waved and to my surprise he

struggled with drugs, alcohol,

remembered who I was

and came up in the age of disco

“Slim! Slim! How are you man its me Will” “Cniqa acealgoa ad” It was sad. He began to

How unsurprised I was that he

murmer, but I couldn’t quite

was still there, on that same

make out what he was saying. I

corner, in front of that same

just gave him a hug [man hug.

store. People, tend to do, what

No chest contact]. And went my

they’ve been doing. And I began


to wonder what formula today The whole incident had me

thinking deeply [I do that a lot] about how rare real change is.

do local churches can offer their men to actually change?

What and how we see life determines how we’ll end up.

Now nothing they imagine

Images The images we see set the

will be impossible to them. Genesis 11:6

places and things that have their

course for our entire life. What

answer, not their problem. In

we are and aren’t exposed to

Joshua 1, God tells Joshua to

sets our limits.

mediate the word day and night,

Your men need to see good examples of being a husband, father and righteous single man. Furthermore, they need to learn the power of

so he can get the blueprint of Gods best on the inside of him. Why? Because your future has to move into you before you can move into your future.

getting exposed to people, And bring into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ.


2 Corinthians 10:5 What do you think? You better

determining much of your life.

know, because that’s

What do you think about

women? What do you think

that thing. Men who treat their

about sex? Is it something to be

wives poorly don’t think highly of

enjoyed with just anybody? How

them. But more importantly,

we think about a thing

men who don’t treat themselves

determines our relationship with

well, have a low self image.

That they should seek the Lord, if haply they might feel after him, and find him.


2 Corinthians 17:27

Thoughts move us in a key

Heath discusses how feelings,

direction. That is the etymology

not knowledge, lead people to

of the word “emotion”. In his

change. You’ve read the label

book, ‘Made to Stick’, Dan

on cigarette packs:

Warning: Cigarettes contain carbon monoxide.

“I mean do we think that the

ruined teeth, bad lungs and

problem is that smokers don’t

other gruesome images on the

know this?”, Dan Heath. Rather,

packs sold, and how it dropped

he cited the study’s done in

smoking by 40% in one year.

Canada and some areas of the U.S. where they placed the outline of an impotent penis,

Conclusion? We see change as

far more effective. You want to

the result of giving new

get men into the kingdom, then

information. Those studies

you’re going to have to begin

found that showing images that

moving men in that direction by

make people feel something is

showing them something different. You can’t just tell them what they’re doing is wrong, you

I have set before you life and death,

have to show them.

blessings and curses. Now choose life, so that you and your children may live Deuteronomy 30:19


How we feel, compels our

1,000+ decisions every day!

decisions. Its said that we make

What to wear; What to eat;

Which path to take to work.

didn’t see the men in his life all

Most of those decisions are

smoking, drinking and doing

influenced by the former. How

drugs. He would have been far less likely to have decided to do

we see, think and feel about

it himself.

things controls our choices. So, lets say Slim from Houston

As the Heavens are higher than the Earth


so are my ways higher than your ways says the LORD. Isaiah 55:9

The behavior we see on

someone. However they are a

television, in the community and

day late and a dollar short.

abroad are all based on

Getting a man to change his

decisions. All too often, pastors

actions is impossible without

start here when trying to change

changing his look on life.

Habits [did job continually]

To put off your old self, which is corrupt through deceitful desires,

Habits Repeated behavior gains

Ephesians 4:22

without real medical and

momentum. This is where we

psychological attention. The

get the phrase “force of habit”.

bible simply sees it as one part

The world sees habits as

of a larger sequence. We

addictions and beyond;

change habits by returning to

something that can’t be solved

the previous steps. control; against such things there is no law.]

And put on the new self which is created after the likeness of God.


Ephesians 4:23

Character [But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-

A man forms his habits, and then, his habits form his character. Your character is

what others have come to

when you use profanity, go to

expect from you. Nobody is

jail or use drugs. At this point,

surprised [as was I when seeing

it’s a part of who you are. Its

slim on the same street corner]

ingrained in your personality.

But be transformed that you may prove that good and acceptable will of God.


Romans 12:2 Finally, everyone’s

Not being able to go to ol

destination, whether they’re rich,

Slims recent funeral encouraged

poor, sick or healthy, is usually

me to write this article for all of

the result of the character

the men around the world who

they’ve developed.

want to change, but didn’t have the tools to do so. Will Doniker

If you’re a pastor pay close attention to the recipe for change revealed in this article. Your men need it.



What strategies can we use to engage young men [late teens early twenties] in our local church?



o stuff they like. It’s very simple. You

ministry into age groups to

may want to

better tack the matter. A good

organize your men’s

schematic would be:

Emerging Men or cadets


Pioneering Men or soldiers


Full Throttle Men or captains


Seasoned men or generals


and carry out realistic solutions, Since your focus is young men

not pie in the sky ideas. Let

in their late teens and early

them know that the best ideas

twenties, you would pay special

are those that consider the

attention to, and work with

resources the church has

whoever is over those groups.


Give them strategies to reach out to and better disciple that group. When leading leaders this way, teach them to produce

Finally, be sure to periodically include yourself and speak with the men of that age

The Spirit Of Joshua Is Upon You grouPeople care what yoknow


when they know you care.

here is something

we see, that even they don’t.

different about us

Something they only dreamed

than it was about our

about, but never quite got a hold

parents. Something in us, that


“And Terah took Abram his son, and Lot the son of Haran his son's son, and Sarai his daughter in law, his son Abram's wife; and they went forth with them from Ur of the Chaldees, to go into the land of Canaan; and they came unto Haran, and dwelt there.” Genesis 11:31

Notice, God was probably

That’s why the spirit of Joshua

talking to Abrams father too,

is upon generations y. This is

but, he didn’t go all of the way.

the different generation. The

I’m convinced, none of us, can

Twitter generation. We’re the

get it all in our lifetime, and it’s

ones that’s going to take the

the next generations job to pick

faith of our [spiritual] parents

up the vision where those

throughout the world! Look at

before us left off.


“Moses my servant is dead; now therefore arise, go over this Jordan, thou, and all this people, unto the land which I do give to them, even to the children of Israel.” Joshua 1:2

Notice, God wasn’t taking

not dead, have left us with a job

Maalox because Moses died!

to do online. And that is take the

He simply said, “Joshua, get up.

gospel of Christ abroad in our

He’s dead. You have a job to

social media accounts, ebooks,

do!” I’m convinced, the

websites and more. But how?

generations before us, though

Are you conducting yourself as a Christian while interacting online?


A Christian Profile

Isn’t enough

Well, I’ll be the first to say, it’s

That’s far, far, far from this call

not by renaming your Facebook

that we have as generation y

page “Jesus’s loved one” or

believers. It’s about interacting

placing a bible quote in your

with others, as Christ would,

timeline every few hours. Oh no!

while online

When chatting with a someone we like.

When commenting on YouTube. When in the game room playing Candy Crush.

God wants us, more than

attractive to unbelievers. The

anything, to be light in darkness

scriptures say,” God is more

with our behavior, not our

pleased when we are just and

quotation of scripture or putting

fair than when we give him

‘Jesus Saves’ in our profile

gifts.” [Prov 21:3]. Could it be

header. More than anything, we

that we’re giving God the

have to be regular people, who

sacrifice of putting his face on

have a spiritual intrigue. It’s

our profile page, or, typing a

subtle. It’s none intrusive. But its

scripture every few hours,

instead of successfully

I mean, have you read some of

interacting with people, places

these YouTube, Blogs and

and things in a godly way?

online comments lately? No joke, here are a few:

B@#ch I can’t stand your voice. You’re a complete @#$%ole. Nobody’s paying attention to you. This @h&t is stupid, I’m not watching.

We're less inhibited online

common, we tend to

because we don't have to see

dehumanize each other, she

the reaction of the person we're

says. And for Facebook, its very

addressing, says Sherry Turkle,

name is part of the problem. "It

psychologist and Massachusetts

promises us a face and a place

Institute of Technology

where we are going to have

professor of the social studies of

friends," says Dr. Turkle, author

science and technology.

of the book "Alone Together:

Because it's harder to see and

Why We Expect More from

focus on what we have in

Technology and Less from Each

Other." "If you get something

take it all of the way left field

hurtful there, you're not

and talk about Jesus, the bible,

prepared. You feel doubly

and do nothing more than quote

affronted, so you strike back."

scripture all day. I submit to you

It would seem that people feel because its online, anything goes. After all, they’ll never meet me in person. That’s the spirit we’re up against. We’re to show that even when nobody else is there, God is, and we should conduct ourselves accordingly. First area we’re called to,blogs, websites and comments. These are so basic to social interaction on the web, yet, its where most believers blow it. They nag, rant, complain and otherwise behave in a way that doesn’t honor God. Or, they

that both of these are wrong. Mature believer evangelize by having healthy, balanced interactions with others online where they discuss things normally without having to over spiritualize or be rude at the same time. Second area we’re called to, - dating sites and romantic interactions. Is there something you want to say to the opposite sex? This is a great opportunity to show the world that you can do so without being ungodly. Say you’re interested. Complement each other. But by

all means, remember the lost

online for your generation,

are listening. The hurting are

consider taking that picture of

watching. And you’re still an

Jesus off of your profile header

ambassador for Christ!

and be a picture of Jesus in

So the next time you want

your interactions with others

to advance the kingdom of God

We’re called to heal, not hurt others online.

Graffiti by Culture Climax


The Ministry of Art hink for a moment,

mute. Nobody could hear. They

whoever said we’re

could only see.

supposed to share the gospel of Christ with

words? Imagine if you will, a world, where everyone was

They would look at your lifestyle, sure, but what if they didn’t have time to follow you and observe it?

How, could you witness to them for our LORD?

an Product

Christian Product

Christian Prod

Your Ad


Christian P

Christian Product

Christian Product

Position your brand amongst great Christian products! Call Faith FEED Advertising at 808419-7583 to get started.


I’m convinced, the visual arts is

ways to share the Word. And as

one of the most overlooked

my prime case and point:

“Look at the birds, they sow not neither do they reap” in Matthew 6:26 And Jesus said unto them, “See not all of these things?” in Matthew 24:1 “Not only what was done to this fig tree...” in Matthew 21:21

Jesus used visual aid far more than he used words. So what do we lose if we don’t embrace the ministry of arts? For starters, we’ll use our

adults as well being that the human brain retains more information when its visually presented. Here, we showcase

younger generation, who need

artwork from believers the world

and enjoy visual learning. But

over who don’t confine the

furthermore, we’ll see an exit of

gospel to mere words.

Artist lovepusher introduces his latest gospel graffiti.

Renowned ‘Jesus Painter’ Mike Lewis

Deviant Art share their pieces on on the Lion of Judah

Artist Debra Hurd showcases her passionate rendition of Christ.

Online photo stock contributor Debra Palin won’t let us forget the cross.

Red Army of Christ representing both the blood of Jesus and that of those who died for the gospel.

Jesus pieces by Lovepusher.

Awesomeness by Church stage designs.

Blue bible by wallpapers 4 God.


Innova Tative here is so much innovation in the body of Christ,

from authors, artwork, leadership, to businesses and church stage designs. So, here we, the trail

blazers that we are, begin our first annual ‘Ministry

Innovation Awards’ in honor of three ministries that are good starter points.

ative Ministries

From the Resurgence group to its multi-site churches and finally its digital media brand, we’ve made our choice.

Mars Hill If you haven’t hear of Mark Driscol and Mars Hill, you’re not up to date on the latest in Christian faith. Its that simple. But to get you to par, here are a few reasons we gave them the #1 slot: Text Pastor Mark Driscoll encourages a very open dialogue between him and his congregation, insomuch that he has a segment where the audience can text him a question that he answers right there on

the spot. Not enough? Just YouTube search his material on hot topics like ‘The Rebels Guide to Joy’, ‘Masturbation, Sex and Relationships’ or ‘The Princess Daughter’. Cool Art

And if that weren’t enough, pastor Mark must have a great graphics art ministry. His stage includes visual stand stills, amazing presentation design and screens filled with visual aid, making it ten times easier for the audience to focus on his message than the ‘I talk-you listen’ pastors. Resurgence

Haven’t heard of Resurgence? We’d like the honor of telling you. It’s a movement that God lead pastor Driscoll to start that is centered around 4 components. One, Jesus centered theology. Secondly, Jesus modeled leadership. Thirdly, Jesus empowered living. And fourthly, Jesus’ mission. In essence, it trains the head, hearts and hands of upcoming believers who want to take the world for Christ in a very different way.

Whether or not you agree with their theology, Mark Driscoll and Mars Hill are very innovative.

Saddleback Church Saddleback Church lead by Rick Warren is coming in a close second. Looking at its culture, leadership, innovation and faith, we couldn’t ignore. Started in 1980, it has made some credible marks on our society since.

Politics On August 16, 2008, Rick Warren arranged a meeting between Senators John McCain and Barack Obama at Saddleback called

the Civil Forum on The Presidency. The format of the forum was structured such that Warren first asked Sen. Obama a series of questions; he then asked Sen. McCain very similar ones subsequently. Held inside Saddleback's Worship Center, the event is notable as the first time the two Presidential candidates met during the campaign.

Purpose Remember ‘The Purpose Driven Life’? Well, that was authored by Rick Warren, and it swept the nation at large. Surprisingly,

today’s pastors didn’t know what Warren figured out,- people want a sense of agency.

Praise and worship at Saddleback.

Warren has a five-point plan for

political issues central to U.S.

global action, the ''P.E.A.C.E.

evangelicals and his concern for

Plan." P.E.A.C.E. stands for:

social issues more commonly

Plant churches that promote

associated with the political left

reconciliation; Equip servant

have resulted in the

leaders; Assist the poor; Care

characterization of Warren as

for the sick; and Educate the

one of a "new breed of

next generation [Citation

evangelical leaders."

needed.] Warren's tone on

Potters House Then came the word to Jeremiah, “Go down to the Potters House, I will give you my Word there.” [Jer 18:1]

. We’re putting Potters

House right at 4 stars with Rick Warren. Think about it, isn’t the name itself innovative? Its founding scripture is the perfect verse for what every church

wants to do,- transform others with the word of God. But that’s not the extent of its innovation. T.D. Jakes runs Jakes Enterprises, which has released several hit films, wrote books, owns his talk show and

our favorite ‘Empowering

United States. That’s a lot for a

Moments’ with T.D. Jakes on

young church less than 20 years

104.7 Gospel Radio in the


Christian film mogul Tyler Perry praying for and laying hands on Potters House pastor T.D. Jakes.



Squirm Bobbie Ann Cole


So why do so many of us shy away from the idea of sharing our beliefs? Perhaps it is that we can’t see ourselves standing on street corners, handing out Jesus Loves You flyers, like the hippies once handed out flowers.

Bobbie Ann Cole offers a way to overcome our reluctance to talk


about our faith.

e know we ought to tell others about our faith in


Jesus Himself told us so.

So why do so many of us shy away from the idea of sharing our beliefs? Perhaps it is that we can’t see ourselves standing on street corners, handing out Jesus Loves You flyers, like the

He said the Holy Spirit would empower us to be His witnesses ‘in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria and to the ends of the earth.’ That means on our home patch, in our wider circles and localities, and, since the Samaritans were the enemies of the Jews, even to our enemies. ‘To the ends of the earth’ covers everyone else we don’t even know.

hippies once handed out flowers. Or having potentially fiery debates with work colleagues. Or receiving sniggers and sideways glances at dinner parties. Many who blame organized religion for the world’s woes prefer to attribute power to the Universe, rather than to God. They seem to be referring to a random, all-encompassing energy that combines the forces of nature with human will.

Then there are your out and out

Yet most of us know people

atheists. These are liable to

whose lives could be much

mock us as fanciful, out-of-date

better, if they realized they had

and in need of a crutch.

a loving Father to trust and take their sorrows to.

Faith can be a difficult topic in a secular world

Is it really fair to disobey Jesus’ explicit instructions and leave Faith can be a difficult topic in a

those people out in the cold?

secular world. Well, there is a way to There is a risk that speaking about our faith could leave us feeling like outsiders.

overcome the squirm.

We can tell a story of what

It’s not necessary to choose a

Jesus did for us.

story you are uncomfortable

Our first-hand stories are powerful tools for convincing others because our personal experiences cannot easily be challenged. They are entertaining, memorable and moving. They provoke others to

sharing. I’ve been teaching people how to share their encounters with Jesus stories for a couple of years now and some of the most powerful ones I’ve heard have been around everyday issues:

envy so that they want what you

A clever-clogs granddaughter

have found.

was invited by her Grampy to

We are not talking about whole life testimonies. One episode from our walk with God makes more palatable listening than a long drawn-out account. Focusing on one story also

sound out the letters YHVH. When she failed, he told her God’s name was so big no one could say it. She was brought to a faith from which she has never faltered.

makes it easier to get to a point

A waverer stood at the church

where we tell it well.

threshold, wanting but not daring, to join the worshippers.

Until God’s voice said, ‘go

One thing to remember, as you


share your story, is you cannot

After her church friends told her that becoming a doctor would ruin her marriage, a young wife prayed to discern God’s will for her. She heard she should go ahead and has never looked

fail at this, even if you don’t succeed. God claims people in His own time and His timing is perfect. Who knows but that you may be part of a mosaic of messages your listener needs to hear.

back. First, choose one thing that God did for you and then hone the telling of it, so that you can speak fluently and with confidence, in a conversational way, free of Christian jargon. As you prepare, keep in mind one person you’d like to see brought to faith. Write down what you want to say as if you were speaking to them.

Trust that God has it and seek

faith will be strengthened by

the Holy-Spirit’s guidance as

revisiting what Jesus did for

you speak. Pray for your


listener. Once you have got one story so that it’s at the tip of your tongue, you can hone others in the same way. You could even end up with a whole bunch of stories, enough for a memoir. And you will receive an unexpected benefit — your own

Who knows but that you may be a part of a mosaic of messages your listener needs to hear.

Bobbie Ann Cole, ‘The Testimony Lady’, teaches others how to share their encounters with Jesus. She blogs at, where you’ll find her FREE Workbook, ‘Start Writing Your Christian Testimony’. She is now training group leaders to teach the her ‘Write Your Testimony’ Course. Her memoir, ‘She Does Not Fear the Snow’ will be a FREE Kindle from March 9-11, 2014 )

A reference guide for the rest of us.

Uncommon Solutions Overlooked Barriers Best Practices

by Stephen Crawley

if you can make one heap of all your winnings And risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss, And lose, and start again at your beginnings, And never breathe a word about your loss: -Rudyard Kipling

How to read this article I’m just giving it to you straight. No scriptures [ok, a few]. No chaser, and not a whole bunch of yappity-yap. Read it like that!

Skip this if you’ve haven’t already But since you decided to read it anyway, you need to know that church is a business, more so than a ministry. Now, go easy on me here, because, the local church is in fact a ministry, but I’m convinced most new churches fail because they major on that part while minoring on the business part. They see the dynamic ministry of BIG name brands like Joel Osteen, Creflo Dollar, Billy Graham, and Kenneth Copeland and think, “Wow, those guys just got up one day, prayed, fasted and voila! Here they are at their 57th ministry anniversary!” But what you don’t see, is all of the administration that takes place behind the scenes.

Notes You have to get this, the most overlooked item in our findings about new churches that fail. They’re all spiritual and no

natural. Remember that faith without works is dead [Jam 2:14]. The works of faith often take place in an office, not in front of a congregation on Sunday morning. Be sure your accounting, taxes, and other administrative items are well taken care of and your ministry is well on its way!

Warning You do know that church is actually about ministry don’t you? Good! We just find that most failing churches have that part down well. Not to mention that everyone around them is giving them super spiritual advice about things that aren’t spiritual at all. So yes, be about serving God and others, but no, don’t forget the natural things too [Jn 3:6]!

Be spiritual and digital You need a digital outreach strategy. For starters, be sure your ministry is on the major three social networks. These are Facebook, Twitter and Google+ [in that order]. This is important because if everything fails and goes insolvent, these assets don’t cost you any money and still bring you tons of value via connection. In fact, your digital presence may be all you need in some cases. You’ll find that member acquisition and more is more efficient when you’re in everyone’s email inbox and social media post board. Many

ministries are solely online and don’t have a physical location to speak of. This goes to show how effective it can be.

Be sure to remember this one. Don’t let how you feel about Facebook, Twitter or Google+ stop your ministry’s impact! Everyone hates one of them. Nobody likes all of them. But, that’s where the hurting people are. Deal with it. Get someone to setup a business account on each for you, and, show you how to do it so you can train your staff to manage it.

Develop people who develop people Jesus didn’t recruit thousands, only twelve. Likewise, you need an inner network of people on both the volunteer and administrative side with whom you regularly engraft your vision. This ensures that your church stays on the path that God has set it on, even in your absence.

Take Action Get your ministry team together and prayerfully go over some of these materials so you can get started today!

Continued from the March edition.

Ok God, He’s


Part 2


f you haven’t been keeping up with current events, I met Tom, cute Tom. Tom with the great abs and perfect shape [broad shoulders, sort of tall] and amazing smile at Beowulf Coffee on

Ridge avenue here in Baltimore. Interesting to know he goes to church. Wow, I’m excited! Driving to work. Thinking of the conversation.

Who is Tom Wilkerson? Sitting in the office.

What is he about.

Meditating. I remember church, but, haven’t

then it happens. My phone

been since I was a kid. While

doesn’t ring [haven’t fixed it yet],

putting my keys down, getting

but, the caller I.D. places the

ready for dinner. I head to the

number of whoever is calling on

couch and plop down having


microwaved the stir fry. And

Thinking about Tom on my way to work.

OMG. Its him, its Tom. And what is that as his last name? Wilkerson? Wow. “Mrs. Wilkerson? Dana Wilkerson. Ok, Great! That sounds fine” I think while rushing to answer the phone.

This better be good, because

occasions. But I must admit, it’s

CSI: Miami was on.

a bit attention getting.”


Friday 5:30 P.M.

Hey Tom. I enjoyed talking earlier and was wondering if you’re free this weekend.

He pulls up. And I rush to run outside, only to see him coming to the door to knock. [I’m sort of used to the guy beeping and me coming out].

Yes Tom. Yes! I’m free. What is it? It’s a surprise.

Thinking of what this surprise is going to be.

“Oh God. This is ridiculous. I’m the gal that thinks surprise dates aren’t for first

Finalized in next month’s edition.


Confession Of A s Evangeli Just how can we use modern technology to better reach the world for Christ? We went to the highways and byways and discussed the matter with believers young and old. These are there stories.


We interviewed a few tech savvy evangelicals and were surprised at what they said.


Linda Pintus

Wake up, the future is here Alex Camden Media ministry River City Church, Seattle, Washington I feel too many

realize that this is

Christians think that the

yesterday’s future. You

future will come with

can do anything for Christ

observation, in the sense

that the greats like E.W.

that we’ll see flying cars

Kenyon, Billy Graham, and

and talking refrigerators.

T.L. Osborn did years and

And though those things

years ago, right from your

are pending, we have to

local church.

Oh yea, we still need old things Deborah Irby Assistant pastor Stoney Grove Church of God, Raleigh, North Carolina

Good technology doesn’t

do you read when the

get rid of old things, it

battery is dead? We have

enhances it! We’ve yet to

to find ways to enhance

find technology to replace

what we do have, not

a paper bible. Bible Apps,

replace it.

yea they’re good, but what

I’ve been hurt by the church Will Edington Member Community Outreach Center, Richmond, VA While I don’t condone not

terms [which is very

attending church, we must

dangerous might I add].

remember that spiritually

So we need evangelist

hungry people are online,

who will simply surf the

namely because they’ve

web, and offer Jesus to

been hurt by the church.

the hurting that are hiding

The internet allows them


to seek God on their own

Good technology doesn’t get rid of old things, it enhances it.

No, Christianity is alive, well, and in fact Jeremiah Curtis Assistant Pastor

Garden City Church, Houston, Texas Many scientists, such as

evidence in this natural

Bill Nye, confess that

world of the living God

Christianity and its tenants

who sent his son Jesus.

will be gone in the future.

But first, we have to have

I’m convinced it’s the other

tech savvy Christians who

way around! As more and

are looking for those

more technology is

evidences and sharing

revealed, we’re going to

them online.

see more and more

So the next time you’re stale on ministry ideas, yea, you can go outside but take your digital camera with you and upload it online. Why? Because like these evangelists are saying, you can reach so many more people by leveraging technology.

Will you accept the challenge of using technology to touch the world?


Arts Will Doniker Psalm 150:4 Praise Him with the timbrel and dance.


ne of the best decisions I made was plugging my then 8 year old daughter into our churches women’s ministry. Or should I say, marrying the woman [my wife and her mother]

that did. Because its showing her that worship isn’t a decision. We’re as wired to worship, as we are to breathing. The question is, are we going to do it for God or not? As a Christian man, I didn’t want my little girl [Shekinah] to be caught in the ways of the world. No man does! But hadn’t I realized

early on, that if you don’t give someone a go, they’re not going to listen to the stops. So I had to think of ways she could still dance, sing, and have fun, but unto the glory of God. But there aren’t enough churches that see it that way. You see, today’s kids, especially in the U.S., see church as ‘for parents’ but the world as ‘the real thing’. Case and point, so many young women perform praise and worship as children or even adults, and then finally grow up and “…do the real thing” that is to say, they get a deal with a secular record label or begin playing in worldly films and roles. Isn’t it time the church supply Christian careers for its members? If we don’t we have no right to expect them not to end up in secular roles, street corners or strip clubs. Here is a list of secular artist who started out in a local church Beyonce Knoweles Whitney Houston John Legend Katy Perry Jessica Simpson Usher Raymond

Aretha Franklin Carrie Underwood Diana Ross Elvis Presley

Some of the world’s best talents were developed at church.

Value talent and time over treasure. Most pastors train their congregants well to tithe and give offerings, but they tend to undermine the giving of talent and gifts. Make plans to find, develop and use talent in your church or ministry. I’ve found, that when pastors give their congregations talent and time, God blesses them with treasure. It tends not to work the other way around. Have an arts ministry. This means you have a ministry dedicated to worshiping God and advancing the kingdom through creative arts like drawing, painting, singing and dance. Most ministries don’t have this. Or, they have it and it lays dormant. Just another ministry on the books so the new members will be enticed to join. See it as a real ministry. You should utilize arts ministry as you would any other. They can assist by aiding the congregation to get into worship, and, they can assist by developing visual aid for the

projectors during the pastors sermons. The worst thing you can do with your arts ministry is tuck it in the back and make them feel unimportant. Though I might be a little bias because my only little girl [and youngest child] is growing up in the arts ministry, I have a feeling I’m not alone.

See arts ministry as a real part of your church’s success.

Rebecca Hines How can churches that aren’t connected to anything effect others on Christ behalf?





BIG Things

Exhibit A, Burbine Church No, Burbine is not a real church, but, I’ve got a feeling you’ve been there before. You were raised there. It’s that seemingly insignificant

You pass it on the way to work.

church, that has a significant

Your husband came to Christ there.

impact on your life.

Your wife ran from Christ there. idea of big and small. This type It’s that, seemingly insignificant church, that had a significant impact on our life.

of thinking hinders us from being faithful with the few, and allowing God to bless us with more [Luk 16:10]. So I’ve

Why? Because that’s the nature of church, that’s why. And we’ve got to get out of this

outlined a few overlooked keys to having an impact at your local church:

Recognize your church has probably ruined a lot of people’s lives. That is to say, your mistakes as a pastor tend to be amplified. People come to church with their guards down

because it’s supposed to be the place where God has placed His name [reputation, character, legacy]. Believe it or not, your mistakes will have that level of importance on the future of your members.

Unless you perform well with the small, God can’t give you the BIG.

Recognize you can reverse the before dynamic. Now, knowing that you have the impact of representing God to those who come through your church doors, you must thrive to go beyond merely not making mistakes. That can’t be a goal in and of itself, because you most definitely will. Your goal has to be to impact

the members for Christ while making as few mistakes as possible. Organize. This is the number one thing most pastors do not do. They just show up for the job, without any real organizational tools. Even though your ministry is small, you should operate it using big tools like an organizational chart, financial plans and a growth plan for the next 5 years.

Get this out of your head,�I have to be big to have a big impact.� You can shake the world gently by doing these things today.

Being small means you should be planning BIG!

It’s Free. It’s Simple. It’s Time.


It’s Free . Follow Faith FEED on Issue today and stay up to date on the latest in ministry innovation!

It’s Sim ple.

Textif y

Go into all the world and bring the gospel to every creature. Mark 16:15-16

fy Witness for Christ in the Social Media Age

3:00 A.M. I don’t know. I don’t feel like moving on. I want to kill myself @unknown

Or, could you believe, that this was an actual text that ran across our timeline on Twitter? It did! Though we’re not using real names, the statements are real: 2:30 P.M.

Hiding behind their post, texts, and messages, are real

I feel so ugly. I hate myself @unknown2

flesh and blood people who need Christians to be salt and light in the world.

12:45 P.M. Just prove to me that God is real, and I’ll give up all of this [referring to his atheist organization] @atheist1

We’re often online. Having fun. Chatting. Following our favorite celebrities. But all too often, we forget that the dying, the hurting, the sick and the maimed are there. Hiding behind their post, texts, and messages, are real flesh and blood people who need Christians to be salt and light in the world. We should read Mark 16:15 should read like this:

Go ye into all the world wide web, and preach the gospel to every person!

Because truth be known, most of us aren’t going to visit Africa, South America or the destitute on a regular basis. But all too often, we forget we’re passing them everyday when we turn on our smartphones, tables and pc’s.


“Then they also will answer Him,[b] saying, ‘Lord, when did we see You hungry or thirsty or a stranger or naked or sick or in prison, and did not minister to You?’ 45 Then He will answer them, saying,

Assuredly, I say to you, inasmuch as you did not do it to one of the least of these, you did not do it to Me. Matthew 25:44 Ask yourself this? Am I overlooking the hurting online each day? I know what you’re thinking;”I send a friendly email to my friends and family all of the time”. And while that’s a start, God is asking you and I for more. 1) Read unpopular people’s pages

You should be tuned into the hurting. And social media is the perfect place for that. Also, don’t confine social media to the popular platforms [Facebook, Google+, Twitter, e.t.c]. Nearly every online opportunity has a social component now, allowing you to hear others. Listen.

2) Reply

Not with a bible verse or quote. Simply interact with them in ways that you would any other person you found intriguing. People feel

valuable when you take interest in them. Give them that feeling. Don’t make them feel like they’re just someone you can practice a future sermon on.

3) See their potential

Like God, people love to be believed in. Believe. If they have a business, a job, husband or wife, feel there goals out briefly by listening and be prepared to encourage them along their goals.

Finally, when the opportunity presents itself, that is, they want to know more about you and your faith, share it with them in a none

needy way. I say none needy because too many Christians fail when they minister to others, in an attempt to feel validated and accomplished. Don’t do this, because it’s very telling. Simply speak to them based on your listening to them and encourage them accordingly. There will come a day, when all you’ll have is what you’ve given to others. It’s time to textify!

Review Dan Roam Blah-Blah-Blah What to Do When Words Don’t Work


ver been to so many meetings that you couldn't get your work done? Ever fallen asleep during a bullet point presentation? Ever watched the news and ended up

knowing less? Welcome to the land of Blah Blah Blah. The Problem: We talk so much that we don't think very well. Powerful as words are, we fool ourselves when we think our words alone can detect, describe, and defuse the multifaceted problems of today. They can't-and that's bad, because words have become our default thinking tool. The Solution: This book offers a way out of blah-blah-blah. It's called "Vivid Thinking." In Dan Roam's first acclaimed book, The Back of the Napkin, he taught readers how to solve problems and sell ideas by drawing simple pictures. Now he proves that Vivid Thinking is even more powerful. This technique combines our verbal and visual minds so that we can think and learn more quickly, teach and inspire our colleagues, and enjoy and share ideas in a whole new way.

The Destination: No more blah-blah-blah. Through Vivid Thinking, we can make the most complicated subjects suddenly crystal clear. Whether trying to understand a Harvard Business School class, or what went down in the Conan versus Leno battle for late-night TV, or what Einstein thought about relativity, Vivid Thinking provides a way to clarify anything.

Be a trendsetting pastor by reaching your congregation using more than just words.

Through dozens of guided examples, Roam proves that anyone can apply this systematic approach, from left brain types who hate to draw to right-brainers who hate to write. This isn't just a book about improving communications, presentations, and ideation; it's about removing the blah-blah- blah from your life for good.


The Separation of Men and Church.


he fastest growing

that’s just 39% male. And most

churches in North

of the men who do attend

America have

services seem passive and

something in

bored. Faithful men are

common – they’re brimming with

becoming rarer in church today

enthusiastic men. Studies have

– while godly women are as

shown that male involvement is

common as boots at a rodeo.

one of the surest predictors of church growth and health. But there’s a problem. The

As men have left the church, attendance and participation have declined.

average church in North

Eighty-five percent of America’s

America draws an adult crowd

congregations are not growing.

The church is older and more

six call themselves Christians.

female than it’s ever been.

But only one out of six men can

Ninety percent of U.S. men believe in God. Five out of

be found in church on a given weekend. Men love God – but just aren’t interested in church.

That is why men’s leader and author of ‘Why Men Hate Church’ Dave Murrow has developed ‘Grow Your Men, Grow Your Church’ seminar to address the issue.

Men Women

According to Murrow, the In it, he covers:

Why men avoid church

strategy that Jesus used to grow his ministry still works today, - men!

How to teach for the male brain Why men’s ministry isn’t the answer How to create a boy-friendly Sunday school How to turn pew sitters into disciples How to be masculine – but not macho Why churches feminize over time Why men flock to megachurches How to keep teen boys in youth group How to balance masculine & feminine How to lead men in worship. What young men want in a church

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