DARPA: 50 Years of Bridging the Gap

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3/4/08 4:46:04 PM

innovative contributions sustained leadership Science and technology (S&T) play ever-expanding roles in today’s complex military environment. Whether developing the Saturn IV rocket that enabled the Apollo and Mercury programs to pioneering stealth technology used in the F-117 fighter and other platforms, DARPA develops innovative S&T that bridges the gap between today’s mission requirements and tomorrow’s long-range vision. Booz Allen Hamilton is proud to recognize DARPA on 50 years of contributing revolutionary technologies—transforming the military’s ability to meet its mission.

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10/9/07 6:14:10 PM

Booz Allen, a global strategy and technology consulting ďŹ rm, has a successful track record of helping our clients address their needs. Our consultants provide S&T support to clients in both the private and public sectors who rely on our expertise to execute such critical S&T tasks as feasibility studies, modeling and simulation, analysis, technology transition, and technical evaluations. Booz Allen is committed to aligning our S&T initiatives with DARPA’s mission, and to delivering results that endure.


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10/9/07 6:14:41 PM

Protecting the Warfighter. We take it personally.

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1/14/08 5:16:45 PM

From the traditional battlefields of the past to the urban battlefields of the future, Dino and his colleagues at SAIC bridge the gap by transforming far-side science to near-term solutions. We congratulate DARPA on 50 years of creating innovative technologies for national security and look forward to contributing to the next 50 years. For more information, visit www.saic.com

© 2008 Science Applications International Corporation. All rights reserved.

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8/24/07 2:25:01 PM

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2/26/08 5:56:17 PM

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2/26/08 5:54:51 PM


HIGHER At AIAA, shooting for the stars is a way of life. Our 35,000 members are the scientists, engineers, and allied professionals who conceive, design, develop, test, construct, and operate air and space vehicles. In fact, virtually every milestone in modern American ight has been achieved by an AIAA member. For more than 75 years, we have been serving our members and the aerospace community through issue advocacy, education, communications, publishing, and professional development. We are constantly working to push aeronautic and astronautic excellence ever higher.

Congratulations to DARPA on 50 Years of Technological Superiority www.aiaa.org

See Aerospace America’s April issue for a retrospective look at 50 years of DARPA innovation, experimentation, and success.

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11/8/07 6:46:14 PM

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DARPA resolution2.indd 9

2/26/08 7:32:00 PM

ISO 9001 : 2000 Certified

API Nanotronics Congratulates DARPA on their 50th Anniversary

Syn'·er·gis'·m Function: noun; interaction of discrete agencies such that the total effect is greater than the sum of the individual effects

It's about diversification. Through the combined efforts of our custom manufacturing subsidiaries, API Nanotronics supports the efforts of the global defense and communications industries.

It's about vision. By coordinating the goals of our subsidiaries, API Nanotronics sharpens the focus on new technologies and capabilities, developing tomorrow's technologies today.

It's about legacy. Ever-mindful of your investment in existing technology, API Nanotronics' subsidiaries offer a full complement of high-grade, new and replacement parts for aircraft, military, medical, and commercial systems built over the past three decades.

API Nanotronics Corp. The Definition of Synergism. • NANO OPTO: creates new classes of densely integrated, modular nano-optical components our design and nano-manufacturing capabilities are redefining cost and performance. • API ELECTRONICS: MIL-PRF-19500 power transistors, tuning diodes, solid state relays, and DC-DC converters. • FILTRAN: Filters, transformers, power supplies, inductors, chokes and coils. • NATIONAL HYBRID: Mil-Std-1553 Data Bus products, SSPC, Power Hybrid, High Density Custom Packaging and Custom State-of-the-Art Hybrid Microcircuits. • KEYTRONICS: Custom magnetics, power transformers, and capacitor networks. • TM SYSTEMS: Naval shipboard visual landing aid equipment. • SENSONICS: Aircraft instrumentation vibrators, circuit assemblies, and solenoids. • ISLIP TRANSFORMER & METAL: Radar signal indicators, circuit card/cable assemblies. • Pace Technology Inc.(PCI) is a wholly owned subsidiary of National Hybrid, Inc. and specializes in the manufacture of hybrid circuits and in the turnkey manufacturing of electronic assemblies and systems. Tel: 631-582-6767 e-Mail: sales@apinanotronics.com www.apinanotronics.com

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1/21/08 11:59:05 AM

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DARPA resolution2.indd 11

2/26/08 7:32:22 PM

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1/15/08 2:00:53 PM

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3/1/08 7:43:26 PM

Working in the National Interest Like the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, the General Atomics companies have a 50-year track record of creating and delivering technical solutions in the national interest. We’ve been carrying on such projects for DARPA ever since 1958, the agency’s first year. Some current examples: PREDATOR UNMANNED AIRCRAFT SYSTEMS, built by General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, have passed the 300,000 flight hour milestone. Predator® grew out of the GNAT®-750 unmanned surveillance aircraft developed in 1988-89 using experience gained in DARPA’s Amber technology development program. The Reconnaissance Systems Group produces airborne SAR/GMTI packages that enhance the ISR capability of manned and unmanned aircraft. It also integrates the Magnum EO/IR high-resolution imagery systems developed by GA’s Photonics Division. STAND-OFF PRECISION ID in THREE-DIMENSIONS (Spi-3D). Spi3D is an innovative approach to producing high-resolution threedimensional images from a single laser shot. Combined with advanced passive imagery, Spi-3D offers a new approach to precision ISR.

High-resolution passive imagery

HIGH ENERGY LIQUID LASER AREA DEFENSE SYSTEM (HELLADS) is a DARPA-sponsored, new laser weapons system now being developed at GA’s Photonics Division. HELLADS offers a major reduction in weight and volume enabling laser weapons on tactical platforms.

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2/14/08 3:11:16 PM

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TOC.indd 2

3/1/08 7:43:54 PM

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11/6/07 1:57:27 PM


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Masthead.indd 17

2/26/08 6:38:43 PM

$ HTPab ^U 1aXSVX]V cWT 6P_

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' 30A?0

DARPA Directors.indd 18

2/26/08 6:01:25 PM

$ HTPab ^U 1aXSVX]V cWT 6P_

(' ('$ 3a A^QTac ·1^Q¸ B 2^^_Ta

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30A?0 (

DARPA Directors.indd 19

2/26/08 6:02:19 PM

$ HTPab ^U 1aXSVX]V cWT 6P_

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! 30A?0

Intro - Van Atta.indd 20

2/26/08 5:34:16 PM

$ HTPab ^U 1aXSVX]V cWT 6P_

fPb fT[[ d]STabc^^S X] 0A?0 cWPc Xcb a^[T X] b_PRT _a^VaP\b fPb cT\_^ aPah P]S cWPc cWT RaTPcX^] ^U =0B0 fPb P[aTPSh X] cWT f^aZb Q^cW X] cWT FWXcT 7^dbT P]S X] 2^]VaTbb C^ PSSaTbb QP[[XbcXR \XbbX[T STUT]bT 1<3 0A?0 TbcPQ[XbWTS cWT 3T UT]STa _a^VaP\ fWXRW [PbcTS d]cX[ (%& _TaU^a\X]V PSeP]RTS aTbTPaRW aT[PcX]V c^ 1<3 P]S ^Ã¥T]bXeT QP[[XbcXR \XbbX[T _T]TcaPcX^] CWXb _a^VaP\ fPb 0A?0ºb [PaVTbc ^eTa cWT STRPST P]S X]R[dSTS _X^]TTaX]V aTbTPaRW X]c^ [PaVT Va^d]S QPbTS _WPbTS PaaPh aPSPa >eTa cWT 7^aXi^] >C7 WXVW UaT`dT]Rh aPSPa WXVW T]TaVh [PbTab P]S P eTah WXVW PRRT[TaPcX^] P]cX QP[[XbcXR \XbbX[T X]cTaRT_c^a Pb fT[[ Pb TgcT]bXeT aTbTPaRW X]c^ Pc\^ b_WTaXR _WT]^\T]^[^Vh \TPbdaT\T]c P]S X\PVX]V P]S \XbbX[T _T] TcaPcX^] PXSb 0A?0ºb ]dR[TPa cTbc STcTRcX^] _a^VaP\ ET[P U^RdbTS ^] bT]bX]V cTRW]^[^VXTb P]S cWTXa X\_[T\T]cPcX^] c^ STcTRc B^eXTc fTP_^]b cTbc X]V ET[P 7^cT[ bPcT[[XcTb bdRRTbbUd[[h STeT[^_TS bT]bX]V cTRW]^[^Vh P]S V[^QP[ QPRZVa^d]S SPcP c^ STcTRc ]dR[TPa Tg_[^bX^]b cPZX]V _[PRT X] b_PRT P]S cWT Pc\^b_WTaT _a^eXSX]V \^]Xc^aX]V RP_PQX[Xch bd__^acX]V cWT ;X\XcTS CTbc 1P] CaTPch X] (%" ET[P P[b^ X]R[dSTS bTXb\XR STcTR cX^] ^U d]STaVa^d]S Tg_[^bX^]b P]S Va^d]S QPbTS \TcW^Sb c^ STcTRc ]dR[TPa Tg_[^bX^]b X] cWT Pc\^b_WTaT P]S X] b_PRT 1h (% P R^d]cTa X]bdaVT]Rh _a^YTRc 068;4 fPb bcPacTS Pb cWT EXTc ]P\ FPa WTPcTS d_ CWXb X]R[dSTS SXeTabT cPRcXRP[ bhbcT\b aP]VX]V Ua^\ ÂT[S cTbcX]V Tg_TaX\T]cb [TPSX]V c^ cWT < % aXÃT c^ U^[XPVT _T]TcaPc X]V aPSPa RP_PQ[T ^U Pdc^\PcXRP[[h STcTRcX]V X]cadSTab P] PR^dbcXRP[[h bcTP[cWh PXaRaPUc U^a ]XVWc bdaeTX[[P]RT P]S X]XcXP[ f^aZ X] ]XVWc eXbX^] 8] (%! 0A?0 X]XcXPcTS cWT >UUXRT ^U 8]U^a\PcX^] ?a^RTbbX]V CTRW ]X`dTb P]S 1TWPeX^aP[ BRXT]RTb c^ PSSaTbb X]U^a\PcX^] _a^RTbbX]V ·cTRW]X`dTb¸ fXcW P U^Rdb ^] _^bbXQ[T aT[TeP]RT c^ R^\\P]S P]S R^]ca^[ 0b Xb T[PQ^aPcTS QT[^f d]STa cWT Tg_P]bXeT eXbX^] ^U Xcb UXabc

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30A?0 fPb Âabc TbcPQ[XbWTS Pb P aTbTPaRW P]S STeT[^_\T]c ^aVP]X iPcX^] X\\TSXPcT[h d]STa cWT bTRaTcPah ^U STUT]bT fXcW cWT \XbbX^] c^ PbbdaT cWPc cWT D]XcTS BcPcTb \PX]cPX]TS P [TPS X] P__[hX]V bcPcT ^U cWT Pac cTRW]^[^Vh U^a \X[XcPah RP_PQX[XcXTb P]S c^ _aTeT]c cTRW]^[^VXRP[ bda_aXbT Ua^\ WTa PSeTabPaXTb 0A?0 fPb RaTPcTS c^ Â[[ P d]X`dT a^[T fWXRW _dc Xc X]c^ R^]cT]cX^] P]S R^\_TcXcX^] fXcW cWT TgXbcX]V STUT]bT A 3 TbcPQ[XbW\T]c 0b cWT 0SeP]RTS ATbTPaRW ?a^YTRcb 0VT]Rh 0A?0 fPb SXÃ¥TaT]cXPcTS Ua^\ ^cWTa ^aVP]XiPcX^]b Qh P] Tg_[XRXc T\_WPbXb ^] ·PSeP]RTS¸ aTbTPaRW VT]TaP[[h X\_[hX]V P STVaTT ^U aXbZ VaTPcTa cWP] \^aT dbdP[ aTbTPaRW T] STPe^ab 0b U^a\Ta 0A?0 3XaTRc^a 3a 4QTaWPaSc ATRWcX] T\_WPbXiTS aTbTPaRW Pb ^__^bTS c^ STeT[^_\T]c X\_[XTb d]Z]^f]b fWXRW X] cda] X\_[XTb cWT _^bbXQX[Xch ^U UPX[daT X] cWT bT]bT cWPc cWT PSeP]RTS R^]RT_c ^a XSTP cWPc Xb QTX]V aTbTPaRWTS \Ph ]^c QT PRWXTePQ[T FTaT cWT R^] RT_c PRWXTePQ[T fXcW [Xcc[T ^a ]^ aXbZ ^U UPX[daT cWT _a^YTRc f^d[S ]^c QT P aTbTPaRW TÃ¥^ac Qdc P STeT[^_\T]c TÃ¥^ac 8c Xb R[TPa Ua^\ 30A?0ºb WXbc^ah cWPc fXcWX] cWT bR^_T ^U cWXb \XbbX^] cWT T\_WPbXb P]S X]cTa_aTcPcX^] ^U PSeP]RTS aTbTPaRW WPeT ePaXTS _PacXRd[Pa[h X] cTa\b ^U cWT STVaTT P]S ch_T ^U aXbZ P]S W^f UPa c^ V^ c^fPaS ST\^]bcaPcX^] ^U P__[XRPcX^] AXbZ WPb bTeTaP[ SX\T]bX^]b) [PRZ ^U Z]^f[TSVT aTVPaSX]V cWT _WT]^\T]P ^a R^]RT_c XcbT[U* [PRZ ^U Z]^f[TSVT PQ^dc cWT P__[XRPcX^]b cWPc \XVWc aTbd[c XU cWT _WT]^\T]P ^a R^]RT_c fTaT d]STabc^^S* X]PQX[Xch c^ VPdVT cWT R^bc ^U PaaXeX]V

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30A?0 !

Intro - Van Atta.indd 2

3/1/08 6:58:47 PM

rsis on temp.indd 1

10/26/07 4:58:38 PM

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Intro - Van Atta.indd 23

2/26/08 5:35:18 PM

innovation » experience » reach

Telcordia salutes DARPA on 50 years of proud innovation. It takes a special kind of organization to spend five decades on the cutting edge of our nation’s defense. Telcordia congratulates DARPA on a star-studded legacy of pioneering research and development. As we continue our work with DARPA to deliver the future of military communications, we can’t help but anticipate many more landmarks to come.

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024_telmitR.indd 1

2/22/08 2:22:58 PM

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Intro - Van Atta.indd 25

2/26/08 5:35:42 PM

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Intro - Van Atta.indd 26

c^ _aTbT]c P _Tab_TRcXeT ^U X]cTa]TccTS R^\_dcTab _a^eXSX]V RP_P QX[XcXTb U^a R^[[PQ^aPcX^] P]S SPcP X]cTaRWP]VT P\^]V aTbTPaRWTab B^\T ^U cWXb f^aZ Xb STbRaXQTS X] ;XRZ[XSTaºb PacXR[T ·<P] 2^\_dcTa Bh\QX^bXb ¸ P]S ;XRZ[XSTa P]S CPh[^aºb ·CWT 2^\_dcTa Pb P 2^\\d ]XRPcX^]b 3TeXRT ¸ C4=B8>= 14CF44= 30A?0 A>;4B

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2/26/08 5:36:09 PM

$ HTPab ^U 1aXSVX]V cWT 6P_

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Intro - Van Atta.indd 27

cWPc X]R[dSTS X]cTaPRcXeT R^\_dcTab X]cTa]TccTS R^\_dcX]V eXacdP[ aTP[Xch P]S X]cT[[XVT]c bhbcT\b ;XRZ[XSTaºb TgcaP^aSX]Pah ]^cX^] ^U ·\P] R^\_dcTa bh\QX^bXb¸ fPb P Ud]SP\T]cP[ eXbX^] cWPc U^aTbPf dbX]V ]Tf ch_Tb ^U R^\_d cPcX^]P[ RP_PQX[XcXTb c^ PRWXTeT UXabc PdV\T]cTS Wd\P] RP_PQX[X cXTb P]S cWT] _^bbXQ[h PacXUXRXP[ X]cT[[XVT]RT ;XRZ[XSTa Qa^dVWc cWTbT X]RW^PcT Qdc _aTbRXT]c ]^cX^]b c^ 30A?0 fWT] WT fPb ]P\TS SX aTRc^a ^U Xcb 8]U^a\PcX^] ?a^RTbbX]V CTRW]X`dTb >UUXRT 8?C> 7T Qa^dVWc P _^fTaUd[ eXbX^] ^U fWPc R^d[S QT P]S dbTS cWXb Pb cWT QPbXb U^a bdbcPX]TS X]eTbc\T]c X] cWT d]STa[hX]V cTRW]^[^VXTb c^ PRWXTeT cWT eXbX^] CWXb R^]RT_c QTRP\T cWT VTbcPcX^] ^U P R^]RTac TS TUU^ac cWPc Rd[\X]PcTS X] cWT 0A?0=4C Pb fT[[ Pb cTRW]^[^VXRP[ X]]^ePcX^]b X] R^\_dcTa VaP_WXRb _a^RTbbX]V P]S ^cWTa RP_PQX[X cXTb cWPc [TS c^ 30A?0ºb Ud]SP\T]cP[ X\_PRc ^] ·\PZX]V R^\_dcTab _Tab^]P[¸ ® P cad[h RWP]VT bcPcT eXbX^] cWPc WPS P] X]U[dT]cXP[ a^[T X] U^bcTaX]V P caP]bU^a\PcX^]P[ R^]RT_c P]S cWT RaTPcX^] ^U P] T]cXaT X]Sdbcah 30A?0ºB A>;4 8= 2A40C8=6 0 A4E>;DC8>= 8= <8;8C0AH 05508AB

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2/26/08 5:36:37 PM



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moldedR on temp.indd 1

2/7/08 5:01:45 PM

$ HTPab ^U 1aXSVX]V cWT 6P_

6h i]Z YdXjbZci i]Vi hiVgiZY ^i Vaa! i]Z dg^\^cVa 9ZeVgibZci d[ 9Z[ZchZ 9^gZXi^kZ \VkZ 6GE6 i]Z jc^fjZ gdaZ d[ YZkZade^c\ cZl iZX]cdad\n [dg b^a^iVgn jhZ#

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30A?0 !(

Intro - Van Atta.indd 29

2/26/08 5:36:59 PM

$ HTPab ^U 1aXSVX]V cWT 6P_

A4E>;DC8>=8I8=6 C74 2><<4A280; <0A:4C?;024 1h 3a 9P\Tb AXRWPaSb^]

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Commercial Implications.indd 30

2/26/08 7:07:35 PM

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30A?0 "

Commercial Implications.indd 31

2/26/08 7:07:54 PM

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Commercial Implications.indd 32

2/26/08 7:08:11 PM

Happy Birthday DARPA! From Oculus, one of the leading providers of innovative mission focused visualization for defense, intelligence and industry. www.oculusinfo.com

033_ocuqintR.indd 1

2/22/08 2:35:18 PM

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Commercial Implications.indd 4

3/1/08 6:59:53 PM

50 Years of Bridging the Gap

The Technology Reinvestment Project. By the 1990s, the efficacy of dual-use technology was generally recognized. The benefits of the private sector’s innovation, economy of scale, and rapid and reliable production were well demonstrated. As a result, the Defense Conversion, Reinvestment, and Transition Assistance Act of 1992 led to the establishment of a program designed to maximize the benefits of dual-use technology. The program was named the Technology Reinvestment Project, the TRP, and was placed under the management of DARPA because of the agency’s extensive experience in dual-use technology development. Both the Clinton administration and Congress publicly embraced the concept of the TRP. The program was first led by Dr. Lee Buchanan, then-director of DARPA’s Defense Sciences Office, and later by Dr. Steve Wax. At close to $1 billion, the program became one of the largest commercial investment efforts ever undertaken by the DoD. DARPA was required by Congress to work in concert with other government agencies. Program participants from the Army, Navy, and Air Force helped ensure that the TRP focused on military problems and benefits. In addition, high-ranking officials from other federal departments were also included. Through three solicitations held in FY 1993, 1994, and 1995, the TRP sponsored 133 dualuse technology development projects. But the TRP encountered problems on Capitol Hill. A new, Republican-dominated Congress decided that the program constituted more value for commercial industry than for the military and closed it down. The last TRP solicitation was held in 1994, but TRP’s products continued to emerge for years to follow. Private-sector Developers

Throughout its history, DARPA has often engaged commercial firms to conduct technology and systems development programs. At the heart of this strategy is a principle that is endemic to the agency’s entrepreneurial approach. After finding innovative ideas and technological opportunities that address military needs, the next challenge is to find the best people to develop them. If that means contracting with the defense industry, so be it, but for many fields, such as telecommunications, computing, and materials, the commercial sec-

tor reigns. DARPA has also kept abreast of the rapid advancements in the commercial technology world and added depth to the agency’s knowledge base by hiring private-sector personnel as program managers. One of many examples is Dr. Robert Leheny, now the agency’s deputy director. Before he arrived at DARPA in 1987, Leheny was an executive director for Network Technology Research in the Applied Research Laboratory of Bell Communications Research, Inc. He sponsored work in advancing optoelectronic modules, devices that connect optical and electronic systems. The Commercial Electronics Boom. It was clear to DARPA that the creativity in computing, communications, and information technologies was vested in the commercial electronics industry. It is interesting to note the large number of commercial companies and individuals that were sponsored by DARPA to produce a generation of worldchanging products and capabilities. Some of these companies were specifically created to conduct projects for the agency, and an impressive number of them have become recognized names throughout the globe. Sun Microsystems, Apple, Silicon Graphics, Inc., Cisco Systems, Fore, IBM, Compaq, NCR, Cray Research, and others began programs under DARPA’s sponsorship to contribute to the creation or improvement of distributive computing and open system architectures. The hardware side of the information revolution was addressed by DARPA in the same mode, enlisting Hewlett Packard, Intel, Motorola, Analog Devices, Cisco, Bay Networks, Precept, Intel, IBM, and hundreds of other commercial companies to conduct programs in semiconductor modeling, design, and fabrication. Though at the time no one could predict how ravenous the commercial market would become and how dramatically it would accelerate the advancements in electronics products, it was clear to many that only a market-driven and highly innovative private sector could respond effectively in developing and sustaining the products the military would need. DARPA formed many relationships with the electronics industry from the late 1970s on, and because of the similarities of telecommunication, computing, and robotics needs of the military and civilians, the technologies, and ultimately the products,

HOSTILE FIRE Detection Location Elimination

Counter sniper, RPG, ATGM & direct fire mortars

• Locates shooter • Directs counter fire Protects crew and vehicle

• Cues Active Protection systems


Marketing@Mustangtechnology.com DARPA 35

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Commercial Implications.indd 36

2/26/08 7:11:13 PM

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Commercial Implications.indd 37

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Information Systems Laboratories (ISL) is a science and engineering innovator in the fields of advanced sensors, communications, adaptive signal processing, nuclear systems analysis, and space/missile system technology.

ISL seeks to emphasize a select set of emerging technologies and to develop techniques to bring those technologies to customers, either directly or through joint ventures, strategic partnerships, licenses and teaming arrangements. T h e c o m p a n y ’s e m p l o y e e o wn e r sh i p m o del affo rds a m aj o r employment incentive in recruiting

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top scientists and engineers, and a strong motivation for excellent job performance and employee retention.

Information Systems Laboratories 10070 Barnes Canyon Rd. San Diego, CA 92121 Phone: 858-535-9680 Fax: 858-535-9848 www.islinc.com

2/26/08 7:11:28 PM

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Legacy Ground Combat.indd 38

2/26/08 5:42:23 PM

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Legacy Ground Combat.indd 39

2/26/08 5:42:51 PM

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Legacy Ground Combat.indd 40

2/26/08 5:43:13 PM

$ HTPab ^U 1aXSVX]V cWT 6P_

Photo Courtesy of Powerex

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Legacy Ground Combat.indd 41

P]S _aTRXbT[h caPRZ eTWXR[Tb \^eX]V ^] cWT 4PacWยบb bdaUPRT ^dc c^ SXbcP]RTb X] TgRTbb ^U $ \X[Tb !$ ZX[^\TcTab TeT] X] SPaZ]Tbb P]S PSeTabT fTPcWTa CWT ร abc ร XVWc ^U P _a^c^ch_T PXaRaPUc ^R RdaaTS X] 3TRT\QTa ('' P]S cWT ร abc cf^ 4 '0 _a^c^ch_T PXaRaPUc fTaT dbTS X] >_TaPcX^] 3TbTac Bc^a\ CWTh _a^eXSTS P aTP[ cX\T cPR cXRP[ eXTf ^U cWT QPcc[Tร T[S ]TeTa bTT] QTU^aT X] cWT WXbc^ah ^U fPaUPaT 3daX]V cWT \PbbXeT 8aP`X Tg^Sdb Ua^\ :dfPXc 2Xch 9^X]c BC0AB _X]_^X]cTS cW^dbP]Sb ^U ร TTX]V eTWXR[Tb U^a R^P[XcX^] PccPRZ PXaRaPUc CWT \XbbX[T _^acX^] ^U 0bbPd[c 1aTPZTa QT RP\T cWT bX]V[T bTaeXRT 0C02<B _a^VaP\ CWT C6B< TUU^acb [TS c^ CTgca^]ยบb BZTTc P]cX Pa\^a fPaWTPS P]S =^acWa^_ 6ad\\P]ยบb 1aX[[XP]c 0]cX Pa\^a 10C bdQ\d]XcX^] CWT 0Xa 5^aRTยบb PXa ST[XeTaTS BT]b^a 5diTS FTP_^] SXb_T]bTb # ^U cWT BZTTcb TPRW ^U fWXRW RP] STcTRc P cP]Z Pb Xc STbRT]Sb P]S UXaT P] Tg_[^bXeT[h U^a\TS R^__Ta b[dV cWPc _T]TcaPcTb cWT eTWXR[Tยบb cWX]]Ta c^_ Pa\^a CWT bTaeXRTยบb PccPRZ PXaRaPUc UXabc dbTS cWT BT]b^a 5diTS FTP_^] SdaX]V PXa bcaXZTb X]

Cree. Innovation & energy-ef๏ฌ ciency in defense electronics. Cree is proud to have played a role in developing advanced power and RF technology for use by our nationโ s defense agencies and aerospace contractors. Creeโ s innovative, energy-ef๏ฌ cient, products improve performance, reduce energy consumption and save valuable space in the next generation of military electronic systems.


2/26/08 5:43:44 PM

sikorskyRR on temp.indd 1

2/21/08 12:05:51 PM

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Legacy Ground Combat.indd 43

2/26/08 5:44:13 PM

$ HTPab ^U 1aXSVX]V cWT 6P_

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from research to reality

Consider this: In 2003 DARPA developed a concept to protect soldiers in the field by delivering real-time reconnaissance. Today the Honeywell MAV is a reality, operating in high risk theaters such as Iraq. Honeywell is currently working to bring other DARPA programs to reality including: Micro-Gas-Analyzer (MGA): As a leader in precision MEMS production we've developed a MEMS based sensor which achieves below part per billion detection of nerve agents. Green fuel: Honeywell subsidiary UOP is developing technology to convert biorenewable sources like vegetable and algal oils to green JP-8 jet fuel providing the military with a cost-effective, sustainable liquid fuel option. Honeywell has ZRUNHG with DARPA for over 25 years. Our unique capability to conduct high technology R&D and our production capability allow us to bring DARPA concepts to reality. Congratulations on your 50th anniversary.

Visit us online at www.honeywell.com Š 2007 Honeywell International Inc. All rights reserved

honeywellR on temp.indd 1

2/7/08 3:43:48 PM

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2/26/08 6:41:40 PM

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2/26/08 6:42:05 PM

Rohm and Haas Company Congratulates DARPA for 50 Years of Innovation Leadership

Radar Applications

Infrared Missile Domes 3D MERFS Microwave Technology

Skin Decontaminatioin Resins

- ITAR-registered wafer foundry for MEMS and microdevices with advanced packaging capabilities

Breaking the Size Barrier in 3D Components

- Development partner for custom microdevices combined with materials innovation - Specializing in wafer level packaging for RF optoelectronics and metal MEMS (3D-MERFS) - Enables size reduction and higher frequency operation for RF (to > 100 GHZ) and optical packages and devices - Rohm and Haas Microfabrication, Blacksburg, VA

Leading Technology for IR Missile Domes Enabling New Capabilities in Advanced Functional Materials and Process Design

- Unique IR transmissive ZnS and ZnSe for missiles, aircraft and combat vehicles - Direct deposition of complex shapes - Rohm and Haas Advanced Materials, Woburn, MA - Protective resins for defense and homeland security - Environmental remediation - Water purification technologies - Alternative energy (Biofuels, Hydrogen, Solar) - Rohm and Haas Company, Philadelphia, PA www.rohmhaas.com

rhaas on temp.indd 1

12/6/07 3:35:22 PM

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2/26/08 6:42:28 PM

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2/7/08 3:48:50 PM

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Robots-Autonav.indd 51

2/26/08 6:42:49 PM

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3/1/08 7:02:57 PM

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Robots-Autonav.indd 6

3/1/08 7:25:51 PM

$ HTPab ^U 1aXSVX]V cWT 6P_

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$# 30A?0

Robots-Autonav.indd 7

3/1/08 7:07:03 PM

$ HTPab ^U 1aXSVX]V cWT 6P_

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Robots-Autonav.indd 55

2/26/08 6:44:32 PM

cubic on temp.indd 1

12/10/07 10:47:52 AM

96GE6 e]didh

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30A?0 $&

Robots-Autonav.indd 57

2/26/08 6:45:01 PM

$ HTPab ^U 1aXSVX]V cWT 6P_

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Nuke test.indd 1

3/1/08 7:08:01 PM

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30A?0 $(

Nuke test.indd 59

2/26/08 5:58:19 PM

$ HTPab ^U 1aXSVX]V cWT 6P_

9g# GVae] 6aZl^cZ! Y^gZXidg d[ i]Z V\ZcXnÉh CjXaZVg Bdc^idg^c\ GZhZVgX] D[ÒXZ [gdb&.-%"&..+#

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% 30A?0

Nuke test.indd 3

3/1/08 7:08:48 PM

$ HTPab ^U 1aXSVX]V cWT 6P_

E]did XdjgiZhn d[ 96GE6

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30A?0 %

Nuke test.indd 61

2/26/08 5:59:11 PM

$ HTPab ^U 1aXSVX]V cWT 6P_

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%! 30A?0

Nuke test.indd 62

2/26/08 5:59:30 PM

syracuseR on temp.indd 1

12/5/07 4:53:26 PM

$ HTPab ^U 1aXSVX]V cWT 6P_

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%# 30A?0

Missile Defense.indd 64

2/26/08 6:56:44 PM

9d9 e]did

DcZ d[ 96GE6Éh ZVgan egd_ZXih ^c b^hh^aZ YZ[ZchZ lVh i]Z XdchigjXi^dc d[ hZkZgVa gVYVgh dc @lV_VaZ^c 6idaa# DcZ iVh` [dg i]Z gVYVgh lVh id igVX` iZhi b^hh^aZh VcY dWhZgkZ ]dl i]Zn ^ciZgVXiZY l^i] i]Z Vibdhe]ZgZ# >c i]^h e]did i]gZZ Wg^\]i higZV`h d[ a^\]i bVg` b^hh^aZ gZZcig^Zh ^cid i]Z Vibdhe]ZgZ VWdkZ @lV_VaZ^c#

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30A?0 %$

Missile Defense.indd 65

2/26/08 6:58:04 PM

$ HTPab ^U 1aXSVX]V cWT 6P_

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Missile Defense.indd 66

2/26/08 6:58:28 PM

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Missile Defense.indd 67

2/26/08 6:58:52 PM

$ HTPab ^U 1aXSVX]V cWT 6P_

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Missile Defense.indd 68

2/26/08 6:59:18 PM

bbnR on temp.indd 1

2/6/08 3:04:41 PM

Okay, we admit it. Our technology is used for a variety of missions.

Our highly precise positioning products are easily integrated into all kinds of applications. Like the DARPA Challenge events, where our accurate, reliable and innovative GNSS technology was onboard the winning vehicle in the 2005 Grand Challenge and a top ďŹ nisher in the 2007 Urban Challenge. Many of the competitors in these events rely on our technology to overcome the navigation challenges they face. We congratulate them and truly believe that their success stories are our success stories. When it comes to precise positioning technology, there’s no sense in losing your way. To learn more about our innovative products, navigate to novatel.com

Precise thinking 1-800-NOVATEL (U.S. & Canada) or 403-295-4900

novatel on temp.indd 1

| Europe +44 (0) 1993 852-436 | SE Asia & Australia +61 (2) 8668 4073 | sales@novatel.com


11/13/07 2:56:52 PM

$ HTPab ^U 1aXSVX]V cWT 6P_

CWT 0[_WP 7XVW 4]TaVh ;PbTa fPb 30A?0ºb _aX\Pah [PbTa _a^VaP\ Pc cWT cX\T CWT V^P[ fPb c^ STeT[^_ P ST\^]bcaPc^a cWPc R^d[S ^eTa cX\T QT bRP[TS c^ ^]T cWPc f^d[S _a^eXST cWT \d[cX \TVPfPcc [TeT[ _^fTa ]TRTbbPah U^a QP[[XbcXR \XbbX[T STUT]bT 0[_WP U^[[^fTS ^] TPa[XTa f^aZ 30A?0 P]S cWT =Peh R^]SdRcTS fXcW cWT <XS 8]UaPaTS 0SeP]RTS 2WT\XRP[ ;PbTa P]S ^cWTa RWT\XRP[ [PbTa bhbcT\b 8] cWT TPa[h (( b PUcTa cWT 0[_WP _a^VaP\ caP]bXcX^]TS c^ 1<3> cWT [PbTa SXS X]STTS ST\^]bcaPcT \d[cX \TVPfPcc b_PRT RP_PQX[Xch >cWTa _a^VaP\b Pc cWT cX\T X]R[dSTS CP[^] 6^[S P QTP\ SXaTRc^a _a^VaP\ c^ PR`dXaT _^X]c P]S caPRZ cWT [PbTa* P _a^YTRc RP[[TS ;>34 c^ QdX[S [PaVT ^_cXRb U^a cWT b_PRT QPbTS [PbTa* P]S P]^cWTa _a^VaP\ c^ STeT[^_ b_PRT \Xaa^ab cWPc f^d[S WPeT P[[^fTS cWT [PbTa c^ aT\PX] ^] cWT Va^d]S ·;PbTab WPeT Te^[eTS bX]RT cWT] ¸ bPXS <P]VP]^ ·8] cW^bT SPhb cWTbT WXVW _^fTa [PbTab ^_TaPcTS X] cWT \XS X]UaPaTS aTVX^] ^U cWT b_TRcad\ P]S cWT \Xaa^ab aT`dXaTS c^ ^QcPX] b\P[[ b_^c bXiTb Pc cWT cPaVTc fTaT ^U `dXcT [PaVT SXP\TcTa 1dc fT SXS bW^f h^d R^d[S bRP[T [PbTab c^ eTah WXVW _^fTa P]S WPeT P [PaVT T]^dVW UX]P[ ^_cXR c^ TUUX

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30A?0 &

Missile Defense.indd 71

2/26/08 6:59:55 PM

I]Z =:AA69H egd\gVb ^h YZkZade^c\ V aVhZg i]Vi ^h hbVaa VcY edlZg[ja Zcdj\] id \^kZ iVXi^XVa eaVi[dgbh hjX] Vh Vc V^gXgV[i dg ]Za^XdeiZg Vc d[[Zch^kZ VcY YZ[Zch^kZ aVhZg lZVedc#

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&! 30A?0

Missile Defense.indd 72

2/26/08 7:00:28 PM

$ HTPab ^U 1aXSVX]V cWT 6P_

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30A?0 &"

Missile Defense.indd 73

2/26/08 7:01:13 PM

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Anti Sub warefare.indd 74

2/26/08 5:32:47 PM

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Anti Sub warefare.indd 2

3/1/08 7:10:13 PM

$ HTPab ^U 1aXSVX]V cWT 6P_

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I.T. Intro.indd 76

2/26/08 6:00:25 PM

$ HTPab ^U 1aXSVX]V cWT 6P_

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I.T. Intro.indd 2

3/1/08 7:13:44 PM

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Internet Development.indd 78

2/26/08 7:04:18 PM

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Internet Development.indd 79

2/26/08 7:04:38 PM

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' 30A?0

Internet Development.indd 80

2/26/08 7:04:54 PM

vanderbilt on temp.indd 1

10/29/07 6:58:06 PM

080_asthard.indd 1

2/7/08 3:58:11 PM

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30A?0 '"

Internet Development.indd 83

2/26/08 7:05:19 PM

$ HTPab ^U 1aXSVX]V cWT 6P_

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'# 30A?0

Internet Development.indd 84

2/26/08 7:05:45 PM

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Internet Development.indd 6

3/1/08 7:14:35 PM

The people who make history are those who deliver the future. www.textronsystems.com

At Textron Systems we’re very proud to work with DARPA, an organization committed to molding seemingly impossible futures into real world advances. Textron Systems’ R&D wing, recently renamed the Advanced Solutions Center (ASC), has worked alongside DARPA for more than 40 years, helping to pioneer many key technologies, especially in the area of directed-energy weapons. Broad in reach, while at the same time sharply focused, the ASC drives successful innovation throughout Textron Systems – AAI, HR Textron, Lycoming Engines, Overwatch Geospatial Operations, Overwatch Tactical Operations, Textron Defense Systems, and Textron Marine & Land. We thank you DARPA, for the leadership you have provided us and the entire defense industry, and for the ongoing delivery of countless innovations that have made American defense technology the envy of the world. We thank you DARPA, for the future.

©2008. Textron Systems Corporation. Textron Systems Corporation is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Avco Corporation. Avco Corporation is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Textron Inc.

textronRRR on temp.indd 1

2/18/08 10:37:50 AM

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Networks.indd 87

2/26/08 6:15:38 PM

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Networks.indd 88

2/26/08 6:16:05 PM

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Networks.indd 89

2/26/08 6:16:24 PM

We’ve got room for more ideas

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ihmc on temp.indd 1

10/16/07 3:48:21 PM

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Networks.indd 91

2/26/08 6:16:52 PM

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H productivity computing.indd 92

2/26/08 5:39:47 PM

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H productivity computing.indd 93

2/26/08 5:40:06 PM


Breakthrough Innovations in Space Technology

Orbital is proud to have worked with DARPA on some of the most innovative space programs to ever fly. As a leader in smaller, more affordable and more responsive space systems, we salute DARPA in its relentless pursuit to create new space-based technologies. Orbital’s DARPA space programs from the mid-1980’s to today include the following: • GLOMR – Global Low Orbiting Message Relay. Brian Bell (DARPA PM), George Sebesteyen (Orbital PM)

• HTV – Responsive launch vehicles for hypersonic test vehicles. Steve Walker (DARPA PM), Lou Amorosi (Orbital PM)

• SCSC – Special Communications Satellite Cluster. Col. Ed Nicastri (DARPA PM), Ray Crough (Orbital PM)

• MiTex – New technologies on a geosynchronous Microsat. Owen Brown and Roger Hall (DARPA PMs), Gregg Burgess (Orbital PM)

• MUBLCOM – Multiple User Beyond the Line of Sight Communications. Robert Ruth and Mark McHenry (DARPA PMs), Bill Coffman and Paul Caporossi (Orbital PMs) • Pegasus – Low-cost, air-launch space launch vehicle. Col. Ed Nicastri (DARPA PM), Robert Lovell (Orbital PM) • Taurus – Responsive space launch vehicle for small-class payloads. Col. Ed Nicastri (DARPA PM), Joe Padavano (Orbital PM)

• AVGS – Precision docking sensor for Orbital Express. Lt. Col. Fred Kennedy and James Schoemaker (DARPA PMs), Christopher Smith (Orbital PM) • System F6 – Pathfinder for fractionated spacecraft. Owen Brown (DARPA PM), Glen Cameron (Orbital PM)

To learn more about Orbital’s innovative small satellites and launch systems, visit www.orbital.com

DARPA did not select or approve this advertiser and does not endorse and is not responsible for the views or statements contained in this advertisement. ©2008 Orbital Sciences Corporation

orbital on temp.indd 1

1/11/08 4:45:52 PM

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H productivity computing.indd 3

3/1/08 7:15:21 PM

DARPA: 50 Years of Risk and Reward

Congratulations to DARPA for 50 years of successful missions. Ball Aerospace is proud to have worked with DARPA on developing technologies and forwardthinking programs like Orbital Express.



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2/22/08 5:16:44 PM

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H productivity computing.indd 97

2/26/08 5:40:44 PM

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DARPA language.indd 98

2/26/08 6:49:42 PM

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DARPA language.indd 99

2/26/08 6:50:05 PM

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DARPA language.indd 100

2/26/08 6:50:25 PM

$ HTPab ^U 1aXSVX]V cWT 6P_

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DARPA language.indd 101

2/26/08 6:50:56 PM

$ HTPab ^U 1aXSVX]V cWT 6P_

@D0=CD< 8=5>A<0C8>= B284=24) 30A?0ºB =4F 5A>=C84A 7n 8gV^\ 8daa^ch 8cºb QTT] P[\^bc P WP[U RT]cdah bX]RT 8]cT[ U^d]STa 6^aS^] <^^aT UXabc ^QbTaeTS cWPc TeTa bWaX]ZX]V RXaRdXcah ^] bX[XR^] RWX_b [TPSb c^ cWT S^dQ[X]V ^U cWT _TaU^a\P]RT ^U cWTbT RWX_b TeTah ' \^]cWb ^a b^ CWXb WPb QTT] X]bcad\T]cP[ X] QaX]VX]V aP_XS _a^VaTbb c^ cWT UXT[S ^U X]U^a\PcX^] _a^RTbbX]V CWT TaP ^U <^^aTºb ;Pf WPb QTT] P] X]cTaTbcX]V ^]T c^ bPh cWT [TPbc Qdc Xc Xb ]TPaX]V Xcb T]S) FXcWX] [Tbb cWP] cf^ STRPSTb RXaRdXcb fX[[ WPeT bWad]Z c^ cWT Pc^\XR [TeT[

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Quantum Info science.indd 102

2/26/08 6:55:07 PM

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Quantum Info science.indd 103

2/26/08 6:55:27 PM

when every bit matters Lumera congratulates DARPA on 50 years of fostering revolutionary ideas and sponsoring radical innovation for national security. Lumera designs and fabricates revolutionary, polymer-based materials that are applied to state-of-the-art, high performance components for optical communications. Lumera’s optical modulators, suitable for all digital and analog applications, have the highest bandwidths and lowest drive voltages in the industry, with small footprints compared to that of other electro-optic modulators. Lumera’s materials are also ideally suited for satellite and military communication and high-performance computing platforms.

Applications t All SONET and Ethernet, and Future Fibre Channel Applications: t VSR through ULH reaches t 20Gbps to 100Gbps serial data rates t Line Cards and Subsystems for High Capacity Optical Transport Systems t Standard and Custom Optical Modules and Transponders t 20Ghz through 100Ghz Analog Modulation t Free Space Optical Transmission t CATV t Satellite Communications

104_lumarg.indd 1

Features t Electro-Optic Polymer Waveguides t Dual Drive t Low Power Consumption t High Extinction Ratio t Large Bandwidth t No Radiation Damage t Small Footprint www.LUMERA.com

2/7/08 4:05:20 PM

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Quantum Info science.indd 105

2/26/08 6:55:45 PM

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3/1/08 7:16:45 PM

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30A?0 &

space history2.indd 2

3/1/08 7:17:40 PM

intelR on temp.indd 1

2/7/08 3:26:40 PM

$ HTPab ^U 1aXSVX]V cWT 6P_

\XbbX[T _a^VaP\ cWT 0Xa 5^aRTºb CW^a bTaXTb P]S cWT =PeP[ ATbTPaRW ;PQ^aPc^ahºb EP]VdPaS a^RZTc fTaT X] WTPcTS R^\_TcXcX^] 5^a cWT cX\T QTX]V cWT 0a\h R^d[S R[PX\ eXRc^ah fWT] ^] 9P] " ($' P bW^ac fTTZ QTU^aT cWT TbcPQ[XbW\T]c ^U 0A?0 P]S U^da \^]cWb PUcTa B_dc]XZ ^]T ^U Xcb ATSbc^]T a^RZTcb bT]c cWT !" _^d]S 4g_[^aTa 8 X]c^ ^aQXc >]T ^U 0A?0ºb Âabc \XbbX^]b fPb c^ b^ac ^dc cWT W^SVT_^SVT ^U _a^ VaP\b CWT \P] P__^X]cTS c^ b^ac ^dc cWT Sd_[XRPcTS _a^VaP\b fPb A^h 9^W]b^] ;XZT <R4[a^h 9^W]b^] RP\T Ua^\ cWT f^a[S ^U QdbX]Tbb 7T fPb P $! hTPa ^[S 6T]TaP[ 4[TRcaXR 64 TgTRdcXeT fXcW P b^[XS aT_dcPcX^] Pb P ca^dQ[TbW^^cTa 7T WPS ]^ QPRZVa^d]S X] bRXT]RT ^a aTbTPaRW P]S WPS ]TeTa bTaeTS X] cWT V^eTa]\T]c 0] d]_dQ[XbWTS WXbc^ah ^U 0A?0 faXc cT] X] cWT (& b RP[[TS WX\ P] ·dccTa[h R^]ÂST]c RP[\ bcaXZX]V[h WP]S b^\T X]SXeXSdP[ fW^ [^^ZTS TeTah QXc [XZT P 5^acd]T R^eTa chR^^] ¸ <R4[a^h QT[XTeTS cWT SXaTRc^a Y^Q bW^d[S V^ c^ P bTPb^]TS \P]PV Ta aPcWTa cWP] P cTRW]^[^VXbc 9^W]b^]ºb \P]PVT\T]c bch[T fPb _a^ VaTbbXeT P]S WT R^\\P]STS cWT [^hP[ch P]S aTb_TRc ^U 0A?0ºb UXabc T\_[^hTTb 7T \PST Xc R[TPa cWPc WT WPS P] ^_T] S^^a _^[XRh P]S fPb aTPSh c^ WTPa R^\_[PX]cb ]^ \PccTa W^f caXeXP[ 7T T]R^daPVTS cWT PXaX]V ^U SXUUTaX]V ^_X]X^]b 7T c^^Z cWT WTPc U^a UPX[daTb P]S bWPaTS cWT [X\T[XVWc fWT] cWTaT fPb bdRRTbb ·CWT QTbc Q^bb 8 TeTa WPS ¸ bPXS ^]T bcPUU \T\QTa ·8 PS^aTS cWT WT[[ ^dc ^U WX\ ¸ bPXS P]^cWTa 7Xb ^]T ^eTafWT[\X]V PccaXQdcT cWT WXbc^ah bcPcTS fPb ·R^\ _[TcT UaP]Z]Tbb fWPcTeTa cWT R^]bT`dT]RTb ¸ 7Xb Q[d]c ^_X]X^]b f^d[S b^^] adUU[T UTPcWTab Qdc Pb 64ºb RWXTU ca^dQ[TbW^^cTa WT fPb _aT_PaTS c^ S^ QPcc[T CWT UXabc ^aSTa ^U QdbX]Tbb fPb b^acX]V ^dc cWT bTaeXRTºb ^]V^X]V _a^VaP\b CWT 0Xa 5^aRT Pc cWT cX\T ^U cWT B_dc]XZ [Pd]RW fPb X] cWT QTVX]]X]V bcPVTb ^U STeT[^_X]V P b_h bPcT[[XcT fWXRW fPb R^ST ]P\TS 9P]db 8] P] TPa[h TgP\_[T ^U fWPc Xb Z]^f] c^SPh Pb ·aT`dXaT\T]cb RaTT_ ¸ _[P]b RP[[TS U^a _PRZX]V cWT bPcT[[XcT fXcW P RP\TaP T[TRca^]XR bT]b^ab c^ STcTRc T\XbbX^]b X] cWT T[TRca^\PV]TcXR b_TRcad\ P] X]cTaR^]cX]T] cP[ QP[[XbcXR \XbbX[T STcTRc^a P]S P RP_bd[T aTR^eTah UTPcdaT cWPc f^d[S P[[^f U^a X] ^aQXc Tg_TaX\T]cb ^] _aX\PcTb CWT _a^VaP\ f^d[S P[b^ PccT\_c c^ STP[ fXcW QPbXR Ud]RcX^]b bdRW Pb PccXcdST R^]ca^[ _a^_d[ bX^] VdXSP]RT P]S R^]ca^[ R^\\d]XRPcX^]b P]S SPcP _a^RTbbX]V 0]S 9P]db fPb ^][h ^]T TgP\_[T ^U fWPc cWT bTaeXRTb fTaT PccT\_cX]V ·CWT ]d\QTa ^U _a^_^bP[b fPb T]^a\^db ¸ bPXS H^aZ ·CWT R^]Ud bX^] cWPc cWTbT _a^_^bP[b RaTPcTS fPb eTah VaTPc P]S cWT b^[dcX^] c^ _d[[ Xc c^VTcWTa Pc P WXVWTa [TeT[ fPb _a^QPQ[h P V^^S ^]T QTRPdbT X] cTabTaeXRT aXeP[ah fPb PQ[T c^ UTTS ^Ã¥ cWPc ZX]S ^U R^]UdbX^] ® 8c fPb P \Tbb 8c aTP[[h fPb ¸ <R4[a^h T]STS cWT X]cTabTaeXRT aXeP[aXTb P]S caP]bUTaaTS P[[ \X[XcPah b_PRT _a^YTRcb c^ 0A?0 \P]PVT\T]c ^] 5TQ & ($' 9^W]b^] WPS c^ `dXRZ[h _dc c^VTcWTa P bcPUU 0S\ 9^W] 4 2[PaZ WXb ST_dch RP\T Ua^\ cWT =Peh H^aZ U^a\Ta SXaTRc^a ^U cWT ;XeTa \^aT APSXPcX^] ;PQ^aPc^ah c^^Z cWT _^bXcX^] ^U RWXTU bRXT]cXbc 9^W]b^] QTVP] aTRadXcX]V bRXT]cXUXRP[[h \X]STS \X[XcPah ^UUXRTab RXeX[XP] PVT]Rh R^d]cTa_Pacb P]S T]VX]TTab Ua^\ c^_ R^a_^aP cX^]b CWT bP[PaXTb fTaT [^f Qdc _PcaX^cXb\ P]S P bT]bT ^U daVT]Rh _a^\_cTS \P]h c^ Y^X] cWT TUU^ac <P]h ^U cWTbT TPa[h bcPUU \T\ QTab fTaT b^ RP[[TS ·b_PRT RPSTcb ¸ CWTh UTaeT]c[h QT[XTeTS cWPc cWT UdcdaT [Ph QTh^]S 4PacWºb Pc\^b_WTaT FWX[T 9^W]b^] RP\T c^

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30A?0 (

Space history.indd 109

2/26/08 6:52:32 PM

$ HTPab ^U 1aXSVX]V cWT 6P_

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Space history.indd 110

2/26/08 6:52:47 PM

$ HTPab ^U 1aXSVX]V cWT 6P_

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Space history.indd 111

2/26/08 6:53:09 PM

$ HTPab ^U 1aXSVX]V cWT 6P_

9g# HiZkZc LVa`Zg! egd\gVb bVcV\Zg d[ 96GE6Éh ;VaXdc egd\gVb! WZa^ZkZh i]Vi i]Z Æ[jijgZ d[ heVXZÓ^\]i a^Zh ^c gZ" jhVWaZ aVjcX]"dc"YZbVcY iZX]cdad\^Zh ½ l]^X] VgZ [gZZ [gdb aVjcX] eVY gZhig^Xi^dch#Ç 96GE6Éh cdi^dcVa ;VaXdc =n" eZghdc^X 8gj^hZ KZ]^XaZ! gZcYZgZY ]ZgZ! XdjaY ediZci^Vaan egdk^YZ hjX] V^gXgV[i"a^`Z XVeVW^a^i^Zh id heVXZXgV[i#

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Space history.indd 112

2/26/08 6:53:30 PM

113_raycray.indd 1

2/22/08 5:25:41 PM

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Space history.indd 114

2/26/08 6:53:52 PM

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Congratulations to DARPA for 50 years of supporting innovation.

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Tyco Electronics Corporation M/A-COM Wireless Products North America 800.366.2266 Europe +44 (0)1908.574200 Asia/Pacific +81.44.844.8296 www.macom.com M/A-COM, TE logo and Tyco Electronics are trademarks.

30A?0 $

Space history.indd 115

2/26/08 6:54:10 PM

Imaging Sensors Semiconductor Congratulations Electronics to DARPA on Optics 50 Years MEMS Materials of Innovation Technology

Information Sciences


116_telucla.indd 1

2/7/08 4:28:29 PM

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Space history.indd 117

2/26/08 6:54:31 PM

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Microsystems.indd 1

3/1/08 7:18:30 PM

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30A?0 (

Microsystems.indd 119

2/26/08 6:33:32 PM

$ HTPab ^U 1aXSVX]V cWT 6P_

4C> CWXb ^UUXRT fPb bdQbT`dT]c[h aT]P\TS cWT <XRa^bhbcT\b CTRW]^[^Vh >UUXRT <C> X] ((( c^ \^aT PRRdaPcT[h aT_aTbT]c cWT Qa^PS \Xg ^U R^\_^]T]c cTRW]^[^VXTb Xc fPb STeT[^_X]V 2DAA4=C A4B40A27

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! 30A?0

Microsystems.indd 120

2/26/08 6:33:54 PM

$ HTPab ^U 1aXSVX]V cWT 6P_

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Microsystems.indd 121

2/26/08 6:34:07 PM

122_qtrR.indd 1

2/8/08 3:05:18 PM

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30A?0 !"

Microsystems.indd 123

2/26/08 6:34:27 PM

$ HTPab ^U 1aXSVX]V cWT 6P_

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Microsystems.indd 124

2/26/08 6:34:47 PM

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Microsystems.indd 125

2/26/08 6:35:08 PM

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Microsystems.indd 126

2/26/08 6:35:36 PM

grasping what’s most important For over 50 years, the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory has made unparalleled contributions toward solving the critical scientific and technical challenges faced by our country. Now, our staff is turning to the challenges faced by the nation’s returning war fighters. Leading a consortium of more than 30 partners, our team is developing the first fully-integrated prosthetic arm that can be controlled naturally, provide sensory feedback, and approach the speed and dexterity of a native arm with 25 degrees of freedom. APL’s men and women continue to push the limits of technology in mission areas ranging from national security to space exploration … making critical contributions to the critical challenges of today and tomorrow.



© Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory

There’s a reason why we call them “advanced” circuit materials. We build on years of experience to create custom materials that provide optimum solutions for your designs; materials that are highly efficient and extremely reliable. Some more advancements? Tightly controlled DK for panel to panel uniformity; low loss for excellent performance in high frequency applications; superior flexibility in claddings, thicknesses, designs, and applications. For more information, visit: www.rogerscorporation.com/acm/info9

The world runs better with Rogers.®

Congratulations DARPA for 50 years of continued success!

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USA - AZ, tel. +1 480-961-1382

2/7/08 4:38:20 PM

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Materials research.indd 128

2/26/08 7:01:54 PM

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Materials research.indd 129

2/26/08 7:02:15 PM

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Materials research.indd 130

2/26/08 7:02:38 PM

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30A?0 "

Materials research.indd 131

2/26/08 7:02:59 PM

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Timoney Technology Ltd Gibbstown, Navan, Co. Meath, Ireland


T +353 46 90 55100 F +353 46 90 54424 W www.timoneygroup.com



+353 46 90 55122 +353 46 90 54424 hping@timoneygroup.com



Contact Ms. Ping Hu Sales & Marketing Coordinator

POC continues our commitment to develop advanced products and new technologies for the protection of our nation.


XRay Imaging/Optics

Real Time 3-D Display System

WPICâ„¢ Wireless Personal Information Carrier IHCâ„¢-Object Oriented Video Compression

WEARNETâ„¢ Personal Area Network OmniNetworkâ„¢ 360 Surveillance Network

FAERITO® Digital Video/Audio/Data Recorder

IED Detection


Physical Optics Corporation® small systems integrator of advanced technology


20600 Gramercy Place, Torrance, CA 90501-1821 (USA) Ph: 310-320-3088 • Fax: 310-320-5961

132_timpo.indd 1

2/7/08 4:40:33 PM

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Materials research.indd 133

2/26/08 7:03:20 PM

$ HTPab ^U 1aXSVX]V cWT 6P_

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"# 30A?0

Manned-Unmanned.indd 134

2/26/08 7:18:19 PM

$ HTPab ^U 1aXSVX]V cWT 6P_

96GE6Éh VZgdheVXZ ZmeZgi^hZ WZ\Vc l^i] ldg` dc hjX] gZaVi^kZan jchZmn XgV[i Vh i]Z AdX`]ZZY ND"(6! e^XijgZY ]ZgZ WZ^c\ Ódlc Wn C6H6# I]Z hV^aeaVcZ"YZg^kZY l^c\h VcY fj^Zi lddYZc egdeZaaZg VgZ XaZVgan h]dlc#

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0UcTa cWT @C ! aTcda]TS Ua^\ EXTc]P\ Xc fPb aTSTbXV]PcTS cWT G !%1 0UcTa cWT _a^ VaP\ R^]R[dSTS cWTaT fPb P [^]V WXPcdb X] G ?[P]Tb ]^c Qa^ZT] d]cX[ 30A?0ºb G !( Âabc

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30A?0 "$

Manned-Unmanned.indd 135

2/26/08 7:18:42 PM

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ge on temp.indd 1

9/24/07 1:58:38 PM

96GE6 e]did

C6H6 e]did

$ HTPab ^U 1aXSVX]V cWT 6P_

6WdkZ/ I]Z M"'. egd\gVb YZbdchigViZY i]Z VYkVciV\Zh d[ V [dglVgY"hlZei l^c\ l]Zc i]Z higjXijgVa VcY Zc\^cZZg^c\ X]VaaZc\Zh XdjaY WZ dkZgXdbZ# 7Zadl/ I]Z M"(% lVh V 96GE6"hedchdgZY egd\gVb id ZmeadgZ i]Z ZmigZbZan Y^[Ã’Xjai X]VaaZc\Zh [VX^c\ V h^c\aZ"hiV\Z"id"dgW^i HHID heVXZXgV[i YZh^\c#

cWT fX]V [^PS 0c WXVW b_TTSb cWXb TÃ¥TRc f^d[S [TPS c^ SXeTaVT]RT P]S UPX[daT ^U cWT fX]V 0 \TcP[ fX]V bca^]V T]^dVW c^ fXcWbcP]S cWXb f^d[S WPeT c^ QT b^ bcXÃ¥ cWPc cWT fTXVWc _T]P[cXTb f^d[S ]TVPcT P]h _TaU^a \P]RT VPX]b Ua^\ QTX]V bfT_c U^afPaS CWT G !( b^[eTS cWXb _a^Q[T\ Qh dbX]V PSeP]RTS VaP_WXcT R^\_^bXcT \PcTaXP[b cWT] QTR^\X]V PePX[PQ[T P]S PTa^T[PbcXRP[[h cPX[^aX]V cWT fX]V c^ aTbXbc cfXbcX]V d]STa ÃXVWc [^PSb CWT G !( µ cWT \^bc d]bcPQ[T PXaRaPUc TeTa QdX[c µ P[b^ dbTS P ÃXVWc R^]ca^[ bhbcT\ cWPc R^\_T]bPcTS U^a Xcb X]bcPQX[Xch Qh bT]bX]V ÃXVWc R^]SXcX^]b P]S R^]cX]dP[[h PSYdbcX]V cWT R^]ca^[ bdaUPRTb d_ c^ # cX\Tb _Ta bTR^]S T]PQ[X]V X\_aTbbXeT \P]TdeTaPQX[Xch CWT cf^ PXaRaPUc fTaT ÃXVWc cTbcTS Pc =0B0ºb 3ahST] 5[XVWc ATbTPaRW 2T]cTa Ua^\ ('# c^ ((! U^a P c^cP[ ^U #!! ÃXVWcb 5[XVWcb d_ c^ <PRW #' P]S P]V[Tb ^U PccPRZ d_ c^ $& STVaTTb fTaT TgTRdcTS 0]P[hbXb ^U _TaU^a \P]RT SPcP X]SXRPcTS cWPc X] ^]T ^] ^]T S^VÂVWc bXcdPcX^]b PVPX]bc R^]eT]cX^]P[ ÂVWcTa PXaRaPUc bdRW Pb cWT 5 $ P]S 5 % cWT G !( f^d[S WPeT WPS P bXV]XÂRP]c PSeP]cPVT QTRPdbT ^U Xcb PQX[Xch c^ a^dcX]T[h PRWXTeT WXVW P]V[Tb ^U PccPRZ CWT G !( P[b^ ST\^]bcaPcTS PQ^dc ! _TaRT]c [Tbb SaPV Pc caP]b^]XR b_TTSb cWP] P] T`dXeP[T]c PUc bfT_c fX]V 5[XVWc cTbcb R^]Âa\TS cWPc ]^c ^][h fPb P bd_Tab^]XR U^afPaS bfT_c fX]V PXaRaPUc UTPbXQ[T Qdc P[b^ cWPc cWT _TaU^a\P]RT R[^bT[h \PcRWTS _aTSXRcX^]b 0[cW^dVW 0Xa 5^aRT ÂVWcTa STbXV]b T\QaPRTS 30A?0ºb bcTP[cW aTe^[d cX^] aPcWTa cWP] cWT WXVW \P]TdeTaPQX[Xch _a^\XbTS Qh U^afPaS bfT_c

30A?0 "&

Manned-Unmanned.indd 137

2/26/08 7:19:17 PM

$ HTPab ^U 1aXSVX]V cWT 6P_

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C6H6 e]didh

Jh^c\ i]gjhi kZXidg^c\ VcY VYkVcXZY Y^\^iVa Ó^\]i Xdcigdah! i]Z M"(& YZbdchigViZY gZkdaji^dcVgn bVcZjkZgVW^a^in ^c V l^YZ gVc\Z d[ Ó^\]i gZ\^bZh#

"' 30A?0

Manned-Unmanned.indd 4

3/1/08 7:20:15 PM

$ HTPab ^U 1aXSVX]V cWT 6P_

96GE6Éh H]VeZY Hdc^X 7ddb 9ZbdchigVi^dc h]dlZY i]Vi i]Z ]ZVk^an bdY^ÒZY h]VeZ d[ i]Z ;"* iZhi V^gXgV[i Vahd X]Vc\ZY i]Z h]VeZ d[ i]Z V^gXgV[iÉh hdc^X Wddb# I]Z gZhZVgX] XdjaY aZVY id fj^ZiZg hjeZghdc^X V^gXgV[i#

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30A?0 "(

Manned-Unmanned.indd 139

2/26/08 7:20:15 PM

$ HTPab ^U 1aXSVX]V cWT 6P_

I]Z M"L^c\ egd\gVb hdj\]i id XdbW^cZ i]Z WZhi [ZVijgZh d[ V ]Za^XdeiZg VcY iVXi^XVa _Zi ^c dcZ V^gXgV[i#

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C6H6 e]did

Q^d]SPah [PhTa R^]ca^[ T\_[^hX]V cP]VT]cXP[ Q[^fX]V c^ VT]TaPcT ^eTa U^da cX\Tb cWT [XUc R^TæRXT]c ^U R^]eT]cX^]P[ PXaU^X[b 1h RhR[XRP[[h ePahX]V cWT PXa _aTbbdaT X] cWT TgcaT\T [h bcXÃ¥ U^da Q[PSTS a^c^a fX]V Xc fPb _^bbXQ[T c^ T[X\X]PcT cWT \TRWP]XRP[ R^\_[TgXch ^U RhR[XR _XcRW R^]ca^[ P]S c^ RP]RT[ cWT b^daRTb ^U WXVWTa WPa\^]XR eXQaPcX^]b fWX[T P[b^ _a^SdRX]V VaTPc[h X]RaTPbTS U^aT P]S PUc bTRc^a [XUc c^ _Ta \Xc R^]eTabX^] c^ bc^__TS a^c^a ÃXVWc fXcW Ud[[ [XUc 5dacWTa \^aT fXcW RXaRd[PcX^] R^]ca^[ cWT bh\\TcaXR PXaU^X[b R^d[S STeT[^_ [XUc X] TXcWTa Ã^f SXaTRcX^] ^] cWT aTcaTPcX]V bXST ^U cWT SXbR X]ST_T]ST]c ^U cWT P]V[T ^U PccPRZ b^ cWPc cWT R[Pb bXR _a^Q[T\ ^U aTcaTPcX]V Q[PST bcP[[ fPb T[X\X]PcTS >cWTa RaXcXRP[ cTRW]^[^VXTb µ P[[ ST\^]bcaPcTS µ X]R[dSTS P VaP_WXcT a^c^a fX]V fWXRW Pc cWT cX\T fPb cWT [PaVTbc _aX\P ah VaP_WXcT PTa^b_PRT bcadRcdaT TeTa \PST* P WdQ \^\T]c UTTSQPRZ a^c^a R^]ca^[ bhbcT\ fWXRW T]PQ[TS cWT WXVW X]Ta cXP a^c^a c^ QT R^]ca^[[TS SdaX]V Xcb bc^__X]V P]S bcPacX]V \P ]TdeTa Ua^\ _TaRT]c A?< c^ * cWT bTR^]S TeTa `dPS aTSd]SP]c SXVXcP[ ÃXVWc R^]ca^[ bhbcT\* P]S P R^]eTacXQ[T T]VX]T T`dX__TS fXcW ePaXPQ[T X][Tc VdXST eP]Tb X]bcP[[TS ^eTa cWT Qh_Pbb PaTP ^U P R^]eT]cX^]P[ cdaQ^UP] c^ bWdc ^Ã¥ cWT UP] cWadbc cWdb R^]eTacX]V cWT T]VX]T c^ P cdaQ^bWPUc T]VX]T c^ SaXeT cWT a^c^a P]S cWT RXaRd[PcX^] R^]ca^[ PXa bd__[h 0 RXaRd [PcX^] R^]ca^[ cPX[ Q^^\ bhbcT\ fPb P[b^ bcdSXTS

# 30A?0

Manned-Unmanned.indd 140

2/26/08 7:21:07 PM

$ HTPab ^U 1aXSVX]V cWT 6P_

;B?<b ST\^]bcaPcX]V cWTXa BC>E; [XUc R^] RT_cb fWXRW WPS Qh cWT] QTT] bT[TRcTS U^a cWTXa 9B5 ST\^]bcaPc^ab 3daX]V ! Q^cW R^\_P]XTb ÃXVWc cTbcTS cWTXa 9B5 R^\_TcXc^ab cWT 1^TX]V G "!1 db X]V SXaTRc [XUc P]S cWT ;^RZWTTS <PacX] G "$1 fXcW Xcb bWPUc SaXeT] [XUc UP]* cWT [PccTa fPb cWT f^a[Sºb Âabc PXaRaPUc c^ R^\QX]T bd_Tab^]XR [TeT[ ÃXVWc P]S P eTacXRP[ [P]SX]V ^] cWT bP\T \XbbX^] 8] >Rc^QTa ! cWT ;^RZWTTS <Pa cX] R^]RT_c fPb bT[TRcTS c^ QTR^\T cWT 5 "$ cWdb _a^eX]V 30A?0ºb P]P[hbXb P STRPST TPa [XTa cWPc dbX]V P [XUc UP] fPb cWT \^bc TæRXT]c fPh ^U PRWXTeX]V P bd_Tab^]XR BC>E; bcaXZT ÂVWcTa cWPc R^d[S P[b^ QT R^]eTacTS c^ P R^\ \^] PÃ¥^aSPQ[T [XVWcfTXVWc ÂVWcTa C> 1>;3;H 6> F74A4 => D=<0==43 08A2A05C 70B 6>=4 145>A4

I]Z HIDKA kVg^Vci d[ i]Z ?H; XdbeZi^i^dc l^ccZg! i]Z AdX`]ZZY BVgi^c M"(*7! WdVhiZY V h]V[i" Yg^kZc! a^[i"[Vc VggVc\ZbZci i]Vi lVh V Y^gZXi gZhjai d[ i]Z 96GE6 gZhZVgX] ^cid VYkVcXZY HIDKA iZX]cdad\^Zh#

CT] hTPab PUcTa cWT T]S ^U cWT G FX]V 30A?0 PVPX] QTVP] X]eTbcX]V X] P bc^__TS a^c^a R^]RT_c U^a WXVW b_TTS a^c^aRaPUc 1^TX]Vºb cf^ Q[PSTS G $ 2P]PaS A^c^a FX]V 2AF cTRW]^[^Vh ST\^]bcaPc^a fPb c^ PRWXTeT WXVW b_TTS RadXbT Qh bc^__X]V P]S [^RZX]V cWT a^c^a P]S dbX]V Xc Pb P fX]V c^ PRWXTeT WXVW b_TTS U^afPaS U[XVWc 0 RP ]PaS P]S W^aXi^]cP[ cPX[ _a^eXSTS PSSXcX^]P[ [XUcX]V P]S R^]ca^[ bdaUPRTb c^ ^UUbTc cWT [^bb ^U [XUc fWT] bc^__X]V cWT a^c^a B_TTSb Pb WXVW Pb # Z]^cb fTaT Tg_TRcTS Ua^\ P] ^_TaPcX^]P[ 2AF STbXV] =X]T U[XVWcb fTaT \PST QTcfTT] ! " P]S ! % Qdc d]U^a cd]PcT[h Q^cW ST\^]bcaPc^ab RaPbWTS QT U^aT ST\^]bcaPcX]V P R^]eTabX^] c^ UXgTS fX]V \^ST

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30A?0 #

Manned-Unmanned.indd 7

3/1/08 7:23:18 PM

boeingR on temp.indd 1

2/22/08 5:41:50 PM

Boeing proudly salutes DARPA for 50 years of technological leadership.

boeingR on temp.indd 2

2/22/08 5:42:33 PM

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Manned-Unmanned.indd 144

2/26/08 7:22:23 PM

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30A?0 #$

Manned-Unmanned.indd 145

2/26/08 7:22:45 PM

CSPI Rugged FastCluster Delivering Scalable Open Architectures

Advanced Hawkeye program file photo, U.S. Navy photo by Kurt Lengfield , UAV Air Force photo, and Air Force photo by Jim Shryne .

FastCluster Brings SuperComputing Performance to Embedded Platforms where Space, Power, Weight, & Cooling are at a Premium. Leveraging 10 Years of experience with MPI and VSIPL for Real-Time and Linux OS(es), CSPI supports Industry Standards like VXS, VPX, PCI Express, and 10-Gigabit Ethernet. FastCluster Payloads enable software reuse to accelerate development schedules and reduce development and deployment costs.



The George Washington University and its School of Engineering and Applied Science, Virginia Campus, Office of the Chief Research Officer, and Office of Graduate Studies and Academic Affairs

Salute and Congratulate DARPA and its many alumni on 50 years of outstanding accomplishment!

We look forward to continued work with DARPA: to educating future DARPA employees and to providing cuttingedge research and graduate education for DARPA employees at both our Virginia and Foggy Bottom Campuses.


146_cspgwuRR.indd 1

2/22/08 5:48:23 PM

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30A?0 #&

Manned-Unmanned.indd 10

3/1/08 7:29:43 PM

$ HTPab ^U 1aXSVX]V cWT 6P_

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#' 30A?0

Manned-Unmanned.indd 11

3/1/08 7:27:04 PM

$ HTPab ^U 1aXSVX]V cWT 6P_

\X[XcPah \XbbX^]b CWT _a^VaP\ Xb Tg_[^aX]V ]^eT[ QX^[^VXRP[[h X]b_XaTS R^]eT]cX^]P[ P]S d]R^] eT]cX^]P[ R^]ÂVdaPcX^]b c^ _a^eXST cWT fPaÂVWcTa fXcW d]_aTRTST]cTS RP_PQX[Xch U^a daQP] \Xb bX^] ^_TaPcX^]b CWXb TÃ¥^ac fX[[ _dbW cWT [X\Xcb ^U PTa^Sh]P\XR P]S _^fTa R^]eTabX^] TæRXT]Rh T]SdaP]RT P]S \P]TdeTaPQX[Xch U^a eTah b\P[[ PXa eTWXR[T bhbcT\b CWT _a^VaP\ Xb PSeP]RX]V cTRW]^[^VXTb cWPc T]PQ[T R^[[XbX^] Pe^XSP]RT P]S ]PeXVPcX^] bhbcT\b U^a dbT X] 6?B ST]XTS T] eXa^]\T]cb P]S STeT[^_X]V TæRXT]c \TcW^Sb U^a W^eTaX]V ÃXVWc P]S ST_[^h\T]c ^a T\_[PRT \T]c ^U bT]b^ab 64CC8=6 C74A4 50BC4A ®

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30A?0 #(

Manned-Unmanned.indd 149

2/26/08 7:25:00 PM

$ HTPab ^U 1aXSVX]V cWT 6P_

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$ 30A?0

Manned-Unmanned.indd 150

2/26/08 7:25:49 PM

$ HTPab ^U 1aXSVX]V cWT 6P_

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30A?0 $

Manned-Unmanned.indd 151

2/26/08 7:26:15 PM

$ HTPab ^U 1aXSVX]V cWT 6P_

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$! 30A?0

Manned-Unmanned.indd 152

2/26/08 7:26:51 PM

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30A?0 $"

Manned-Unmanned.indd 153

2/26/08 7:27:16 PM

$ HTPab ^U 1aXSVX]V cWT 6P_

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$# 30A?0

Manned-Unmanned.indd 154

2/26/08 7:27:40 PM

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30A?0 $$

Biology-biomedical services.indd155 155

2/26/08 6:31:01 PM

$ HTPab ^U 1aXSVX]V cWT 6P_

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2/26/08 6:31:19 PM

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Biology-biomedical services.indd157 157

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2/26/08 6:31:34 PM

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Biology-biomedical services.indd4 4

3/1/08 7:27:55 PM

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Biology-biomedical services.indd159 159

2/26/08 6:32:17 PM

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Biology-biomedical services.indd160 160

2/26/08 6:32:38 PM

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Biology-biomedical services.indd161 161

2/26/08 6:32:56 PM

$ HTPab ^U 1aXSVX]V cWT 6P_

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GWOT.indd 162

2/26/08 6:46:18 PM

$ HTPab ^U 1aXSVX]V cWT 6P_

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GWOT.indd 163

2/26/08 6:46:41 PM

adaptiveRR on temp.indd 1

1/11/08 3:39:16 PM

$ HTPab ^U 1aXSVX]V cWT 6P_

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GWOT.indd 165

2/26/08 6:47:08 PM

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GWOT.indd 166

2/26/08 6:47:42 PM

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30A?0 %&

GWOT.indd 167

2/26/08 6:48:18 PM

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GWOT.indd 168

2/26/08 6:48:43 PM

$ HTPab ^U 1aXSVX]V cWT 6P_

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GWOT.indd 169

2/26/08 6:49:08 PM

$ HTPab ^U 1aXSVX]V cWT 6P_

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& 30A?0

Alternative energy.indd 170

2/26/08 7:12:21 PM

$ HTPab ^U 1aXSVX]V cWT 6P_

7Zadl! aZ[i/ 9g# 9dj\aVh @^g`eVig^X`! egd\gVb bVcV\Zg d[ i]Z 96GE6 7^d;jZah egd\gVb# 7Z" adl! g^\]i/ I]Z 96GE6 7^d;jZah egd\gVb hZZ`h id jhZ gZcZlVWaZ [ZZYhidX`h id \ZcZgViZ Vc V[[dgYVWaZ! VaiZgcVi^kZ hdjgXZ [dg ?E"- _Zi [jZa# I]Z W^d[jZah XnXaZ! [gdb [ZZYhidX`h id _Zi [jZa! ^h YZe^XiZY ]ZgZ#

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Alternative energy.indd 2

3/1/08 7:28:39 PM

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Alternative energy.indd 172

2/26/08 7:12:55 PM




We’ve built our program around revolutionary concepts, attracting individuals who are unafraid to seek solutions in unfamiliar landscapes. — George Poste, Director The Biodesign Institute

THE BIG IDEA The world’s next great innovations – and career opportunities – will stem from a purposeful fusion of biotechnology, nanoscale engineering and advanced computing. Arizona is fast becoming a leader in this technology convergence, and the Biodesign Institute at Arizona State University is leading the way. Our 600-person team is driven by a passion to address urgent problems on a global scale. Opened in December 2004, we’ve rapidly become the largest generator of federal biomedical research funding in the Metro Phoenix area and have attracted more than 190 new faculty and researchers to Arizona State University.

DESIGNED FOR COLLABORATION, BUILT FOR SPEED The Biodesign Institute fosters large team efforts aimed at delivering real-world solutions. It has launched major research initiatives to eradicate cancer, outpace infectious disease, clean the environment, generate alternative energy and rapidly detect disease. We offer an outstanding work environment and competitive compensation. Named R&D Magazine 2006 Laboratory of the Year, our 350,000 sq. ft. facility is master-planned for growth to 800,000 sq. ft.



See the April 26, 2007 issue of Nature for two articles on the bold approach being taken at Arizona State University

biodesign on temp.indd 1

10/25/07 4:46:48 PM

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Alternative energy.indd 174

2/26/08 7:13:16 PM

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Congratulations to DARPA for 50 years of mission success. Raytheon is honored to congratulate DARPA on its 50th Anniversary, and to recognize its many accomplishments in the service of our nation. DARPA’s long-standing commitment, to facilitate and support radical innovation, is a vital component of the past, present and future security of the United States. We’re proud to honor DARPA’s achievements and work with the agency in its continued mission. On behalf of the 72,000 employees of Raytheon, congratulations.

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