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Muslimah – Making Muslim Women and Girls An Emerging Force Faith Associates has devised a dynamic and innovative programme aimed at exploring the role of Muslim women and girls in different contexts within family, community and society in general. The workshops planned will consider the Islamic historic context which supports and encourages women and girls to play as full as part in every sphere of the life and will look at role models from a historic angle to modern day examples and highlighting in particular Muslim women and girls whom are aspiring role models within their own community and making that difference. The carefully designed programme has drawn on the cultural, religious and philosophical core of the Islamic faith to help, encourage and strengthen women to truly understand and play a positive, inclusive and active role in British society. Particular emphasis is placed on core principles of co-existence, moderation, cohesiveness and have been fused through mediums such as group discussions, drama workshops and packaged and tailored seminars delivered by professional Muslim women. A brief outline of Stage 1 of the programme is as follows: • • • • • • • • •

Questionnaire exploring decision making, role within family and wider and Islam generally Raising awareness of the Islamic and historic position of the role of Muslim women in every aspect of life Highlighting & identifying Muslim women and girls in leadership roles internationally, nationally and locally. Exploring the need for being an active Muslimah in British society Role plays based around current issues and challenging situations with sensitive, careful guidance throughout Using theatre and art, - powerful exploration of the British Muslim and Youth Exploring the mother and daughter relationship and highlighting issues of identity crisis, cultural differences and generation gap. Raising awareness of issues surrounding Islamophobia and Violent Extremism and their role within these spheres Identifying and exploring the need for Muslim women to lead organisations in engaging in dialogue and demonstrate that their role is vital to the work in promoting non violent means of resolving conflict, citizenship and mainstreaming within civic society Increase awareness of the importance of engagement and integration with society at large

Leaning Objectives •

• • •

Increase Muslim Women’s participation in main stream British society Increase Awareness of Islamic rights & responsibilities Muslim Women/Girls confronting Radicalisation Play a more active role in development process of family members

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Muslim Women Capacity Building Training  

Female centric development training, helping to uplift, improve engagement, and increase civic responsibility of Muslim Women living in the...

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