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Volume 69, Issue 4


MAY 2014



Dear Members and Friends of Fairmont: The recent report of the Pastor Nominating Committee given by its chair, Rich Bowden, is exciting. The committee has completed the necessary paper work. This means that in the near future the committee will be interviewing candidates who are interested in becoming your future head of staff. Your readiness to move forward in this venture was well demonstrated by all of the volunteers who stepped up to make the Rev. Joe Hookey Easter season a memorable one. Many helpers put together the Lenten breakfasts and participated in the Lenten study sessions, cared for the numerous decorations, participated in the egg hunt, prepared many food offerings, the fine participation of our youth in our worship services, the exceptional work of the choir and the praise band, the operators of the sound systems, the many ushers and greeters, in addition to those who were ready to step up if needed, and particularly the staff who often worked behind the scene to enable the overall effectiveness of all our efforts. This spirit of enthusiastic support and cooperation bodes well for the future of the Fairmont Presbyterian Church. Although a new head of staff will provide significant leadership, it will be the fine spirit of the congregation which will make the future bright and enable the promise of the past to be realized. Faithfully yours,

Joe Hookey, Interim Head of Staff

3705 Far Hills Avenue • Dayton, OH 45429-2599 • (937) 299-3539 “Where FAITH Takes Flight!”

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Worship and Music at Fair mont

╬ ╬ ╬ Worship is the center of the church’s life and our highest calling as God’s people. Each Sunday morning we gather for praise, prayer, fellowship, and renewal in God’s Word. Fairmont’s two styles of worship offer an alternative every week, but both have the same purpose – to glorify God, celebrate the Good News, and seek the Lord’s guidance. 8:30 Casual Worship Music led by Fairmont's Praise Band in Fellowship Hall


It was with regret that the Personnel Committee received the letter of resignation from our choir director, Hank Dahlman. The expansion of his administrative responsibilities at Wright State University will severely limit his availability to serve as choir master. His resignation will take effect July 1. Hank has served the church well for five years as a sensitive and able leader. His use of young voices from the university has provided significant strength to the choir. Take time over the next month to express your appreciation for the high quality of his work among us.

10:30 Traditional Worship Music led by Judy Bede at the organ and vocal soloists in the Sanctuary Choir Director Position May 4: Communion Sunday Rev. Joe Hookey will preach “You Didn’t Know?” based on Luke 24:13-35. May 11: Mother’s Day Rev. Joe Hookey will preach “A Community of Friends” based on Acts 2:42-27. May 18: Third Sunday Mission Project Rev. Joe Hookey will preach “A Royal Priesthood” based on I Peter 2:2-10.

MOVING FORWARD At the April meeting of the Session a process was put in place to move forward to find a new choir director. The Personnel Committee and the Worship and Ministry Committee will work together to name a search committee. The search committee will consist of those who are familiar with church music and the significant role the choir in the worship life of the congregation. Once a search committee is in place names of possible candidates may be submitted.

May 25: Rev. Denise Weaver will preach.

Summer Music Share Your Talents! It's time to put together our summer list of special music offerings for the 10:30 services in June, July and August. Please contact Hank Dahlman at if you are interested in sharing your talents this summer.

Pa s t o r a l N o m i n a t i n g Te a m "Wait on the Lord" We have many reasons to celebrate! Most importantly we celebrate the Easter promise with renewed spirits. We can also finally enjoy the wonderful gifts of springtime. The Pastor

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Nominating Team is also celebrating because we have completed and submitted the Ministry Information Form (MIF) that has been our focus these past several months. Soon we hope to start receiving “matches” for those individuals who have met the criteria of our MIF and the phone interview process will begin.

The total amount required this year for the General Assembly, Synod and Presbytery is $23.09 per member. Please consider paying your per capita apportionment for 2014.

E va n g e l i s m & M e m b e r C a r e Te a m

Please keep praying for the PNC team, for Fairmont Church and for each other. During this time we also ask that you take stock of your gifts and talents that could be used in service to Fairmont, the community, and to God. Any pastor candidates who feel called to our church will be looking to see into the hearts of our members and wouldn’t it be nice if they didn’t have to dig too deep? We are really excited to see what God has in store for Fairmont. Remember God's timing is different than ours… Psalm 27:14 ~ Wait patiently for the LORD. Be brave and courageous. Blessings! Your PNC Team! (Kerri Miles, Jenny Fiden, Lois Thomas, Rich Bowden, Charley Chamberlain, Alex Mann, Jeff Adam)

B u d g e t & S t e wa r d s h i p Te a m

2014 blood drive dates: May 22 September 8 July 24 November 13

New CALL Pick-Up Plan For those people who want a paper copy of the Call and are able to attend church, it was suggested that copies be passed out the first Sunday of the month. Labeled copies had been displayed on a table leading to Fellowship Hall. This was not a convenient spot for very many members. It was easy to forget to pick them up there or not pass by there at all. So we are thinking of trying a new plan. Every effort will be made to hand them out to you by the people at the Welcome Desk, ushers, and/or greeters as you arrive. That should help reduce the cost of mailing them. Due to new postal regulations, the expense has substantially increased. Calls will continue to be mailed to those who did not attend church.. Your co-operation is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Name Tags Per Capita Contributions for 2014 Each year every church in the Miami Valley Presbytery is required to pay a per capita apportionment to the General Assembly, Synod and Presbytery that is based on the total membership of the church. This year the amount requested by Presbytery was changed which resulted in a small reduction ($3.46) in the per capita payment from last year.

In the next few weeks our name tag project should finally be launched. We will handle the process in stages. First, we will pass out cards for you to sign. On the card, you should print your name as you want your name tag to read. Some people like nicknames, some don’t. Then, write whether you prefer a clip, pin or tag that hangs around the neck. Drop your card in the baskets located at the entrance where you usually enter and exit church. If you absolutely don’t want to wear a name tag, don’t fill out a card.

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The second step will be to print the tags, get them inserted, and then leave them at the location of your choice.

Helping the Needy—If someone asks you for money, we encourage you instead to give them one of the assistance lists, which are available at the Welcome Desk.

The last step will be to have more permanent holders made to display our tags at the various locations.

Fa i r m o n t M i s s i o n s

Of course, we realize that everyone will not be there the first week we do this, so you can make your requests the next time you attend. Also, if you’d rather change to a different style, just come to the Welcome Desk where the trade can easily be made.

Welcome Desk Our Welcome Desk is located in the black and white narthex. Usually, someone is there to greet and answer questions from both visitors and members. It is “manned” from about fifteen minutes before and after the 10:30 service. Greeters, ushers and the WHOLE CONGREGATION should be aware of any visitors and make them feel welcome. Please direct them to the Welcome Desk. A gift bag can be given to them there. If anyone wants a tour of the church, that can easily be arranged. The desk is not occupied at the 8:30 service, as visitors are easily spotted. Gift bags are located on the table by the door to Fellowship Hall. Encourage guests to take one. Volunteers are needed to help at the desk. It only takes about 30 minutes of your time. If interested, in helping call Barb Miller.

What are 3rd Sunday Missions Projects?

When: 3rd Sunday monthly after both services in conjunction with the monthly Family Worship Sunday. All of you are encouraged to participate, staying as long or short as you can. Purpose: • To allow all members regardless of age or skills to participate in active mission work loving our neighbor; • To increase awareness of some of the local organizations supported by our mission dollars • To promote intentional family mission work • To facilitate cross-generation relationships • To promote families working on mission together Where: These will be held in Fellowship Hall for convenient access by all members as well as access to snacks!

Who: Initially, members of the team will organize projects. It is hoped that eventually, various groups such as a Women’s Circle, PYC, or an individual family could sponsor a project.

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C h r i s t i a n Fo r m a t i o n Te a m

Wo r s h i p C o m m i t t e e

Gangway to Galilee!

Liturgists Needed!

Gangway! Join us this summer at Fairmont Presbyterian Church for a Vacation Bible School that takes us back in time to the Sea of Galilee, where we will meet Jesus and hear some of his most memorable lessons on and near the water! We will learn about God's love and protection, what it means to walk on the water and have faith, and most importantly all about God's saving grace! We will spend time hearing Bible stories and taking part in Bible challenges, making undersea crafts and snacks, and playing some nautical games as we learn about God's great love for us. It will be an unforgettable week with a lot of memorable moments for all involved. Don't miss the boat!

Would you like to participate in worship as a liturgist (the person who reads the first Bible lesson)? Or is there a member of the congregation who you especially enjoy listening to read the first Bible lesson? The Worship Committee is exploring some innovative approaches to delivering the scripture readings each week and needs to gather the names of folks who would be willing to participate in this process. Please contact Susan Brasier if you would like to be included or if you have a suggestion of someone you would like included in this list.

Mark your calendars now for June 9-13, from 9 a.m. - 12 p.m. for all children in preschool through elementary school.

PYC CORNER Presbyterian Youth Connection are busy preparing for Youth Sunday on June 1st.

There is NO REGISTRATION COST this year; we are only asking for donations. We are also still in need of volunteers! We would be happy for ANY help you are willing to offer! Sign up on the board in Fellowship Hall or e-mail Rachel at

Wo m e n o f Fa i r m o n t N e w s

Women of Fairmont Spring Gathering The Women of Fairmont Spring Gathering is Saturday, May 10 at 10:00 a.m. and will include brunch. Lois Thomas will speak about her P4A business, "Prices for Antiques." As described on the website,, the company provides a reference database for appraisers, auctioneers, museums, dealers, collectors, and the general public.

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Calendar - May 2014 PDF created with pdfFactory trial version

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WOF Mission Work The Women of Fairmont raises funds for mission throughout the year, including members' pledges, donations from lunches shared with the congregation, the annual Cookie Walk, and the Antiques, Fine Art, and Craft Show. WOF recently disbursed funds of $4350 from the treasury, including the following: $200 to assist Ashley Ross on her study trip to Scotland $200 for a new microwave for the kitchen $1,000 - House of Bread $650 - Habitat for Humanity $1,000 - Fairmont's Back Door Ministry $650 - Shoes for the Shoeless WOF will lead the May 18 Third Sunday Mission Work after each service. Members will be asked to fill bags that can be given to people without homes that you might come across, and to those in need who visit the VA hospital where Circle One member Chris Harper works. Supplies for the bags will be provided.

Circle 7 – May 17, 9:30 a.m. Hostess: Peggy Van Deursen

If needed, the next WOF Coordinating Team will meet on Monday, May 5 at 6:30 p.m. in the Upper Room. Members will be notified.

Wi t h i n t h e Fe l l o w s h i p Address, Phone & E-mail Changes: STEWART, Jeff & Susan *Will & *Kevin

Baptisms: Kevin Edward Stewart, son of Jeff and Susan Stewart, was baptized on April 27.

CIRCLE MEETINGS – Members are continuing the Horizons study of Exodus and Deuteronomy, "An Abiding Hope." Circle 1 – No meeting in May; June dinner details will be e-mailed Circle 2 – May 21, 9:30 a.m. Hostess: Marilyn Edwards

Circles 3 & 4 – May 21, 10 a.m. Hostess: Karen Sensel

Circle 5 - May 21, 1 p.m. in the Church Parlor Circle 6 – May 21, 7 p.m. in the Church Parlor Hostess: TBD

Upcoming Events Generations In Fellowship Together (GIFT) May 14 6 p.m. in Fellowship Hall GIFT is a monthly potluck where members of all ages gather together to share a meal and our joys and concerns with each other. This fellowship event is held the second Wednesday of every month and offers a great opportunity to get to know other members of the congregation whom we may not have met before. Please bring a dish to share. For more information, you may contact Julie Boden.

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Fairmont Men’s Group Activities The Fairmont men's group will meet at the Bob Evans restaurant, 7115 Far Hills Avenue, (just south of Southminster Presbyterian Church) on Wednesday, May 21, at 8:00 a.m. All the men of the church and their guests are invited. Sign "breakfast" on the attendance pads, or call the church office by Tuesday noon, May 20.

Count Your Blessings….

Grow With Me Yoga: Child and Parent This class is held in the Pre-School Story Room on Fridays from 9:30-10:00 a.m. Annie Booth, a Registered Yoga teacher through the Yoga Alliance will teach the class. There will be a drop in fee of $5 (cash or check only). Wear comfortable clothes (no jeans) and check in at the church office before each class. The last class will be May 9th.

Summer Edition of the Call The next edition of the CALL will be the summer edition, which will include June, July and August.

MEMORY VERSE for the month:

“The steadfast love of the LORD never ceases, his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness. ‘The LORD is my portion,’ says my soul, ‘therefore I will hope in him.’” ~ Lamentations 3: 22-24

...See What God Has Done!

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Puzzle Time

Fairmont Call Fairmont Presbyterian Church 3705 Far Hills Avenue Dayton, OH 45429-2599 CHANGE SERVICE REQUESTED

Interim Pastor: Joe Hookey Associate Pastor: Denise Weaver Youth Ministry Coordinator: Ashley Ross Interim Children’s Ministry Coordinator: Rachel Boden Director of Chancel Choir: Hank Dahlman Praise & Worship Leader: Jerry Mahn Bookkeeper: Becky Hegwood Administrative Assistant: Donna Schoonmaker Information Specialist: Bill Miller, III Preschool Director: Coleen Petrello Organist: Judy Bede Custodian: Glenn Stevens Church Office: (937) 299-3539 Fax: (937) 299-5974 E-mail: Website:

Fairmont Website Code for Smartphones

Fairmont Facebook Code for Smartphones

In This Issue: 1 Message from Joe Hookey 2 Worship & Music at Fairmont 2 Pastoral Nominating Committee 3 Budget & Stewardship 3 Evangelism & Member Care Team 4 Fairmont Missions 5 Christian Formation Team 5 PYC Corner 5 Worship Committee 5 Women of Fairmont 6-7 Calendar 8 Within the Fellowship 8 Upcoming Events 9 Memory Verse of the Month

**DEADLINE FOR THE NEXT CALL** Deadline for the June/July/August issue of the CALL will be Monday, May 19. You may submit your articles either by sending them to the office or e-mailing them to Karen Eizenga.

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May 2014 June/July/August 2014 Call deadline: Monday, May 19

The Call Vol. 69 #4  

Fairmont Presbyterian Church's monthly newsletter

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