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Special Edition Volume 67, Issue 6

Dear Friends,



As my last Sunday, September 9, approaches and retirement is coming quickly, I am utilizing this Call to reflect on my forty years in professional ministry. Writing these reflections has been helpful to me and I hope you will enjoy reading them. In this Call I have shared some of the programmatic highlights of my ministry and as I reviewed what I have done, I was overwhelmed with thankfulness for the variety of opportunities to serve and the blessing of the people along the way. Now, in this Rev. Bob Wade article, my intent is to share the why behind the what.

Senior Pastor

Throughout my ministry, I have sought to be guided by Jesus Christ as God's Living Word and by the Bible as God's written Word. While I do not have enough space to mention all of the passages that have been a mainstay for me, I will share several scriptural themes that have been the foundation and motivation for my ministry.

God's love is the beginning point as we are reminded from Genesis to Maps that nothing, including our own failures, the evil that shows up in a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado, or our inability to comprehend God's love will ever "separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord." (Romans 8:39) A substantial underpinning of my faith journey has been to cling to God's love in spite of what I see in my own inadequacies, the inconsistencies in the church and the violence in the world, which, at times, seems to contradict what we believe about God's love. God's love is most clearly revealed in Jesus Christ who once said, "Whoever has seen me has seen the Father." (John 14:9) As we follow Jesus through the gospels, we see him giving grace to a woman caught in adultery, touching and healing lepers, forgiving a criminal, feeding the hungry, challenging the proud, lifting up the humble, sharing hope with the outcast, and sending out disciples to invite others to a new way of living. Jesus summed up his calling, "The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he has anointed me to bring good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim release to the captives and recovery of sight to the blind, to let the oppressed go free, to proclaim the year of the Lord's favor." (Luke 4:18-19) I thank God for calling me to proclaim Jesus Christ as Redeemer, Healer, and Friend through Word and Sacrament. While my calling has been in the context of the church, I firmly believe that every Christ follower is called to be the hands, feet, voice, and presence of Jesus Christ right where you live. Jesus gave us the gift of the Paraclete...God's Spirit/ Advocate who abides in us and works through us to accomplish God's redemptive work. As Paul wrote, " is no longer I who live, but it is Christ who lives in me. And the life I now live in the flesh I live by faith, in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me." (Galatians 2:20) We are Christ motivated! However, this Christ-centered living does not happen automatically. As Jesus said, "I am the vine, you are the branches. Those who abide in me and I in them bear much fruit, because apart from me you can do nothing." (John 15:5) Jesus knows we can choose to stay close to him or turn our back. Therefore, I have continually invited God’s people to practice the means of grace; worship, prayer, scripture, sacrament, koinonia fellowship, service, and others. These are not ends in themselves but means to the end of living faith-fully in the grace of Jesus Christ. As we allow the heart and mind of Jesus to permeate our beings, we lift our vision higher than self-indulgence to God's calling to transform a broken world into thy kingdom come of peace, hope, reconciliation, and love for all but especially for the "least of these." (Matthew 25:40) Christ's Church is not a club for like-minded saints but a hospital for sinners and a construction zone for equipping God's people for ministry. The good news is that our calling to ministry is not our responsibility to shoulder alone and, even when we fail....which I have often.... God is the Faithful One who continues to create a new heaven and a new earth and who boldly proclaims "See, I am making all things new!” (Revelation 21:5) One of my chief joys has been encouraging God’s people to open our eyes to see how God is making all things new right where we live and then encourage us to share what we have witnessed with one another. Now that's the blessing of journeying together and I thank God for calling us to work side-by-side to make all things new through the grace, love and mercy of Jesus Christ. To God be the glory!! Amen,

3705 Far Hills Avenue • Dayton, OH 45429-2599 “Where FAITH Takes Flight!”

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Ref lections on 40 Years of Ministr y by Rev. Robert H. Wade

Since this is the first time I have ever retired, I am taking this opportunity to reflect on my life and ministry over the past 40 years. I say "life" because the church has been my life! Since you have known me for only 15 of my 40 years in ministry, I thought some of you might be interested in knowing what I did and what was important to me over these many years. I am thankful for this opportunity to reflect and give thanks to God for calling me into the ministry of Word and Sacrament.

Pastor: First Presbyterian Church - Tribune, Kansas (January 1, 1973 to July 1978) Tribune is located 15 miles from the Colorado border and is so far west it is in Mountain Time Zone. I would be surprised if any of you have ever been there. However, I am thankful God called me to this small church (130 members) directly from seminary. Connie and I arrived on January 1, 1973 via Ryder Truck from Boston and members of the church helped us unload. We had no children and we were excited to begin life as Pastor and wife. (Connie and I have always shared a sense of partnership in ministry) The people of First Pres welcomed us like members of their own families and their love, patience and support were foundational in preparing me for the roller coaster life of a pastor. Tribune was a town of 1,100 people in the breadbasket of our nation. My ministry covered Greeley County in the following ways: I was a member/officer of the Rotary Club, drove a wheat truck for one of our families during harvest, served as a substitute school bus driver, worked out with the football team (until they thought I was being too rough on the players!), taught a semester course in the High School entitled The Bible as Literature, substitute taught in the High School, as a member of the Ministerial Alliance I was chosen to preach at Greeley County's first 4th of July outdoor worship service in the 1976 Bicentennial year, organized and participated in the first Crop Walk in which I set a course of 16 miles over which we raised over $4,000, and sat on the Library Board. I also served the Presbytery of Southern Kansas as a member of the Camps and Conference Committee.

I was ordained at First Presbyterian Church of Tribune on February 4, 1973. As a solo Pastor, I preached each week and I was also my own secretary. I remember mimeographing the bulletin and working on my sermon late into the night almost every Saturday. My ministry was heavily weighted toward youth and I was able to develop a "community wide youth group" that met each Sunday evening in the basement of our home (a manse provided by the church) with 15-25 high school students involved. It helped that I played football, tennis, substitute taught and simply hung out with the youth! I must pause and say, "Bless my beloved Connie! Connie has always been a partner in my ministry but especially in those start-up years when we were hosting all those young people with our growing family! Oh, yes, we also hosted an annual college/young adult New Year's Eve party. Besides the regular weekly gatherings of youth, I also planned and led several youth trips: twice to lead VBS in Midland, Texas and once to lead VBS on an Indian reservation near Parker, Arizona. In addition we took several Winter Youth Retreats to Doctor Werner's cabin in Green Mountain Falls, Colorado. Great fun!! Speaking of youth ministry......when we arrived in Tribune, there were no babies in the nursery. We decided to do something about that and, during our Tribune years, our three children (Carrie, Natalie and Benjamin) were born and, in fact, were delivered in Tribune by Dr. Willard Werner who was an Elder at First Presbyterian Church. By the time we left First Pres, we had enough young parents that we regularly had 5 to 8 babies in the nursery each week. I have always believed in "all members are ministers" and one of the first events I planned after coming to Tribune was a Lay Witness Mission in which farmers, business people, homemakers...."people in the pew" came to First Pres from Oklahoma and Texas to share Christ's love and transforming power through a week of worship, small groups and meetings. That was my first experience with a 24-hour prayer vigil in which our people surprised themselves by filling up all 24 slots. The Mission was a wonderful renewal event for our church! Because I have also always believed in Koinonia Fellowship and spiritual growth through small groups, I introduced small group ministry to our church. By the time we left, close to 60% of our members were meeting with "one another" in homes on a regular basis. Pastoral care has always been an important aspect of my calling. In western Kansas, I would often travel to Colorado Springs, Garden City or Dodge City to make hospital visits. Sometimes Connie would go with me and we made a day of it in the "big city." I find it of interest that I did not officiate at my first funeral until February 4, 1974, exactly one year after my ordination.

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Associate Pastor: First Presbyterian - Grand Island, Nebraska (August 1978- July 1987) It dawned on me that life was going to radically change when I realized there were more people in First Presbyterian GI (1,300 members) than in the whole town of Tribune. However, while we missed our "family size" church in Tribune, we headed to the great state of Nebraska with high hopes and expectations. Our hopes and expectations were fulfilled through this fun-loving people! I was called as Minister of Pastoral Care and Adult Education to work with Rev. Charles Olsen author of several books including Transforming Church Boards into Communities of Spiritual Leaders. I was excited to work with Chuck because I had previously known him through my home church in Kansas, as a Sterling College graduate and as one who had a national reputation for working in the area of small groups. To this day, Chuck and I stay in touch. I did all of the Pre-Marital Counseling whether I officiated at the wedding or not, the Prospective Member Training, the Baptismal orientation, much of the Officer Training, arranged all of the Home Communion Visits for all three pastors and elders, led the weekly Men's Prayer Breakfast, regularly taught Sunday Morning Adult Electives on subjects as varied as the book of Deuteronomy and Marriage Enrichment. Connie and I led several Marriage Retreats and Mariners' Family Camp Outs. I also organized a few fishing tournaments and pitched on our church's Presby All-Star Softball Team. In 1982, as an evangelistic outreach, I arranged for a local movie theater to offer a private showing of the award-winning movie, Chariots of Fire, to which our people bought tickets and invited their friends. (I even drove the church bus to the movie theater!) In 1982, I also had the privilege of traveling to the Holy Land with a close seminary friend and then on to Egypt, Kenya and finally to the Sudan to visit my college friends/Presbyterian Missionaries, John and Gwen Haspels. Some of you may have seen pictures from this trip hanging in my office and remember meeting John when he came to speak at Fairmont. I also served the Central Nebraska Presbytery as Chair of the Support Committee. I thoroughly enjoyed working with our Small Groups Committee as we sought to create and support small groups throughout the church. These groups were designed to help members grow spiritually and to offer support through study, prayer, fellowship and mission. Early on, Connie and I connected with a handful of young adults who formed a tightknit group that met regularly for the nine years we lived in GI.

The ministry highlight of my Grand Island years was the development of the Stephen Ministry. In fact, the major project for my Doctor of Ministry degree, which I received from Fuller Theological Seminary in 1986, was entitled The Training of Lay Ministers for Pastoral Care Using the Stephen Ministry in the First Presbyterian Church of Grand Island, Nebraska. This project consisted of training 21 Stephen ministers over a sixmonth period in weekly gatherings that included bible study, prayer, discussion and training in listening skills, confidentiality, and supportive ways to help those who have experienced life transitions (death, divorce, job loss, etc.). I was blessed to have 21 enthusiastic people respond to the call to commit themselves to training and, then, a year of "coming alongside" a "friend-in-need" in our congregation. I am pleased to write that they not only fulfilled their commitment but that the Stephen Ministry continued for many years after I left First Pres. This group brought God's healing and hope to many in GI and, in the process of helping others, they discovered their gifts and the joy of being an instrument of God's blessing.

Associate Pastor: College Hill Presbyterian Church Cincinnati, Ohio (August 1987-Nov. 1994) When I arrived at CHPC the membership was 2,500 with 1,500 in worship and 5 different worship services offered each Sunday morning. I joined a ministerial staff of 10 (not all were ordained Presbyterian) and the scope of the ministry was worldwide with "Equipping Ministry" seminars being taught on campus and around the world. My calling was first Minister of Pastoral Care and later changed to Minister of Congregational Care. Coming to CHPC was like coming to the Mecca of lay ministry as CHPC was known for its "Equipping Ministry" seminars to which people came from around the world. While I enrolled in and helped lead the equipping courses, my primary calling was to minister to the 2,500 members of CHPC. I inherited a Lay Pastor's Ministry, that was designed to minister to every member through trained Lay Pastors. The emphasis for caring ministry later transitioned into utilizing small groups as the primary means of caring for our members. We brought to CHPC the nationally known specialists in small group ministry, Lyman Coleman and Rev. Gareth Icenogle, to train our small group leaders of which we had over 100. Along with being responsible for the overall care for the congregation, I led the Diaspora Communion (Homebound Communion), the LOVE Shepherds (ministry to those in Nursing Homes), the Teleios Center (Teleios is the Greek word for "complete" or "whole" and our Center offered confidential lay listening for stressed individuals throughout Cincinnati), a monthly Healing Service to which people came for prayer from all over the city. In addition, I was the staff member who did much of the hospital visitation as well as many

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funerals/weddings. I personally began and led a Vietnam Veterans Support Group that met each month for a year with a culminating trip to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall in Washington D.C. Several our men found buddies' names on the wall! Needless to say, our worship/ prayer time, at the wall, was deeply moving. Another ministry I created which continues to this day was our Grief and Loss Ministry which included regular support groups (I once led a group of four couples who had experienced the death of a child) and an annual Help Through the Holidays - Hope After Loss gathering that brought people from around the city. In 1989, I was invited by Spring Grove Cemetery to lead their first Easter Sunrise service in the cemetery and, the next day, was surprised to see a picture of myself leading that service on the front page of the Cincinnati Enquirer. I continued to lead the annual Spring Grove Sunrise Service through 1994.

moderating Session, helping the congregation engage in interim tasks such as coming to terms with Sycamore's history, discovering a new identity, and preparing to embrace new leadership and a new future. I led three day-long Leadership Training Events for all officers of the church and led several all-church discussions on interim issues. Connie and I led the Confirmation Class for three years in which, at least, 25 seventh graders participated. We took each confirmation class into inner city Cincinnati to witness several mission organizations like the Crossroads Health Center serve Cincinnati's homeless and poor. As in my previous churches, I helped with Sycamore's small group ministry and incorporated Lenten Study Groups into the life of the church. I also served the Cincinnati Presbytery as a member of the Committee on Ministry. It was while serving Sycamore Pres that I first heard Ellis Miller's voice inquiring about my interest in interviewing for the position of Pastor of Fairmont.

Pastor: Fairmont Presbyterian Church - Kettering, Ohio (August 1997 - September 2012) The following are a few of the programmatic highlights of my ministry at Fairmont.

• My office and the Congregational Care Center was housed in the former church manse, which was perfect for our supportive ministries. As Minister of Congregational Care, I supervised a staff of five: program staff members to cover the small group ministry and the Teleios Center and a retired Presbyterian pastor for Visitation, plus two administrative assistants. During my tenure at CHPC, I met three life-long friends who also served on staff: Rev. Alice Petersen (Minister of Adult Growth and Transformation; Alice also preached at my installation at Fairmont), Rev. Bill Lowrey (Minister of Mission) and Rev. Jim Guyer (Interim Pastor) who will all be coming to celebrate my retirement on September 9. CHPC uniformly understood and accepted the call of the Church to be God's people of healing through the grace and power of Jesus Christ. To this end, the concept of being equipped for ministry was accepted and most members sought to grow in faith, hope and love, as well as in ministry skills. It was during my years at CHPC that I grew in my understanding of grace and I experienced the truth, "it is all grace, folks!"

• •

Interim Pastor: Sycamore Presbyterian Church - Cincinnati (December 1994 - July 1997) Just in time for Advent and Christmas, I began my 17-mile commute to Sycamore Presbyterian. I jumped at the opportunity to become Interim Pastor of this 1,300 member church just south of Kings Island. I followed the distinguished career of Rev. Ted Kalsbeek who served Sycamore for 43 years (his only church). Because Ted had been pastor for such a long time, I was called for a lengthy interim pastorate. I enjoyed getting back into the pulpit each week, planning special worship services,

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Early teaching ministry: Spring '99 Acts; Fall '99 Seven Churches of Revelation (offered Wednesdays at 7am, noon and 7:30 pm); 2000 Prayer: Finding the Heart's True Home; Lent 2001 Edge of Adventure; Fall 2001 Discovering the Leader Within; 2002 Life Together. Organized and led several Session Retreats with the first one being held at Heritage Presbyterian Church in October 1998. After reading an article on “Saving Private Ryan,” I launched, with the help of Dick Hook, Bill Hibbs and Frank Strobino, the Veteran’s Gatherings on 10/7/98. I'll never forget hearing Frank Gaffney tell of fighting in the Battle of the Bulge. Hearing the veterans tell their stories always touches my heart! The Veterans Gatherings later transitioned into the monthly Men's Fellowship Group. I met Dr. Paul Eckel at Massanetta Springs Bible Conference and invited him to come to Fairmont and lead a series of worship and teachings. Holy Week 1999 and 2001 and a Leadership Training Weekend in October 1999. With the help of Harry Bradbury I formed a group called the Fairmont Flyers which enjoys running in local 5Ks for the "health of it." I led a Sermon Feedback/ Planning Group every Tuesday at noon for several years beginning in September 1998. In 1998, through the Vineyard Ministry, Fairmont was matched with the African American Harris Memorial CME Church in Trotwood and I helped organize several worship and fellowship exchanges between our two churches.

• • •

• • •

Connie and I helped plan and lead a Fairmont Couples' Retreat in November 2001 in Springfield. Fairmont hosted a special community worship service following the 9/11 terrorist attacks. In the summer of 2002, Connie and I hosted Wednesdays at the Wades with the World's Best Ice Cream served on six Wednesday evenings with more than 120 Fairmont members enjoying the fellowship and ice cream. I taught several Equipping Ministries International Apples of Gold Listening Skills courses in 2002 and 2003 with the hope of developing a group that would take on some of the caring ministries of Fairmont. I introduced the Help Through the Holidays - Hope After Loss in 2003 and have helped lead this grief ministry to the present. I led Fairmont into the Holiday at Home Parade with my motorcycle for several years. I thought it was better to be in the parade rather than watching from the sidelines. In 2000, Connie and I led a group of 25 Fairmont members on a Presbyterian Heritage Tour which included the Passion Play in Oberammergau Germany, Geneva, Switzerland, Scotland and England. Lasting friendships were formed in this group! I initiated the Lenten Study Groups in 2003 using Rev. Dick Meyer's book One Anothering and, during Holy Week, I invited Dick to come to Fairmont and preach and lead a series of gatherings for spiritual renewal. I am pleased the Lenten Study Groups has become a staple in the annual spiritual renewal of Fairmont. In 2004 I took my turn at camp counseling with a tent full of 4th grade boys at the Kirkmont Center. In subsequent years I took on the role of Camp Chaplain. For many years I served the Kirkmont Center and worked with my friend and director, Rev. Ed DeLair, as a member of the Kirkmont Commitee. In 2006, Connie and I led a group to the Holy Land and Egypt. It was a holy experience to be in the land where Jesus walked and, then, a great joy to walk up Mt. Sinai with my good friend, Rev. Dave Mihocko, to praise God as the sun rose over the wilderness. In June of 2006, I helped inaugurate the 8:30 Summer Chapel Worship service with Marguerite Bowden playing the piano. Worshippers chose their favorite hymns and I led a shortened worship service. This summer worship opportunity became a full-fledged, yearround worship service in the Fellowship Hall on Sept. 9, 2007. I am pleased that Fairmont is one of the few Presbyterian churches that offers both a Casual and Traditional worship experience. I helped plan and participated in Fairmont's first Men's Mission Trip in April 2007 to rebuild a home in Pearlington, Mississippi following hurricane Katrina. It was a great joy working alongside Keith Bussey, Mike Harvey, Gary Yagley, Dr. Tom Zipf, Glenn Stevens, and Fred Wiggers, a member from Southminster Presbyterian Church.

• •

• •

I helped plan and promote our new parking lot. In April 2008 Connie and I led a tour of Greece and Turkey called "In the Footsteps of St. Paul." This tour of biblical sites was a spiritually invigorating experience for all. In the summer of 2008, I was instrumental in bringing the Rev. Denise Weaver to Fairmont as our Associate Pastor. I served as one of the adult leaders for our Youth on trips to Montreat in 1998 and to the Red Bird Mission in 2009.

It seems like it was just yesterday that Connie and I were being welcomed by the Presbyterians in Tribune, but reality says my forty years of professional ministry has ended. They have been good years and I am thankful for God's calling! In every church, my heart's desire was to love God with all my heart, mind, soul and strength and to love the people God brought into my life. I was not always consistent in this desire but God's grace and forgiveness kept me going. I have chosen to end these reflections by sharing the names of those I have baptized, married and buried here at Fairmont. One of the unique privileges of a pastor is to be present with people at the nodal, life-giving events of their lives. I have been richly blessed with many such events here at Fairmont and, as I prayed over the following names, my heart was warmed with the memories of these wonderful people and their celebrations of life. Yes, I leave my professional ministry knowing that I am a blessed man, thanks to God and all of God’s people! Baptisms: Brooke Chelsea Stanley Payne Davis Ball Emma Caroline King Kathryn Mary Salmon Zachary Ryan Whitaker Rachel Beth Finley Jason Joseph Hoffman Anne Marie Crooke Jonathan Hyde Duff Brian Wells Duff Kara Christine Jobe Kelsey Elizabeth Ball Daniel Ernest Shafer Benjamin Markham Beachy Peter Scott Shafer Annabel McCreary Lisle Joshua James Weaver

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Worship at Fairmont "Praise the Lord! How good it is to sing praises to our God; for he is gracious, and a song of praise is fitting." -Psalm 147:1 "Praise the Lord! Praise God in his sanctuary; praise him in his mighty firmament! Praise him for his mighty deeds; praise him according to his surpassing greatness!" Psalm 150:1-2 Each Sunday we gather to praise God. Our two styles of worship provide alternative ways to praise the Lord. However, both ways of worshipping have the same praise God for who God is and what God has done and to bring spiritual renewal for you. Come, let us worship! 8:30 Casual Worship with music led by Fairmont's Praise Band. 10:30 Traditional Worship with music led by organ and special music. Communion Sunday, August 5 "10th Sunday after Pentecost” Lt. Col. Christopher Shearer will be preaching with his sermon titled "All I need to know I learned in Afghanistan." Chris' sermon will center on "finding God in the small every day things even 7500 miles from home." Chris Shearer is active duty in the US Air Force with over 19 years of service. His normal duties for the Air Force are to oversee the flight-testing of about 15 different aircraft. He recently returned from Afghanistan where he was in charge of border issues between Afghanistan and Pakistan along 800 km of the border. Vital Signs will be leading special music and the sacrament of Holy Communion will be served. Witness to the Resurrection in Celebration of Blanche Adam, Saturday, August 11 You are invited to gather for worship in loving memory of Blanche Adam at 11:00 am. Sunday, August 12 “11th Sunday after Pentecost" Rev. Bob Wade will be preaching from Mark 2:1-12 which is the story of a man's friends carrying him to Jesus for healing. When the crowds blocked their way the man's friends tore through the roof and lowered their friend into the presence of Jesus. Bob's sermon is titled "He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother." Sunday, August 19 "12th Sunday after Pentecost” Rev. Bob Wade will be preaching from Galatians 2:15-21 and II Corinthians 12:1-10 with his sermon titled "It's All Grace, Folks!" Some have the impression the Christian life is about pleasing God with our good works and we keep trying harder to "get it right." But maybe God has a different idea. Come and hear the good news! Arianna and Gabrela Weaner, daughters of Brad and Emily Weaner will be baptized at 8:30 worship. Sunday, August 26th "13th Sunday after Pentecost" Rev. Bob Wade will be preaching from I Samuel 7:1-14 which is the story of God's intervention on behalf of the Israelites when the fearful Philistines were coming to wipe them out. The Israelites cried out to the Lord, God saved them and Samuel led them in a service of thanksgiving. Bob's sermon is "Thanks for the Memories." Sunday, September 2nd "14th Sunday after Pentecost" Rev. Bob Wade will be preaching from Isaiah 40:27-31 and Matthew 11:28-30 with the sermon title "Come to the Quiet." On this Labor Day Sunday we will reflect on Jesus' invitation to come and rest. We will also explore ways we can accept Christ’s invitation to rest when, all day long, we are feeling stressed and tired to the bone. Communion Sunday, September 9th “15th Sunday after Pentecost” 10:00 am Single Service -- This will be Rev. Bob Wade's last Sunday as Pastor of Fairmont. Rev. Bob Wade will be preaching from Deuteronomy 30:15-20 and Joshua 1:1-9. Both of these passages gave instructions and encouragement to the Israelites and Joshua as they prepared to step into the Jordan and cross into the Promised Land. As we stand on our own river's edge, these passages will also offer guidance for us. Bob’s sermon is titled "New Shoes." As we come to the point of our new beginnings, we will gather around the Table of our Lord and to be reminded that it is God's love that remains consistent through all the rivers we step into.

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Woman of Fairmont It seems that Fall is coming sooner than usual. Many schools will be starting in mid-August. We will be having our first “Gathering” on Saturday, August 25, at 10:00 a.m. Denise Weaver will be doing an overview of the Horizon Bible Study, “Dispatches to God’s Household; The General Epistles.” All circle members are encouraged to attend even if your circle is using an alternative study this year. Brunch will be served – it will be a great time to visit with all Fairmont Circles. Circle Leaders - Please do the following: 1. Contact Kathy Shafer or Karan Bowden with changes, additions, or deletions within your circle for the new directory by August 11th. Check with those members who have not been attending to see if they want to continue to be in Circle or become a member at large. 2. Those circles using this year’s Bible Study should notify Karan Bowden with the number of study guides they will need by August 10th! 3. Please get a count of how many in your circle will be attending the “Gathering” on August 25th. Those counts need to be called in or emailed to Karan Bowden by August 20th. Note: All circles will have regular meetings in September. Important Dates: Saturday, August 25 at 10:00 a.m. in Fellowship Hall…………...W.O.F. Gathering and Brunch Monday, October 1 at 7:00 p.m. in room 107…………………... Next CT Meeting Saturday, November 17 at 10:00 – 4:00 in Fellowship Hall…….. Fairmont Craft and Antique Show. W.O.F. will be selling breakfast and lunch items. Sunday, December 9 after church in Fellowship Hall……………Cookie Walk

August 2012 The entire August calendar is available on the website. August 1 9:00 AM—Call Mailing 6:30 PM—Praise Band August 2 3:00 PM—Blood Drive August 3 August 4 August 5/Communion Sunday 8:30 AM—Casual Service 9:30 AM—Fellowship 10:30 AM—Traditional Service 11:30 AM—Fellowship 7:00 PM—Prayer Meeting August 6 August 7 5:30 PM—Personnel Team 6:30 PM—Session Team 7:00 PM—Christian Formation 7:00 PM—Mission Support 7:00 PM—Worship Team August 8 6:00 PM—GIFT 6:30 PM—Praise Band August 9 7:00 PM—La Leche August 10 August 11 11:00—Blanche Adam Memorial

August 12 8:30 AM—Casual Service 9:30 AM—Fellowship 10:30 AM—Traditional Service 11:30 AM—Fellowship 7:00 PM—Prayer Meeting August 13 2:00 PM—Vital Signs 7:00 PM— Building and Grounds 7:00 PM—Finance Team 7:30 PM—Board of Trustees August 14 August 15 12:00 PM—Men’s Luncheon 6:30 PM—Praise Band August 16 August 17 August 18 9:30 AM—Circle 7 (Off-Site) August 19 8:30 AM—Casual Service/Baptism 9:30 AM—Fellowship 10:30 AM—Traditional Service 11:30 AM—Fellowship 7:00 PM—Prayer Meeting August 20 12:00 PM—Call Deadline 2:00 PM—Vital Signs August 21 7:00 PM—Session

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August 22 6:30 PM—Praise Band August 23 6:30 PM—Pack Meeting August 24 August 25 10:00 AM—WOF Fall Gathering August 26 8:30 AM—Casual Service 9:30 AM—Fellowship 10:30 AM—Traditional Service 11:30 AM—Fellowship 7:00 PM—Prayer Meeting August 27 12:00 PM—Castle Lunch August 28 7:00 PM—Board of Deacons August 29 9:00 AM—Call Mailing 6:30 PM—Praise Band August 30 9:00 AM—House of Bread August 31 Regularly Scheduled Meetings Monday 12:00 PM—OA Monday 7:00 PM—AA Tuesday 12:00 PM— AA Wednesday 7:30 PM—AA Thursday 7:00 PM—NA Friday 12:00 PM—OA

Funerals: On my first full day of work at Fairmont, I co-officiated, with my predecessor Dr. Wayne McCoy, Thelma Bossi's funeral and on the day of my installation my new friend, Bob Ferguson, died during worship. I quickly learned that bereavement and funerals would be a major part of my calling to Fairmont. I have said it before and will write it now, I count it a privilege to have walked with you through the valley of death and grief. I must admit, however, that the emotional drain of "burying friends" has become very difficult, and I am ready to pass this important ministry on to others. Thelma Katherine Jordy Bossi Albert Adam Brust III (non-member) Irene C. Ernst Robert Huggins Ousley Dr. Howard Wyatt Heywood Robert Boyd Ferguson Rita Zamiska Bomar Charles Fred Allbery Murray W. Highmiller Lloyd McCreary Whitesell Violet L. Bresee Glendora L. Hilobold Gross Clifford James Hoffman (non-member) Betty Jane Bushong Pease Alice Jane Connelly Kaufman Walter Kistler Smith Lucille Ethel McCabe Shafer Daniel Ernest Shafer Virginia Jane Bristol Millard Helen Louise Richter Tompkins Byron Carson Spoon, Jr. Margaret Ann Munger Rich Meriam Murr Zipf Frank William Gaffney Dr. George F. Deebel Dr. John O. Percival Eleanor Jean Wagner Stauss Raymond E. Schmidt Ruth Christiansen Laird William Charles Austin (non-member) Roger John Schultz Jerry Stanton Terrell Judith Anne Griffy Stremel Terrell Barbara Brandenburg Buchanan (Frances) Anne Burke Highmiller (Alta) Marie Wolford Yarger Millicent Rhea Maschner Rev. Guy H. McIver (non-member) Marjorie Truman Houston Ethel C. Williams Seitz Margaret (Peggy) Phillips Davies Buckland (former member) Wilburn L. Pean Madonna Gordon (non-member) Kirk Stanford Hart (non-member) Elizabeth (Betty) Weusthoff Smith Dorothy Jane Purdell Mittelstadt (former member) William (Bill) Knierim Douglas R. Stanley (non-member) Mary Pontius Barksdale Marbelle Douglass Frey Dr. George Edward Bruggemann Myron C. Rawers William A. Luther (non-member) Reuben Louis Stanley Maurice M. Friedly

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What’s next?! Ah...... retirement! What will I do.........?

Annabelle & Elliott

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Fair mont Missions

Christian For mation Team

Weekend Mission Opportunity in Appalachian Ohio!

During the week of July 16-20, 2012, Fairmont Presbyterian Church was transformed into the “sky” where over 50 children and 30+ volunteers came together each day to let our imaginations soar. Through great songs, fun skits, cool science gizmos, great games, creative crafts, cute movies, and hands-on Bible experiences we were able to worship and learn about God’s great love as our imaginations and faith took flight.

Do you Love your Neighbor as yourself? Our Mission Team is planning an exciting weekend mission retreat to Good Works in Athens, Ohio on November 9-11. This trip is for any Adult or Youth over 12-years-old interested in working and growing together with our Fairmont Family. As a Christian community, we are seeking to grow in our love for God and for our neighbor. Good Works, Inc. is an organization we have supported financially for several years. We would like to now expand our support to actually doing some work. The vision of Good Works is to create a COMMUNITY OF HOPE with and for people who are struggling with poverty and homelessness in rural Appalachia. People in need can experience biblical hospitality, access practical assistance, and share their gifts with others. This trip will facilitate ways for people from all walks of life to build relationships of love and service with their neighbors. We will be working in various ways to either perform practical labor-intensive projects (maintenance, building, yard work, etc.) or spend time with residents and shut-ins. We will be sleeping in a dorm-like setting and preparing our own meals. Lively Friday and Saturday evening retreat activities will be held to further our individual and group growth. More details will be shared later. This is a great opportunity to put your Love into Action! For a closer look at Good Works and the services they provide, take a look at their website: Contact Mission Team members Dave Diller or Dave Youngerman to save your spot on this trip or for further information! Mark your calendar now!

At Sky VBS, we imagined what it would be like to bounce among the clouds, soar with eagles, and reach for the stars. The Bible came to life in new and powerful ways as kids explored why nothing is impossible with God. Through every experience, we were reminded that: No matter who you are, how you feel, what people do, what happens, or where you are, you can trust God! As we watched for “God Sightings” we were excited to see how active God is in our daily lives, if we just pay attention. We also generously gave to donate through Operation Kid-to-Kid to help purchase mosquito bed nets for kids in Mali, West Africa to protect them from the deadly disease of malaria. We love that we are a God sighting for someone else! One of the highlights of the week was the VBS Special Event and Family Game Night Potluck on Thursday evening where we had over 100 people gather together for fun, food, and fellowship. The rain cleared up enough to allow us to enjoy tethered hot air balloon rides in the parking lot for about an hour before the winds shut it down. It was so exciting to see that huge balloon inflate and to watch our faith literally take flight! It was an amazing week that would not have happened without the generosity of our Fairmont congregation, dedication of our hardworking volunteers, and support of the VBS families who brought their kids each day. Thank you to all involved!!

School Supplies Kettering Schools are starting earlier this year—August 14 to be exact! School supplies will be on sale soon. Usually they are very inexpensive at the beginning of school. If you would like to donate to J.F. Kennedy Elementary, bring school supplies to the box in the Black and White Narthex. Items needed are loose leaf paper, notebooks, pencils, scissors, glue sticks, liquid glue, crayons, markers. There are always children who start school with no supplies. It is wonderful to have some supplies on hand for them. Thank you in advance. ~ The Mission Team

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Within the Fellowship Weddings: Denise Ingram & John Weaver were married June 30 with Rev. Bob Wade and Rev. Raymond Stewart officiating. Lauren Athmer & Steve Bergstresser were married July 14 with Rev. Denise Weaver officiating. Becky Shafer & Alex Sennet were married July 17 in St. John.

The following note of thanks was placed in the offering plate on June 24, 2012. It reports on former member, Julia Miller, and the good life she and her children have found in Seattle. Abigail and Eleanor were baptized at Fairmont on 8/22/2004. Praise God! The note read:

Dona Lydia, feed the hungry. For more information, contact Diane Weyrauch.

The Fairmont Men’s Group will meet for a picnic lunch at Jerry Brasier’s home on Wednesday, August 15, at noon. Thanks to Jerry and Jan for hosting our group again. Bring a friend. A $5.00 fee will take care of our expenses. Call the church office 299-3539 and let Donna know if you can be there by Tuesday noon. In June our group met at Brasiers, had a good turnout, and presented Rev. Wade with an album of pictures of our groups Lenten Breakfasts and picnics that he has been a part of for the past 15 years. We also presented Denise and John with a plaque from the group with our best wishes on their marriage. In July, we “lived it up" with a picnic luncheon at NCR Country Club and welcomed Don Pittman and Warren Tripp as new participants to the group. For a pleasant lunch with Christian fellowship, join us this month, and every month, on the third Wednesday. Watch the Call for our date to meet.

Rev. Wade, News from Seattle, WA about Abigail and Eleanor Knapp, twin daughters of Julia K. Miller, former member of this church. Both received achievement honors last year in school! They, their mom and aunt now are members of a Presbyterian church. The girls actively participate in each baptism ritual-assisting their minister. The outreach and faith experience they all experienced here (Fairmont) have made all the difference in their lives! Thank you all! They also are near uncles, cousins, young and old who have welcomed them into their lives! Julia’s son, Weston Miller, starts his senior year at the local STEM high school.

Antique, Craft and Fine Arts Festival Saturday, November 17 from 9 a.m.-4 p.m. There will be an Antique, Craft and Fine Arts Festival on Saturday, November 17 from 9 a.m.-4 p.m. to feed the hungry in our area. Please consider renting a table to sell your high quality merchandise in time for Christmas. Booth fee for Fairmont members is $35 and $40 for non-members. The deadline for reserving a table is November 2. For more information, contact Carolyn Wimer, Ann Diller , or the church office at 299-3539. Please, no garage sale or flea market items. Sign-up early for a good space. More details will forthcoming.

Robert and Carolyn Witters

Upcoming Events

The remaining dates of the Farmer’s Market will be Sunday, August 12 and September 16 in the Fellowship Hall following both services. Please bring your contributions to Fellowship Hall before church, and plan to shop after worship as well. Quick to go are plants, herbs, jams and jellies, homecanned items, and baked goods. Crafts and jewelry are also popular. Everything is “sold” by donation and proceeds help our Honduran missionary,

View The Call online! Visit our website at Go to Quick Links under the right hand column and select newsletter. You can also see past editions dating back to 2010. If you no longer wish to receive a hard copy of the newsletter, please call the office or send an e-mail to

MEMORY VERSE for the month:

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It is no longer I who live, but it is Christ who lives in me. And the life I now live in the flesh I live by faith, in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me." ~ Galatians 2:20

Fairmont Call

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Pastor and Head of Staff: Bob Wade Associate Pastor: Denise Weaver Youth Ministry Coordinator: Ashley Ross Interim Children’s Ministry Coordinator: Lisa Shearer Director of Chancel Choir: Hank Dahlman Praise & Worship Leader: Jerry Mahn Bookkeeper: Becky Hegwood Receptionist/Bulletin: Donna Schoonmaker Information Specialist: Bill Miller, III Preschool Director: Jenny Fiden Organist: Judy Bede Custodian: Glenn Stevens Church Office: (937) 299-3539 Fax: (937) 299-5974 E-mail: Website:

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The Call Vol. 67 #6  

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