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JUNE 2014

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Editorial Note

Hello and welcome to the first issue of The Handball Times-Inside Story! One of the perks of working for the 24th Men’s Handball World Championship Organising Committee is the diversity of people who cross our path. We interact. We come together. We bring home success. These are the pillars upon which we have created The Handball Times-Inside Story! We will be reaching your inbox on a monthly basis. So, stay tuned to check out the latest newsfeed and get the inside information of the Organising Committee. To celebrate the launch of The Handball Times-Inside Story! we are proud to announce that we have treats & surprises in store for you. We look forward to your interest and your support. Hope you enjoy reading this issue as much as we enjoyed working on it. Happy ‘birth’day to us!

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Cheers! The Editorial Team



Welcome Message by Fahed, Our Mascot


3 The Handball Times

I would like to greet the entire 24th Men’s Handball World Championship Organising Committee family hoping that we all work together with the spirit of one united team that can form a strong vision for the future. To cement the strength of our team, we created The Handball Times-Inside Story! aiming to gather all interests in one place thus building bridges to bring us closer to one another. At the same time, knowing that strong communication across the Organising Committee is vital, this publication attempts to bring to you up-to-date information about our staff and the events that take place within our Committee. We are hoping you find it useful, entertaining and enjoyable. We welcome your ideas and suggestions that will add value to our Inside Story! We also look forward to your cooperation, as one strong team, in integrating the operational activities to reach our target and accomplish our goal. So, we wish you all the best! Let us all work together in making the 24th Men’s Handball World Championship a success!


Know us better... Every month we will briefly cover the event’s time operations of different Committees! This way we hope everyone will know of everyone else’s contribution to the Championship! So get ready for us! We will be knocking on your door to find out more about your team and your tasks! The Committee under The Handball Times-Inside Story! microscope this month is the Administration Committee. You can find them on the second floor.



Administration Committee

The Administration Committee is tasked to recruit, plan, manage, train, uniform, retain and support all of the Paid Staff and Volunteers who will be onboard the 24th Men’s Handball World Championship Organising Committee. In its pre-championship structure, the Committee includes two sections: the Administration & Workforce Sections. As 24th Men’s Handball World Championship Organising Committee evolves into venue-based structure, all Corporate Workforce functions will be consolidated into two Functional Areas: Workforce Support & Uniforms.

Workforce Support

We’re the welcome team when you get to the venue for your shift. A friendly & encouraging smile awaits you to get your positive energy flowing. If your roster schedule needs a fix, come to us so that we can adjust it to meet your requisites. When hunger strikes, we feed you right! We hand out meal vouchers to all workforce as you check in for your shift. We spread the word! We are the eyes & ears of the venue: if there is information that needs to reach all on site, we put it on our information board and our Venue Workforce Newsletter! We want to have our team on the same page so that we can come out on top every day! Surprise! Surprise! You’ve bagged a prize! If you crack the quiz you find on our News Bulletin and you have luck on your side then you get a gift! Have your smile ready because you might be the feature of paparazzi and be the star of our wall of fame that will be in the Workforce terrain. We work together to take care of the venue workforce and make sure that everyone has a lasting experience. So, share it and we will do our bit even if it’s just your uniform that needs a fix. We will replace it if that’s what it takes to get you on your way!

Uniforms The Uniforms functional area is responsible for design, production and distribution of the event uniforms for all Workforce (paid staff and volunteers) as well as International Handball Federation delegates. We work closely with Branding on designs, Accreditation for the operations of Uniform Accreditation Centre, and Workforce Planning for uniform entitlements. For this event we will be producing casual uniforms for everyone and business uniforms for management. We are partnering with Adidas for the casual/sport uniform and have already approved samples. There are some items not previously used in event uniforms in Qatar and we are very excited about how they all look! Approximately 50,000 items will be produced especially for this event! Uniform Accreditation Center will be located at the Qatar Sports Club. Distribution is scheduled to begin at the end of December. Invitations to receive your uniforms will be sent to every member of the Workforce.




Featuring Sport, Security, Medical & Doping Committees in our next issue. . .


Behind the scenes If you see Mansha sneaking around your work area with a camera, just put on your best smile & say hi! CLICK! CLICK! You’ve been framed! Check out our next issue! You might find your picture in here! Note: please let Mansha know if you want to be incognito! Shhhh & we will not publish your picture.



Volunteers Pulse

Our Volunteers, Our Heroes!

Every month we will be checking up on updates of the Volunteers Program! News, number of volunteers onboard, events taking place and everything you need to know about the people that will be the heart of our Championship: Our Volunteers! Scope of Volunteers Unit: Interview & Selection 4000



1200 Volunteers




Where can you find them? Since May 1st 2014 you can find the Volunteers Unit in the Qatar 2015 Volunteers Centre which is located at the current Handball Association Headquarters, in Qatar Sports Club. Opening Hours? Sunday Volunteer to Thursday HQ from 12:00PM – 8:00PM Ramadan timings- Sunday to Thursday from 08:00PM – 11:00PM Get In Touch! Please inform your family & friends about The Volunteer Program.




Did you know?

There are 211 of us currently working for the success of the 24th Men’s Handball World Championship and 256 more will become part of our family pretty soon. In case you were wondering, at the moment we have 131 male and 80 female colleagues. We come from 42 countries! Please have a look at the map below that shows our origins.

Inside Stories by Fahed: We... - have lovely offices with nice views and are centrally located in the heart of the corporate hub. - are assembling caps of water bottles to be used for recycling and manufacture of artificial limbs for the prosthetic charity project aiming to help poor people in need of prosthetic limbs. Your contribution is welcome until the end of June. Please bring them to the Workforce Support on the 2nd Floor! - wear jackets, sweaters, gloves, blankets and scarfs to work on the 2nd Floor. Why? Because our office feels like Antarctica. BRRRRR!!! - lose the way, our office building feels like a maze! - are cricket fanatics, we have our own in-house home team. - always end up on the wrong floors because the elevators are possessed. - race to get the best parking spots. - support carpooling! This is our contribution to minimize the Doha morning and evening traffic madness!

Our Background We did some research on the whereabouts of the members of 24th Men’s Handball World Championship Organising Committee and we found out that our staff is not ordinary. It seems like the best have come ahead to make it a success! Here is a handfull of logos representing the events that we have been involved in.



Tips from Top

To make it a success, we need all the motivation and inspiration we can get. So, every month we intend to track down some of the most successful members of our community and seek their guidance. Fahed will be interviewing people who have made it to the top so that we may gain from their insight through the trials they have encountered in their journey to the top. For our first issue, we have Saima and Nuwaid from Crunch Doha telling us how they realized their dream to spread their fitness mantra across Doha.

You have proved success comes with hard work. Can you tell us the key to achieving goals? 1. Breakdown your goals 2. Be great. Be consistent 3. Celebrate the journey 4. Live the result before it comes 16

Keep in mind that only 5% of our actions are conscious actions. So what really matters is, changing our belief system. Please give us some tips on how to keep off the weight in Ramadan? 1. Make fruits your main carbohydrate source 2. Consume lean sources of protein – Eg: Lean meat, egg whites etc. 3. Drink plenty of water 4. Do high intensity interval training Most of us have a desk job before event starts, can you give us some tips on how to keep ourselves active even at work? There are plenty of things you can do at work. Here are a few: 1. Take breaks to stretch 2. Take walks around the office 3. Use stairs instead of elevators 4. Clean up your desk 5. Replace your office chair with a Swiss ball

Saima & Nuwaid What inspired you to open Crunch Doha? How did you get started? I had watched my friend and now business partner Nuwaid go through the 12 week program shedding off his fat and building muscles. I got further insight into it when I applied it on myself as well. We incorporated a system where individuals get a blend of training, nutrition and complete support to do an extensive program for betterment in health. I believed in the program and its effects which inspired me to officially open Crunch Doha in September 2013.


“A company is known for the people it keeps. Like an enormous clock, every needle does its bit to drive the company forward! So what we do every minute today, decides our tomorrow. If one of the keys slows down, the clock slows down.”- Nuwaid Please Inspire us... Let’s take a moment to realize that all of us, doing our bits the best way possible, are what creates success. Each of you in the team is about to represent Qatar through what you do today. Every contribution counts. Take pride in being part of a remarkable journey of a community, a society and most importantly, a country. Make 24th Men’s Handball World Championship Qatar 2015 memorable! Create history :)


Growing younger & wiser...

We love celebrations! Thus, we decided to have some fun and bring every month’s birthday lads and lasses together for blowing some candles, cutting a cake and getting snapped on this page! So take a look at all those grins as we donned the hats to celebrate the June birthdays of our colleagues here in the Handball 2015 Organising Committee! The gifts were a real delight and put a smile on everyone’s face! The invitations are ready to go! So, July birthday people be prepared to accept them & join us for the festivities! Check out the PIN UP YOUR CALENDAR page 20 for the date.






Pin Up Your Calendar Mark your calendar folks! This is where you’ll find all that will be happening over the month. So, tick those dates where you can participate!

Ramadan Kareem The holy month of Ramadan is just around the corner. It is practised by muslims all over the world when they refrain from eating & drinking from dawn to dusk. Ramadan teaches self discipline, patience and humility. It is a time for spiritual renewal. As our Organising Committee consists of a significant number of expatriates, it is recommended that we all are made aware of appropriate and inappropriate practices during the holy month that will make our Ramadan a pleasant & enlightening experience. Below are some useful tips.

26th June 2014, 1130 - 1230 hrs Happy Thursday

Every first or last Thursday of the month will be celebrated with Lunch or Snacks & Beverages. Invitations will reach your inbox. So make sure you join us for the get together.

28th July 2014 Holy Month of Ramadan Starts

Do - Exchange Ramadan Greetings - Respect those who are fasting - Dress modestly Don’t - Offer food or drinks to your colleagues and refrain from eating & drinking in the office - Smoke and chew gum in public places or in your car. - Play loud music at any time

Have a pleasant Ramadan :)

Ramadan Kareem in advance!

8th July 2014 July Birthday Celebration

Wait for your invitations birthday people ;)

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Handball Throwback... This is where you will find pictures of our presence at Events around the city over the past month. If you missed it, you’ll find it here! We will bring you updates and keep you posted! Throughout the Islamic world, there are traditions to welcome the holy month of Ramadan, one of them is the night of mid-Shaaban (the Hijra month before Ramadan), when Muslims pray, fast and do acts of charity. In Qatar, it is called the Night of Naflah, when all Qatari homes welcome the month of Ramadan with prayers and good deeds- mainly sharing food with neighbours, the needy and the poor. On Thursday, 12th June, the Protocol team made exceptional arrangements by literally transforming our offices & creating a festive mood for celebrating Naflah. Delicious, mouthwatering, traditional, home-made food & sweets were prepared by our colleagues with a lot of amazing treats & surprises. A variety of Arabic teas and coffees were served, showcasing Qatari hospitality. For those who missed the fun-don’t worry! The Handball Times- Inside Story! was there to cover the event to give you a glimpse of the evening happenings. Thanks to the Protocol Team for bringing us all together like a family!



Handball Throwback Qatar marked the 116th Philippine Independence Day at Al Wakra Sports Club on Friday, 13 June 2014. It was an important day for us. We went public with our brand colors! Our shade of orange in every detail made us proud! Marketing had the people in our corner with The Precision Wall for them to take their aim, so that they could bag the prize (orange T-shirt) if they made the score of the day! The Qatar Handball 2015 Volunteer Program was also launched! We are happy and excited to report that over 800 volunteers signed on at the event, thanks to the dedicated efforts of the Volunteers team! Go Volunteers Crew!!!! The Handball Times – Inside Story! once again brings you the snap shots from the event to let you in on the enthusiasm and team spirit that made the day a Success!!!



Handball Got Talent “Our talents are the gift that God gives to us... What we make of our talents is our gift back to God” - Leo Buscaglia In every issue, we intend to introduce you to our co-players who are stars in different areas and their imagination goes beyond our conception! Here is what we uncovered for this month’s issue;

Rabab Abdulla-Uniforms Unit Our resident artist, Rabab, will wow you with her henna designs….if you are the one lucky enough to be her canvas, you will be mesmerized as each design is a work of art beholding the attention of the viewer at every stroke of her brush…

Norman, PJ & Jeffrey-2nd Floor Palm Tower Building Every cup of coffee that graces our tables here on the second floor is a sight for sore eyes, since Norman, PJ & Jeffery make sure that they have a different design in store for our delight!

Sherif El Mansury-Volunteers Unit The master of capoeira, the Brazilian martial art that combines elements of dance, acrobatics and music. Watching Sherif playing capoeira is breathtaking! He makes the hand standing, back flip, splits, back walkover, bridge look like the easiest things in the world…and believe us they are not!! A picture is worth a thousand words.

If your department hides any gifted members please let us know at and we will be happy to share their talent!



Quiz of the Month Think fast, get it right, act quick! Send us your answers to this quiz at If you make it amongst the first 3 then we have a prize for you. All you need to do is correctly answer all four questions in order to be considered a winner. Good luck to all! Prizes will be given out on Happy Thursday celebrations!!!


t rea T g itin he Exc for t

!! s r ne

1 2 3 4

How many players are on the Handball Team?

What are their positions on court?

When is a goal scored?


Name the 4 types of Handball Throws?




To show our appreciation for your hard work and endeavors, we are collaborating with several outlets for discounts for you! Soon you’ll be able to take advantage of all the exclusive customized Corporate Discounts to cater to your needs at some of the hottest spots in town!

The handball times inside story! (volume 1, eng)