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Cotton & Care Quickly Making a Name for Itself With American-Made Bedding With a launch earlier this year, Cotton & Care entered the burgeoning direct-to-consumer bedding market with an uncommon approach: USA manufacturing and a charitable giving back model. Cotton & Care is the newest brand to enter the growing online direct-to-consumer bedding market, but with a notable difference. Using premium cotton that is grown in California, spun to yarn in the South, then woven, cut, and sewn in the Carolinas, Cotton & Care’s product line is made entirely in the USA. The brand was formed earlier this year in Las Vegas by business partners with a background in consumer banking. Co-founder Evan Feldman explains: “It was important to build a brand that we could be proud of. To us this meant going with the ethical choice each step of the way. Understanding the differences in labor conditions and environmental standards between the United States and abroad, we knew that manufacturing here was the way to go. We found that this also gave us the ability to have increased oversight into the quality and authenticity of our product. With recent testing showing that much of the Egyptian cotton bedding on the market is truly mislabeled, poor quality substitutes, this was another key advantage.” While American-made apparel has gained attention in the last few years, American-made bedding is practically non-existent. Worse, it’s missing from the shelves of the big box stores entirely; if you want Made in USA bed sheets, the only option is online retailers like Cotton & Care. However, as Feldman points out, “even the high-end internet bedding labels that have been gaining popularity are manufacturing in India, Europe, or South America, and still charging steep prices for their products.” Cotton & Care’s initial product line consists of a sheet set or pair of pillowcases made of ultra-premium Supima® cotton, the US-grown equivalent of extra-long staple Egyptian cotton. The color selection is currently limited to classic white, though expanded options are slated for next year. Prices for the complete sheet set start at $119 and Cotton & Care pledges to donate 50% of their profits to a worthy cause.




Turkey aims to sign EFTA free trade agreement in 2018 ‘Our aim is to sign the agreement in Davos in January during the World Economic Forum,’ says Economy Minister Zeybekci

Turkey aims to sign the expanded agreement with the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) in January 2018, according to the Turkish economy minister. Turkish Economy Minister Nihat Zeybekci participated in the EFTA ministerial meeting in Geneva on Friday. Turkey has had a free trade agreement with EFTA since 1991 and is now in the process of expanding the agreement. The EFTA consists of four European states: Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, and Switzerland. The joint statement underlined “the already close economic ties between the EFTA States and Turkey, and the significant potential to advance economic cooperation and exchange by further enhancing the framework conditions for trade and investment between them”.

“Our agreement will include transportation, electronic trade, services trade and industrial products. “Our aim is to sign the agreement in Davos in January during the World Economic Forum. It is a very successful agreement. It will be a wide-range free trade agreement,” said Zeybekci. The World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland will take place between Jan. 23-26, 2018. “With EFTA, we had a wider range agreement than the customs union agreement and this agreement will serve as a model for updating the customs union agreement,” Zeybekci said. Despite not being a member of EU, Turkey has had a Customs Union agreement with the bloc since 1995. Following the EFTA meetings, Zeybekci met separately with Swiss Economy Minister Johann SchneiderAmmann to discuss bilateral relations. Zeybekci also met with World Trade Organization (WTO) Director-General Roberto Azevedo.




Rise in export of textile, leather items- Pakistan Despite of the jolting textile industry of Pakistan due to lack of governmental support and higher energy tariffs the textile sector of Pakistan can be seen taking various steps, including introduction of zero-rating regime for textile, leather items, carpets, surgical goods and sports goods, to enhance exports, commerce and textile minister Muhammad Pervaiz Malik informed the senate recently. He further said that Pakistan has so far signed free trade agreements (FTAs) with China, Sri Lanka and Malaysia. Previously, Pakistan signed the FTAs with Sri Lanka, China and Malaysia in August 2002, November 2006 and November 2007 respectively. During 2014-15, exports from Pakistan to Sri Lanka, China and Malaysia were worth $272.41 million, $2,126.854 million and $205.12 million respectively, while imports from these three countries were respectively valued at $337.52 million, $10,172.731 million and $1,155.48 million, according to Pakistani media reports. In 2016-17, Pakistani exports to Sri Lanka, China and Malaysia were worth $263.36 million, $1,463.30 million and $136.76 million respectively whereas imports were valued respectively at $81.11 million, $14,133.92 million and $917.65 million, the senate was informed. In 2016-17, the total trade volume with china reached $15,597.22 million.




BEST OCTOBER IN TURKISH EXPORT HISTORY Turkey’s exports increased by 15.6 percent in October to reach $13.5 billion on year-on-year basis, Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım said Wednesday. “This number is the highest figure ever for the month of October. The highest number in 10 years. When we look at the 10 months of 2017 the average monthly increase is 11 percent, and the figure is nearly $129 billion,” Yıldırım said. Exports in the first 10 months of this year reached $128.7 billion, 11 percent higher than it was during the same period last year. In addition, exports over the last 12 months also increased by 10.7 percent to hit $154.2 billion. Once again, the automotive industry led Turkish exports in October, generating $2.6 billion. It was followed by garment and textile industry with $1.5 billion and the chemicals industry with $1.4 billion. The largest increase in exports was seen in olive and olive oil products with 47.1 percent. Other industrial products saw a 37.4 percent rise in exports. In total, industrial products made up 81.5 percent of all exports last month. Overall, their exports reached $11.3 billion with an increase of 17.2 percent over the same month of last year. Germany again was the top destination for Turkish exports in October, with $1.4 billion, followed by the U.K., U.S., Italy and Iraq. Exports to Russia increased by 54 percent from January to October, reaching $724 million. Yıldırım said exports have doubled in the last 15 years and highlighted that all regions in Turkey now contribute to the country’s exports. Economy Minister Nihat Zeybekci said that Turkey reached its $153.3-billion 2017 exports target in only 10 months.




He further said that the share of exports in Turkey’s gross domestic product (GDP) must increase in order to maintain a balance with the increases in imports. Recalling that the government recently initiated an incentive system to ensure technological transformation, Yıldırım also said that another new incentive system is being prepared for exporters. “Under the new incentive system, we are launching a domestication process to start producing some the imported goods locally because 70 percent of our imported goods are intermediary goods. By doing so we will cut down on the trade deficit,” he said. Speaking at Turkey Export Week 2017, Yıldırım stressed that Turkey’s economic outlook was promising. “There are positive developments in the global economy, but Turkey’s development is even faster. This is an important point. Let’s say global growth is 3.6 [percent], we estimate that ours will be at least twice as much. Don’t be surprised if we end the year with [economic] growth close to 7 [percent],” prime minister said. Turkish Exporters’ Assembly (TİM) Chairman Mehmet Büyükekşi delivered the opening speech at Turkish Export Week and elaborated on the growing demand for Turkish goods. He communicated Turkish exporters’ demand for a resolution to the problems related to the value-added tax (VAT), additional fees for customs procedures outside shift hours, and requested more support for the private sector in research and development (R&D). Büyükekşi also urged for quicker decisions to modernize the customs union agreement with the EU, redesigning the growth model based on innovation, strengthen bilateral ties with the EU and open new EU accession chapters, accelerating exporters’ work on mitigating currency risk, applying flexible working hours and severance pay, and making amendments in education system to emphasize the importance of production.




VOCATIONAL TRAINING SUPPORT FROM BUTGEM FOR BOSNIAN YOUTH Bursa Design and Technology Development Centre carried on business within the scope of Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry, started to provide vocational training for the students who came from BosniaHerzegovina as part of the existing project carried out with the cooperation of United Nations Development Programme. BUTGEM, which provides training for three thousand people each year by means of vocational training and development courses and contributes to qualified work force, continues its success on a global scale. BUTGEM, which is an exemplary institution according to “Human Development Report” prepared by the United Nations Development Programme in 2015, has provided vocational training on CNC for 15 students who came from Bosnia-Herzegovina to Bursa within the scope of project carried out with the cooperation of United Nations Development Programme. Students will be employed in the automotive and machinery sectors in their countries after they will complete their 480-Hour education programme and receive their certificates in January, 2018. “WE WELCOME STUDENTS FROM ALL AROUND THE WORLD” Mr. Fahrettin Gülener; Member of the Board of Directors of BTSO evaluated the project and stated that BUTGEM has achieved the quality of an international project with the trainings being organized. Mr. Gülener reminded the fact that they have trained students who came from all around the world such as Kosovo, South Africa, Syria, Mongolia etc., and added that they also welcomed Bosnian youth in the scope of the project they have carried out jointly with United Nations Development Programme. “We will provide education for 15 students who are between 18-30 years old, we continue to carry out our projects with the cooperation of United Nations Development Programme. We started providing vocational training for our first student group who came from Bosnia. We will also have new vocational training programs in further phases of this project. We are also pleased to be involved in such a project for the development of the Balkans, which is especially important for us.” EDUCATION PROVIDED BY BUTGEM IS A MUST FOR RECRUITMENT The participant students in the vocational training program carried out by BUTGEM said that they are also pleased to be in Bursa. In addition to the unemployed young people participating in the program in order to get a job, there are also those who are currently working and participating in the trainings to improve their profession. One of these students, Mr. Mirza Lalic said that he came to Bursa in line with his company’s demand to participate in the training programme carried out by BUTGEM. Stating that he was very pleased to participate in the trainings and he has learned new things, Mr. Lalic said “I would like to contribute the development of my country by developing my profession and also I want to help the young people in my country. I would like to thank everyone who has given us this opportunity.” Mr. Hasan Basic; another trainee said that BUTGEM’s conditions are very good and that he has learned a lot yet despite being at the beginning of the programme. Stating that being employed is very difficult in Bosnia. “The firm I applied for the job required me to participate in BUTGEM trainings as a recruitment condition. Here I will learn my work best and start working in my country. Here I will learn my business ideally and start working in my country.” 20






MEHMET BÜYÜKEKŞI’S COMMENTS ON RECENT CBRT PRECAUTIONS Mehmet Büyükekşi, Chairman of Turkish Exporters’ Assembly (TİM) stated that the recent measures taken by the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey (CBRT) are quite positive for the 67,000 exporters. The Chairman also told that the recent steps taken by both CBRT and Turkish Eximbank will help not only the exporters but the whole real sector. Büyükekşi also added; “Recently, CBRT stated that the repayments of rediscount credits for export and foreign exchange earning services, which will be due by 1 February 2018, can be made in Turkish liras at a fixed exchange rate. Following this statement, Eximbank started forward contracts, and CBRT announced that a new tool will come into service in order to manage the currency risk of the real sector. These three developments are of utmost importance for us. In our “Exporters’ Tendencies Surveys” volatility of exchange rates comes up as one of the main problems of Turkish exporters. With these precautions, the cost of hedging the currency risk will be minimized. However, the firms should be willing towards using these instruments. As TİM, we will continue to inform Turkish companies about these new developments.”







ASELSAN: “BUTEKOM IS A MODEL THAT WE WOULD LIKE TO SEE IN THE INDUSTRY” Mr. Ali Rıza Kılıç; Central Procurement Director of ASELSAN, said that Bursa Technology Coordination and R&D Centre (BUTEKOM) has developed a different identity with the vision of Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry and took technology-focused investments and R&D studies of Turkey much further. BUTEKOM that developed a different identity with the vision of BTSO, continues to be a solution partner for companies that apply from all over Turkey, especially Bursa business world. ASELSAN which is one of the brands in defense industry production, performed a visit to BUTEKOM taking the lead of technology-focused investments and R&D studies of the business world. Mr. Ali Rıza Kılıç and his accompanying delegation made observations at the test and analysis laboratories of Textile and Technical Textile Centre of Excellence and were informed about Centre of Excellence in Composite and Centre of Excellence in Nanotechnology whose establishment processes are continuing. “A MODEL THAT WE WOULD LIKE TO SEE IN THE INDUSTRY” Pointing out that BUTEKOM is a highly effective, Mr. Kılıç said: “BUTEKOM is a model that we would like to see it in the industry. The studies carried out there, and infrastructures set up under the guidance of BTSO reflect a real industrialization pattern. I would like to thank Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry for their vision.” “EVERYONE SHOULD FOLLOW BUTEKOM’S LEAD” Stating that especially SMEs need a great deal of testing, analysis and measurement services, Kılıç said: “BUTEKOM is a solution partner for the sectoral representatives who will invest in R&D studies and technology. Demands from not only Bursa but also Turkey demonstrate that BUTEKOM is the right decision to meet these demands. I think, BUTEKOM is an important model for Bursa and Turkey. This center will make technologyfocused investments and R&D studies of Turkey much stronger. I hope that the model of BUTEKOM will be applied in all over Turkey as an example” BUTEKOM BECAME A NATIONAL BRAND BUTEKOM has drawn attention with its capacity to perform 1220 different tests for the textile and ready-to-wear sectors in the recent days. BUTEKOM meets the R&D demands of many companies from different cities such as Istanbul, Adana, Gaziantep, Denizli and Tekirdağ, in addition to Bursa companies. BUTEKOM, which has developed joint projects with approximately 65 different local and national companies currently operating in the textile sector, contributes greatly to the value added production capability of the Turkish textile sector. 28



Premier acoustic panel manufacturer Snowsound is now providing new patented Snowsound-Fiber textile products that expand the category, meeting the growing demand for acoustic comfort. The increasing need to live and work in quiet spaces and reduce acoustic reverberation can now be met creatively with these new fabrics. “Snowsound’s new sound-absorbing textiles optimize room acoustics, providing complementary applications that perform unlike any existing material in the fabric industry. These acoustic fabrics are available in 41 texture/ color combinations that designers and architects will embrace. You really have to see, touch and experience these textiles to fully appreciate them,” explains Michael Dardashti, Snowsound Executive Vice President for North America. Sold in rolls, Snowsound-Fiber textiles can be used for window/roller shades, curtains, partitions, sheers, draperies, upholstery, canopies and a myriad of other applications. Unlike most other textiles, they offer significant sound absorption properties due to completely unique technology. Depending upon the fiber type and installation, NRCs of 1.0 are achievable; performing even better than traditional padded acoustical panels. 30


Soundsound-Fiber™ Redefines Acoustic Treatments Award-winning Snowsound acoustic experience


Snowsound-Fiber textiles come in six different patented microscopic weave geometries, each offering a distinct tactile experience. From rich 1.7mm velvet to 0.6mm sheer fabric, the visual experience is as impressive as the underlying acoustic technology is effective. Fabric weight varies from 6.5 oz/yd2 to 13.5 oz/yd2. Made from high-quality 100% polyester fiber, these textiles are all flammability tested, GREENGUARD Goldcertified and 100% recyclable, producing durable, environmentally sustainable solutions. Snowsound-Fiber does not contain felt, wool or other organic materials that are difficult to recycle. All have been tested for color fastness and abrasion. Five types can be washed and ironed – one of these even has bacteriostatic, fused, silver ions which are ideal for healthcare environments.

These fiber materials have different technical properties that address diverse applications and environments, blending with the style of a given space to meet the interior design objectives. The installation flexibility provides the designer creative ways to coordinate with furniture. Diesis™ is a Snowsound-Fiber object that won a Best of NeoCon Silver Award this June. It is a distinctively shaped velvet drapery – made of 100% polyester with polyester thread stitching. The combination of the fabric object design and air gap layers creates a significant sound absorbing solution. The free-standing version is attached to an upper structure with a removable steel plate. The ceiling attached version uses steel aircraft cable equipped with metal ball bearings to allow free rotation. Bemolle™ is a wall mounted Snowsound-Fiber object, while Sipario™ is a wall mounted triangular shaped object that won a Best of NeoCon Silver Award in 2016. 32



“The future is urban”: Heimtextil presents 2018/19 trends Preview of Heimtextil “Theme Park” with FranklinTill Studio, Stijlinstituut Amsterdam and Studio Felix Diener

Four “Spaces” depict macro trends; five additional themes showcase the colours, materials and designs of the new season Urbanisation is one of the key words of our time. More than half the world’s population already lives in cities. In its “Theme Park” inspiration area, the upcoming Heimtextil will reveal how urban life is likely to impact the worlds of living and working in future. As part of the official “Theme Park” preview in Frankfurt am Main, the London design studio FranklinTill gave an initial insight into the new trend concept. 34


Under the title “The future is urban”, Kate Franklin and Caroline Till presented the new Heimtextil Trendbook. Together with Anne Marie Commandeur from the Stijlinstituut Amsterdam and Felix Diener from the Düsseldorf studio of the same name, they published their predictions for future interior design. ‘FranklinTill and all the trend experts involved have managed to provide the international interior industry with a superb source of inspiration to use in their product developments. With the new Heimtextil Trendbook, textile manufacturers, designers, fitters and furnishers will get a valuable overview of trailblazing design developments’, says Olaf Schmidt, Vice President Textiles & Textile Technologies at Messe Frankfurt. The “Theme Park” will also provide in-depth information about new design themes during the trade fair in January. The elaborately designed presentation in hall 6.0 will incorporate market-defining themes and present solutions for the textile interior of tomorrow. Those interested in trends can already get some answers to their furnishing questions of the future on


The new book and the showcase at the trade fair will give a comprehensive idea of how rooms will be designed in the future. How will we live, work, shop and cohabit? Four so-called Spaces will provide a platform for upcoming lifestyle trends and present numerous pioneering projects and creative works.

The Flexible Space This lifestyle trend shows solutions for big city dwellers who are increasingly living like modern nomads and in ever smaller flats. Designers, architects and planners tackle this challenge with a great deal of ingenuity and optimise the available space with convertible and adaptable design.

The Healthy Space We’ve long known the far-reaching effect that the spaces in which we live, work, learn and relax can have on our well-being. Designers, architects and materials scientists are increasingly searching for innovative design that promotes our levels of health, satisfaction, attentiveness and productivity. From the integration of plants indoors to new directions in wellness, the healthy space is on the rise.

The Re-Made Space Another phenomenon of urbanisation is the rapid generation of waste. For the first time in history, the amount of waste produced in cities is growing faster than urbanisation itself. To conquer this huge mountain of waste, cities must understand that the future is to put waste on an equal footing with resources. This will make waste a starting point for new design.




The Maker Space The maker movement has triggered a revolution in the manufacture of interior design objects. It has the potential to fundamentally change production, particularly thanks to the democratisation of digital manufacturing technology. DIY instructions, open source and downloadable designs make it possible for everyone to develop their own personalised products wherever they might be. The trend experts have also worked on the development of an additional five themes that give an outlook on the trendy colours, materials and designs of the 2018/19 season.

Relax/Recharge Colours are known to influence moods and feelings. In contrast to current views, blue has been shown to be stimulating and red calming. Relax/Recharge is a transformative design option that uses the power of colours to bring the energy balance of over-stimulated urban living worlds back into equilibrium. Walls, floors and furniture are completely immersed in colour.

Perfect Imperfection Indigo, one of the oldest dyes in the world, is currently much in vogue among numerous current brands and designers. They are rediscovering indigo dyeing and accepting all of the foibles and the many colour gradations of this deep blue colour. Based on the Japanese philosophy of Wabi-Sabi (“accepting the imperfect�), materials and products bear the traces of the way they were made. Brush strokes and seams are made visible and welcomed as part of the poetic documentation of the creative process. 38



Soft Minimal Urban living systems are multifunctional and can be adapted. Soft Minimal focuses on interior designs and products that appeal because of their functionality and are valued for a lifetime. Cosy materials – wool, felt, linen and bouclé yarn – give a minimalistic flat some warmth and personality. A reserved colour palette of muted pastel colours and neutral shades complemented by matt black ensures timeless elegance.

Adapt+Assemble Freed of all excess frills, the designs appeal with geometric and interchangeable shapes and materials that are perfect for packing and transporting – travelling and moving made easy. The textile techniques used are simple and reliable. Industrial materials are reinterpreted and converted for home use. Bright primary colours ensure a playful appearance.

Urban Oasis Designers transform interiors into green oases in order to use nature to achieve an increased sense of well-being. Green is regarded as the most relaxing colour for the eye. Lush green shades are used to refresh both body and soul. Dark forest and sage green are mixed with matt pink. Textures that imitate nature ensure a full, soft feel. Beyond the “Theme Park” and Heimtextil trends for 2018/19, the trade fair will also focus on the theme “The future is urban”: with its new exhibition format “Interior.Architecture. Hospitality Expo”, Heimtextil will give answers to questions relating to sustainable urban design as well fire protection regulations and structural requirements. Selected suppliers will present their textile products and material solutions in the exclusive surroundings of the new Expo in hall 4.2. In this way, they can position themselves to specifically target interior designers, hoteliers and project planners. 40





Avantgardening Women’s Robe Perfectly coordinated with the latest Bedlinen Collection, Christian Fischbacher presents the women’s lined AVANTGARDENING bathrobe with shawl collar, which is around 120 cm in length and lined with white, one-sided Dreamflor terry cloth. Dreamflor products are manufactured in Switzerland and conform to the requirements of the Öko-Tex Standard 100. The exotic AVANTGARDENING leitmotif is printed onto the very finest satin 105 in swiss+cotton quality printed with 12 screens.


FLORALPIN With its large-scale floral pattern, FLORALPIN is a textile homage to the natural beauty of Swiss flora. Made in Switzerland using the finest swiss+cotton fabric and twelve printing screens, it is available in either blue or green colourway. Originally drawn in ballpoint pen on blueprint copy paper, the elaborate, very precise drawing features a combination of cornflowers, anemones, cherries and grasses set against a white background. The print also incorporates an impression of the blueprint copy paper, which lends the floral pattern greater depth. A lavish process is used to engrave the screens, resulting in an exceptionally wide range of shades. The swiss+cotton quality seal is a sign of the best quality cotton within the entire Swiss value chain. FLORALPIN uses nothing but the finest Swiss cotton yarn made from extra-long staple Supima cotton. This is 40 per cent more durable than standard cotton fabric. Less than 3 per cent of the world´s cotton production fulfils the stringent quality requirements for this Swiss certification.



AVANTGARDENING BED LINEN The exotic leitmotiv from the spring/summer 2017 collection, AVANTGARDENING, embodies Christian Fischbacher’s first-class design and manufacturing standards. Manufactured in Switzerland using the very finest 105 satin in swiss+cotton quality and with 12 screens for the most luxurious bed linen possible. The design studio, too, has reached new heights with AVANTGARDENING. The leitmotiv thus forms a bridge between artists and decades. The latest technological innovations enable old drawings and paintings from the archive of the Rijksmuseum and the New York Public Library to be given a new lease of life in a digital collage. Christian Fischbacher has captured the most succinct elements of the old artworks and draped them onto a graphic patterned background of peacock’s feathers.








Özkayaoğulları rules going to success * Producing a wide variety of home textile products and selling professionally in domestic and foreign market with “ÖZPER” brand, Özkayaoğulları has its own rules and principles for guaranteed success and satisfaction



Özkayaoğulları is a family business established in 1990 to operate in the construction industry. Later the company stepped into the textile sector in 2004. Producing competitive home textile products under its respectful brand of Özper, the company has been continuing to develop its production and activities. The jacquard textile factory of Özkayaoğulları in Bursa is one of the leading facilities operating in the tulle, organza curtain-fantasy production. Total production area of the factory is 1000 square meters where an annual capacity of 400 thousand meters of fabrics is produced. The plant is equipped with the latest model weaving machinery to respond to customer demands more quickly.

The company attaches extra importance on quality as well. Another factor which Özkayaoğulları prioritizes is innovation. Thanks to its R&D team the company produces highest quality level of innovative curtains and fabrics. Özkayaoğulları has been operating in all areas of production technology, design and service addressing to the values of every culture and nation. Talking about their current situation and goals, Yılmaz Özkaya of the company outlined, “If you set your plans properly the success follows. If you believe in a discipline, team spirit, love and respect, the success will definitely follow.

Our company team has been working with the highest level of motivation and determination to provide customer satisfaction.

This is the essence of our success. Customer satisfaction should be the first priority to ensure the quality of an organization. We care for this and I believe we got it properly. We are a flexible organization to produce the best, to deliver in the shortest time and to follow up after the sales. We always get positive feedbacks. If there is a problem at any of the processes, from production to sales, we spare no effort to solve it immediately. Our high quality principles are efficiency, punctuality, intensive teamwork, discipline, honesty, fairness, customer focus and most importantly to give importance to social values.�


Established in 2016, Fox Architecture made a great success in the short space of two years through a highly experienced staff of architects and managers in the fair industry. Fairs loom large in every industry. Our goal is to enable our customers to exhibit in the best way their company and products. We want to ease your business stress as a  solution partner on stand organization, During fair, your customers, rivals and friends in the industry will visit your stand. So the more stand represents successfully you and your company the more you get  positive results from fair.



IDEA & START We offer you the most creative design for free analyzing accurately data from you. Our main mission is to offer our customers the best one to their budgets.

DESIGN & PROJECT We explore your products and determine a layout concept for stand before starting design and planning. Then sharing with customer the wooden, maxima and modular stand options, we start the best-fit project you approved, allowing your interference it prior to the finalizing of product.

MANUFACTURING & DELIVERY Stand design is sent to manufacturing only after getting last approval of customer with who we shared all product and size info. From beginning to end, all installations in the ground are simultaneously photographed and shared with you. Thus, you are not concerned about stand during the setup.


We supply all accessories t o be used for stands of our customers in E  vteks easing their workload.

Our stands are prepared in our own production.



Our greatest sensitivity for our stands is to help you c  ompleting all setting without the need for you to visit the ground.

We also provide service for showroom decoration besides fair stands.



































2018 is going to be a colourful year, according to Boråstapeter. The company is launching its Deep Sea Dive serie – a selection of wallpapers that highlights 2018’s biggest trends in colours. The trend serie, available for a limited time only, consists of ve single-coloured wallpapers with a matt, velvety nish.




For years Boråstapeter has been creating single-coloured wallpapers as part of its Pigment collection – a series of natural and elegant shades that let the furnishings do the talking. Now, with its Deep Sea Dive series, Boråstapeter is taking the single-coloured wallpaper concept further, launching its rst serie speci cally aimed at trend-savvy custom- ers looking for 2018’s most important colours. Deep Sea Dive brings together all of Pigment’s most popular features – velvety smooth nishes and a tactile warmth – with ve carefully selected, contemporary colours.




“From 2018, Boråstapeter will be launching annual series that showcase the colour trends for each coming year. This year, we’ve taken inspiration from the beauty of the ocean depths, with colours running from a deep navy blue through to a light pink, vibrant green and playful yellow. The serie is a feast for the eyes, combining the crackling colours of the coral reefs with the obscure darkness of billowing waves. It’s a perfect opportunity to incorporate dynamic, on-trend colours into your interiors,” says Noomi Spange, designer at Boråstapeter. As for a single-coloured wallpaper’s bene ts when it comes to colour rendering, Spange is clear on its advantages over paint. “With paint colours, it’s often the case that the sample you see in the paint shop isn’t a perfect representation of the nished result. Not here. Each colour is exactly as you chose it, which makes it easier to plan your interiors and ensure there’s some interplay with the other materials and furnishings in a space,” says Spange. Deep Sea Dive will launch in February 2018 alongside the Pigment wallpaper collection, which will consist of 40 single-coloured wallpapers.







VISITORS REFER TO MOOD/ INDIGO AS ‘BEST KEPT SECRET’ Michael has been visiting MoOD and Indigo Brussels for years, but this is the first time he is going to the new location in Tour & Taxis. “A beautiful place,” he says while he keeps his eyes peeled. After a short briefing with his team, they are all on their own way. Later Michael informs he is happy to be here. “MoOD is the best kept secret amongst fabric exhibitions”, he reveals. He quickly adds with a wink: “I can imagine you don’t want to share this with your competitors.” Earlier we met Tom while he was visiting an exhibitor. Tom is buying fabrics for his company in the US. We had a talk with him and were rather delighted with his testimonial. But Tom quickly got back to us with the request not to publish it. The reason? It´s a small world. Nobody has to know where he sources his fabrics. MoOD/Indigo Brussels is a niche exhibition with about 4000 visitors, compact and to-the-point. No to be missed by professionals.

Boutique style exhibition on a historic site You get immediately in the right mood when you arrive at the premises of Tour & Taxis. The restored early 20 century stately warehouses are located at the port in the city centre of Brussels. MoOD and Indigo Brussels take up four whole halls, called Sheds, at the former goods station. The exhibition space is bathing in natural daylight thanks to the remarkable construction of the roof. Furthermore MoOD is being decorated in an inspiring way. Still there is a certain reserved atmosphere at the boutique show. Discrete, uniform and attractive stands make sure that the ‘product is the hero’. The fabrics and creations are in the spotlight. A concept that has been tried and tested that makes for an informal and relaxed atmosphere, high-class as a result of numerous beautiful highlights.



Quality from all over the world The collections being presented at MoOD and Indigo are focussed on the European market with exhibitors coming from all over the world. MoOD unites 14 different nationalities and the offer of Indigo hails from 17 different countries. Visitors arrive from the four corners of the planet. Europe remains most strongly represented with a percentage of 78%. Frontrunners are the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, France and Belgium. The Scandinavian countries and Norway in particular showed the strongest growth this year. Non european visitors mainly come from Russia, China, India, Korea and Japan. Also visitors from Canada, the US, Brazil, Columbia, Mexico, South-Africa and Mauritius find their way to Brussels. The quality of these visitors is particularly appreciated by the exhibitors. Three-quarters of them assign MoOD/ Indigo a score of 75% or higher as it comes to visitor quality. A result of the know-how as it comes to attracting the right visitors. Trends, innovations, awards and busy seminars MoOD/Indigo Brussels knows how to fascinate show visitors with a varied, inspirational offer. The trend show PASSAGES, the Blue Drop selection, the Blue Drop Awards and most certainly the Innovation Platform all appear to be a must-see for professionals who have a finger on the pulse in our industry. The seminars attract a large audience and the guided walks are again fully booked. MoOD does not spare any cost to be ‘best of class’ in the exhibition world as it comes to inspiring and informing.


Colour Passage The nicest, most surprising, best colour setting in a collection or a product. Blue Drop Winner: Teksko Kadife Kumas SAN.TIC A.S. The colour award goes to a fabric that uses only one colour. It may seem a little awkward, but the jury chose this fabric for the way the colour changes according to the play of light in the yarns. One colour became many colours. Some facts about MoOD/Indigo Brussels 2017 100 MoOD exhibitors, weavers and printers showing their new collections and designs, are joined by a selection of 25 Launch Pads. Add to that 10 exhibitors bringing their latest innovations to the New Materials/ MoOD Tech area. Indigo Brussels gathers 100 studios from 17 counties showing high level surface and pattern designs. The Indigo Brussels exhibitors top 3: UK, France and Italy. Indigo Brussels certainly is a great addition to MoOD. Both shows make a perfect match! Through the eyes of a MoOD exhibitor Hakan Donmaz, General Manager of the Turkish company Marteks looks back on a particular successful exhibition. He spontaneously sent us his testimonial: “We are extremely satisfied with the results of the show, they were beyond our expectations. Different factors play an important role in the complete package the show has to offer: - Timing: the moment when MoOD is taking place, is ideal, not only for Marteks but also for the designers. - Quality: we had high-level visitors, not only customers but also very good contacts, prospects and leads. - Brussels: the location is just perfect, in the heart of Europe, everybody gets there in a convenient way (airports and railway stations nearby). - Venue & concept: the venue of Tour & Taxis is unique, the “boutique” concept fits perfectly. - Service: the visitors feel they’re welcome. They get free coffee & tea at the central coffee corner, there is a lot of interactivity e.g. the Trend Seminars, Walks & Talks, the Innovation Platform, ... etc. Marteks will most certainly be exhibiting at MoOD 2018!”








Offering service with Eskisehir (Turkey), Bucharest and London branches, the Bursa based Lima Logistics shares its experience on exhibition, fair and events with exhibitors at Heimtextil Frankfurt.


Lima Logistics gives support to home textile industry, as a solution partner for companies at domestic and overseas fair, congress and exhibition organizations as well as air freight, road freight and sea freight transportation services.




r. Cenker Ural, Co-founder of Lima Logistics, said that they see Heimtextil Frankfurt as the foremost event among meeting points of Turkish home textile industry with the world, adding fair organizations give fresh breath to industries. Expressing that they provide all kinds of technical and logistic support for exhibitors from setting up a stand to the final delivery, Mr. Ural continued that; “Turkey is one of the first countries that pop to mind when you think of home textile in the world. With impressive performance it displayed, the textile industry is one of the most important competitive advantages of Turkish economy. While Turkish home textile industry continues to increase global market share thanks to its designs and leading brands, we, as Lima Logistics, make a contribution to this growth with our exhibition and event freight forwarding services. As in the previous years, we stand with home textile industry with professional exhibition staff.”





r. Vedat Çelik, Co-founder of Lima Logistic, stated that as in every year, they worked to transport smoothly manufacturer, designer and the sector professionals at Heimtextil exhibition to the fairgrounds, passing through an intense preparation process in terms of exhibition and event logistics.

‘Heimtextil is a significant fair organization that many companies take the opportunity to get in contact with each other. We, as Lima Logistics, hit the road with goal of transporting without any problems exhibitors to event ground. We can say that we left our mark on Heimtextil 2018 through a working strategy based on efficient and warm customer relation” he said. Stressing the importance of Heimtextil for home textile industry, Mr. Çelik adding “We have the opportunity to work with companies from many fields such as garment and bath textile, bedspreads, bed and bedroom products, blanket, curtain, blind, accessories, leather products, carpet, wallpaper, table covers as part of home textile. As Lima Logistics, we gain experience in terms of enhancing know-how about the sector rather than just fair freight.”



KAI Fabric Collections

KAI features inspirational designs, creating a totally different ‘lifestyle’ look, which will add infinite style to your home. Fabrics are selected for their comfort, whilst retaining a luxurious quality. Choose from a selection of beautiful woven fabrics, patterns and plains, sheers, and sumptuous velvets.


Classic and contemporary interiors can take inspiration from the stunning Amalfi collection, with its elegant damasks and embroidered satins to luxurious textured jacquards, woven sheers and co-ordinating cotton velvets. Rich in colour and design, the Amalfi collection will bring a refined sophistication to your home. Colours span from soft oyster, pearl and antelope with touches of midnight, sahara, platinum, and celadon.



BASEL An eclectic collection of contemporary fabrics with a subtle rustic charm, comprising of a hand-cut herringbone weave, a checked sheer and exquisitely crafted embroideries. The charming patterns and inspiring colour combinations bring a sense of fun into the home. A beautiful cut velvet complements this range offering a subtle textured option for co-ordinating upholstery. Available in four fresh colour ways including sunshine and linen, aloe and ochre, harbour and coral and eucalyptus and slate with hints of blush.



COMO This classic cotton velvet with an impressive 50,000 Martindale, is suitable for both drapes and upholstery. With a palette of 35 opulent shades, from paprika, topaz and magenta, through to sophisticated neutrals including silver, stone and mink.




TALLIS Previously found in the Mahala collection, Tallis has a new lease of life and has been re-coloured in 23 new stunning shades. The tactile quilted satin with its beautiful delicate sheen will bring a touch of luxury to your home. Suitable for drape and light upholstery.





ANTHOZOA COLLECTION The Harlequin Studio are delighted to present Anthozoa, a fashion-led collection of statement wallpapers and fabrics. Taking it’s name from a word meaning ‘a living sea plant’ Anthozoa is bursting with glamorous botanicals, exotic sea plants and inky landscapes. Enjoying a beautiful colour palette of watery shades to symbolise land and sea contrasted with pops of vibrant tones to emulate exotic fish and coral formations, Anthozoa creates the perfect backdrop for entertaining or simply relaxing.


Sure to create a confident living space, Anthozoa prints and wallpaper are perfectly complemented by Moramo Linens and Kanela Plains.

ANTHOZOA WALLPAPERS Create a statement in your home with this fashion-led collection of seven striking wallpapers from our design studio.



Vivacious and energetic, Anthozoa is bursting with glamorous botanicals, exotic sea plants, inky landscapes and corals. Some of these statement wallpapers are highlighted by shimmering mica, iridescence or beading and the star of the show is the stunning digitally-printed panel, Kaliani, featuring an evocative landscape – sure to create a talking point in your home. The wallpapers are complemented by Anthozoa Fabrics, a fashion-led collection of versatile fabrics.







Softness prime consideration for carpet buyers: UK survey

Softness is the prime concern when customers select carpets, a survey by the largest British franchised flooring and bed retailer United Carpets and Beds has found. Over a third of the respondents, when asked about the most important quality in a carpet, cited ‘softness’ as their preferred attribute, an answer that was unanimous across all age groups. Softness was given more importance by younger age groups, with 41.9 per cent of 18–24 year olds specifying it as their top response. ‘Ease of cleaning’ was considered important by 22.1 per cent of the respondents, making it the second most popular response, while only 20.2 per cent said ‘warmth’ was a crucial factor, a press release from the company said. The 55-64 age bracket put a high emphasis on cleaning, suggesting that low maintenance is a desirable quality for older buyers. Aesthetics only interested 12.8 per cent of the respondents, highlighting that comfort and practicality are of higher importance than design to many carpet buyers. Aesthetics appealed most to the 45-54 age group, which is most likely to have more disposable income


The sophisticated glamour of Jazz II, Tate, Tailored and Mezzo conjures memories of early 20th century design but with a contemporary feel, with opulent silks, fine wool and softly reflective finishes bringing the collection to life.



TATE Luxury Linen Weaves Linen in its most refined form. Featuring classic and timeless weave structures with a modernist edge, Tate combines streamlined design, exquisite material and a sophisticated urban palette. A plain linen satin, with an elegantly natural lustre sits at the centre of the collection, testament to Mark Alexander’s simple touch. Created with the masterfully refined, long fibre European linen, typically used in couture fashion, this plain and the accompanying designs reach new levels of quality and sophistication. PINPOINT , This semi-plain weave. Woven from a blend of refined linen and shimmering viscose, has a supple movement and crisp feel giving it an urban glamour appeal. INTERLOCK, Decorative Linen. A soft, geometric motif of interlocking hexagons adds a subtle deco feel to the sleek drape of this satin weave made with refined linen yarns. BALANCE, Linen Hopsack Weave. A smooth lustre accentuates the tonal movement of this modern hopsack weave to create a three dimensional appearance. Woven from masterfully refined European linen, this fabric is of the highest quality and sophistication. OBLIQUE, Linen Twill Weave. A sleek, polished appearance gives this twill weave amodern twist; woven from masterfully refined long fibre European linen. CAPSTONE, Decorative Linen. With a wonderfully smooth drape, this refined linen satin is woven with an interesting deco inspired geometric motif.


TAILORED Luxury Wools and Wool Sheers Refined and sophisticated, Tailored offers a group of finest pure wool fabrics that have been woven and exquisitely finished in the UK. Wool is natural, renewable and ecologically biodegradable at the end of its useful life, well known for its breathable, odour resistant and insulating properties. Mark Alexander has handled the material with care and attention adding only subtle design and restrained colours.



CARRAWAY, Plain Wool CrĂŞpe. This lightweight wool CrĂŞpe is created from intricately twisted yarns to give a crisp finish to the surface. CORNELL, Wool Sheer. A gentle pure wool sheer with an interesting oversize hounds tooth motif which comes into focus against the light. ALTAIR, Wool Semi-sheer. A delicate pure wool weave with a decorative chevron motif, this semi-sheer has the inherent warmth of pure lambswool yet has a wonderfully light and airy quality and gentle drape.




JAZZ II Decorative Silks and Sheers Jazz is one of Mark Alexander’s signature fabrics. Woven in the UK from seductive silk and couture quality lamb’s wool, Jazz II features four of the finest drapery qualities available. Displaying a tempered sheen and liquid metal drape Dunand, Barbier and Salon conjure images of Jazz age glamour with their early 20th century deco inspired motifs, whilst Jazz is re-introduced in an expansive palette of sumptuous colours. DUNAND, Decorative Silk Wool. Woven in England, the sleek nature and alluring sheen of this silk wool is perfectly complemented by the deco inspired geometric motif, conjuring images of 20th century Jazz age glamour. BARBIER, Decorative Silk Wool. The distinct luxurious sheen of silk, tempered by the dry warmth of wool creates this classic weave with a loosely deco inspired design. Woven in England from fine silk and couture quality wool, this fabric achieves a sleek nature and alluring sheen. JAZZ, Silk Wool Blend. Woven in England from couture quality wool and seductive silk, there is no finer drape than Jazz, presented in a palette of sumptuous nuanced shades that add to the refined glamour of this classic and timeless fabric.




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