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Thanks & Praise By Donna, April 1st 2014

Have you seen our new website? I mean have you really looked

at the website? We at Fairytale Brides are so excited that it is reflecting the transitions we are making throughout our Boutique. Once again, Fairytale Brides has exceeded most brides’ expectations as well as ours. What does the expression when one door closes, another door opens mean to you? Well in my case it has meant the difference between being a shop owner and happily living the shop owner's life. In my 7 short months after opening our doors, I have seen many unexpected changes in the way our boutique has evolved. All of the changes have been wonderful and have helped to convince me that there is a higher power navigating the success of Fairytale Brides. I mean there just is a greater plan that has nothing to do with my timetable for when my goals will be reached, or my fantasies of who will be riding with me on this journey. I have found it has everything to do with helping other women feel good about themselves and the choices they make in their lives. I am happy to say, I have found the right women to walk with me and most often times have lead me on my journey. We have been unexpectedly blessed with the most culturally diverse group of talented volunteers that I have ever worked with before. They have been allowed to develop their talents in so many ways by joining Fairytale Brides, and have produced an outstanding website, enhanced the quality of the informational material that we distribute, as well as laid some calculated strategies for marketing our services to our community. What excitement these ladies have brought with them and they have created an atmosphere of anticipation for all the new experiences we have all taken part in as result of joining our Shop! Their talents have also included modeling, and our volunteers have become our models for our Bridal Shows and website photo shoots. They are all beautiful women inside and out and their talents are limitless!! They bring joy to my heart, and I am happy that this experience has allowed them to develop friendships with women from all walks of life. As a result of our culturally diverse volunteers, we can provide help to our customers in other languages like Spanish, Italian, Russian, and French and Iranian.

Their willingness to assist other women in so many ways has made us a relaxed Boutique where brides leave happy and content with their shopping experience. Our bridal consultants are women who have hearts filled with kindness and I am so proud that they found their way through our front door. We have heard mixed reviews from brides who have shopped around in other stores and I am proud to say we have turned wedding shopping into a positive experience for many unhappy women. What you will find from the time you book your appointment till the time you walk out with your dress is that you leave with a feeling that you have been well cared for. Can you say that about your experiences so far? When you visit us, be certain that you will have been helped by bridal consultants who have kept your needs in mind and listened to your dreams for the look you want to create for your wedding day. Watch as we keep in mind that you have not come here with a limitless budget, and we want you to leave here feeling that you will cherish the memories of what you might have expected to be a difficult search. So as you can see I am one happy Bridal Boutique owner these days, and I am filled with much gratitude and belief in the kindness of others. Happy Spring,


Founder & Executive Director

Thanks and praise april 2014  
Thanks and praise april 2014  

An Article by Founder/Executive Director Donna Vaccarezza at Fairytales Brides on a Shoestring