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MUET Organized Mega World-class Event: International Multi-topic Conference IMTIC2008 Akash Makhijani (06TL02)

Volume 1, Issue 1

A two-day International Multi-topic Conference IMTIC2008 organized by the Mehran UET, Pakistan in collaboration with the Aalborg Univer-

8th June 2008

to improve the ability to exploit the potential of information and communication technologies effectively and consistently in all fields of human endeavor

IMTIC2008 at MUET – Concluding Ceremony The Sindh Assembly Speaker Nisar Ahmed Khuhro, the Chief Guest addressing in the concluding ceremony of International Multi-Topic Conference IMTIC 2008 at MUET. Other speakers include Prof Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan Rajput, the Vice chancellor, MUET, Prof Quintin Gee of the University of Southampton, UK , Professor Dr DM Akbar Hussain of Aalborg University, Prof Dr MR Abro, Dean Faculty of Electrical, Electronics and Computer System Engineering, and Prof Dr BS Chowdhry, Chief Organizer IMTIC2008. Inside this


International Multi-Topic Conference 2008




proposal 2KESScholarship Foundation


News on cam- 4 pus

“134 papers were submitted online by authors of more than 27 countries for this conference” sity, Esbjerg, Denmark, and sponsored by HEC, Islamabad. The IMTIC2008 was inaugurated by renowned academician Prof Quintin Gee of the University of Southampton, UK, at the university campus in Jamshoro. In his inaugural speech, Prof. Gee appreciated efforts of MUET in forming the academic linkage programs with other top ranking foreign universities of EU and USA. In his keynote presentation, Prof Q. Gee highlighted the legal and professional issues in IT, emphasizing that the aims of the Professionalism in IT program are

and to develop a profession which is respected, trusted and valued. In the welcome address, Prof Dr BS Chowdhry, Principal Organizer and Co-Chairman IMTIC’08, said that Information and communication technology (ICT) is widely accepted as the foremost tool with which government, researcher, industry and business organizations can meet the demands placed on them thanks to the rapidly emerging global knowledge based economy, growing population and the recognition of

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the importance of professionalism in IT. The mega international conference event IMTIC2008 have brought together researcher, industry professionals and academics in a pleasant environment to exchange information on advances in IT applications, networking, databases, mobile & wireless, web services, IT security, Energy Management, Power Quality Improvement etc. Professor Dr DM Akbar Hussain of Aalborg University, Denmark, and Chairman IMTIC2008 in his appreciation note thanked MUET for hosting such a mega event in Pakistan. On behalf of Prof. Torben Rosenorn, Head of Institute, Aalborg University, Denmark, he presented collaboration shield to Vice-Chancellor, Mehran UET. He updated that 134 papers were submitted online by authors of more than 27 countries for this conference, out of which after two level blind reviews and International experts recommendations only 44 papers were accepted for presentation. He further informed that all the accepted papers will be published in Springer Germany’s Lecture note series (LNCS) which is a great achievement. Stressing the importance of ICT in today’s educational programme, VC MUET and General Chair of the event, highlighted Mehran University’s contribution in organizing various historical and mega events during the last five years. He said we at MUET feel honor for organizing IMTIC’08. On behalf of Mehran University he paid “We at Mehran tribute to steering committee members: Prof David L. Hicks, Aalborg University UET feel Denmark, Prof Neil White, University of Southampton, UK, Prof. Dr. Mogens honor for Pedersen University of Miyazaki, Japan, Prof. Dr. Gul Agha UIUC, USA, Prof. Dr. organizing Mubark Shah UCF, USA, Prof. Dr. MY Sial NTU, Singapore, Prof. Dr. Franz International Wotawa, Graz University of Technology, Austria, Prof. Reda Alhajj, University of Multi-Topic Calgary, Canada for their continuous untiring support in organizing the Conference event. He further said that I can see success of the event from the participa2008” tion of authors from USA, Germany, France, England, Austria, India, China, Pakistan, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, and Denmark and it has turn around as a truly International Conference. The Sindh Assembly Speaker Nisar Ahmed Khuhro, the Chief Guest of the concluding ceremony of International Multi-Topic Conference (IMTIC2008) said that the conference provided a great opportunity to the scholars to share views on important technological developments throughout the world. The conference was a success story for MUET and also for the HEC he concluded. He also decorated all the guests who have come from abroad with traditional Ajark and Sindhi Topi and authors with shields. Under the aegis of IMTIC2008, two International workshops were held on 12th and 13th April, 2008 on the emerging topics of “Wireless Sensors Networks: from Technology to Reality” and “Creating Social Semantics Web 2.0 Information Spaces”. More then 350 students and researchers from all over the country attended the workshops. Eminent resource persons who came

from abroad also presented ideas about final year projects that could be developed in the country based on these technologies. They said such project could help fresh graduates and final year students to get paid international internship at the leading universities abroad. Vote of thanks presented by Prof Dr MR Abro, Dean FEECE. He pointed that IMTIC2008 has provided excellent exposure to our teachers, and researchers who are doing PhD indigenously with international community working in their respective fields. The event was well echoed and acknowledged by presentations of Keynote speakers in every technical session from country and abroad.

Project proposal

Digital Clock for Visually Impaired persons To facilitate blind persons in keeping up with time, the idea is to design a digital clock which when directed through a push button tells the time to its user in loud and clear voice. The sound of decimal numbers from 1 to 12 separately can be recorded and stored in EPROM along with sounds of AM or PM. A microcontroller (AT8950) based digital clock connected through EPROM can serve this purpose. The expected cost on this project is just 500 Rs/= and it can be completed within period of 2 months. It requires good skills with C or Assembly language, Digital Electronics and Microcontrollers. This project is suitable for 2nd or 3rd year ES/BM students. Anyone interested please contact, Ms. Kehkashan Memon, Lab-Lecturer, Advanced Computer Laboratory, Department of Electronics, Mehran UET. Tel: +92-222-771334 ext (4122) Email:

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Volume 1, Issue 1

2KES Scholarship Foundation plicable) Term examination fees Rs. 600/= A modest contribution towards any projects, equipment and books that may be payable.

The further details of the scholarship program can be found by visiting following link: http:// With the encouraging support from every corner, it did not took long to raise the required money and we advertise to receive the applications. In total 22 applications were received, which were short listed on the pre-described merit criteria

Satellite view of ES Department

The idea came from a class of 43 students of 2K ES-batch after successfully graduating and managing themselves to establish a descent career in their practical life. Everybody agreed to pay a simple and humble token of gesture in return to the wonderful and great contributions made in our life's by the Electronics department of Mehran UET, Jamshoro, by contributing just 100 Rs per month to support at least one deserving but needy student to graduate from 2nd best engineering university of Pakistan. Surprisingly, this idea received unexpected appreciation and support especially from the current faculty members of Electronics, Telecom and Biomedical departments of MUET and they too pledged to give their moral and financial support in this noble cause. The aim of the scholarship is to help bright but financially disadvantaged students of the Sindh, who want to join MUET. Scholarship recipients will follow BE program in the department of Electronics, Telecommunication or Biomedical Engineering at Mehran UET. The scholarship is provided by “2KES Scholarship Foundation” for a maxi-

and 10 students were called for interview on 11th March 2008. The interviews were conducted by honorable faculty members of ES and TL, namely, Ms. Attiya Baqai (ES), Ms. Kehkashan Memon (ES), Mr. Naveed Umrani (TL) and Mr. Hyder Bux (TL). Due to the very tough competition among the candidates, it was decided by the interview panel to split the award into two students: Mr. Ghulam Hussain 08ES53 (Rs. 17,000) “The aim of the

"25 people willing to contribute just 100 Rs. per month can help graduate a needy bright student to graduate from the 2nd best engineering university of Pakistan!"

scholarship is to help bright but financially disadvantaged

mum of 48 months for B.E candidates in the filed of Electronics, Telecommunication and Biomedical Engineering. The scholarship support is partial primarily catering lodging and examination fees. The total amount of scholarship is Rs. 23,600/=. The necessary tools and gadgets required by the candidate such as breadboards, multimeters etc shall also be a warded as gifts and rewards. It includes: • A monthly stipend of Rs. 1500/= • Hostel fee of Rs. 4400/= (if ap-

and Mr. Ayaz Ahmed 08ES47 (Rs. 7,000).

students of the Mehran UET, Pakistan.

We thank all those who helped us in making this idea into physical reality especially the faculty members of ES/TL and BM engineering to support 2KES Batch in this effort and congratulate the recipients of award and pray that they will work sincerely and hard to make best possible use of their skills and abilities in 4 years of under graduation.

Scholarship recipients will follow BE program in the department of Electronics, Telecommunication and Biomedical Engineering at Mehran UET”

Mehran UET, Jamshoro

News on campus Telenor at MUET Electronics Department MUET Telenor Pakistan is conducting tests at MUET on Monday 9th June, 2008. The test is for ES, TL, CS and SW students. It will be conducted in ES department at 10' o clock sharp. Students of TL who have scored above 75% are applicable to appear in the test and for rest of the departments only top 20 student are eligible. For further details plz contact Mr. Salim Khwaja (P.A to Chairman) •

Summer Vacations The summer vacations will commence from 10th of June and it will last for about 6 weeks. Students interested in internships are advised to contact Mr. Tayab Din (ES) and Mr. Irfan Halepota. Or Dr. A. K. Baloch, director Industrial Liasion Program. •

Please also visit: All Pakistan Tour The students of ES department will head towards all-Pakistan tour in this summer. The group will be lead by Mr. Irfan Ahmed Halepoto, Lab-Lecturer ES and BM. •

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Feece Vol 1 Issue 1  

FEECE MUET e Newsletter Vol 1, Issue 1

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