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August 2016

Volume 71, Issue 6

I am not particularly good at prayer. It is a professional liability. The words tend to get in the way. I know all about the forms of prayer, the history of prayer, and even the theology of prayer, but none of that helps with actually praying. Today I went to the one place where I know I can always get help, a place that has no words and silences mine. On the northern side of Lake Superior the continental shield juts miles out into the icy waters. Basalt flows more than a billion years old silently bear witness to the passage of eons as mountain ranges rise and fall. I run my hand over corduroy grooves in the stone left as graffiti from passing glaciers. My own instant of a lifetime is nothing to these silent sentinels, but here I return year after year since 1985. It is one place that does not change, a fixed point in an unpredictable chaos. Here I sit and here I listen.

The stone is surrounded by the frigid and often frightening waters of Lake Superior. There are no beaches here and only a few intrepid dry-suited sea kayakers. The inland sea roils with four to five foot swells that would grow and crest and crash into the basalt ramparts. Every seven waves a bigger one crashes and reaches up to my high perch with its spray. On these stones from the basement of time, my words all fall silent. Slowly my breathing follows the ebb and flow of the waves as my precocious mind slowly fades to silence. There and then, freed from myself and an endless chorus of expectation and anxiety, I give myself over to reverence. There is presence in this place. Stone, water, and wind teach me that it is my words and thoughts that are the illusions. So I let them go and simply dwell in the presence. Eventually I notice the prickle of growing sunburn on my arms and legs. Before departing I finally speak my spoken prayer, perhaps the only prayer I can say with complete sincerity and confidence. I rise and bow and simply say, "thank you."

Rev. Brian Maguire

Back to School


There are as many forms of prayer, as many ways of getting closer to God, as there are people. For me learning is one form of prayer. When I study God’s Word, the activity of God through God’s people over time in history, the infinite creativity and ingenuity of the natural order made known to us in science, and the moral and ethical landscape of the human experience shared in literature, I feel closer to God and to humanity across the generations. For me curiosity is simply a fundamental desire to know God and this creation and how I fit (or not) with both. That is where my faith begins: desire. I simply desire to know and be known. I desire to belong. There is a God-shaped hole in my heart and my mind and the slow and partial filling and fulfilling of it is one of the greatest pleasures of my life. And I know that many of you feel the same way.

Learning is one, but only one, way of satisfying this desire. Through learning we grow our imaginations and perception. Through learning we gain a broader perspective on the Creator and creation. Through learning we find unities and harmonies that elude casual observation. Through learning our faith grows to reflect the breadth of God’s intention. I hope some of our young people, as they get ready to return to school feel the same way (I am sure they might express it differently). One of the gifts that the Spirit has given to Fairmont is a fabulous Christian Formation program for all ages. We do not call it education because learning, while important, is not an end in itself. At Fairmont we understand learning to be one important way that we reach out and allow ourselves to be shaped by God. Starting next month all our Christian Formation programs will be up and running for the fall. We invite you to avail yourself of all these opportunities to learn and grow. It might just change you.


August 7:

Communion Isaiah 1:1. 10-20 Luke 12: 32-40 Sermon: End Ways and End Times

August 14:

Isaiah 5: 1-7 Hebrews 11: 29-12:2 Sermon: Endurance by Faith Alone

August 21:

Jeremiah 1: 4-10 Luke 13: 10-17 Sermon: On Sunday We Go Free

August 28:

Luke 14: 7-14 Psalm 81: 1, 10-16 Sermon: Multi-faceted

CHRISTIAN FORMATION Children’s Ministry Thank you, THANK YOU to everyone who volunteered this year for Vacation Bible School! Fairmont hosted over 50 children for VBS this year as we experienced Cave Quest: Following Jesus, the Light of the World. We had a wonderful week of playing, learning, and growing together, and we couldn't have done it without your help and prayers. See you next year in Rome! YOU'RE INVITED! Attention any and all VBS volunteers! You are invited to join us for a volunteer appreciation lunch to honor your willingness, dedication, and hard work before and throughout the week of Vacation Bible School. If you volunteered in any capacity with VBS this year, including registration, crew leaders, station leaders, assistants, floaters, and set-up and tear-down, your lunch is on us! We hope you will join us on Sunday, August 21 at 12:00pm at Brio’s in The Greene, and be appreciated for your part in welcoming children into our fold and teaching them about God's love. Please R.S.V.P. by August 17th and let us know if you will be there by calling the office or emailing Rachel at See you there!

As a follow-up to our Cave Quest VBS, some of our kids got to experience a REAL cave at Ohio Caverns! They proved to be incredibly skilled spelunkers, and showed off all of their (quite accurate) knowledge about the cave...and its creator. I think Zach the tour guide was very impressed!

Young Couples/Young Families Fifteen adults and thirteen children, ranging in age from 3½ months to thirteen years, attended the recent cookout at the Weaver’s home. It was a time of great fun, food and fellowship! Thanks to all who participated. We have had two young couples join us in recent weeks and appreciated the opportunity to get to know them better. Our next event will be a trip to the Cincinnati Zoo on Saturday, August 27. Please meet at the church at 11:30 am to carpool and/or caravan together. Let Pastor Denise know if you plan to attend.

WOMEN OF FAIRMONT The Coordinating Team Meeting will be Tuesday, August 29 at 6:30pm in the Upper Room.

Men's Group The Men’s Group will meet August 17 at the home of Jerry Brasier at noon. Please sign the friendship pad or call the office to confirm your attendance. Mom and Me

The Mom and Me group has moved to Fridays from 10:30 am-12 nn. All young moms and their children are invited to join us in the nursery. The children play together while the Moms offer feedback and support for one another amid much laughter and camaraderie. Grandmothers and young grandchildren are invited as well. Women’s Retreat

Circles are continuing a summer break from monthly meetings. Our Fall Gathering is scheduled for September 24. We hope that all women of the church will consider joining a Circle this fall. As well as fellowship and study, we work to provide thousands of mission dollars each year to support special causes that our members choose.

WITHIN FELLOWSHIP Welcome New Members Jason and Kate Barnett, Lexi and Quinn

Women's Connection Retreat at Montreat Conference Center, Friday, August 12- Sunday, August 14. Women of all ages are invited to attend the retreat. Calm in the Chaos is the retreat theme focusing on Psalm 46:10, Isaiah 30:15 and Matthew 8:23-27. The retreat Mert & Nancy Crichton encourages participants to find grace and renewal through reflection, rest and community. Glennon Doyle Melton, author of the New York Times Bestseller, Carry On Warrior, will be a keynote speaker. Contact Pastor Denise if interested. 3






House of Bread 6:30pm Kettering Civic Band (fh)


11:00am Fit 4 You (fh) 12:00pm OA (13 12:00pm AA (133) 6:30pm Praise B 6:30pm Scouts (133) 7:30pm AA (012 7:00pm Worship Team (chapel) 7:00pm Christian Formation (134) 7:00pm Personnel Team Meeting (UR) 7:00pm Mission Team Meeting (rc)

6:30pm Kettering Civic Band (fh) 7:00pm AA (012)


11:00am Fit 4 You (chapel) 12:00pm AA (133) 7:00pm Finance Team (rc) 7:00pm Building and Grounds (109) 7:30pm Board of Trustees (109)


12:00pm OA (13 5:30pm GIFT (fh 6:30pm Praise B 7:30pm AA (012

12:00pm Call Deadline 8:30am Casual Service 7:00pm AA (012) (fh) 9:30am Fellowship (fh) 10:30am Traditional Service (sanctuary) 11:30am Fellowship (fh)


11:00am Fit 4 You (chapel) 12:00pm AA (133) 1:00pm Circle 5 (off site) 7:00pm Session (109) 7:00pm Musica Rehearsal (cr)

12:00pm Men's 12:00pm OA (13 6:30pm Praise B 7:30pm AA (012

8:30am Casual Service (fh) 9:30am Fellowship (fh) 9:30am Third Sunday Mission Project 10:30am Traditional Service (sanctuary) 11:30am Fellowship (fh) 12:00pm VBS Vol. Lunch, Brio 2:00pm Scouts Meeting (012, fh)

7:00pm AA (012)


11:00am Fit 4 You (chapel) 12:00pm AA (133) 7:00pm Musica Rehearsal (cr)

10:00am Call Ma (133) 12:00pm OA (13 6:30pm Praise B 7:30pm AA (012

8:30am Casual Service (fh) 9:30am Fellowship (fh) 10:30am Traditional Service (sanctuary) 11:30am Food and Fellowship Coffee Hour (fh) 11:30am Fellowship (fh)

9:00am Preschool 12:00pm Castle Lunch (off site) 7:00pm AA (012) 7:00pm Dayton Opera (cr)


9:00am Preschool 9:00am Prescho 11:00am Fit 4 You 6:30pm Praise B (chapel) 7:30pm AA (012 12:00pm AA (133) 6:30pm WOF Coord. Team Mtg 7:00pm Musica Rehearsal (cr)

Communion 8:30am Casual Service (fh) 9:30am Fellowship (fh) 10:30am Traditional Service (sanctuary) 11:30am Fellowship (fh)














33) Band (fh) 2)


33) h) Band (fh) 2)


7:00pm NA (012) 7:00pm La Leche Meeting (109)


10:30am Mom and Me (nursery) 11:00am Fit 4 You (chapel) 12:00pm OA (133)

Lunch 33) Band (fh) 2)


7:00pm NA (012)


10:30am Mom and Me (nursery) 11:00am Fit 4 You (chapel) 12:00pm OA (133) 5:00pm Theology on Tap (off site)


1:00pm Rug Hooking Group (fh) 3:00pm Blood Drive (upper lot) 7:00pm NA (012) 7:00pm Choir Practice (cr)


10:30am Mom and Me (nursery) 11:00am Fit 4 You (chapel) 12:00pm OA (133) 26


33) Band (fh) 2)

ool Band (fh) 2)

7:00pm NA (012)

Friday 4

10:30am Mom and Me (nursery) 11:00am Fit 4 You (chapel) 12:00pm OA (133) 5:00pm Theology on Tap (off site)




9:00am Crop Walk Recruiter Meeting (fh)







10:00am Dayton Opera (cr) 11:30am (meet at church) Young Couples/ Families Zoo Trip


Mark & Sara Deem

Bereavements Jack Barnes died May 28, 2016. A memorial service was held June 2 with the Rev. Brian Maguire and Rev. Denise Weaver officiating. Please remember Jack’s family, Jean R. Webster, Betty Lou (Jack’s sister) and Dick Ludwig in your prayers.

Kathy Radde

Frank Hundt died October 7, 2015. Please remember his family in your prayers.

Address Changes

Jean Bartlett

Robert Owen died July 2nd. His memorial service was held Wednesday, July 20, at 2pm at Routsong with the Rev. Denise Weaver officiating. Please remember Bob’s family in your prayers.

Eva Gaddis

Oral Kay Hunsaker died July 19. His memorial services was held Saturday, July 30, at 1pm at Routsong with the Rev. Brian Maguire officiating. Please remember Jean in your prayers.

Kerri Miles

Dorothy McCormick died June 11, 2016. Please remember her family in your prayers. Claudia Russell died June 16, 2016. A memorial service was held July 24 at Fairmont with the Rev. Brian Maguire officiating. Please remember Claudia’s family in your prayers.

Bill and Marian Owens

Thank You Notes Births

Thank you for the cards, thoughts and calls while I was at Bethany Rehab. They were very much Congratulations to Tanner and Angela Bussey on appreciated. Barbara Bradbury the birth of their first child, son Jackson Tanner, on June 8th. Family are all doing well. Extended family includes proud Grandparents Carol and I’d like to thank everyone who helped and Keith Bussey, Great-Aunt Mary Allbery, Aunt attended my Mom’s, Ruth Wilson’s, memorial Sara and Uncle Kevin Glueckert and cousins service this past Saturday, July 9th. It was a Isabel, Anna and Avery Glueckert. Welcome lovely service thanks to Denise, Judy and Jackson! Bill Miller and the reception afterwards was wonderful thanks to Joanie Caulley, Pat Rain and Baptisms Julie Boden. Many people commented on the china and how nice it was to have that. The We celebrated the Sacrament of Baptism of support from all of you has been so appreciated. Owen William, son of Patrick and Casey Thank you again. Sallie Luther and family (Stevens) Gill. Proud grandparents are Glenn & Robin Stevens, Darrell & Terri Gill and extended family includes Kelli & Aaron, Evie and Caden Fromm, Krista and Eric Hysinger.


Update on Rooty—My foster service dog Rooty graduated from 4 Paws and went to live with a fifth grader from Boston. The little boy has seizures and some mobility issues. They outfitted Rooty with a special harness so he can hold onto him while walking. They absolutely love Rooty and he’s doing great. He’s even gone to two Red Sox games at Fenway Park and run the bases in one! I will update you all on the shoe drive for Ashton when I find out the final amount of money they received. Thanks to all for your support!! Sallie Luther

system. This is essentially a giant antenna surrounding the congregation that will broadcast the worship service directly to people’s hearing aids. The new loop signal can be picked up by any hearing aid that has a T Coil or telephone setting. Our hope is that this will help our many members who suffer from some hearing loss. Meanwhile, up above the sanctuary we have been installing a new roof. Early this spring a windstorm damaged many of our shingles and tore some off. The damage was sufficiently extensive that our insurance company determined we needed a new roof. So, we will soon be in possession of a brand new roof over all of Fairmont.

EVENTS & ANNOUNCEMENTS The Fairmont Golf Outing is planned for September 11. Please mark your calendar and let Daryll Sakada know if you are planning to play.

Finally, we have been making important improvements to our preschool facilities that are required as we expand the preschool programs. Rooms 108 and 107 have been consolidated into one large classroom with a new child-sized bathroom. New security doors will help to separate the preschool children from other programs during the school day. In August we will be installing a new playground behind the Fairmont. Ground will be levelled, a new safety fence will be installed, and finally playground equipment will be erected for the use of not only the preschool children but also Fairmont’s own kids.

Art, Craft and Antique Show— November 19, 2016 New this year...Our own Antique Roadshow! Park Avenue Antiques will be doing Antique Appraisals. For $6 you can have one appraisal, or 2 for $10. Be thinking of items you want to bring in. Do you have antiques or your own art to sell? We would love to have you, so pick up an application in the office. It's time to check your closets/basements for the following: vintage items, especially seasonal and furniture, new or new-ish kitchen items, bake sale and cookbooks items for our raffle.

Great things are happening at Fairmont this summer that will provide us with the tools necessary for a thriving ministry into the future. All these improvements are possible because of your generosity and the generosity of generations of Fairmont members. Thank you.

Please put November 19 on your calendar. It is Fairmont's way of helping the hungry in Dayton! Ann Diller, secretary Construction update—All summer long, Fairmont has looked a bit like an ongoing construction project. We are making changes to our building and grounds for the use of mission and ministry. The sanctuary is being upgraded in three important ways. First, for the first time since 1989, we have painted the entire sanctuary and repaired damaged plaster. Second, we are installing new carpet, which unlike the old carpet is of a commercial grade and will more closely match the pew cushions. Our old carpet was separating from the floor and fraying with holes. Third, underneath the new carpet we are installing an inductive loop assistive hearing 7

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STAFF Pastor/Head of Staff: Brian Maguire Praise & Worship Leader: Jerry Mahn Associate Pastor: Denise Weaver Preschool Director: Coleen Petrello Director of Youth & Music Ministries: Ashley Ross Bookkeeper: Becky Hegwood Children’s Ministry Coordinator: Rachel Boden Administrative Assistant: Donna Schoonmaker Organist: Judy Bede Custodians: Glenn Stevens and Louis Weyrauch

DEADLINE FOR THE NEXT CALL The Deadline for the September newsletter is Monday, August 15, 2016 Please submit articles to: 8

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Fairmont Presbyterian Church's monthly newsletter for August 2016

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