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FEECE MUET e-Newsletter Special Issue – No. 7 Nov 2011 to Feb 2012

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FEECE MUET e-Newsletter Special Issue – No. 7 Nov 2011 to Feb 2012

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FEECE MUET e-Newsletter Special Issue – No. 7 Nov 2011 to Feb 2012

I feel pleasure to write about this newsletter. Faculty of Electrical, Electronics and Computer System Engineering (FEECE)-MUETstudents are doing wonderfully well. It is always glowing feel when students of educational institution start using their knowledge in practical work or sharing what they learn at higher forums. I really appreciate the good work of students. Mehran University always exerts to provide quality engineering education to the country’s blooming engineers, especially of rural Sindh. My best wishes and prays are with MUET students for their excellence in career.

Prof. Dr. M Aslam Uqaili

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FEECE MUET e-Newsletter Special Issue – No. 7 Nov 2011 to Feb 2012

It is a great pleasure for me to extend this message for the year book of Mehran University of Engineering and Technology, Jamshoro, which is published and distributed online. It is a matter of rejoicing and great satisfaction that the students and teachers of our university are taking active part in doing extra-curricular activities. Here I would like to mention that this day also reflects the sincere efforts of the faculty who endeavored, their best in equipping their students with the tools necessary for their expected performance as professionals. With the core of my heart, I congratulate all the students and honorable faculty for their untiring efforts. I wish our students and faculty members, the best of luck, a prosperous future and a successful career.

Prof. Dr. B. S. Chowdhry

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FEECE MUET e-Newsletter Special Issue – No. 7 Nov 2011 to Feb 2012

National Engineering eXhibition 2011 By Naveed Shaikh (08TL19) & Salman Ahmed (08TL16) Pioneers, Scholars, Technicians, Knowledge Seekers, Innovators, Engineers and Doctors are nothing if they are not allowed to exhibit their qualifications and apply acquired skills on their respective grounds. This beauty of skills & art shines only when those are tested and are exposed to show their magic. Professionals do get such battlefields to exhibit & polish their talents at their respective workplaces however when someone is in the stages of learning (I am talking about students creed here!) of any skill or art then they don’t and often cannot be given opportunities. Understandably so because they are either very young or inexperienced to deal with the real time problems and their slight mistakes can create big troubles so no one is ready to take the risk! Nevertheless one cannot ignore the importance of such opportunities even during the stages of learning! And good institute to make efforts to provide such battlefields in the shape of Exhibitions & competitions at different levels. With the collaboration of Higher Education Commission, Faculty of electrical electronics and computers system engineering (FEECE) of Mehran University of Engineering and Technology (MUET) arranged one such national level competition for the very first time in the history of university which was called NATIONAL ENGINEERING EXHIBITION 2011 (NEX’11). The event was held on 2nd November 2011 and was primarily for undergrad students. Many universities and delegates participated in the competition. The various universities and institutes which took part in NEX include UET Lahore, IBA Sukkur, SSUET, QUEST, Bahria

University, Baluchistan University, NED, UIT, PAK KEIT, Sindh University, Karachi University, HIAST and NU FAST. More than 230 teams comprising of in total 791 participants, organizers, students and faculty members from 18 Universities/Institutions from all over country participated in different categories of this event. This competition was successfully organized in well-disciplined manner and with remarkable efforts of all organizers both from faculty and students who were being steer headed by Prof. Dr. B. S. Chowdhry, Engr. Attiya Baqai & Engr. Khuhed Memon. Actually NEX’11 consisted variety of challenges, competitions and events featuring Project Competition, Cisco Skills, Techno-Fusion Quiz, Techno-post Galleria, Speed Programming, Circuit Design and Gaming competition, a workshop on Project based learning, education fair and project exhibition. Nex11 commenced at sharp 9 am on the 2nd November with the inauguration of the event by the Vice Chancellor, Dr. A.Q.K. Rajput and Pro Vice Chancellor Prof Dr. Aslam Uqaili. Project Competition, held in Electronics Department, was a wonderful opportunity for those candidates who were anxious to show

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FEECE MUET e-Newsletter Special Issue – No. 7 Nov 2011 to Feb 2012 their skills in industry based projects. They exhibited their unique skills & talents in the form of useful hardware and software based projects capable to meet the challenging demands of Industry. An Exciting platform was also arranged for those students who rocked with their knowledge regarding Technical and IQ Subjects and that platform was next competition of NEX’11 named as Techno-Fusion Quiz Competition. Another very exciting event was that of Circuit Designing where student participants were attempted to be puzzled by logical tasks and only composed minds triumphed at the end. Circuit designing competition was also held in Department of Electronics Engineering. In Techno-post galleria, organized in Department of Biomedical Engineering, the students hanged their well-made and attractive posters. While students equipped with programming language skills were given a platform of Speed Programming where they tasted their way with syntaxes and debugging. This event was hosted by Department of Computer System Engineering. Cisco Skills Competition was hosted by Department of Telecommunication. The competition was inspired from NET Riders, an international CISCO event and the same rules and regulations were adopted. In this time of internet, networking has remarkable and revolutionary effects in the development of communication over networks. So it was gift for those networking students from organizing committee of NEX’11 where they can test their level of networking skills according to the rules of international competition. This competition was actually test of skills including knowledge, designing of networks not only software bases but they were tasted on Hardware as well. It

was the longest competition with respect to time which starts early in the morning and was continued till evening. We are very well aware of that besides studies; Students do take interest in different games especially desktop games are really popular in youth. So a competition under the name of Gaming Competition was organized in NEX’11. The strikes of counter strike and pace of Need for speed was enjoyed by their fond in the Software Engineering Department. If you are thinking that’s all about NEX’11 then you are wrong! Because it was not all about competitions rather it featured thought provoking workshop in Problem based learning. The keynote speeches were delivered by Prof. Dr. Bilal Alvi from IOBM Karachi, Prof. Dr. B.S. Chowdhry from MUET Jamshoro and Prof. Dr. Irfran Haider, Vice President PAF-KEIT Karachi. The specific title was Workshop on Project based Learning. The aim of this workshop was to impart among students the necessary skills of how they can translate their know-how and learned techniques into the solutions and practical remedies of existing issues. An education fair was arranged in the Central Library of MUET where various national and international universities were given stalls and they provided counseling to the students of MUET.

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FEECE MUET e-Newsletter Special Issue – No. 7 Nov 2011 to Feb 2012 Under the watchful scrutiny of judge’s panel consisting 40 members (majority of them were from other universities and institutes) the top three winners from each event category were selected and were awarded with the shields and cash prizes. NEX’11 also featured a lucky draw for participants & other audience of the event. First lucky draw prize was Dubai return Ticket worth 25,000 PKR for project exhibition through the sponsorship from Industry. Many prizes were given including IELTS registration fee (5 draws for nex11 participants 5 for education fair visitors), cellular phone communication course registration. The IELTS registration vouchers and training opportunities were sponsored by Times Consultants. For the participants of Quiz competition there were special gift hampers! In the concluding ceremony, cash prizes, shields & certificates were awarded to winners of various competitions by the event heads Dr. Aftab Memon, Dr. Ahsan Ahmed Ursani, Dr. Wajiha Shah, Prof. Tahseen Hafiz, Dr. M.A Unar, Dr. Abdul Sattar Larik and Dr. Akram Shaikh. It is really important to mention here that this time an event organized by MUET received tremendous support from the external sponsors. Besides it was hugely covered by media gigs. We are really proud of the administration and organizers of this event who convinced the top rank industries to sponsor this event. Their effort translated into the reality when everybody was just having hi fi tea in the auditorium during ending ceremony of NEX’11. Sponsors for this event included National Instrumentation, INTERFACE Telco resource firm, Time consultants, AINTS, Tesside University, Success Factor, RMT enterprises, IPA indus pak advisors, AUSPAK, Sun Education Service, & PEPSI. If I will mention the name of that team then it will extend to the number of

pages. Organizing body was well designed arranged in short organizing committee, like advisory committee and department level teams were arranged to monitor the host department for different competitions of NEX’11, & especially those student teams who were working in different competitions as volunteers. A dedicated team of web developers created a user friendly website for this event featuring news, updates and well managed frequently asked question. Overall it was wonderful and well-managed event. It leaves an important impression of MUET on national canvas. Special thanks to the organizers who were responsible to make this event successful. We hope in future, University will also produce such productive events where engineering students can show their talented skills.

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FEECE MUET e-Newsletter Special Issue – No. 7 Nov 2011 to Feb 2012

SCHOLARSHIPS OPPORTUNITIES IN EUOROPEN COUNTRIES: Erasmus Mundus project builds engineering links between Europe and Asia

BY PROF. DR. B. S. CHOWDHRY Mehran UET has been selected as a partner university of Euro 1.98 million Erasmus Mundus project which will enable the exchange of staff and students across higher education institutions in the European Union (EU) and South and South East Asia. Lead persons of the project at MUET Prof Dr BS Chowdhry Dean Faculty of Electrical Electronics and Computer Engineering and Prof Dr Aftab A Memon, Chairman Telecommunication Engineering Department further told that in the project “Strong Ties”, the main areas of interest include Electrical, Electronics engineering & Information and Communication Technologies, Photonics, Biomedical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Power systems and energy, Informatics, Communication Engineering & Microwaves.The funding will enable a total of 101 staff and students from across South and South East Asia to work or study at one of seven EU universities for periods ranging between two and 30 months. The first call for applications has been opened on 5 December 2011 for Doctorate students and staff, with a deadline of 21 January 2012. There will be two further annual calls; for Bachelor, Masters and Post-Doctorate students in 2012 and at all levels in 2013. Scholarships available for Doctorate students,

including return economy airfares, travel and health insurance coverage, participation cost subsidy (paid to the host university) and Euro 1,500 per month for subsistence. Staff funding includes return airfares, insurance coverage and Euro 2,500 per month towards living costs in the host country. The Strong Ties EU partners are: Poiltechnico di Milano, Italy; University of Southern Denmark; University of Limerick, Ireland; Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland; Frederick University of Technology, Cyprus; University of Dortmund, Germany; and City University London, UK.

The Asian partners are: Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, and United International University, Bangladesh; National University of Science and Technology(NUST), and Mehran University of Engineering and Technology (MUET), Pakistan; University of Pune, India; Kathmandu University, Nepal; Royal University of Bhutan; Kabul University, Afghanistan; University of Malaya, Malaysia; Bangkok University, Thailand; and Bandung Institute of Technology, Indonesia.

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FEECE MUET e-Newsletter Special Issue – No. 7 Nov 2011 to Feb 2012

Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Telecommunication Department BY DR FAHIM UMRANI/SHAHID MAKHDOOM

I am sure you all will be glad to know that the Department of Telecommunication MUET is 10 years old now and thriving! And by the grace of Almighty we have produced more than 700 telecom graduates since 2001 that are working day and night at reputable positions and making their mark in the telecom industry of Pakistan. To acknowledge this landmark achievement, we are going to organize a grand event celebrating the “10th anniversary of Telecommunication department”. The event will recap the history of Telecommunication department and highlight the vision, the contributions it’s making, and its long term goals. Further it will also prove to be a reunion of ex-telecom graduates. In this regard, please find the TL-Alumni form on the given website link, register online or fill it and send it to the addressed given in the form. For further details please visit: We’d like to take this opportunity to ask you to help us out this year and can hopefully count on you for a generous and nominal contribution of PKR 500 to make this event possible and a great success. I thank you for your time and consideration. We look forward to whatever support you can provide.

Student’s scholarships from 2KES scholarship foundation BY DR FAHIM UMRANI

2KES Scholarship foundation has been around since 2007. The aim of this scholarship is to help bright but financially disadvantaged students of the MUET, Pakistan. Scholarship recipients will follow BE program in the department of Electronics, Telecommunication & Biomedical Engineering at MUET. So far we have successfully completed our first round of awarding scholarships to the students of 08-batch for complete four years. And we also have managed to organize a very exciting student project competition which was called 2KES Alumni Student Project Competition 2010 held on 14 Oct 2010 in Department of Telecommunication, MUET. This competition proved to be the source of encouragement for others to organize similar sort of events in our university. It gives me immense pleasure to announce that, we have Alhamdulilah raised the required money to award at least two bright but financially disadvantaged students the “2KES Scholarship” for 2011 and 2012 Batch. For further details and to learn how to apply for this scholarship please visit: Although the main financier of this project are my colleagues from 2KES Batch, but here, I would like to specially thank the faculty members of the Department of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering for supporting this program morally as well as financially. Without their support this would have been much difficult to implement. If you too are interested in donating to this program please visit the following page for complete details: I’m pretty confident in the fact that our mutual cooperation will continue in future too InshALLAH with fresh vigour and strength for the betterment of our students, faculty, departments, university and Pakistan.

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FEECE MUET e-Newsletter Special Issue – No. 7 Nov 2011 to Feb 2012

Telecom Department MUET launches its own website By Jibran Memon (IT Assistant TL, MUET)

Telecommunication Department MUET Jamshoro is proud to announce & launch its very own department's website. Please meet us on We understand that in today’s world the launch of the website is more than a mere embracement of Information Communication Technology. In fact it is a window of letting other people to know about the unique beauty and grace of Telecommunication Department. The purpose of this website is to act as the bridge between our department and outside world especially for prospective students, and national & international universities. The website will not only promote our department’s administration, faculty, and students but also offers a platform of cooperation among academia, industry and at global level international cultural, technical exchange and cooperation. The website is designed neatly making it user friendly and easy for visitors. Along with that we have also launched telecom alumni website to collect our widely spreaded graduates on a platform for their motivation and for the uprising graduates. With all those launching we would like to share our related project of Weather Information system which is publishing weather/environmental information online for our TL or MUET students and for our researchers or any. Both these Telecom alumni website and Weather Information System webpages can be accessed from our above mentioned department website.

Looking at career towards Molecular Systems By: Salman Afridi

This field involves the application of laboratory techniques to large-scale processes. It includes the following area: 1- Biochemical engineering. Application of enzymes, bacteria etc to improve large scale chemical processes. 2- Polymer synthesis. Molecular basis for polymer properties and the chemical synthesis of new polymers adapted for large-scale production. 3- Biomedical Engineering. On the basis of molecular approach design artificial organ to replace failure organ. Recently developed molecular and genetic technologies are allowing us to ask new questions in biological research. This describes these new approaches, particularly the utility of large-scale high-throughput technologies/nanotechnologies that are used in conjunction with cross-disciplinary and integrative methodologies in determining biological networks. Molecular systems biology is an integrative discipline that seeks to explain the properties and behavior of complex biological systems in terms of their molecular components and their interactions.

Implemented Scenario: Roche – as the world leader in in vitro diagnostics- has accepted the challenge of managing the vast and continually expanding volume of molecular insights and translating it into products with high medical value for physicians and patients. For the first time in the history of medical science diagnosis and therapy are meeting on common ground – the molecular level. Today molecular diagnostics and the discovery and validation of biomarkers is essential to realizing the promise of personalized healthcare. Molecular Diagnostics: The research team develops tools for molecular diagnostic profiling, and discovers and validates molecular markers that can be used to:  Identify patients with disease predisposition  Conclusively identify disease or differentiate disease subtypes and prognosis  Select best medicines, titrate dosage, minimizing the likelihood of adverse events, and predict therapy response  Monitor treatment efficacy  Ensure the safety of the blood supply

Salman Afridi is currently a Lecturer at Biomedical Engineering Department, MUET, Jamshoro

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‫‪FEECE MUET e-Newslette‬‬ ‫‪Special Issue – No. 7‬‬ ‫‪Nov 2011 to Feb 2012‬‬

‫ثلُْم طَجميجٌَ ِذي‬ ‫احسان احمد عرساڻي‬ ‫ثلْم طجميجٌذي (‪ )ymoolxa m'moolB‬دساصل ُوئگيش تؼليوي همصذى جي طجميْاس دسجيجٌذي آُي‪ ،‬جٌِي جْ هْجذ ثيٌجوي ثلْم جي اڳْاڻي َء ۾ ڪن ڪٌذڙ‬ ‫تؼليوذاًي جْ ُڪ گشَُّ ُْ‪ .‬ثلْم طجميجٌذي َء کي جُڙي اڄ ‪ 55‬عبل گزسي چڪب آُي‪ّ .‬لت گزسڻ عبى ثلْم طجميجٌذي َء کي همجْليت ثَ هلي آُي تَ ُش تؼليوي‬ ‫هيذاى ۾ لجْليت ثَ‪ .‬اڄ اى جْ اطالق عکيب جي ُش کيتش ۾ ٿي سُيْ آُي‪ .‬اُي هؼبششا جتي تؼليوي اداسا خبص طْس ثٌيبدي تؼلين جب اداسا توبم پختب ثٌيبد سکي ٿب‬ ‫۽ جتي تحميك جي ُوت افضبئي ٿي ٿِي‪ ،‬اتي جب هذسط ًَ سڳْ عٌذى عکيب ّاسى طشيمي ۾ ثِتشي آڻڻ ال ِء ثلڪَ شبگشدى جي لبثليت کي پشکڻ ال ِء پڻ ثلْم‬ ‫طجميجٌذي َء کي اعتؼوبل ۾ آڻي سُيب آُي‪.‬‬ ‫ثلْم طجميجٌذي تؼليوي همصذى کي ٽي “کيتشى” ۾ ّساُي ٿي‪ :‬رُبًت‪ ،‬احغبط‪ ،‬۽ ڦڙتي‪ُ .‬ش کيتش اًذس هِبست کي ‪ 5‬کبى ‪ 7‬هختلف طجمي ۾ ّسُبيْ ّيْ آُي‪.‬‬ ‫ثلْم طجميجٌذي َء هْجت ڪٌِي هٿبًِيي طجمي جي عطح تي عکيب يب لبثليت حبصل ڪشڻ ال ِء عوْسى ُيٺيي طجمي تي هِبست ُجڻ الصهي آُي‪ .‬ثلْم طجميجٌذي َء‬ ‫جْ اُن همصذ اعتبدى کي اًِي ٽٌِي کيتشى ڏاًِي هتْجَ ڪشڻ آُي تَ جيئي تذسيغي ػول کي اڃب جبهغ صْست ڏئي عگِجي‪.‬‬

‫بلوم طبقيبندي َء جا کيتر‬ ‫جيتْڻيڪ ثلْم جي اڳْاڻي َء ۾ ڪن ڪٌذڙ تؼليوذاًي جي ڪبهيٽي َء ٽي کيتشى جي ًشبًذُي ڪئي‬ ‫ُئي‪ ،‬پش اى ڪبهيٽي َء فمظ ُڪ ئي کيتش “رُبًت” تي تفصيلي ڪتبة ڇپبيْ‪ ،‬جٌِي کي ‪ 6‬طجمي ۾‬ ‫ڊيْڊ ڪشاٿّْل ٻيي‬ ‫ّساُيْ ّيْ‪ .‬تٌِي کبى پْ ِء ‪4961‬ع ڌاسي عبڳي ئي ڪبهيٽي َء جي ُڪ سڪي‪ِ ،‬‬ ‫کيتش يؼٌي “احغبط” تي ڪتبة ڇپبيْ ۽ اى کي ‪ 5‬طجمي ۾ ّساُيْ‪ .‬ثلْم يب عٌذط عبٿيي هبى ڪٌِي ثَ‬ ‫ڪڏُي ثَ ٽيي کيتش يؼٌي “ڦڙتي” جي طجميجٌذي ًَ ڪئي‪ .‬تبُن ‪4971‬ع ّاسي ڏُبڪي ۾ ڪي ٻيي‬ ‫هبُشى اًفشادي طْس اى ٽيي کيتش تي تحميك ڪئي ۽ ‪ 7‬طجمي تي ٻڌل ُڪ طجميجٌذي تشتيت ڏًي‪.‬‬

‫ذهانتي کيتر (‪)niaCoDoev tingoC‬‬ ‫عبئٌظ‪ ،‬اًجٌيئشڱ ۽ ٽيڪٌيڀيبط جي تؼلين ۾ ثلْم جي “رُبًتي طجميجٌذي َء” جْ اطالق توبم ّڏي‬ ‫اُويت سکي ٿْ‪ .‬ثلْم طجميجٌذي َء جي اى کيتش ۾ ‪ 6‬طجمب آُي‪ ،‬جي جي ّضبحت ُت پيش ڪجي ٿي‪.‬‬ ‫تْڻي جْ ثلْم طجميجٌذي ڪٌِي ثَ هخصْص هضوْى يب ػلوي هيذاى تبئيي هحذّد ًبُي‪ ،‬پش ُش طجمي‬ ‫جي ّضبحت عبڻ طجؼيبت ‪ scBayha‬جْ ُڪ هثبلي عْال پڻ پيش ڪجي ٿْ‪ ،‬جٌِي کي حل ڪشڻ ال ِء اى طجمي جي هغبّي لبثليت گِشثل ُجي‪.‬‬

‫ڄاڻ (‪)eCielvoav‬‬ ‫اُْ رُبًت جْ ُيٺيي ۾ ُيٺيْى طجمْ آُي‪ ،‬جٌِي هٌجَِ اڳ ۾ حبصل ڪيل ڄبڻ کي ّسجبئڻ‪ ،‬ڪي ثٌيبدي اصطالحي جْى ّصفْى‪ ،‬لفظي جْى هؼٌبئْى ّغيشٍ‬ ‫ٻڌائڻ جي لبثليت شبهل آُي‪ .‬اى کي ػبم طْس حبفظي يب عٌڀبس ‪ lrloeB‬جي لبثليت چئي عگِجي ٿْ‪ .‬اى ثٌيبدي لبثليتي عطح تي شبگشد هلڪي ۽ اًِي جي‬ ‫گبدي َء جي ٌُڌى جب ًبال‪ّ ،‬الدت‪ّ ،‬فبت ۽ آصادي َء ججْى تبسيخْى‪ ،‬ڪي همذاسى جب لذس جِڙّڪ سّشٌي َء جي سفتبس‪ ،‬آڪغيجي جْ ايٽوي ًوجش ّغيشٍ جْ‬ ‫حفع ڪشي عگِي ٿْ‪.‬‬ ‫هثبلي عْال‪:‬‬ ‫ًيْٽي جب حشڪت ّاسا لبػذا ثيبى ڪشيْ‪.‬‬ ‫فهن (‪)ninsnvhvCpoiC‬‬ ‫اُْ رُبًت جْ ٻيْى طجمْ آُي‪ ،‬جٌِي جي عطح تي اچڻ ال ِء پِشيي طجمي جي لبثليت الصهي آُي‪ .‬رُبًت جي اى طجمي جْ تؼلك‪ ،‬اڳ ۾ حبصل ڪيل ڄبڻ جي‬ ‫عوجَِ ُْڻ جي اظِبسي صالحيت عبى آُي‪ .‬عوجَِ يب فِن ُْڻ جْ هظبُشّ تشتيت ڏيٌذي‪ ،‬تشجوْ ڪٌذي‪ ،‬ڀيٽيٌذي‪ ،‬۽ هثبل ڏيٌذي يب عوجِبڻي ڏيٌذي ڪشي‬ ‫عگِجي ٿْ‪ُ .‬تي تشجوي هبى هشاد هحض ُڪ ٻْلي َء کبى ٻي ٻْلي َء ۾ هٌتملي ًبُي‪ ،‬ثلڪَ اى جْ همصذ ڪٌِي تخيل جْ ٻيي لفع ۾‪ ،‬هختلف هثبلي رسيؼي يب‬ ‫تشجيَِ رسيؼي اظِبس آُي‪.‬‬

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‫‪FEECE MUET e-Newsletter‬‬ ‫‪Special Issue – No. 7‬‬ ‫‪Nov 2011 to Feb 2012‬‬ ‫هثبلي عْال‪ً :‬يْٽي جب لبػذا هثبلي عبى عوجِبيْ‪.‬‬ ‫اطالق (‪)nsslocgDoiC‬‬ ‫اُْ رُبًت جْ ٽيْى طجمْ آُي‪ ،‬جٌِي جْ همصذ اڳ ۾ حبصل ڪيل ڄبڻ ۽ فِن کي اعتؼوبل ڪٌذي ڪْ ًئْى هغئلْ حل ڪشي عگِڻ جي لبثليت حبصل‬ ‫ڪشڻ آُي‪ً .‬ئيي هغئلي هبى هشاد اُڙّ هغئلْ آُي‪ ،‬جيڪْ اڳ ۾ عبهِْى ًَ آيْ ُجي‪ ،‬يؼٌي اڻڄبتل ُجي‪.‬‬ ‫هثبلي عْال ‪ 011:‬گشام هبيْ سکٌذڙ ڪْ ثبل ‪ 41‬هيٽشى جي اّچبئي َء تي ًُْذي ‪ 4‬هيٽش في عيڪٌڊ عبى ُيٺ ڪشي سُيْ آُي‪.‬‬ ‫ڪشًذّ؟‬ ‫ٻڌايْ تَ اُْ ڪيتشي سفتبس عبى صهيي تي ِ‬ ‫ڇيد (‪)nCgllpop‬‬ ‫ُي ُء رُبًت جْ چْٿْى طجمْ آُي‪ .‬ڪي تؼليوي هبُشى جي سا ِء هْجت‪ ،‬پِشيْى‪ ،‬ٻيْى‪ ،‬۽ ٽيْى طجمْ‪ُ ،‬يٺيبى طجمب آُي‪ ،‬جڏُي تَ چْٿْى‪ ،‬پٌجْى ۽ ڇِْى طجمْ‬ ‫هٿيبى طجمب آُي‪ُ .‬ي طجمي ۾ هختلف اعوي يب ػٌصشى‪ّ ،‬اعطيذاسيي ‪ ermmsyooacysa‬۽ تٌظيوي اصلْى جْ ڇيذ ڪشڻ ّاسيْى لبثليتْى شبهل آُي‪ .‬اى طجمي جْ‬ ‫هبُش ڏًل هؼلْهبت يب اطالع اًذس هْجْد همبصذ ۽ اعجبة جي ًشبًذُي ڪٌذي عوْسي هؼلْهبت کي هؼٌي خيض طشيمي عبى هختلف ڀبڱي ۾ ّساُي عگِڻ جي‬ ‫صالحيت سکٌذّ‪ .‬اى طجمي ۾ ٻَ اُن لبثليتْى ٻيْى ثَ شبهل آُي‪ً :‬تيجب اخز ڪشي عگِڻ ۽ تؼوين (‪ )nroremmyamsyoo‬جي حك ۾ دليل ڏئي عگِڻ‪.‬‬ ‫هثبلي عْال‪ 011 :‬گشام هبيْ سکٌذڙ ُڪ ثبل‪ 41 ،‬گشام هبيْ سکٌذڙ ُڪ ڪبغزي جِبص ۽ ‪ 5‬گشام هبيْ سکٌذڙ ڪٌِي عُئي َء کي ‪ 41‬هيٽشى جي اّچبئي َء تبى‬ ‫ڪ َش َڻ ڏًْ ّڃي ٿْ‪ .‬ٻڌايْ تَ عڀ کبى اّل ۽ آخش ڪِڙي شَي صهيي عبى ٽڪشائجٌذي؟ ۽ ڇْ؟‬ ‫ُڪ ئي ّلت ُيٺ ِ‬ ‫ترڪيب (‪)DhvpopnlC‬‬ ‫ُي ُء رُبًت جْ پٌجْى طجمْ آُي‪ .‬توبم رُيي هبڻِْ ئي اى طجمي جْى لبثليتْى سکٌذا آُي‪ ،‬جي ۾ هٌفشد ليک تحشيش ڪشڻ‪ ،‬سٿبثٌذي ڪشڻ‪ ،‬تجشيذي‬ ‫ّاعطيذاسيْى اخز ڪشڻ‪ ،‬يب حبصل ڄبڻ کي هختلف اًذاص ۾ تشتيت ڏيٌذي ًئيي ۽ ڪبسآهذ هؼلْهبت تبليف ڪشڻ‪ ،‬تْڙي هختلف ڀبڱي کي ڳٌڍيٌذي ڪْ عششتْ‬ ‫جْڙڻ ّاسيْى لبثليتْى شبهل آُي‪.‬‬ ‫ڪْ اُڙّ تجشثْ ثيبى ڪشيْ جٌِي عبى گِش ۾ هْجْد عبديْى شيْى‪ ،‬جِڙّڪ سّهبل‪ ،‬ڌاڳْ‪ُ ،‬ڪ ًٌڍّ پٿش‪ّ ،‬غيشٍ اعتؼوبل ڪٌذي ُْا گبٺ هثبلي عْال‪:‬‬ ‫‪ ،mye ceyhsyoo‬ثملي صّس ‪ coehr g r so nemcysB‬۽ تْاصى ‪ ru ymyiyey l‬جب عبئٌغي تخيل عوجِبئي عگِجي‪.‬‬ ‫قدر شناسي (‪)neglagDoiC‬‬ ‫ُيءََُ رُبًت جْ ڇِْى ۽ عڀ کبى هٿبًِْى طجمْ آُي‪ .‬صشف چٌذ رُيي تشيي يب غيش هؼوْلي فشد ئي اى طجمي جي لبثليت کي سعي عگٌِذا آُي‪ .‬اُڙى هبڻِي‬ ‫۾ هيغش هؼلْهبت‪ ،‬خيبالت‪ ،‬يب ڪٌِي ڪن يب هشك جي عڀب ُء ‪ u mmysB‬ثبثت سا ِء صًي ڪشڻ‪ ،‬پٌٌِجي سايي جي حك ۾ هضجْط ۽ هٌطمي دليل ڏيڻ ّاسيْى‬ ‫صالحيتْى شبهل آُي‪.‬‬ ‫هثبلي عْال‪ :‬ثملي صّس ثبػث تيضي َء (‪ mhhrmremsyoo g r so nemcysB )n‬جْ لذس هؼلْم ڪشڻ ال ِء احوذ ‪ 411‬گشام جي ُڪ لڏڪڻي (‪ )srog m l‬تي‬ ‫تجشثْ ڪيْ‪ .‬لڏڪڻي جْ لطش (‪ 41 )gymlrsre‬عيٌٽي هيٽش ُْ‪ ،‬جٌِي کي لٽڪبئڻ ال ِء اعتؼوبل ٿيل ڏّس جي ڊيگَِ ‪ 51‬عيٌٽي هيٽش ُئي‪ .‬ڪيتشا ئي تجشثب‬ ‫ڪشڻ ثبّجْد کيظ ‪ n‬جْ دسعت لذس يؼٌي ‪ 9.8‬هيٽش في چْسط عيڪٌڊ ًَ هليْ‪ .‬کيظ هليل لذسى جي عشاعشي ‪ 8.9‬هيٽش في چْسط عيڪٌڊ ثيـٺي‪ .‬تُْبى‬ ‫جي خيبل ۾ احوذ ‪ n‬جي لذس جْ ڪبٿْ ڪشڻ ۾ ڪِڙي غلطي ڪشي سُيْ ُْ؟‬ ‫اعڪْلي‪ ،‬ڪبليجي ۽ يًْيْسعٽيي ۾ اعتبدى کي گِشجي تَ ثلْم طجميجٌذي َء کي عوجِي ۽ سيبضي‪ ،‬عبئٌظ‪ ،‬۽ ٻْلي َء جِڙى هضوًْي جي تذسيغي ػول ۾ اى جْ‬ ‫اطالق ڪي‪ .‬جيئي تَ اهتحبى ّٺڻ پڻ لذس شٌبعي َء ‪ rcmm msyoo‬جْ ػول آُي‪ ،‬تٌِي ڪشي اعتبدى جي رُبًتي عطح پڻ اػلي تشيي ُْڻ گِشجي‪ .‬اهتحبًي‬ ‫طشيمب غيش دسعت ُْڻ ڪشي اڪثش اهتحبًي ًتيجب شبگشدى جي حميمي لبثليت جي ػڪبعي ًَ ڪشي عگٌِذا آُي‪ .‬اڪثش اهتحبًي عْال ثلْم طجميجٌذي َء‬ ‫هطبثك پِشيي يب ٻيي طجمي جي عطح جب ًُْذا آُي‪ .‬تٌٌِڪشي گِٽ تْڙي ّڌ رُيي شبگشد اهتحبى ۾ ڪوْثيش ُڪجڙي ڪبسڪشدگي َء جْ هظبُشّ ڪٌذا‬ ‫آُي‪ .‬ثلڪَ سڳْ پِشيي طجمي جب عْال ُْڻ عجت ڪڏُي تَ هبڳِيي اثتب ًتيجب هلٌذا آُي‪ ،‬جٌِي عبى رُبًت جي حْصال شڪٌي ۽ سٽيجبصي ۽ ًمل جي حْصال‬ ‫افضبئي ٿيٌذي آُي‪.‬‬ ‫اهتحبًي جْ ٻيْ پِلْ ُش ڀيشي عبڳيي يب ُڪجِڙى عْالي جْ ّسجب ُء آُي‪ .‬ڀلي ثلْم طجميجٌذي َء هْجت ڪْ عْال هٿيي طجمي عبى ّاعطْ ڇْ ًَ سکٌذّ ُجي‪،‬‬ ‫پش جيئي تَ اهتحبى ڏيٌذڙ اُڙي عْال کبى اڳ ۾ ئي ّالف ًُْذا آُي تٌِي ڪشي عٌذى ال ِء اُْ عْال پِشيي طجمي جْ ئي ًُْذّ آُي‪ .‬جيئي تَ اُْ عْال ُُْ‬ ‫دسعي ڪتبة جي هشك ۾‪ ،‬يب ڪٌِي اڳْڻي اهتحبًي پشچي ۾ ڏعي چڪب ًُْذا آُي‪ ،‬تٌٌِڪشي کيي اُْ عْال حل ڪشڻ ال ِء حبفظي کبى ّڌيڪ ڪٌِي ثَ‬ ‫رُبًت جي ضشّست ًَ پًْذي آُي‪.‬‬ ‫هٿيي ثحث جْ هبحبصل اُْ آُي تَ رُبًت جي حْصال افضبئي ۽ ًمل جي حْصالشڪٌي َء ال ِء ضشّسي آُي تَ اعتبد صبحجبى پٌٌِجي عکيب جي طْس طشيمي‬ ‫تْڙي اهتحبًي پشک جي طشيمي ۾ ثلْم طجميجٌذي َء تي ػول ڪي‪.‬‬ ‫ليکڪ جبهؼَ هِشاڻ جي جيبطت اًجٌيئشڱ شؼجي جْ ًشغتوبى آُي‪.‬‬

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FEECE MUET e-Newsletter Special Issue – No. 7 Nov 2011 to Feb 2012

e-Health: Grid Patient Monitoring System By: N.P Chowdhy

The condition of patient mainly depends on clinical laboratory tests such as blood CP, urine DR, kidney function test, liver function test, x-rays & pathological reports. In the patient monitoring system, the pre-monitoring and the post monitoring test are compared to examine the physical condition of the patient. In every hospital, there are testing laboratories to share data to local and remote experts in specialty area of patient’s health. When a large number of patients are involved, we make ehealth grid monitoring system to analyze multiple parameters of patients for distribution to the particular expert available for consultation with concerned doctor in the similar area. The Fig. 1 (a) & (b), illustrates the scenario that how a patient can be monitored remotely from diagnostic laboratory or micro laboratory for reports or information from the patients and experts in case of emergency through telediagnsotic devices. Moiz Rahman Memon is a B.E final year student of Department of TL MUET. He is the News Reporter in FEECE MUET E-Newsletter. He is a member of IEEE-MUET Student Branch and currently serving as Chair, IEEE-MUET Student Branch. He has previously served as the Secretary, IEEE-MUET Student Branch for the session 2010-2011. He is a member of M.U.S.T-MUET and currently serving as Chairman, M.U.S.T. He has previously headed the Junior TL Section, Blood Bank (BB), Sports Committee and volunteered for the Committee on Professional Skills Development (CPSD) and Committee on Women Affairs (CWA), M.U.S.T for the sessions 2009-2010 and 2010-2011. He holds a part in organizing conferences/workshops/seminars/trainings/competitions/exhibitions related to Engineering, Science & Technology (SCONEST’11), EDA Tools(FPGA Advantage), Simulating Wireless Communication using MATLAB, Communication & Professional Skills, Software Defined Radio Technology(SDR), Digital Filter Design, Process & Concurrency Issues in OS, 2KES Alumni Project Competition and National Engineering eXhibition (NEX’11).

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FEECE MUET e-Newsletter Special Issue – No. 7 Nov 2011 to Feb 2012

Standing for the cause By: Madiha Majeed 08BM30

The other day I was going through some foreigner’s analysis report on the current anarchy in the country. Usually I don’t like any non-Pakistani commenting or giving his opinions about Pakistan but his conclusion was apposite. According to him, the problem with Pakistani nation was not religious or social but psychic. It’s not easy to call a complete nation psycho but if we start analyzing our attitude from the very first day, we would agree with his statement. We have always supported the leader of our own race no matter how asinine he is. It is flabbergasted to realize that we gave votes to the party who had already lost its leadership. We thought we are paying back the prize of its leader’s life but we were actually selling our country in the hands of culprits. We were happy on the coalition of different political parties and on the formation of mutual government but in real we actually love dramas and our ruling party was making most of it. We were contented on the restoration of judiciary without realizing that they have set the biggest example of protest, riots and looting in the history of Pakistan and at present the same judiciary is lost somewhere. They have not come at the front at the present deteriorated

law and order situation. But why would anynody do that? Why would anybody unite the racially divided nation? We, as Pakistani nation, occur in different clusters. We believe in blind love and promises which shatter us. We, at the end of the day, shoot off our own mouth for the same person who once deceived us. And, yes we don’t have the courage to stand for the right cause. We don’t have the power to save our neighbor from being killed brutally or to protest for him. We don’t have strength to name the real mischiefmockers even when we are persecuted at their hands. We deny the truth that we actually act as puppets and our strings are not even in the hands of our beloved leaders but controlled by the ones for whom we are actually terrorists. They are the real puppeteers as they exactly know how to dramatize our lives. This is the stage at which we have to realize that the act of revolution cannot be performed, it has to be created and this would not be done by any leader or the political party but should be accomplished by us. We all have to play our own role individually. We have to create guts in ourselves to call right in front of the right and wrong in front of the wrong. Yes, this is the time when we all have to stand up collectively and united for the cause and that cause should not be other than PAKISTAN.

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FEECE MUET e-Newsletter Special Issue – No. 7 Nov 2011 to Feb 2012

The Story of four years spending in MUET Jamshoro!!! By Salman Aziz Memon (08TL61)

And finally, we are going to be graduates. Yesssss!!!!!!!! :-D Most of the teachers were awesome. They gave us tough time in studies but they polished our skills to a great extent. But we gave them much more tough time in the same way we got from “awesome teachers” ahm ahm… Giving lecture to juniors, or to write something stupid on the desk. And guess what; we went all of these ideas in one way or the other – YoHo !!! and that’s how our university life went all the way .. phew !!! I don’t remember a single day when I reached on time in any class. But yes, I remember if ever I was on time, the teacher was not on time and dude this is known as hard luck – damn ! -PAUSEOh no tomorrow is the last date for assignment submission and we haven’t started it yet !! “Allah plz es barr help kr dain .. next assigment py usse din sy kam start kr dain gy !!!” And that hell day never came in our 4 years of Engineering degree. And what to say about The Great Uni trips … The day before trip: “yar tm log ja rhay ho !! & sort of stupid questions :-P ” Tension Tension Tension … so we are back from a chilling trip and now we have to work on our semester exams. And everyone was hell busy all the night on working on the handouts and there was no question of sleeping at all – “reaping what we sow” !!! Presentations: are these the things to be taken serious! No ways. But still we were concerned: “Yar dress kon sa pehnana hai” – “I don’t have dress pent ” – “I’ll try black shoes with it” – “yara theme

kon se rakhun slides mai” (is it a question to discuss :/) hahahaha ! But at the end of the day every Assignment, Presentation and Project went incredibly good – Ye Cheez!!! Finally some clashes and Group-bandi in class politics. Yeah Dude! How is it possible to stay away from “politics” in such a “Democratic” country? BUT I must sensor those scenes in the article Just because they were not that much serious, but there were few – Phew !!! And we were hell tired from our Café: “yar cafe mai kuch milta he nahin khanay ko” “roz wohi samosay, peteez, channa chat, biryani, chips, biscuits etc etc” Surely Man is Ungrateful – (hanre marhoon ta ghaal bhi na karay)!!! -Khair – There were much more enthusiasm like missed morning 1st lecture, combine studies, late night project, chilling parties and trips, tension of low attendance and the list continues… Then there comes Final semester – Oh Great – with 4 astonishing things: - The Great celebration days: (The extreme *chichorpan* by 08 batch but we rocked) - Farewell: (oh that was Just a Fashion show) - The Great Final thesis: (do I need to state those Ever Green Wounds) - & the Last Semester Itself: (The end of an Awesome term) And I didn’t realize that we all have to leave this display place one day. We were so busy in the stupid tensions and shughals that we didnt become conscious; one day, we all have to say Good Bye and to move ahead for the next journey of our lives !!!! BUT this awesome decade was something I would Never forget throughout my life – Silence!!

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FEECE MUET e-Newsletter Special Issue – No. 7 Nov 2011 to Feb 2012

Tech-Combat, the technology battle 2012. Hira Munaf Memon (09TL34)

After the grand success of NEX11, the department of telecom has come up with the mega event Tech-Combat, Technology Battle 2012.The idea of this event was initiated by the students of telecommunication department and after further collaboration and encouragement on behalf of teachers this event is going to take place on 7th of April 2012. Tech –combat is a national level event which is aimed at building technology skills among students all across the country. This event is distinctive in its own way as it is a very first time that department of telecommunication is organizing a national level event. This event will primarily focus on the innovative and technological abilities of the students. It will be an excellent opportunity for students belonging to the faculty of Electronics, Telecom, Bio-Medical and Computer System to excel their academic skills and compete with the best students from the best Engineering Universities of Pakistan Tech-Combat basically comprises of the following events: MAT-Com, NAT Cod, Innovative Ideas and Industry Junction. I would briefly go through these competitions to give a further insight about this event. Mat-Cod: Matlab certainly is one of the most important engineering tools, therefore MatCode competition has been arranged for students where they will be challenged to build, improve and show their programming skills in Matlab and Simulation. Nat-Com: It’s basically a day ling networking competition. This is the second time department of Telecom MUET is organizing such an event. Net-Com challenge provides a platform for the students and alumni of Cisco Networking academies to showcase their IT Networking skills and gain visibility among talent recruiters in the growing ICT industry. Their design will be judged by panel of elite judges from industrial or academic sector.

Innovative Idea: Innovative idea competition calls innovators from all over the nation to create & propose sustainable technological ideas which could mitigate the problems that our nation is facing! The contest is open to all students of all engineering universities & institutes and stresses the importance of promoting the multidisciplinary collaborations across the colleges among undergraduate and graduate students. Industry Junction-Telecom Alumni Gathering: Industry Junction is the mega event of all other events of Tech-Combat, Technology Battle 2012. This Junction would help enhancing the cooperation between young undergraduates & different Industry personals. This would help students in grooming according to the industry requirements and share their knowledge from their experience. In industry Junction, there will be a career counseling session and various seminars to train the students according to their respective profession and build awareness about the latest scholarship opportunities which can be grabbed by the students. Also people from various industries and telecom companies are invited to give lectures and help students building both the personal development and career advancement. Last but not the least! A reunion of all the telecom graduates and undergraduates has been arranged from 01TL to 12TL on successful completion of 10 years of Telecommunication department of Mehran University. The whole department of Telecommunication is actively involved in organizing this mega event to make it one of the most outstanding events in the history of Mehran UET. Invitations have been sent to all the Engineering universities of Pakistan for their participation. In short TechCombat could prove to be a multi-disciplinary event for undergraduate students to nurture their talent and prove themselves in today’s competitive world of technology.

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Department of Electronics – Staff

FEECE E-NEWSLETTER Features the Yearbook of 08TL, ES and BM Engineering FEECE NEWSLETTER TEAM


Special acknowledgments to Engr. Kehkashan A. Memon (ES) & Engr. Shanzah (TL) for providing the profiles of 08 Batch

Mehran University of Engineering & Technology, Pakistan

Department of Electronics

Welcome to Department of Electronics MUET

P a g e | 17

Department of Electronics

Prof. Dr. Bhawani S. Chowdhri Dean FEECE Chairman Electronics Department Mehran UET, Jamshoro

Abdul Sattar Ansari – Assistant Professor

Tufail A. Waseer– Assistant Professor

Farida Memon– Assistant Professor

Dr. Khalil Dayo– Assistant Professor Dr. Wajiha shah – Assistant Professor Attiya Baqai– Assistant Professor

P a g e | 18

Department of Electronics Irfan A. Halepoto– Assistant Professor

KehkashanAsma– Assistant Professor

Kamran Qazi– Assistant Professor

Saba Baloch– Lecturer Yasmeen– Lecturer QurbanMemon– Lecturer ShakilaMemon– Lecturer

KhuhedMemon– Lecturer

ZaighamAbas Shah – Lecturer

Maria Shaikh– Lecturer Aamir Patoli– Lecturer Naila Memon– Lecturer Harish

P a g e | 19

Department of Electronics

Munir Ahmed Memon – Suppt B-16

Mohammad Usman Soomro - Draftsman B-15

Mr. Ishtiaq A Arain – Assistant B-14

Nazir Ali - Assistant B-14

Muhammad Rafiq Assistant B-14

Faraz Mir - Assistant B-14

Mushtaq Memon Lab Technician B11

Mohammad Ali Soomro -Lab Technician B11

Nazim Akhtar- Lab Technician B11

Zulfiqar Ali Memon - Lab Technician B11

Mohammad Memon – Generator Operator

Zubair Soomro – CCPC operator B7

P a g e | 20

Department of Electronics

Amna Bhutto

Rozina Akhund Lab Assistant


Qadir Bux Mechanic

TalibHussain Bhutto NaibQasid B2

Mohammad Iqbal Lashari NaibQasid B2

Ashiq Hussain Naib Qasid B2

SaifullahMaharNaibQasid B2

MuzaffarQambrani Attendant B2

Mohammad Iqbal Memon Lab Suppt contract

Rashid Shaikh Helper


Ishtiaq Marih Sweeper

John Christopher Sweeper

ZahidHussainNaibQasid B2

P a g e | 21

Department of Electronics





Sara Qadeer

M. Essa/Umeer Memon

Abdullah Ansari

Muhammad Ahmer

08ES06 Samilluah

08ES07 Fazal Rahman

08ES08 Khujasta Masood

08ES09 Sajad Ali

08ES11 Qazi M. Jawwad

08ES12 Shahnila Baloch


08ES10 Mumtaz Ali

Mr. Kapeel Kumar

P a g e | 22

Department of Electronics





Muhammad Amin

Faraz Ahmed

Naeem Umer Memon

Muhammad Rafique





Mansoor Raza

Nabeel Ahmed

Nazeer Ahmed Soomro

Ahmed Mujtaba Chang





Mazhar Ali Shaikh

Roshan Ali Panhwar

Abdul Sattar

Junaid Ali





Himat Kumar Maheshwari


Ghulam Mujtaba Junejo

Muhammad Umair Khan

P a g e | 23

Department of Electronics





Suneel Nand

Kundan Kumar

Azam Rafique Memon

Mansoor Ali





Akbar Ali Khan

Waleed Hussain Talpur

Kapil Dev

Muhammad Ehsan





Ahad Khan

Luna Talpur







Adeel Ahmed Sohoo

Awais Aftab Arain

Mohsin Niaz

Ayaz Ahmed Qaimkhani

P a g e | 24

Department of Electronics





Muhammad Ali

Anees ur Rehman Arbani


Haresh Kumar





Imran Ali Chandio

Ghulam Hussain Chandio

Naeem Ahmed Memon

Muhammad Shuaib Ayoub





Zeeshan Ali Arain

Ali Raza Shah

Riaz Hussain Korai

Raja Ghazanfar Shahani






Rajesh Kumar

Shahzad Abdullah

Abdirahim Muhudin Araye

P a g e | 25

Department of Electronics





Uzma Naz

Arjan Kumar

Chandar Kumar Malhi

Muhammad Nasir Channo





Syed Aun Muhammad

Aftab Ahmed Qureshi

Ammar Ali Sahito

Faiza Jawed





Adil Khan

Lala Mustafa

Shoukat Ali Chandio

Amin Aziz





Jugal Maheshwari

Ali Mehboob

M. Aurangzaib Tarique

Arslan Bhatti

P a g e | 26

Department of Electronics





Zawar Khan Pathan

Ali Ahmed Shaikh

Muhammad Haris Khowaja

Adnan Sattar Memon





Abdul Rehman

Syed Zeeshan Ali

Fawad Ahmed Arain

Anwar-ul-Haque Khoso





Ammar Sarwar Arain

Sumair Memon

Syed Assad Ashraf

Fahad Ali Abbasi





Abdul Rafay Pathan

Talha Hydrie

Bilal Siddiqui

Sheeraz Ahmed Memon

P a g e | 27

Department of Electronics





Afan Anwar Arain

Salahuddin Sahito

Kareem Nawaz Sandano

Muhammad Junaid Rehman





Zaheer Abbas

Muhammad Ali

Shahzaib Arain






Muhammad Usman

Ahmed Waqas Naeem

Muhammad Shakir

Azhar Aziz





Mazhar Ali Khawaja

Faraz Ahmed Ansari

Mansoor Hussain Larik

Mukesh Kumar

P a g e | 28

Department of Electronics





Shazaib Shaikh

Ali Akber

Hameer Khan Jesser

Shaikh Fahad





Ali Akber Mazari

M. Kamran Rajput

Waqar Ali Shah

Muhammad Bilal



Ms. Sindhu

Faisal Ali

P a g e | 29

Welcome to Department of Telecommunication MUET

P a g e | 30

Department of Telecommunication

Prof. Dr. Aftab A Memon Head of the CRG Chairman Telecommunication Department Mehran UET, Jamshoro E: P: +92-22-2772277 F: +92-22-2772277 Prof. Dr. Abdul Waheed Umrani Professor, Telecommunication Department Mehran UET, Jamshoro E: P: +92-22-2772277 F: +92-22-2772277 Dr. Faisal K. Shaikh Assist. Professor, Telecommunication Department Mehran UET, Jamshoro E: P: +92-22-2772277 F: +92-22-2772277 Dr. Fahim A. Umrani Assist. Professor, Telecommunication Department Mehran UET, Jamshoro E: P: +92-22-2772277 F: +92-22-2772277 Mr. Zulfiqar Ali Arain

Assist. Professor, Telecommunication Department Ms. Nafeesa Zaki

Assist. Professor, Telecommunication Department Mr. Mohsin Ali Shah

Assist. Professor, Telecommunication Department

P a g e | 31

Department of Telecommunication Engr. Naveed Ahmed Umrani Lecturer, Telecommunication Department Mehran UET, Jamshoro E: P: +92-22-2772277 F: +92-22-2772277 Ms. Shanzah Shaikh

Lecturer, Telecommunication Department Mr. Hyder Bux Mangrio Lecturer

Mr. Nasrullah Pirzada Lecturer

Ms. Saima Hafeez Lecturer Mr. Riaz Ahmed Soomro Lecturer

Mr. Sajjad Ali Memon Lecturer

P a g e | 32

Department of Telecommunication Mr. Zafi S. Shah Lecturer

Mr. Saadullah Kalwar


Mr. Faisal Memon Lecturer Mr. Mehran Memon Lecturer

Mr. Shakeel Laghari Lecturer Mr. Umair Mujataba Lecturer

P a g e | 33

Department of Telecommunication

Imtiaz Ali Kandhar Assistant Registrar B-17

Dildar Ali Qureshi Office Assistant B-16

Khalid Ahmed Ansari Lab Technician B-15

Suhrab Khan Ujjan Office Assistant B-14

Aijaz Ahmed Memon Office Assistant B-14

Saleem Qurban Khowaja IT Assistant B-14

M. Faisal Shaikh IT Assistant B-14

Jibran Ahmed Memon LAN Technician B-11

Fayaz Hassan Mangrio LAB Technician B-11

Bahzad Qadir Memon LAB Technician B-11

Khurram Shaikh LAB Technician B-11

Nadeem Pitafi LAB Technician B-11

P a g e | 34

Department of Telecommunication

Usira Channa LAB Technician B-11

Ubaid-ur-Rehman Clerk/PC operator B7

Adeel Ahmed Memon IT Assistant B07

Asif Ali Jatoi Lab Assistant B05

Danishuddin Junior Lab Assistant

M. Noushad Electrician

Fida Hussain Electrician

Mujahid Ali Ujjan Naib Qasid

Niaz Hussain Naib Qasid

Akram Hakro Naib Qasid

Ghulam Sarwar Bhutto Lab Attendant

Waheed Ali Ujjan Lab Atte

Zafar Masih Sweeper B02

Nasir Maseeh Sweeper

Ahraf Masif Sweeper

P a g e | 35

Department of Telecommunication



Anam Qureshi


08TL07 Abdullah Khan

08TL11 Kumel Abbas

08TL04 Abrar Hussain

08TL06 Moiz Rehman

Syed Usman

08TL09 Hamat Kumar

08TL10 Muhammad Afzal

08TL12 Zahra Fatima

08TL13 Rabel

08TL14 Nimra Anjum


P a g e | 36

Department of Telecommunication





Umber Abbas


Batool Pirah

Sahzoob Bilal




Muhammad Naveed

Ayaz Ali

Ayaz Ahmed

08TL22 Zunair Arshad





Muhammad Iftikhar

Murk Aijaz


Abdul Hayee





Wahaj Ali

Master Murad

Aakash Haider

Zarlish Mushtaq

P a g e | 37

Department of Telecommunication




Ali Raza

Farhan Hussain

Murk Marvi



08TL41 Siraj Muneer

08TL46 Sumera

Ghulam Mujtaba


08TL39 Perkash Kumar



Rashid Ali

Bilal Ali

08TL51 Maryam Saeed

08TL52 Baqar Hussain

P a g e | 38

Department of Telecommunication

08TL53 Waqar Hussain

08TL59 Asad Ali

08TL54 Rabail Qazi



Rameez Ahmed

Neelum Usman

08TL60 Abdul Basit



Salman Aziz






Hina Wali

Muhammad Ameen







Kirshan Lal



Abdul Hameed

P a g e | 39

Department of Telecommunication






Faisal Nazir

Aaisha Muneer

Hameer Riaz






Jamal Abdul Nasir Khan

Sandeep Kumar






Adil Saeed

Wali Muhammad

Syed Waqar Shah

Mohsin Hassan

P a g e | 40

Department of Telecommunication

08TL91 Umair Ahmed

08TL96 Ali Raza

08TL93 Omair Najam

08TL101 Muhammad Zubair

08TL94 Bilal Shami

08TL95 Abdul Waqar




Syed Hasnain Zaidi





Umer Farooq

Shahzad Bashir

Farooq Ahmed









Maaz Tipu Syed

P a g e | 41

Department of Telecommunication





Abi Waqas

Ali Ubaid

Sara Bibi







Umair Ahmed



08TL131 Syeda Quratulain Zehra




Aswad Razzak

Abdul Aziz Khan

Fawad Hussain

P a g e | 42

Department of Telecommunication





Muhammad Ahawaz

Shariq Wajih


Muhammad Ahmed

08-07TL141 Asad Ali

08-07TL143 Kamran

P a g e | 43

Welcome to Department of Biomedical MUET

P a g e | 44

Department of Biomedical

Prof. Dr. Ahsan Ursani Chairman Biomedical Department Mehran UET, Jamshoro P: 022-2771334 Engr. Narinder Parsad Chowdhry Assistant Professor,

Dr. Najma Baloch Lecturer Engr. Syed Faisal Alo Lecturer Engr. Rabia Chandio Lecturer Engr. Salman Afridi Lecturer

Engr. Muhammad Aamir Panhwar Lecturer

Engr. Madeeha Channa Lecturer

Dr. Pardeep Kumar (LUMHS) Visiting Professor Dr. Shugafa Qureshi (LUMHS) Visiting Professor

P a g e | 45

Department of Biomedical

08BM01 Syeda Asma

08BM02 Kinza

08BM03 Rehan Arshad Arain

08BM04 Awais Raza Rind

08BM05 Mohammad Ahsan

08BM06 Abdul Rahim Ansari

08BM07 Mohammad Ahmed

08BM08 Masooma Talpur

08BM09 Hina

08BM10 Iqra

08BM11 Sehrish

08BM12 Noorulhuda Shaikh

P a g e | 46

Department of Biomedical

08BM13 S. Ghulam Dastgir Shah

08BM14 Mudassar ahmed

08BM16 Kiran Memon

08BM17 Mubarak Taj

08BM18 Junaid Rajput

08BM19 Komal

08BM20 Adil Shaikh

08BM21 Masood

08BM25 Bilal Khan

08BM26 Faisal Pathan

08BM27 Naresh Kumar

08BM28 Mirza Abdul Aleem Baig

08BM29 Faraz

08BM30 Madiha Majeed

08BM31 Mohammad Abrar

08BM32 Murk

P a g e | 47

Department of Biomedical

08BM33 Rashid

08BM34 Rahil

08BM35 Awais

08BM36 Lubna

08BM37 Faiza

08BM38 Osama Shaikh

08BM39 Alvina

08BM40 Abduk Wajid Panhwar

08-07BM22 Abdul Baqi Ahmed

08-07BM24 Lutfi H. M. A. Elhag

08-07BM28 Hassan

08-07BM29 Mohammad

P a g e | 48