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Do you want your baby to be safe in her baby car seat? That's probably a stupid question. But the fact is while most parents go to great lengths to choose a high quality baby car seat they don't fit it properly. Almost 80% of baby safety seats are badly fitted or misused according to a study by the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.) The NHTSA sadly found that the most common mistakes are defined as critical. That is the harness straps were loose and the safety belt attachments were wrongly fastened. The critical definition means there is a distinct possibility of serious injury or death in the event of an accident. To summarize, the vast majority of parents falsely believe their child is safe while in the car. So, how do you make sure your baby is as safe as possibly while in her car baby seat? Well, car baby seats are designed to accommodate babies based on their age and weight. So, make sure your seat is the right type for your baby. If you have the type of seat that can be fitted either facing forward or backward you should fit it as a rear-facing seat if your baby is under 1 year old and is under 20lbs. All baby seats should be fitted on the car's back seat. The seat can be changed to a forward-facing one once your child is old enough and heavy enough but it still must be fitted on your car's rear seat. Do you have a baby car seat specifically designed for young babies? This is designed to be rearfacing only but it's not designed to accommodate a young child. So you will have to buy another seat when your child gets old enough. The good news is they are a better fit for babies than the multi-purpose ones and, because they are smaller, they are easier to carry and maneuver. Your sleeping baby can be carried from the car in her baby seat. The multi-purpose or convertible seats also have advantages. You can get some that can be adapted to fit babies and toddlers. You will probably have to leave them in your car all the time, as they are bigger and heavier than the specific baby ones. This means you are more likely to wake your baby when going from your car, as you'll have to unstrap her and lift her out. Convertible seats must be fitted in the rear-facing position until your baby turns one or weighs over 20lbs. After that you can turn the seat around to be forward facing. These seats usually hold children up to 40lbs. The type of seat you choose is not as important as fitting it correctly. Read the instructions carefully - both the car seat's instructions and your car owner's manual. Make sure your seat is firmly and correctly buckled in your car. Also make sure you know how to fit and secure the harness straps so your baby is secure inside your seat.

Have you done this but are you still not 100% sure? Then have the baby seat checked out by a qualified technician. In the USA you can find your local child safety seat inspection center by going to Using a used seat, either by buying it or receiving it as a gift requires your careful consideration. Its effectiveness in protection your baby depends on its age and condition. Try and find out if it has been used by several children in a family or if it has been in an accident. These seats could be worn or even broken and you'll only find out if you have an accident. Don't use a seat that's more than 5 years old as the plastic will degrade which increases the probability that your baby could be thrown out of her seat even in a minor crash. You can find the date of manufacture on the seat's label. Don't even consider it without the manufacturer's instructions. These will tell you what parts are included with the seat and you should check that all the parts are included. You may be able to find a copy online if the instructions have been lost but, please, make sure that the online instructions are the exact ones for the seat. If you can't satisfy these criteria then don't use it, even if it was a gift. It's just not worth it. I hope you never have an accident in your car but can you guarantee it? You've taken the effort to get the best baby car seat you can afford so make sure you fit it correctly and check it regularly.

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==== ==== For More Information On The Best Baby Car Seat Go Here: ==== ====

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