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THE CALL THOUGHTS FROM BRIAN The rhythms of the church calendar each serve an important purpose. Advent teaches us about waiting and expectation. Epiphany teaches us about seeing and perceiving. The long slog of “ordinary time” teaches us about discipleship in our daily lives. This month we begin the ancient discipline of Lent. Lent is the 40 day (we don’t count Sundays) time for turning around, accounting for our lives, and if necessary, changing things. The Bible calls this process repentance-reshaping our lives to better conform to God’s hopes. It is not easy, but it is important. We all create structures in our lives that obstruct God from getting close to us. For some it is pride and for others shame. For some it may be poverty and for others wealth. For many it lies in broken relationships and promises, sometimes with ourselves. Each individual’s obstructions are unique, but the church has observed certain general categories of such things down through the centuries: desire, gluttony, greed, sloth, despair, anger, envy, and pride. Like an impacted tooth, by ourselves we cannot extract them and they only get worse with time. Only God can remove them. But our job is to recognize them, to make an honest accounting and tell the truth to ourselves, to others, and to God. Lent is not about denying yourself anything. Lent is about knowing yourself and being known because the truth is the way to God. May you have a blessed Lent.

God and from that point of truth set forth to explore what we have become and what we may yet become through God’s grace. Please join us for this important service of worship as we together commence our journey of Lent. Lenten Book Study—Falling Upward: A spirituality for the Two Halves of Life by Richard Rohr Join us starting on Sunday, February 18 and throughout Lent as we seek to understand how the different seasons of life fit together in our life with God. We will look at how spiritual growth really happens throughout a life, the gifts of maturity, and how deeper relationships with others and with God can both be nurtured and become mutually reinforcing. Our guide will be Father Richard Rohr, a Franciscan Brother and well known spiritual teacher, and not coincidentally one of Brian’s spiritual teachers. The companion book is available from Amazon and other book sellers and can be ordered through the church office for $13.00. Join us and let Falling Upward be part of your Lent this year. We will meet the following times to discuss this important and relevant book in conversation with friends. Sunday Mornings 11:45am, chapel Wednesday Night Connections 6:30pm, chapel Fridays at noon in the chapel

APNC Update The Associate Pastor Nominating Committee (APNC) continues the search for a new Shrove Tuesday Pancake Dinner, February 13, 6:00pm, Associate Pastor. We are currently reviewing applications and will continue to do so through the middle of Fellowship Hall February. Please pray that our members: Wynn Adam, Come and join the Deacons for our Annual Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper. It will be held on February 13 Terry Akers, Rich Bowden, Marilyn Dickey, Liz Lewis, at 6pm in Fellowship Hall and it is a fun, family-friendly Danielle Rhubart, and Bill Stager, will continue to be thoughtful, discerning, and prayerful throughout this event to kick off the Lenten season. All are welcome to process. We also ask for you to join us in our prayer that come and enjoy pancakes and fellowship. the person chosen by the Holy Spirit to be our next Ash Wednesday, February 14, 7:00pm, Sanctuary Associate Pastor will hear the call to Fairmont - so that “You are of the dust and to the dust you shall return . . .” together we may guide and nurture people to live inOn Ash Wednesday we begin our journey and practice spired lives with all our hearts, all our minds, and all our of Lent. We embrace our mortal truth as creatures of strength.



Sunday February 4, Holy Communion 1 Corinthians 9: 16-23 Sermon: The Lessons of Barbeque

What is Per Capita and why is it $45.98? The Presbyterian Church is a connectional church. That means that we share in mutual ministry and accountability with and for each other. One of the ways we do that is by sharing in the cost of the denomination. This is done through individual assessments based on the number of members in each church. These assessments, called “per capita,” are mandatory and are still used to support the work of the General Assembly and the Synod. For 2018 the per capita assessment of the General Assembly is $7.73 per member and that of the Synod of the Covenant $3.25 per member. If you divide the entire Presbytery’s budget by all the members of all the churches within the Presbytery, you arrive at a per member share of $35.00 per person. Those funds are obtained either from our general Fairmont revenues or from special offerings of individuals who wish to pay their share individually. The total per member assessment for 2018 is $45.98 (the sum of $35.00 + $3.25 + $7.73). That is the cost of being a member of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) denomination as opposed to the local congregation. If you would like to directly pay your share of our commitment to the greater church, the amount per member is $45.98.

Sunday February 11, Transfiguration 2 Kings 2: 1-12 Mark 9: 2-9 Sermon: Shining Through Wednesday February 14, Ash Wednesday, 7:00pm Holy Communion Isaiah 58: 1-12 Matthew 6: 1-6, 16-21 Sermon: Dust in the Wind Sunday February 18, First Sunday in Lent Genesis 9: 8-17 Sermon: Covenant: A Promise for all Creation Sunday February 25, Second Sunday in Lent Genesis 17: 1-7, 15-16 Sermon: Covenant: Promises we cannot and will not keep Choir Spotlight—Hello, I am Josh Hakala! I sing tenor 1/ tenor 2 or even baritone if needed. I am a vocal music major at Wright state University. I sing in multiple ensembles, including the church choir! I was brought into the choir 3 years ago by some fellow students from Wright state. I realized that I really enjoyed singing with this choir and that is nice to have a break from school and work. With this choir, I can enjoy singing and being around a great group of people. My favorite Dove chocolate is the caramel flavor. My favorite song that we have sung was Sure on this Shining Night because it is a beautiful piece that has many amazing elements that each section brings. It pushes each voice part to not only sound great, but also do so in a very sweet and meaningful manner. I appreciate when the congregation lets us know how well we did. Singers always need encouragement, because sometimes it is hard for us to encourage ourselves. I hope that everyone enjoys what we bring to each service and thank you all for the kinds words you always give us!

CHRISTIAN FORMATION A huge thanks to the wonderful teachers and parents who helped keep things running smoothly while I was overseas! My trip to Israel was both culturally and spiritually enriching, and was everything I hoped it would be. I hope you will join me next month to see a slideshow of photos and hear all about it – here is a sneak peek! Thank you again for allowing me the amazing opportunity. Stay warm! -Rachel The Fairmont Men's Group will meet at the Bob Evans restaurant, 7115 Far Hills Avenue, (just south of Southminster Presbyterian Church) on Wednesday, February 21, at 8:00 am. All the men of the church and their guests are invited. Sign “Breakfast” on the attendance pad, or call the church office by Tuesday noon, February 20.


PYC Spotlight—Hi y'all! I am Caroline Buchheit, I am currently a senior at Centerville High School. I am an active member in the CHS Spanish Exchange Program, Vice President of the Spanish Club, a youth mentor, a member of STAND (Stop Tobacco and Nicotine Dependence), and much, much more! I moved to Dayton when I was two years old and when my mom was searching for a new church, she found Fairmont! My family and I have been apart of the Fairmont family ever since. I love PYC because I believe that youth can have a great impact on the church. I think that PYC provides a forum for youth to share ideas, develop a deeper connection with God, and support the church and its message. My favorite girl scout cookie is the Thin Mint - a mouthwatering combination of savory chocolate and refreshing mint. My sparkle word for prayer is usually "all-knowing." My favorite bible verse is Philippines 4:4 "Rejoice in the Lord always. Again I say: Rejoice!" I find it to be a great response when someone asks how I am doing. Please come to PYC so together we can learn about the Word, as we are all children of God.

Mission and Youth Collection to benefit FISH/South Dayton Food Pantry – Souper Bowl! “When did I see you hungry and feed you?” – Matthew 25:37 Souper Bowl – Soup, Suds, and Spaghetti Sauce! Starting Super Bowl Sunday, February 4, we are collecting non-perishable food and home detergents for our local food pantry. Laundry and dish detergents and spaghetti fixings (sauce and spaghetti) are particularly needed. However, bring any non-perishable food items you would like. It’s all good! Our youth will be canvassing homes in our neighborhood February 4. On Sunday February 18 for the 3rd Sunday Mission Project in Fellowship Hall, we will be sorting and labelling everything we have collected. Labels will include our words of love and nurture. By February 18, please leave your food and detergent items in the blue collection bins or in the Black & White Narthex. “Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.” – Matthew 25:40 3rd Sunday Mission Project – February 18… Join us after each service in Fellowship Hall to sort and attach notes on our donations to FISH/South Dayton Food Pantry

MISSION BEYOND THE CONGREGATION Helping Hands, Helping Hearts A Big THANK YOU from the House of Bread: Over the past year, the House of Bread has shared very positive feedback with the Mission Beyond the Congregation Team over our consistent donations of belts. We also had a sock drive in September that was a great success— we are still receiving socks! Each time that Fairmont volunteers at the House of Bread, we deliver the belts and socks and they are always very well received! Staff say that the belts are very helpful for their customers with donated articles of clothing that do not fit perfectly. Interested members can still donate belts or sign up to volunteer at the House of Bread in front of the Mission Beyond the Congregation Team bulletin board.

FISH/South Dayton Food Pantry – Needs HELP! This local mission, begun in 1979, partners with the Dayton FoodBank to provide emergency food assistance to those in need. They typically provide over 20,000 meals annually. Fairmont provides financial assistance as well as non-perishable foods collected year -round. There is great need for part-time volunteers. Two immediate needs are for (1) Drivers to deliver food to various locations in the Kettering/Centerville area, and (2) Phone Callers to contact clients, collect information, and communicate information to drivers; this can be done from your home! For details about drivers, ask to Fairmont members who currently do this, Paul Lamberger or Ken McKenzie. If you can HELP, see a Mission Team member.

The House of Bread is excited about a Capital Improvement campaign where in the summer they will begin construction on adding a separate space for families and small children to eat, as well as meet with social workers to connect customers with resources to get them back on their feet.

Mark your calendar…3rd Sunday Mission Project March 18… Easter Baskets for Jeremiah’s Letter Families! – To further support our Christmas Jeremiah’s Letter families, we will be delivering Easter Baskets of books and fresh fruits! Join us after each worship service to pack, arrange and decorate these baskets! 3




Communion Scout Sunday 8:30am Casual Service (fh) 9:30am Fellowship (fh) 9:35am Children's Choir 10:00am Sunday School 10:30am Traditional Service 11:30am Fellowship (fh) 4:00pm PYC (109, fh) Transfiguration of the Lord WOF Box Lunch 8:30am Casual Service (fh) 9:30am Making Music (fh) 9:30am Fellowship (fh) 9:35am Children's Choir 10:00am Sunday School 10:30am Traditional Service 11:30am Fellowship (fh) 2:00pm Scouts (109, A) 4:00pm PYC (109, fh)




8:30am Preschool 2:00pm Vital Signs (cr) 6:00pm Dayton Opera (A, B, C, cr, sanctuary) 6:30pm WOF Coord. Team Meeting (UR) 7:00pm AA (C) 7:00pm APNC (rc)


8:30am Preschool 9:00am House of Bread (off site) 2:00pm Vital Signs (cr) 7:00pm AA (C) 7:00pm Circle 1 (chapel) 7:00pm APNC (UR)


12:00pm Call Deadline 2:00pm Vital Signs (cr) 7:00pm APNC (UR) 7:00pm AA (C) 7:00pm Kettering Civic Band (fh)


8:30am Preschool 2:00pm Vital Signs (cr) 7:00pm AA (C) 7:00pm Circle 8 (parlor)

1st Sunday in Lent 8:30am Casual Service (fh) 9:30am Fellowship (fh) 9:30am Third Sunday Mission Proj. 9:35am Children's Choir 10:00am Sunday School 10:30am Traditional Service 11:30am Fellowship (fh) 11:45am Lenten Bk Study (chapel) 4:00pm PYC (109, fh) 2nd Sunday in Lent 8:30am Casual Service 9:30am Fellowship (fh) 9:35am Children's Choir 10:00am Sunday School 10:30am Traditional Service 11:30am Fellowship (fh) 11:30am Food and Fellowship Coffee 11:45am Lenten Book Study (chapel) 2:00pm Scouts (109, A) 4:00pm PYC (109, fh)



8:30am Preschool 11:00am Fit 4 You (fh) 12:00pm OA (rc) 12:00pm AA (C) 7:00pm Worship Team 7:00pm Musica Rehearsal (cr) 7:00pm Member Wellness 7:00pm Christian Formation 7:00pm Personnel Team Meeting 7:00pm Mission Team Meeting


8:30am Preschool 6:30pm Scout Mee (109) 6:30pm Praise Ban 7:00pm Quartet (c 7:30pm AA (012)


8:30am Preschool 5:30pm GIFT (fh) 6:30pm Praise Ban 7:00pm Ash Wedn (sanctuary) 7:00pm Quartet (c 7:30pm AA (012)


8:00am Men's Brea 8:30am Preschool 10:00am Circle 3 (o 10:00am Circle 2 (o 6:30pm Connection 6:30pm Praise Band 7:00pm Circle 6 (pa 7:00pm Quartet (cr 7:30pm AA (012)


8:30am Preschool 10:00am Call Maili 6:30pm Praise Ban 6:30pm Connection 7:00pm APNC (UR 7:00pm Quartet (cr 7:30pm AA (012)


8:30am Preschool 9:00am Dayton PVA (012) 11:00am Fit 4 You (fh) 12:00pm OA (rc) 12:00pm AA (C) 6:00pm Shrove Tuesday/Pancake Supper (fh) 7:00pm Building and Grounds 7:00pm Musica Rehearsal (cr) 7:00pm Finance Team (rc) 7:30pm Board of Trustees (109)


8:30am Preschool 11:00am Fit 4 You (fh) 12:00pm AA (C) 12:00pm OA (rc) 6:30pm Girl Scouts (fh) 7:00pm Session (109) 7:00pm Musica Rehearsal (cr)


8:30am Preschool 11:00am Fit 4 You (fh) 12:00pm AA (C) 12:00pm OA (rc) 7:00pm Musica Rehearsal (cr)






1:00pm Craft Group (012) 7:00pm NA (012) 7:00pm Choir Practice (cr)


8:30am Preschool 10:30am Mom and Me (A) 11:00am Fit 4 You (fh) 12:00pm OA (rc) 4:00pm Private Reception (fh) 5:00pm Theology on Tap (off site)

7:00pm Choir Practice (cr) 7:00pm NA (012)


8:30am Preschool 10:30am Mom and Me (A) 11:00am Fit 4 You (fh) 12:00pm OA (rc)

nd (fh) r)




9:00am Presbytery Meeting, Xenia



12:00pm WOF Winter Gathering 10:00am Dayton Opera (A, B, C, cr, sanctuary


1:00pm Craft Group (012) 1:00pm Sanctuary Cleaning 7:00pm Choir Practice (cr) 7:00pm NA (012)


1:00pm Rug Hooking Group (fh) 7:00pm Choir Practice (cr) 7:00pm NA (012)

nd (fh) nesday


8:30am Preschool 10:30am Mom and Me (A) 11:00am Fit 4 You (fh) 12:00pm OA (rc) 5:00pm Theology on Tap (off site)


8:30am Preschool 10:30am Mom and Me (A) 11:00am Fit 4 You (fh) 12:00pm Lenten Book Study (chapel) 12:00pm OA (rc)




off site) off site) ns (chapel) d (fh) arlor) )




ng (C) d (fh) ns (chapel) R) r)


9:30am Circle 7 (off site)



JFK Elementary School After-School Program Our team of folks have been having a wonderful time with the kids. If you are interested in participating from 3:00-4:00 any day of your choice, you can easily come along to see what goes on; just ask any member of the Mission Team for details on how you might be involved and inspire our neighbor children.


Mitten Tree – THANKS! - This project was a tremendous success given the cold winter we’ve had. When these were delivered, staff members at JFK Elementary were almost in tears of gratitude due to the extreme need. They share their heartfelt thanks with all who contributed! Our Helping Hands and Helping Hearts are warming the kids’ hands and hearts!

Thank you to all who baked and bought cookies at the Cookie Walk, and to those who set up, sold, and cleaned up! The WOF Bake Sale and WOF Luncheon Café at the Art, Antique, and Craft Show was also very successful and allowed us to add to the funds for the chosen food charities. With everyone’s support of our fundraisers, we can continue our mission of helping others.

House of Bread - Mark your calendar for 2018! We are working February 12, May 29, August 1, and November 1. On these days, we are sending a team to slice, dice, mix and serve lunch for more than 200 hungry folks. There are jobs that can be completed while sitting. Join us from 9:00 - 2:00 for this valuable service to the hungry in our community. We can carpool if you would like! Sign up on the Mission Team bulletin board.

The Coordinating Team will meet on Monday, February 5 at 6:30pm in the Upper Room.

February Circle Meetings Circle 1 – February 12, 7pm, chapel; Lesson 4 Circle 2 – February 14, 10am, parlor Circle 3 – February 14, 10am How Else Can You Serve as a Disciple? - We continue Circle 6 – February 21, 7pm, parlor to collect assorted items in the Black & White Narthex: Circle 7 – February 17, 9:30am, Hostess: Martha Taylor soda can pull-tabs (Ronald McDonald House), BoxCircle 8 – February 26, 7pm, parlor Tops for Education (J.F. Kennedy Elementary), and men’s belts (House of Bread). Winter Gathering, February 10 The WOF Winter Gathering is Saturday, February 10, at noon. Enjoy lunch and fellowship with friends. Our speaker is cook Jennifer DeSanto, who will be preparing our dessert. Please RSVP to your Circle leader by February 7. Sunday Box Meal February’s Sunday Box Meal form will be in the bulletin on the first Sunday of the month, with pickup on the second Sunday. As always, we hope you will deliver a free meal to a member or friend that you know would enjoy it. WOF will cover the cost and appreciate your delivery of the meal.

ANNOUNCEMENTS Making Music Together – We continue our monthly gathering to play and sing for about 50 minutes starting at 9:30am on Sunday, February 11. Song/chord sheets are provided. All skill levels are welcome. There’s always room for you at our hootenanny! 6

Please help us clean the sanctuary on Thursday, February 15 from 1-3pm. Bring cleaning suppliesbuckets, all-purpose cleaner, magic eraser, dust cloths, Windex, small vacuum cleaner or broom/dustpan, and your energy. Thank you for your help in making our church more presentable.

Union Presbytery. She has served as moderator of the Coordinating Council and the Committee on Ministry. She has served her presbytery as both moderator and vice moderator. She was a teaching elder delegate to the 220th General Assembly in Pittsburgh, PA, as well as a commissioner to the Synod of Mid-America. (Rev. Kukuk’s last name is pronounced “Coo (like what a dove does) – Coo” with a K at the end, and with the accent on the first syllable.)

I Thought It Would Take feel this OLD!

Do you find yourself surprised by how your body, mind or spirit stumbles into time, with all its consequences? Do you notice new feelings? Awarenesses? Opinions? Join a three-session women's

Other involvement in the presbytery includes being on the board of trustees, the Planning and Evaluation Committee, a member of the Stewardship Task Force, and the search committee for a transitional general presbyter. She has been a mentor to new pastors.

circle right here at Fairmont, hosted by Women Writing for (a) Change and led by Karol Dyer. Each circle opens in a contemplative way, with a variety of practices for coming to speech about your own experience for aging with intention, whether you are 25 or 105--writing, conversation, pair-shares, and plenty of laughter. Thursdays March 1, 8, and 15th, 1-3pm in the Chapel. Bring a pen/pencil and paper/journal, to listen, write, lament and laugh into your mature years. Reserve your chair by texting/calling 937-2693024 or email $15/session or $40/three sessions. Lisa M Hess

In addition to her presbytery leadership, the Rev. Kukuk has been a strong leader in her community, serving as the catalyst for a community wide “Help Center” offering food assistance, job training and help with life skills, and being a voice for issues of poverty, domestic violence, and mental health and how these issues affect the community. She also has a longstanding commitment to ecumenical relationships in her community.

Originally from North Dakota, the Rev. Kukuk has a B.A. from Jamestown College and her M.Div. from Princeton Theological Seminary. She is currently enrolled in a D. Min. program from Western Theological Seminary in Holland, MI. The Rev. Kukuk is married to the Rev. Brad Sheppard, who currently serves as the Executive Director of a homeless and transitional shelter and pastors a rural congregation, Bethel Presbyterian. They are the parents of two energetic and outgoing sons, Jadon and Ian. As a family they enjoy travel, outdoor activities, and movies.

PRESCHOOL CORNER Presbytery of the Miami Valley is delighted to announce that the Rev. Terry Kukuk was elected to be its new Executive Presbyter at a special meeting of presbytery held on January 16. She will begin her ministry with us on or around March 1. The Rev. Terry Kukuk is the Senior Pastor/Head of Staff at First Presbyterian Church in Mexico, Missouri. In addition to her twenty years of experience as a pastor, she has been active in the life of Missouri

Registration for Preschool for the 2018-2019 school year is open to current church members and current students. Registration forms may be found under the Preschool tab on the church website. A non-refundable $50 registration fee is due at the time of registration. Contact Coleen Petrello at 299-3539, 309-7284 or Registration opens to the public on February 12.


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The Call - Volume 73, Issue 1  
The Call - Volume 73, Issue 1  

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