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1.8 LYNX Chain Retro-fit.


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FAI Focus June 2018


»»WSBK: May Highlights

The town of Imola, nestled in the Northern region of Emilia-Romagna played host to round five of the WSBK championship. A beautiful part of the country made synonymous with motor sport by housing a grade 1 race circuit, with motorcycle events taking place since 1953. The iconic Autodrome Enzo Dino Ferrari, was named after the father and son, who lived, worked and raced in the region. An area that team hail from, which is why our boys in red regard it as their “home race”. All three riders showed their ability and knowledge of this

familiar track by producing decent results in free practice sessions. The first race of the weekend resulted in Marco and Chaz taking 3rd and 4th respectively, with Melandri fighting hard from early on he secured his forth podium of 2018. Meanwhile Chaz had a couple of wobbles towards the start of the race which he shrugged off and got back to climbing the board, just missing out on a podium place. Michael Rinaldi, the budding WSBK rookie showed his skills throughout the weekend of racing,

Managing director Sean Walker met up with some of the FAI customers from the area, who were lucky enough to brush shoulders with team Aruba.


FAI Focus May 2018

finishing 7th in both races. He did however have a taste of leading the peloton for the first two laps of Sundays race. We couldn’t see past the helmet but we’re assuming he had a big grin on his face the whole time. Chaz rode a fantastic second race, holding back all but one contender, resulting in a number two spot and with 162 points he’s also 2nd on the leader board. Hearts sank as it became apparent that Marco had been involved in a minor collision which, although unhurt, he was forced to call it a day. He is however still 4th in the championship having racked up 131 points.

The all too predictable British weather casted a shadow over Donington, round 6. A combination of bike set-up, technical issues and some old fashioned bad luck resulted in lower than predicted rankings from the world-famous track, situated in the middle of England. The weekend kicked off with some comradery with Chaz and Marco riding a large portion of Race 1 side by side. Unfortunately, this was not to last as Melandri crashed out with 6 laps to go, leaving Chaz to hold on to 8th place. Michael Rinaldi managed to make some progress from his start position, finishing 12th. Marco started R.2 with gusto but experienced rider issues which left him in 11th, meanwhile fellow Italian Rinaldi was plagued with technical issues leaving him able to start the race. Chaz went chasing for a podium place but despite his best efforts he settled for 5th.

“Today was definitely an improvement since Race 1, though our goal is to finish higher. I felt like I rode a good race overall. When the first drops of rain started to fall, I was fully committed to keep it wide open but there wasn’t enough rain to worry the guys in front of us. I did everything that I could to close the gap from the front, and to some extent I did, but we’ve been struggling a bit too much here... ...Hopefully we can build on what we’ve done here and learn important lessons to apply in Brno.”

FAI Focus June 2018


»Vehicle » of the Month Audi A6 2010 Onwards Life’s a Beach! The day you go car shopping for a large executive salon, brandishing a price tag equal that of an apartment in Lincolnshire; it’s always going to be a good day! Now, the only issue you’ve got are the dozens of cars reviews you’ve looked at which have left you wondering what sort of driver you are. E-Class? Nah, too sensible. 5 Series? Your head says yes but heart says no. So where does that leave you? (the ultimate first world problem) Ahh! An Audi A6, it fits the bill in so many ways and you quickly check off all the points on your tick list. Interior Space

With the last tick and the decider going to… Not rear wheel drive! So you’ll be able to navigate this stylish, leather-clad chariot in all weather conditions and even offer colleagues who opted for a BMW a lift when it’s snowy out, albeit with an air of smugness. FAI know a little about MR and MRS X that we profile above, and the thing that is common between all these types of owners is the high mileage that they take the vehicles to. The beautifully crafted interior shows little signs of wear as the years roll by, but the running gear and suspension needs some looking after. So the next time you’re asked for A6 parts, think FAI.


Parts In Stock



FAI Focus May 2018





Ball Joint Lower

Timing Belt Kit

IV95030 / EV95031

Did You Know?



The four rings represent the Union of Audi that was formed in 1932, which comprised of DKW, Wanderer, Horch and Audi. Each of the companies represented a market-segment

Rack End




Tie Rod End

Water Pump

Rocker Arm

SS2723 / SS2724 Control Arm


SS9310 Wishbone Bush

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FAI Focus June 2018


Grip&Stability When it matters most

FAI has continued to develop and increase its industry leading OE spec Steering and Suspension range through regular research and development. In the last 18 months, over 1300 new part numbers for some of the most modern vehicles have been added to range; all of which are in stock and available to order.

Whatever the terrain, trust FAI for safe, assured handling and steering. Best Availability. Best Value. Best Quality. Best Service.

8 +44 (0)1525 351800

FAI Focus June 2018

»»Steering & Suspension Your monthly update

In the last 18 months, we have added over 1300 new references to our Steering and Suspension range. In the last month, we have added a number of new steering and suspension parts for some of the most modern vehicles on the road. Please consult our monthly new to range spreadsheet for full list.

»»New to Range Highlights SS9491 Wishbone Bush lower

SS9491 SS9493 SS9544 / SS9545 SS9552 / SS9553 SS9673K



Wishbone Bush lower

Tie Rod End Left

Wishbone Bush lower Wishbone Bush lower Tie Rod End L/H & R/H Tie Rod End L/H & R/H A/R Bar Bush Kit Rear

Ford B-Max 2012> Mini (F55/56/57) 2013> Hyundai i40 2012> Kia Sorento III 2015> Toyota Land Cruiser 02-07

»»Top Pareto Risers SS8134



Rear Link Rod Left

Link Rod Rear

Wishbone Lower Left

SS8134/SS8135 SS8276 SS8010 SS9263/SS9264 SS9182/SS9183

Rear Link Rod Left/Right Link Rod Rear Hub Carrier Bush Rear Tie Rod End Left/Right Wishbone Lower Left/Right FAI Focus June 2018

Mini Countryman 2010-15 Iveco Daily III 2006> Fiat 500 2007> Mercedes Vito Viano 2014> Renaul Trafic III 2014> 9

»»New to Range Timing Chain Kits

We are market leaders in aftermarket Timing Chain Kits in both quality, size of range, exclusivity, technical expertise and the comprehensive nature of each kit. Below are some our latest featured kits to hit the shelf, available for purchase. This month we are proud to announce the arrival of two kits which FAI have developed to offer a cost-effective solution for vehicles that in the past may have been taken off the road due to the cost of repair vs. the vehicle value. Both TCK233 and TCK296VVT fit popular Audi applications. The kits include sprockets, gaskets and VVT hubs where needed which has produced a complete solution that is unique to FAI.


A4 A6 A8 Q7

2.7 / 3.0 TDi

2004 - 2009






2004 - 2008

FAI Focus June 2018

3 430+ kits in range. 3 Market leading range on vehicle parc. 3 High quality, OE spec components. 3 Each box sealed with an Oil Specification Label. 3 Fully comprehensive kits. One Job, One Kit. 3 More VVT applications than any other brand. 3 Oil Control Valves manufactured in Tier 1 OE facilities. 3 Fully illustrated 2017 catalogue.

FAI Focus June 2018


Good Question!

Our product experts answer your questions.

Q. Do you stock a Timing Chain kit for a Transit 07-13? A. We love to look up parts for you, honestly, we do. So much

so, we have 10 members of staff that can look-up a registration or an engine code and locate the parts you need. This process can only be achieved if one of the two aforementioned pieces of information is provided. Looking at basic vehicle data such as a VAG 2.0 TDI, it may seem that multiple engine codes are interchangable but often have differing parts that fit them; therefore vehicle specific data is required. The quickest and easiest way is to ask your customer to provide the registration. Once in our system we have not only the engine code but other differentiating details such as chassis number and OE data linked to that specific vehicle. 12

The conversation goes something like this, “Is there an issue with part number XXXX as I’ve had a couple back from the same customer, both failed on the same vehicle?” This is a common type of question that is asked of our Technical team but is more than skin-deep. As the discussion proceeds and both parties delve in to the issue, 9 times out of 10 times it’s actually a misdiagnosed fault. What is usually a basic process of returning the part covered by the FAI warranty and handing the customer a replacement to get the vehicle back on the road, may have started a ripple effect, unknowingly to you. This can lead to your valuable time taken up processing warranty claims and a negative perception left where it isn’t warranted. When components such as head gaskets and water pumps are returned, there’s a good chance that the failure was due to a related problem that hasn’t been uncovered. “what can I do about it?” We hear you ask. Well, although there is no cast-iron answer, we would suggest a quick conversation to ascertain the detail of the claim which will help speed up the process. The information communicated should include whether other failed parts have been removed from the vehicle and to inform the customer to fit the replacement with caution as it may follow suit, failing prematurely if there is an underlying issue. We’re always here to help and welcome any fitment queries.

Q. Can you retro-fit a Timing chain kit to the 2007- 1.8 LYNX engine? A. The information on this subject is a little muddied, so bear with

us while we try to explain.

The Ford 1.8 TDCI engine, dubbed the ‘LYNX’ was originally fitted with a chain kit linking the injection pump. The engine was modified by Ford to house a wet belt drive in early 2007, which gives an overlap of around 6-12 months on registrations. Therefore we’d advice caution when ordering for 2007 and early 2008 vehicles. We are aware of some installers advocating the retro-fit of the chain kit in place of the belt system, albeit possible with additional parts and expertise, this practise is not supported by the manufacturer and will invalidate of the FAI warranty. If you are ever unsure what was originally fitted to the vehicle, please contact FAI before ordering. FAI Focus June 2018


»»New to Range FAI Cables

This month we have seen the ‘fruits of our labour’ with the arrival of lots of new to range Brake Cables. Covering some of the most popular applications you’ll come across, we selected a small selection that will fly off the shelf.

»»FBC0308 BMW

3 (E90/E91/E92/93)

2005 - 2012

»»FBC0324 FORD

C-Max II Focus III 2010 Onwards

»»FBC0346 (LWB) & FBC0348 (SWB)




FAI Focus June 2018

What else is new this month? »»HG2258C MITSUBISHI


3.0 / 3.5

1996 - 2006



2.2 d

2005 - 2013

»»R228S (short) & R229S (long)


2.0 DI

6 PREMACY 2002 - 2010

FAI Focus June 2018


»»Engine of the Month Opel/Vauxhall A20DT Q. Who fancies a noisy, oil burner that’s the same as the 1.9 from the Vectra? A. Everyone! (apparently) It’s common knowledge that the 2.0 CDTi is a revamped and improved derivative of the 1.9 CDTi, which powered Vauxhalls from the early 2000s. Based on the original 1.9 that Fiat pioneered, Vauxhall have gradually tuned this engine to keep its head above water in an increasingly saturated market segment. A strategy that gave rise to some of the most common vehicles on the road, most notably is the army of CDTi Insignias’ that pound up and down the motorways. With the introduction of the (mainly) dependable 2.0 CDTi back in 2008/9, there wasn’t much to shout about as the output figures only showed modest improvements in MPG, emissions and BHP over the previous generation. Despite this, Vauxhall knew their target market, appealing to almost all buyers who wanted more bang for there buck, the acceptable, rather than class leading running costs were green-lighted by consumers.

There was however a fly in Vauxhalls ointment, where by customers were making complaints regarding the intrusive diesel clatter, which left many feeling like they were driving an old black cab, rather than a modern technology common rail vehicle. The answer? A 170BHP ‘Whisper’ incarnation, once again limping this aging powerplant in to the last of the Insignias and more recently the Insignia Grand Sport. We feel this maybe a short-lived arrangement, as the company is in a state of flux having been bought by the French giant PSA. Inevitable sharing of technology to standardise and cut production costs means that days are numbered for the good-old A20DT. The numbers of vehicles which house this reworked oil-burner is staggering and the work to keep them road worthy will keep the tills ringing for a while yet. FAI stock a comprehensive offering of engine sealing, valve train and timing products that are in stock and ready when you are. See over leaf for a selection of highlights.

Vauxhalls! Thousands of ‘em 16

FAI Focus June 2018




Water Pump


Oil Pump




Rocker Arm

Head Gasket





Rocker Cover Gasket Main Bearings Crank

Piston Assembley

Cylinder Head Bolts

»»Visit engine-of-the-month

IV95008 / EV95009 In. / Ex. Valves

For the complete range for this engine.

FAI Focus June 2018


Engine Components 3 Engine Sealing. 3 Valves & Guides. 3 Camshafts. 3 Rockers & Followers. 3 Cylinder Heads. 3 Timing Chain Kits. 3 Oil & Water Pumps. 3 Pistons, Rings & Bearings 3 Fully catalogued - MAM & TecDoc.


FAI Focus May 2018

CN0006 FAI Focus June 2018  

The June 2018 edition of our popular monthly newsletter.

CN0006 FAI Focus June 2018  

The June 2018 edition of our popular monthly newsletter.