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Patron(s): Dr. B. S. Chowdhry Dr. Aftab Memon Editor: Fahim A. Umrani Sub-Editors: Aakash Makhijani (06TL02) Asma Qureshi (05ES01) Volume 1, Issue 2 8th June 2008

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A Robot that Can Smile or Frown

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“Mehran University of

PIA Study Tour Picture of 06 Telecom Section 1

Engineering and Technology has the privilege to establish the Telecommunication Department for the first time in the history of all Public and Private sector universities of Pakistan.”


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The Information and Communication Technology Telecom Engineering program was to (ICT) Industry is growing at the massive scale. produce high quality TL in various speThe ICT Industry is contributing to be country’s cialized areas such as: economy, providing the local population with job • RF Planning and Optimization opportunities and earning foreign exchange. In • Mobile and Wireless Communication, this information age ICT industry provides the ability to individuals & organizations to access, • Terrestrial & Satellite Communicaprocess and communicate the information for tion, economic growth of country. It is the field of • Multimedia Communication, telecommunication that provides proximity and • Communication Systems and Netaccess to resources and markets. The telecomworks, munication sector is perceived to be one of the • Optical Fiber Communication, largest services industries of Pakistan. ICT In- • Telemedicine dustry has great ability to flourish existing busi- • Advanced Networks nesses and attract new industries, termed as ma- Later on HEC selected MUET as an jor contributor to the development of Pakistan. Institute of Communication TechnoloMehran UET has the privilege to establish the gies hub and approved scheme of Telecommunication Department for the first time Rs.189 million in 2004 for the establishin the history of all Public and Private sector ment of ICT. universities of Pakistan. Keeping in view the tre- The most important need for Telecommendous growth of Telecom Sector and low munication Department is to have more Tele-density in the country, there is great scope close collaboration with Industry so that and consumption of Telecom Engineers, Experts students could go for Study Tours or and Solution Providers; therefore in year 2001 Industrial Visits in every semester in MUET started the program to produce graduates different organizations such as PTCL, exclusively in Telecommunication Engineering SIEMENS, SUPARCO, Telenor, Ufone, with in the Electronics Engineering Department Mobilink, Warid, NTC, TIP, and CTI etc. and the department was renamed as Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering Department. Bilal Tirmizi 06TL44 & Main objectives to launch Aakash Makhijani 06TL02

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The organizations like Siemens, SUPARCO, Telenor, also conducts the test of students after final year for recruitment. Telecommunication Department also encourages the students to take up industry related thesis/project in the final year. The industries are thanked and acknowledged for their kind cooperation. Telecommunication engineering skills are acquired via hands on experience. Students need direct industrial exposure to learn the practical aspects of designing, maintaining and executing the telecommunication network and keeping it operational and de

Lec. Faisal K. Talpur and Lec. Naveed A. Umrani at PIA Tour void of problems. Internships are integral part of building up technically proficient engineering graduates. The internship training is the most important aspect for student’s career development. Dr A. K. Baloch, Director IICT & Directorate of Industrial Liaison (DIL), is looking after internship programs. DIL intends to bridge the gap which has prevailed for decades between the university and the industry. “The main DIL has developed a formal internship policy. objective of 2nd year, 3rd year and final year students are allowed to apply for internships. Students industrial visits have to write application to DIL for the request letter to the organization. The applicais creating tion should be forwarded by the concerned Chairman. The Chairman ensures the eligibilawareness of ity of student and then forward the applicatechnological tion to DIL. DIL gives the request letter to applicant. This process is done fast for the advancement” easiness of students. Students then send the letter to organizations with CVs to apply for the internship. Then if the student is eligible then organization selects them for internships. DIL also claims to receive requests from top companies for recruiting students for internships. The best five or ten students are nominated for the internship. In telecommunication engineering the internships are in different departments. Internships are in radio frequency planning, optimization, operations and transmissions, mobile switching, telephony switching, optical fiber, microwave departments. During the internship period, which is usually of 6 weeks in June and July, interns are assigned tasks by senior employees in the company to whom they report dur-

ing that period. Interns submit a formal report at the end of internship program and are given a certificate of acknowledgement upon completion. Some companies also pay the stipend to interns. The importance of industrial visits or study tours of Telecommunication Engineering students is one of the main factor in the engineering studies. The main objective of industrial visits is creating awareness of technological advancement. The industrial visits are actually ‘windows’ through which one can see the different progress that has been made in industry. Dr Aftab Memon, Chairman of Telecommunication Engineering Department, has prepared a schedule of industrial visits based on the courses taught in the department on a term-wise basis. However, industrial visits are difficult to be arranged because of lack of response from the companies. The students and chairman both have to take efforts for the industrial visits. But almost every batch in every semester goes for the industrial visits. This process allows the students to complete practical knowledge of the theory subjects. Field visits to different industries make student familiar with areas such as transmission, optimization, RF planning, mobile switching, wireless networks etc.

Radar section at PIA

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Volume 1, Issue 2

Technical Article A Robot that Can Smile or Frown Contributed by Asma Qureshi 05ES01

Nexi, the latest robot star from MIT's Media Lab, is symbolic of the widespread research interest in the future range of applications for personal robots and humanrobot teamwork. Nexi is an experimental humanoid robot with a head that can display a wide

"Don’t mess with me!”

range of facial expressions. Video cameras and microphones enable

class of robots that can engage in sophisticated forms of peer-to-peer teamwork with humans in uncertain environments. MIT and other U.S. researchers have no monopoly on personal robot enthusiasm. In Japan, for instance, robot experts are even more convinced that robots are rapidly becoming social companions to people. Robotic maids will be common domestic assistants in less than 20 years, say the robot experts at Georgia Tech. "The personal robot market is already growing 400% per year," says Henrik Christensen, director of the newly formed Robotics and Intelligent Machines Center in the Georgia Tech College of Computing. For industrial robots, Jeffrey Burnstein, executive vice president of the Robotic Industries Association (RIA), reports 2007's growth at 24%. "Now, as we get more intelligence into the robot, we can start doing things we could only imagine in the 1960s and 1970s," says Christensen. "On the industrial side, it is enabling the expansion of robots from the automotive sector to a number of other sectors. The added intelligence is also enabling the move from large-scale to small-scale manufacturing. That added intelligence also increases the functionality possible with the home deployment of personal ro-

"Robotic maids will be common domestic assistants in less than 20 years, say the robot experts at Georgia Tech!" it to see and hear, and eventually Nexi will have mobility made possible by a Segway transporter type device. The project was originally funded by an office of Naval Research Defense University Research Instrumentation program award. The intent: to develop a novel

bots," he says. Expect personal robots to enter our home lives in two ways, Christensen adds. "One is the robotic personal assistant that may cost as much as an automobile.

"I’m confused!”

Mehran UET, Jamshoro

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Newly established Central Library

This is for the information of Electronics student that the ENGRO is conducting the test on 15th July at 10.00 am in the main campus of University. ENGRO is Pakistan's one of the leading fertilizing industries located at Daherki (District Ghotki) Sindh. It’s a wonderful plant to work there with highly qualified engineers from all over Pakistan. You should reach at 9:00 am sharp. The test will most likely contain sections of technical and IQ questions. Wish you all very good luck! • The Al-Khwarzmi Gold Medal and Rs 2000 cash reward On behalf of IT Vision Society, Prof. B. S. Chowdhry would like to Sponsor Al-Khwarzmi Gold Medal and Rs. 2000 cash reward to 1st position holder of each batch of Electronics to Eulogize AlKhwarizmi's profound effect on the philosophy of Mathematics and the development of Algebra. In case of same candidate secures 1st position in successive year, it will be awarded to second position holder and so on. The IT Vision society also requests other former graduates of Mehran to come forward and offer scholarships etc.

On behalf of FEECE_MUET newsletter team I appreciate I& congratulate T Vision society for this noble gesture! • Everybody back on campus!

The good days are over ;)! Everybody will be coming back on campus from 22nd of this month and resume their normal proceedings of teaching and learning! The buses will take of for campus at 7 am in morning and leave back for your homes at 2 pm.

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