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December 2017

ALTITUDE AND ATTITUDE– CLIMBING MT. KILIMANJARO By Marcia L. Richmond, Beacon Staff Writer Dan Miller, a retired 67-year old Harbourite, is an active outdoorsman and athlete who is always looking for his next adventure. An interest in Africa prompted him to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania to a height of 19,341 feet. In comparison, Fairfield Harbour is at approximately 10 feet elevation. How does a 67-year old prepare his body and mind for this great test of endurance? Among other activities, Dan and his son Tony are section-hiking the Appalachian Trail, averaging 150 plus miles/ year. Besides being in good physical condition, Dan was required to get inoculations for his visa and a doctor’s health certificate for the climbing group. Dan’s adventure started this past February with 33 hours of travel from New Bern to Tanzania. He set off with a climbing team of 12 American climbers led by five Tanzanian guides and one American guide from International Mountain Guides of Ashford, WA, and 40 Tanzanian porters carrying tents, cooking utensils, food, and even a porta-potty. Each climber’s backpack held gear, food, and water for the day. Dan was the oldest climber in the group; the youngest was a 25-year-old woman.

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Fairfield Harbour resident Dan Miller rests at the peak of Mt. Kilimanjaro after accomplishing the admirable feat.



Community Manager Jennifer Gudaitis 633.5500

The key to climbing the mountain was an often repeated Swahili phrase, “Polé- Polé,” meaning go slow - slow. Secure footing, good hydration, and following the guides were essential for survival. The first day’s hike led through a rain forest and it took 5.5 days to reach the summit. Each day ended at a camp where porters set up tents and cooked meals. Some challenging days were climbing the Barranco Wall, where climbers had to follow a tight footpath bordered by sheer cliff face, and traversing the Lava Tower area during sleet and rain, and of course “Summit Day.”

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During the ascent, temperatures were dropping with less oxygen to breathe. The final push started at midnight with everyone wearing miners’ headlamps, climbing until mid-morning when the summit was reached. All climbers made it to the top and enjoyed a glorious sunrise. They were able to stay at the summit a precious half-hour enjoying the magnificent scenery before beginning the descent. Dan completed his trip in Tanzania with an awesome three-day safari in the Serengeti to view endangered African animals. His next mountain challenge will likely be Mt. Ranier in Washington State. If you would like more information about Mt. Kilimanjaro, Dan’s email is


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Photo courtesy of Robert Dumon Photography.

COVENANTS ENFORCEMENT COMMITTEE ESTABLISHED FOR FAIRFIELD HARBOUR Citing often heard issues regarding adherence to Fairfield Harbour Property Owners Association (FHPOA) policies, rules, and Declarations of Restrictions (DORs), the FHPOA Board recently unanimously approved establishment of a POA Covenants Enforcement Committee. A committee charter governing duties and responsibilities of the CEC was subsequently developed and approved by the Board. As stated in the CEC Charter, the purpose of the Covenants Enforcement Committee is to review member compliance with FHPOA covenants, identify violations, assist the FHPOA with covenants enforcement, and educate membership on the need to comply with Community covenants. The Board is currently seeking interested FHPOA members to serve on the CEC. Members are encouraged to visit the Fairfield Harbour website at to download and complete the Committee Application found in the Document section of the website, or you may obtain a copy of the application at the POA Office. Deliver your completed Committee Application to the POA Office no later than January 12, 2018. The final selection of committee personnel will be made by the FHPOA Board. If you require additional information regarding participation in this new committee, please contact the Community Manager at 633-5500.

WELCOME ABOARD Altman, Frank A. 1604 Harbourside 919-306-1567- NC Ashmore, Joshua & Baldwin, Kate 821 Pelican Drive 336-880-6027-NC Daniels, Gary & Lyle, Barbara 5802 Jolly Roger Court 252-69-245/309-349-5476 – NC Lennox, Clifford & Leslie 201 Albatross Drive 203-453-6016 – CT Russell, Alan & Dreama 1209 Caracara Drive 630-234-6666 - NC Settles, Dennis Vaughn, Pamela 6112 Cutlass Court 240-460-3829 – MD Smith, Eric & Diane 1200 Santa Lucia Road 252-636-0233 Tarkenton, Rob & Kim 5500 Gondolier Drive 252-230-1687-NC Thompson, Tom & Teresa 220 Chateau Drive 609-226-2717

POA CHRISTMAS PARTY The annual POA Christmas party is planned for Wednesday, December 13, at the Community Center. Dinner will be catered by the Flame. Choices for the served meal include prime rib (cooked to your choice of rare, medium, well, or end cut), miso salmon or chicken supreme, all served with Farmer's Market Salad, snow peas, carrots and asparagus, herb roasted potatoes, rolls and butter, strawberry shortcake, and coffee. Music for listening and dancing will be provided by the Chuck Eatmon Band. Cost per person is $32. Reservations will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis until the limit of 100 people has been reached. Tables will hold eight to ten people. Please include checks for all people at your table with your reservation. You should have received a flyer in your brown box within the last two weeks. If you did not, you can pick one up at the POA Office. Any questions, call Penny, 633-2272. Penny Sullivan

Open Letter to Fairfield Harbour Residents from your Board Within the past month, the FHPOA Board has received a number of letters from long-term residents about improving the 385-acres. Each letter called for swift action on the part of the Board to develop a Master Plan for Fairfield Harbour. Each letter asked the Board to raise the annual dues and/or to borrow more money to hasten the construction of a new multi-use facility for the community. Also, each author indicated that their views were shared by a large segment of the community. Before incurring more debt, the Board wants to be sure that the plan to use golfing revenue to repay the current 10 year $2.75 million debt is doable. Since acquiring the 385-acres we have made three on-time payments to investors totaling $275,773 of the total amount owed, which is currently $3,676,981 including interest. On August 17, 2016, at the Fairfield Harbour Special Membership Meeting, the FHPOA Board requested a vote of approval to borrow $2.75 million for the acquisition of all Real Property owned by Mid-South to complete the 385-acre purchase. At that time the Board proposed a $100 dues increase effective in 2017 along with a pledge to keep dues level for the next 5 years. The POA Board is committed to the improvement and revitalization of the community while maintaining a fiscally responsible budget. Here’s what we have accomplished and what actions the Board has undertaken since that date: • In March 2017, the beginning of the Fiscal Year, we put in place a long-term contract with Billy Casper Golf for management of the Harbour Pointe Golf Course (HPGC) and the marinas as required by the purchase agreement. • We have revised our Strategic Plan to include the 385-acres. • We have repaid the entire line of credit debt of $400,000 some of which was used to pay closing costs on the 385-acres. • We have improved the appearance of the 385-acre property by regular mowing and removal of dead trees and other eyesores. • We have supplied our maintenance crew with new and better equipment. • We have established regulations for the newly-acquired property. • We are initiating a new Reserve Study which is integral to development of long-term plans. • We have approved several small projects such as the cart barn renovation and addition of several benches at the harbor overlook. • We have repaved Pelican Drive its entire length. • We have replaced one of the main storm water pumps on Harbour Pointe. • We replaced two of the three AC units in the community center and repaired the well. • We have upgraded our entrance gates to an automated system. The FHPOA Board pledged to all property owners to keep dues level for 5 years. If the majority of the community now supports an increase in dues, the Board would comply. We encourage those individuals who have corresponded with the Board to exercise their right to petition the Board, through member surveys or signed petitions, and to bring forth recommendations that reflect the majority will of the community. Fairfield Harbour Board of Directors November 21, 2017

FHPOA BOARD MEETING, OCTOBER 3, 2017 Full details of all Board documents are available on the POA website, The Beacon provides a summary for the convenience of our readers.

Present were Directors Simpson, Beery, Cline, Engelhaupt, Hice, and Hodgert. Secretary Whiting and Treasurer Miller. Absent: Director Strausbaugh. Others in attendance: Jennifer Gudaitis, Community Manager; Dan Argentieri, BCG General Manager; Tom Bannwart and Chip Harris of BCG. The meeting was called to order by President Ann Simpson at 9:15 am.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Minutes of the Board of Directors Sept. 29, 2017, meeting were approved. TREASURER’S REPORT: Treasurer Miller reported total dues collected YTD through July 2017: $2,208,959. 10:15 AM: Presentation by Jean Paladini and Terry Eichelberger. Representatives of the Fairfield Harbour Garden Club updated the Board on the demonstration gardens in the Booty Lane common grounds for the purposes of providing a horticultural education and community enjoyment. The Board granted permission to the Garden Club to create and maintain gardens in the Booty Lane common grounds for a period of two years, at which time the agreement shall be subject to renewal. The Garden Club will be responsible for the funding and maintenance of the gardens during the agreement period. MOTION BY: Director Beery to approve the proposal, Seconded by: Director Engelhaupt, Approved by: Directors Simpson, Beery, Cline, Engelhaupt and Hice. Director Hodgert abstained. Director Beery amended the motion to note that the project was conceived and funded by the Fairfield Harbour Garden Club.

11:05 AM: BCG GENERAL MANAGER’S REPORT • Dan Argentieri of Billy Casper Golf, Tom Bannwart and Chip Harris briefed the board on a proposal to expand offerings to the community by adding a bar and improving the kitchen at the Harbour Pointe Club. One question that was raised was whether the facility is meant to be an amenity or a profit center. Argentieri estimated the cost of equipment to be $50,000 to $60,000, and the bar would cost between $15,000 and $20,000. Director Cline said the board would need a preliminary report on plans and costs. • BCG General Manager, Dan Argentieri, reviewed the current fleet of vehicles owned by Fairfield Harbour and put forth a plan to eliminate low mileage (mpg) and poor performance vehicles. • To reconfigure the vehicular fleet at no net cash cost, the following motion was made: MOTION by: Director Cline to approve the plan proposed by Billy Casper Golf Community Management Services as follows: • Sell 1 Chevy Colorado Truck • Sell 1 Chevy 2015 Silverado “service body” Truck and • Purchase a used sedan for Security • Lease or purchase a utility/maintenance vehicle for BCG Maintenance and Grounds Management Seconded by: Director Simpson, Approved by: Directors Beery, Cline, Engelhaupt, Hice, Hodgert and Simpson; Absent: Director Strausbaugh. • BCG General Manager Dan Argentieri reviewed a list of trees to be removed from the Harbour Pointe Golf Course that are dead, rotted, leaning, or impeding the healthful agronomy of the tees, fairways, and greens. After many years of neglect, work is expected to begin toward the end of October. BCG will announce the temporary closing of the HP front or back nine if needed. Work includes take down, removal, stump grinding, haul away, and clean-up of all areas impacted by the tree work. MOTION by: Director Engelhaupt to approve the contract with a local tree company to remove 200 trees from the Harbour Pointe Golf Course at a cost not to exceed $44K; Seconded by: Director Cline; Approved by: Directors Beery, Cline, Engelhaupt, Hice, Hodgert, and Simpson; Absent: Director Strausbaugh.

COMMUNITY MANAGER’S REPORT: Jennifer Gudaitis • BB&T ATM machine will be down on 10/26-10/27 for renovation • Marty from Morton Well Drilling replaced the ungalvanized pipe at the Community Center well, which is used for the two heat pump systems • Door on guard shack has a new lock in case the guard has to leave for an emergency • Blue center line reflectors (39) were installed to help fire department locate the fire hydrants (not flushing hydrants) • Foreclosures – office staff is working hard to accomplish all that is required; working with Jordan Price, our tax attorneys. 15-day demand letters went out last week. After the 15 days Jordan Price takes over the collections process. • Sink hole at Spar Court, after utilities companies both investigated, maintenance has started work to dig the area to find the problem. Tideland Utilities, Inc. will accompany our team to ensure the safety and the integrity of the existing utility pole. • Adjudicatory hearings are scheduled. • New signs for HPGC fairways condos have been approved and will be ready this month • A Red Cross blood drive is scheduled for 10/20/17 • Remote thermostats being installed in the Community Center on 10/5/17 • Barkentine gate will have a reader code since blue card reader is failing. To be installed by 2nd week in October.

GENERAL DISCUSSION • Director Engelhaupt noted that the security office needs to be able to conduct a search for the license plates of cars that have bar code decals. Plans are underway to resolve this issue. • Director Simpson noted that the next Bylaws Committee meeting will be on Oct. 13 at 1:00 PM. • Director Simpson also reported that the attic in the Community Center is in the process of being organized. • The question was raised about allowing yard sales at the Red Sail Park and cart barn. Director Cline also said the POA should permit sales in the Community Center parking lot. There was a consensus that such sales should be allowed as long as the trash is removed after the event. • Director Simpson updated the Board on the status of the Birdland Marina repairs. • She said the Property Control Committee voted to allow vinyl bulkhead materials to be used for bulkhead repairs and that the color must be brown. Standard flat facing must be used. Bulkhead materials repairs must be specified in the application. • There was a discussion about whether the remaining 2017 funds to support roads and streets may be transferred to support road and street projects in 2018. Director Englelhaupt said he needs a Road Master Plan. There was no objection by the Board to the proposal. • The Fairfield Harbour Emergency Response Plan: Director Engelhaupt said he will tell the committee that the Board needs more details about the plan, such as who will be responsible for doing what? He noted that following FEMA guidelines will help with obtaining federal funds. • Security cameras: Director Engelhaupt noted that the security office needs to better coordinate the monitoring of security cameras in use. • Director Beery raised the question about what can be done to encourage residents to use the cart barn. • There was a consensus that the Board needs to schedule a work session to generate ideas for land use. The session will be scheduled after the work on the revised Bylaws is completed. • Director Cline has put together a proposal for men’s and women’s pickleball bathrooms (attached). It asked the POA to cover the cost of materials; the work will be done by paid contractors and volunteers. Director Simpson said the Board needs a volunteer liaison who has IT skills with the Beacon staff. Director Cline volunteered. • Director Beery suggested inviting the Billy Casper Golf information technology specialist to tell the Board about how s/he would manage the POA website. Director Simpson said the Board needs a volunteer to serve as liaison with the POA website administrator. She asked the Board to review the Committee Liaison worksheet. • Director Simpson recommended that the POA proposal to separately meter the cost of electricity between the Craven County Fire Department building and the Community Center. ADJOURNMENT There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 4:17 PM. Respectfully submitted, Frederic L. Whiting, Secretary, FHPOA, Inc.


The Garden Club’s November winner of Yard of the Month is the Dupree home on Caracara Drive. The Yard of the Month Committee for the Fairfield Harbour Garden Club chose 1931 Caracara Drive as the outstanding yard in the Harbour for November. Homeowners Ralph and Judy Dupree welcome visitors to this yard of many features. A quaint lighthouse, bicycle, and bear are now paired with seasonal porch decor. The cement-edged beds are still providing blooms with mums, azaleas, vinca, lantana, and guara. The yard also contains a nice balance of ground covers, shrubs, and trees, including a lovely maple. Not visible in the photo are two small white picket fences that frame the front corners of the yard. A colorful and blooming yard at this time of year is no easy feat. Congratulations to Ralph and Judy. Sharon Nasutovicz

DULCIMER CONCERT SCHEDULED IN FAIRFIELD HARBOUR Down East Dulcimers will present its annual Christmas Concert on Sunday, December 17, at 2:30 pm at the Community Center. The group began with only dulcimers, but over time, members have branched out to additional instruments. Lap and hammered dulcimer, guitar, fiddle, Cajun drum, banjammer, pennywhistle, UBass, ukulele and others, are played. Come on down and feel the holiday spirit with an hour of carols and favorite traditional songs, and bring family and friends. No tickets or reservations are required. Dee Dricks

HOSPITAL AUXILIARY TO CELEBRATE IN DECEMBER The Fairfield Satellite of the CarolinaEast Health System Auxiliary will join the other members of the Auxiliary in enjoying the annual Christmas Luncheon on Wednesday, December 6. This luncheon expresses the hospital administration's appreciation for the work the volunteers perform all year. Late in November, the Fairfield Satellite delivered 200 coordinated handmade baby hats and blankets to the nursery. These sets are presented to the parents of any babies born in December. Parents have expressed many thanks for these items.

also accompanies the entourage. Small stuffed animals, also made by members of the group, are placed on the cart to be given to any small children who might be visiting family members in the hospital.

Finally, just before Christmas, 200 handmade stockings will be filled with a myriad of mostly handmade items. Some of the items included in the stockings are dish/wash cloths, Christmas door hangers, Christmas ornaments, pen/pencil holders, and bookmarks. In addition to the handmade items, purchased or donated items such as playing cards, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and puzzle books are added. There are always special stockings for children. On Sunday, December 24, members of the Fairfield Satellite will accompany Santa as he delivers the stockings to patients unfortunate enough to be hospitalized at that time. Usually at least one therapy dog

This group is enthusiastic and eager to provide services to anyone in the community who is hospitalized at CarolinaEast at any time during the year. If you are interested in joining this group, come to their meeting on the third Monday of most months (the group does not meet in December, July, or August) at 9:30 am at the Community Center, or call Chairperson Carol Cavins, 638-1350.

All in all, December is a busy month for most members of the Satellite. The pleasure of those receiving these gifts brings joy to the members of the group. And in January, the process of making these items as well as other patient comfort items will begin all over again.

Cheryl Fries

TOYS FOR TOTS Fairfield Harbour is once again collecting toys for Toys for The collection site will be at the FHPOA office and Tots. This year the Marine Corps Reserve is celebrating Harbour Pointe Golf Club. Closing date for this event will 101 years. Let us celebrate with them by having the largest be December 13 at 4:30 pm. collection ever for the children who receive from this donation.


Fairfield Harbour Yacht Club is again participating in the Salvation Army Angel Tree Program and invites all Harbour residents to take part in this worthwhile giving event. Remaining angels may be picked up at the POA library in the Activity Center. When choosing an angel be sure to indicate on the signup sheet the code(s) of the angel(s) you have chosen. Information on each angel includes the child’s age, sizes, and requests for Santa, and is intended to help the giver in selecting a gift or gifts. There will be an instruction sheet asking that gifts be unwrapped, tied together with ribbon or contained in a bag if more than one item and, most importantly, have the code number securely attached to each item. FHYC members are asked to bring their gifts to the Holiday Party on Friday, December 14. Nonmembers should arrange to have a Yacht Club member take their gifts to the party or they may drop them off at Activity Center Room 4 between noon and 2 pm on December 14. Fairfield Harbour’s continued thoughtfulness and generosity are greatly appreciated by the Salvation Army and all the children. Linda Lelli

SIGN UP FOR 2018 BRIDGE MARATHON Bridge Marathon Teams will meet in January 2018 to reveal the winners for the 2017 year. Sign-up for 2018 is starting now. Join with a partner of your choice to play 10-12 matches during the year. Matches are played monthly at the convenience of the players. Scoring is rubber/contract bridge with 20-24 hands per match. Cost is $10 per pair ($5 per person) which is used for prizes based on the end-ofyear totals. Winners are honored at an endof-year bridge party scheduled for Sunday, January 28, at 6 pm at the Community Center. New bridge players are encouraged to join for the 2018 cycle and are invited to attend the party. Contact Sandy Perry at sandy@ if you are interested in joining the Marathon Bridge group in 2018. Sandy Perry

HARBOUR HELPERS Happy holidays to all our neighbors. If you are in need of transportation to a doctor, shopping, physical therapy, or just need someone to sit with a loved one, call Harbour Helpers, 288-5229. Phyllis Wiltrout

BLACKBEARD SAILING CLUB MEET AND GREET More than 30 prospective new members met with Blackbeard Sailing Club members at their first Meet and Greet event.

Blackbeard Sailing Club (BSC) held its inaugural “Meet and Greet” event at its facilities located at 1215 Barkentine Drive, on Sunday afternoon, November 5. This event was designed to introduce experienced as well as novice sailors to the club. Over 30 prospective new members joined us for an afternoon of sharing sailing stories and boating knowledge during this event. Some of those attending had vast amounts of experience including having crossed the Atlantic and sailed the Great Loop, both in Europe and back in the US. Some were currently living aboard their boats in local marinas and were interested in crewing on a racing sailboat during one of the many regattas sponsored by BSC, and other clubs, on the upper Neuse River. Some of the others attending did not even own a boat and had little or no sailing experience. However, what all the attendees had in common was a keen interest in sailing. And that’s all it really takes to be eligible to become a member of this premier sailing club. One had to ask, “What makes BSC special?” Bill Green, BSC Commodore, replied, “It is the club’s membership.” Blackbeard is a “self-help” club with nearly 200 active members who volunteer to work at the club’s many social events, summer sailing camps, and sailing regattas. Members also contribute by working on projects designed to improve the quality of the club’s secure facilities including a clubhouse, bath house, picnic pavilion, docks, deep water slips, dry storage, expansive grounds, and more. Blackbeard Sailing Club, established in 1972, is “an exceptional club that sets the standard for sailing activities, membership enjoyment, facilities, and value.” For more information, go to our website www. Jeff Hallquist, BSC Membership Chair


Fairfield Harbour’s 21st Annual Christmas Parade is set for Sunday, December 3, and residents are cordially invited to join in. This year’s parade will have a new and shorter route. The parade route will start at the old cart barn on Pelican Drive, cross Gondolier Drive to Helm Drive, and end at Red Sail Park. Lineup is at 2:30 pm and the parade kicks off at 3 pm. In the spirit of Christmas, we are offering complimentary food provided by clubs and the 2017 Parade committee to all parade participants and attendees at Red Sail Park. Red Sail activities last until 6 pm. If you and your group want to join the parade, please pick up an application from the POA office or download the application at and return no later than Monday, November 20, to the POA office or drop it in the brown box of Waldeane Giacobbe (2122 Royal Pines) or Gayle Albertini (917 Crooked Creek).

If you would like to volunteer or your club would like to donate food for Red Sail Park festivities, please contact any of the following people. Food Committee: • Roberta Flynn,, 516-721-2025 • Ellen McElree,, 410-991-0594 • Sandy Schulties,, 252-633-0402 • Sharon Stroupe,, 252-639-0781 The FH Parade is sponsored by the CBCFH (Cooperative Business Council of Fairfield Harbour) and Fairfield Harbour POA. Please come out and join the fun! Thank you, FH Parade Committee

HISTORIC ARTIFACTS TRANSFORMED INTO BEAUTIFUL WORKS OF ART Fairfield Harbour resident Sonia Humphrey (left) shows Annette Hunt pieces from the Heritage Collection. Sonia and others have created works of art that incorporate pieces recovered from an archeological dig in New Bern in 1980.

What do you get when you marry historic artifacts with skilled artists? You get the beautiful Heritage Collection of jewelry and pottery from New Bern Historical Society. All of the pieces in the Collection incorporate an artifact recovered from an archeological dig here in New Bern; some date back before 1750. The Society has partnered with Hearnes Jewelry’s Audrey Corby and Fairfield Harbour resident Sonia Humphrey of Ocean Inspired Jewelry who have crafted singular works of art. Potter Joyce Basye has also participated joining historic artifact with modern pottery. The Heritage Collection of jewelry is only available at Hearne’s Jewelry at 1331 McCarthy Blvd, or at Sonia’s Ocean Inspired Jewelry Tuesdays and Saturdays at the Farmer’s Market in New Bern. Pottery pieces can be seen only at Mitchell’s Hardware at 215 Craven St. Every artifact in the Heritage Collection was recovered from an archeological dig in 1980. A team of archaeologists from the North Carolina Division of Archives and History conducted an investigation at the Haslen House dependency site on East Front Street. The trove of recovered artifacts was transported to Raleigh for further examination. The collection was returned and eventually gifted by the New Bern Preservation Foundation to the New Bern Historical Society. New Bern Historical Society Curator, Jim Hodges is thrilled with the result of this partnership. “We are pleased to make available a few select artifacts from the Haslen Dependency archaeological dig that have been transformed into beautifully crafted works by talented artists. We have prepared a certificate of authenticity to accompany each piece. They are indeed unique.” He hopes that people will enjoy having their own bit of New Bern History, and eventually plans to have a display of some of the larger artifacts for public viewing at the Attmore-Oliver House. The mission of the New Bern Historical Society is to celebrate and promote New Bern and its heritage through events and education. Offices are located in the historic Attmore-Oliver House at 511 Broad Street in New Bern. For more information, call 252-638-8558 or go to or Kathy Morrison, New Bern Historical Society

LYNN ROSANIA HONORED FOR LEADING THE ROAD GANG On October 14, 35 members of the Fairfield Harbour Road Gang gathered at Red Sail Park for a picnic to honor Lynn Rosania for her years of leading the Road Gang. It was a beautiful fall day and we all were happy to get together to recognize Lynn’s service to the community. County Commissioner Tom Mark stopped by to thank the Road Gang and encourage continued good work stating, “It makes a difference to the community.”

The Harbour Road Gang is now led by Mary Ann Ober. For over 25 years the Gang has picked up litter along the full length of Broad Creek Road. Several teams work each week to keep the area from Neuse Realty to the end of Broad Creek Road clean while individuals remove debris from Rt. 55 at the Handy Mart to Neuse Realty on the last weekend of each month. Guests and residents take pride knowing that the Road Gang is responsible for the clean roadsides into Fairfield Harbour. The Road Gang needs additional volunteers. On or around the last weekend of each month volunteers park off the road and walk their section, identified by numbers on utility poles, to pick up litter. Each section is about a quarter mile long. Orange bags are filled and left along the road where DOT contractors pick up the bags the following week. From the Neuse Realty entrance to the road dead end, litter is picked up weekly and members take their litter home to include with their recyclables. If you would like to volunteer call Mary Ann Ober, 633-5143, for more information. Neil Ober


One way for a property owner or renter to stay in touch with the community is through our website ( The website informs members about business and social aspects happening in the community and encourages community participation. If this is your first time on this website, click “Sign In” and then on the next webpage click “Sign Up” and follow the instructions. Please use your formal first and last name as it would be found on your property deed if you are an owner. If you are a renter or an owner having difficulty signing up or you have questions, send your name, property address, phone number and email to You can access the Beacon through this website as well. George Ross

HARBOUR LIGHTS PLAYERS The Harbour Lights players sincerely wish to thank all the clubs and groups who so graciously rearranged schedules and meetings to accommodate the stage for our recent Follies. Your cooperation allowed us to entertain almost 300 people in three sold-out shows, including residents from the local assisted living facilities. We hope to see you at our next production, “June Groom,” to be presented in late February. We look forward to entertaining double that number with this hilarious comedy. HLP always encourages any resident interested in participating in any aspect of play productions to come to one of our general meetings or contact our membership chair, Jan Meehan, 635-6288, for a member application. The next general meeting will be January 4, at 7 pm. This will be HLP’s annual Wine and Cheese Reception for prospective new members. Watch for details later. Please check our website: for complete information. Joan Taylor and Jean Leslie

CAROLERS TO VISIT THE HOMEBOUND Keeping with tradition, Fairfield Harbour carolers will bring holiday cheer to homebound residents on Tuesday, December 19, at 2:15 pm (rain date, Wednesday, December 20). Anyone who likes to carol is invited. Meet in the Shoreline parking lot at 2 pm. Bring along a friend and wear a Santa hat; words for the carols will be provided. Coordinator Emily Helling will prepare a list of the homebound. If you know of somebody who should be on the list, please call her at 637-7395 to have that person included. Fairfield Harbour POA donates a gift of a poinsettia plant to each homebound resident. Emily Helling

Mary Grosser, organizer of the Fairfield Harbour Contemporary Needle Arts group, chats with JoAnn Bradley at the Needle Arts Exhibition recently held in the Community Center. A wide array of needle art projects were on display to share the talent of many Harbour residents.

POA TREASURER RICH MILER By Ellen Pettigrew, Beacon Staff Writer A casual conversation with POA Director, Jim Cline, led Richard Miller to submit an application for the position of Treasurer for the Fairfield Harbour Property Owners Association. He was selected and has held that position for 14 months. His qualifications include 33 years working in the accounting field for IBM and Loral and Lockheed Martin. The last 22 years he interfaced primarily with the Federal Government. The accounting standards working with the government add additional levels of detail and knowledge of how Lockheed Martin’s systems can be ready for government DCAA Audits, much different from regular business accounting. Richard felt that his background and knowledge of various software programs made him a “good fit,” enabling him to step right into the treasurer position in our community.

Rich Miller, POA Treasurer

In his role as treasurer, Richard presents monthly profit and loss reports to the Board, and works with Billy Casper Golf and Landscaping; all the while keeping cost consciousness at the forefront of his endeavors. He also prepares the yearly budgets for the Board of Directors review, updates, and final approval.

Harbour residents since 2008, Richard and his wife Dorothy found Fairfield Harbour after meeting up with an employee at the Pepsi Store in New Bern. They were “scouting” the area with retirement in mind. The employee was a resident of Fairfield and his description of a golfing and boating community appealed to the Millers who contacted a Realtor and subsequently purchased a lot and built their current home. Their family remains on the east coast, and visits with their six grandchildren are frequent. Richard is a golfer and enjoys outings with his friends. He feels that our community is improving and is working within a solid framework for continued growth. His fiscal conservatism and knowledge make him a valuable asset as treasurer to the Fairfield Harbour POA Board.

FHYC CHRISTMAS FLOTILLA SCHEDULED FOR DECEMBER 9 The Fairfield Harbour Yacht Club’s annual Christmas flotilla will be held on Saturday, December 9, in the Inner Harbour. Yacht Club members and their guests will board decorated boats to raft up in the Inner Harbour and sing carols to land-based neighbors and spectators before parading through the Inner Harbour.

All residents are invited to bring a lawn chair and enjoy the spectacle. The Shoreline lawn is a good place for viewing. Caroling begins at 5 pm and the parade will begin around 5:30. Ralph Azersky

DONATE BLOOD – OTHERS ARE IN NEED As winter approaches and more people are traveling for the holidays, there is an increase in the need for blood donors. Your donation could help save a life. Our next drive is Friday, December 15, in the Community Center from 10 am to 2:30 pm. You can make an appointment by going to, clicking Donating Blood and then clicking Schedule a Blood Donation Appointment Today.

Health history questions can also be completed using Rapid Pass on this website. Eligibility questions are also answered on this site or by calling 1-800-733-2767. A beverage and snack are available after your donation. Each donation can help numerous recipients. Call Sandy Schulties, 633-0402, with any questions.

CRAVEN COMMUNITY CHORUS PRESENTS “NOEL, NOEL” Craven Community Chorus will present “Noel, Noel” on Thursday, November 30, at 7 pm and Saturday and Sunday, December 2 and 3, at 3 pm. The director is Philip Evancho and accompaniment is by Cheryl Kite, Rachel Hart, and the Trent River Orchestra.

The concert will be held in Orringer Auditorium at the college. Tickets are $5 and may be purchased at Bank of the Arts, UPS Store, Fuller’s Music, Kitchen on Trent, Harris Teeter, from Fairfield chorus members, or at the door. Marilyn Davis

FH CHORUS CONCERT DATE CHANGE The Fairfield Harbour Chorus annual Christmas concerts will be held on Monday, December 11, and Tuesday, December 12, at 7 pm at the Community Center. There will also be a performance at River Bend Baptist Church at 3 pm on Sunday, December 10.

The Chorus is hard at work preparing for the Christmas concerts. The program includes a good mix of old and new classics, and promises to be a great experience. And, remember, it’s free although donations are gratefully accepted. Terry Knickerbocker, Director

Ray Bauer and Ed Thompson hold the Soft Science shoes that they won at the Fishing Club meeting which were donated by Todd Swindell (back row left). Also in the picture are Bob Bruggeworth and our speaker for the evening, Todd Willis.

FISHING CLUB The Fishing Club speaker for November 1 was Todd Willis from Neuse River Bait & Tackle on Hwy 55 in Grantsboro. Todd talked about how we can maximize our catch in local waters during this time of year and throughout the winter months. He explained how to use dozens of artificial baits, emphasizing presentation and type of retrieval. Also in the audience was Todd Swindell, a local captain who specializes in near-shore and inshore fishing charters. He donated two pairs of Soft Science fishing shoes to auction off at the end of the meeting. These shoes are specially designed for those anglers who do a lot of standup activities that result in backaches and knee stress. These shoes are available for sale at Willis’ store in Grantsboro. Both Mr. Willis and Mr. Swindell plan to attend our meetings as often as they can in the future. George Maravelas talked about our very successful Wounded Warrior fishing trip that was held in October and he and member Ed Wall, who covered the event in the Sun Journal,

spoke highly about many of the Warriors that they met and talked with. George also showed the large Thank You plaque that was presented to him and our club by Melanie Piedra, representing the “Hope For The Warriors” organization, for our continuous hosting of this event. The plaque is presently on display in the hallway of the Community Center. We will again participate in the Christmas parade on December 3 and if you haven’t signed up to be in it, call Wayne Massetti who is, again, leading our effort this year. Joe Schulties won the 50-50 raffle for the cash. Ron Bauer and Ed Thompson each won a pair of the Soft Science shoes donated by Todd Swindell. Bob Bruggeworth

TRUNK OR TREAT Fairfield Harbour residents came together once again to provide a memorable activity for young and old alike with the Trunk or Treat event. On that warm October Sunday afternoon, the Community Center parking lot was filled with some unique visions. Many residents went all out in decorating their car trunks, pickup trucks beds, or golf carts, and dressing up in costumes, just to entertain the youngsters in the community. The costumed trick or treaters gathered candy as they went from trunk to trunk and enjoyed the creativity and generosity of their older neighbors. The fun wasn’t limited to the parking lot. Inside the decorated Community Center, you could enter the dark spooky room, complete with music and a piano-playing skeleton. Games were available in the main room and a fully laden table held baked goods as well as healthy snacks for youngsters whose sweet tooth was already satisfied. Tom's Tunes generously provided the music for the event. The committee, led by Morgan Taggart and Carrie Young, thank all residents who helped in any way, whether it was setting up, breaking down, having a car/cart display, donations of goodies, or just having a good time. A good time was had by all. Beacon Staff

Bottom Left: One-year-old Jordan Spuehler was a hit with her “old granny” costume, complete with walker, at the Trunk or Treat event. Top Right: Morgan Taggart, along with co-chair Carrie Young, did an excellent job planning and executing another successful Trunk or Treat event at the Community Center, both inside and out. Bottom Right: Young Rainor John is normally a much more handsome boy than he appears in his Halloween costume.

Top Left & Right: Sara Walston, owner of Big Apple Pizza, once again outdid herself in decorating for the Trunk or Treat event and received the award for Best Car Trunk. And, yes, that is Sara’s mother in the pinstripe suit. Bottom Left: Resident Angel Robels once again brought his Batcar to the Trunk or Treat event. This year he has upgraded his Batsuit to the 31-pound bullet proof suit made for the movie. Bottom Right: Spooky’s Garage at Harold and Debbie Gustafson’s residence on Albatross provides an alternate Halloween adventure each year for Harbourites, old and young alike.

HPLGA October 12. Pink Ball Tournament. 1st place team: Jan Meehan, Susan Mathes, Geneva Lane, Karen Stewart; 2nd place team: Sue Layton, Pam Nolan, Nancy Robinson, Sandy Perry; 3rd place team: Sharon Henke, Joan Glennon, Joan Melius, Joy Thompson. November 2. Ace of the Year. The 2017 Ace of the Year is Linda Lelli. 1st flight: Linda Lelli, Rose Litke, (tie) Jan Meehan and Sue Layton; 2nd flight:Joan Melius, Rita Gilham, Andi Ostar; 3rd flight: Joan Taylor, Joan Glennon, Sandy Perry. Geneva Lane

An aerial view shows construction progress of Tideland EMC’s new Fairfield Harbour substation along King Neck Road in Ernul.

FALL APPRECIATION DINNER Each autumn, Fairfield Harbour Yacht Club members gather for dinner at the lovely Taberna Country Club in order to celebrate the past year’s boating season and recognize member contributions, whether for long-time service, for adding to our fellowship and on-the-water activity, or for unusual contributions to our enjoyment. The club’s vice commodore serves as the emcee and presents all awards except for the singularly special Commodore’s Award.

FHYC Commodore Doug King presented the coveted Commodore’s Award to Past Commodore Louise Knight for her continued service and dedication to the Yacht Club at the annual Fall Appreciation Dinner.

Jim and Gerry Fleckenstein received the “There’s not enough wine award” from Vice Commodore John Jackson at FHYC’s Fall Appreciation Dinner at Taberna Country Club.

John Jackson, vice commodore, asked club members who provide community service in New Bern and Craven County to be recognized by standing. He cited activities with local churches, health care, schools, coaching, boating and civic organizations, historic sites, service clubs and community promotion, entertaining, charitable giving, food banks, and fundraising. Jackson was especially proud to remind us that we are not busy only with the Fairfield Harbour Yacht Club. Our time, attention, and heartfelt caring reach well beyond the boundaries of the club and Fairfield Harbour into the broader community as well. Jan and Bill Green have spent many hours serving on sailboat race committees, with Jan, code-named “Weather,” reporting news about wind direction from the weather mark via VHF radio. Thus, Jan clearly deserved the “NOAA” award. Cheryl Stevenson, Facebook moderator, earned the “Looking at You” award,Henry and Rose Litke, the “Organizer” award for some creative new shelving, Jerry Rezab, the “Thumbs Up” award for extra effort in pre-sorting paper for distribution, and Ed Klebaur the “Hang ‘Em High” award for installing the summer sailboat banners at Fairfield Harbour’s entrances. Skip and Cherylle Hird received the “Impromptu” award for organizing raftups as often as the weather cooperated. Lois Andrews took home the "Epicurean Delight" prize for tasty improvements

to our post-meeting fare. Last year, a challenge from Vice Commodore Jackson was shot across our bows. He intended to deliver the very first “100 Days” award to every club member who spends 100 days aboard one or more boats. In this its inaugural year, four members qualified, including Bob Petritsch, who spent a lot of his counted days fishing from his dinghy. While it wasn’t necessarily what Jackson had in mind, every day on every boat counts. Bill and Lois Andrews cruised at least 100 times in their Martini boat and Ed and Evie Thompson cruised for a couple of months, then raced weekly and cruised locally too. The most impressive of the 100 day stories was of Dennis and Jackie Howard who spent six months cruising to Havana, Cuba. Each year, the Vice Commodore digs through sailing and cruising stories to find a deserving recipient of the coveted/dreaded “Red Marker Award” which by a 2001 decree involves an utter failure in navigation. Suffice it to say that this year, the Red Marker was merited by two sailors who decided it would be just fine to follow a sailboat with a two-foot keel even though their boat draws over five feet. Commodore Doug King followed up with his special Commodore’s Award, delivered to Past Commodore Louise Knight. King remarked that Louise spent more time than is ever expected of Past Commodores on three key committees. He highlighted her event participation, and noted that she was always willing to share her knowledge and offer encouragement. Her continued service to the FHYC even after years of work on the Bridge earned her hearty thanks and congratulations from club members. Chris Skrotsky

Vice Commodore John Jackson presented many awards at the Yacht Club’s annual Fall Appreciation Dinner, but this one to Olwen Jarvis required special attire.

Raye Lynn and Doug Longhini, Joanne Doughty, and Karen and Mark Hallquist enjoy a conversation during cocktail hour at the Yacht Club’s annual Fall Appreciation Dinner at Taberna Country Club.


Nineteen Yacht Club ladies attended a first-time ladies only Education Committee seminar at the home of Julia Thomson to discuss boating skills and sea stories. The many shared experiences and concerns made it clear that there is a need for future meetings.

A raftup of boats anchored in the Inner Harbour as Yacht Club members enjoy another monthly impromptu raftup.

Fairfield Harbour Yacht Club’s annual Fall Appreciation Dinner is always a highlight of the season and this year was no exception with Vice Commodore John Jackson giving out a plethora of awards to worthy members. See the related story in this issue. The fall season of one-design Ensign racing enjoyed glorious weather on the Neuse River for the first half of its series. The boats have sailed nine races on three different days. Winds have been favorable though variable, ranging from quite light to strong enough to oblige crews to reduce sail. “Blue Note” holds a slim three point lead overall, sailing a very consistent series. “Red Stripe” has won four races, but those victories are offset in the scoring by a last-place finish in one race. “Anasazi Chief” and “Darkside” have also won races in the series. A special seminar sponsored by the Education Committee was presented by Julia Thomson, Lynn Stateham, Louise Knight, and Kathie King on November 3. The 19 participants found that among us, our boating skills, confidence, and enjoyment levels are all over the chart. We discussed communications, skill building opportunities, and important safety considerations. We shared sea stories, amusing experiences, and our fondest boating memories. This first effort earned resounding praise, with plans for future socials and perhaps a line-throwing skills clinic. Fairfield Harbour property owners who own boats but aren’t members of the Fairfield Harbour Yacht Club should contact Louise Knight or Kathy Fortenbaugh for more information about joining in the fun. Chris Skrotsky

TENNIS CONTINUES YEAR ROUND IN FH Tennis is a great sport! It is played on a variety of surfaces (grass, artificial grass, hard court surfaces, and clay), which requires speed, power, endurance, balance, and coordination. As in all active sports, injuries can and do occur. The rate of tennis injuries in the general population is only about five injuries per 1,000 hours of participation. Tennis injuries can be caused by the sprinting, stopping, pivoting, and the pounding nature of tennis on your legs and feet or by high-speed, repetitive arm movements. To prevent injuries: warm up before you begin and use a tennis racquet suitable for your style of play, experience, and size. Seek professional advice when selecting a tennis racquet and choosing string tension. Check and maintain the playing surface to ensure it is in good condition and free of hazards. Use tennis balls appropriate for your playing surface. Avoid using wet or flat/dead balls. In case of an injury: Use common sense and know your own body. If you feel an injury has occurred, don’t continue play. Remember to use indirect ice on the injury 15 minutes on and 15 minutes off the first hour, to reduce any swelling or bleeding. Continue doing that three times a day. If it doesn’t subside quickly, consult a physician to avoid making the injury worse. The Tennis Club will participate in the Fairfield Harbour Christmas Parade on Sunday, December 3. Our Annual Winter Holiday Party will be held early in January at the Harbour Pointe Golf Clubhouse. The Tennis Open House Social on October 29 was canceled due to extremely wet and windy weather, and the event will be rescheduled in the spring. Until then feel free to contact one of the people listed below to start playing tennis with us now. We will continue playing at Red Sail all winter weather permitting. Monday/ Friday Men: John Harper, 635-9530 Tuesday Mixed: Donna Calliari, 288-6897 Wednesday/Friday Women and general questions: Pam Miller, 631-1474 Pam Miller

FOOD DRIVE PLANNED The Yacht Club annual food drive to benefit the RCS Food Pantry will be November 30 and December 1 and 2. You are encouraged to drop off your contributions between 9 am and 3 pm on that Thursday and Friday and between 9 am and noon on that Saturday. We will receive donations behind the Community Center. Mark your calendars and watch for our signs. Foods most urgently needed are: peanut butter, jelly, pasta and spaghetti sauce, mac and cheese, “Helper” mixes or pasta sides, stuffing, 1 and 2 lb. bags of rice and canned fruit. Please check that the items are still within the “use before” date. We cannot accept home-canned goods. We will also gladly accept monetary donations. Checks should be made out to “RCS Food Pantry.” This allows RCS to fill specific needs that arise. RCS is also able to buy groceries at a discount so your dollars will go farther. Fairfield Harbour has a proud history of supporting the RCS efforts to feed those in need. Thanks in advance for your support of this food drive. Louise Knight, Past Commodore, FHYC

RV CLUB RV club members stop to pose for a picture during their recent Myrtle Beach trip. Shown here are (front) Jim Harris, Debbie Harris, Ellen Pettigrew, and Debbie Palmeri; (back) Jeff Opel, Charlene Opel, Margie Dillinger, Buddy Dillinger, Bernie Palmeri, and Jim Pettigrew.

The November meeting of the RV Club was held at the Community Center. Refreshments were provided by Ed and Carol Haggett. A slate of officers for 2018 was voted on and approved as follows: President Debbie Harris, Vice President Bill Drechsler, Secretary Jan Green, Treasurer Linda Eckenroth. Following the business meeting, a report on the Myrtle Beach trip to Ocean Lakes Campground was given by Debbie Palmeri. Five rigs were present; regrettably, five other rigs had to withdraw from the trip due to mechanical problems and personal health issues. The group activities included a dinner out at Bonefish Grill, potluck at the Starfish CafÊ, and fun times on the beach and campground. Excellent weather provided the background for a great trip. A report on the RV Club’s part in the Fairfield Harbour Christmas Parade was given by Dave and Polly Brown. The upcoming Christmas Party was outlined by Stephanie Davies. A new program offered by our club was explained by Olwen Jarvis. Members will submit critiques of campgrounds where they have stayed. Olwen will coordinate the information and make it available to all members. Members were also encouraged to submit information and pictures to Roberta Flynn who will act as club historian. This active club welcomes visitors and new members; if you are interested in RVing, or already own a rig, please join us on the third Thursday of each month at the Community Center. Ellen Pettigrew

FIRST RELAY FOR LIFE DOG CONTEST IS A HIT! Under the enthusiastic leadership of Kathy Petritsch, chair of the Fairfield Harbour Cares Relay for Life team, the community’s first dog contest was held on October 28 at the cart barn on Pelican Drive. In addition to the contest, there was an opportunity to have photos taken with Santa. Approximately 70 people attended, either to enter their dogs or watch the contest. There were 31 dogs entered in three weight categories – small, medium, and large. Awards were presented in each category for prettiest, most handsome, and cutest dog. There were also awards given for best, most original, and cutest costume. The event raised $600 for Relay for Life from contest entry fees, photos with Santa, and raffle tickets sold for a dog goody basket donated by PetSmart. All proceeds go to the American Cancer Society. The Fairfield Harbour Cares team is grateful for the donations and for everyone who came out to participate or just to join in the fun. Connie Simpson

Chelsea, owned by Kathy Sirpilla, was runner-up in the Prettiest Dog in the small dog category. Kathy also was the winner of the raffle basket.

Dressed as peanut butter and jelly, Bailey and Patch, won the Most Original Costume category. They are shown here with owner, Ann York (left) and event judge Dr. Joyce Gerardi (right).

The Cutest Costume winner of the small dog category was Dufo, dressed as a pumpkin, shown here with owner John Vuich holding leash, and judges Amanda Petritsch and FHYC Commodore Doug King.

Sonny, owned by Brenda Kuerner, was runner-up in the Most Handsome small dog category.

Carly, shown with owners John and Schatzi, new puppy of Hedi Byrne, won Arlene Elliott, won Prettiest Dog in the Cutest Dog in the small dog category. small dog category.

Most Handsome Dog in the large dog category was Achilles, owned by Sue Mary Ann Ober’s dog, Pepsi, was Cutest Gagnon. Dog in the medium category.

Beau, owned by Roy Kuhns and shown by Most Handsome Dog in the medium dog daughter Jackie, won Cutest Dog in the category was Jack, owned by Ned Blake. large dog category.

Sandra Rothschild’s Smokey Joe, in his prison garb, won Most Handsome Dog in the small dog category.

Lucy (Lulu) owned by Neil Ober was the Prettiest Dog in the medium-sized category.

Abby, owned by Pat Gaudette, was runner-up in the Cutest small dog category.

Small dogs and their owners lined up for the judges in the Cutest Dog category at the FH Cares dog show at the cart barn.

Judge Doug King, FHYC Commodore, presented the Best Costume award to Pebbles, who posed in her lion mane with owner Donna Carey.

Photos with Santa (aka Chris Davies) were available at Fairfield Harbour Cares Relay for Life’s first dog contest. All proceeds go to the American Cancer Society. Shown here is Isabella Dulce (Bella), a shichon owned by Kay and Wayne Massetti. Judges for the Dog Contest included Dr. Joyce Gerardi (in witch hat), who is a Fairfield Harbour veterinarian; Relay for Life team leader Kathy Petritsch’s granddaughter Amanda; and Commodore Doug King from Fairfield Harbour Yacht Club. Seated at Dr. Joyce’s side and observing the activities is her mother, Lorraine.

Pebbles, owned by Donna Carey, wasn’t so happy to be dressed as a male lion but won the Prettiest Dog in the large dog category in the Fairfield Harbour Relay for Life Dog Contest.

Garden Club With thoughts of Thanksgiving on their minds, Fairfield Garden Club members gathered November 13 at the Community Center. Just in time for the upcoming holiday, members learned how to set and decorate a festive table with flowers. Fairfield Harbour resident Angela Marchesi gave a presentation on Fall Table Decorations and Flower Arranging. As always, Angela presents ideas for decorations that can be done by both the novice and experienced home designer. As an Accredited Flower Show Judge, Angela travels extensively in the area serving as a judge and consultant in floral design. In addition, she has exhibited at the North Carolina Museum of Art’s “Art in Bloom” show in Raleigh. Sharon Nasutovicz announced the November Yard of the month winners Ralph and Judy Dupree of 1931 Caracara Drive. Judy is an active member of the Garden Club. Hazel Alcock announced that a car trip is planned for Monday, December 4, to Dewayne’s Garden Center in Smithfield, NC, and then on to the Ruby Theatre in Selma, NC, for the annual Christmas show.

Fairfield Harbour’s Angela Marchesi poses with her “Madame X” entry in last year’s “Art in Bloom” show in Raleigh.

Jennifer Knight gave an update on the Booty Lane project. The club has completed the initial cleanup and the design team is hard at work on plans to be presented to the Garden Club in February. Garden Club members were encouraged to participate in the Fairfield Harbour Christmas Parade which will be held on Sunday, December 3, at 3 pm. Harbour residents who attend the parade eagerly look forward to the pine cone bird feeders handed out by the Garden Club. Kathy Fuller is the bird feeder chairman. Jennifer Knight thanked members who served as docents for the Heroes and Hooligans Ghost Walk in October at the Chadwick House. There will be no Garden Club meeting in December. The next meeting will be held Monday, January 8, at 9:30 am at the Community Center. The presentation will be a demonstration on Making Garden Fancies by Judy Humphries and Netta Broughton. Information on upcoming events and the latest Garden Club information can be found on Facebook or the website Elaine Berberich

Buglovsky wins the Coffee Bean Sack competition The Oriental Farmers’ Market vendors are pleased to announce that Karen Buglovsky of Fairfield Harbour won the recent Coffee Bean Sack competition. Karen is usually found at the New Bern Farmers’ Market selling her original crafted bags and gifts. For this competition she made a purse with lots of pockets from the burlap sack and used coffee bean printed fabric for the liner and accents. A gift certificate from Sewing on the River, coffee products from Croatan Coffee Roasting Company, and three New Bern novels by Karen Dodd, the Quilting Mandarin, were awarded. Bev Serafini of Jacksonville won second place designing a roomy shopping bag. Muffin Schmidt of Oriental designed a delightful cookie jar holder with makebelieve ginger men. Both of these winners received books by author Karen Dodd. The committee hopes to hold the contest again next year and will open competition in the fall of 2018. The committee would like to thank all the entrants for their creativity and design. For more information call Karen Dodd, 229-2033.

Entries and owners of the three businesses that sponsored the Coffee Bean Sack competition were (left to right) Jason Pearce, Croatan Coffee Roasting Company; Karen Dodd, the Quilting Mandarin; and Claude Dermars, Sewing on the River.

Sunset cruises are a perpetual highlight of Fairfield Harbour residents’ existence in our beautiful community.

New Neighbors Committee sponsors Low Country Boil On October 7, approximately 55 new neighbors and committee members gathered at Red Sail Park to enjoy a Low Country Boil and Chicken Bog. "Chef" Maury Thompson and his sous chefs cooked the boil which consisted of shrimp, potatoes, sausage, corn on the cob, onions, and green beans seasoned with Old Bay. If you are a new resident in Fairfield Harbour since October 1, please register in the POA office to be included in the next New Neighbor's activity. Rhonda Miller

New neighbors enjoyed a southern style dinner at Red Sail Park along with committee members from the New Neighbors Welcome Committee.

CALENDAR OF EVENTS DECEMBER 2017 1 1 *Stretch & Tone, CC** 7:30 am 7 *Tennis-mixed, RS 8 am *Tennis-women, RS 8 am *Tai Chi, CC** 8:40 am Food Drive, CC 9 am *Pickleball, PBC 9 am *Intermediate Bridge CC** 9:30 am *Stitch & Chat, AC** 1 pm *Tennis-men, RS 9:30 am *Contemporary Needle Art., AC 1 pm *Zumba fitness CC** 10 am *Mah Jongg, AC 1 pm *Trap Club shoot, range** 1 pm Harbour Lights Holiday Party 5 pm *Cribbage, AC** 2 pm *Pinochle**, AC 6 pm *Partner country line dance, CC 5 pm 8 Beacon deadline, AC noon 2 Food Drive, CC 9 am 9 Democratic Precinct, CC 9 am 3 Christmas parade 3 pm FHYC flotilla, Inner Harbour 5 pm *Stretch & Tone, CC** 7:30 am 11 FH Chorus concert, CC 7 pm *Tennis-men, RS 9 am 12 Coffee with the Board, POA 9:30 *Pickleball, PBC 9 am Caroling to homebound 2:15 pm *Pinochle, AC** 9 am FH Chorus concert, CC 7 pm *Beginner country line dance, CC 2 pm 13 POA Holiday Party, CC 6 pm *Country line dance, CC 3 pm 14 Toys for Tots deadline, POA 4:30 pm Yacht Club Holiday Party 5:30 pm *Zumba fitness, RC** 3 pm 15 Red Cross blood drive, CC 10 am *Chorus, CC 6:30 pm 17 Down East Dulcimers Concert, CC 2:30 pm 5 *Step-floor aerobics, CC** 7:30 am RV Club Christmas Party, CC 5 pm *Tennis-mixed, RS 8 am 22 POA office closed *Pickleball, PBC 9 am 25 POA office closed *Men’s Bridge, AC 12:30 pm 26 POA office closed Neighborhood Watch, AC 7 pm 28 Karaoke, CC** 7 pm 6 *Stretch & Tone, CC** 7:30 am 30 Republican Precinct, CC 9 am *Yoga, CC** 8:40 am Broad Creek Road cleanup *Tennis-women, RS 8 am *Zumba fitness, CC** 10am *Ladies Bridge, AC 12:30 pm AC=Activity Center *Trap Club shoot, range** 1 pm CC=Community Center *Shag Dance** 1:30 pm HPGC=Harbour Pointe Golf Club Fishing Club, CC 7 pm PBC=Pickleball Court POA=POA Board Room *Every week on this day RC=Recreation Center **Events open to timeshare visitors RS=Red Sail Park

252-635-1540 I I

Fairfield Harbour Beacon December 2017  
Fairfield Harbour Beacon December 2017