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About Fairware • Sustainable promotional merchandise supplier. • Exclusive focus on working with sustainable brands and

organizations. • Align our clients event and marketing merchandise with their

values. • Work across North America with leading sustainable brands including Patagonia, UNICEF, Amnesty, Ben and Jerry’s, AVEDA.

Measuring What Matters • • • • •

The context for measuring. Making your data relevant. The big issues + what to measure. What to do with the information. Using the lens of ‘brand’ to view your measurement efforts.

Marketing 1.0 to Marketing 2.0 • One way Communication • Complex communication • Surveys

• Blogs

• Focus on big spenders

• Focus on big influencers

• Mainstream media

• Social media

• Protect the brand

• Share the brand

• CPM reach, frequency

• Engagement metrics

The Context for Measurement • Transparency is the new norm • Consumer access to information is unprecedented • Technology is making data more useful

Consumer Facing Platforms

Green Guide

Climate Counts

What is Important to Measure • There are well defined standards emerging in the event space to ensure consistency in measurement and to make sure planners don’t ‘cherry pick’ the good news. – APEX/ASTM Green Event Standards – ISO 20121 & BS8901 – GRI Event Sector Supplement *Use these as guides but focus on what is important to you and your brand – e.g. the Starbucks Paper Cup Dilemma

Areas of Impact & Measurement • Accommodation • Audio/Visual and Production • Communication • Destinations • Exhibits • Food & Beverage • Meeting Venue • On-Site Offices • Transportation

• Energy Use

• Waste Management • Organic/Food Waste

• Water Conservation • Community Impact

• Fair Labour Standards

USING THE DATA / WHY BOTHER • Inform future decisions on destinations, vendors, planning. • Participate in ‘sending a signal’ to the industry. • Provide relevant information to your colleagues for their reporting initiatives (e.g. GRI Reporting, Annual Reports). • Capture the ‘stories’, not just the numbers.

Use the Brand Lens • Leverage the data to tell stories. • Ask your sustainability team for insights and metrics to share out at your events. • Provide stories and metrics for your colleagues to leverage at their events. • Ensure your event experience reflects the brand.

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