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July/August 2010


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W O M A N magazine







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Fairfax Woman

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Your p m a v Re ate, & n urgery e v S u j c i e t s R x, age Pla m to Rela I r e g t Youn Look a

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Services Available to You Face Lift

Body Liposuction

Neck Lift

Face/Neck Liposuction

Breast Lift Breast Enlargement

Tattoo Removal

Breast Reduction

Birthmark Removal

Upper Eye Lift

Hair Replacement

Lower Eye Lift

Chemical Peels

Endoscopic Brow Lift

Skin Care Products

Nose Surgery

Laser Hair Removal

Fat Injection

Skin Care Services

Tummy Tuck

Facial Wrinkle

Arm Lift




Plastic Surgery Center -DPDO<RXVHIL0'


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Publisher’s Page


Join our growing list of contributors/advertisers. We offer exclusivities! Reserve Your Spot Today. Call 301-904-3366 or email Advertise a new, more effective way, by writing objective, informative and educational articles targeting the women of Fairfax County. Establish yourself as the leading authority in your field. We are the newest edition of the #1 Nationally Syndicated Women’s Journals in the U.S.



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Fairfax Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) Back (L-R) Talia Herrera, Jaie Brown Front (L-R) Seda Haddock, Lisa Banks, Kathleen Kennedy Meet local women who speak for the children, when no one else will. Read more on page 18 and 19.


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In the battle against breast cancer, Breast MRI coupled with Mammography is a powerful one-two punch. This combined approach in high risk patients further increases the opportunity for early detection – and early detection saves lives!

If you are a patient with: RIA at Sterling (703) 450-5800

RIA at Lansdowne (703) 858-0001

• A family history of breast cancer, mother or father’s side • Dense breasts • A recent mammogram or ultrasound that was inconclusive or with suspicious findings Ask your doctor if Breast MRI is the right next step for you.

Take control of your health – you have a choice in where you go for your imaging. Request an appointment online at

MRI | X-ray | Computed Tomography (CT) | Mammography | Ultrasonography | Vascular Testing SPECT Nuclear Medicine | Fluoroscopy | Diagnostic Radiology | DEXA-Bone Densitometry July/August 2010

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Health & Wellness

Massage Therapy Reduces Back Pain By June Luff, CMT Does this sound familiar? “Oh my aching back! I have tried everything. Supermarket brand painkillers, anti-inflammatory creams, even heat. Nothing works! The pain is still there. It controls me. It is frustrating!” You live with it every day, every night. It is difficult to work comfortably, to sleep well. It affects your disposition. It affects everything every minute of your life. You can’t see it. You can’t conquer it. It is your silent enemy. What Causes Common Back Pain? In many cases, is due to muscle tightness of the low-to-mid back muscles. The muscles tighten when you do simple things: exercising, driving, walking, sitting, and standing. Over time, the pain still exists. It may stay the same, or increase into other problems, such as sciatica.* When back pain is caused by excessive tightness, the muscles tighten around a nerve which registers “pain” in the brain. Muscle tightness not only creates greater fatigue, but tight “knots” called trigger points develop causing a continued tightness, stiffness and pain. If not treated, this pain remains with you, making moving around very difficult. Certified Massage Therapy Works Wonders As a massage therapist, I can help you move again, reduce the pain, and many times make it disappear altogether. To give you full beneficial results, I require a health history of your condition. I will assess how restricted your range of motion is to provide you with the best massage treatment possible. After completing a massage treatment, I offer my clients stretching tips to do at home. The “tips” will help retain the relief the massage provides for as long as possible. *Severe pain in the leg along the course of the sciatic nerve felt at the back of the thigh and running down the inside of the leg.

Stretches You Can Do At Home Might Help For low-to-mid-back pain, try these. You’ll get the best results if you repeat them several times a day. If you feel any of these movements are difficult because of tension, let your massage therapist know you would like to work on releasing that area at your next session. If you experience pain with any of these stretches, discuss with your physician before continuing.

1. Knee drop. Lie on your back with your knees bent; keep your feet flat on the floor. Keep both shoulders relaxed and flat against the floor. Let your knees drop to one side only as far as they will go com¬fortably. Relax there for a few seconds and then bring them up again. Repeat on the other side, up to five times on each side. If your neck is uncomfortable use a pillow to support the back of your head.

2. Side bend. Stand with your feet together, your heels about two inches from a wall. Lean back and rest your back flat against the wall. Bend to the left, stretching your arm down one leg as far as it will go, keep your entire back and head against the wall. Gently straighten up. Repeat 3 times on the left and then repeat on right.

3. Knee lift. Lie down with knees bent, feet flat on the floor. Press your low back into the floor. Raise your left knee up to your chest as far as possible without pain. Hold for 5 seconds. Return the foot to the floor and slide heel forward until leg is straight. Now gently roll the leg from side to side and return to starting position. Do 5 times and switch legs. Note: If you can not lie down, try sitting up. Sit in a chair with your back straight. Pull your right knee toward your chest. Hold for 5 seconds. Release and repeat at least 5 times with each leg.


Fairfax Woman

Massage Therapy relieves back pain so you can exercise, drive, rest, stand and walk again without nagging back pain. About the Author June Luff is a Nationally Certified and Virginia Licensed Massage Therapist, and is a member of the American Massage Therapy Association. She specializes in therapeutic massage for pain relief. Therapeutic massage can be a powerful component in your healthcare regimen. It involves the manipulation of soft tissue structures of the body to prevent and alleviate pain, discomfort, muscle tightness or spasm, and stress. It also improves the functioning of the circulatory, lymphatic, and nervous systems, and may improve the rate at which the body recovers from injury and illness. Through Massage for Optimum Health, June uses her knowledge of human anatomy to customize a treatment plan specifically to meet your needs. June utilizes a variety of bodywork techniques which range from Swedish, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Hot Stone and Reflexology techniques to enhance your quality of life. Massage for Optimum Health truly is a place that cares about your health and individual needs. For a FREE consultation, call 703-2162912 or go to to schedule an appointment at the Herndon office.

Massage for Optimum Health “Pain Relief Treatments and Wellness Massage.”


June Luff Certified Massage Therapist


Serving Fairfax, Herndon, Reston and Sterling. By Appointment Only.

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July/August 2010

Fairfax Woman


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Health & Wellness

Self-Defeating Behaviors By Kathi Whitten, LCSW


ost people understand what “selfdefeating behaviors” are, but it’s often easier to see them in others than ourselves! You know, those repeated patterns of thinking, actions, feelings that come so automatically they’re already happening before we know it, until we suffer the negative results. A few typical situations may be (but certainly are not limited to): • Wishing we could stop always winding up in relationships where we get rejected or hurt • “Somehow” discovering we’re being fired— again—for being late • Needing to stop out-of-control spending—but

SIMPLE QUIZ WHAT WOULD YOU DO? Your best friend rarely responds to invitations to go places, inconsistently returns your phone calls and you haven’t seen her much lately.

forgetting to leave credit cards at home • Wanting to cut back on drinking—while arranging to meet friends in a bar • Excessive anger or reactivity hurting our friendships but not being able to prevent it • Being too bossy or controlling around others, alienating them, yet not knowing how to stop doing it We all have behaviors that work like that and often can stop them once we realize the damage they do in our lives. Using tools such as defining what is happening, monitoring its occurrence, discovering triggers, considering more rewarding, positive behaviors to develop instead, using visualization and behavioral rehearsal all help. Occasionally, though, changing—sometimes even recognizing—such patterns is very difficult. No matter how often we suffer the consequences, we continue to do them again and again. We strive to change the behavior or feelings, but our brains are so efficient, that they cause us to do many things “automatically.” After repeatedly

trying to do things differently, if these patterns still seem too strong to change alone, and are negatively impacting your life, professional assistance may be helpful.

About the Author Kathi Whitten, LCSW is a psychotherapist with 25 years of experience. Her approach includes thinking from psychodynamic, cognitive, family/systems, and the mindfulness and addictions treatment fields. She works with individuals, couples, families and groups. After identifying your goals, you’ll work together in therapy to improve your personal sense of well-being and relationships with others. You can make an appointment at her Herndon office by phoning 703-742-6043.

Is there a topic that you’d like to know more about? If so, let the good people at Fairfax Woman know, and they’ll pass that information along. Perhaps you will see your concerns addressed in a future column. Email your thoughts to

You might: 1.) Ignore her. She’s making it plain she doesn’t want to be friends anymore. 2.) Tell mutual friends she’s acting strangely. 3.) Go to her, and ask to talk. Suggested best response: 3.) While it’s possible your friend wants to end your relationship, it’s never a good idea to assume that’s the reason. There can be many reasons she’s not responding to your efforts (depression, feeling overwhelmed in her life, absorbed in a personal matter…). Sometimes it makes sense to ask mutual friends if they’ve had recent contact with someone if you’re unable to reach them But I suggest you wait until you’ve made an effort to contact her long enough to gently ask if she wants to talk about something, and offer to help her with anything that might be troubling her, if she’s open to it.


Fairfax Woman

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Health & Wellness

The Role of a Healer By Christine Upchurch, M.S.


any years ago as a young, physically fit vegetarian, I faced cancer. I healed myself without medical treatment, a process that required much effort and focus over two years. This personal journey illuminated a great deal about the nature of healing and eventually led me to a new path—working as a healer. When a person is out of balance—physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually—there are many paths they can take to wellness; conventional and alternative therapies alike. Some will choose to visit a person who is commonly referred to as a “healer.” Who goes to see a healer and what role can a healer play in a person’s life? Years ago, I received inner guidance that I was a healer, but I rejected the message because I mistakenly perceived it to be a fabrication of ego. I had been under the impression that healing power came from the practitioner and to be a good healer I would have to transcend the typical struggles of being human. In reality this isn’t the case because the healing power doesn’t come from the practitioner but rather from the divine. So a healer isn’t “one who heals” but rather one who facilitates healing utilizing energy or frequencies that are outside of the body. As a Reconnective Healing Practitioner and Instructor, I witness many amazing healings. The most fascinating ones have no belief involved. Like the man with advanced hepatitis C who, despite his skepticism, experienced complete pain relief and re-

July/August 2010

duced swelling—or the woman with life-long scoliosis whose spine unexpectedly straightened during a ten-minute exercise at a training seminar. In these situations, the healer wasn’t attached to an outcome and the individuals didn’t believe that it was possible. So how did these healings occur? In its highest form, a healing session initiates a dialogue between the client’s higher self and universal wisdom, often with the client neither observing the discourse nor controlling the direction of the healing. Through this dialogue, the person’s higher self and the divine choose the appropriate healing for the person and the person’s vibration shifts to attract that healing. I have found that the less I try to control, the better the healings are. Although there is no formal research supporting the benefits of letting go of attachment, there is analogous research done on prayer that may support this approach. Spindrift is an organization that has scientifically evaluated the effect of prayer on the health of organisms such as plants. Scientists compared the health of plants divided into three groups: (1) a group that received no prayer, (2) a group that received prayer specifying the intent that the plants be taller with more leaves, and (3) a group that received prayer that was non-directed by asking that the Universe choose what was best for the plants. The statistical evidence demonstrated that prayer was indeed effective at creating taller, bushier plants, but by far the healthiest group of plants was that group in which no intention was specified. In other words, when someone offered prayerful focus without intent, the plants tended to be healthier than when someone held a specific intent.

As with prayer, I believe the same is true when facilitating healing—the most effective form is when the healer lets go of intention and comes from a place of accepting whatever plan the Universe may choose. When the healing is left to the divine, people can receive gifts that go far beyond intention and expectation. For more information about Reconnective Healing visit or call 323.960.0012. About the Author Christine Upchurch, M.S. is a Reconnective Healing Instructor who travels the world helping to empower others to come into their mastery as healers. A former statistician in medical research, she now has the honor of being one of only four Instructors internationally, and has had the privilege of helping to educate thousands of new practitioners. In addition to teaching at seminars, Christine also loves to share her knowledge of healing with the public. She has had numerous articles published and has appeared on radio shows around the world. Christine is also the founder and director of the Northwest Reconnective Healing Center in the Seattle area, which is where she has her private practice when not traveling the globe educating and inspiring others. To learn more about Reconnective Healing and Christine, please visit on the web at and

Fairfax Woman


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Health & Wellness

Heart Listening By Mata Mandir Khalsa, MS,NCC


istening is the most beautiful opening of the human psyche to the subtlety of life itself. Practicing this art with consciousness and loving intention can help us be finely tuned into ourselves and can give us the capacity to give a priceless, healing gift to another human being. How can we ourselves become better listeners? I have discovered through experience that if I can take time for myself at the beginning of the day, I am much more able to be present for other people. My particular morning practice involves yoga, meditation on my breath, and sacred songs. Sitting with myself allows my thoughts and feelings to surface, and if I can be with them in a nonjudgmental way. Each of us has our own methods to attune ourselves to the subtlety of who we are. Another way to be mindful of becoming a better listener is to simply spend less time talking, even in the busy hours of the day. This can help us get attuned to our own thoughts and our own reactions, which we might normally act out without pause or reflection. We can see the transitory nature of thoughts and feelings, and move into a space to speak and act with wisdom and kindness. We learn, expand and grow! We become open to hearing what people say, to hear them out, to discover perspectives beyond the same ones that keep running around in our heads. We hear information and ideas, we hear and understand the stories, the dreams, the feelings, the universes of those who surround us. While we can experiment with developing this skill with those we serve in our work, we can surely develop it in all of our relationships. When preparing to listen, silently acknowledge the courage it takes for an individual to share the things that are truly important to them. Prepare to receive these with absolute attention and care through trust. Empty yourself of pre-judgments you may have of the person or the topic. Each person is a new universe unfolding before you as a seed that needs delicate care in order to become a flower. Connect to your heart. Imagine you are that other person as they are preparing to share with you and trust you. Be worthy of that trust, and do not repeat to others what has been entrusted to you. Understand the importance of providing an uncompromised safe space for the person to express himself or herself fully. If you can prepare yourself in this way, you can be so beautifully present, you can reflect


Fairfax Woman

clearly back to the person in ways that can support them with clarity and kindness, helping them to further explore, discover, and find their own way. Allow the conversation to unfold out of this sacred space, out of the moment. Truly put yourself into the other person’s experience and communicate that empathy to them. Trust and respect that the person has the resources to find their way, and support them in their journey. There are some traps that you can be mindful of in yourself, such as evaluating, judging, formulating your own responses while the person is talking, or trying to fit their story into a box of your own. If you observe this happening, notice it, then keep coming back to your pure, open heart. In your conscious intention to grow in your capacity to listen, after the encounter, you might take some quiet time to recall what happened and even write down your reflections. What was the emotion in it? What were the expressed and unexpressed needs of the person? What was the most important thing to them, the essence of what they shared. They may have mentioned this several times in the conversation. How did you yourself feel during the encounter, what did you learn about the other and about yourself, and how were you transformed? Really check in with your body, mind, heart and soul. Does this help you to better understand the person? How can you, with this new awareness, be of service to this person? May you be blessed with the gift of heart listening and the subtlety and transformation that it brings. Use it with yourself as well as with others. May you also experience the rare and beautiful gift of being truly listened to.

About the Author Mata Mandir khaur Khalsa, MS, NCC, Pastoral Counselor in Residence, is a counselor of deep compassion and spirit, who helps people find deep connection and healing in relationship with themselves and others. Mata Mandir has a Masters Degree in Pastoral Counseling from Loyola College and is a National Board Certified Counselor. She offers Imago Relationship Therapy for couples, using supportive communication to create empathy, intimacy, and joy. She has training in mind-body experiential techniques, which can be integrated into the therapy sessions. To reach Mata Mandir directly, email her at or call her at 703-887-2111.

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Elder Care

Depression Doesn’t Have to be a Part of Growing Old By Denise Taylor, RN, BSW


epression is the most common undiagnosed condition amongst seniors; however it’s incorrect to think that it is just a normal part of aging. When a person is depressed, neurotransmitter chemicals in the brain are out of balance. Because depression can coexist with other chronic diseases, the diagnosis can be made confusing. We all have feelings of highs and lows throughout life or periods of grief due to losses we may suffer, but if the low feelings continue for weeks and interfere with the enjoyment of life, it is time to consult with a physician. Elderly depression should not go untreated as it can lead to death. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, depressive symptoms afflict an estimated fifteen percent of all people over the age of 65. The suicide rate for elderly white males is several times higher than that of white men in their early twenties. Worldwide, statistics show that the seniors kill themselves at a higher rate than any other segment of the population. The primary causes of depression may include one or more of the following: • the death of a spouse or friend • loss of physical capabilities • changes in living situations • dwindling financial resources • side effects of medications • biological changes in the brain that accompany problems such as strokes and dementia • hardening of vessels which constricts normal blood flow to organs, including the brain • diseases, such as anemia and hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid) • social isolation, a reduced sense of purpose and a fear of death A genetic or family history of depression and personality factors (for example, people with low

self-esteem or those with tendencies toward pessimism) may further contribute to depression. While the cause of any person’s depression may not be clear, the consequences of ignoring the symptoms are. Depressed people do not take pleasure in people or activities that they once enjoyed. There are frequent feelings of sadness and emptiness, sleep disorders (too much or too little) weight gain or loss, irritability, restlessness and a loss of energy. Other symptoms may include periods of crying, difficulty concentrating and thoughts of suicide or death. Leaving symptoms untreated can cause a whole life to deteriorate. Some can impair mental ability and cause family members to blame it on “senility or old age.” The senior may become dependent on others prematurely. But there is good news. Depression is a treatable psychological illness and nobody is too old to get help. Depending on the nature or severity of the illness, the most common treatments are psychotherapy, anti-depressant medications, or a combination of both. Psychotherapy helps by teaching coping skills to get through the patient’s problems, and offers support to ease the pain of depression. Medications help control certain symptoms and enable the depressed person to feel better. Anti-depressant medications alter the chemicals in the brain to improve the patient’s mood, sleep habits, eating habits, energy levels and ability to concentrate. Anti-depressants need to be monitored for side effects and effectiveness and are not habit forming. Be aware that alcohol abuse may coexist with depression as seniors try to self-treat their symptoms. Both disorders must be addressed in order to maximize the effectiveness of treatments. If given a choice, most elderly people would choose to stay in their own homes rather than in a care facility. The familiar

About the Author Denise Taylor is a Registered Nurse and is currently the Administrator of the Visiting Angels office in Vienna, Virginia. She is also the coordinator for Medicaid clients. Mrs. Taylor received her RN at age 19 and gained extensive hospital nursing experience at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York and the Berlin Army Hospital in Germany before taking a sabbatical to raise three children. At age 48 she returned to school and earned a Bachelor of Social Work degree from George Mason University. Mrs. Taylor has special interests in end of life issues. She is an Alzheimer’s Foundation of America (AFA) Qualified Dementia Care Provider. While working as a social work intern for Mary Washington Hospice in Fredericksburg, VA, she experienced first-hand the desire that seniors have to age in place. Since then, her goal has been to enhance the lives of seniors by facilitating care in the home whenever possible.

July/August 2010

“If given a choice, most elderly people would choose to stay in their own homes rather than a care facility.” comfort of their home and community can decrease the chances of depression. If the depressed senior lives alone or has family that is unable to provide the necessary care for them, hiring a caregiver from a reputable agency can be beneficial. A hired caregiver gives the depressed care recipient structure to his or her day. To minimize the symptoms of depression, a caregiver can provide another set of eyes and ears for the family as well as companionship, a balanced diet, assistance with grooming, supervision of medications and a safe exercise routine. A hired caregiver can also provide transportation and opportunities to keep in touch with the community. Encouragement to seek treatment for depression may require patience and understanding from family members. But the effort is important because depression is treatable, and not just a part of growing old.

703-291-1262 or 1-800-365-4189 2104-A Gallows Rd. • Vienna, VA 22182 Lic. #HCO-10320

Fairfax Woman


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Post your event for FREE on Send an email to with event name, date, brief description and contact info.

NOVA EVENTS July – August 2010 City of Fairfax Concert Band July 9 at 7:30 p.m. Free Event at Lake Accotink Park. 7500 Accotink Park Road, Springfield, VA 22152. For more info call 703-324-7469. Reston’s 46th Birthday Celebration July 10 at noon – 8 p.m. & July 11 at 12 – 7 p.m. Free Event at Lake Accotink Park. 7500 Accotink Park Road, Springfield, VA 22152. For more info call 703-324-7469. Julio Iglesias in Concert – July 13 at 8 p.m. Filene Center at Wolftrap Park for Performing Arts. Call 1-877WOLFTRAP or visit B-52’s in Concert – July 14 at 8 p.m. Filene Center at Wolftrap Park for Performing Arts. Call 1-877WOLFTRAP or visit Caribbean Spice Concert featuring Jambulay July 17 Featuring reggae, calypso & afro-beat. Free event at Reston Town Center. B. B. King in Concert – July 18 at 8 p.m. Filene Center at Wolftrap Park for Performing Arts. Call 1-877WOLFTRAP or visit The Beach Boys in Concert – July 25 at 8 p.m. Filene Center at Wolftrap Park for Performing Arts. Call 1-877WOLFTRAP or visit Women's Cafe July 27 at 10:30 –11:30 a.m. Southgate Community Center, 12125 Pinecrest Road, Reston. An opportunity to connect with other women who are at home during the day, develop friendships and discuss common concerns. Call (703) 860-0676 for more info. The Steve Miller Band in Concert – July 27 at 8 p.m. Filene Center at Wolftrap Park for Performing Arts. Call 1-877WOLFTRAP or visit Aretha Franklin in Concert – July 29 at 8 p.m. Filene Center at Wolftrap Park for Performing Arts. Call 1-877WOLFTRAP or visit Heroines in Technology Nominations Deadline August 1 This annual awards program recognizes women in the technology industry who have used their experience, knowledge and skills to benefit the community. Visit or call 703-824-0111. Brickfair August 7 & 8 from 7 – 10 p.m. Dulles Expo Center Noth hall. Adult Admission $10, children $7. BrickFair is a Lego Fan Festival. BrickFair hosts America's most dedicated adult LEGO builders and features fantastic LEGO creations great and small. Visit for more info. Pakistan Independence Day August 8 from 12 – 9 p.m. Dulles Expo Center, south Hall. Qirat & Pakistani Idol singing competition, rides & games for kids, face painting, Hina, Pre Eid shopping of clothes, jewelry, bangles, purses and shoes. Halal food and popular Pakistani singers. Free immigration clinic, free medical checkup and computer orientation for seniors. Adults $5, children under 5 free. Call 443-254-4969.


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Summer On The Green 2010 presents Coleman’s Cross Celtic – August 13 at 6:30 p.m. Presented by the Town of Vienna and Town Green. No alcohol, bring blankets and/or lawn chairs and please keep your pets at home. More info call 703-255-7842. International Gem & Jewelry Show August 20 – 22 Dulles Expo Center, South Hall. Adult admission $8. The Int’l Gem & Jewelry Show offers the greatest selection and lowest prices on diamonds, gold, silver, beads and more. Choose either costume or fine jewelry from more than 360 exhibitors from around the world. Visit for more info. The Temptations & The Four Tops in Concert August 21 at 8 p.m. Filene Center at Wolftrap Park for Performing Arts. Call 1-877WOLFTRAP or visit Indian Wedding Exhibit – August 22 Dulles Expo Center, North Hall from 12 – 7 p.m. Admission $7- register online for discount. With growing demand of designer wedding attires, we are bringing bridal wear designers from INDIA who will be showcasing their ensemble in this first of a kind exclusive Indian Wedding Show. Brides will be able to interact with the designers for custom orders. Call 202.455.3413 or visit Anita Baker In Concert – August 26 at 8 p.m. Filene Center at Wolftrap Park for Performing Arts. Call 1-877WOLFTRAP or visit Family Fest – August 28 at 10 – 4 p.m. Free event! Visit for more info. An interactive community event for families. Chance to win great door prizes. Donna Summer in Concert – August 29 at 8 p.m. Free event! Visit for more info. An interactive Herndon Labor Day Jazz & Wine Festival September 6 at 12 – 6 p.m. Adult Admission $5. Live Jazz, wine tasting from 10 vineyards, and fine arts show. Town Green in Historic Downtown Herndon. For more information call 703-787-7300 or visit 4th Annual Great Grapes! Wine, Arts & Food Festival September 11 & September 12 from 12 – 6 p.m. Reston Town Center. Features 200 wines, and 20 Virginia vineyards, 60 artists, cooking and wine pairing seminars and great live music. Tickets $20 in advance. Designated driver tickets $15 in advance. Visit or call 800-830-3976. The Living Well Expo – September 11 at 9 – 5 p.m. Hyatt Dulles in Herndon. Free health, wellness & fitness event for the family, brings together local and regional health, wellness and fitness companies, hospitals, physicians, dentists, natural and alternative practitioners, chiropractors, health food retailers, & community non-profits. Call 703-850-9218. NOVA Memory Walk & Candlelight Rally September 26 Join the Alzheimer's Association, National Capitol Area Chapter this fall. Visit or call 703-359-4440.

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Beaut y

An Open Letter to the Future You! With Body Elements, Your Healthy Future Begins Today Dear Educated Consumer,

little as 30 minutes per session) • A nutritional weight-loss and cleansing regimen using the Isagenix® line of products

As you know, there are so many “health, beauty, and wellness” products and services on the market claiming to do just Endermologie about anything—but how do Endermologie, along with a you know what works, what’s non-invasive protocol called best for you? It’s tough enough Eva Swersey Damien Woodson Lipomassage, works by inOwner Personal Trainer in today’s world to stay creasing the body’s metabohealthy—it really does seem like lism and circulation through toxins are everywhere, in everything. Every time I turn deep-tissue massage. It is non-invasive—a key differaround I’m hearing about another heavy metal or toxin entiator compared with competing services—while preparing to infiltrate my body. Think about it: we are the technology helps the body eliminate fatty deposits bombarded with toxins from cell phones, computers, naturally, resulting in smoother skin and a more conmicrowaves, pesticides, preservatives, and more. toured body with improved muscle definition. For those of you who take the time to purchase What’s more, Endermologie is provided by our and consume organic food, even those steps might not trained, certified technicians—and it feels simply be enough. According to a study by researchers at the wonderful. University of Texas at Austin, six of 13 critical nutrients declined dramatically in crops from1950 through Functional Training: 1999. The reasons are many, but the point is this: Many of our clients are not interested in body buildEven the most vigilant diets may not be enough to ing—they simply want to get in shape. Functional trainsupport great health. ing is the perfect solution because this method focuses The good news is that Body Elements has the on maintaining or enhancing regular everyday movesolutions to help you meet your health & fitness ments of your body—versus exercises that focus on just goals with measured success and a long list of one muscle at a time—your biceps, for example. client testimonials to prove it. Because everyday movements use multiple musSeven years ago, when I opened Body Elements, cles at a time, it’s important to train the central nervNorthern Virginia’s premier Endermologie Center, I ous system and muscles together by using exercises did so to help men and women to look and feel great that train overall movements—and not just individual using natural, non-invasive technology and related muscles by themselves. processes. At Body Elements we focus on three major Benefits include: components that comprise health and fitness—nutri• The most time-efficient way to lose body fat – tion, exercise, and a massage-based technology that is this training works multiple muscle groups at once. so powerful it can help address a variety of goals— This is critical when you only have 30 minutes. from sports performance enhancement to body con• Consistently elevated heart rate provides sustouring to the elimination of cellulite. tained cardio and strength benefits at once. Our programs are customized to fit your needs— • An endless variety of movements that go far beand you’ll reach your goals quickly, effectively, and yond what a machine or free weights can provide. non-invasively. Here’s how it works… *Group training is available. The 30-Day Kickstart Program Body Elements has developed a 30-Day Kickstart Program that…actually works. We know it works because we see it every day with our clients. The program is based on three individual components that when combined produce noticeable physical changes. Better yet, the program can be customized to address an individual’s specific goals—from weight loss to body toning, to improved energy, to the reduction or elimination of the appearance of cellulite. The Kickstart Program’s three pillars include: • Endermologie,™the first patented process cleared by the FDA as a therapeutic massage technique proved to break down fat stores and eliminate the appearance of cellulite • A customized, Functional Training program (in as

July/August 2010

Isagenix Cleansing & Fat Burning System How often do you meet people who work out regularly, but have a lousy diet and can’t achieve their goals no matter how hard they train? Isagenix, an all-natural, nutritional products company, has developed industry-leading, physician-endorsed dietary products to help you create a nutritional cleansing and replenishing routine. Used regularly, the products can help anyone optimize their health, and feel younger and more energetic. Isagenix can help anyone: • Lose weight without starving, rebounding or losing lean muscle mass • Increase muscle tone and reduce fat • Release and eliminate impurities – which, in turn, releases fat and water • Nourish your body with high-quality vitamins

and minerals • Increase energy and mental focus • Eliminate cravings for unhealthy food The 30-Day Cleansing and Fat-Burning System™, our most popular program, is a perfect complement to the 30-Day Kickstart Program—take control of your life, get in peak shape and lose weight, with FAST, visible, and lasting results. We love educated consumers. I hope you found this open letter informative, and please feel free to give Body Elements a call with any questions about our services and programs.

To your health, Eva Swersey

You Still Have Time to Get a Beach-ready Body! Take advantage of our Summer Special and begin your program today…it’s easy!

Summer Special Only $99 (more than 50% off) • 1 Lipomassage by Endermologie session • 1 Personal Training session! • (Includes FREE: consultations, skin analysis, Lipomassage and Personal Training sessions.)

Body Elements 8230 Old Courthouse Rd., Ste. 100 Vienna, VA 22182 Tel. 703.356.6601 New clients only. One offer per person. Call today! Limited time only.

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Beaut y

Veneers: Things to Consider When Revamping your Smile If you are considering getting veneers to cover staining ance of enamel. In the past, “bonding” was used to camouflage imperfec(white/brown spots or gray teeth), you may be wondering tions. A shortcoming, which quickly became apparent, was its susceptibility whether veneers or whitening would be a better option? to chipping, staining and discoloration. Porcelain, being a ceramic, and Usually, teeth change color or develop spots after changes therefore glass-like, is extremely stain resistant and durable. While porcelain have occurred in the mineral content of a person’s teeth, trauma is inherently brittle, when it is firmly bonded to a sturdy substructure like or after ingesting certain medications, such as tetracycline—esyour tooth, it becomes very strong and durable. Dentists have had materials pecially if taken during the time of tooth formation. Treatment available to them for years that are capable of creating a tenacious bond with options can include fluoride treatments, bonding and porcelain tooth enamel. Porcelain veneer technique, utilizes these bonding capabilities laminate veneers and whitening. For the most part fluoride of these materials to securely attach a veneer to your tooth. treatments and whitening make white spots whiter. If your staining is due to having had a root canal, or taking tetracyWhat types of problems do veneers fix? Dr. Mary Gharagozloo cline, because it is an internal stain, whitening will not change Veneers are also used to fix potentially serious problems to your overall the color of your teeth. Veneers, are an excellent option to obhealth such as bite issues, and not just for cosmetic reasons. Veneers are used tain a flawless smile. Veneers, in addition to removing spots, can enhance your cosmetically when teeth are discolored, either due to endo (root canal) treatment, smile by adding length or closing certain gaps. tetracycline or other drug staining, excessive fluoride, and the presence of large resin/composite fillings that have become stained. What are veneers? Veneers are used for heath reasons when teeth that are worn down, due to poor Veneers are also known as porcelain veneers and dental porcelain laminates. occlusion (bite), grinding and/or clenching. Veneers can also be used on teeth that They are wafer thin shells of porcelain that are bonded on to the front side of are chipped or broken; teeth that are misaligned, uneven, or irregularly chipped teeth to create a cosmetic improvement for a tooth, but many times will improve and teeth with gaps between them. functionality as well. They are routinely used by dentists to make cosmetic changes that cannot be improved with bonding, whitening or orthodontics. In the What is the procedure for getting a dental veneer? Can I just get one, or is past there were veneers that were placed on teeth without removing any tooth it always multiple teeth? structure, and a thick, bulky result was achieved. Then, the more traditional, comGetting a veneer usually requires three trips to the dentist—one for a consultation mon veneer was developed where approximately ½ a millimeter of tooth structure and two for the making and placement of the veneer. One tooth or many can simultais shaved off to place the veneer. Recently a new type of veneer, called DuraThin neously be done. Multiple teeth are usually prepared to achieve the most natural reVeneers was developed, where once again your tooth structure is not comprosults. Usually they are done as far back as you show your teeth when smiling mised, but the result is very natural. Not everyone is a candidate, but your dentist naturally. This also aids in occlusion issues. can let you know. What are some advantages of obtaining veneers in lieu of bonding? Veneers, as opposed to bonding, create a very life-like tooth appearance, they are stain resistant and they are durable. One property of tooth enamel is that it’s translucent (see through), especially towards the bottom edge of your smile. Technology today allows your dentist to give you the translucent effect of porcelain that creates a lustrous appearance for the tooth that will closely resemble the appear-

At the Office of Mary Gharagozloo, DDS, we are often asked ...if we do general dentistry. Although we are a cosmetic and family dentist, this question always surprises us, but brings to our attention that many patients think that cosmetic dentistry is a specialty, like orthodontics, endodontics or periodontics. This is a common misconception. Yes, the answer is yes. We do the basics and are also a leader in cosmetic procedures.

About Dr. Mary Gharagozloo The daughter and granddaughter of dentists, Dr. Gharagozloo was born and raised in Illinois. She received her DDS from the University of Maryland in 2000. She has continued her postgraduate education at such prestigious institutions as the Pacific Aesthetic Continuum at The University of the Pacific School of Dentistry, The Hornbrook Group, The Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies, The Nashville Center for Aesthetic Dentistry and The Kois Center. Her passion for healing and patient care, combined with her sense of aesthetics and artistry has guided her in her career. They are the qualities that distinguish her in the dental profession.


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Why Organic Skin Care?


or decades, researchers have spent countless hours and millions of dollars searchingfor the miracle formula to slow the aging process and preserve youthful skin. In that time, many creams have been invented and all of them claim to have found the secret for youthful skin that their competitors don’t have. All along the answers were growing in our own backyard. The same vegetables and fruits that nourish our being can also preserve the skin. They survive the harsh winters and withstand the harmful rays from the sun _PQKPQ[_PI\_M[MMS\WÅVLQV our skin care products. Organic skin care is wellness in bloom. It seems that we always go back to natural because it’s simple, pure, and free of chemicals. Your skin is the largest organ of the body and it is the most direct point of absorption. Before buying skin care products, you should do some research. At Lofty, we have [QUXTQÅML\PI\XZWKM[[NWZaW] We have done the research and decided that a wellness center could not be complete without providing organic skin care. Lofty Salon and Wellness Center is proud to offer the EMINENCE line of organic skin care products. Eminence is handmade in Hungary and Q[ KMZ\QÅML =;,) 7ZOIVQK and a member of the Organic Trade Association. We hope you will join us and experience for yourself the luxury of our organic skin care services.

~ Mona Harb

Know Your Skin Type

Choose your skin type based on the following options. Let our team of professional estheticians recommend the exact product match for your skin type.

Dry Skin

Your skin feels dry and tight and sometimes you KIV [MM ÆISM[ WV aW]Z KPMMS[ KPQV IVL NWZMPMIL Fine lines may be present around your eyes and lip contour areas. It is important to use rich products such as a daytime moisturizer and a moisturizing treatment at night to repair your skin while you sleep. Weekly moisturizing masques will keep your [SQV [WN\ IVL []XXTM IVL _QTT ZML]KM ÅVM TQVM[ IVL signs of aging.

Normal/Combination Skin

AW]Z [SQV PI[ IV M^MV \WVM IVL Q[ VW\ W^MZTa dry or oily. From time to time you may experience WQTQVM[[WVaW]ZKPQVVW[MIVLNWZMPMILWZLZaVM[[ WV aW]Z KPMMS[ TQX[ IVL IZW]VL aW]Z MaM KWV\W]Z area. To keep the condition of your skin even and \WVMLIOWWL[SQVKIZMZW]\QVMQVKT]LQVOKTMIV[QVO and moisturizing is a must. It is important to follow the daily and weekly routines recommended by your M[\PM\QKQIVJI[MLWVaW]Z[XMKQÅK[SQV\aXM

Oily Skin

NWTTW_QVOIPMIT\PaLQM\IVLJa][QVOVI\]ZITWZOIVQK skin care to keep skin clear and healthy.

A Few Words About Skin Conditions Skin conditions such as acne or rosacea can be uncomfortable both physically and emotionally. It is important to understand that skin conditions can be \ZMI\ML][]ITTa[]KKM[[N]TTa_Q\PIPMIT\PaLQM\M`MZKQ[M and active herbal organic ingredients applied the skin []ZNIKM1N aW]IZMVW\[]ZMQN aW]PI^MI[SQVKWVLQ\QWV please consult your esthetician.


Acne can affect skin at any age. Both adolescents and adults can have oily to normal skin that persistently breaks out and is sometimes QVÆIUMLIVL][]ITTa clogged and reactive. Acne can be caused by a number of factors including: the over production of sebum (sebum Q[ IV WQT VI\]ZITTa XZWL]KML Ja \PM [SQV LQZ\ IVL XWTT]\QWVWV[SQV¼[[]ZNIKM[\ZM[[IVLLQM\


AW]Z[SQVQ[[PQVaPI[^Q[QJTMXWZM[IVLQ[XZWVM\W spots and blemishes. Makeup seems to slide off your Sometimes con[SQVI[[WWVQ\Q[IXXTQML7QTa[SQVPI[\PMJMVMÅ\WN  N][ML_Q\PIKVMZW VW\[PW_QVOTQVM[MI[QTaJ]\VMML[\WJMUIQV\IQVML sacea often shows on to prevent break outs and to control shine. \PM[SQVI[IVQVÆIU mation and reddenQVOWV\PMVW[MNWZM Acne can affect skin at any age from adolescent to PMIL KPMMSJWVM WZ adult. Acne skin is usually characterized by normal KPQVIZMI[1VÆIUML \W WQTa [SQV \PI\ XMZ[Q[\MV\Ta JZMIS[ W]\ Q[ KTWOOML KIXQTTIZQM[WV\PM[SQV[]ZNIKMOQ^M\PMKWUXTM`QWVIZML ZMIK\Q^MIVLQ[[WUM\QUM[QVÆIUML)KVMQ[KI][ML blotchy or bumpy appearance. Roscacea is usually a JaIV]UJMZWN NIK\WZ[[]KPI[LQZ\XWTT]\QWV[\ZM[[ OMVM\QKKWVLQ\QWVJ]\KMZ\IQVNIK\WZ[IZMSVW_V\WIO and an unbalanced diet. The good news is that acne OZI^I\MQ\)^WQLQVOPW\TQY]QL[ITKWPWT[XQKaNWWL[IVL [SQV KIV JM ITTM^QI\ML W^MZ \QUM Ja TW_MZQVO [\ZM[[ extreme temperatures will help and clear irritation.

Acne Skin

Tips For All Skin Types

ent rich ingredients. Treatment masques can be ][ML\WKWV\ZWTIKVMZW[IKMILZaVM[[WZWQTa[SQV


Why Serums?

Serums are secret beauty elixirs that infuse skin with pure vitamins and herbs. Serum applied as the last step before moisturizing after you skin has been Exfoliation is the key to vibrant skin. Hungarian cleansed and toned. The light liposome base of the estheticians have long known that regular exfoliation to serum ensures deep penetration into the skin to impart remove the hard keratin layer build up brings luminosity a healthy l o w IVL KTIZQ\a \W \PM [SQV .WZ aW]VOMZ [SQV M`NWTQI\QWV gglow f r o m from unplugs pores and keeps the skin clear and smooth. For UI\]ZM[SQVM`NWTQI\QWVQ[M[[MV\QIT\WPMTXUQVQUQbMÅVM within. TQVM[ZMUW^MLZaÆISM[IVLZM^Q^M[T]OOQ[P[SQV)TT[SQV \aXM[ JMVMÅ\ NZWU ZMO]TIZ M`NWTQI\QWV \W SMMX PMIT\Pa [SQV N]VK\QWVQVO WX\QUITTa <W ÅVL \PM UW[\ MNNMK\Q^M treatment for your skin consult your esthetician.

Why Exfoliate?

Lofty Salon & Wellness Center is located at 354 Maple Avenue West in Vienna, VA. Please call 703-242-0609 to schedule an appointment or visit to learn more about the salon and wellness services available.

July/August 2010

Why Masques?

Using a face masque once or twice per week will increase the elasticity and health of your skin. Eminence masques contain high amounts of concentrated vitamins and nutri-

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TAKE STEPS TO END ALZHEIMER’S! Northern Virginia Memory Walk and Candlelight Rally Reston Town Center, Reston VA

Sunday, September 26

National Memory Walk Nationals Park, Washington DC

Saturday, October 2


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Thousands of people across the metro Washington region are on the move to end Alzheimer’s disease. If you’re the kind of person who’s not going to sit on the sidelines when there’s a chance to change the future, then you’re the person we need! With more than 5 million Americans living with Alzheimer’s, and nearly 11 million more serving as caregivers, the time to act is now! Join the Alzheimer’s Association, National Capital Area Chapter this fall for one or more of our fundraising and awareness events. From walks to bike rides to marathons, we have an opportunity for everyone to MOVE and make HKPMMLYLUJLPU[OLÄNO[HNHPUZ[(SaOLPTLY»Z Memory Walk is the nation’s largest event to raise awareness and funds for Alzheimer care, support and research. When you register for Memory Walk, you’re joining a nationwide KWUU]VQ\aWN \PW][IVL[WN XMWXTM_PWIZM[\IVLQVO]XIVLXIZ\QKQXI\QVOQV\PMÅOP\IOIQV[\ this devastating disease. Forming a Memory Walk team is easy! Invite family, friends, co-workers, club or civic organization members, school groups, and more to join you in taking steps to end Alzheimer’s. The Chapter’s dedicated and friendly staff will help you organize your team, offer tips on fundraising, and inspire you along the way. New this year is a candlelight rally after the Walk in Reston. This gathering will remember those we have lost or are losing to Alzheimer’s, celebrate caregivers and volunteers, and serve as call to action for our political leaders to make Alzheimer’s a priority. For more information about Memory Walk, visit or contact us at or at 703.359.4440.

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Use your pedal power to OLSWÄNO[

ALZHEIMER’S! Tour de Canal September 11 – 12

Tour de Canal is one of the longest off-road charity bike rides in the U.S. Now in its 14th year, Tour de Canal is a two-day, fully supported fundraising and awareness ride along the scenic Chesapeake & Ohio Canal, starting in Cumberland, MD and ending in Washington, DC. Riders looking for a challenge may choose to bike the full 184 miles along the entire length of the C&O Canal. Those looking for a more relaxing ride can sign up for the 100 mile. Training rides are offered throughout the summer, and qualifying rides are required to ensure the participant’s ability to complete the ride. Registration closes on August 14. For those wanting to get in on the fun but who are not ready to tackle one of the longer rides, the Tour offers a 20-mile Memory Ride on September 12. The ride begins in Georgetown, heads up the Canal toward Carderock, and then returns to Georgetown. Registration for this ride closes on September 3. For more information on Tour de Canal, visit or contact us at or at 703.359.4440.

“I’m only 52 years old and I have Alzheimer’s disease. My whole life changed dramatically when I was diagnosed two years ago. Most people think of Alzheimer’s as a disease that only affects the elderly. This is not true! If a cure is not found soon, my children will “lose” me bit by bit, day by day to this awful disease. Please join me and walk to end Alzheimer’s. There is no time to waste!” - Patty, diagnosed person and volunteer

“I have participated in the Tour event since 2001 with some fantastic people I’ve met over the years for two reasons; the canal is breathtaking and because my mother and grandmother had the disease. I’ve committed to this event and the Alzheimer’s Association’s efforts to stop its progression because 0OH]L^P[ULZZLKÄYZ[OHUK[OLPTWHJ[VM[OPZ wretched disease.” - Colette, 9 year rider


Marine Corps Marathon

October 31

The Alzheimer’s Association, National Capital Area Chapter is proud to be a 5th year Charity Partner for the Marine Corps Marathon. If running is your passion, we invite you to join Team ALZ Stars – a group of runners committed to the race of a lifetime! Team ALZ Stars is the name of our National Marathon Training program. Be a part of this special team committed to spreading awareness about the disease, promoting brain health and helping us to bring help and hope to those affected by Alzheimer’s. For more information on Team ALZ Stars, visit or contact us at or at 703.359.4440.

July/August 2010

“And yet, with thoughts of Mom, the tears came streaming KV^UT`MHJL^OLU0ILNHU[OLÄUHSTPSLVM[OLYHJL0[ suddenly became a race for my life and for the lives of my family and friends, as I believed climbing this mountaintop was indeed raising the bar for me and those that I love to be better at whatever we set out to do for humanity.” -Ron, Team ALZ Stars runner

About the Alzheimer’s Association The Alzheimer’s Association is the leading voluntary health organization in Alzheimer care, support and research. Since 1980, the Alzheimer’s Association has been providing information, education and support to those diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and their families and caregivers. As part of a nationwide network of chapters, the Alzheimer’s Association, National Capital Area Chapter serves Northern Virginia, Suburban and Southern Maryland, and the District of Columbia. Our mission is to eliminate Alzheimer’s disease through the advancement of research; to provide and enhance care and support for all affected; and to reduce the risk of dementia through the promotion of brain health. Our vision is a world without Alzheimer’s. For more information, call toll-free 800.272.3900 or visit

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CASA program are empowered by the Court to advocate for the best interests of each child placed under the Court’s protection, and to ensure that they are placed in safe and permanent homes as quickly as possible. The social service, legal, and judicial systems in Fairfax County depend on Fairfax CASA to recruit, train, and support these specialized volunteers. Fairfax CASA volunteers, supported by a professional staff, have been serving the needs of Fairfax County’s abused and VMOTMK\MLKPQTLZMVNWZaMIZ[<PQ[VW\NWZXZWÅ\X]JTQKKPIZQ\a is highly respected by the Court and the community for providing a valuable safety net for children. The Court relies heavily on a CASA volunteer’s work and requests that Fairfax CASA assign a volunteer to every abuse and neglect case before the Court. With an average referral rate of one child every 38 hours, Fairfax CASA has a challenging responsibility to continuously recruit volunteers.


for the In 2008, Fairfax County police discovered six children, ranging in age from 1 to 15 years, huddled together in a motel room with little food, no milk, and no adult supervision. Suffering from severe neglect and abuse, and – for many years – deprived of adequate medical care, the parents of these children had evaded Child Protective Services by keeping them out of school and remaining on the move. The children were taken into custody by the Fairfax County Department of Family Services and their case was brought before a judge in Fairfax County’s Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court. The judge appointed to the case ruled that the children were abused and neglected and signed an order appointing a Court Appointed Special Advocate – a CASA Volunteer. This highly trained citizen volunteer spent time with each of the children, investigated their particular circumstances, and wrote reports to the Court for each hearing over the next two years, always advocating for each child’s best interests. After two years, the children’s parents could not demonstrate that they were able provide a stable and safe home for the children. The CASA Volunteer recommended that parental rights be terminated, as did the Department of Family Services. The Court agreed, and all six children were adopted by two foster families. Fairfax CASA is the county’s only organization operating at the Court’s request to provide quality volunteer representation to children who are innocent victims of life-threatening abuse, neglect, or abandonment. Volunteers with the


Fairfax Woman

CASA volunteers are often the only constant presence for children over the life of a case, and an unwavering commitment to the child is vital for serving that child’s best interests.


Since its incorporation in 1989, Fairfax CASA has trained 1,486 volunteers who have advocated for the best interests of more than 5,000 children. Successful CASA volunteers share a number of qualities: a love of children, a strong sense of responsibility, and an ability to work with diverse groups of people. Retirees make excellent CASA volunteers because they have the time to really get to know the families and build the trust needed to make decisions in each child’s best interest. Bilingual volunteers are also in demand to help ensure that children from Spanish speaking families receive the same level of care and service as other children. Ideally, these volunteers provide the cultural understanding to build rapport with the family and the English language skills to report the child’s situation back to Court. Most important, CASA volunteers make the commitment to remain with their assigned cases until the Court closes the case. The lifespan of a case is unpredictable; an average case lasts about 18 months, but some cases may continue for two years or longer. “It is devastating to see a child abandoned by a CASA volunteer who drops a case,” says Fairfax CASA Executive Director Lisa Banks. “These children experience tremendous upheaval in their lives. CASA volunteers are often the only constant presence for children over the life of a case, and an unwavering commitment to the child is vital for serving that child’s best interests.”

Fairfax CASA conducts training classes three times each year. The next training class begins in September. To learn more about becoming a CASA volunteer, visit, http://www.SpeakForTheChildren. org, or contact Elisa Kosarin, Associate Director, Recruitment & Training, at (703) 273-3526, ext. 22., or

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photography by Emily Korff

Talia A. Herrera


Jaie Brown

Lisa Banks


Pam Jones


Kathleen Kennedy July/August 2010


Seda Haddock





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Real Est ate

Chesapeake Bay Real Estate on the Western Shore of Maryland


hen someone mentions the Chesapeake Bay, there are many images that come to mind including mouthwatering crab cakes, fried oysters, and other delicious seafood, swimming, sport fishing, sailing, and long sandy beaches. Whether you are in Virginia, Delaware or on the Eastern, or Western Shore of Maryland, there is just something very special about the Chesapeake Bay. While some of the shoreline along the bay consists of cliffs which do provide a breathtaking view, these unprotected areas are very difficult if not impossible to protect from erosion. Other more level areas of shoreline along the bay offer beautiful sandy beaches and spectacular water views from your kitchen window, second floor bedrooms, and third floor balconies. The Chesapeake Bay Act has implemented harsh restrictions on development along the bay. Development of new building lots make new construction very difficult and expensive, with an uncertain outcome. The number of existing homes and buildable land on the bay is finite, which makes it a very wise investment that can be enjoyed with family and friends while its value continues to increase in the years to come and into the next generation. There are a variety of choices along the bay on the Western Shore of Maryland—everything from recreational waterfront lots, to cozy Chesapeake Bay Cottages, to luxury waterfront homes in established communities, and a variety of options in between. There are even a couple of very large parcels remaining with a mile or more of shoreline—one with a mile of private sandy beach, which is buildable and suitable for a corporate retreat, family compound, or investment with attractive long term tax benefits. Prices range from $ 75,000 for a recreational lot on the bay suitable for relaxing weekends in your RV, to a million or more for a newly constructed home, to a couple of million dollars for one of the few remaining very large parcels which offer total privacy suitable for executives, diplomats, professional athletes, or other individuals for whom privacy is paramount. Property along the bay on the Western Shore in Southern Maryland is less expensive than property along the bay as one heads north into Anne Arundel County. Generally speaking you will be able to purchase a larger piece of property, with more water frontage on the bay, for considerably less in St. Mary’s or Calvert County. For more information on waterfront real estate homes on the Chesapeake Bay send your questions to, or call 301-904-8627. Melissa Solms-Baruth–Waterfront Specialist.


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Properties for Sale on the Bay Within 1-2 Hours of Northern Virginia 1. One (1) acre with 50 feet of waterfront on the Chesapeake Bay. Asking $75,000 (recreational) 2. Three (3) acres with 1,800 feet of sandy beach on Tanner Creek and the Chesapeake Bay. Asking $120,000 (recreational ) 3. Cozy 3 bedroom, 1 bath cottage with pier and 100 feet of waterfront on the bay. Asking $309,000 4. Loft home with 3 bedrooms, 2 baths on ½ acre, private pier and 50 feet on the bay. Asking $349,000 5. Chesapeake Bay Cottage 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, with 125 feet on the bay and sandy beach. Asking $479,000 6. Three level contemporary home with 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, elevator, private pier & 100 feet on the bay. Asking $539,000 7. Carolina contemporary with 3 bedrooms, 3 full baths, office, gourmet kitchen, private pier & 75 feet on the bay. Asking $669,000 8. Three level colonial with 4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, private pier, boatlift, and 70 feet on the bay. Asking $729,000 9. Contemporary three level with 5 bedrooms, 4 full baths, private pier and 60 feet on the bay. Asking $869,000 10. Chesapeake Bay Beach House with 6 bedrooms, 3 baths, 75 feet on the bay and a beautiful sandy beach. Asking $949,000

Did You Know? Fun Facts about The Chesapeake Bay 1. Name of the legendary sea monster said to live in the bay. A. Chessie B. Bay Monster C. Chesapeake Serpent 2. Chesapeake is a native American word meaning A. The Noblest Bay, B. Great Shellfish Bay, C. Treasure Bay. 3. The Length of the Bay is A.175 miles, B. 200 miles, C. 225 miles. 4. The Chesapeake Bay holds over A. 15 trillion, B. 15 million, C. 90 million gallons of water. 5. The Bay produces A. 55 million, B. 150 million, C. 500 million pounds of seafood every year. 6. The Chesapeake Bay is an A. tidal pond, B. brackish ocean, C. estuary, a body of water where fresh and salt water mix. Answers: 1A, 2B, 3B, 4A, 5A, 6C

By Melissa Solms-Baruth, GRI, CLHMS

Melissa Solms-Baruth, GRI, CLHMS Land, Luxury Homes, & Waterfront Real Estate Coldwell Banker Residential and Commercial 22811 Three Notch Road, California, MD Office: 301-863-0300 • Cell: 301-904-8627 email:

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Let Your Dreams




10 Reasons to Start Sailing Right... Now! By Captain Lisa Batchelor Frailey Have you always dreamed of sailing, but never knew quite how to start? Or maybe you sailed as a kid, and would like to get back on the water. Whatever your reason or experience level, here are 10 great reasons to start sailing rightâ&#x20AC;Śnow!

Healthy Mind, Healthy Body AW]Z LIa[ KWV\IQV MVW]OP [\ZM[[ _Q\P _WZS ZMTI\QWV[PQX[ Ă&#x2026;VIVKM[ M\K Sailing melts away that daily stress â&#x20AC;&#x201C; you literally feel yourself decompress when youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re out on the water. Your mind clears, and you focus on the here and now, on the challenge and exhilaration of being one with the elements. Youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll return to your daily routine energized, clear-headed and focused â&#x20AC;&#x201C; that is, if you decide to return! An excellent full-body, non-impact sport, sailing lets you discover and tone new muscles without going to the gym. With proper instruction, youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll learn to use the lines and winches onboard to work smarter â&#x20AC;&#x201C; not harder.

The Ties that Bind â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Friends and Families Sailors learn to tie essential knots for use onboard, but they also tie knots which strengthen families and friendships. Sailing gets you away from electronic distractions, so you focus on communicating, experiencing and learning together, having fun and forming memories to last a lifetime. While solo sailing gets you â&#x20AC;&#x153;away from it allâ&#x20AC;?, sailing can also be a very social sport. Sailing clubs, marinas and regattas give opportunities to meet people from all walks of life, with the shared interest of sailing. My truest friends, men and women, are my sailing partners. My husband and I were sailors long before we met at a regatta; we fell in love and got engaged while sailing together. There is no hiding on a sailboat â&#x20AC;&#x201C; the whole person shines through.

Ultimate Teambuilding Sailing is the ultimate teambuilding sport. As in business and life, success on a boat depends on a capable skipper and crew, working together towards a common goal. Good sailing crews depend on each other, communicate effectively, and share the load. In strong winds, the crew adjusts the sails to optimize speed and direction without getting overpowered. Light winds require the crew to seek out and maximize all opportunities. Whether your â&#x20AC;&#x153;teamâ&#x20AC;? is business or family, our Sail Solomons teambuilding sessions get results.

Womenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Courses

Good sailing schools recognize that men and women often learn differently, and adapt teaching techniques accordingly. Sail Solomons offers women-only courses for those who prefer a single-gender learning environment. Many _WUMVĂ&#x2026;VL\PM[MKW]Z[M[UWZM[]XXWZ\Q^MIVLNMMTTQJMZI\ML\WI[SY]M[\QWV[ and experiment with new sailing skills.

Clean and Green

Variety - the Spice of Sailing

Sailing reconnects you with nature. There is nothing so tranquil as the sound of the wind in your sails and your hull slicing through the water. The most spectacular sunsets are those youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll see while anchored in a quiet cove. The forces of nature can be humbling, but as a sailor, youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll learn to â&#x20AC;&#x153;readâ&#x20AC;? the wind and waves and work with those forces, harnessing their power to your advantage. Sailing is green! Eliminate fossil fuel emissions by using wind power.

Sailing is never the same experience twice. Besides the myriad types of sailboats to try, there are always variations on the wind and seas, scenery, and even crew. From 6WZ\PMZV>QZOQVQIQ\Âź[I[PWZ\PW]ZÂź[LZQ^M\W\PM+PM[IXMISM*Ia_PMZMaW]ÂźTTĂ&#x2026;VL innumerable sailing destinations. For more exotic sailing, our Caribbean courses and charters offer a wonderful mid-winter escape!



The Price is Right Sailing is no longer the domain of the elite. With todayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s plethora of sailing clubs and charter bases offering everything from dinghies to cruising yachts, thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a sailing budget for everyone! Clubs and charters are perfect for those without the time or resources to maintain their own boat, and give sailors UI`QU]UĂ&#x2020;M`QJQTQ\a8ZW`QUQ\a\W\PM+PM[IXMISM*IaUISM[I_MMSMVLUQVQ vacation within easy reach.

Instant Gratification Â&#x2021; Fast Track Courses, Novice to Advanced Â&#x2021;:RPHQRQO\FRXUVHV

;W NM_ WN  W]Z RWJ[ WNNMZ \PM QV[\IV\ OZI\QĂ&#x2026;KI\QWV \PI\ [IQTQVO JZQVO[ <PM immediate cause-and- effect of turning the tiller or setting the sails allows you to learn quickly, adapt, and smile when you feel the effect! You can learn the basics of sailing in a weekend or two; then youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll have a lifetime of fun applying IVLZMĂ&#x2026;VQVOaW]Z[SQTT[

Â&#x2021; Yacht Charters - boats 22-47â&#x20AC;&#x2122;



At Sail Solomons, many of our students give themselves the gift of sailing to celebrate lifeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s milestones - graduation, 50th birthday, anniversaries. Couples looking ahead to retirement choose sailing as a new activity they can enjoy together well into their senior years. They are often amazed to discover the whole new outlook that accompanies their sailing!




July/August 2010

Lifestyle Sailing is a sport for a lifetime, and welcomes sailors of any age and ability. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s never too early or too late to start sailing, or to get back out on the water. Just be careful â&#x20AC;&#x201C; aW]UQOP\MI[QTaĂ&#x2026;VLaW]Z[MTN ILWX\QVOI_PWTMVM_[IQTQVOTQNM[\aTM About the Author: Captain Lisa Batchelor Frailey is a retired US Navy Captain IVLTQKMV[ML=;+/5I[\MZ_Q\PW^MZ aMIZ[WN [IQTQVOM`XMZQMVKM;PMQ[IKMZ\QĂ&#x2026;ML American Sailing Association (ASA) Sailing Instructor, awarded â&#x20AC;&#x153;Outstanding Instructor for 2009â&#x20AC;? by ASA. Lisa is co-owner of Sail Solomons Sailing School and Yacht Charters (ASA â&#x20AC;&#x153; Outstanding School for 2008 & 2009â&#x20AC;?) based in Solomons, 5IZaTIVL;IQT;WTWUWV[WNNMZ[IN]TTZIVOMWN );)KMZ\QĂ&#x2026;KI\QWVKW]Z[M[XZQ^I\M instruction, womenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s courses, teambuilding, charters and a popular sailing club. Contact Lisa at lisa@ or 410-326-4917.

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Business & Finance

Save the Date! Join us for Greater McLean Chamber of Commerce’s

First Suit & Sneaker Affair

at Claude Moore Colonial Farm. Date: Thursday, October 7, 2010 Place: Claude Moore Colonial Farm Time: 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Food, Wine Tasting, Cigar Sampling, Silent Auction and So Much More! A portion of the proceeds will benefit Claude Moore Colonial Farm. Black Tie Optional! Sponsorships Available.

sor, ora M&T bank spon m Za ris or M , GM y Giant Food y Golfer, L to R – Rick Makel GMCC President, Gary Clark Celebrit nefit Classic McLean Be Marcia Twomey thews Co-Chairs of at M ra et m De & n Frank McGover

Rick Makely (Giant food GM and McLeanBenefit Classic Presenting Sponsor and Gary Clark (Redskins legendary widereceiver #84) ponder their upcoming day of golf

Please call 703-356-5424 for more information.

L to R –George Lodg e of Keller GMCC Board Mem ber, MainStreet Ba Williams Commercial Real Estate, Jo nk, Jason Carrier of n Wilkins, CENTURY 21 New M Not pictured: Scot ill ennium. t Becker, CENTURY 21 New Millennium . The tournament w inning foursome.

Giant Food of McLean was the presenting sponsor of the Greater McLean 8th Annual Greater McLean Chamber of Commerce Benefit Classic held at Hidden Creek Country Club. The great day Chamber of Commerce on the greens and courts helped raise money for the 1437 Balls Hill Rd., McLean, VA 22101 benefitting charity, Celebrate McLean, the McLean P: 703-356-5424 Centennial Celebration.


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Business & Finance

What Women Need to Know about Preparing for Retirement By Pamela J. Sams, CRPC


s women, we have many different roles that we take on throughout our lives. We are daughters, wives, mothers, employees, housekeepers, volunteers and much more. With all of this activity, hustle and bustle, thinking about the day when we will retire always seems like it is a long way off. It can be difficult to put effort into saving for something that seems such a distant idea. However, planning and preparing for retirement is one of the most important things that we can do for ourselves. The most important thing to remember when preparing for retirement is that your income will end, but your bills will not. There will be some decreases in spending, due to the fact that you will no longer need to commute and spend money on other work related expenses, but your cost of living will likely remain the same or even increase as you will be spending more time at home. You need to be sure that you have enough funding to take care of these expenses for many years to come. Despite the economic downturn, saving for retirement is still extremely important. However, many people have decreased the amount that they are saving toward retirement. Women, especially feel affected by recent economic events, and are less certain about their investing and retirement. In fact, in the last 12 months, women were less likely than men to have made changes to their investment strategy. Often, women feel less confident about retirement investing and regret this fact. So let’s review several options available that allow you to save for retirement. Remember, each has its own set of rules and regulations. Be sure you understand the ins and outs of the types of retirement savings plans you are investigating before making a final decision. Some of the most popular options for retirement funding include: Social Security— In the US, Social Security makes up about 40 percent of your retirement income. While this free money is a wonderful asset to your retirement budget, it is far from enough to allow those who have left the workforce to live comfortably. You can budget Social Security payments into your retirement plan, but know that there is more that needs to be done. Profit Sharing and Pension— Some employers offer profit sharing and pension plans to their employees. These are usually company allocated funds that are invested on behalf of the employee and are paid out upon your leaving the company. There are often penalties involved if you leave an employer before retirement. If your company offers

July/August 2010

one of these plans, be sure to educate ment savings plan that will be affordable for you yourself on the rules and regulations that and will create a pleasant retirement environment govern the policy. Be sure to keep track of for you later. With careful planning and investthe amount that is in your account each ment help, if necessary, you can ensure that you year and review what your future addihave a pleasant retirement without financial stress tional needs might be. or worry. 401(k) Plans— 401(k) plans are very About Pamela J. Sams, CRPC, MBA popular retirement savings plans that are Pamela has been helping women and their offered through employers. When these families improve their personal and financial are offered through an employer, often wealth through good financial planning for the employee contributions to the fund are past 10 years. She is a Financial Advisor with matched by the company, up to a certain percentage Financial Planning Services of Northern Virginia of weekly or monthly income. In this case, you may and her office is located in Herndon, VA. She is want to elect to have a higher amount held from an investment advisor representative and offers your checks to get the most from your money when securities and advisory services through ING it is time to cash out your account. As with a profit Financial Partners, Inc. Financial Planning sharing or pension plan, usually you must have a Services is not a subsidiary of, nor controlled by certain number of years at a company for your acING Financial Partners. count to be fully vested. If you would like to see if you are prepared Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA’s)— If for retirement, you may contact Pamela at you are not able to start a retirement funding plan 703-234-7918, online at through your employer or the plans that are offered or by email: to you are simply not enough for you to retire comPlease note that neither ING Financial fortably when you want to, consider an IRA. CerPartners nor any of its agents or representatives tain types of retirement accounts offer tax give legal or tax advice. For complete details, incentives to those investing up to a certain amount consult with your tax advisor or attorney. of money each year. Remember that these are investment accounts, the amount they will be worth will vary depending on what you add to the account, where you invest these dollars and how long you keep the money invested. Even when retirement is decades away, beginning to prepare for retirement as early as possible will make things less What will the next chapter financially stressful for you of your life look like? down the road. Create an affordable retirement plan as soon as Focusing on your retirement possible and you can be certain dreams today will enable that your golden years are spent you to live them in reality enjoying yourself, rather than tomorrow. worrying over how the bills are being paid each month. Helping our clients realize Making the crucial decitheir dreams is what we sions that are necessary to enare all about. sure that your future will be safe and comfortable can be difficult. You may want to seek Visit our website Pamela J. Sams, CRPC the help of a financial advisor to request your 13800 Coppermine Rd. complimentary to review your retirement plan. retirement Herndon, VA 20171 They will be able to look at planning toolkit! your current lifestyle and in703-234-7918 come, find out what you would like to accomplish in retirement and help you develop a retire-

A Personal Approach to Retirement Planning

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Business & Finance

Nominations Now Being Accepted for 10th Annual Heroines in Technology Awards Left to right, Sandy Scearce and Carol Evans.


he March of Dimes is issuing a call for nominations for Heroines in Technology®, an awards program that recognizes women in the technology industry who have used their experience, knowledge and skills to benefit the community. In addition, woman-owned or woman-run companies will be recognized for extraordinary commitment to local service or philanthropy. The deadline for submitting nominations is August 1, 2010. The 2010 Heroines in Technology will be honored at an awards dinner on Friday, November 12, at the Hyatt Regency Reston in Reston, Va. New to this year’s event is the Government Heroines Award, which will recognize women employed by federal, state and local governments who exhibit extraordinary volunteerism in endeavors over and above the mandates of their government role. The keynote speaker will be Carol Evans, CEO and founder of Working Mother Media. The 2010 event chair is Sandy Scearce, business development director with Grant Thornton LLP. The mistress of ceremonies will be Amy Morris, co-host of “Federal Drive” on Federal

July/August 2010

News Radio. The evening includes a cocktail reception, dinner, live band and dancing, and live and silent auctions. “This year’s theme is Decade of Heroines,” said Ms. Scearce. “In addition to honoring the 2010 finalists and winners, we’ll also recognize our 53 former Heroines and where they are today.” Past winners include Ardell Fleeson, Bobbie Kilberg and Marie Johns. Proceeds from the event will support local March of Dimes programs of research, community services, education and advocacy to reduce the occurrence of birth defects, premature birth and infant mortality. Since 2001, the event has raised nearly $1 million to support the March of Dimes mission of saving babies. Nominees will be considered from all segments of the technology community in Maryland, Washington, D.C., and Northern Virginia

including government, not-for-profit and commercial organizations. To complete an online nomination form, visit For more information on the nomination process or the event, please contact Kate Leib at (703) 824-0111, ext. 21. Event sponsors include Lockheed Martin, Federal News Radio, Fairfax Woman and Washington Life.

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Mediation & Law

Divorce: Do you need a lawyer, a mediator, or both? By Virginia L Colin, Ph.D., Family Mediation Specialist

Do you need a lawyer, a mediator, or both? The answer to that question varies from case to case. In the majority of cases, I would recommend both, but there are exceptions. In general, you can save a lot of money by having a mediator help you and your former partner go as far as you can in mediation. This is especially important NWZ KW]XTM[ _Q\P TQUQ\ML Ă&#x2026;VIVKQIT resources. The mediatorâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s area of expertise is facilitating communication â&#x20AC;&#x201C; helping both parties say clearly what matters to them and why, hear what matters to the other person and why, consider a variety of ways to resolve their issues, and develop agreements about XIZMV\QVOXTIV[IVLĂ&#x2026;VIVKQITQ[[]M[1\Q[ still a good idea to get some advice from a lawyer along the way and to have him or her review a proposed agreement before you sign it, but there may be no need to pay a lawyer for more than that. In saying that mediation will be much TM[[ M`XMV[Q^M \PIV Ă&#x2026;OP\QVO QV KW]Z\ I am refering to mediators like me who charge only about $95 per hour. Some mediators are also attorneys and therefore charge as much as adversarial attorneys (often $300 to $450 per hour in northern Virginia).

â&#x20AC;&#x153;Mediation is faster than litigation. Getting issues resolved quickly reduces the negative emotions often associated with divorce.â&#x20AC;?

In general, you can also spare yourself and your children a lot of anger, anxiety, and misery by using mediation as your primary approach to divorce. Mediation teaches negotiation skills that make it easier for people to resolve disagreements. Adversarial litigation can send anxiety and rage skyrocketing. It damages relationships. In addition, mediation is faster than litigation. Getting issues resolved quickly reduces the negative emotions often associated with divorce.

Now, some exceptions: Â&#x152;1N aW]ZNWZUMZXIZ\VMZSVW_[U]KPUWZMIJW]\aW]ZNIUQTaÂź[Ă&#x2026;VIVKQIT situation than you do and seems likely to be dishonest about it in mediation, work mostly with a lawyer. Â&#x152;1N aW]IZMMI[QTaQV\QUQLI\MLJaaW]ZNWZUMZXIZ\VMZIVLPI^MLQNĂ&#x2026;K]T\a speaking up for the things that matter to you, you need either (a) an M`XMZQMVKMLUMLQI\WZ_PWKIVJITIVKM\PMJI\\TMĂ&#x2026;MTLWN KWUU]VQKI\QWVWZ (b) a lawyer to do your talking for you. Or both. Â&#x152;1N aW]ZXZQUIZaOWITQ[\WOM\ZM^MVOMJaX]VQ[PQVOaW]ZNWZUMZXIZ\VMZ I[ U]KP I[ XW[[QJTM ZMOIZLTM[[ WN  \PM Ă&#x2026;VIVKQIT KW[\ WZ \PM MUW\QWVIT damage to you, your ex-partner, and your children, get a lawyer â&#x20AC;&#x201C; a mean one. Lawyers are trained to represent their clients zealously. Mediators are \ZIQVML\WPMTXXMWXTMVMOW\QI\MKWV[\Z]K\Q^MTa;WUMTI_aMZ[LMĂ&#x2026;VQ\MTaLW choose to help people negotiate constructively, and they do it well, but fees are usually high.) A large body of research indicates that, compared to couples who did not use mediation, people who did get help from a mediator are more likely to PWVWZ\PM\MZU[WN \PMQZIOZMMUMV\_QTTPI^MTM[[KWVĂ&#x2020;QK\IN\MZ\PMLQ^WZKM and are less likely to return to court to revisit issues associated with parenting XTIV[WZĂ&#x2026;VIVKM[

One more time:

I DO recommend getting advice from a lawyer and having a lawyer review an agreement before you sign it. I also recommend doing most of the work with a mediator. You save money, get things resolved faster, go through less distress, and are likely to come up with a better plan.

About Dr. Virginia Colin:

Resolve custody, visitation, support, and property issues at minimal cost with minimal distress.

Virginia L Colin, Ph.D.


Colin Family Mediation 703.864.2101

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Mediation & Law

31 Quick Tips for Handling Your Own Virginia Personal Injury Car Accident Settlement 1. Secure the correct identity of the person who hit you, as well as the proper name of their employer if they were working for someone else. 2. Get the full information of any independent witnesses to the accident. 3. Secure the name of the defendant’s insurance company. 4. Determine whether the defendant had any other insurance available for the accident. 5. Contact defendant’s insurance company. 6. Get pictures of the vehicles and your injuries. 7. Find out how much insurance the bad guy actually carried. If he is one of those schmucks that carried $100,000 of coverage or less, and your injuries are significant, see how much coverage your agent sold you that will protect you. (If your agent sold you less than $100,000 of coverage, and never advised you to buy more, call her up and yell at her if you have significant injuries.) 8. Go back and get some pictures of the accident scene as well—the police who investigated the accident may have taken some, call them and see if they’ll send you a set. 9. Make a decision as to whether you will voluntarily submit to a recorded statement requested by the bad guy’s insurance company, without your lawyer being present 10. For kicks, ask the insurance company if you can take a recorded statement from their guy. 11. Decide whether you will allow the bad guy’s insurance company to have broad, open-ended medical releases that will allow them to go fishing through your medical history for some unlimited time period. 12. Depending on your injuries, track down your own medical records for the last 10 years or so and read them before the bad guy’s insurance company gets them and reads them. 13. Figure out which of your insurance companies (your own car insurance or your health insurance or both!) should pay your doctors so that you don’t get sued for non-payment while the bad guy’s insurance company is deciding whether and when to compensate you for your injuries. 14. Figure out exactly how much of your medical bills your own car insurance company might pay. 15. If Medicare or some other government entity paid your medical bills, contact them and get the information as to who they paid and how much and, using their formula, figure out what they might be owed later by you if you get a recovery. 16. Attend bad guy’s court appearance if he was charged with a traffic violation. 17. If the person who hit you was working for a government agency, watch the “special time clock”

July/August 2010

that may apply to him because they are “special.” 18. Bring a court reporter to bad guy’s court appearance so that whatever he says might be “used against him” later. (Little surprise: most Virginia courts do not record what goes on in the courtroom.) 19. If the person who hit you is “immune” from a lawsuit—because of their special status in the world— check your own policy because you probably have coverage there. 20. Go back and review your own health insurance policy to figure out whether they will pay the medical bills now or wait unti your doctors sue you to get reimbursed out of your settlement money. 21. Review ERISA (Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974) and see if your insurance company is entitled to be repaid out of your recovery. Make sure you aren’t giving your money away just because they send you a form letter! 22. While you are at it, if you are receiving worker’s compensation or disability payments for the injuries, figure out if THEY want to get at THAT money, too. 23. Don’t overtreat…insurance companies for bad guys hate overtreatment and they won’t pay for it. 24.When all of your treatment is done, get a disability or prognosis report from your health care providers. 25. Track down wage and salary information from your employer and get those tax returns together from the last 3-5 years. 26. When treatment is over, make sure you have all of the medical records and bills (not those “explanation of benefit forms the insurance company sends you) so that you can submit them with the “demand package” you are going to create. 27. Keep all receipts. 28. Research and figure out what the reasonable settlement value of your case is in the jurisdiction where the accident happened. 29. Make an appropriate demand on the insurance company for the bad guy…one that’s not so “wacky” that they just ignore you completely. 30. If the insurance company responds to your demand, and you like what they are offering, take it….but FIRST read the general release of liability that they sent you to make

sure you are not waiving important rights. 31. If you don’t like what the insurance company for the bad guy offers you, call us…we’ll tell you whether it’s actually a good offer or not. But….don‘t wait too long. We don’t accept “stale” cases. **This isn’t legal advice. It’s just fun information. In fact, trying to actually handle a case on your own is something like trying to take out your own appendix, or doing a root canal. It’s possible, we suppose, but that’s not what MOST sane people do. Obviously, we can’t do three years of law school and 28 years of experience on one little piece of paper, so take the above for what it’s worth. We offer free books, reports and a ton of videos at Drop by and visitbut...don’t wait too long. Believe it or not, there are actually time limits on when you can begin your legal claim. Each case is different, so we can’t list them here, but you get the drift.

About the Author Benjamin Glass is a personal injury attorney in Fairfax Virginia. He is the author of Five Deadly Sins That Can Wreck Your Injury Claim, which is available at: You can visit his website at

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Friends don’t let Friends

waive spousal support (at least not before talking to a good lawyer first) ! By Sonja N. Aoun, Esq.

A few months ago, a court in Massachusetts made the headlines of nearly every major news publication when it ordered a man to pay spousal support to the woman from whom he had been divorced for more than twenty years, even though they had each agreed to waive the right to seek such support.

Could something like this happen in Virginia? Fortunately, in Virginia, a waiver of spousal support (sometimes called “alimony”) is permanent. Fortunately, that is, in terms of ruling out surprises like the one in this Massachusetts case. However, women shouldn’t be too quick to throw away their rights to receive spousal support. Virginia law does allow a way to go back to court at a later time for support, or to increase the amount of a spousal support award. Only agreements or court orders written with the utmost care, however, generally preserve this option for former spouses. Spousal support decisions can be life-altering decisions. Many women today, especially working women, are quick to dismiss the idea of spousal support. We sometimes tell our clients that even if they are one hundred percent certain that they do not want support they at least must listen to what we have to say about it. The woman who sought support in the Spousal support is Massachusetts case is a good example. She determined by looking did so because she had been diagnosed _Q\P KIVKMZ IVL ÅTML NWZ JIVSZ]X\Ka at a variety of factors such as education, Most women who do not want spousal support haven’t thought beyond their work experience, age, current economic situations or the desire health, and duration to be free of any ties to a former spouse. of the marriage. But statistically speaking, disability, disease and job loss will be experienced by many of these women. Our mission is to educate spouses so they can plan appropriately, having considered all the options and rights afforded to them by Virginia law, including reserving the right to request support, even if they don’t want to seek it at the outset of their divorce. Support can be paid during the time between separation and divorce, and may be paid for a relatively short period of time or for the rest of a woman’s life, depending on the circumstances. Spousal support is determined by looking at a variety of factors such as education, work experience, age, health, and duration of the marriage. Courts may also consider whether someone is voluntarily unemployed



Fairfax Woman

or underemployed when determining a spousal support award. Vocational experts are often used to help assess a spouse’s earning capacity to assist the court in properly imputing income and determining the appropriate support amount. When someone is self-employed, hiding assets or income, or under-reporting income, these cases require even more sophisticated analysis and advice. Women who are re-entering the work force or wondering whether \PMa _QTT VMML \W ZMMV\MZ \PM _WZS NWZKM _QTT JMVMÅ\ NZWU \QUM [XMV\ QV^M[\QOI\QVO\PMQZWX\QWV[_MTTJMNWZM\PMLQ^WZKMQ[ÅVITQbML)_WUIV NIKQVOLQ^WZKMVMML[\WÅVLW]\_PI\[PMKW]TLM`XMK\\WMIZV]XWVZM entry, and whether she will require additional education or skills training \WÅVL_WZSQVPMZKPW[MVÅMTL In addition to the decision about whether to request support, a good attorney will discuss with you the need to evaluate the potential tax consequences of a support award. Properly prepared agreements account for such consequences and include safeguards against bankruptcy by the paying spouse. Finally, a competent divorce attorney will review possible actions that could modify or terminate support. Examples of actions that can cause a spouse to lose support are adultery, remarriage, or living together with I[QOVQÅKIV\W\PMZ[]KPI[IJWaNZQMVLOQZTNZQMVLWZÅIVKuMM^MVQVI same-sex partnership). Retirement is one of the most common reasons spouses petition to reduce their support obligations. When facing divorce or permanent separation, it is critical that each person look beyond their immediate needs for spousal support and contemplate the possibilities that may lie ahead. Protections put in place now may be more important that you could have ever imagined. Once these protections are waived, however, they are gone forever.

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Meet the Lawyers


Jennifer Stanford

Jennifer Stanford received her law degree from George Mason University and her undergraduate degree from the University of Richmond. She has practiced law since 2004 focusing on family law, wills and estate planning, and general civil litigation. Ms. Stanford received training as a mediator at the Northern Virginia Mediation Service while she attended law school. Since then, she has mediated primarily family law cases as well as civil disputes in the General District Court of Fairfax County. The disputes have included a variety of complex topics for divorcing and post-divorce families such as custody, division of assets and debts, retirement planning, government and military JMVMĂ&#x2026;\[ IVL NIUQTaW_VML J][QVM[[M[ 0MZ OWIT Q[ \W PMTX \PM[M XIZ\QM[ZMIKPIU]\]ITTaIOZMMIJTMZM[WT]\QWVIVLI^WQL\PMĂ&#x2026;VIVKQIT and emotional costs of litigation, now and in the future. In her role as an attorney, Ms. Stanford has litigated issues such as child custody and support, spousal support enforcement, division of property in divorces, and guardianship for elder family members. She

Divorce is hard...

choosing the right lawyer is Easy. AW]Âź^MITZMILaUILM\PMLQNĂ&#x2026;K]T\LMKQ[QWV \W[MXIZI\MNZWUaW]Z[XW][M6W_TM\ ][UISM\PMZM[\WN\PMXZWKM[[ I[MI[aI[XW[[QJTM Come meet the I\\WZVMa[_PWKIZM IJW]\aW]IVL_PW NWK][WV_PI\ UI\\MZ[UW[\¡aW] IVLaW]ZNIUQTa

Aoun & Stanford, P.C. 2]LQKQIT,ZQ^M=VQ\).QZ[\.T .IQZNI`>)Â&#x152;Ě&#x2030;


July/August 2010

has represented clients in court in issues ranging from real estate to other types of contract disputes. Her practice also includes serving as a guardian and conservator for incapacitated adults. She is a member of the Virginia Bar, Massachusetts State Bars, the Family Law and Alternative Dispute Resolution Sections of the Fairfax Bar Association. Jennifer grew up in a military family eventually settling in the D.C. area. She currently resides in Fairfax with her husband.

F t

Sonja Aoun

Sonja Aoun received her law degree from Georgetown University Law Center. She also attended Georgetown University as an undergraduate, where she received her Bachelor of Sciences in Languages, cum laude. She has practiced law since 2001, focusing her practice almost exclusively on family law. In 2007 she opened her current practice, Aoun & Stanford, P.C., with Jennifer Stanford. ;PM[PIZM[\PMĂ&#x2026;ZUÂź[OWITWN XZW^QLQVOW]\[\IVLQVO[MZ^QKMIVLTMOIT representation. She is passionate about educating her clients and contributes frequently to a blog dedicated to divorce, custody, and family law issues in Virginia ( Ms. Aoun represents individuals in matters such as divorce, child custody, visitation, spousal and child support, enforcement of court orders, division of property, military divorces, relocation, protective orders, and annulments. She believes in working with experts, such as custody evaluators, mental health professionals, forensic accountants, vocational experts, or even coaches. She is a family law mediator and encourages the use of alternate dispute resolution when appropriate. <_WWN 5[)W]VÂź[KI[M[PI^MIXXMIZMLQV\PM>QZOQVQI4I_aMZÂź[ Weekly list of the most important cases of the year, winning an unusual I\\WZVMa[ÂźNMM[UW\QWVNWZPMZKTQMV\QVWVMUI\\MZIVL[]KKM[[N]TTa defending her client against a contempt of court action in a visitation and custody matter. She lives in Fairfax, Virginia with her husband and two young children. She is originally from Minnesota and listens nostalgically \W)8ZIQZQM0WUM+WUXIVQWV_PMVM^MZQ\Âź[Y]QM\MVW]OPI\PWUM to do so.

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The Art s




By Linda Stone When the McLean Community Players considered bringing “Little Women – the Musical” to the Alden stage this July, little did the group know that their cast would be made up not only of numerous local theater award winners and nominees but that it would also include American Idol’s First 2010 Golden Ticket Winner, Maddy Curtis.


Director Bill Shreiner adds, “We intend to bring the characters as close to you as the book was when you held it in your hands.”

“Little Women – the Musical” is based on Louisa May Alcott’s classic Civil War era novel focusing on the four March sisters: Jo, Meg, Amy and Beth—and their beloved Marmee. The musical adaptation opened on Broadway in 2005 and featured Sutton Foster and Maureen McGovern. Director Bill Schreiner said, “The soul of this story is Jo’s quest to realize her personal destiny. Set in a time when most women had little control over the course their lives, Jo’s determination to be true to herself is an inspiration.” Fortunately the cast he has assembled is up to the task of communicating this powerful tale. Maddy Curtis decided to audition for this production despite rehearsals being an hour and a half trek from her home in Bluemont, Va. “’Little Women’ has always been a story I’ve admired. It was IK\]ITTa Ua ÅZ[\ I]LQ\QWV IN\MZ \PM _PWTM »)UMZQKIV 1LWT¼ Z]V IVL 1 knew I had to get myself back into shows; it’s my passion. I love the feeling of being in a show again. Give me a stage and a wonderful cast, and I’m at my happiest!” Looking to the future, Maddy hopes “to go to a conservatory or school of music to further my craft and see where God will lead me.”

Mimi Preda, (pictured below) states, “I immediately fell in love with the music, and knew that I wanted a chance to play the role of Jo.”

...a combination of both fresh as well as seasoned talent enriches the production while providing balanced interplay with the female characters.


The principal role of Jo March is played by Mimi Preda. “When I ÅZ[\ZMIL»4Q\\TM?WUMV¼I[IaW]VOOQZTº8ZMLI[IQL¹1NW]VLUa[MTN like so many others, drawn to the character of Jo. When the Broadway show debuted, I immediately fell in love with the music, and knew that I wanted a chance to play the role of Jo. I am thrilled to be a part of this McLean Players’ production.” Preda’s excitement with the production extends beyond the role. “I cannot begin to express how lucky I feel to be in a show with such a talented cast. I am constantly blown away by their energy, kindness and enthusiasm.” And from the recognition those fellow cast and crew members have received, it is no surprise that the group gelled so quickly. Even just considering several of the other exceptional women—Lisa Anne Bailey as Marmee, June Schreiner as Amy and Music Director Elisa Rosman— the ladies have garnered nearly 20 awards or award nominations. While fewer in number, the men of “Little Women” are impressive in their own right. Glen North, Brent Stone, Mark Hamberger and Bob Chaves bring a combination of both fresh as well as seasoned talent enriching the production while providing balanced interplay with the female characters.

Fairfax Woman

Schreiner takes full advantage of the cast as well as the Alden Theatre performance space. “We’ve designed a set and are staging the show to maximize intimate contact with the characters, which is something only live theater can deliver,” he said. “We intend to bring the characters as close to you as the book was when you held it in your hands.” Schreiner describes this rendition as Jo’s quest to realize her personal destiny. “The search for each of our own personal destinies is an essential aspect of being human,” Schreiner said. “I hope that every member of our audience will see a bit of himself or herself in Jo. Through Jo’s journey, I hope our audience will be reminded of the importance of their own dreams and have their faith in their ability to achieve those dreams renewed.” “Little Women – the Musical” runs July 16–31 at the McLean Community Center’s Alden Theatre. Performances are Friday and Saturday at 8 p.m., Sunday matinees are at 2 p.m. Tickets are $17 and $19 with group rates available. For more info, call 703.790.9223. Complete show information is available at The McLean Players also has an active Facebook group and welcomes new members.

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The Art s

Aquila Theatre’s ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ photo by Richard Termine

Parsons Dance Troupe photo by the artist

George Mason University’s Center for the Arts Celebrates 20 Years of Great Performances By Jill Graziano


eorge Mason University’s Center for the Arts celebrates a major milestone this year – 20 years of bringing world-class performances by nationally and internationally acclaimed artists to audiences in Northern Virginia and Washington, D.C. For two decades, this extraordinary venue on Mason’s Fairfax campus has provided audiences of all ages and backgrounds with the opportunity to enjoy the performing arts. “To celebrate our 20th anniversary, we have invited back some of our favorite and most popular artists from previous seasons, as well as an exciting host of gifted performers who appear on our stage for the first time, as we continue to bring to Fairfax the best of the performing arts,” said Thomas Reynolds, the Center’s director of artistic programming. The Center recently announced the events of its 201011 Great Performances at Mason series, a collection of more than 50 events featuring impressive symphony orchestras; innovative chamber groups; exquisite opera; Joel Grey photo by grand Russian ballet; incredible Andrew Eccles modern dance companies; remarkable touring theater companies; bluegrass, jazz, folk and blues legends; colorful dance and music troupes from around the globe; and heartwarming holiday performances. This season offers numerous performances by renowned or emerging artists who visit the Center for the first time. The fall features hip, young quartet Brooklyn Rider, who explore the works of everyone from Bach to Philip Glass. Spanish songstress Buika brings her captivating vocals and unique blend of jazz, blues, soul, gypsy rumba, Afro-Cuban music and flamenco. A sensation abroad, the colorful, exhilarating Indian musical

July/August 2010

Danu photo by Colm Henry

“The Merchants of Bollywood” enchants audiences of all ages. American art forms are represented by Dailey & Vincent, whose debut album topped the Billboard Bluegrass Chart, and New Orleans Nights featuring jazz titans Allen Toussaint, Nicholas Payton and the Joe Krown Trio. The Waverly Consort and Synergy Brass Quintet bring holiday cheer to Fairfax this winter. The spring features Opole, Philharmonic of Poland and Deutsche Staatsphilharmonie on their first American tours. Renowned in Ireland, Danú uses traditional Irish instruments and appears in time for St. Patrick’s Day. Celebrating its 40th anniversary, Hot Tuna Blues brings a celebration of blues, jazz, bluegrass and folk performed by Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees Jorma Kaukonen and Jack Casady. Cherished regulars who return this season include Jeffrey Siegel with his beloved “concerts with commentary” series Keyboard Conversations® and the Virginia Opera with stunning productions of “Rigoletto,” “Così fan tutte,” “The Valkyrie” and “Madama Butterfly.” Modern dance troupes include MOMIX presenting its green-themed “Botanica,” Parsons Dance with its cutting-edge rock

opera “Remember Me” and the companies of Mark Morris and Lar Lubovitch performing inspiring new pieces and signature works. Bayanihan National Dance Company, Tango Buenos Aires and Perú Negro have charmed Center audiences in the past and return with colorful costumes, vibrant music and cultural dance. Chanticleer, Leahy and the Vienna Boys Choir bring the spirit of Christmas this winter. Touring companies L.A. Theatre Works, Aquila Theatre, The Acting Company and Mason’s own Theater of the First Amendment perform everything from Shakespeare to contemporary theater. Northern Virginia’s own Metropolitan Jazz Orchestra and American Festival Pops Orchestra also make appearances this season at their home venue. The Center offers nine subscription series: Magnificent Music, Dynamic Dance, Global View, American Echoes, Enthralling Theater, Virginia Opera, Keyboard Conversations®, and All Music and All Dance. Subscribers who choose these series have the opportunity to attend all of the performances in a particular genre. Those who are interested in a variety of genres can select events from across the Great Performances at Mason series to create their own custom series. Subscribers can choose four or more events to create a custom series, and the more events a subscriber purchases, the more he or she saves. In addition to discounts on tickets, subscribers receive exciting benefits such as priority seating, opportunities to exchange tickets and invitations to special events with featured artists. Subscriptions to the Center for the Arts are available now and single tickets go on sale on Wednesday, Sept. 1 at 10 a.m. For more information about George Mason University’s Center for the Arts or to become a Center for the Arts subscriber, please visit or call (703) 993-2787. Come help us celebrate 20 years of Great Performances at Mason!

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Low Impact Cardio Boxing For Women

Ever Wonder Why Oriental Women Look Younger?

çž&#x17D; č&#x201A;&#x152;

Oriental women rarely need face-lifts. You donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t have to be Oriental to age as well as they do. You just need to steal some of their diet, life style and skin care strategies. Keep the sun off your face. Most of the lines we get in our forties and fifties are caused primarily by earlier UV damage. Being in the sun also brings whatever damage youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve accumulated in the past to the surface. Use high quality sun block and prevent future damage. You are also keeping whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s hidden in your skinâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s lower layers from emerging into view.

Keep your skin hydrated. Use air conditioners and heaters very sparingly. Discipline yourself about moisturizing. Oriental women are willing to adhere to a daily regimen of a few or more steps, whereas most American women want one hard-working product that does it all. Use a creamy cleanser and moisturizing toner every day, and hydrating sunscreen as needed, as well as mask at least once a week. Massage your face and neck. In some of the Asian culture, facial massage is part of the skin care ritual. Facial massage is based on the East Asian traditions of acupuncture and acupressure, stimulating certain points of the face to increase circulation, boosting radiance and improving your skinâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s ability to absorb skin care ingredients that should be pure natural and chemical free.

Fun, plus Real Boxing Techniques for self defense. Low Impact Exercise for Hips, Knees and Ankle problem Plus Nutritional Facts for Permanent weight lost.

Visit to read more or call 888-WIN-8990 for FREE SAMPLES. Sanders Perry Skin Care products were produced for the first time in London in 1947 by English botanist Ronald Harrington. They are not mass-produced in factories, but are handmade in Japanese laboratories where the manufacturer can closely supervise production under strict conditions that maintain their high quality and potency.

FREE ,QWURGXFWRU\&ODVVIRU7ZR&DOOIRU&ODVV7LPH For Information and Enrollment procedure, Call Sara at Â&#x2021;2O\PSLD%R[LQJ&HQWHUÂ&#x2021;)DOOV&KXUFK9$



899 Management, Inc. 888-946-8990 â&#x20AC;˘

Get Away From The Grind

Experience Southern Marylandâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Finest Beachfront Camping Only 2.5 hours from Northern Virginia

A new twist in the world of delicious exciting foods, all under one roof.

Camp Merryelande Beach Cottages & Camping on the Potomac River

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10338 Main Street Fairfax , Virginia 22030 Tel: 703-877 0595 Come visit us at our new store and receive an Earth Bag with this ad on purchases of $30.00 or more (while supplies last).


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Tel: 301-994-1722 Web: Email:

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Free screening available.

July/August 2010

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FREeE to th Public







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Fairfax Woman - July/August 2010 Issue  

a lifestyle magazine

Fairfax Woman - July/August 2010 Issue  

a lifestyle magazine