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Case study : e-Publishing Platform Application re-architecture using Tomcat Java

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Project Brief Manuscript approval and publishing process •

This application allows authors and scientists to submit their manuscripts for publishing via client's website. These submitted manuscripts follow the process of reviews by independent editors with rework on the recommendation by the authors.

Each main research area with the client's organization operates and maintains its own site and Faichi team helps in their maintenance. There are 57 main sites under support and our support team helps in proper maintenance of the full site.

Faichi team is responsible for: -- Journal Sites’ Support -- Testing during New site launch on the basis of the manuscript approval process -- Performance enhancements by analyzing bottlenecks and provide technical solution -- Ongoing Defects/ Bug fixing

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Manuscript Tracking • Complete manuscript submission, tracking, peer review, and publishing system. • Web-based manuscript tracking and management service. • Authors, scientists submit their manuscripts for publishing, which follows the process of reviews by independent editors. • Supports conversion of XML and PDF data to Highwire system. • Indexing for quick search and automatic classification based on publisher.

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Challenges with old System •

Old Jserve web server resulting in low performance and scalability.

Multi-tenancy was not in place, multiple instances needed to be set up and maintained.

Heavy cost for Weblogic app server licensing and maintenance.

Support for concurrent users was very limited. Scalability was a major issue, hence webserver needed to be restarted every night.

High coupling between Template Processor (dtl) based user interface and server side code made UI enhancements difficult.

Migration on new infrastructure was difficult due to the old technology stack.

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Faichi’s Proposal Re-architecture of the application based on:

New Solution

- Latest version of Tomcat & Java JDK -Spring MVC framework - Web logic eliminated

Multi-tenant architecture – Multiple application instances are supported by the same web server and Database.

Open source software stack (except existing Sybase DB) resulting in significant cost saving.

Enhanced connection & Transaction Management capabilities.

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Technology Flow Diagram User




Hardware Load Balancer Apache




Tomcat Instance 1

Tomcat Instance 2

Tomcat Instance 3

Tomcat Instance 4

MemCache 2

MemCache 1

Database Š2014 Faichi Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Technology Stack Selenium / Soasta for UI & performance automation

Spring MVC API Integration

Jenkins for Continuous Integration

Java (Core Java, JMS, JDBC, JNDI) BenchPress

HTTP session management using Apache Tomcat

New Relic, JVM monitor setup

Load balancing setup using H5

Š2014 Faichi Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Eclipse, Maven

Memcache / In-memory data management


Continuous Integration

Š2014 Faichi Solutions Pvt. Ltd.


The Outcome  Major Performance Improvement.  Horizontal Scaling capabilities enhanced.  Increased capabilities of integrating with new monitoring tools like New Relic, Jmon etc.  Ease of maintenance (Technical debugging / troubleshooting).  Dependency on Weblogic removed.

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Faichi Difference • Successful remote team coordination – Entire Architect, Dev & QA team in India – Product Owner in US – Weekly standup, sprint demo/planning calls. • End-to-end ownership – Team handled entire Architecture/Design, R&D, Implementation, Production Rollout, Project Management.

• Agile Project Management – Used Jira/Greenhopper for managing Scrum effectively. ©2014 Faichi Solutions Pvt. Ltd.


Client Speak “

It's definitely very nice to be up on green hopper and have a clear list of tasks and our 1st burn down

Neil Mehta, Manager, Bench Press

Very nice job

Neil Mehta, Manager, Bench Press

You've done a fantastic job on this site

Todd McGee, Asst. Director, Drupal

Its just brilliant....thank you so much

Emma Vodden has done such a great job of converting all the code over “ Faichi to the new version and it also fixes a few bugs we couldn't fix otherwise ” “ ” Michael Friedman ©2014 Faichi Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Bench>Press team took lead in establishing Agile-Scrum process properly using JiraGreenhopper and established product backlog and clear release timelines. Team plans to continue the process improvements and develop right Agile environment Faichi Team identified the precise root cause of the performance bottleneck for autocompletion feature for Advance search –people search. This has resulted in significant performance improvement and will be delivered to production next week.

Faichi Team architected, developed and implemented the site http://www.boneand The site was developed using Drupal and Faichi managed to successful handle diverse and complex requirements mentioned in the RFP

Faichi Team successfully delivered the project and fixed complex bugs for AjaxXplorer v4


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Case study epublishing tomcat java  
Case study epublishing tomcat java