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Touches Lives!

Thank You ! The heart and spirit of #FairwayNation is with every single person here. We give our most sincere thanks to those that helped contribute to this book, those that pick it up and read it and those that help spread the message of people first!

“ It’s not about the loans we do; it is about the hearts we change and the people we help.” — Steve Jacobson, Founder and CEO of Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation


“ This is my dude! His name is Jose. He’s our 608 mailman. Sometimes he peeks his head into the lab just to say hi and grab a cold beverage. He looooooves Gatorade! He always has a huge smile on his face, and his energy is awesome! Seeing him brings me JOY, so I hooked him up with a twenty (twen twen) to buy all the flavors of Gatorade. Fairway Joy week love train, baby!” — Colin T., Branch Manager, NMLS# 93404


“This Saturday will be my four-year anniversary at Fairway. I recently posted how much I loved Fairway on Facebook because of a product change. The rest of the story of why I love Fairway — at least part of it — is the community support. The ability to reach upper management when you have a real concern on direction and the way we are communicated with is amazing. I have been a lender for 33+ years. When I retire, it will be from the best company I have ever been fortunate enough to work for: Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation. Thank you!” — Lynda K., Mortgage Equity Planner, NMLS# 207038


“Had a nice time donating food to our local food pantry from our family. #FairwayJOY is so much fun to spread. Thank you #FairwayNation for the idea that lives on year after year and all year long.

— Steve R., VP HR Operations


“In 2020, I’m celebrating six years with Fairway. It’s not just the place I’ve preferred to operate a business, but also my life has been enhanced immeasurably by the people here. I’m beyond thankful for Fairway Nation and our team. Our industry has been undergoing changes daily of late, and I wouldn’t rather be in the thick of it with anyone else.” — RJ K., SVP Area Manager NMLS# 249017


“It’s Day 1 of #FairwayJoyWeek! Our team was thrilled to deliver care packages to local postal workers to show our appreciation for their service to our community! #FairwayNation #FairwayOfTheTriangle” “It’s Day 2 of #FairwayJoyWeek! Today we are acknowledging our local UPS and FedEx workers. We are so grateful to them for continuing to work in our community every day! #FairwayNation #FairwayOfTheTriangle”

— Fairway of the Triangle, Branch NMLS# 1263139


“Fourteen years ago, our story at Fairway started. It was absolutely one of the best decisions of my life. After struggling to find a good fit with any of the local banks and lenders in our area, I reached out to Steve (we had met at a seminar) to see if Fairway would take a chance on opening a new branch in Pennsylvania. Fourteen years later, our branch is grateful for the opportunity provided to us, and we are honored to be a part of this great team and family. Thank you, Fairway!” — Ken P., Branch Manager, NMLS# 134943


“Out and about this BEAUTIFUL day delivering 100 May Day baskets with the team #SpreadingJoy!


#WeLoveOurCommunity #BeckyJohnsonTeam #FairwayJoy” — Sarah C., Licensed Loan Officer Assistant, NMLS# 1780497

“Sarah and I delivered 100 May day baskets to our clients. It was great! I would like to thank Sarah C., Beth W., Leigh S. and the rest of my team that helps make loans happen!” — Becky J., Loan Officer, NMLS# 109197


Big thanks to Matt Wood and Marc Wood for taking a chance on me! Today, I celebrate three years at The Wood Group of Fairway. I am so proud to work for this company and be a part of the Fairway family! The focus is not just on loans; it’s so much more (and that’s a wonderful thing)! The culture here is absolutely incredible. It’s a culture of giving and being kind as well as working hard and having fun — a culture of people loving people. Faith. Family. Fairway. Fairway has a strong foundation of humble leadership — leaders who continue to push kindness and daily encouragement to everyone. I love it here! #FairwayNation — Laura P., Loan Officer, NMLS# 1544873


Thank You! “Day two of Fairway Joy week! That means we commit random acts of kindness the entire week! I pray you are inspired to join the fun! Today we took water and snacks for the beautiful kids at Garden of Hope! #RandomActOfKindness #PayItForward #FairwayJOY #WoodGroup #KTown” — Nicky T., Branch Sales Manager, NMLS# 466819


“I love Fairway! Even during crazy busy times, I get an answer from our underwriting team within minutes on a loan scenario! Everyone is always so happy and willing to help. I couldn’t have asked for a better team. I am blessed! No wonder it’s been voted best mortgage company to work for six years in a row. We have the best leader anyone can ever ask for! Thank you, Steve!” — Rodrigo S., Loan Officer, NMLS# 1395513


“Two hours: six fire stations, one school, a special guest Fairway spreader of joy, Becky, and a whole lot of happy firefighters. Grateful for all these men and women do every day to care for our community and our kids! Thank you, San Diego Fire Department B3 and teachers of City Tree. You are AWESOME! — Carrie G., Branch Manager, NMLS# 209015


I have worked for Fairway for just over four years. I was literally welcomed with open arms when I got here. I have been given opportunities to advance in my career and to assist in cultivating the P&P team into a reputable group that works so well together. We learn from each other, give and receive feedback and consider each other friends and family. We are fortunate to be in a position to be able to work with most departments and many levels of management at Fairway. It has been my experience that no matter how high up the corporate ladder you get, humility, respect and grace are what you receive with almost every request and correspondence. Hungry, humble, smart is only the beginning when it comes to what I have found in dealing with Fairway employees. I have also been personally touched by the Fairway Cares team. When my mom was diagnosed with lung cancer, they sent her a care package with thoughtful items that she could use, including inspirational books, worry stones (which my husband now carries to remember my mom), a blanket and other items. When she passed away, Fairway Cares then sent a package to me to assist me in my grieving process. I also received personal emails from several members of the Fairway Cares team. I love everything about this company! There is more, but I have to get back to the job I love so much. If they will have me, I will be here until I retire. — Jozi L., AVP Policy and Procedure


“In light of it being Fairway Joy week, we wanted to spread some extra love! Thank you all for making each and every day a joyous one!

#FairwaySouthwest #FairwayJOY #FairwayFamily

#SpreadingLove” — Catie V., Branch Receptionist; Haley P., Branch Regional Marketing Specialist; Annie S., Branch Marketing Specialist and Breanne N., Branch Marketing Coordinator


Working at Fairway is life changing! I have been in Credit Policy for a little over five years now, and I cannot imagine being anywhere else! There is a sense of family here. All departments work well with each other, not just the department that I am in. We care and support each other, and it all stems from great leaders. We strive to be kind, humble and work hard in all that we do, and it does not go unappreciated. I am blessed to be a small part of a wonderful organization. — Anne Marie M., Credit Policy Specialist


“Thank you to Mandie P. and Andrew S. for bringing lots of JOY to our #FairwayKids during these past two days of Zoom party fun! Yesterday we had special princess guests, Anna and Elsa. Today we had special superhero guests, Spiderman and Batman! #FairwayJoy

— Mary V., Employee Engagement and Inclusion Program Manager


Weeks like this make me appreciate the company I work for even more than I already do. Fairway doesn’t want us to settle for being a good loan officer; they want us to be better people, so they give us abundant opportunities to work on ourselves. These last few days, I’ve spent my time listening, sharing and opening up about some of our biggest insecurities and “hold-backs.” We gave ourselves permission to be vulnerable and to open up about our life/work/daily challenges. No matter how great we all may seem on the surface, we ALL have internal struggles that we deal with daily. I’m thankful for the group of men that made the trek out to Scottsdale and climbed the summit at Camelback Mountain. So let’s talk about that “little hike” we took at 6 a.m. that morning. I was immediately hit in the jaw with steep climbs, low visibility and a quick realization of how out of shape I was. I had every excuse in the book ready for when I was going to quit. I’m 34 and need a knee replacement, I have messed up disks and a pinched nerve in my lower back, and finally, I’m just flat out of shape. I struggled every step up the mountain, I fell a few times, my pride was hurt and I’m pretty sure I was off the trail a time or two. The shirt I’m wearing in this picture is very serendipitous. As I was taking one of my (many) breaks, a young man asked me what my shirt meant and what company I worked for (By this time, I was already broken from the pack.), and I was able to give him some very heavy-breathing answers. Then he said, “Shirt’s kind of like slaying Goliath, huh?” to which I responded, “Yeah, and this is my (physical) Goliath.” I spent two hours going up and coming down Camelback Mountain to feel a small win. — Jonathon R., Area Sales Manager, NMLS# 759086 17

“Today, just in time for Fairway Joy week, we hit mask number 300! My husband and I have been sewing for our healthcare heroes and just shipped the latest batch to the VA hospital in Saginaw, Michigan. #FairwayJOY #AdventuresOfTinySpock” — Joie G., Policy and Procedure Editor


“I just wanted to say thank you for this surprise! I have felt more appreciated at my one year with Fairway than I did for the 10 years I was with my previous company. Thank you for leading such an amazing group of people that I now call family.” — Jessica B., Branch Closer


“We snuck out last night to deliver some JOY to floor 6N of night shift nurses! Who says day shift should get all the goodies. hope y’all had a wonderful shift, and we appreciate you all!” — The Wood Group Belton Branch, NMLS# 325551



“Today marks my two-year anniversary with Fairway! It was the best decision I have made by far in my career. Such an amazing company with great values and amazing people to work with!

— Chanel L., Senior Production Partner


“Antonio and I made some special deliveries today! We visited our local schools, fire station and church ! It was so much fun to give a little joy to these teachers, first responders and ministry workers who do so much for our communities! #RandomActsOfKindness #FairwayJoy” — Andrea R., Loan Officer, NMLS# 1079327


Let me start this by saying I work at a company with over 7,000 employees. Today, I received this beautiful bouquet of flowers from our CEO! In 20+ years of being in the mortgage business, I have never had a leader who cared so much about their people, who took time to get to know their employees on a personal level, who made me believe in myself as much as I do right now. Did I mention he has 7,000+ people who work for him? If you are in the mortgage biz and working anywhere other than here, I have to ask you why. My business is growing daily. I am personally growing more than I ever had, and I am surrounded by leaders, coworkers and mentors at the highest level. Also, this business has NEVER been as easy as it is now because of the systems Fairway has in place and the level of care of every person that works at Fairway. I will never work anywhere else! — Jen G., Loan Officer, NMLS# 229511


“Ending the week with some #Joy! Boss treated us to a #FairwayFamily #SocialDistancing Drive-Thru brunch. Grateful for the awesome team we have! #HappyFriday” — Silverdale Branch, NMLS# 1248477


Reason #5476 why I love Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation: It’s not all about the loans. It’s about the people (and the people that work here). Quick story while this is top of mind: a win that started out as an oops! Nothing is perfect, and it’s how people react in times of adversity and pressure that reveals true character. We took over a lease from another teammate in Jacksonville who didn’t need the space any longer, and one of our teammates did. Somehow, somewhere the detail of who pays the power bill was overlooked (by me). No joke, we couldn’t tell you who was responsible for it. Welp. Guess it was us, because the power got shut off on my man up there. My brain starts moving, and I start thinking to myself, “Crap. Who do I call to check?” Not knowing whose responsibility it was (ours, landlord’s, could it be a power company issue?), a few emails get sent, and the rodeo leader, Steven Lee Jacobson himself, responds to see what can be done, inside of three minutes. Oh, and it wasn’t just him, it was multiple people who responded instantly to resolve the issue. Betty G. responded immediately, tagging the problem solvers and getting the resolution wheels turning. Twenty-two minutes later, from Andrew’s first text and not knowing who does what, or what the issue even was, his team is back and rocking. I’ve heard before that working for a big company is a turnoff because “big companies don’t care, and you’re just a number.” Well then, you’re at the wrong big company! We legit have the best people in the country working here, and I’m fortunate enough to call them teammates on every level. I am so thankful for our Fairway fam that performs at such a level that the competition doesn’t know there is a game going on. — Derek F., SVP Area Manager, NMLS# 264189


“To all of you frontline and essential workers out there, we thank you and appreciate you! We weren’t able to visit all of you, but we wanted to make sure we went around to spread a little #FairwayJoy today in your honor! You all are highly appreciated for all you do and continue to do during these uncertain times! — Dothan Branch., NMLS# 1734717


I am a loan officer and began my career with Fairway in August 2017. Being just two months shy of completing my third year in business, it’s hard to believe how far I’ve come with all of the support provided through Fairway. I was brand new to the mortgage industry and am SO lucky to have joined Fairway in order to receive all of the guidance I needed. The resources here are immeasurable. Any challenge that I experience, professionally or personally, is met with a full circle solution. Fairway encourages me to seek support and then provides every possible resource I could imagine — even those I didn’t know I needed! I am very proud to be a part of the Fairway family for life because representing Fairway enables me to be the best loan officer I can be, therefore delivering the best mortgage experience to my clients. — Ariel N., Loan Officer, NMLS# 1664753


“Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation’s annual #FairwayJoyWeek is in full force down here in sunny San Diego! Yesterday we handed out free succulents to “plant” smiles on faces and spread positivity!

What have you done to spread

the love this week?” — Roger K., Senior Mortgage Advisor, NMLS# 107621 and Cassie S., Loan Officer Assistant


I know you [Steve Jacobson, CEO] are making tough decisions now, and not everyone is happy, but I want you to know that I appreciate all you are doing. The over-and-above gestures you are making to your employees are so endearing. I truly feel this company is a family. We are all in this together. Thank you for everything — for your honesty, your vision, the exercise machines, for caring! I’m behind you 100%. You do what is best to save this wonderful company. We can handle the stuff on the “street.” If the public knew what you were doing, their minds would be blown! I assure you, other companies are not doing anything like this! — Amy J., Loan Officer, NMLS# 729848


RAINIER TEAM “Spoiling our teachers at @TacomaBaptistSchools this week with a snack bar and maybe a little @Charmin to go with their favorite treats! #TeacherAppreciationWeek #FairwayJoy” — Megan W., Loan Officer, NMLS# 1249084


“My neighbors (after posting on the Nextdoor app) almost all brought over non-perishable items, and my fiancé, Jared Woodson, helped me deliver items and participated in the entire Fairway Joy week even though he is not employed by the company. I am grateful for all the support I received from others. It was a great time for us all to come together as a team. #FairwayProud” — Kristen M., Branch Business Development Specialist


“I would like to give credit to the entire group of branches 561, 811, 814 and 815. Everyone pitched in, and the response from this company was simply amazing. Juan Jaime’s Taco and Tequila restaurant also deserves a HUGE shout-out, as their staff stayed there an extra two hours after close to make meals for the night shift.” — Brian C., Senior Loan Officer, NMLS# 45382

“Thank you, Brian Cantrall and Fairway for donating a delicious meal from Juan Jaime’s for Nurses Week! Much appreciated. Thank you, thank you!”


“105! That is how many face masks we have been able to donate to local health organizations in the St. Louis area. A huge thank you goes out to all of the needleworkers who are helping us with our face mask initiative! If you like to sew and want to be a hero for a healthcare worker, just comment below or email mateja.sears@fairwaymc.com. These two photos show representatives from Delmar Gardens and CareSTL Health accepting masks for their staff to use during this pandemic. We look forward to helping many more health organizations!” — Eureka Branch, NMLS# 1823247


“Our team showed their community support by buying 30 lunches for the hard workers at the Town Pump stores. Thank you Ken and Lynn Seiger (local owners of the area Subway shops) for supplying lunch for the hard workers at three Town Pumps.” — Your Big Sky Country Branch, NMLS# 1800982


“Thank you to Smitty McGee for providing the food for us to deliver (from a proper social distance of course) to Peninsula Medical Regional Center as a little thank you to some of those working so hard to keep us safe. Not all heroes wear capes!” — Lori M., NMLS# 119583


“I would like to give credit to Angie T. and her team for coordinating the whole event. We had over 20 Fairway Indiana employees join us that day. It was for Gleaners Food Bank. Gleaners leads the fight against hunger by supplying items to hunger relief agencies and schools throughout 21 counties in central and southeastern Indiana.” — Angie T., Branch Sales Manager, NMLS# 363066 and Dawn Deputy P., Branch Business Development

“Super fun afternoon of team building and giving back! We made over 1,900 back sacks for school kids, made nearly 1,000 boxes and scanned in over 2,000 pounds of Kroger food donations! Not a bad day’s work! #FairwayNation #FairwayJoy”


“My handsome helper and me dropping bags off to our neighbors for “Spread the Warmth.” First stop: Ridge Oak in Belton. If we leave a bag on your doorstep, we ask that you fill it with new or gently used blankets, coats, hats or gloves for the homeless. Did you know there are over 200 homeless families in Bell County? Unfortunately, the homeless shelters don’t open unless it’s below 30 degrees, so they need our help! #FeastOfHope #SpreadTheWarmth” “It was my husband, Artis, and our son, Keyshon, and me who teamed up with Feast of Hope and Magnolia Realty to help and put bags on doorsteps and collect items at the office to be donated to the homeless shelters. Apparently our county has over 200 homeless families, and it gets ridiculously cold in the winter, so we wanted to help.” — Shannon A., Senior Loan Officer, NMLS# 377688


Thank You #FairwayNation!

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