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January 2016

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Tax Deal Winners: Small Businesses… Courtesy of J.D. HARRISON, US Chamber As part of its year-end budget deal, Congress last week approved (and the White House plans to sign) a carefully crafted tax deal that will buoy business and investor confidence, accelerate private sector growth, and strengthen the U.S. economy as we head into 2016.

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Known as the Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes (PATH) Act, the bill will make permanent a suite of important but currently temporary tax provisions that business leaders have come to rely on to help them run and grow their companies. Many of the provisions are longstanding – however, Congress has consistently rolled them over for a year or two at a time for the past

several decades, rather than locking them in. “The Chamber applauds Congress for finally acting to provide long-term certainty for the business community,” Bruce Josten, U.S. Chamber of Commerce executive vice president for government affairs, said in a statement last week. He later noted that the Chamber and the broader business community have been pushing lawmakers for long-term action on tax extenders for decades, adding, “This accomplishment cannot be overstated.” While there’s still work to be done to improve our country’s outdated tax system, this compromise repContinued on Page 7

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January 2016 Chamber Newsletter  
January 2016 Chamber Newsletter