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In conclusion EFTA Fair Trade Original and the European Fair Trade Association4 developed the EFTA fair trade assessment to assess the trading partners who cannot be certified by FLO Cert. in terms of compliance with the fair trade principles. Most of Fair Trade Original’s trading partners have now been assessed by local consultants using this system. Re-assessments are now taking place. Fair Trade Original is a member of EFTA. National Association of Worldshops The Dutch National Association of Worldshops5 audits the importers the association has approved as Worldshop suppliers. These include Fair Trade Original. The association also arranges random audits at the trading partners and producer organizations that work with these importers. Fair Trade Original is approved as a supplier of Oxfam-Worldshops in Belgium. WFTO The World Fair Trade Organization6 (WFTO) developed a self-assessment method for its members. All WFTO members (including Fair Trade Original) are under the obligation to complete a detailed questionnaire about their working methods and development. These questionnaires must be completed at two-yearly intervals.

A random selection of these questionnaires is subjected to an external verification procedure. WFTO is currently developing a system for the regular audits of all members by independent auditors. This will ultimately need to result in a WFTO Seal of Approval at organizational level. The consumer The customers for the products and the consumers serve, ultimately, as Fair Trade Original’s conscience. They need to appreciate the products and have confidence in the method. Fair Trade Original gives account for the operations in the Annual Report. Media such as the website, the corporate F-Commerce magazine and newsletters provide information about the principles and the current situation.

Fair Trade Original’s aforementioned principles and methods are focused on structural developments at ­trading partners, farmers, crafts­men and employees in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Trade, in enhancing their opportunities on the export market and achieving social improvements, makes a real contribution to combating poverty. The increasing volume of trade ensures that continually more people benefit from this approach. Everyone wishing to make a contribution is welcome.

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Principles and business practise | Fair Trade Original  
Principles and business practise | Fair Trade Original