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From new contact to intens  When Fair Trade Original is seeking new products then the first step is to review whether existing trading ­partners in Africa, Asia or Latin America, where relevant after the provision of specific support, are in a position

When food product suppliers are sought then the determining factor is, in the first instance, the companies or cooperatives that have already received certification from FLO Cert, the international certification organization behind the Max Havelaar Fairtrade Seal of Approval. Fair Trade Original has a number of ­measurement instruments (developed in-house) for the assessment of potential new trading partners in terms of a long-term trading relationship and the best form of trading relationship.

to supply the relevant products. When this is not feasible then Fair Trade Original uses its networks, including the networks of the European colleague organizations, to seek a new trading partner.


Collaboration agreement Potential trading partners complete a basic information form with questions about their organization. This information is then used to assess whether the trading partner is compatible with Fair Trade Original’s operations: it also provides an insight into the ­capacity of the new trading partner in terms of their operations, exports and compliance with the fair trade principles. Fair Trade Original does not expect new trading partners to comply in full with these principles immediately. However, Fair Trade Original does wish to determine whether the trading partner possesses the potential and the involvement required to become a fair trade organization within the foreseeable future. New trading partners also need to be able to supply goods to the export market, if not immediately then in any case within the near future. Following a favourable assessment the preparations can be made for the first order. The parties also sign a collaborative agree-

Principles and business practise | Fair Trade Original  
Principles and business practise | Fair Trade Original