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Fall FAMILY Fun Page Here Are a Few Great Ideas for Fun in the Fall

Enjoy time with your family without breaking the bank!

Free Family Nights @ the Magic house Have Fun & Discover New Things With The Whole Family We all need to have a fun night out, but that can quickly become a burden when admission fees, food and other costs are considered. To provide relief from another Friday night at home, The Magic House offers totally free admission every third Friday of the month. You’ll get tickets for 2 adults and 4 of your own children. Get ready to have a night full of laughs, learning and quality family time...all for free!

Friday Evenings from 5:30-9pm September 21, 2012 October 19, 2012 November 16, 2012 The Magic House December 21, 2012 St. Louis Children’s Museum January 18, 2013 516 S. Kirkwood Rd. February 15, 2013 St. Louis, MO 63122 March 15, 2013 314.822.8900 April 19, 2013 May 17, 2013


Friday, Sept. 14, from 7-8:30pm Saturday, Sept. 15, from Noon-6:30pm St. Louis Forest Park Balloon Glow on Friday

Balloon Glow Opens @ 7pm Firework Finale @ 9pm Balloon Race Opens @ 12pm Entertainment Area & Incredible Dogs, Food Courts, Pony Rides, Farmers Insurance Kids ID, Human Chess Board, Stages, Energizer Bunny Ears...& More! AT&T Stage Opens @ 1pm Wehrenberg/Suburban Journal Photo contest @ 2pm Miller Lite Skydivers @ 3pm Opening Ceremonies @ 3:30pm Energizer Hot “Hare” Balloon Launch @ 4:30pm “Hound” Balloon Launch Begins @ 4:45pm

The Balloon Glow offers spectators a breathtaking view of inflated balloons lighted by their burners. Get up close and walk around the balloons. Refreshments and Food are available. The event will conclude with the PNC Bank fireworks finale display beginning at approximately 9pm.

Balloon Race on Saturday Spend your day in beautiful Forest Park and help celebrate the 21st Birthday of the Energizer Bunny. The Purina Children’s Entertainment area is filled with pony rides, games, and other activities for kids. The Entertainment Stage features a variety of local talent. During the photo contest the public can enter the balloon field and take pictures of their favorite balloons. Prizes will be awarded for the best photographs. The Skydiving Team performs and lands in the center of the launch field. The race begins when the Energizer Bunny Balloon takes off ahead of the pack. 70 “hound” balloons then launch in pursuit. The balloon dropping a birdseed baggie closest to the Energizer Bunny Balloon will be declared the winner.

PUmpkin pancakes

A New Twist On A Classic Breakfast Delight

Ingredients: 1 1/2 cups milk 1 cup pumpkin puree 1 egg 2 tablespoons vegetable oil 2 tablespoons vinegar 2 cups all-purpose flour 3 tablespoons brown sugar 2 teaspoons baking powder 1 teaspoon baking soda 1 teaspoon ground allspice 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon 1/2 teaspoon ground ginger 1/2 teaspoon salt 1. In a bowl, mix together the milk, pumpkin, egg, oil and vinegar. Combine the flour, brown sugar, baking powder, baking soda, allspice, cinnamon, ginger and salt in a separate bowl. Stir into the pumpkin mixture just enough to combine. 2. Heat a lightly oiled griddle or frying pan over medium high heat. Pour or scoop the batter onto the griddle, using approximately 1/4 cup for each pancake. Brown on both sides and serve hot.


Is Freedom a Priority In the election?

The 2012 Presidential Election is in November. This is your time to use your voice & make a difference.

As the election nears in just a few months, there will be a myriad of commercials and sound bites on any number of subjects. May I ask you to prayerfully consider “freedom” as the top priority when you examine a candidate’s record, before voting. When freedom is lost, all is lost. Our government is threatening our right of “free speech”, and our freedom to practice our faith. One obvious example is Obamacare. Everyone is for reform, but this is about “control,” rather than reform. With the Catholic Church, the media focused on contraceptives, when the real battle is – can the government “force” you to violate your faith. If they can force you to alter the practice of your faith, what can they not force you to do? Does a citizen, small businessman, or church that believes the abortion pill is wrong, have a choice? If we violate our faith, then the government (IRS – enforcer) can force us into bankruptcy. An example of losing our freedom of speech can be seen in the homosexual marriage battle. Ideas do have consequences. It’s framed as discrimination, which is not factual, and clearly exposes the double standard of tolerance. If someone comes to FCC and says, Pastor Ed, I’m living in sexual sin (fornication, adultery or homosexuality), or involved in drugs, stealing or some other sin, will you Pastor Ed, or FCC be tolerant? Absolutely, we’ll love you unconditionally, treat you with respect and dignity. My question to you, “When we teach the Bible and how it speaks against sin, will you be tolerant of us?” Why is homosexual marriage wrong? •The Bible clearly speaks against it, as well as other sexual sins. Neither Judaism or Islam, embraces homosexuality as an alternative lifestyle.

For the first time in our history, the government is now punishing citizens & business owners who “live” out their faith

• It’s not “natural” and procreation is not possible. •There isn’t any credible scientific evidence to show it’s genetic. • If it’s unchangeable, then why have thousands of individuals left that lifestyle? • Why are there so many African-American pastors and churches opposed to it, if it’s simply a matter of discrimination? • Schools will be “forced” to teach children this as an alternative lifestyle. • Individuals, businesses and churches will lose their freedom of speech or else be financially destroyed by tax paid government attorneys. The strategy of the homosexual agenda is to be recognized as a legitimate minority and muzzle any critics with hate-crimes legislation which stifles free speech. It’s not about tolerance, it’s about silencing, intimidating and demonizing those who disagree.


Pastor Ed

views were “evolving.” In the last few months, you now support same sex marriage which is “not law,” but your justice department will “not defend the law,” (DOMA) the Defense of Marriage Act that passed in 32 states and overwhelmingly in Congress in 1996. Mr. President, you said that ObamaCare would allow for the protection of churches, pharmacists and others in the health care field under the freedom of conscience, but now your actions are the opposite. Mr. President, why are Catholic and other Christian adoption agencies who have served for decades, as well as those serving the victims of human trafficking being forced out of ministry because they are ”now” considered to be guilty of hate crimes?

Mr. President, why did your administration sue a Lutheran School because they In a country that promotes freedom of wouldn’t violate their faith by employing speech, how can it be a hate crime to dishomosexuals? Your justice department agree with people’s points of view? Conclaimed that employment discrimination sider the CEO of Chick-Fil-A, (Dan Cathy) trumped the First Amendment (Hosannawho said he believes in “traditional marriage.” The attacks on him and his corpora- Tabor vs. EEOC – January 11, 2012). tion came from the media, Hollywood and Mr. President, why are chaplains informed several prominent mayors. Rahm Emanuel, they can’t pray in the name of Jesus Christ mayor of Chicago, (former chief of staff to and are being coerced to violate their faith the President) and mayors of Washington by performing homosexual marriages? DC and Boston publicly stated they would Our country is at an “intersection” in the use their government authority to stop history of freedom. May I encourage you to Chick-Fil-A in their cities. I thought consumexamine a candidate’s record, and not his ers determined that in a free enterprise speaking ability before you vote. What are system. Never mind that Dan Cathy and his his or her values? It’s not a time to remain corporation treat “all” people with dignity silent or to refrain from the privilege of and respect, but his “private” view made voting. It’s a time to pray up, speak up and him an enemy that must be silenced. Is it stand up for freedom. When freedom is because he based his views on the Bible? lost, it will not only impact us, but also our Consider Amazon and other corporate CEO’s children and grandchildren. To be born free who publicly endorsed and gave multiis a privilege. To die free is an awesome millions of dollars in promoting the same responsibility. sex marriage agenda – did government Our lives begin to end the day we authorities threaten their free enterprise? become silent about things that matter. What about the majority of the news media Martin Luther King Jr. who label those who believe in traditional marriage as anti-gay, but we don’t hear Faith Connection (USPS 370-150) their counterparts labeled as anti-traditional Published quarterly by Faith Community Church of House Springs marriage. So much for tolerance, journal4824 Scottsdale (Hwy 30) ism, integrity and double standards from PERIODICAL POSTAGE PAID AT our news media. HOUSE SPRINGS, MO Mr. President, you said “prior” to the election that marriage was between a man and a woman. After elected, you said your

POSTMASTER: Send address changes to Faith Connection 4824 Scottsdale (Hwy 30) House Springs, MO 63051-2103


Looking for a good read? Here Are a Couple Books For Your Fall Reading Lineup Toward the end of Summer, Pastor Ed gave a series of messages about the Holy Spirit. He talked about developing a relationship with the Holy Spirit and different aspects of that relationship. Pastor’s first message taught us the Holy Spirit is the promise of God the Father and he continued in the following weeks giving us a deeper look into the role of the Holy Spirit in our lives.

tion and cultural misconceptions to clarify what the Holy Spirit promises to do in your life:

• Dwell within you • Be your helper • Guide you into all truth “The God I Never Knew,” is a great resource to continue this teach- • Comfort you ing. In this book, Robert Morris takes you on a journey to learn • Pray for you who the Holy Spirit is and who He is to you. Morris focuses on the • Show you things to come Holy Spirit’s desire to have a relationship with you, and guide you • Never leave you through the twists and turns of life. It’s time to experience the Holy Spirit in a fresh new way; to meet Morris breaks the barriers of theological jargon, religious tradithe God you may have never known.

Undaunted by christine caine


The Car Care Ministry provides auto mechanic aid to single moms and widows at Faith Community Church. We’ve got a great group of skilled mechanics who volunteer their time to check fluids, belts, hoses and tire pressure, free of charge! Mechanic bills can be some of the worst, but necessary, burdens on your checkbook. If you are a widow or single mom and would like assistance from the Car Care Ministry, head to Faith Community on the dates below. They’ll be in the rear parking lot from 9am-Noon ready to help you. If you would like more information contact the church office.

Would you like to get involved? The Car Care Ministry is looking for men to help check cars. Please contact Robert Tippen at 314.413.5025. Blessings to all!

Dates Car Care is Available in the Rear Parking Lot at Faith Community: Saturday, September 8 Saturday, October 13

A Book that Will Challenge You to Live Undaunted

Christine Caine offers life-transforming insights about how not only to overcome the challenges, wrong turns, and often painful circumstances we all experience, but also to actually grow from those experiences and be equipped and empowered to help others. Using her own dramatic life story, Caine shows how God rescued her from a life where she was unnamed, unwanted, and unqualified. She tells how she overcame abuse, abandonment, fears, and other challenges to go on a mission of adventure, fueled by faith and filled with love and courage. Her personal stories inspire readers to hear their name called, just as Christine heard her own---’You are beloved. You are the hope. You are chosen’---to go into a dark and troubled world, knowing each of us possess all it takes to bring hope, create change, and live completely for Christ. Part inspirational tale, part manifesto to stir readers to lives of adventure, Undaunted shows the way with spiritual wisdom and insight.

Have You Registered to Vote?

This Year’s Election is Vital, Don’t Forget To Register

The deadline for voter registration is October 10. You’ll need to register if you’ve: • • • •

Gotten married Have turned or will turn 18 before the election on November 6 Moved Have never registered

We are fortunate to live in a country where our voice matters. Be sure to vote in the 2012 Presidential election. Your voice counts! Pick up your voter registration in the church lobby.


Girls ministries @ Faith Community A Place Where Girls Build Relationships with God & Others New classes are forming Wednesdays @ 7pm

Girls & Boys Ages 2-Kindergarten Through exciting Bible stories, crafts, fun activities, and games, preschool boys and girls learn simple biblical truths - such as Jesus’ love for them and how to be like Jesus, all in a fun, loving and safe environment.

Girls Kindergarten-5th Grade Mpact Girls is an achievement program focused on winning girls to Jesus Christ, providing an environment of support and accountability while helping girls to develop their gifts and abilities, and teaching girls how to impact their world for Jesus. Girls can check out some web fun at

Girls 6th Grade-12th Grade Teen Girl Ministries facilitates spiritual growth in teenage girls, while helping them become the women God created them to be, and also provides support for parents and leaders as they help girls navigate their teen years. Teen girls can find tons of online support like Teen Girls Blogs, The Loft & Hot Topics, at

For more information, contact Wanita Foster at or 636.671.4190.

New Growth track at Faith Faith Community Focus & Why We Do What We Do As you may have noticed, we are in a process of reevaluating various areas at the church. We’re reviewing things like the way we use church money and resources and the process by which we do certain things. This new approach was displayed in the recent decision regarding Fall Fest and the Marketplace, as well as in many other smaller decisions. This concept has extended to why we do what we do. Why does the church exist? What are we supposed to be doing? What does God have for us to do both as individuals and the church as a whole? It is this process of refining and focusing on our purpose that has led to what Pastor sees as the next step for the church. Part of our vision here at Faith is to help people get from where they are to where God wants them to be. This is something that no one else can tell you, but rather something you must discover and pursue for yourself. God made you just the way you are for a specific purpose. Your unique mix of talents, skills and personality are a perfect combination designed by God. Who did God create you to become? What did God create you to do? Beginning later this year, you’ll see church leadership focus on a “Growth Track.” The Growth Track has four separate parts designed to equip you for your Christian walk. These different parts will explore things like essential habits for believers, discovering spiritual gifts and volunteering. This system is geared to help people like you grow from “where you are” to “where God wants you to be.” We encourage you to begin thinking about what’s next in your journey with Christ. Watch for more information in the bulletin and video announcements to find out how you can be a part of this new system. 5

SMALL GROUPS: GET CONNECTED We Believe Community is an Essential Ingredient to Our Chrisitan Walk

The Importance of Relationships

An Excerpt from an Article at by Olga Hermans The other day I heard somebody say, “The more I get to know some people, the better I like my dog.” It shook me for a minute, but then I thought…in some cases that might be true. Last weekend I was in a large crowd of people and really met the most interesting people from all walks of life. I love that! But I must say, some people are sometimes just a little obnoxious if you know what I mean. God must have a sense of humor because He puts us all together in one place and wants us to realize that we need each other. He wants us to know the power of relationships; He works through people like you and me to get us where we need to be. So, let’s have a look at the importance of relationships the way God meant it to be. In the first chapters of Genesis, you can read that God created and then you always can read: “and God saw that it was good.” But then when He created man, He said something different. He looks at man and says, “It is not good…” Genesis 2:18. He didn’t say that man wasn’t good, but that the situation he was in wasn’t good. That is a profound statement that God made, because He says here that He created man to need more than just a relationship with God. He created us to need each other. It wasn’t that God was lacking or not able to be all we needed, but that

He designed us to need each other. God did not create Eve immediately after He said: “…I will make him a helper” Genesis 2:18. But God didn’t forget what He was doing, He knew what Adam needed, but Adam didn’t. So, God brought the animals in front of Adam to make him aware of his need. As Adam began to name them, he began to realize that all the animals had others like them but he had no one like himself. God established the fact in Adam’s mind that nothing on this planet could meet that need except another person. If Eve would have shown up before Adam knew he needed her, he might have marked off the garden as his and not let Eve in.

that independence equals strength, when just the opposite is true. It takes great strength to get along with others. You need to have a lot of inward flexibility and plain common sense to stay in relationships; trust God to help you and negotiate the differences. All it takes is a well developed attitude of selfishness to run out and do your own thing. There is a lot of that going on these days. God created us with a need for others. The need for meaningful relationships was not a result of man’s fall into sin. Our desire for relationships was the plan and will of God. We were designed to need each other before the fall! In fact, we fulfill God’s created order when we recognize that need.

“So, God caused a deep sleep to fall upon man, and he slept; then He took one of his ribs, and closed up the flesh at that place.” Notice that God did not go back to the dust of the earth to create Eve. He took what He needed out of Adam’s side without replac- I am not saying that we should smother ing what He took, and then He finished Eve. our relationships; people have been abused or abandoned by others and often carry When Adam awoke, a part of him was the pain of old relationships into new missing. Part of his spiritual, emotional, and ones. They often try to get people in new physiological makeup was gone and he relationships to make up for all the evil sensed it. He was now even more incomthat has been done to them previously. plete and alone! When God finally brought The true meaning for relationships is not a Eve to him, Adam called her wo-man! devouring, damaging, suffocating thing. It is Sometimes, people think that needing oth- a mutual supportive expression. ers, or having to depend upon others, is a sign of weakness. Our society teaches us

Ladies Bible Study Update

This Group of Bold Women Meets Tuesdays @ 9am in Mason Hall

In the first couple weeks of our summer study James: Mercy Triumphs, we learned about endurance and perseverance. Well, let me tell you, we endured record setting heat and drought, but we persevered. Despite all the trials that the enemy threw at us, with God’s hand of protection, we completed the task before us. What a wonderful, and challenging, study this has been. There may only be five short chapters in the Book of James, but the wisdom contained within this letter to the 6

twelve tribes is huge. Just to consider that the author grew up in the same home as our Lord Jesus Christ is awe inspiring in itself, but when you take his words and study them line by line, it really opens your eyes and blesses your heart.

to “steal, kill and destroy”…..and we win! Ladies, buckle on your armor and strap on your helmets because this may be a wild ride. This is our first Chip Ingram study and we are very excited to hear what he has to teach.

Our fall study will start on September 18th. We are taking a break from our usual teachers and will be doing a study by Chip Ingram, who is the founder and president of Living On The Edge Ministry. Chip has written a video study entitled The Invisible War: What Every Believer Needs to Know about Satan, Demons, and Spiritual Warfare. This series will prepare us to do spiritual battle with the one who comes

This is an eight week study that should be finished by the first week of December. We meet most Tuesdays at 9:00am in Mason Hall. All ladies are welcome, so tell your friends! Come and see what God has in store for those who love him. Anita Higgins Co-Leader

Find a group that fits you

Check Out the Groups Listed Below & Join One Today

New Groups Beginning This month Serving Others in Times of Need

A new ministry at Faith Open Table is a new ministry at Faith to help people who have undergone a surgery, the birth of a child, death of a loved one or other crises, with meals and other support. This ministry is led by Keith and Monica Griffith. As this is a service ministry, Open Table is looking for volunteers with a heart to serve through the preparing and delivering of meals for families in need. Open Table will also provide other support as needed such as providing transportation to medical appointments, childcare, housework, or yard work. In addition to Open Table members, we will encourage small group members to provide the level of support needed. Open Table volunteers will provide remaining support required by a family in need. If you are aware of someone who attends Faith Community Church who is going through a crisis of some sort or might benefit from this ministry, please contact Keith or Monica at 636-274-1731. Open Table will be set up in Faith Connect as a serve group. If you know of anyone who might want to be a part of this group, please direct them to to sign up or contact Keith or Monica.

For Women Only Judy Harris Sundays//Fellowship Hall @ 9am “A Jewel in His Crown” will help you rediscover your value as a woman of excellence. At some point in life, many of us begin to doubt our self-worth as well as our importance to the Kingdom. God has such an exciting life planned for each of us. He views us as exquisite jewels; critical to His work and immeasurably valuable to His heart. Learn truths that will help you view yourself in a brand new light.

Men’s Study Group Brad Marks, Chuck Bogert Steve Neal & Jack Fambrough Sundays//Mason Hall @ 9am Mondays//Mason Hall @ 6:30pm The men will be studying Mark Batterson’s, “The Circle Maker,” an incredible book encouraging us to pray boldly and with confidence that God will answer.

The Wonders of Creation Vincent & Allison Newfield Sundays//Mason Hall @ 10:30am Get ready for an exciting, eye-opening journey through the foundations of Scripture - Genesis 1-11. We will take an in-depth look at the days of creation, animals that defy evolution, dinosaurs, Noah’s catastrophic flood, and much more! We will utilize DVDs and other materials from AIG and offer handouts. This class is open to adults, teens and homeschoolers (grades 6 and above).

Ladies Bible Study Mary Beth Kitta Tuesdays//Mason Hall @ 9am See Page 6 for details

For a full list of small groups & opportunities to volunteer, visit Faith Connect at

follow us on your favorite social network @faith community

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@faith community 7

FAITH FITNESS Opportunities For You To Get Fit

Souls in motion Cardio Kickboxing Free Kickboxing Tuesdays & Thursdays @ 7pm // Student Center Fall is here and for some of us that means life is getting busy again. School has started, sports and practices are in full swing and finding time to ourselves is getting harder. Committing time and money to a gym may seem impossible, if not just a waste of money. Did you know that this church has a FREE exercise class? We offer it on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 7pm – 8pm and select Saturdays from 8am – 9am. Did you catch that? It’s FREE! You can pop in any of those times and not have the guilt of wasting your money by not using a membership you spent your hard earned money on. We provide a great workout that’s sure to please, whether you’re a seasoned athlete or just beginning. We welcome men, women and children (at their parent’s discretion) of all ages, shapes and athletic ability. We spend the first 30 minutes of class on floor exercises or partner work and the remaining 30 minutes on a fun, energetic cardio kickboxing workout. We are an

ongoing class so you don’t have to worry about session schedules. Just jump on in when your schedule allows.

As I mentioned, this class is FREE, but we do have an opportunity to give back if Wondering what to bring to class? All you you choose. As a class, we adopted a girl need is a mat or towel (for floor work), a named Ruth from Paraguay. We have a bottle of water, and small hand weights box at the sign in desk for donations to (if you have them…we have some if you help pay for Ruth’s Christian education in don’t). A positive, can-do attitude is helpful Paraguay. It is not a requirement to give, as well! We offer childcare for children up but we want to make sure you know the to age 10 (Tuesday and Thursday evenings opportunity is there. We’ve been supportonly) and there is a small fee of $2 per ing Ruth since April. A quarter here and child if you choose to utilize this service. there adds up fast and goes a long way. This is a great way to boost your self Give as much or as little as you want. God esteem, tone your body, de-stress, make multiplies our gifts so we can be a blessing some great friends and keep your body to Ruth and her family. healthy! We’ve been going strong for 5 Make sure to check out our Facebook page years and give all the glory to God for mak- for class information & updates: ing this possible! We honor God in prayer Souls in Motion Cardio Kickboxing at the beginning and end of each class. Stop doubting yourself and letting negative Shelli Wassall thoughts rule your decision to get healthy. You can do this! Push the obstacles out of the way (the biggest one is you) and come join us!


BACK TO SCHOOL MEANS BACK TO FITNESS Excerpts from an Article on, written by Jessica Smith Ah, summer. You and the kids have been spending precious time together, playing in the pool, lounging in the hammock, enjoying lazy days sipping lemonade and watching the sunset. Snap out of it: Summer is waaaay over! That alarm went off at 5:30 this morning and you haven’t stopped running since. The kids are late for school, your husband can’t find his briefcase, and the dog has to go outside before the entire household crams into your car to be chauffeured by you to their respective locations. School has only just begun, and your daily routine is already bursting with homework projects, Girl Scout meetings and soccer games. The last thing you want to think about is how to keep up with your fitness routine! The goal is to make health and fitness easy, and part of your everyday routine. Here are some tips to remember: • Chaos burns calories. Yes, you may look a little insane running around the house with your hair wet while you chase the dog 8


that’s eating your kid’s lunch bag, but the good news is you’re burning calories! • Drop the “all or nothing approach.” Ok, so you don’t have hours on end to spend in the gym working out, so what? You can make the most of the time you have during your day. • Brown bag lunches aren’t just for the kids. Running errands all day? Pack yourself a healthy brown bag lunch to eat while you’re on the go. It helps fast food look less tempting and can help keep you energized. • Create and follow a schedule. Get everyone to school on time in less of a panic, and you may also find that adhering to a specific timed routine may uncover some small pockets of ‘me time.’ Go for a quick walk around the block or squeeze in some basic fitness moves like push ups and crunches. For the full article, visit

A Class For All Ages

Taekwondo classes are held every Monday from 5:30-8pm in the Fellowship Hall. The beginning class goes from 5:30-6:15pm and covers the basics of Taekwondo to prepare the students for advanced classes. The advanced class meets from 6:15-8pm and consists of a warm up, a weekly focus like sparring and a question and anwer session.

Fees: Classes are $10 a month per individual or $15 a month per family. Fees are collected on the honor system and turned into the church office weekly. If you would like to take the class, but aren’t able to spare the funds, please come anyway. There is also a testing fee of $10 for levels below Black Belt.

Leader: Ken Zimmerman

Faith in the community How We Make a Difference in Our Area

Peace by piece store hours 2012 Annual Coat Drive

Monday: 9am-1pm

Preparations for this year’s coat drive are under way. Similar to how we operated last year, the coat drive will extend over the course of the winter and will be available anytime the Peace by Piece clothes closet is open. Coats will be available beginning November 10. If you know someone that needs a coat, they can get one coat for each family member living in their home.

Tuesday: Closed

Begins November 10 through the Peace By Piece Clothes Closet

You can help with the coat drive by donating, sorting or washing coats that will be given away. Coats can be donated in the clothing donation box located on our parking lot. Coats that need to be washed will be placed in black plastic bags in the lobby for you to take home and wash. If you would like to help sort or mend coats, please contact Elaine Botkin at 636.942.3015 or by email at

2012 Annual Health & Safety Fair

Free Health Resources for You and Your Family//Saturday, October 13, 9am-1pm

Faith community market place

It’s that time of year again! Saturday, October 13th at 9am-1pm. This will be our third annual health and safety fair and we want to encourage you to take advantage of some of the screenings, information, handouts, free drawings, refreshments, and more from these great organizations. Missouri Baptist Hospital will be here with the MamVan for mammographies. Call 1.800.870.5731 to make an appointment. Siteman Cancer Center, American Cancer Society, Jefferson County Health Department, Jefferson County Sheriff’s Dept., Sudden Cardiac Arrest Assoc., High Ridge Fire Dept. with their fire truck and Safe House., Natural Health & Home, Pregnancy Care Center, American Red Cross, Algonquin Nurses Home Health, Big River Ambulance District, Air Evac Lifeteam with their helicopter, Mom’s In Touch, Jefferson County Div of NCADA, Medinurse, Juice Plus with Melba Heckman and more. We look forward to seeing you on Saturday October 13th.

Wednesday: 9am-1pm Thursday: Closed Friday: 9am-1pm Saturday: 9am-1pm Sunday: Closed


how TO FIGHT A BATTLE & NOT GET DIRTY Focusing on God Rather Than Your Problem By Shelby Singler Have you ever been hit with some really bad news? Our knee jerk reaction is often to overreact, get on the phone, and allow fear and worry to set in. We begin calculating all of the worst-case scenarios. Do any of those things help our situations? Cue a resounding NO! In 2 Chronicles 20, Jehoshaphat displays a beautiful example of how to handle bad news. He was a good king going about his business, loving God. One day bad news came to him that their enemy’s army was on their way to attack them. The enemy’s army was large, and very powerful. Naturally, fear struck Jehoshaphat…the same kind of fear that comes as a result of a life threatening diagnosis; the news that your child is using drugs or involved in something dangerous and potentially harmful or possibly the news of being laid off from your job. All these are attacks courtesy of our enemy, the devil. Despite his circumstances, Jehoshaphat stood in front of the people and began to worship and praise God – but it wasn’t the typical, “Oh, God help me!” His focus was not on his problem, but rather on God’s character and past victories. Check this out: 6 “LORD, the God of our ancestors, are you not the God who is in heaven? You rule over all the kingdoms of the nations. Power and might are in your hand, and no one can withstand you.7 Our God, did you not

in your positions and stand strong. Then just watch and see what the Lord does! Don’t be afraid. Don’t be discouraged. Go out tomorrow and face them. God is with you.” (my paraphrase based on 2 Chron 20:15-17) The king trusted in the word of the Lord that came to him and followed the instructions. Then, he did something crazy brave. He called people to the very front line of the army to sing and play music to God! The musicians said, “Give thanks to drive out the inhabitants of this land before the Lord for His love continues forever.” your people Israel and give it forever to the AS THEY SANG, God sent another army to ambush this enemy that came to attack descendants of Abraham your friend? 8 them! So those armies began fighting each They have lived in it and have built in it a other, and ultimately both of those armies sanctuary for your Name, saying, 9 ‘If calamity comes upon us, whether the sword were destroyed! Just as God said, they did not even have to fight that battle. Their job of judgment, or plague or famine, we will was to take their positions, stand strong, stand in your presence before this temple and sing and play music to God. When the that bears your Name and will cry out to army returned to the city, they praised God you in our distress, and you will hear us some more and thanked Him for winning and save us.’” (2 Chron 20:6-9 NIV) the battle! God heard Jehoshaphat – and He hears you too! God also sent Jahaziel to speak to I guarantee that man’s plan would have Jehoshaphat and all the people to encour- looked nothing like that – nor would the age them and to tell them what to do. This outcome have been the same. God’s ways are higher and better than ours, aren’t is what God told them through Jahaziel they? So, be encouraged today that the “Listen up! Don’t be afraid or discourbattle is not yours – it’s God’s, and He is aged because of this army coming, bewith you. Your job is to take your position, cause the battle is not yours – it’s God’s! stand strong – having done all to stand, Wait until tomorrow, and start marching keep standing – and sing to the One Who toward them. You will find them at the edge of the gorge in the desert. YOU WILL loves you and is taking care of everything that concerns you! NOT HAVE TO FIGHT THIS BATTLE. Get

THE VOX: A Night OF WORSHIP WITH A CAUSE Use Your Voice to Speak Out Against Injustice Friday, November 2 @ 7pm at Faith Community Did you know Human Trafficking happens right here in St. Louis? As shocking as it is, there have already been several cases this year in our area. Statistics show there are more slaves today than any other time throughout history. It has become a secret epidemic infecting society right in front of our eyes, and we need to speak out in defense of those held captive. The International Crisis Aid provides hope for girls and women stuck in the viscious cycle of sex trafficking. Currently, their work is done mostly in Ethiopia where they rescued more than 60 women last year alone. Since they opened their first home in 2007, the number of 10

rescued women has increased each year. In response to the need for safe homes in St. Louis, the ICA is opening a brand new Safe Home this November. ICA’s Safe Home will be a haven for women and girls rescued from the horrific life of sex trafficking. Directors Pat and Sue Bradley have a big heart to make the home comfortable, welcoming and full of love. When people come out of situations like this, they need something more than an institution to help them overcome the struggles that will soon follow. They need Jesus’ love and caring people. Many of the women contract STDs, and need medical treatment to make them healthy again. This is where you come in. Homes like this require vast amounts of funds to

provide the care these women need to be restored. At “The Vox,” we’ll be raising money to help fund ICA’s new St. Louis home. By giving a donation, you’ll have the opportunity to change someone’s life by giving them the care they need. We believe God is using this ministry to change the world and invite YOU to be a part of His work through ICA! View full details and invite your friends @

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We’re Moving Away From The Paper Newsletter. Here’s How You Can Stay Informed As you may be aware, we have recently been reevaluating how we are using our resources at church. One example of that is canceling Fall Fest this year to help fund the Marketplace, our new Food Bank scheduled to open this fall. Another step we have decided to take is to end the production and printing of this newsletter. With the newsletter no longer being printed, we will expand the monthly events to include some more information and articles about what is happening at the church. As usual, you can get news about what is happening at church from the bulletin, video announcements as well as these other sources:

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