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Monitoring and adjustment Once the collaboration between Fair Trade Original and a trading partner has been given shape and a business development plan has been drawn up then the progress is evaluated once a year. The trading partner and Fair Trade Original use these evaluations to adjust the plan as necessary.

Fair Trade Original maintains regular personal contact with most trading partners: the organization’s staff make work visits, give advice and courses, or the trading partners visit Culemborg. All these contacts offer an opportunity to hold a formal or informal ­discussion about the progress. Fair Trade Original also has a comprehensive network of advisors in the various regions who report on the results from their work at the trading partners. Regular exchanges also take place with the European colleague organizations to discuss each other’s opinion of and approach to joint trading partners. A number of organizations are also responsible for independent, external audits: FLO Cert All trading partners that supply products with the Max Havelaar Fairtrade Seal of Approval are periodically audited by the independent FLO Cert organization3. To this end FLO Cert, based in Germany, maintains a global network of auditors who are familiar with the local situation and speak the local language. All ­producers of these products must meet the general standards, as well as additional standards to be met by each product relating to requirements such as the price and the allocation of the development premium. Fair Trade Original, as a licence holder of the Max Havelaar Fairtrade Seal of Approval, must also give account for the organization’s procurement and sales information.


Principles and business practise | Fair Trade Original  
Principles and business practise | Fair Trade Original