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THE CALL Fairmont Presbyterian Church December 2017/January 2018 Volume 72, Issue 10 Connections for Advent: The Names of the Messiah Join us for our Advent study on Wednesday nights at THOUGHTS FROM BRIAN 7:00pm. We will be looking at all the names of the Something that the Bible never mentions about Messiah—Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Bethlehem is that it is perched on the edge of the Judean Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace—and their wilderness, a desolate, crevasse-riddled, stony desert that foundations in the Prophets. As a companion text we will is home only to scorpions, snakes, and the occasional be using Walter Bruggemann’s, Names for the prophet. Bethlehem sits on the edge of civilization, one Messiah. Copies of the book are available from the last stop before the sun-bleached desert. But the office for $11.04 each. It is also available at bookstores desert is not empty. It is also a highway, a gigantic and for your Kindle. caravan route that wends through the Great Rift Valley down to the Red Sea and up to Syria. Through that Guest Preachers desert passed countless refugees, merchants, pilgrims, On January 7 we welcome to our pulpit a familiar face, prophets, and a people called the Hebrews. That same Rev. Dr. Lisa M. Hess, Professor of Practical desert was the royal highway of the exodus ushering in a Theology at United Theological Seminary. On January new chapter of God’s plans for God’s people. Centuries 14 we welcome Rev. Garth Adams, Chaplain at Kettering later, a new leader named Jesus would take refuge in that Health Network who will also serve as our committee on same wilderness as he prepared to commence his public ministry liaison with the Presbytery. ministry and start a new chapter. Annual Meeting On Christmas Eve, I like to remember that view from Join us for our annual meeting and celebration luncheon the hills of Bethlehem looking over the desert stretching on Sunday January 28 in the Fellowship Hall. After a to the East, scanning the horizon for someone or single service, we will gather to both share and give something coming to unsettle our tidy presumptions and thanks for the ways God has blessed Fairmont over the bring us one step closer to God’s future. past year, the ways that we have been a means for God’s blessing in our community, and our hopes and plans for Advent and Christmas are about many things, but none the future. more than this: change is coming, a new wind is blowing, and nothing, absolutely nothing, will stay the same. The Our annual Help Through the Holidays event will be creator is entering creation, and nothing will ever be the held Sunday, December 10, at 2:00pm in the same again. Stay alert. Stay awake. He comes. Chapel. Helpful strategies for coping with grief particularly during the holiday season will be addressed Associate Pastor Search along with scripture, prayer and remembering loved ones Our search for a new associate pastor is proceeding who have died. Refreshments will be served afterwards quickly. Our Associate Pastor Nominating Committee during a time of fellowship. Contact Pastor Brian if you has already prepared Fairmont’s combined position have any questions. description and church description. On November 28, the Presbytery’s Committee on Ministry will review it and WORSHIP AND MUSIC if they approve it, we will be free to publicize the position and start soliciting applications from candidates. Please pray for the APNC in its work and for the person God December 3 1st Sunday of Advent/Communion may be nudging to Fairmont. Mary Interrupted Luke 1: 26-38

December 10 2nd Sunday of Advent/Single Service/ Cookie Walk Special Music Sunday


December 17 3rd Sunday of Advent Joseph Redirected Matthew 1: 18-25

Parents' Morning Out: Drop your little ones with our highly qualified babysitters and enjoy a morning of Christmas shopping (or relaxation)! Saturday, December 2nd, 9am-1pm (lunch for kids included).

December 24 Christmas Eve 10:30am Family Service 7:30pm Candlelight Service with music beginning at 7:00pm Gifts Isaiah 9: 2-7 Luke 2: 1-14

Advent Event: Saturday, December 9, 10am-11:30am. Join us for hot cocoa and a showing of The Polar Express in Fellowship Hall. Feel free to wear your jammies!

December 31 Single Service In Search of a Bigger Christmas John 1: 1-18 January 7

Communion/Rev. Lisa Hess Preaching

January 14

Rev. Garth Adams Preaching

January 21

Life Interrupted 1 Corinthians 7: 29-31 and Mark 1:14-20

January 28

Christmas Eve 2017—Join us for our Family Christmas Eve worship service on Sunday, December 24th at 10:30am in Fellowship Hall. We will be having the Family Christmas Eve service in place of the regular 10:30am worship service. There will be a light breakfast at 10am in Fellowship Hall followed by the Family Christmas Eve service at 10:30am. You are invited to come in your jammies and worship in a casual and family-friendly environment as we celebrate the birth of our Savior. See you there! Men’s Group The Men’s Group will not meet in December or January. An announcement for February will be forthcoming.

Single Service and Celebration Luncheon Annual Meeting in Fellowship Hall Better than Winning I Corinthians 8: 1-13

STEWARDSHIP Progress in the 2018 financial stewardship campaign is encouraging as of mid-November but is still far from the goal of fully funding our proposed budget of $634,721. The ultimate success of our 2018 Stewardship campaign depends on you. If you have already pledged for 2018 we sincerely thank you. But if you have not yet done so, please pledge some amount, 3% or more than last year if you can to the mission of Fairmont. God has a plan for Fairmont and we hope that you will pledge to help achieve it with your financial support!


What is Per Capita and why is it $45.98? The Presbyterian Church is a connectional church. That means that we share in mutual ministry and accountability with and for each other. One of the ways we do that is by sharing in the cost of the denomination. This is done through individual assessments based on the number of members in each church. These assessments, called “per capita,” are

mandatory and are still used to support the work of the General Assembly and the Synod. For 2017 the per capita assessment of the General Assembly is $7.73 per member and that of the Synod of the Covenant $3.25 per member. If you divide the entire Presbytery’s budget by all the members of all the churches within the Presbytery, you arrive at a per member share of $35.00 per person. Those funds are obtained either from our general Fairmont revenues or from special offerings of individuals who wish to pay their share individually. The total per member assessment for 2017 is $45.98 (the sum of $35.00 + $3.25 + $7.73). That is the cost of being a member of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) denomination as opposed to the local congregation. If you would like to directly pay your share of our commitment to the greater church, the amount per member is $45.98. Giving to Fairmont from Retirement Accounts— Another way to save on taxes! Taxpayers over 70 ½ years of age with an IRA or 401K/403B accounts may transfer withdrawals (up to $100,000 per year) directly to a Fairmont Presbyterian Church or other “qualified charitable organization” and not pay tax on the distribution. Retirement savings accounts of various sorts require individuals over 70 ½ to annually make required minimum distributions or face significant tax penalties. Those distributions are then added to your taxable income, often boosting your tax bracket. But, if you direct those distributions in whole or in part to Fairmont or other charity those funds do not count as taxable income. This transfer method can save you significant tax dollars. As always, you should consult with qualified advisors to help with tax planning, but using qualified charitable distributions may be an efficient way for you to support Fairmont!

January 21-House of Bread Hygiene Packs –Join us for this project requested by House of Bread. During this cold season, there is need for lip balm, tissues, throat lozenges, and band aids. We will be providing the materials, but your help is needed to pack 200 baggies and write love notes of caring after each service. Join us as together, we serve the needy in our community. JFK Elementary School After-School Program -We need you for one hour, one day a month! Eleven of our members help with homework, do craft projects, play board/card games, build with Legos, color together, chat, and otherwise share our love and care with kids in our community. These kids are great fun! We have members who go 1st or 3rd Tuesdays or 2nd or 4th Wednesdays but you could go any day. If you are interested in participating, you can easily come along to see what goes on; just ask any member of the Mission Team for details on how you might be involved and inspire our neighbor children. Mitten Tree-As wintry weather sets in, many of our young friends at J.F. Kennedy Elementary are not prepared. In the Black & White Narthex you will find the Hat & Mitten Tree. We are seeking new children’s hats and mittens which will be delivered periodically through the end of January. Our Helping Hands and Helping Hearts will warm the kids’ hands and hearts! House of Bread -Mark your calendar for 2018! We are working February 12, May 29, August 1 and November 1. On these days, we are sending a team to slice, dice, mix and serve lunch for more than 200 hungry folks. There are jobs that can be completed while sitting. Join us from 9:00 - 2:00 for this valuable service to the hungry in our community. We can carpool if you would like! Sign up on the Mission Team bulletin board. How Else Can You Serve as a Disciple? - We continue to collect assorted items in the Black & White Narthex: Soda Can Pull-tabs (Ronald McDonald House), BoxTops for Education (J.F. Kennedy Elementary), and men’s belts (House of Bread). Remember to bring non -perishable food for the FISH/South Dayton Food Pantry!

MISSION BEYOND THE CONGREGATION Helping Hands, Helping Hearts 3rd Sunday Mission Project –December 17Caring for Families of Loved-ones - After each worship service on December 17 we will write notes of love and support to families of those members who died within the past year. These members were recognized during the November 5 All-Saints Sunday worship service. Knowing that support for grieving families does not end with the memorial service, we are reaching out with these notes. Join us in Fellowship Hall to offer your love, support, and encouragement. 3



10:30am Single Service 11:30am Fellowship (fh)



8:30am Preschool 12 9:00am Dayton PVA 11:00am Fit 4 You (fh) 12:00pm OA (rc) 12:00pm AA (C) 7:00pm Musica Rehearsal 7:00pm Finance Team 7:00pm Building/Grounds 7:30pm Board of Trustees

8:30am Preschool 11:00am Fit 4 You 12:00pm AA (C) 12:00pm OA (rc) 7:00pm Member Wellness (109) 7:00pm Personnel Team Meeting 7:00pm Worship Team (chapel) 7:00pm Mission Team Meeting 7:00pm Christian Formation (B)




7:00pm NA (012) 7:00pm Choir Practice (cr)

13 6:30pm Scouts

Friday 1

6:30pm Praise Band (fh) 7:00pm Circle 6 (parlor) 7:30pm AA (012)

9:00am Parents Morning Out

Saturday 2

15 Flowers in sanctuary 9:30am Circle 7 (off site) 10:30am Mom and Me (A) 11:00am Fit 4 You (fh) 12:00pm OA (rc) 5:00pm Theology on Tap (off site)





8:30am Preschool 8 10:00am WOF 9 Pictures with 10:30am Mom People and Pets (fh) and Me 11:00am Fit 4 You (fh) 11:00am Family Advent Event (fh) 12:00pm OA (rc)

8:00am Lifeline Screening (fh, parlor) 8:30am Preschool 10:30am Mom and Me (A) 11:00am Fit 4 You (chapel) 12:00pm OA (rc) 5:00pm Theology on Tap (off site)

14 8:30am Preschool

Office Closes at 7 noon 7:00pm Choir Practice 7:00pm NA (012)


20 7:00pm Choir 21 10:30am Mom 22 Practice and Me 6:30pm Connections 7:00pm NA (012) 12:00pm OA (rc)

8:30am Preschool 10:00am Circle 2 5:30pm GIFT 6:30pm Praise Band 6:30pm Connections 7:30pm AA (012)

8:30am Preschool 6:30pm Praise Band 6:30pm Connections (chapel) 6:30pm Scout Meeting (109) 7:30pm AA (012)


26 Office Closed 27 Office Closed 28 Office Closed 7:00pm NA (012) 7:30pm AA (012)

12:00pm AA (C) 12:00pm OA (rc) 7:00pm Session (109)

24 Christmas/Office 25 Office Closed Closed

3rd Sunday of Advent 8:30am Casual Service 9:30am Fellowship (fh) 9:30am Third Sunday Mission Project 9:35am Children's Choir 10:00am Sunday School 10:30am Traditional Service 11:30am Fellowship (fh) 2:00pm Scouts (109, A) 4:00pm PYC (109, fh)

4th Sunday of Advent/ 10:00am Brunch (fh) 10:30am Children's Service 11:30am Fellowship (fh) 7:30pm Candlelight Service


8:30am Preschool 11 7:00pm Circle 1 (chapel) 7:00pm AA (C)

8:30am Preschool 2:00pm Vital Signs 6:30pm WOF Coord. Team Meeting (UR) 7:00pm AA (C)



17 8:30am Preschool 18 8:30am Preschool 19 8:30am Preschool 10:00am Circle 3 11:00am Fit 4 You 7:00pm AA (C)

2nd Sunday of Advent 10 10:30am Single Service/Cantata (fh) 11:30am Cookie Walk (fh) 2:00pm Help Thru the Holidays (chapel) 4:00pm PYC (109, fh)

1st Sunday of Advent Communion 8:30am Casual Service (fh) 9:30am Fellowship (fh) 9:35am Children's Choi 10:00am Sunday School 10:30am Traditional Service 11:30am Fellowship (fh) 2:00pm Scouts (109, A) 2:00pm Messiah Sing Along 4:00pm PYC (109, fh)


10:30am Single Service/ Annual Meeting (sanctuary) 11:30am Food and Fellowship Coffee Hour 2:00pm Judy Bede/Private Recital 4:00pm PYC (109, fh)


2:00pm Vital Signs 6:00pm Dayton Opera (C, cr, sanctuary) 7:00pm AA (C)


8:30am Preschool 22 2:00pm Vital Signs 7:00pm Circle 8 (parlor) 7:00pm AA 7:00pm Personnel Team Meeting (UR)

28 8:30am Preschool

8:30am Casual Service 21 9:30am Fellowship 9:30am Third Sunday Mission Project 9:35am Children's Choir 10:00am Sunday School 10:30am Traditional Service 11:30am Fellowship (fh) 4:00pm Judy Bede/AGO 4:00pm PYC (109, fh)

Day/Office Closed 12:00pm Call Deadline (office) 2:00pm Vital Signs (cr) 7:00pm AA (C)

14 Martin Luther King

WOF Box Lunch 8:30am Casual Service 9:30am Fellowship (fh) 9:30am Making Music 9:35am Children's Choir 10:00am Sunday School 10:30am Traditional Service 11:30am Fellowship (fh) 4:00pm PYC (109, fh)


8:30am Preschool 8 2:00pm Vital Signs 7:00pm AA (C) 7:00pm Circle 1 (chapel)

New Years Day/Office Closed




Communion 8:30am Casual Service 9:30am Fellowship 9:35am Children's Choir 10:00am Sunday School 10:30am Traditional Service 11:30am Fellowship (fh) 2:00pm Scouts (109, A) 4:00pm PYC (109, fh)




30 8:30am Preschool 11:00am Fit 4 You 12:00pm AA (C) 12:00pm OA (rc) 7:00pm Musica Rehearsal (cr)

23 8:30am Preschool 11:00am Fit 4 You 12:00pm OA (rc) 12:00pm AA (C) 7:00pm Board of Deacons (fh) 7:00pm Musica Rehearsal (cr)

8:30am Preschool 16 11:00am Fit 4 You 12:00pm AA (C) 12:00pm OA (rc) 7:00pm Musica Rehearsal (cr) 7:00pm Session (109)

8:30am Preschool 9:00am Dayton PVA 11:00am Fit 4 You 12:00pm AA (C) 12:00pm OA (rc) 7:00pm Bldg/Grounds 7:00pm Finance Team (rc) 7:00pm Musica Rehearsal 7:30pm Board of Trustees

12:00pm OA 12:00pm AA 7:00pm Christian Formation 7:00pm Mission Team 7:00pm Worship Team 7:00pm Member Wellness


8:30am Preschool 10:00am Call Mailing 6:30pm Praise Band 6:30pm Connections 7:30pm AA (012)

8:30am Preschool 6:30pmConnections 6:30pm Praise Band 7:30pm AA (012)



1:00pm Rug Hooking Group (fh) 7:00pm NA (012) 7:00pm Choir Practice

1:00pm Craft Group (012) 6:30pm Scouts (fh) 7:00pm NA (012) 7:00pm Choir Practice (cr)



19 8:30am Preschool 10:30am Mom and Me 11:00am Fit 4 You (fh) 12:00pm OA (rc) 5:00pm Theology on Tap (off site)

12 8:30am Preschool 10:30am Mom and Me 11:00am Fit 4 You (fh) 12:00pm OA (rc)

10:30am Mom and Me (A) 11:00am Fit 4 You 12:00pm OA (rc) 5:00pm Theology on Tap (of site)


25 8:30amPreschool 10:30am Mom and Me 11:00am Fit 4 You 12:00pm OA (rc)


11 7:00pm Choir Practice (cr) 7:00pm NA (012)



1:00pm Craft Group (012) 7:00pm NA (012) 7:00pm Choir Practice (cr)

Thursday 3

8:30am Preschool 17 10:00am Circle 2 10:00am Circle 3 6:30pm Praise Band 6:30pm Connections 7:00pm Circle 6 7:30pm AA (012)

8:30am Preschool 5:30pm GIFT (fh) 6:30pm Praise Band 6:30pm Connections 7:30pm AA (012)

6:30pm Praise Band 6:30pm Scouts 6:30pm Connections (chapel) 7:30pm AA (012)



9:30am Circle 7 (off site)

9:00am Session Meeting






Jeremiah's Letter, Inc…. Share the Joy of Christmas! - Jeremiah’s Letter was established in 1978 by downtown Dayton churches to serve those in need in the urban area, in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. The purpose is twofold: address the basic needs of people of all ages to help them lead more productive lives, and to bring God's people together in service to aid the less fortunate of God's children. Fairmont will be helping several families have a merrier Christmas. We provide gifts for family members and several boxes of food for them to prepare their own Christmas feast meal.

her thank you note, “With its gift, Fairmont is replacing the uncertainty of life on the streets with opportunities to succeed.” Thank you!

Thank you to all the Fairmont members who contributed and participated in the 4th annual Dayton Sunday, November 26 and December 3 – Trees are up Out of the Darkness Walk on October 22. Fairmont in Fellowship Hall decorated with ornaments, color Presbyterian Church was a sponsor by virtue of coded for each family. On each ornament is a family contributions from 5th Sunday Minute for Mission and member’s name, age, and gender and a gift suggestion. has their logo on this year’s shirts. Please take an ornament and purchase that gift. Cost of the gift should be approximately $20. This year’s walk had over 1100 walkers and has raised $65,000 to date. The following Fairmont members Sunday, December 10 – Gift turn-in Day! Return walked: Kathy Shafer, Becky and Sarah Hamilton, Sara wrapped gifts with the ornament name tag securely and Howard Bugden , Laura Heywood ,Wynn attached and place under the proper family tree. Adam, Danielle Rhubart, Mike Rothenberger, Katherine and Jorge Gonzalez. Sunday, December 17 – Gifts and holiday groceries will be delivered to the families that afternoon. We will If anyone is interested in any programs regarding be needing 7 teams to deliver food and gifts to one suicide awareness and prevention please contact me. family. Interested? Contact Mike Harvey. Thank you to all who walked and hope to see you next year!! Sallie Luther, walk co-chair Dayton Out of the With this increased local focus of our time and Darkness Walk. treasure, we will not be collecting Shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child or the Christmas Joy WITHIN FELLOWSHIP Offering. In support of global outreach, you could consider a gift through Presbyterian Mission’s Giving Dear Pastor Brian, Fairmont Church Session and Catalogue; you may donate to any of 40 different Congregation, projects worldwide. Catalogs are available on the Mission information table under the bulletin board Thank you for hosting the November Presbytery near the Black & White Narthex. Meeting. The time and attention you put into preparing for all the presbyters certainly showed. Your Helping Hands and Helping Hearts: Making an Fairmont Church was so welcoming to all who IMPACT with Families, Children, and Youth in our attended. The meal was excellent, and the homemade community! pies were splendid! Those who prepared and served are to be commended for their efforts at preparing A Big THANK YOU from Daybreak! This year, our such a delicious meal. It is the mark of a great host to team visited Daybreak to learn about the new Stuart & make such a varied and delightful lunch. Thank you Mimi Rose Opportunity Zone for Youth which is now for filling us up in spirit and body. Thank you Pastor providing homeless youth from 10 to 18 with Brian for the words of welcome. Your help in setting comprehensive employment and education assistance up and taking things down was appreciated. With all where they can earn their high school diploma, the things you had going on at Fairmont this last possibly earn credentials, and gain work experience at weekend you always made sure people were welcomed Daybreak’s dog treat bakery, Lindy’s Bakery. and attended to. Fairmont hosted with grace and Daybreak’s CEO Linda Kramer wrote the following in friendship, living into the covenant of our Presbytery. 6

All your work was sincerely appreciated. Those who gave of their time were a part of a special journey of Christians who work for the betterment of others. May God bless each of you and God bless Fairmont Church.

cookies for the annual Women of Fairmont Cookie Walk! The Cookie Walk will be December 10. Stop by the Fellowship Hall to buy some delicious treats! All proceeds will help the Women of Fairmont give generously to mission work.

With joyful friendship, Gidget Collins, Moderator, Presbytery of the Miami Valley

The following information was available in late November. Please contact your Circle leader if you have questions.

Dear members, friends, and staff of Fairmont Church,

Circle 1

You really know how to throw a party! Thank you for the lovely reception filled with special touches; a delicious cake, my favorite flowers, china plates, silver utensils, Dr. Pepper and red gummy bears. I appreciated time to hear individual goodbyes as well as words spoken on behalf of the Deacons, WOF, Staff, Personnel, and the Mom&Me group/Circle 8. Thank you for the awesome gifts! I will appreciate using them and also treasure the memories they will spark of our nine years of shared ministry and relationships.

December 11 Christmas Gathering at Figlio 5:30 January 8, 7 p.m. Chapel

Circle 2

December 13, 11:30am Jean Webster’s home January 17, 10, Church Parlor

Circle 3

December 13, 11:00am Karen Sensel’s home

Circle 6

December 20, 7pm, Church Parlor January 17, 7 p.m., Church Parlor

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading the cards. Thank you for your generous sentiments and gifts. It is deeply moving and affirming to hear the ways my pastoral care, prayers, sermons, hugs and our shared relationship have significantly impacted your lives. My own life has been wonderfully, deeply enriched and impacted by being a part of Fairmont Church as well. Thank you for the love and support shown to me and to my family.

Circle 7

Finding it difficult to express all that I love and appreciate about our nine years together, I close with words the Apostle Paul expressed to the church at Philippi that resonate with me, “I thank my God every time I remember you.” (Phil. 1:3)

Making Music Together – We continue our monthly gathering to play and sing for about 50 minutes starting at 9:30am on Sunday December 10. Since this is a busy day, we will be in the Parlor! On every 2nd Sunday, join us in Fellowship Hall to play your acoustic instrument, sing along, or simply listen in as we make fun music together. Song/chord sheets are provided. All skill levels are welcome. There’s always room for you at our hootenanny!

Saturday, December 17, 9:30am Saturday, January 21, 9:30am

Circle 8

December meeting TBA January 29, 7pm, Church Parlor


Shalom, Denise Weaver


The Coordinating Team will not meet in December or Where’s Brian? January. Pastor Brian will be in the Holy Land from January 212 leading a group of seminary students along with The second Sunday in December is the cookie walk, Rachel Boden on a spiritual pilgrimage and so there will not be a box lunch. The January Box archeological tour. He will also be away on January 15Lunch is scheduled for January 14. 10 studying Christian spiritual practices with the Franciscan Brothers outside of Albuquerque, New Cookie Walk December 10! Mexico. Cookies! It’s time to bake if you are able to share

The office will be closed Monday–Friday December 25—January 1. 7

Staff Vacations/Study Leave Ashley will be out of the office December 18-22. Rachel will be out of the office January 2-12. Brian will be out of the office January 2-12 and 15-20.

Fairmont Presbyterian Church 3705 Far Hills Avenue Dayton, OH 45429 Facebook: Fairmont Presbyterian Church - Kettering, OH

Church Office: 937-299-3539 Twitter: @fairmontchurch Instagram: fairmontpresbyterianchurch

STAFF Pastor/Head of Staff: Brian Maguire

Preschool Director: Coleen Petrello Preschool Teacher: Tracy Landgren Director of Youth & Music Ministries: Ashley Ross Preschool Aide: Liz Lewis Director of Children’s Ministry & Outreach: Rachel Boden Bookkeeper: Martha Keil Organist: Judy Bede Administrative Assistant: Donna Schoonmaker Praise & Worship Leader: Jerry Mahn Custodians: Glenn Stevens and Louis Weyrauch

December/January Birthdays Bob Ross 12/01 Len Cohen Jr. 12/03/ *Paul Wentzel 12/03 Brenda Anderson 12/04 Rachael Murdock 12/04 Anna Glueckert 12/05 Avery Glueckert 12/05 Samantha Murdock 12/05 *Jean Sherwood 12/05 William Lewis V 12/06 James Poindexter 12/06 Michael Harvey 12/08 *Patricia Rain 12/09 Richard Weyrauch 12/09 *Barbara Bradbury 12/10 Daryll Sakada 12/10 *Yvonne Spoon 12/10 Steven Karmele 12/11 Rebecca Wells 12/11 *Jane Hamilton 12/12 Andrew Warner 12/13 David Diller 12/15 *Sandrena Gillaspy 12/17 Nina Kanis 12/17

Rachel Specht 12/21 *Warren Tripp 12/22 Mel Hohler 12/23 Karen Sensel 12/24 Pat Kanis 12/25 Carol Lamberger 12/25 William Lowry 12/25 *Donald Turner 12/25 Ryan Greene 12/26 Katie Taylor 12/26 John Weaver 12/26 *Mary Root 12/27 Caden Fromm 12/28 *Joyce Routzohn 12/28 *Judy Whitaker 12/28 Lauren Chevalier 12/29 Cheryl Lamb 12/29 *Jack Shahan 12/29 *Alice Penney 12/30 *Emily Sharkey 12/31 Anne Venable 01/01 Kimberly Gunlock 01/02 Pete Shafer 01/02 William Miller III 01/05

Thomas Adam 01/06 *Marilyn Edwards 01/08 Alix Jordan 01/08 Joanie Caulley 01/09 Pamela Cox 01/10 David Bowden 01/14 Ruth Templeton 01/15 Debra Foote 01/16 Ed Webster III 01/18 Katy Yoder 01/18 *Frank Sensel 01/20 Judy Bede 01/22/ William Cox 01/23 *Suzanne Dohner 01/24 Robin Stevens 01/24 *Mert Crichton 01/25 Glenn Stevens 01/26 Owen Gill 01/27 John Ellis 01/30 Ophelia Athmer 01/31

*Those celebrating birthdays of 80+ years. DEADLINE FOR THE NEXT CALL The deadline for next month is Monday, January 15, 2017. Please submit articles to:


The Call - Volume 72, Issue 10  

The newsletter of Fairmont Presbyterian Church

The Call - Volume 72, Issue 10  

The newsletter of Fairmont Presbyterian Church