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Soumitri Varadarajan/ 2010

Reducing Maternal mortality by revisualizing health care services for the rural poor.

Project Diabetes -Health Car of the Future - masspro engagement Tilly objects - designer maker/ the new crafstsperson Work for Designers - Great Civilizations Studio Soumitri -Faint Voice Maternal Health - Service Design

Demedicalization of Health care in the diabetes health sector, towards revisualization of health care as a system that is in need of redesign.


There will be aspects to industrial design in the near future Practice/Focus upon the new Craftsperson-tradesperson There will be continuing focus upon the urban-developed, access to manufacturing will define nature of artefact practice (mass versus local-�the new craftsperson�), more avenues for practice and new modes of income and survival in this sector will open up. 3D printing, laser, and micro manufacturing will spread. (4th year 2009) Theory and Idealism Will be in areas of social change through work in Sustainability, service design, and social innovation. Greater licence to campaign thru social media, text-blogging, and self propagation, (campaignprojects wordpress) Locations/Focus upon peripheries contributing value to society, focus upon marginalised-poorunserviced, global collaboration on focus upon peripheries, working with government agencies (MMR project) Clients/Focus upon mass-manufacturers Engagement from Australia with large firms-will be to provide input higher up the value chain, or blue sky thinking (Car design for future scenarios), radical visions and enlarging the possible, strategic partnerships

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