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Mayamam Weavers are a cooperative of women from CajolĂĄ, a community in the western highlands of Guatemala. We carry a full line of kitchen and home goods, accessories for women, men and children, as well as bags, totes and travel cases. All products are 100% cotton, woven by hand in our own weaving studio.

Rover & Kin 612-707-4307 Berkeley, CA

Singing Rooster Inc. 608-721-0622 Madison, WI

Sakaad 866-499-4995 Alexandria, VA

Sinko Corp. 408-371-3007 Los Gatos, CA

Sandpiper Imports 773-598-9840 Chicago, IL

Sobremesa 312-235-6324 Chicago, IL

Seeds to Sew International 609-466-3728 Hopewell, NJ

Sora Nomad 317-602-3696 Indianapolis, IN

Serrv International 800-423-0071 New Windsor, MD

Sprout EnterpriseÂŽ 718-230-8008 Brooklyn, NY

Sevya Handmade 303-440-4900 North Charleston, SC

Starfish Project 574-584-4685

Shanti Boutique 415-354-0798 Helena, MT

Sustainable Threads 732-940-7487 North Brunswick, NJ

Silk Road Bazaar 973-337-7944 Montclair, NJ

Swahili African Modern 541-684-0688 Eugene, OR

Goshen, IN

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2019-2020 Fair Trade Wholesale Guide  

2019-2020 Fair Trade Wholesale Guide