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STAFF Pastor/Head of Staff: Brian Maguire Preschool Director: Coleen Petrello Associate Pastor: Denise Weaver Preschool Teacher: Vicki Ramga Director of Youth & Music Ministries: Ashley Ross Preschool Aide: Liz Lewis Director of Children’s Ministry & Outreach: Rachel Boden Bookkeeper: Martha Keil Organist: Judy Bede Administrative Assistant: Donna Schoonmaker Praise & Worship Leader: Jerry Mahn Custodians: Glenn Stevens and Louis Weyrauch

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THE CALL Fairmont Presbyterian Church

August 2017 Volume 72, Issue 6

Front doors are important. They convey the welcome (or lack of) that the occupants extend to the world. Fairmont will be painting and refinishing our front doors and the front façade of the sanctuary this summer. But the wooden front doors are no longer the way that most people first encounter or enter our church.

THANK YOU A huge thank you to everyone who has financially supported Fairmont this year. At the end of June we reached the half way point in our financial year and giving so far is running at 105% of pledges which is great news! Thank you to everyone who has faithfully and generously supported our ministries and missions. It is Most people who are curious about Fairmont first your giving that make our huge Vacation Bible School discover and learn about our church through our website possible. It is your giving that allowed our youth to spend In all our conversations with a life-changing week doing mission work in Chicago. It is new worshippers we discovered that our website was the your giving that is refurbishing our church facades, doors, primary way they explored our church and only after and asphalt. It is your giving that allows us to praise God examining our website did they decide to join us in with such beautiful music. Everything we do depends on person. So, we are refurbishing our virtual front door as you. Thank you for your faithfulness to Fairmont! well. Throughout the summer we have been improving our website, adding lots of new information about WORSHIP AND MUSIC Fairmont, clearing out old junk, and adding new features like a weekly blog, spiritual resources, and scriptural meditations. This virtual front door is a constant work in August 6—Holy Communion/Baptism Rev. Brian Maguire will preach “Living Wet” based on progress that reflects to our community both who Romans 6: 1-11. Fairmont is and what we do for our community. Starting with Paul’s chain letters to the revolutionary binding of manuscripts in codexes (what we today call “a book”) to Martin Luther’s embrace of the printing press, the Christian movement has always relied on new information and communication technology to share God’s message and invitation. Today at Fairmont we strive to do this through new platforms like Instagram, Twitter and virtual online communities. But none of this will make any difference in the world if you do not share Fairmont through your own networks of friends and family.

August 13—Rev. Denise Weaver will preach “From Terror to Worship” based on Matthew 14: 22-33. August 20 —Rev. Brian Maguire will preach “A Little Curiosity” based on Exodus 3: 1-5. August 27—Guest Preacher: Susan Brasier will preach and lead worship. Susan is starting her second year of studies at Princeton Theological Seminary in preparation for the ministry of word and sacrament. In addition to being a beloved member of Fairmont, Susan is also a budding New Testament Scholar and will be presenting an academic paper at the Society for Biblical Literature conference later this summer. Please welcome Susan to our pulpit.

We need your help. We need you to help us share Fairmont. Please consider linking Fairmont’s webpages, Facebook pages, and other social media accounts with your own. Better yet, take a look at our content and find Music things that are important and meaningful to you and then Choir will begin practice on August 24 at 7:00pm. share them. For help learning how to share or link our content with yours, Rachel Boden is available in the office and is happy to answer any questions you have. Please help us use the tools of today to share God’s eternal world with new generations. Thank you.

CHRISTIAN FORMATION Children’s Ministry It has been a wonderful summer for our children's ministry program. A huge thank you to everyone who volunteered for Vacation Bible School and to everyone who sent donations and prayers our way. Our 40 volunteers hosted over 70 children for five days, leading them in music, worship in an underground church, games, apprenticeship crafts, and exploring the life of Paul the Apostle. A great time was had by all, and we couldn't have done it without your help! Join us next year during the second week of June for VBS 2018 - Shipwrecked: Rescued by Jesus!

serving lunch to and socializing with anyone who came in, and we helped beautify a Chicago neighborhood by filling in parts of a mosaic mural for a public art project called “Green Star”.

While my week with DOOR Chicago was filled with special moments of friendship and one-of-a-kind bonding opportunities (discussing the merits of food sans bone) with my mission group, my most meaningful interactions occurred with the strangers I met in the city. Whether through the miraculous finding of Jeff, the rapping, self-tattooing, Grand-FunkRailroad-loving, bass-playing, joyful homeless man or in meeting Quentin Love, a Food Network star who tries to give back to his home community through free Our normal program year begins Sunday, September meals every Monday, everywhere I looked I could see 10th with our annual kick-off barbecue. Let Rachel good people trying to help out each other during know if you are interested in being a part-time or hardships. Yet my most personal experience came full-time Sunday school teacher for the 2017-2018 when we got to take groups of kids to the Lincoln Park school year! We are always looking for new faces in Zoo (which was a big deal for me). For a little our Sunday school classrooms, and the children would background info, my aunt and uncle used to live in love to meet you! Chicago and whenever my family would visit my mom would take us to the zoo, which I always looked Men’s Group forward for. In fact, one of my favorite childhood The Fairmont Men’s Group will meet at NCR, memories is of holding my mom’s hand as we watched Wednesday, August 16, at 12 noon. the monkeys swing from branch to branch in their enclosure. Once we got to the zoo and I saw the kids' PYC faces light up with excitement when they saw the Car Wash, August 27th following the 10:30am service in animals, I felt like I really understood why it was so the upper parking lot. important that we, as materially well-off individuals, use our privileges to help others. For an overview of the PYC Mission trip to Chicago this July, please grab a reflection packet and stop by Without the guidance of the Youth Leaders: Ashley Ashley’s office to see the bulletin board. Ross, Claude Cassion, Amber Voss, Linda Hammond, and Alix Jordan, I doubt that any of the students who My Experience with the DOOR went on the mission trip would have been able to take Mission Trip to Chicago away such life-changing experiences. And without By Charlie Ross Session’s help, there could be no mission trip, and with For the PYC’s 2017 Mission Trip, we volunteered with no mission trip, all the meaningful information I’ve the Chicago Branch of DOOR, an organization built discovered about myself and my faith, and all the around service to an urban community. The key incredible conversations I’ve had with all the truly concept of this organization is enabling volunteers to awesome people I’ve met would never have happened. “see the face of God in the city” by helping some of Therefore I want to extend my sincerest gratitude to society’s poorest citizens. While providing aid, Session for giving my fellow students and I this fantastic volunteers are encouraged to hear the stories of those opportunity to apply our faith to the world. who have been marginalized and reflect on any preconceived notions of poverty that they might have Young Families unfortunately brought with them to their service. Saturday, August 19 – Young Families Dinner at During our week at DOOR Chicago, we worked at a Marion’s Pizza, (Centerville location) at 5:30pm. restaurant called “Turkey Chop” to give a hot meal and clothes to those in need, we guided groups of children around the Lincoln Park Zoo for a VBS, we helped organize a food pantry called “Cornerstone” while also 2

Meet our new Presbytery Moderator

you would ever like to visit the Preschool during school hours, please don’t hesitate to contact Coleen Petrello at and we can schedule your visit. May God’s blessings be on all of you.

Ruling Elder Cheryl "Gidget" Collins as Moderator of presbytery for 2017-18. Gidget Collins is a patriotic American who grew up military and married military which gave her many opportunities to meet new people in different places and cultures. Throughout many military assignments she and her husband Bob taught Sunday School. Gidget has also volunteered as a tutor with elementary school children for decades, served on many OWC boards, participated in numerous Red Cross functions, and was involved in various activities such as being a Girl Scout Leader, Special Olympics coach, Thumbody Program coordinator, and cheerleading coach.

Immediate Job Opening It is with great sadness that I announce that Mrs. Vicki Ramga is not going to continue as our 3 Year Olds preschool teacher. Vicki has taken a position with Dayton Public Schools and we wish her all the best. Our loss is definitely their gain! If you are interested in this position, please download an application (found on the preschool page of Fairmont’s website). Completed applications should be mailed to: Coleen Petrello @ Fairmont Presbyterian Church, 3705 Far Hills Ave. Kettering, OH 45429, along with your resume. You may also drop off your completed application and resume to the Church Office from 9am-4pm daily. If you have any questions about the position, you can either read the job description found on the church website or contact Coleen at

Gidget has served as the Clerk of Session at Bath Presbyterian Church, Dayton, since 2007 and says it has felt like a call. After many military moves there is a sense of belonging as a member of the Bath Church family. Her work as clerk and at Presbytery level feeds her soul. Gidget served six years on the Network Support Committee, including one year as chair. She also serves on Leadership Council, is liaison to the Kirkmont Center Board, has served on several Administrative Commissions to ordain or install pastors, served on the search committee to find our Stated Clerk, and served as Commissioner to the 222nd General Assembly last June.

THE MINISTRY OF FAIRMONT Fairmont nurtures and guides people to live inspired lives. “Inspired,” in our ordinary usage, means both hope-filled, creative, and motivated lives AND the term literally means to be spirit-breathed. You may notice the word “spirit” lurks at the very center of “inspired.” Together we seek the form and substance of a life that is both enthusiastic to the brilliant possibilities of living today and at the same time fully embraces that such a life is lived by and through the active and immediate presence of God within and among us.

Gidget graduated Magna Cum Laude from Wright State University in 2002 with a degree in psychology. Her education in that subject comes in handy with her six grandchildren who keep her busy, fulfilled, and truly blessed.

PRESCHOOL CORNER Happy Summer Greetings from the Preschool. We hope that all of you are enjoying the warm, sunny weather. We can’t believe that school will once again be in session in less than a month’s time. Our “Welcome Back” meeting is scheduled for Sunday August 20 from 2-4pm. If you are in the building and would like to come down and greet our families, you are most welcome. The first day of school is Monday August 21. This year our 4 year olds have the option of attending a 4th day each week. That day will be Tuesdays. The 3 year olds will still be attending just 3 days/week. We are closed every Thursday. We are looking forward to another productive school year and to getting back outside to the playground the church so lovingly provided and the children ecstatically enjoy! If

The question for all of us is how do we do that? In July, the church program staff met on retreat to plan the programs for the year ahead. We are developing plans for going deeper in prayer, community, connection, and sharing in the year ahead like family Sabbaths and new venues to learn about and practice new ways to pray. But the work of cultivating inspired living is the project for every one of us. How will you help strengthen Fairmont as a community for “Inspired” living? What do we do? (Fairmont’s Mission Statement) Fairmont Presbyterian Church nurtures and guides people to live inspired lives.

Matthew 28:19; Luke 4:18; Isaiah 42: 6-7; 2 Corinthians 5:17; 1 John 3:24 7

Making Music Together—At our July gathering to play and sing, we had over a dozen eager participants making a joyful noise! Join us Sunday August 13 from 9:40am to 10:20am in Fellowship Hall to sing, play your acoustic instrument or simply enjoy our time together; all skill levels are included! We will be gathering each month on the 2nd Sunday between the services, so mark your calendar. The 4th Sunday Food-n-Fellowship will be kicking off in September. A sign-up sheet will available at the end of August. Look for more details to come soon. The office will be closed Mondays through August 21. Golf Outing—Save the date for the church golf outing, Sunday, September 24. The time and place are to be determined. Watch for more information soon. Please contact Daryll Sakada at 321-7999 if you plan to play.

WOMEN OF FAIRMONT August 28—Women of Fairmont board meeting at 6:30pm in the upper room.

Directory Updates Needed—If you would like any contact information changed in the directory, please notify the office. Thank you.

August Box Meal! Enjoy a picnic lunch by ordering an August Box Lunch Meal! The order form will be in the bulletin the first Sunday; pick-up is August 13. The menu is chicken salad croissant, potato chips, watermelon, and homemade cookies.

ANNOUNCEMENTS Parking Lot Resurfacing—The upper and lower parking lot will be resurfaced Thursday, August 3, with a rain Hail Storm—Photo taken on June 5 during hail storm date of August 10. Street parking is available. that brought a large limb down from church property across the road. Thank you Rev. Brian Maguire, Will Church Painting—The front of the church will be Lewis and John Neff for coming to the rescue. painted over the next few weeks. Where is Brian? Brian will be on study leave during August 8-11 and again during August 21-27. During the Session: first week Brian will be in Albuquerque studying contemplative prayer at the Living School with Christian spiritual teachers. If you want to find out more about the living school and their methods of Deacons: prayer, please check out our resources page on the church website. Later on Brian will be attending a leadership conference at Luther Seminary in Minneapolis. Admittedly, the choice of this conference may have something to do with the start of the Minnesota State Fair (He needs his mini-donuts fix Trustees: every year!) Rev. Denise Weaver will be on vacation August 21-27.


New Church Officers Class of 2020 Brench Boden Kimberly Gunlock Linda Hammond Mike Harvey Julie Boden Liz Lewis Barb Miller Annette Sakada Kathy Shafer Jack Yoder Paul Fiden Tom Gunlock Will Lewis Daryl Sakada


Thanks to all who donated shoes and money last year for JFK School Supplies Drive the boy in Huber Heights who Fairmont Presbyterian Church is collecting was fundraising for his service school supplies for children at JFK dog from 4 Paws for Ability. I’m Elementary. A donation drop spot is set up in the black happy to tell you they’ve been and white narthex. Please consider donating: #2 pencils, notified that they have reached 24 Crayola crayon box, 12 Crayola colored pencils, glue the $17,000 needed to obtain a dog. They had only sticks, dry-erase markers, folders, notebooks, loose leaf raised about 1/3 of the amount paper and binders. Together, let's make sure every needed and the mom doesn’t student who needs help with school supplies is ready know if the remainder was an for a new year of learning! anonymous donation but regardless they will be getting a House of Bread - Monday August 21 dog! The wait to actually receive You are needed! Please sign up to serve at the House of the dog is about one year. If any Bread on Wednesday August 16. We start at 9:00am of you want to see his Facebook preparing a nice hot lunch for 200 or so guests. Under page it’s Ashton’s Army/4Paws the head chef, you will be given specific instruction and for Ashton. Thanks again to all all tools, working beside another Fairmont member. of you!! Sallie Luther You will then serve the meal, concluding with your own mealtime, all completed no later than 2:00. Join in for a most meaningful time of working side-by-side and serving the poor and hungry. Carpooling adds to the fun! 3rd Sunday Mission Projects! August 20 We will be writing notes of love and encouragement for our school-aged children as they begin a new school year. Join us to support our children with your kind words! On July 16, we made 200 cold cut/cheese sandwiches for House of Bread. Help a Kettering Child! As the school year gets started, consider joining 8 of us at John F. Kennedy School as we spend fun time with kids. We meet once or twice a month to read, do crafts, play table games, or just chat as we share love and caring with our neighbor children. This is a great time! For more information, see any member of the Mission Team. How Else Can YOU Serve as a Disciple? - We continue to collect assorted items to support the work of various organizations by our collection. You may leave them on the table near the Mission Team bulletin board. Soda can pull-tabs (Ronald McDonald House); BoxTops for Education (J.F. Kennedy Elementary School); men's belts (House of Bread); and non-perishable food items, tooth paste, tooth brushes, and laundry and dish detergent (FISH/South Dayton emergency food pantryin the Food Barrels).





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Office Closed 2:00pm Vital Signs (cr) 6:30pm WOF Coord. Team Meeting (UR) 7:00pm AA (C) 7:00pm Kettering Civic Band (fh)


Office Closed 2:00pm Vital Signs (cr) 7:00pm AA (C) 7:00pm Circle 1 (chapel) 7:00pm Kettering Civic Band (fh)


8:30am Preschool 12:00pm Call Deadline (office) 2:00pm Vital Signs (cr) 7:00pm AA (C) 7:00pm Dayton Opera (cr, sanctuary)


8:30am Preschool 12:00pm OA (C) 2:00pm Vital Signs (cr) 6:00pm WOF Coordinating Team (UR) 7:00pm Circle 8 (parlor) 7:00pm AA 7:00pm Dayton Opera (cr, sanctuary)

8:30am Casual Service 9:30am Making Music (fh) 9:30am Fellowship 10:30am Traditional Service 11:30am Fellowship

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7:00pm NA (012)


9:00am 9:00am House House of of Bread Bread (off site) 12:00pm 12:00pm Men's Men's Lunch/NCR Lunch/NCR 6:30pm 6:30pm Praise Praise Band Band (fh) (fh) 7:30pm 7:30pm AA AA (012) (012)


1:00pm Craft Group (012) 3:00pm Opioid Educational Planning Meeting (109) 7:00pm NA (012)


8:30am 8:30am Preschool Preschool 6:30pm 6:30pm Praise Praise Band Band (fh) (fh) 7:30pm 7:30pm AA AA (012) (012) 7:00pm 7:00pm Dayton Dayton Opera Opera (cr, (cr, sanctuary)


1:00pm Rug Hooking Group (fh) 6:30pm Scout Meeting (109) 7:00pm NA (012) 7:00pm Choir Practice (cr)


8:30am 8:30am Preschool Preschool 10:00am 10:00am Call Call Mailing Mailing (C) (C) 6:30pm 6:30pm Praise Praise Band Band (fh) (fh) 7:30pm 7:30pm AA AA (012) (012)


7:00pm NA (012)

11:00am Fit 4 You (fh) 12:00pm AA (C) 12:00pm OA (rc) 7:00pm Mission Team Meeting 7:00pm Member/Community Wellness (109) 7:00pm Worship Team (chapel) 7:00pm Personnel Team Meeting 7:00pm Christian Formation (B)

Communion/Baptism 8:30am Casual Service 9:30am Fellowship 10:30am Traditional Service 11:30am Fellowship 12:30pm VBS Volunteer Luncheon




11:00am Fit 4 You (fh) 12:00pm OA (rc) 12:00pm AA (C) 7:00pm Musica Rehearsal (cr)


8:30am Preschool 11:00am Fit 4 You (fh) 12:00pm AA (C) 7:00pm Musica Rehearsal (cr)


8:30am Preschool 11:00am Fit 4 You (fh) 12:00pm AA (C) 7:00pm Musica Rehearsal (cr)


Saturday 4




10:30am Mom and Me 11:00am Fit 4 You (fh) 12:00pm OA (C) 5:00pm Theology on Tap (off site)


10:30am Mom and Me 11:00am Fit 4 You (fh) 12:00pm OA (C)


10:30am Mom and Me 11:00am Fit 4 You (fh) 12:00pm OA (C) 5:00pm Theology on Tap (off site)


8:30am Preschool 10:30am Mom and Me (A) 11:00am Fit 4 You (fh) 12:00pm OA (C)




9:00am Session Planning Meeting (109) 5:30pm Young Families at Marion’s Pizza



10:00am Dayton Opera (cr, sanctuary)


The Call - Volume 72, Issue 6  
The Call - Volume 72, Issue 6  

The newsletter of Fairmont Presbyterian Church, August 2017