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By the grace of ALLAH after a successful completion of first batch of 2KES Scholarship funding, this year, the 2KES Scholarship Foundation has recruited second batch consisting of 03 students out of 15 applicants. The applications were accepted from 12 and 11 batches of ES/TL. The Students cleared a tough interview panel of 4 judges who asked questions from Physics, Chemistry, Maths and IQ. The judges were Mr. Zafi Shah, Mr. Naveed Umrani, Ms. Saba Baloch and Ms. Attiya Baqai. The students were selected based on their academic abilities and neediness. After a very careful discussion between judges, the following students have been rewarded with first installment of Scholarship; Mr. Mohammad Fawad 11ES03, Mr.



OMG I’m in final year




Subhash 11ES61 and Mr. Parkash Kumar 12TL66.


The students have also been awarded with books, electronic accessories and useful devices and the major donations were made by Mr. Zaigham Abbas, Ms. Yasmeen Naz, and Ms. Saba Baloch. For details please visit: fahimumrani/2kesscholarshipfoundation/funds-and-donations-for-second-batch-ofscholars Memorable moments of awarding these prizes and gifts to the awardees were made more magnificent by Dr. Bhawani (Dean FEECE/Chair ES), Dr. Unar (Chair CS/ Director IICT) and Dr. Aftab (Chair TL/Director ICPC).

Dr. Fahim Umrani,


Mr. Ahsan (10TL48)

Engr. Kehkeshan A. Memon, Mr. Shahid (09TL28)

Engr. Saadullah Kalwar

Mr. Abdullah (ES)





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On behalf of 2KES Scholarship foundation team, I would like to thank especially to our very regular fund donators Mr. Asif Memon, Mr. Ghulam Qadir Ansari, Mr. Imtiaz Kalwar and all other friends and colleagues. Without their help we could have never gone this far and of course a big appreciation to the Founder (Dr. Fahim Umrani) of this scholarship foundation; for leading all of us for this great cause. Any one interested to make donations, please visit the following link: donations

By Samiya Qureshi 09TL18 IEEE

communication society, project in the intellectual environ- encouraged to inquire. Outcome of Mehran University of Engineering ment. The concept for the project the events was really spectacular and Technology organized a won- was to introduce a tutorial to the since the students were benefited drous event held on 22nd and 5th beginners of RADAR learners for from the entire talk. The feedback March 2012 which took place in the instance who wish to learn the basis was extremely positive and tilted towards appreciation. The speakers Telecommunication Department. of radar engineering systems. This proved their abilities and shared The event was marvelously success- tutorial was based on the basic contheir knowledge of experience. Latful. Engr. Syed M. Zafi Shehran ceptual ideas that would lead engier on, the participants were awardShah fully complemented, acknowl- neers to evaluate new concepts re- ed shields and certificates in admiedged and promoted the idea under garding RADAR study and they ration. The event was worth attendthe support of dean FEECE, Dr. Bha- would be able to see the world ing for all participants and audience. wani Shankar Chowdhry providing through a new perspective. the essential facilities to coordinators




making this event happen. Event




MATLAB. MATLAB is very helpful and eloquent

speech by Moiz Rehman Memon( 08 TL), the chair person of IEEE-MUET student branch. He formally introduced IEEE Communication Society ( ComSoc) and the procedure to the participating audience for its membership. IEEE Communications Society (ComSoc) is a leading global community an international platform in which academic and student volunteers

The eye catching point in

for the project was that it is based on rich engineering visualization tool and easy to cooperate with. The project could also be implemented in





guages and software but MATLAB provides easiness in programming especially for TL and ES engineers. This




Congratulations to the students of 08ES for securing second position in FAST university ISB NaSCon 2012 in category of Hardware based project competition held on 20-22 april 2012. Congratulations to the winners:


learners of RADAR and users of graphical user interface environment of MATLAB.

functioning for the exThe aim of the event was to change of thoughts and ideas of in- allow students to have hands on formation on communication and experience of MATLAB in the field of telecommunication and electronics. networking needs. The guest speakers for the event The audience included students from various departments of FEECE. were Mr. Orangzaib Rao (09 TL 01) There was an open Q&A’s session and Miss Samiya Qureshi (09 TL held at end, all the participants were 18).They presented their tutorial

     

Syed Asad Ashraf 08ES113 Syed Zeeshan ali 08ES108 Qazi Mohammad jawad 08ES11 Abdul Rehman 08ES107 Zawar Khan 08ES103 Talha Hydri 08ES116


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Engineering, competition was Mr. Hassan Qureshi from 09TL. He was

Mehran University of Engineering and Technology, Jams- also presented with a shield for designing the finest logo horo, on the occasion of its 10th anniversary organized a of his department. national

level event ”TechCombat-Technology Battle 2012” on 07th of April, 2012. This grand event comprised The keynote speakers of Industry Junction were Prof. Dr. of three competitions, namely, MAT-COD: MATLAB Code Usman Hassan from National University of Science and Competition, NET-COM: Networking Competition and IN- Technology, Mr. Sameer Alam and Ms. Tehmina from NOVATIVE IDEA Competition. The three competitions Shan Foods Pvt. Ltd., Mr. Ali Bukhari from Telenor, Pakiwere arranged in PC Lab 1 and PC Lab 2, Project Lab and stan, Ms. Fareeha Kanwal Ghumro from SUPARCO, Mr. Seminar Hall respectively, in the Department of Telecom- Kashan Mughal from Wateen Telecom Ltd. Pakistan, Mr. munication Engineering. 30 teams participated in MAT- Furqan Javed from Combit, Mr. Talha Rehmani for Career COD, 15 in NET-COM and 14 in INNOVATIVE IDEA Com- Counseling Session and Mr. Bilal Shaikh for talk on schol-

arship opportunities. A total of 200 students participated


and made the most of this informative session.

Another outstanding happening of this event was the”

Industry Junction”, held at MUET Auditorium, a platform In the closing ceremony closing remarks and vote of for the undergraduate students to meet and listen to the thanks were presented by Prof. Dr. Bhawani Shankar

representatives of leading industries, a chance to get their Chowdhry, Dean, FEECE and Prof. Dr. Aftab A. Memon, queries answered, to learn and to groom from the shared Chairman, Department of Telecommunication Engineerexperiences. The chief guest , Engr. Abdul Raheem ing. Shields of appreciation were presented to the chief Shaikh, Regional General Manager, PTCL Hyderabad, guest, guests, keynote speakers and judges of the three along with other respectable guests; Prof. Dr. Abdul competitions. Qadeer Khan Rajput, Vice Chancellor, Mehran University of Engineering and Technology, Prof. Dr. Muhammad Aslam Uqaili, Pro-Vice Chancellor, Mehran University of Engineering and Technology, Prof. Dr. Bhawani Shankar Chowdhry, Dean, Faculty of Electrical, Electronics and

The winners and runner-ups of each competition were awarded shields, certificates and prize money of Rs.8000/ - and Rs.4000/-, respectively. The first and second positions were secured by:

Computer Engineering and Prof. Dr. Aftab A. Memon, Chairman,

Department of Telecommunication Engineer-

ing, Mehran UET, Jamshoro, honored the occasion.

MAT-COD: Teams of 09ES and 09TL, MUET respectively.

Also, to celebrate a decade long services and accomplish- NET-COM: Teams of Isra University, Hyderabad and 08TL, ments of the Department of Telecommunication Engineer- MUET respectively. ing, the reunion of Telecommunication graduates (TL Alumni) of MUET from 01TL to 07TL was also arranged and a number of delegates attended the event. Besides,

INNOVATIVE IDEA: Teams of 08ES and 09ES, MUET respectively.

the logo inauguration ceremony was also held in which The event was made outstandingly successful by the cothe logo of the Department of Telecommunication Engi- operation of the University authorities, the collaboration of neering was introduced. Not long ago, a competition was the co-sponsors; Shan Foods Pvt. Ltd. and Pakistan Scienheld in which students of Telecommunication department tific Foundation (PSF), and the untiring efforts of teacher designed the logos, which were evaluated and the best of organizers and student volunteers. all was selected to be the official logo of Department of Telecommunication Engineering, MUET. The winner of the


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Mehran UET successfully organized “1st International Conference on Energy, Environment & Sustainable Development for growing economies� in 2009. The conference attracted more than 300 participants from all over the world. The conference proceedings were published by Springer Wien New York. The EESD2012 conference was aimed to help energy and environmental professionals to meet their future challenges by exchange of ideas under the umbrella of the event. This event was designed to meet the needs of both researchers, policy makers and corporate sector alike and we work very closely with professional bodies and leading industry figures to promote the event widely engaging the right kind of audience for the event. EESD2012 was organized with the collaboration of Higher Education Commission (HEC), Government of Pakistan and other stakeholder organizations. All the professionals working in the area of Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development were invited to contribute/ participate in the conference and share their work with fellow researchers from all over the world to make our mother earth better place to live. Selected good quality research papers after review will be published in International Journals including: International Journal of Hydrogen Energy (IJHE) International Journal of Green Energy (IJGE) Management of Environmental Quality: An International Journal International Journal of Chemical and Environmental Engineering International Journal of Low-Carbon Technologies Sustainable Cities and Society (SCS) {Source:}


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but being in 10% strength of department but were happy to have some relaxation

t’s difficult to decide that whether be- I got it, that was very first and most from lecture. probably last time i was saying Mehran ing a final year student is fortunate or has good system as I am not really so The day was full of horror and thrill when

unfortunate. Because Final Year describes kind. Being average preparation for ap- a paper of CCN came in our hand, at exthat some battle which goes around you pearing in test but get binary (0-1) score am hall as I received paper I was looking is about to end and obviously life is not so hurt us too much similar situation arises at it and hoping soon will be announced kind so there will be another battle await- when coming late in class or leaving class that mistakenly paper of M.E has been ing for us to be started but somehow we in simple word bunk and when asked to provided you instead of B.E, but seriously are about to end our this journey ,3 years teacher for attendance then they gave telling I was expecting for something unpassed in university seemed as a time it specific smile , at that instant you cannot certain in Mehran. Some time a stupid came and went by flash, I have remem- understand what actual mean by this but idea comes in my mind to ask Chief Jusbered my very first day when I entered in all things get clear when you see your tice of Pakistan to take somoto action or class there was a teacher, teaching some- short attendance you actually learn the inquiring why so many doctors in one

topic lesson for future that don’t go on this department and also ask them for what due to nervousness and fear of ragging smile the only solution is come on time kind of disease are these so many doctors but I liked teacher a lot, the way he was buddy, First and second year were enjoy- trying to cure, just kidding Reality is How teaching , dynamic, but I got shocked able but as entered in 3rd year and we to face the challenges of life, Now I better thing, don’t exactly remember the

when he said I will teach you in 3rd year, really meet Telecom department and it understand and all these taught my these at that time I had desired, the same was actually a journey to start with Prom- teachers, surely this practice would be lot teacher may teach us soon and it may inent doctors, On one hand in ruling supportive in our practical life. strange to telecom students to know the houses there are number of people with

Another day when miracle happened, our de- yeah seriously after long struggle or hispartment Telecom, we have real degree torical movement finally our first tour doctors which surely gives good handling approved in second last year of university throughout the session and make realize life, we went on tour and made it very memorable to all specially, first time saw us what actually learning is!. fellows and our beloved teachers in differFew moments in class especially when ent mode also I got chance to discuss on teacher conducts continuous 2 hour lec- number of matters with my teachers othture and at ending about to go for attend- er than study, never going to tell you ance, suddenly one hand arises for ques- what were those matters but simply a tion, better is to avoid discussing what most memorable event. Although I have comments that “star of class” gets at that very short time remained, more to spend in university but honestly speaking this is time by majority students. Another mothat stage of life which is impossible to ment was also very much wonderful for forget until my last breath goes on, I will students, when during lecture some outmiss them all. sider enters in class for making some an-

teacher name for whom I was desiring for fake degrees but on other end teaching me even in first term, was none other than Dr Ahsan Ahmed Ursani , and finally my desire fulfilled in 3rd year but at that moment I was thinking why I had this desire ! In first year where I was running for position but now in third year with my most favorite teacher at a glance, I was just working day and night to pass the single subject. The days which amazed me yet, and think that how all that were happened especially when few class mates made a prank with me, they asked very confident junior to rag me and very sad to tell you

I was actually ragged by him even being nouncements, at that moment it looks senior, Also that day is memorable when like that whole class was just anxiously someone told me I got 7000 R.s/ merit waiting for them, though not were interscholarship though I was not in top 10 ested in their concerned announcements


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Background: Last year Electronics department organized MESPEC’11, which showcased a huge variety of hardware and software projects. The projects covered almost all fields of electronics engineering. MESPEC’11 brought out the technical side of the participants and also provided the junior batches to learn and understand the technology trends.

Theme: Continuing with last year’s tradition MESPEC’12 will be held in the Department of Electronic Engineering. This will provide the electronic students an opportunity to show their practical skills in the field of project making. Students will have exposure of their talent and they can be guided further to improve their performance by our evaluators/ visitors. This exhibition will create sense of competition among junior batches as well. Junior batches will also be encouraged to participate in these competitions. Primary reason to hold this competition is to prepare our students to represent their university at national/international level exhibitions/competitions. The competition will be held in the 19thApril 2012.


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It is said that, “Ships in harbor are safe but that's not what ships are built for”. In order to challenge the students of Karachi and other cities of country, A group of students from Mehran University decides to participate in the event called Fastech-2012, ,which consisted of 11 competitions, organized at FASTNU, Karachi campus on 23rd January, fortunately I was also one of them who stretched out their ships from harbor and takes the participation. Upon reaching the event, we got couple of surprises, as we asked event management about our registration at event day but initially they refused to have any such team participating in the event, showed very rude behavior upon knowing that we are from Jamshoro. Certainly it was very shocking for us but after fine debate they finally allowed us to participate. 5 teams took part in the said event i.e. 3 for Logic Quiz and each one for Mobile Application and Software Competition. Being a Mehranian, It was a very proud moment that all three teams participated in the Logic Quiz and all of three qualified for final round after defeating teams from NUST,FAST,KU,NED and other universities. The moment of the day was when the same organizer of event who were not allowing us in event came to know this reality, the expressions on his face was quite notable as it was just clean sweep by mehranians. Now the time had come the real competition begins among mehranians, three teams named Telefever (Ahmed Hasan,Rumsha Ansari,Rida Khan),Super-9(Sheriyar Ahmed,Sara Abbasi,Saveeta Ramnani) and my team Technlogix-09(Sarang S ha i kh, S ha f i qu e R eh ma n , S ha h i d Hussain).Though we all were happy on reaching in final round but everybody got more anxious and nervous as Sir Saad and Mehran also announced Special Treat for winner among us. During the entire competition, in every round both teachers motivated us a lot there-

fore our desire to win this time also increased. Finally after ending of dramatic final round which also gave spectacular results as competition went much closed but ended on 1st victory of Tele-Fever Group while my team and other team were tied on 2nd position. But honestly speaking being a runners up, At that time I just remembered the dialogues of movie 3-Idiots and experienced human behavior, that if a friend fails, it hurts but if a friend triumphs, it hurts more. While all this was going in my mind suddenly good news came in that one more mehranin, Hira Noreen secured 1st position in Mobile Application Development event, while remaining one team Fantastic (Rao Orangzaib,Ali Raza,Samiya Qureshi) though could not succeed to secure any rank but got appreciation and good remarks on their software based project, which made us just crazy to run and we cheered out. Now it was the a time to face another reality which was prejudice attitude of Fastech’12 administration that neither certificates nor shields were provided to us and argument that you registered very late so we cannot do anything at all. I think that day was learning and experiencing for me as for the first time i saw the rebellious attitude of our two young teachers who were fighting for our right against this injustice of Fastech’12 organizers, though we were quite at that time in respect of our teachers but we all were whispering slogans, “SAADA HAQ ITHE R A K H ” . Finally I must say the whole day was full of drama, sensation and thrill, un-

expected clean sweep and victories of mehranian, Bad management by Organizers of event and last but not least cold coffee by Sir Mehran and Sir Saad were the headlines of day to us. This event also made us realized the importance and great role of our university Organizers of MUST, that how successfully they organized events. At last I must say there should also be more sailors to stretch out their ships and enter in such sort of events which actually teaches us to face the storms of life and helps interaction between students from jamshoro and other universities easier. This correspondence between universities should also increase so that we may learn from success and failures of each other and can eliminate the bias attitude forever.


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The department of electronics under the supervision of Dean FEECE Dr. Prof. Bhawani Shankar Chowdhry, organized two days’ workshop on “ VHDL FOR HARDWARE SYNTHESIS & FPGA DESIGN” on 16th and 17th March, 2012. The Motive of this workshop was to present an in-depth knowledge of FPGA Technology based design & implementation. The workshop included basics of FPGA Technology, Software Tools, VHDL and implementation of Advanced Systems on Spartan FPGA. This workshop was mainly organized to provide expertise of FPGA Advanced Technology to Students, Academic Persons and Professionals in this challenging era. FPGAs are becoming very attractive for cost-effective system prototyping based on advantages such as low cost or free of charge design tools, flexible design cycle, virtually unlimited re-configurability and the ability to easily implement. The workshop took place in the Video Conference Hall, IIT Building, MUET, Jamshoro where the it was headed by Engr. Farida Memon (Assistant Professor), Engr. Shakila Memon (Lecturer )Department of Electronics, MUET, Jamshoro), who went to Bangladesh to get special trainings on FPGA and Engr.Shoaib Hassan (Lab Engineer Department of Electronics, MUET, Jamshoro). The main contents of workshop were the FPGA- Fundamentals & Architecture, VHDL- Modeling & Design Flow, Xilinx ISE Design Suite for FPGA Design Implementation. Hands-on Laboratory Exercises were also conducted including: Simulation and FPGA Design implementation The workshop took place in the Video Conference Hall, IIT Building, MUET, Jamshoro where the it was headed by Engr. Farida Memon (Assistant Professor), Engr. Shakila Memon (Lecturer )Department of Electronics, MUET, Jamshoro), who went to Bangladesh to get special trainings on FPGA and Engr.Shoaib Hassan (Lab Engineer Department of Electronics, MUET, Jamshoro). The main contents of workshop were the FPGA- Fundamentals & Architecture, VHDL- Modeling & Design Flow, Xilinx ISE Design Suite for FPGA Design Implementation. Hands-on Laboratory Exercises were also conducted including: Simulation and FPGA Design implementation with Spartan 3E FPGA Board, System Design using IP Cores, and Simulation with TEST BENCHES etc.


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Almost more the 50 participants attended the workshop and all the topics were successfully covered. Participants were provided with the course booklets, materials and software CDs. The event was made possible by the untiring efforts of the coordinators Engr.Shakila Memon (lecturer Department of Electronics), Engr. G. Mustafa Baloch (Instrumentation Engineer TQCIC) and student organizers from 09 Electronics Asif Hameed Mangi, Qazi Fahad Ahmed and Najeeb Ur Rehman Malik. The Pro-Vice Chancellor Dr Aslam Uqaili personally visited the event and appreciated the efforts taken by the management and resource persons. Later he also distributed the certificates among the participants. Dean FEECE Dr. Prof. Bhawani Shankar Chowdhry also appraised the occasion and said this kind of workshops should be organized to aware the students and professionals about the latest development in field of electronics. He also thanked the teacher coordinators and student organizers for arranging the event so well.


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Following the distinctive success of IMTIC '08, IMTIC '12 continued its tradition in Education Hub of Pakistan in the form of International Multi-Topic Conference 2012 that was held from 28th-30th March 2012 in Mehran UET, Jamshoro. IMTIC '12 aimed to bring together a wide spectrum of international experts to facilitate a creative environment for the promotion of collaboration and knowledge transfer. Particularly, it facilitated a dialogue between major industry players, entrepreneurs and academia to help create a roadmap for the development of tangible research environment in the country. This 3 day International conference covered all the technology related topics. People from all over the world were invited to present their research papers and keynote speakers from different parts of the globe joined with their speeches. Apart from that, separate tutorials on different topics were inducted so as to help students acquire latest knowledge in various fields. A research poster design based competition was also established for keen students, which was also appreciated. The necessity of this conference was felt during years following the great success of IMTIC’08. It was the urge of constituting a better learning environment, providing students and teachers with an even better platform of research in different fields of technology that made IMTIC’12 become a reality, which took months of preparation and lots of hard work to make this better and grandiose than ever before. The Conference consisted of five main parts; Paper Presentation, Tutorials session, Keynote Speeches, Poster sessions and PhD consortium. Each of which was held in parallel at the Auditorium and Central Library. This conference paper presentation provided platform for students and professionals to present and publish their research work, whereas tutorials session provided lectures on topics which included Cloud Computing, Network planning & designing aspects in future broadband Networks, with the motivation of keynote speeches by some renowned personalities of the world in educational cum technological sector. Whereas, poster session was based on the concept of presenting posters in a research pattern, the best of which were given prizes. The program also included Doctoral Consortium. The goal of Doctoral Consortium was to give an opportunity to the PhD students to present their research goals and the advances made so far in their research. In addition to the Conference’s technical program and poster session, the conference included inauguration of its detailed conference book named “Emerging Trends and Applications in Information Communication Technologies” published by Springer, Germany.


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Statistics of this conference show a participation of over 400 students, faculty members and delegates was a great success for this event. A total of 200 papers were submitted out of which 50 were accepted. Above 20 teams participated in posters session and more than 150 participated in different tutorials sessions. Whereas above 25 volunteers and more than 50 organizers worked to make this all possible. The inaugural day of IMTIC’12 contained addresses by Prof. Dr. B. S. Chowdhry, Dean FEECE, Prof. Dr. Aslam Uqaili, Pro-Vice Chancellor MUET Jamshoro, Prof. Dr. A. Q. K. Rajput, Vice Chancellor MUET, Jamshoro, Mr. Furqan Habib Qureshi, SEVP, Bussiness Zone South, PTCL (Chief Guest), Madam Sharmila Faruqui(Chief Guest for Day 3), Mr. Khalid Mansoor, President & CEO,Engro Fertilizers (Guest of Honor) and Dr. Faisal Karim Shaikh. The keynote speakers in the conference were Prof. B. M. Azizurahman(UK) and Mr. Shabbir Khan(US), Prof. Andrew Kemp(UK), Dr. Nasrullah Memon(DK), Dr. Rob Reilly(USA), Prof. Asadullah Shah(MY), Prof. Dr. Akbar Hussain(UK), Prof. Ramjee Prasad(DK). Judges for Poster session were Dr. Aftab A. Memon, Chairman, Department of Telecommunication Engg. MUET, Dr. Wajeeha Shah, Asst. Prof, Department of Electronic Systems Engg. MUET, Dr. Arabella Bhutto, Asst. Prof, Mehran University Institute of Science and Technology Development. Winners for Poster Session were Kehkashan A. Memon (1st), Shaikh Muhammad Muneeb(2nd) and Saba Baloch(3rd). This conference wouldn’t have been a success without the dedication of our Organizing Committee and sincere contributions of sponsors, co-sponsors, media partners, educational partners and collaborators. ITMIC’12 sponsors were HEC Pakistan, Pakistan Science Foundation and National ICT R&D Fund. Co-sponsors represent National Instruments, Mushko Electronics, IdealTM, Paktech Instruments Company, Rizvi and Company. Event collaborators were Erasmus Mundus Mobility for life, Aalborg University Denmark. Event Media partner was Technology times Pakistan and Rastek Technologies was the Educational partner. IMTIC’12 provided students and professionals with experience, exposure and insight towards emerging trends of the new technology. Mehran University will continue this trend in the years to come as it awaits the inauguration of more International Multi-Topic Conferences.


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FEECE MUET Vol 2 Issue 8  

FEECE MUET Vol 2 Issue 8

FEECE MUET Vol 2 Issue 8  

FEECE MUET Vol 2 Issue 8