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Turkey imposes temporary duty on POY from 7 countries Turkish ministry of economy has announced imposition of provisional anti-dumping duty on partially oriented yarn (POY) with HS code 5402.46 imported from seven countries - China, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. The ministry said that the volume of imported POY increased considerably during January 1, 2010 to December 31, 2016. The ministry had launched a preliminary investigation in February this year following a petition from Korteks Mensucat ve Sanayi Anonim Sirketi company. According to the data obtained from Turkish Statistical Institute, it was determined that POY imports had increased considerably, especially after 2010, the ministry said in an official communiquĂŠ. The share of Turkish POY imports from the above mentioned seven countries was 99.1 per cent in 2014 and 2015, and it was 99.2 per cent in 2016. In terms of volume, it has increased from 159,960,807 kg in 2010 to 295,789,479 kg in 2016. The anti-dumping duty on POY from India, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam will be 10.15 per cent, 14.3 per cent, 18.85 per cent and 36.28 per cent respectively. The duty on import of POY from China, Indonesia and Malaysia would be levied at $263 per ton, $120 per ton and $138 per ton respectively, the communiquĂŠ said. These duties will remain in effect until the final decision on the investigation is announced.




Make it British campaign supports UK manufacturing With a vision to attract more people to buy quality British-made goods, former designer and buyer Kate Hills founded Make it British, which is a campaign to support UK manufacturing businesses and British craftsmanship. She also organises Meet the Manufacturer, an annual trade show held in London, to put UK manufacturing on the global platform.

“We encourage textile companies from other countries to consider manufacturing in Britain. Manufacturing in the UK is becoming more and more cost-effective and we are getting an increasing number of enquiries from businesses overseas looking to manufacture in the UK, particularly from the US, Japan and Germany,” she added.

“After 20 years of working as a designer and buyer, flying around the world for brands such as Burberry, M&S and other high street names, I became disillusioned when they stopped using factories in the UK to produce their goods. So, I left in 2011 to set up Make it British, a campaign to support UK manufacturing businesses and British craftsmanship, including Meet the Manufacturer, an annual trade show held in London,” Hills told Fibre2Fashion in an interview.

Talking about the limitation of the British manufacturing industry, Hills said, “British manufacturing is limited at the moment because there is not enough capacity. Travelling around the UK, visiting different businesses, it has become apparent that the big issue is attracting young people into the manufacturing industry. We need to reach out to the future generation of leaders in manufacturing and train up more young people to work in UK factories.”

Make it British has now become global, with increasing numbers of international visitors contacting it to buy quality British-made products. Besides promoting British companies to work with their fellow counterparts in Britain and to manufacture their products in the country, Make it British also encourages textile companies from the other countries to consider manufacturing in Britain.



In the future, Hills would like to take this a step further and take Make it British overseas on a trade mission to inspire even more people to buy British-made brands. She feels that Brexit will have a positive impact on textiles and apparel companies of Britain. “We are already seeing a huge amount of interest in British-made goods. We are seeing businesses like cotton spinning coming back to the UK, which is great news,” concluded Hills. (KD)














“Achievements in the field of information will bring more wealth to Turkey” TOBB (The Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey) Vice Chairman Halim Mete, speaking at the Informatics Sector Meeting, said that Science, Industry and Technology Minister Faruk Özlu has expressed that there is no alternative to a private sector-based growth model at every opportunity. Mete stated that the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology has taken important steps in recent years and prepared an industry support package that reduces the cost burden on the production and alleviates administrative obstacles. The patent law guaranteeing the rights of inventors and technology producers has been passed. A legislation vital which facilitates the R&D center establishment, strengthening the innovation ecosystem has been implemented. The Industrial Digital Transformation Platform, which aims to facilitate Turkey’s adaptation to the digital transformation process and is a part of our Union has been established. For these most important steps taken by the development for our industry, we extend our gratitude to Minister Özlü, his colleagues and the ministry. Halim Mete stated that the programmers being considered industrialists would enable them to benefit from the state incentives more effectively, pointing out that every bit of extra support given to the sector would make a great contribution to the ability to make promise-based software companies on a global scale. - Minister of Science, Industry and Technology Özlü Faruk Özlu, the Minister of Science, Industry and Technology, stated that the information technology and software manufacturing enterprises, together with the Production Reform Package, are included in the Industrial Register Law and said, “We’ve categorized software with industrialists and now they will benefit from all the rights industrialists enjoy. Especially young entrepreneurs.” - Software Sector Council Chair Elmas TOBB Turkey Software Sector Chair Melek Bar Elmas reported that according to Gartner data, the global software market is grew by 6% in 2016 to reach 333 billion USD, expected to growth for 2017 is 7% reaching 357 billion USD. 20






Schoeller Receives Keyhouse Hightex Award The Munich Fabric Start tradefair awarded Schoeller with a Hightex Award for excellence in sustainability. The awarded Schoeller product is a schoeller®- soft-shell fabric with ECONYL® yarn, which received 2nd place. The Hightex Award is the innovation prize of Munich Fabric Start at Keyhouse as a recognition of outstanding performance in terms of forward-looking product development. The awarded material is a doubleface with smooth, color-contrasting reverse in ECONYL® yarn. The special feature of this soft-shell is its complete sustainability; even the bio foam in the centre is based on renewable raw materials. Water repellence is ensured by the new fluorocarbon-free ecorepel® Bio technology, also based on renewable raw materials. Outstanding wind and weather protection is provided by the two-layer schoeller®-WB formula with climate-regulating c_change® membrane. Schoeller textiles manufactured with ECONYL® yarn, an Aquafil S.P.A. property, are genuinely upcycled from regenerated waste material. The ECONYL® Reclaiming Program reduces the worldwide quantity of waste by collecting regenerable material from waste disposal sites, as well as ocean waters, and reintroducing it into the production cycle. The resulting yarn in no way differs in quality and performances from conventional textiles. The Schoeller fabric family with ECONYL® yarn encompasses a complete package with diverse exciting qualities such as ultra-light, bi-elastic schoeller®-dynamic (e.g. for windbreaker), very soft, fine schoeller®-dryskin (e.g. for high-tech sports) and a variety of light schoeller®-WB-400 weights.




Azerkhalcha to revive carpet industry in Azerbaijan State-run Azerkhalcha Company in Azerbaijan plans to revive the country’s weaving traditions and reintroduce its hand-woven carpets to the world. The company recently opened its first branch in the Horadiz settlement of the Fizuli region and plans to launch nine branches by end of 2017. The aim is to set up 30 outlets employing 5,000 people. The nine outlets of the company, established in May 2016, will come up in Shamkir, Gazakh, Agstafa, Tovuz, Agdam, Guba, Khachmaz, Ismayilli and Gabala. About 100 carpets manufactured at the Horadiz branch were exhibited at various international trade shows, including one in Hanover in January 2017, Azerkhalcha president Vidadi Muradov told a news agency. With more outlets, the company can ensure mass export of carpets, Muradov said. Estimates show that carpet-weaving will become one of the most profitable spheres of the non-oil sector, he added. The country has seven carpet producing regions — Baku, Shirvan, Guba, Tabriz, Karabakh, Ganja and Gazakh. Each region has its own technique, typical patterns and colours. Wool is the major raw material. In 2010, the Azerbaijani carpet was proclaimed ‘a Masterpiece of Intangible Heritage’ by UNESCO.







UK, German businesses want Brexit focus on common issues With the third round of Brexit negotiations under way in Brussels, the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) and the Association of German Chambers of Commerce (DIHK) have urged British and European Union (EU) negotiators to focus unambiguously on common economic interests, including customs arrangements, tax procedures and rights of workers from each side. The leading German and UK business organisations have called upon politicians involved in the talks to build an environment of mutual trust and constructive dialogue and to deliver clarity and certainty for businesses across Europe, according to a recent BCC press release. Uncertainty prevails across the European business community. A DIHK survey has revealed that the business outlook of companies engaged in trade with the United Kingdom (UK) is worsening because of the expectation of cost burdens from limits on free movement of workers, taxes, tariffs and increasing bureaucratic hurdles. In a recent BCC opinion poll, a substantial majority of respondents wanted a transition period of at least three years. Both German and British businesses also want clarity at the beginning on the overall shape of the final settlement, the press release said. The UK is the third-largest foreign market for German goods and Germany is the UK’s second-largest goods and services exports destination. German companies maintain about 2,500 branch offices in the UK, which employ nearly 400,000 workers. British companies have 1,200 branch offices in Germany, which employ about 220,000 workers.







KOLAY İK FROM TİM-TEB START-UP HOUSES IS IN THE LIST OF WIRED UK “HOTTEST ENTREPRENEURS OF EUROPE” Kolay İK (Human Resources), which is one of the entrepreneurs from TİM-TEB Start-up Houses and is the first to develop a cloud-based employer management software, is on the list of Wired UK Europe’s 100 Hottest Start-Ups 2017 that has become a measure of tracking successful enterprises. President of Turkish Exporter’s Assembly Mehmet Büyükekşi stated: “The main aim of TİM-TEB Start-Up House is to create awareness about entrepreneurship and innovation and to encourage the young. We are happy to see proof of our successes internationally. I personally congratulate the entrepreneur.” Indicating that they want to make entrepreneurship a hot topic in Turkey, Büyükekşi said: “As the successes of our entrepreneurs climb, our welfare climbs more.” Co-Founder of Kolay Human Resources Çağlar Yalı: “We have participated in TİM-TEB Start-Up Houses when we were founded in 2014. The Start-Up House helped Kolay İK a lot to be educated about basic entrepreneurship knowledge. TİM-TEB Start-Up House provided the best opportunities in the most helpful manner for the success of young entrepreneurs like us.” Kolay HR, one of the entrepreneurs of TİM-TEB Start-Up Houses, has gained a place among Wired UK 2017 Europe’s 100 Hottest Start-Ups, which is a list that has become a measurement in terms of following up successful entrepreneurs since it is first published in 2011. Developing the first cloud-based personnel management software, Kolay HR was founded by Çağlar Yalı, Gizem Sevinç and Efecan Erdur in 2014. 34


Considering that Kolay HR has gained a place in the list, TİM President Mehmet Büyükekşi declared: “The main aim of TİM-TEB Start-Up House is to create awareness about entrepreneurship and innovation and to encourage the young. We are happy to see proof of our successes internationally. I personally congratulate the entrepreneur.” Indicating that they want to make entrepreneurship a hot topic in Turkey, Büyükekşi said: “As the successes of our entrepreneurs climb, our welfare climbs more.”

Entrepreneurs Have Received 115 Million Investment Stating that TİM-TEB Start-Up Houses organizing programs that provides consultancy for more over 400 entrepreneurs and education services for about 15.000 people since it is opened in 2013, Büyükekşi: “The total amount of investment, from both public and private foundations, to the companies in the program has reached out to 115 million TL.” Drawing attention to the fact that they are supporting all kinds of entrepreneurs from newly founded start-up businesses to the technology companies that want to expand abroad with 11 different programs, Büyükekşi: “Entrepreneurs may benefit from opportunities like free office support, Management Consultation programs, client-investor meetings, network or publicity support. Total Annual returns of the companies in the program has exceeded 205 Million TL.”


All the opportunities that we need was provided in the best way Co-Founder of Kolay Human Resources Çağlar Yalı: “We have participated in TİM-TEB Start-Up Houses when we were founded in 2014. The Start-Up House helped Kolay İK a lot to be educated about basic entrepreneurship knowledge. TİM-TEB Start-Up House provided the best opportunities in the most helpful manner for the success of young entrepreneurs like us.” Informing about Kolay HR’s business processes Yalı stated: “We provide employees of Human Resources to focus on value added businesses by lighten their workload. We digitalize all the processes of personnel management thus gathering all the works under a single roof. In the end, the efficiency increases and the mistakes decrease. Right now, there are more than 9.500 companies and 100.000 employees registered in Kolay HR’s system. Registered employees is increasing every month by 30%. Also, 1.500 new companies is registering to system every month. Rapid and stable growth of Kolay HR has led user count to increase and more than 90% customer satisfaction in a short time.




EXPORTERS CONTRIBUTED TO GROWTH AND EMPLOYMENT Turkish Exporters’ Assembly has announced the results of Exporter Tendencies Survey 2017 covering 2nd Quarter Actualizations and 3rd Quarter Expectations. Speaking at the press conference, the Chairman of Turkish Exporters’ Assembly Mehmet Büyükekşi told that; “Exports increased by 8.2 percent in the first 6 months, and contributed 2 points to the Q2 growth.” Büyükekşi also told, “Research shows that the majority of our firms increased the number of their employees in the second quarter. For the remainder of the year 2017, which we announced as the breakthrough year, the increase in our exports will continue to reflect positively on employment data. The most important problem is the cyber-attacks. This situation did not affect only our own firms and systems, it also affected the large-scale European and US firms which we do business with at the same time. This has also caused our firms to slow down their exports. 49 percent of the companies that participated in the survey has entered a new market in 2017 Q1. This rate has risen to 57 percent in 2017 Q2. Most of the companies have diversified their export markets by entering markets they have never exported before. When we look at the target countries of our exporters, the most preferred markets are Russia, Qatar and Germany. Russia has entered the radar of our exporters once again after the normalization of our bilateral relations. We can see this recovery in January - August period, our exports to Russia increased by 52.6% in the first 8 months of 2017.”




AMAZILIA WALLPAPERS The Harlequin Studio has produced Amazilia, a stunning collection of fabrics and wallcoverings based on extravagant tropical motifs in magnificent colourways. This exotic collection of wallpapers includes delicate hummingbirds, botanically-drawn butterflies, fashionable feathers, contemporary florals, billowing clouds and inky spots, all complemented by a textured-look plain.

LIMOSA A fashionable motif depicting finely-drawn feathers in an array of delicious colours mirroring the fabric design.



NUVOLA Sky and clouds expertly depicted to great effect using only tiny dots.


KABALA An exotic flower head and tree fruits bursting in an explosion of colour and texture.



PAPILIO Botanically-drawn butterflies arranged like a collector’s specimen box.




SIR JOHN SOANE COLLECTION This collection of fabrics is inspired by the individual style of Sir John Soane. A distinguished neo classical architect who built the Bank of England and Dulwich Picture Gallery, John Soane was an avid collector of artefacts and paintings, many of which were obtained during his Grand Tourand displayed in his home. The house was left to the country on his death in 1837 and is now one of London’s most popular museums. When the historic Sir John Soane Museum meets the craftsmanship and technical weaving expertise of Gainsborough a unique collection of fabrics is born.... JOHN SOANE’S DOME portrays the domed area in the museum where Sir John took his students to appreciate the architecture studied on his Grand Tour. Evoking ancient Rome, the fabric shows casts of many classical buildings framed by the arches in the museum with the overhead vaulted glass skylights. This is the largest design in the collection representing over 50 individual sculpted works. It was the most challenging for the designers to recreate and took the longest with acute attention focused on every intricate shaded detail. As the name suggests the JOHN SOANE’S LIBRARY shows a wall lined with bookcases and a row of Cantonese rosewood chairs inlaid with mother-of-pearl. The fabric so exactly reproduces the scene that pine cones resting on the chairs in the museum are also portrayed. Lining the glass fronted bookcases is the green damask which is also included in the collection. See below. THE SOANE DAMASK is an archive design which closely resembles the original wallcovering in the Library and the lining in the bookcases. In the original vivid green colouring this fabric is woven in the traditional way on a punch card operated 1930s Hattersley Jacquard loom and combines a silk organzine warp with a thick cotton weft. It is also shown in the John Soane’s Library design.




The JOHN SOANE’S ENTRANCE HALL fabric captures the finishes and textures of the museum’s entrance hall complete with brickwork woven to scale, porphyry walls and the original plasterwork rosettes woven in linen. Designed for walling or curtains the fabric can be made to measure according to ceiling or window height with the 3 components - brickwork, porphyry and rosettes - altered to fit the design scheme. JOHN SOANE’S CREPE is a textured upholstery fabric designed to portray the texture look of the porphyry wall finish in the entrance hall of the Museum. Also part of the John Soane’s Entrance Hall design, this is a perfect coordinate to work with the larger designs. The JOHN SOANE’S CHAIR upholstery fabric was inspired by the early 19th century leather chairs in the dining room. The once perfect leather now has a cracked and patinated finish which is captured in this design. This is an elegant representation of the passing of time since Sir John Soane first established his museum. SOANE’S MOSAIC is taken from a watercolour in the museum depicting a Roman pavement from AD 200 found in the baths at Otricoli and now in the Grand Circular Saloon of the Vatican. This is a small scale upholstery fabric with impeccable design credentials. The design of THE NORTH SOANE DRAWING ROOM stripe originates from yellow wall panelling to be found in the drawing room. A strié warp replicates the uneven application of paint in the original Turner Yellow and two other bold colours for curtaining or walling. SOANE’S COLUMN captures the 3-dimensional nature of the museum’s grand Corinthian columns. The original combination of weaves took a long time to develop for the desired effect. In the soft shades of the original plaster or Turner Yellow.








Sustainability in the textile industry

Properly assess the global supply chain with OEKO-TEX® Social and environmental concerns will soon play a greater role in public procurement. Although the aim is simple, the implementation may prove to be difficult. Given the global supply chains within the textile industry, even experts face numerous challenges when evaluating the sustainability of uniforms and protective clothing. Due to its international nature and the sheer volume of third parties in the production chain, responsibility is increasingly placed on those releasing new textiles onto the market. Public procurement stipulates that clothing must be safe, produced in environmentally friendly production facilities and under decent working conditions. Yet how can procurers gauge whether the supplier complies with these provisions? Thanks to public procurement regulation, the adherence to such sustainability requirements can now be determined from labels. Labelled textile products offer guidance and help consumers make responsible decisions when purchasing workwear. Yet when bombarded with hundreds of worldwide labels and certificates, selecting the right one is by no means an easy feat, so much so that the phrase “label labyrinth” was coined. In pursuit of a suitable label, it makes sense to draw on those tried and tested designs. Since 1992 OEKO-TEX® has been developing various solutions for environmentally friendly and socially responsible textiles. The guiding principles of OEKO-TEX® are based on transparency, traceability, credibility and trust.



Now available on the market, OEKO-TEX® certificates and labels allow textile manufacturers to prove compliance with environmental and social regulations in their production chains. Whether it is the use of chemicals in production, the continuous improvement of the supplier’s working and production conditions or the safety of the final product - it can all be independently and credibly verified with the help of the various products developed by the OEKO-TEX® Association. With the label MADE IN GREEN by OEKO-TEX®, for example, procurers can even trace the production process of the finished garment. Through a bar code or the product ID on the label, the different stages of production can be viewed. On the website, the German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development commends the transparency that the MADE IN GREEN label offers consumers, classifying it as a “very good option”. Likewise, if the new legal status wishes to make procurement procedures simpler, then sustainability regulation requires a new approach. Relying on a trustworthy partner is certainly advantageous. For 25 years, OEKO-TEX® has offered easy solutions, enabling procurers to successfully overcome the increasing demands of the market; ensuring everything from chemical management, environmentally friendly manufacturing processes and fair working conditions to labels clearly displaying product performance. The OEKO-TEX® system provides the optimal basis for this as it continually refines its standards and always focused on current market developments.


Established in 2016, Fox Architecture made a great success in the short space of two years through a highly experienced staff of architects and managers in the fair industry. Fairs loom large in every industry. Our goal is to enable our customers to exhibit in the best way their company and products. We want to ease your business stress as a  solution partner on stand organization, During fair, your customers, rivals and friends in the industry will visit your stand. So the more stand represents successfully you and your company the more you get  positive results from fair.



IDEA & START We offer you the most creative design for free analyzing accurately data from you. Our main mission is to offer our customers the best one to their budgets.

DESIGN & PROJECT We explore your products and determine a layout concept for stand before starting design and planning. Then sharing with customer the wooden, maxima and modular stand options, we start the best-fit project you approved, allowing your interference it prior to the finalizing of product.

MANUFACTURING & DELIVERY Stand design is sent to manufacturing only after getting last approval of customer with who we shared all product and size info. From beginning to end, all installations in the ground are simultaneously photographed and shared with you. Thus, you are not concerned about stand during the setup.


We supply all accessories t o be used for stands of our customers in E  vteks easing their workload.

Our stands are prepared in our own production. 56


Our greatest sensitivity for our stands is to help you c  ompleting all setting without the need for you to visit the ground.

We also provide service for showroom decoration besides fair stands. 57

Turkish textile firms to focus more on German market Turkey’s ready-to-wear industry has claimed around 10 percent of the German apparel market, the Association of Aegean Exporters (EİB) has claimed. EİB in a recent statement claimed that 10 out of every 100 Germans wear clothes and apparel made in Turkey. The statement was issued as some 14 Turkish firms, under the leadership of EİB, attended the Munich Apparel Source Fair, organized simultaneously with the Munich Fabric Start Fair, one of the largest fabric fairs in the world. Meanwhile, Aegean Association of Readymade and Apparel Exporters (EHKİB) Chair Emre Kızılgüneşler said that Turkey was one of Germany’s biggest suppliers with at least 10 percent in the market. Pointing out the fact that Turkey was third in readymade garment exports, after China and Bangladesh, Kızılgüneşler said that they want to rank first by focusing more on the German market. He also highlighted the exporters’ belief that the recent political tensions between the two countries would not affect the export figures. “When we look at Turkey’s exports figures to Germany, we observe no impact of the political row,” he said. Exports to Germany during the first eight months of the year registered a 7 percent increase and reached $9.6 billion. During the same period, Turkey’s ready-to-wear industry saw 1 percent increase in exports as sales hit $2.1 billion. The EHKİB Promotion Committee Chair Elvan Ünlütürk also made a presentation at the Munich Apparel Source Fair, where she explained the advantages offered by the Turkish textile sector. She informed that Turkey has the largest thread, home textile and fabric production capacity in Europe. It was also the world’s third largest supplier of socks and ranked sixth in woven fabric. It was also the largest producer of woven carpets. Turkey boasts more than 60,000 garment and textile companies that employ more than a million people. 58

















Ashton Inspired by nature, Ashton combines organic textures with botanical imagery to create this timeless collection. The mottled ground adds depth to these beautiful fabrics, which are further enhanced with an intricate and detailed embroidery. Add the raised weave of Oakden and the sumptuous touch of Alaska velvets to complement the embroideries and create an effortlessly comfortable look.The Ashton fabrics enjoy a simple, easy-touse palette of moody and sophisticated tones including smoke, shell, dijon, aqua, sand and taupe.




Orla Kiely Prints Volume 1 The Orla Kiely brand, founded by Orla Kiely, developed into a design company that embodies colour, print and just the right amount of whimsy in many different forms that create her perfect world. Developed from a passion for mid century design and print, this has informed all aspects of the Orla Kiely product, from the ready to wear collections, fragrance, beauty, handbags, watches, jewellery, shoes, homewares, wallpapers and more.


She has joined forces with Ashley Wilde to create a new collection of distinctly Orla Kiely printed fabrics. Featuring the Linear Stem, Abacus Flower, Seventies Oval Flower and the signature Multi Stem print amongst many other iconic patterns. Printed on classic 100% cotton canvas, in her distinctive palette of warm dandelion, Seagrass, orange, olive, cool greys, moss, powder blues and dark marine.



This collection is designed to inspire our customers to create and bring the Orla Kiely world to their home.




Morgan A versatile herringbone chenille with a beautiful drape and suitable for upholstery, this smart semiplain will inject a tactile quality into your home. Available in 32 stunning shades, there is sure to be a colour to suit every interior.


‘New Retail’ strategy Alibaba’s focus in next 15 years Alibaba executive vice chairman Joe Tsai has said that the next 15 years will witness the company executing the ‘New Retail’ strategy, wherein changes in consumer behaviour are anticipated and catalysed and the time, place and method of purchase and consumption will be different. The distinction between online and offline will disappear, he said. Releasing the Alibaba Group’s 2017 quarterly earnings recently, Joe said while e-commerce accounts for 15 per cent of total retail in China, 85 per cent is offline. “Whether this is just something to look at or presents tremendous opportunities for us, depends on our ability to innovate,” a company release said quoting him. Alibaba is setting the standard for fulfilling the high expectation of consumers regarding spontaneity, convenience and speed with its scale, technology, consumer insights and ability to innovate, he said. “With New Retail, satisfying ever-increasing consumer expectations is no longer an incremental game. It is a disruptive game, in the sense that you will have to disrupt e-commerce first and embrace the physical world,” he said. The question that the company needs to focus on is how do businesses by creating synergy among the various units, he added.




Bursa Companies Went Into Moscow Turkish Trade Centre Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry leading its members to success in the hearth of world trade, is getting ready to make one more move to give acceleration for trade in Bursa. A new unit of the Turkish Trade Centre, which operates in New York in cooperation with the Ministry of Economy and the Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM), will be presented to the representatives of the Bursa business world in Moscow, the capital city of Russia. BTSO members who went to Russia for B2B meetings had the opportunity to closely examine the preparations on 32,000 square meter area, where textile, apparel, furniture and leather sectors will be located. Program held in Russia goes on at full steam within the International Competitiveness Development Projects (Ur-Ge). BTSO Members of Board of Directors, Mr. Hasan Gürses, Mr. Nuri Körüstan and Mr. Şükrü Çekmişoğlu as well as Bursa Delegation visited Turkish Trade Centre to be established. Companies operating in the textile, readywear, leather and furniture sectors will have parts in Moscow Turkish Trade Centre located on the land of 32.000 m2 in total. Companies can rent offices taking almost 100 square meters space in the centre in which 8.000 square meters space will be assigned for each sector. Companies will find the opportunities to rent showrooms for 7.5 Euro per square meter thanks to support given in the centre such as rent, promotion and office design at the rate of 75%. 78


TURKISH TRADE CENTRE WILL PROVIDE ADVANTAGE FOR US” Mr. Ömer Vural, Representative of Fabra Tekstil, who made evaluations on Turkish Trade Centre, stated that the opportunities offered would be a great advantage for them. Vural said “an important project to promote export will be carried into effect. I would like to thank BTSO for its service offered to Bursa business world.” Mr. Cemal Eyüpoglu, one of the stakeholders of Melodi Company, stated that he participated in informative meetings about the Trade Centre which will be opened to serve Bursa business world in Moscow, said “Having visited this place, we had much more positive thoughts. I would like to thank the BTSO, who has carried the crucial projects into effect to introduce our industry to the world and support them. “ Mr. Mehmet Deniz, Business Manager of Minimi Deniz Company, said that Turkish Trade Centre provide them with low-priced chances. Mr. Deniz thanked BTSO so much and said “The centre is roomy. It will provide us with chance to trade with low prices.”


“WE WILL MAKE THE CUT OF 1 MILLION DOLLAR THANKS TO TURKISH TRADE CENTRE” Mr. Hasan Gürses, BTSO Member of Board of Directors and head of committee, said “After the military and political crises between the two countries, 7-billion- dollar export of Turkey to Russia decreased by 1.7 billion dollars in 2016. He also mentioned that he believes that Ur-Ge activities will enhance Turkey’s efficiency in Russian market.” Bursa business world decrease from 650 million dollars to the level of 100 million dollars. Our exports have risen again since problems were resolved. There is an increasing interest of Russian companies in our fairs that we have carried out in Bursa, especially Junioshow, and in our buyer delegation organizations within the Commercial Safari. We aim to make Bursa business world’s exports to Russia to the level of 1 billion dollars with the establishment of Turkish Trade Centre. PREPARATIONS ON 32 SQUARE METER AREA “The Turkish Trade Centre, which will be established on 32.000 square meter area in Moscow, offers our companies the opportunity to benefit from the most important supports such as transportation, storage, security, promotion and rent expenses. Physical adjustments are going on rapidly. I hope, we will take the Turkish Trade Centre into service with low prices for Bursa business world in a short time. Our companies will contribute to our foreign trade here.” Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry brought two floors of the centre located in 5th Avenue regarded as the one of the most thoroughfares in New York that is the heartland of the world’s economy into use for companies in textile and service contracts business in July.





At Heimtextil, which is to be held in Frankfurt from 9 to 12 January 2018, Trevira GmbH will be represented together with some important Trevira CS clients in Hall 4.2 at a 1,305 m2 booth. The core of this joint booth will be a Trevira exhibition. Participating clients will present their latest Trevira CS collections for home textiles and commercially used textiles at individual stands around this core exhibit. The joint stand is located in close proximity to the new exhibition “Interior. Architecture. Hospitality. EXPO” of Messe Frankfurt. “We are delighted to be able to make a significant contribution to the new thematic focus of Hall 4.2 with our trade fair concept for next year. It enables us to offer a platform to our clients allowing them to reach important decision-makers. In addition, visitors to the trade fair will appreciate being able to find such a large number of Trevira CS novelties and collections in a one-stopshop,” says Anke Vollenbröker, Head of Marketing at Trevira GmbH. Trevira CEO Klaus Holz is pleased that the idea of a joint stand has been so well received by their clients. “The high level of demand shows that our concept of a comprehensive partnership with our clients pays off. Our long-standing clients appreciate that we not only offer them high quality and sustainably produced fibres and yarns, but that we also support them with our technical expertise and in marketing their Trevira fabrics.” The following clients will be represented with a large selection of their beautiful and modern Trevira CS fabrics at the joint booth in January: Baumann Dekor Ges.m.b.H., Engelbert E. Stieger AG, FIDIVI Tessitura Vergnano S.p.A., Jenny Fabrics AG, Johan van den Acker Textielfabriek B.V., Mattes & Ammann GmbH & Co. KG, Pugi R.G. S.R.L., Spandauer Velours GmbH & Co. KG, SR Webatex GmbH / Getzner Textil AG, Swisstulle AG, Tessitura Mario Ghioldi & C. srl, Torcitura Fibre Sintetiche S.p.A., Torcitura Lei Tsu S.r.l., Vlnap a.s. / Wagenfelder Spinning Group, Wintex S.r.l., Mersem Teksil San. Ve Tic. Ltd. Sti, Teksko Kadife Kumas San. Ve Tic. A.S..




VISITORS REFER TO MOOD/ INDIGO AS ‘BEST KEPT SECRET’ Michael has been visiting MoOD and Indigo Brussels for years, but this is the first time he is going to the new location in Tour & Taxis. “A beautiful place,” he says while he keeps his eyes peeled. After a short briefing with his team, they are all on their own way. Later Michael informs he is happy to be here. “MoOD is the best kept secret amongst fabric exhibitions”, he reveals. He quickly adds with a wink: “I can imagine you don’t want to share this with your competitors.” Earlier we met Tom while he was visiting an exhibitor. Tom is buying fabrics for his company in the US. We had a talk with him and were rather delighted with his testimonial. But Tom quickly got back to us with the request not to publish it. The reason? It´s a small world. Nobody has to know where he sources his fabrics. MoOD/Indigo Brussels is a niche exhibition with about 4000 visitors, compact and to-the-point. No to be missed by professionals.

Boutique style exhibition on a historic site You get immediately in the right mood when you arrive at the premises of Tour & Taxis. The restored early 20 century stately warehouses are located at the port in the city centre of Brussels. MoOD and Indigo Brussels take up four whole halls, called Sheds, at the former goods station. The exhibition space is bathing in natural daylight thanks to the remarkable construction of the roof. Furthermore MoOD is being decorated in an inspiring way. Still there is a certain reserved atmosphere at the boutique show. Discrete, uniform and attractive stands make sure that the ‘product is the hero’. The fabrics and creations are in the spotlight. A concept that has been tried and tested that makes for an informal and relaxed atmosphere, high-class as a result of numerous beautiful highlights.



Quality from all over the world The collections being presented at MoOD and Indigo are focussed on the European market with exhibitors coming from all over the world. MoOD unites 14 different nationalities and the offer of Indigo hails from 17 different countries. Visitors arrive from the four corners of the planet. Europe remains most strongly represented with a percentage of 78%. Frontrunners are the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, France and Belgium. The Scandinavian countries and Norway in particular showed the strongest growth this year. Non european visitors mainly come from Russia, China, India, Korea and Japan. Also visitors from Canada, the US, Brazil, Columbia, Mexico, South-Africa and Mauritius find their way to Brussels. The quality of these visitors is particularly appreciated by the exhibitors. Three-quarters of them assign MoOD/ Indigo a score of 75% or higher as it comes to visitor quality. A result of the know-how as it comes to attracting the right visitors. Trends, innovations, awards and busy seminars MoOD/Indigo Brussels knows how to fascinate show visitors with a varied, inspirational offer. The trend show PASSAGES, the Blue Drop selection, the Blue Drop Awards and most certainly the Innovation Platform all appear to be a must-see for professionals who have a finger on the pulse in our industry. The seminars attract a large audience and the guided walks are again fully booked. MoOD does not spare any cost to be ‘best of class’ in the exhibition world as it comes to inspiring and informing.


Colour Passage The nicest, most surprising, best colour setting in a collection or a product. Blue Drop Winner: Teksko Kadife Kumas SAN.TIC A.S. The colour award goes to a fabric that uses only one colour. It may seem a little awkward, but the jury chose this fabric for the way the colour changes according to the play of light in the yarns. One colour became many colours. Some facts about MoOD/Indigo Brussels 2017 100 MoOD exhibitors, weavers and printers showing their new collections and designs, are joined by a selection of 25 Launch Pads. Add to that 10 exhibitors bringing their latest innovations to the New Materials/ MoOD Tech area. Indigo Brussels gathers 100 studios from 17 counties showing high level surface and pattern designs. The Indigo Brussels exhibitors top 3: UK, France and Italy. Indigo Brussels certainly is a great addition to MoOD. Both shows make a perfect match! Through the eyes of a MoOD exhibitor Hakan Donmaz, General Manager of the Turkish company Marteks looks back on a particular successful exhibition. He spontaneously sent us his testimonial: “We are extremely satisfied with the results of the show, they were beyond our expectations. Different factors play an important role in the complete package the show has to offer: - Timing: the moment when MoOD is taking place, is ideal, not only for Marteks but also for the designers. - Quality: we had high-level visitors, not only customers but also very good contacts, prospects and leads. - Brussels: the location is just perfect, in the heart of Europe, everybody gets there in a convenient way (airports and railway stations nearby). - Venue & concept: the venue of Tour & Taxis is unique, the “boutique” concept fits perfectly. - Service: the visitors feel they’re welcome. They get free coffee & tea at the central coffee corner, there is a lot of interactivity e.g. the Trend Seminars, Walks & Talks, the Innovation Platform, ... etc. Marteks will most certainly be exhibiting at MoOD 2018!”




E-COMMERCE GIANT AMAZON IN TALKS WITH TURKISH PRODUCERS FOR HOME TEXTILE PRODUCTS Aprocurement committee from the European branch of the global e-commerce giant Amazon has arrived in Denizli, an industrial city in southwestern Turkey dubbed as “the capital of textile,” to meet with Turkish exporters and visit home textile companies. Top executives of Luxembourg-based Amazon Europe, including Shibu Thrakan, Otavio Alves, Krishna Murali and Gül Sönmez, who were hosted with support from Turkey’s Ministry of Economy, met Thursday with exporters from the Denizli Exporters’ Union (DENİB). Amazon officials presented possible ways of cooperation and also provided information regarding trading methods in the Amazon platform. Thrakan said that Turkish companies can be involved in the Amazon platform under the Amazon brand or with exclusive brands and products they will develop specifically for the platform. Highlighting Turkey’s favorable geographical location, Thrakan said the availability of daily shipments to almost every point in Europe is an important advantage.



DENİB Chairman Süleyman Kocasert told Anadolu Agency that they expect Amazon EU to quickly increase its purchases from Denizli within a short period of time. “There have recently been very positive developments regarding Amazon’s point of view toward Turkey. Turkey has a strong potential for e-commercial business. Amazon noticed that as well. I hope that our cooperation will bring good results as soon as possible,” Kocasert said. He noted that following a visit by officials from another e-commerce giant, Amazon officials were also able to see the production technology, quality and delivery speed at the manufacturing sites. E-commerce is growing rapidly in the world, but in Turkey it is in its initial stage, Kocasert said, adding that cooperation with Amazon platform will provide essential increase for the country’s trade. Kocasert noted that e-commerce has a share of less than 5 percent in the total exports of the home textile sector.


Pointing to Amazon’s preparations to enter the Turkish market, recently reported after the e-commerce giant founded a Turkish subsidiary in Istanbul, Kocasert argued that these developments will have a positive effect on the purchasing process in Turkey. “I think these are processes that have a complementary, domino effect on each other. Amazon is in talks with the Ministry of Economy to enter the Turkish market,” he said. “Amazon is very big in the U.S. and Europe and has, recently, been very pleased with their structuring in China and India, as well as Brazil. We can say that Turkey will be the next successful market.” Denizli is a center for Turkey’s home textiles production. Products from the city are exported to 165 countries worldwide. According to recent figures, the city’s towel exports to the U.S. increased by 23 percent during the first eight months of the year and were recorded at $55 million compared to the same period last year. Turkey is also one of the largest home textile suppliers of Europe. The overall home textile exports in 2015 were recorded at $3 billion, and the major markets for exports were Germany, the U.S., U.K., France and Russia. is a U.S.-based e-commerce and cloud computing company, founded by Jeff Bezos on July 5, 1994, in Seattle, and it is on Forbes’ most innovative companies list. Operating with 341,000 employees worldwide with annual sales of $135 billion, the company’s market value for 2017 is $427 billion.






Linara 360 Degrees of Colour Romo’s bestselling washable plain Linara has been updated in a compelling palette of 360 shades, offering an unrivalled spectrum of colour. A luxurious and practical cotton-linen blend, the iconic Linara has a beautiful brushed finish with a soft peach-skin feel and is washable at 30 degrees. The modernised palette includes bold primaries, soft pastels and timeless neutrals, all considerately curated to create a sophisticated library of desirable shades. The following look book highlights 8 stunning colour groups from the new Linara palette.


Midnight Hues Deeply decadent with an urban edge, darker shades of midnight blue, deep teal and holly hock exudes a rich opulence and sophisticated elegance with the perfect hint of modernity.



Pink Serenity A cocoon of comfort, chalky shades of dusky pink, rose quartz and thistledown exude a delicate femininity.


Mellow Modern Shades of charcoal punctuate a chic palette of soft greys to create a minimalist approach to colour that create a sense of spaciousness and light.



Into the Blue Associated with peace and tranquillity, cool hues of arctic blue offer a simple, understated feel while rich tones of inky indigos create a dramatic ambience.


Greenhouse An alluring display of jewel-like tones, imperial shades of emerald and jade capture a refined richness.



Parchment Inspired by natural pigments, shades of silver birch, chinchilla and basalt display an undeniably relaxed quality that promotes an understated way of life.


Spice Quarter Conjuring the alluring notes of colourful spices, rich tones of cayenne, turmeric and pumpkin immerse the senses in a warming palette of sun-drenched hues.




Generations of experience and distinctive British design are the foundation of the Romo brand. Since establishing its own in house design studio in the 1980s Romo has continued to grow and is now a market leader in designer fabrics and wallcoverings. Renowned for its assorted library of classic and contemporary designs and versatile plains, Romo offers a diverse style and timeless elegance enriched with a sophisticated colour palette. 102


Romo is part of The Romo Group and the range is available worldwide through an extensive network of selected interior designers and retail outlets. Please contact us for price information, samples and images, we are also happy to arrange interviews and offer expert commentary from our designers.






Feeling Plaid in Feeling Happy Inspired by archival fabrics Bourette (1973) and Accord (1984), Feeling Plaid is a fun and chic large-scale full repeat pattern. The dynamic mixture of colors in Feeling Plaid is achieved with a custom loom set up where 5 colors of wool and 5 colors of rayon are used in both the warp and weft directions. The split of rayon and wool create a beautiful balance of matte (wool) and luster (rayon) in the upholstery.

In Stitches in Neon Stitch In Stitches is inspired by Knoll Nylon Homespun Pinstripe (1977). It features thin vertical ticking stripes available in on trend neon and classic hues on a heathered ground cloth.



Theory in Electric This playful multi-color vinyl upholstery combines organic patterning with a retro look and feel. *Pattern or colors within this pattern are scheduled for discontinuation when inventory is exhausted. Please call your sales or customer service representative for current stock levels.


Sashiko in Wind Sashiko is a form of Japanese folk embroidery using the basic running stich to create a patterned background. An understated and elegant piece died matelassĂŠ upholstery in a range of on trend soft and saturated colors.



Catwalk in Season Catwalk is a fashion driven window pane pattern with its multi-colored textural line work created on a custom loom setup with space dyed novelty yarn. Catwalk was inspired by Knoll Irish Tweed Grid (window pane) and Kincaid (ground), both launched in 1978.




Zen Wave in Kawa Zen Wave was inspired by motifs found in traditional Kimono design. Contrast stitching creates a subtle soothing wave motif on a soft cotton boucle ground in both neutral and saturated colors. Made in the USA.