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Sabal Palms

The Sanctuary is home to many native species of plants and animals that reach the northernmost limit of their Mexican range here and do not occur elsewhere in the U.S. Cradled in a bend of the Rio Grande along the U.S./Mexico border, the Sanctuary harbors one of the most beautiful and critical ecosystems of South Texas and Northern Mexico.

Sabal Palms once grew profusely along the edge of the Rio Grande in small stands or groves extending about 80 miles upstream from the Gulf of Mexico. Today, only a small portion of that forest remains, protected on 557 acres of this Sanctuary. ManyMexican species live in our forest including, Green Jays, Chachalacas, Least Grebes and Speckled Racers.

Sabal Palm Sanctuary offers over three miles of nature trails leading through the old-growth palm grove and even down to the Rio Grande river. We also have a long wetlands boardwalk and six observation areas. The Historical Rabb Plantation House now serves as the headquarters and visitor center for the sanctuary. Built in 1892, the Rabb House is one of the few remaining examples of the Rio Grande’s plantation legacy.

The Sanctuary is open daily 7am - 5pm (closed on Wednesdays and some holidays).

Daily admission is $5 for adults and $3 for children (12 and under). There are also 12-month memberships available, $35 for family and $15 for individual. Seasonal guided tours are offered; please call for details.

Pablo Quintanilla, Manager Sabal Palm Sanctuary 8435 Sabal Palm Rd. Brownsville, TX 78521 (956) 541-8034 www.sabalpalmsanctuary.org