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THE CALL Fairmont Presbyterian Church

March 2018 Volume 73, Issue 2

all about what had happened. We hear little snippets of the story spoken aloud in worship, but they always lack context and as a result we do not notice the allusions or March is a month for subtleties. It lacks February’s catch the humor. So this Holy Week we are going to do wintery bombast and April’s cacophony of spring. something new, or more precisely, very ancient. We are March forces you to look more closely to see green going to hear the Gospel. On Sunday March 25 at budding amid all the browns and grays. March rewards 2:00pm in the sanctuary we invite you to come and hear careful, patient attention to the particular. (not read) the Gospel of Mark read aloud by our narrators. Come and hear the whole story of “The Lent in Middle English simply means springtime beginning of the good news of Jesus the Messiah the Son (Lencten). This season aligns the natural and the of God” (which is the book’s true title) from beginning to spiritual worlds, fore fronting not the dramatic moments its dramatic and challenging conclusion. Come and hear of scripture or the tragedies and triumphs of our lives, the Gospel the way it was first meant to be shared, read but those million tiny moments of revelation that so often aloud together in community. The reading takes a bit less go unnoticed. In our worship we consider not the than two hours and all are welcome. Childcare will be dramatic and mighty acts of God but those perhaps far provided. more impactful moments of God reaching out to us in friendship seeking genuine relationship. In our studies, APNC Update: The Associate Pastor Nominating we are looking at how our sense of meaning and identity Committee (APNC) continues the search for a new change in the daily lived answers through life’s seasons. Associate Pastor. The first round of interviews, which are The reflections and indeed the entire season of Lent are occurring through video conferencing, began on invitations to focus on the particular, the immediate, and February 28. Following those interviews, the APNC will the present. Our minds are so often caught up in either identify candidates to invite to FPC for in-person the old hurts, regrets, and guilt of the past or the anxieties interviews. Please pray that our members: Wynn Adams, about the future, that focusing on this moment—what Terry Akers, Rich Bowden, Marilyn Dickey, Liz Lewis, God is saying, what I am feeling, and where I am right Danielle Rhubart, and Bill Stager, will continue to be now—has become profoundly unnatural. Maybe that is thoughtful, discerning, and prayerful throughout this why God gives us March and all its subtle treasures. process. We also ask for you to join us in our prayer that the person chosen by the Holy Spirit to be our next Do you take time away from your constantly re-edited Associate Pastor will hear the call of Fairmont - so that past and your endless to-do lists of the future? Do you together we may guide and nurture people to live take a moment to be still, to pay attention, really pay inspired lives with all our hearts, all our minds, and all attention to this moment? God is for all time and our strength. beyond time, but we are not. We live our whole lives in the moment of now. Now, in this moment, is precisely Lenten Book Study—Falling Upward: A spirituality for when and where God will meet you. But we will need to the Two Halves of Life by Richard Rohr pay attention. Join us throughout Lent as we seek to understand how the different seasons of life fit together in our life with May you have a blessed Lent. God. We will look at how spiritual growth really happens throughout a life, the gifts of maturity, and how deeper The Whole Story—The Gospel of Mark, Sunday March relationships with others and with God can both be 25 2:00pm nurtured and become mutually reinforcing. Our guide The earliest Christians learned the story of Jesus not will be Father Richard Rohr, a Franciscan Brother and from books, but from the Apostles who orally told them well known spiritual teacher, and not coincidentally one


of Brian’s spiritual teachers. The companion book is Hello, my name is Devlan Taylor. I sing bass available from Amazon and other book sellers and can in choir. I am recent graduate from Wright be ordered through the church office for $13.00. Join us State University where I majored in Vocal and let Falling Upward be part of your Lent this year. Performance. Now I teach voice lessons at We will meet the following times to discuss this Northmont High school, and work at Lowes. important and relevant book in conversation with Josh invited me to come to choir almost 2 friends: years ago and I stayed because of the positive atmosphere and the people who were/are so welcoming. Sunday Mornings 11:45am, chapel I’ve sung at a lot of churches, but this is the only church Wednesday Night Connections 6:30pm, chapel where I haven’t felt judged or unwanted. My favorite Fridays at noon in the chapel Dove chocolate is the sea salt caramel (light blue wrapper). My favorite piece we have done in choir was “The Conversion of Saul.” I loved the harmonics, and the WORSHIP AND MUSIC resolution for the ending. It was such a great challenge and we ROCKED IT! I appreciate it when the March 4 Third Sunday in Lent congregation is emotionally invested in the music we Rev. Brian Maguire will preach “Training Wheels” offer, and when they express their feelings to us based on Exodus 20: 1-17. following worship. March 11 Fourth Sunday in Lent /Daylight Saving Time Rev. Brian Maguire will preach “Unbreakable” based on Ephesians 2: 1-10. March 18 Fifth Sunday in Lent Rev. Brian Maguire will preach “The New Deal” based on Jeremiah 31: 31-34. March 25 Palm Sunday Rev. Brian Maguire will preach “Not What We Expect” based on Mark 11: 1-11.

CHRISTIAN FORMATION Shalom! Join me this Lent as I take you through my Holy Land journey from start to finish. On March 11th immediately after both services, come to Fellowship Hall to see a slideshow presentation of my photographs from Israel, hear my stories, and ask questions about my experience. Here's a sneak peek - I look forward to seeing you there!

March 29, 6:00pm—Maundy Thursday March 30, 7:00pm—Good Friday The Passion of Our Lord. Together we walk through the gathering shadows of Jesus’ trial, crucifixion, and death on the cross.

Join us for our annual Easter egg hunt! Saturday, March 24 10:30am Puppet show and lunch to follow!

April 1 Easter Rev. Brian Maguire will preach “Surprise!” based on Mark 16: 1-8.

March 11, Daylight Saving Time


Don't use your old iPad anymore? Upgrading to a newer tablet and looking to donate your old one? The children's ministry program would be happy to take them off your hands! We are looking for tablets to use in our media room for Sunday school to provide

supplemental learning activities. They can be given to Rachel or dropped off in the church office. Thank you! :)

One Great Hour of Sharing: Starting March 11, there will be bulletin inserts describing the beneficiary programs of the One Great Hour of Sharing (OGHS). The three for the current year are: Presbyterian Fairmont’s Men's Group will meet at Bob Evans March Disaster Assistance, Presbyterian Hunger Program, and at 8 am on March 21. Self-Development of People. Each donation is split approximately equally between the three. Hey I’m Stuart Schramm, I am an 8th grader at Saint Charles (almost Alter!). A Big THANK YOU from JFK Elementary: On I am on the academic team, and involved February 8, Fairmont and Mission Team members with the fine arts society, the musical, show took a full dinner (subs, veggies and dip, fruit, chips, choir, and the History B. I’ve always gone to and a dessert) for the second time this year to the FPC on Sundays, so when I was in 6th grade teachers at JFK Elementary so that they could enjoy a my parents brought me to PYC. I come to meet new meal after their bi-annual parent/teacher conference. people from different schools, and the food is good! I Fairmont also helps JFK in many ways: through our love the other students from PYC. My favorite Girl congregation-wide collections of in-kind goods such as Scout cookie is Thin Mints. My sparkle word for our hats, mittens, toiletries, etc., as well as an annual closing prayer is “Blam.” My favorite Bible story is the monetary donation from the Mission Team that helps Nativity story, because of how willing Mary and Joseph with emergency incidental needs for students in were to listen and obey God, and my Saint for confiraddition to the parent/teacher conference dinners. mation is St. Joseph. Please come to PYC so we can get Dan Palmer, the Assistant Principal at JFK, said it best to know you and have a fun time! in his thank-you note to Fairmont, saying, “Your very generous donation helps fund things like clothing, toiletries, field trips, lunch charges, pre-school registration costs, etc. We are very grateful for our partnership with your church.” How You Can Help: Please let a Mission Team member know if you are interested in helping at JFK Elementary for their After School Day Care Program where we facilitate activities with at-risk youth. Thank you for constantly using your “helping hands and helping hearts” to strive toward our Mission Team’s focus statement: “…supporting families, children and youth here in our community.” Do you remember our Jeremiah’s Letter families? 3rd Sunday Mission Project - March 18… Easter Baskets for Jeremiah’s Letter Families! – To further support our Christmas Jeremiah’s Letter families, we will be delivering Easter Baskets of books and fresh fruits! Join us after each worship service to pack, arrange and decorate these baskets!

Many thanks to the PYC and the volunteers who helped us to collect 414 pounds of food from the surrounding neighborhoods to be sent to Dayton Fish!


House of Bread - Mark your calendar for 2018! We are working May 29, August 1 and November 1. On st January 21 Third Sunday Mission Project these days, we are sending a team to slice, dice, mix and Update: The count is in! Our industrious serve lunch for more than 200 hungry folks. There are Fairmont members assembled over 200 jobs that can be completed while sitting. Join us from rd health packs after each service on January 21 for the 3 9:00am - 2:00pm for this valuable service to the hungry Sunday Mission Project, which were taken to the House in our community. We can carpool if you would like! of Bread. Great work! Sign up on the Mission Team bulletin board. 3



3rd Sunday Lent Communion 8:30am Casual Service 9:30am Fellowship (fh) 9:35am Children's Choir 10:00am Sunday School 10:30am Traditional Service 11:30am Fellowship (fh) 11:45 Lent Study (chapel) 4:00pm PYC (109, fh) 4th Sunday Lent WOF Box Lunch 8:30am Casual Service (fh) 9:30am Making Music (fh) 9:30am Fellowship/Slide Show (fh) 9:35am Children's Choir 10:00am Sunday School 10:30am Traditional Service 11:30am Fellowship/ Slide Show (fh) 11:45 Lent Study (chapel) 2:00pm Scouts (109, A) 4:00pm PYC (109, fh)





8:30am Preschool 2:00pm Vital Signs (cr) 6:30pm WOF Coord. Team Meeting (UR) 7:00pm AA © 7:00pm APNC (rc)



8:30am Preschool 8:30am Preschool 11:00am Fit 4 You (fh) 6:30pm Lent Study 12:00pm OA (rc) (chapel) 12:00pm AA (C) 6:30pm Praise Ban 7:00pm Worship Team 7:00pm Quartet (c 7:00pm Musica Rehearsal (cr) 7:30pm AA (012) 7:00pm Member Wellness 7:00pm Christian Formation 7:00pm Personnel Team Meeting 7:00pm Mission Team Meeting


8:30am Preschool 2:00pm Vital Signs (cr) 7:00pm AA (C) 7:00pm Circle 1 (chapel) 7:00pm APNC (UR)


8:30am Preschool 9:00am Dayton PVA (012) 11:00am Fit 4 You (fh) 12:00pm OA (rc) 12:00pm AA (C) 7:00pm Building and Grounds 7:00pm Musica Rehearsal (cr) 7:00pm Finance Team (rc) 7:30pm Board of Trustees (109)


12:00pm Call Deadline 2:00pm Vital Signs (cr) 7:00pm APNC (UR) 7:00pm AA (C) 7:00pm Egg Filling (fh)


11:00am Fit 4 You (fh) 12:00pm AA (C) 12:00pm OA (rc) 7:00pm Session (109) 7:00pm Musica Rehearsal (cr)


8:30am Preschool 2:00pm Vital Signs (cr) 7:00pm AA (C) 7:00pm Circle 8 (parlor)


8:30am Preschool 11:00am Fit 4 You (fh) 12:00pm AA (C) 12:00pm OA (rc) 7:00pm Musica Rehearsal (cr) 7:00pm Board of Deacons (109)

5th Sunday Lent 8:30am Casual Service (fh) 9:30am Fellowship (fh) 9:30am Third Sunday Mission Proj. 9:35am Children's Choir 10:00am Sunday School 10:30am Traditional Service 11:30am Food and Fellowship (fh) 11:45am Lenten Bk Study (chapel) 4:00pm PYC (109, fh) Palm Sunday 8:30am Casual Service 9:30am Fellowship (fh) 9:35am Children's Choir 10:00am Sunday School 10:30am Traditional Service 11:30am Fellowship (fh) 11:30am Food and Fellowship Coffee 2:00pm Scouts (109, A) 2:00pm Gospel of Mark



8:30am Preschool 5:30pm GIFT (fh) 6:30pm Lent Stud 6:30pm Praise Ban 7:00pm Quartet (c 7:30pm AA (012)


8:00am Men's Brea 10:00am Circle 3 (o 10:30am Circle 2 (p 6:30pm Lent Study 6:30pm Praise Band 7:00pm Circle 6 (pa 7:00pm Quartet (cr 7:30pm AA (012)


8:30am Preschool 10:00am Call Maili 6:30pm Praise Ban 7:00pm Quartet (cr 7:30pm AA (012)






d (fh) r)


y (chapel) nd (fh) r)

akfast ff site) arlor) (chapel) d (fh) rlor)

ng (C) d (fh) )



12:00pm Chapel reserved 1:00pm Craft Group (012) 7:00pm NA (012) 7:00pm Choir Practice (cr)


8:30am Preschool 10:30am Mom and Me (A) 11:00am Fit 4 You (fh) 12:00pm Lent Study (chapel) 12:00pm OA (rc) 5:00pm Theology on Tap (off site)

12:00pm Chapel Reserved 7:00pm Choir Practice (cr) 7:00pm NA (012)


8:30am Preschool 10:30am Mom and Me (A) 11:00am Fit 4 You (fh) 12:00pm OA (rc) 12:00pm Lent Study (chapel)

12:00pm Chapel Reserved 1:00pm Craft Group (012) 6:30pm Scout Banquet (fh) 7:00pm Choir Practice (cr) 7:00pm NA (012)




8:30am Preschool 10:30am Mom and Me (A) 11:00am Fit 4 You (fh) 12:00pm OA (rc) 12:00pm Lent Study (chapel) 5:00pm Theology on Tap (off site)


10:30am Mom and Me (A) 11:00am Fit 4 You (fh) 12:00pm Lenten Book Study (chapel) 12:00pm OA (rc)


8:30am Preschool 10:30am Mom and Me (A) 11:00am Fit 4 You (fh) 12:00pm OA (rc) 7:00pm Good Friday (sanctuary)


1:00pm Rug Hooking Group (fh) 7:00pm Choir Practice (cr) 7:00pm NA (012) 7:00pm Speaker: Anna Redland (sanctuary)


6:00pm Maundy Thursday (sanctuary) 7:00pm Choir Practice 7:00pm NA (012)



9:00pm Rug Hooking Group (fh)



9:30am Circle 7 (off site)






How Else Can You Serve as a Disciple? - We continue to collect assorted items in the Black & White Narthex: Soda Can Pull-tabs (Ronald McDonald House), BoxTops for Education (J.F. Kennedy Elementary), and men’s belts (House of Bread).

DEACONS “Buddy System” Update The Deacons will continue taking requests for anyone interested in being part of the “Buddy System.” Individuals who live alone would be partnered. They would take turns calling each other on a daily basis to check on one another. If you are interested or would like more information, please contact Barb Miller or the church office.

WOMEN OF FAIRMONT The Women of Fairmont Coordinating Team will meet on Monday, March 5 at 6:30 in the Upper Room. March Circle Meetings Circle 1 Monday, March 12, 7pm, Chapel, Hostesses: Brenda Anderson, Pat Goss, and Ann Diller Circle 2 Wednesday, March 21, 10:30am (note new time), Parlor Circle 3 Wednesday, March 21, Check with leader for place Circle 6 Wednesday, March 21, 7pm, Parlor Circle 7 Saturday, March 17 - 9:30 am. Hostess: Jan Runkle Circle 8 Monday, March 26, 7pm, Parlor

Sunday Box Meal March's Sunday Box Meal form will be in the bulletin on the first Sunday of the month, with pickup on March 11. As always, we hope you will deliver a free meal to a member or friend that you know would enjoy it. WOF will cover the cost. Menu: Baked Chicken Salad, Broccoli Cauliflower Salad, Irish Pistachio Dessert

ANNOUNCEMENTS Help us keep our website and Facebook page up to date! If you lead a program or activity at Fairmont and have upcoming events that you would like publicized, please remember to submit event details that you would like posted to our online accounts to Not a program leader but enjoy attending church events? We need pictures and videos! If you ever have photos or videos to share from a church event, please submit them via email to or Thank you for helping our online and community presence grow. It takes a village!


Aging With Intention: Women listening to Women Contemplative community awaits, with invitation to listen more deeply to your life and Spirit's invitations. Fairmont women of all ages are invited to consider a new offering in our community: A three-circle series within the practices of Women Writing for (a) Change, Central Ohio (a non-traditional writing-school held here in Dayton by our very own Lisa M Hess), will be led by Karol Dyer on three Thursdays in March: 1st, 8th, and 15th, 1-3 p.m. in the Chapel. I thought it would take feel this old is a three-week series inviting deepening awareness and listening to the invitations of 'aging with intention' in our culture today. Tuition is $15/session or $40/all three, with proceeds going toward Young Women Writing for (a) Change here in Dayton. Would you like to experience the essence of Presbyterian values in a new way? Email or text/call 937-269-3024 (Lisa Hess) to reserve your place in the circle.

values and vision are widely shared and where her extensive work in the community for peace and justice are valued. Pastor Sherry’s gifts and passions are used toward furthering justice and peace through her service with the City of Dayton Human Relations Council, the City of Dayton Community Police Council, the Montgomery County Re-entry Policy Board and the Dayton Cooks! Advisory Board. Pastor Sherry appreciates the many and varied opportunities for growth and development she has experienced through her mathematics and ministry educational and vocational experiences at Ashland College, Miami University, University of Pittsburgh, University of Kansas, United Theological Seminary, Birmingham Southern College, University of North Carolina at Asheville, and Nast Trinity Church. She is grateful for the ongoing journey she shares with her young adult children and her community – a journey that continues to inspire and challenge and transform her.

Making Music Together – We continue our monthly gathering to play and sing for about 50 minutes starting at 9:30 on Sunday March 11. Song/chord sheets are provided. All skill levels are welcome. There’s always room for you at our hootenanny! Join Us for a Reading, Conversation, and Book Signing with Anna Redsand, Thursday, March 22, 2018, 7-9 pm Author Anna Redsand will be reading from her spiritual memoir To Drink from the Silver Cup: From Faith Through Exile and Beyond followed by conversation and book signing. Come and hear about her journey of faith growing up as white woman in Navajo country facing rejection and exile from her traditionalist community and eventually finding a way to return to the church. Her story stands as testimony to the loving persistence of divine grace through seasons of personal darkness and alienation.


Preschool Information: For six years Coleen Petrello has served The Fairmont Preschool as a teacher and Women’s Retreat director. These years have been fulfilling and Rev. Sherry L. Gale, Ph.D. (Pastor Sherry) rewarding. She recently informed the Personnel Team Pastor Sherry believes we are all beloved that she must seek full time employment to support children of God. We each have gifts and her third son’s dream of attending the Boston abilities to be developed and shared togeth- Conservatory. We recognize the excellent leadership er in community with one another. The she has provided. We are also thankful that Coleen gifts, abilities, and experiences of each of us are needed will complete the school year and that she is willing to to shape a world of justice, peace and love. Each of us help us in our search for a new director/ teacher. If you plays an integral role in continuing to mold the world or anyone you know would be interested in this into the beauty, abundance, peace and harmony God position the job posting for 2018–2019 may be found has always desired. Pastor Sherry is thrilled to be in the church office and on the church website. serving as Senior Pastor of Grace Church where her 7

Fairmont Presbyterian Church 3705 Far Hills Avenue Dayton, OH 45429 Facebook: Fairmont Presbyterian Church - Kettering, OH

Church Office: 937-299-3539 Twitter: @fairmontchurch Instagram: fairmontpresbyterianchurch

STAFF Pastor/Head of Staff: Brian Maguire

Preschool Director: Coleen Petrello Preschool Teacher: Tracy Landgren Director of Youth & Music Ministries: Ashley Ross Preschool Aide: Liz Lewis Director of Children’s Ministry & Outreach: Rachel Boden Bookkeeper: Martha Keil Organist: Judy Bede Administrative Assistant: Donna Schoonmaker Praise & Worship Leader: Jerry Mahn Custodians: Glenn Stevens and Louis Weyrauch

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The Call - Volume 73, Issue 2  

The newsletter of Fairmont Presbyterian Church.

The Call - Volume 73, Issue 2  

The newsletter of Fairmont Presbyterian Church.