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MSM For Melasma: Does It Work? Melasma above the lip usually makes you feel insecure and depressed. It hurts each time you look yourself in the mirror. You have read about MSM for melasma. But you want more information such as will it work, how to use it with best results, side effects, and where to get good MSM tablets. Just like everyone with this hyperpigmentation, your desperation compels you to find something that will work.

What Is MSM? MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) is a type of natural sulphur (sulfur) that is found in small quantity in certain foods. It is important in developing bones, collagen, hair, nails, and teeth. Vanessa Wild, the author of highly acclaimed "Melasma - Is This the Clear Solution" book, accidentally discovers the effectiveness of MSM in treating melasma.

How Does MSM Fade Melasma Pregnant women are usually susceptible to chloasma. When you are expecting, the copper level in your body increases. Furthermore, your prenatal supplements supply at least 400% RDA of copper. Copper toxicity can cause a rise in your estrogen level. That is why you are prone to excess pigmentation. If copper toxicity is the root of the problem, then it makes sense to reduce it in your diet. Then dairy products should be on your no list. However, you can't completely cut off all those healthy foods. You still need them for other nutritional benefits during your pregnancy. Taking MSM can help your cells to eliminate excess copper easier as it boosts the rate of flow of a liquid within the cells. This is one benefit you can reap while ensuring your body to have good foods.

Will MSM Work For You? That is a good question. I can't find any scientific evidence to back up the effectiveness of sulphur in reducing melasma. What I do find is a number of promising results using methylsulfonylmethane based on anecdotal evidences. I’ve now been using the MSM cream for two months, and I have definitely continued to see significant improvement, yay! However, I still am far from being completely clear of the scarring/hyperpigmentation; my skin is healing fairly quickly, given how terrible it looked just two months ago... Source: MSM works for reducing the pigmentation (melasma) in my skin. The combo of MSM and a high zinc oxide sunscreen has cleared up nearly all the pigmentation on my face. Source: I take one 1500mg pill a day and have been taking it for about 3 weeks. It looks like my dark patch is starting to break up - there are little white spots showing up on it. Source: And don't forget, there are some users who find no improvement after taking MSM supplements or applying MSM cream. I tried taking the MSM orally and topically and it did NOTHING. Source: i finished my huge order of msm a while back, but i didn’t feel like much progress was made, so i never re-ordered. Source:

How Long Does MSM Take To Work On Melasma?

Based on other people's stories that I found on the forums, it will take several months. Some even have to wait for a few years before seeing these brown mask faded. The success of MSM also depends whether your melasma is epidermal or dermal? Obviously, you should see faster results with epidermal ones.

How To Use MSM For Melasma? If you want to try MSM pills, then begin with a small dose. Preferably 1000 to 2000 mg per day. When your body has adapted to the dosage, you can gradually increase it to 12,000 mg. For best results, some people combine MSM with Vitamin C, pycnogenol or grapefruit seed extract as they believe it helps them. You may experience dehydration that can lead to a bladder infection. Make sure you drink plenty of water. If money is not a concern, choose the purest form of MSM. It is said to produce more significant improvement on your melasma. Brand does not matter.

Does MSM Have Any Side Effects? Using high dosage of this sulphur-based supplement to get rid of melasma, you may experience side effects. Some of them include •

stomach discomfort

frequent trips to toilet


hair turning red

increased thirst



abnormal hair growth


dry skin


prominent veins on hands

How To Make MSM Cream At Home? Some MSM lotions and creams can be expensive. Sometimes, you are not sure about the purity of MSM in them. Some may have fillers. You can make your own topical treatment for melasma. Mix 3 teaspoons of pure MSM powder with 1/2 cup of pure aloe vera gel. Leave the mixture for half an hour, allowing the MSM to be dissolved. You may add essential oils such as rosewood, tea tree oil, or lavender.

Takeaway Remember this. MSM will not cure your melasma. All evidences are completely anecdotal. No one really knows how effective it is. So what works for the other person does not mean you will see the same results. Having said that, if there are people who find MSM to be effective, then I believe it is worth trying. After all, you have tried a few treatments recommended by your dermatologist and nothing works so far. The only problem is that there is no right dosage for MSM. It is a matter of trial and error. You can buy high quality pure MSM supplements by Dr Mercola here. And, oh yes, let’s not forget that your melasma may return after you stop taking MSM. It may even get darker or worse. If that is the case, you have another option. Read about the best melasma cream on Fair Skin Diva. Image Credit:

MSM for Melasma: Does It Work?  

If you are looking for natural remedies to treat melasma, then you should take a look at MSM. Find out how it works and whether it is an eff...