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From the Management

As the managing partner of STE, I am proud of what we have achieved, and even more excited for a promising future. Striving to achieve our goals, we started small like most other businesses; however we’ve ensured to survive the inevitable hiccups by learning from ourmistakes. It is also satisfying to know we are playing an important role servicing ourclients within the oil industry through building a strategic partnership. It's always been my personal belief and a major business principle "Customer satisfaction is the hallmark by which we measure our performance" Therefore we hold ourselves committed to this principle to the highest quality standards and are honoured with this privilege. We value our employees and consider them as an important asset of our organization. Our actions are driven by our Code of Ethics and Business Conducts, where we continue to deliver the highest quality of service towards our clients in a constant evolving and demanding industry, It is worth pointing out that we are strongly supported by our principals andthey are an important element of our business success therefore you can rely on us. We look forward to a continuous and lucrative business with our clients andour principals as well. Best regards

Hasan Abdelsalam

Managing Partner Specialized Technical Equipment




Specialized Technical Equipment (STE) is an ISO certified local company established in Oct. 2000 in Abu Dhabi with diversified activities involved in trading and services to the oil & gas industries, petrochemical and power generation sectors in the UAE and the GCC countries. STE is affiliated in Jordan and Iraq, representing leading manufacturers invarious industrial applications. We provide consultancy services in the area of optimization of reservoir performance and flow simulation with the latest technology in this field to the exploration & production within the oil industry. Our staff are well trained and highly experienced to meet client's highest quality requirements. Our core values of integrity and commitment in dealing with our clients and dedication to quality services reflect our success in this field.


Quality Policy


STE’s management is committed to deliver quality engineered products and consultancy services to the oil & gas, petrochemical industries with the aim of enhancing customer’s satisfaction. STE operates its business on the principles of focus on quality & customer satisfaction towards establishing long term relationship with the customers. Continual improvement in quality of service is the responsibility of every employee in STE. STE’s management strives to improve its employee’s competency by providing regular quality trainings. STE ensures that safe and proper working environment is provided to enhance the productivity of its employees. STE management strives to continually improve the effectiveness of ‘QMS’ that complies with ISO 9001:2008 standard.



To become a reputed service provider and system integrator to the oil and gas; petrochemical and power industry in the Middle East pursuing the following values: - To our clients, through providing high quality services at competitive prices. - To our partners and prinicpals, through honesty and transparency in business relation ships & superior revenues. - To our staff, through support, respect and rewarding providing pleasant and flexible working environment.



To be a renown turnkey solution providor to the oil and gas; petrochemical and power industries in Middle East.




ENGINEERING STUDIES Petroleum consultancy Reservoir integrated studies & oil well characterization Marine-diving services System integration (gas analysis, sampling and conditioning systems) Maintenance engineering and conditioning monitoring TWL and weather stations Environmental consulting Steel fabricating Procurement services Project management System design & programming Installation; testing & commissioning Start up & maintenance Training services

SPECIALIZATION Control systems Scada systems ESD systems Fire & gas systems PLC systems Operator interface (HMI) IEP management Instrumentation


Affiliates and Business



AMETECS Al Makki Engineering & Technical Services Ltd. Mussafah, Street 15 Plot 47, M-5 – Abu Dhabi Tel: +971-2-5552426 Fax: +971-2-5540040 THRUST AUTOMATION L.L.C. Thrust Automation Systems (system integrator and solution provider) is an engineering company established in 2007, aimed at the development and execution of instrumentation, automation ,and information related industrial projects serving oil and gas, petrochemical, process, manufacturing, water, sewage and utilities industries. TAHA ENGINEERING Taha Engineering was established in 1998 by Eng. Marwan Taha as an engineering trade company providing industrial and agricultural machinery in the MENA, and Iran region. In 2000 Taha Engineering has expanded its area of work to include the supply of raw material and semi-finished goods to manufacturers in the area. Today, Taha Engineering is a well-recognized engineering trade company representing eminent manufacturers from the five continents in the MENA and Iran region. Benefiting from its solid experience in the market and industry, in addition to the wide range of services provided, Taha Engineering has managed to span its list of customers and achieve excellence in its services.


Agency &

Representations KELKAR AND ASSOCIATES INC. – USA Your Integrated Solutions in developing static and dynamic reservoir models through integration of geological, geophysical, petro-physical, and engineering data. With state-of-the-art technology applications, cost eective solutions and time dependent services.

Co-simulation of reservoir properties. This technique allows simultaneous estimation of geological as well as petro physical properties on a fine-scale to assess the reservoir continuity and performance. Inversion of seismic data to estimate reservoir properties. This method inverts the amplitude information into porosity data by correlating sonic logs with porosity and amplitude. Integration of production data to quantify reservoir continuity. Using available production and injections rates, continuity between various injection and production wells is quantified to identify bypassed hydrocarbons. Dynamic up-scaling of reservoir properties. Fine to coarse description and grid design based on dynamic evaluation. Ranking and upscaling using streamline. Simplified flow simulation to quickly assess and rank multiple reservoir models and design optimum vertical layering for upscaling. Dynamic nodal analysis. This technique combines conventional nodal analysis with material balance to optimize reservoir performance over time. Dynamic ranking. This technique ranks the fine scale models based on dynamic connectivity without running the actual simulation



BUHLER TECHNOLOGIES – Germany Designing and manufacturing of sampling system components specifically for gas analysis in the challenging environments of process control and environmental compliance since 1970's. Buhler holds a leadership position in the sample conditioning business worldwide.

Portable Gas Conditioning System TGAK 3

19‘‘ Sample Gas Conditioning System SCS

Oxygen Headspace Analysis BA 4000 Inj.

Sample Gas Cooler PKE 5

Condensate Vessel CV-3 / CV-6 / CV-10

Sample Gas Pump P 2.3; P 2.83; P 2.4; P 2.84

One Piece Pumps

PRODUCT RANGE Gas Conditioning System Portable Analysers Sample Filters Coolers/Condensate Removal Accessories for Sample Conditioning system 8

Pumps with intermediate Flange

Double-head Pump

DAFRAM SPA – Italy Manufacturer of high performance trunion ball valves; double block & bleed valves; high integrity pressure protection (hipps) valves; cryogenic ball valves; top-entry ball valves, to the chemical; petrochemical, oil & gas industry for over 50 years.

Hemispheremolded Ball (HMB)

V-Shaper Ball (VSB)

Disk Controller Ball (DCB)

Steam Tuner Ball (STB)


Venturi Streamer Ball (VSB)




Noiseless Ball (NLB)

PRODUCT RANGE • • • • • • • • •

Floating Ball Valves Trunnion Ball Valves Top Entry Ball Valves Twin Ball DB&B Valves HIPPS Ball Valves High pressure service Valves Cryogenic Ball Valves Subsea Ball Valves Multiport Selector Valves (MVS) & Production skids


ENVIRONDATA PTY LTD – Australia Company designs and manufactures automatic Weather Stations, weather sensors and data loggers for almost 30 years and can offer customers expert advice on their weather monitoring needs. Whatever your application, Environdata has a solution for you!

Weather Sensors

RG12U(2) Reed Contact Model

PRODUCT RANGE • • • • • • • • 10

Weather station data logger Thermal work limit Wind speed sensor Wind direction detection Environdata weather alarms Air data vector analysis Evaporation calculations Weather station data logger

Communication and Remote Monitoring

Figure 1 : TA40 Air Temperature Sensor

TWL Weather Maestro Weather Station

ENVIROTECH SENSORS INC. – USA Manufacturer of fog & visibility sensors for various applications.

PRODUCT RANGE • SVS1 Visibility Sensor • SVSEEx Visibility Sensor


FILTREC – Italy A vast range of interchangeable Hydraulic filters; Industrial & Process filter housings and filter elements.

PRODUCT RANGE • • • • • • • • • 12

Filter Elements Hydraulic Filters Industrial Filters Gas Turbine Filters - Air Inlet Filters Breather and Air Intake Filters Coalescing Filters Fuel Oil and Air Filters Panel Filters Bag Filters

Gas and Air Filter Elements Filter Elements For E.D Machines Anti-Limestone Filter Elements Fuel Management Filters Filter For Gas Applications

HAUGEN SYSTEM – Sweden A market leader for vacuum technology and Spillage Control..

PRODUCT RANGE • • • • • • • •

Vacuum Loader and Suck blow Units Diesel-Semi Mobile Diesel- Mobile Electrical- Semi Mobile Electrical Mobile Vacuum Units Stationary Mobile


JOHANNES HUBNER – Germany Creative ideas and solutions for encoders and drive technology.



• • • • • • • • • • •

SENSORS SYSTEMS Incremental encoders Absolute Encoders Universal Encoder System- U ONE Magnetic Encoder MAG Over speed Switches SIL Certified products Fiber optic Componets Output multipliers & pulse converters Tacho Generators Accessories

• • • •

MOTORS AND GENERATORS Servomotors Generators Machine Sets

POK SA – France Manufacturer of complete range of Fire Fighting Equipment and foam stations.

PRODUCT RANGE • • • • • • • • • •

Fire Nozzles Speciality Nozzles Wildland Equipment Fire Monitors Master Stream Nozzles for Monitors Foam Equipment Foam System Hose Reels, Hoses and Accessories Spanner Wrenchers Adapters, Couplings & Dry Hydrant Systems 15

PRACTICE CARE MAINTENANCE SERVICES LTD - UK 30 Years of experience in the provision of cost-effective intelligent maintenance solutions for the rail, nuclear, oil and gas, mining and shipping industries as well as supply, commission, support, repair and recalibrate a wide range of Condition monitoring equipment.



Vibration Sensors Thermal Imaging Machinery Health Analysers Remote and Condition Monitoring Oil Sampling Method

SCHAUENBURG Ruhrkunststoff GmbH- Germany One of the leading European manufacturers of Flexible Hoses and Ducting Hose Assemblies Connection Systems since 1953

PRODUCT RANGE • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Light or Medium weigh PVC or Polyurethane hoses Light weight and very flexible ducting of various thermoplastic materials Medium to heavy weight PVC or polyurethane hoses Medium to heavy weight smooth bore polyurethane hoses Self supporting profile hoses of various materials Light weight ,very flexible PE ducting Heavy weight and flexible PE ducting Medium weight and flexible PE ducting Medium weight and flexible PE ductin Light weight and flexible EVA ducting Flexible and very heavy weight PE ducting Double or single ply noeprene hoses and ducting for warm air applications Light weight and very flexible PVC ducting for warm air applications Warm air and high temperature ducting Suction and desplacement PVC or Polyurethane hoses Connection systems Hose clamp with worm drive Wire hose clamp, Hinge bolt clamp, Cuff & Couplings 17

ENVENT ENGINEERING LTD- Canada Based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Envent Engineering Ltd., was formed in 2003 to design and manufacture natural gas measurement equipment.

PRODUCT RANGE • • • • • • • • • • 18

Analysers (Portable) All Types Analysers (Online) All Types Chromatographs All Types Analysers: Environment Emission Sample Systems Vent Flow meter/ Flow Switch Moisture/CO2 / O2 Monitors Model XP Sample Pump Sample Systems Analysers Shelters

SIKA – Germany A pioneer in measurement; control and calibration equipment since 1901.

PRODUCT RANGE • • • • • • • • • 20

Test and Calibration Equipment Temperature Calibrators Pressure Calibrators Recalibration Set High Pressure Calibration Set Hand Hel Devices Simulators Flow Meters Paddle Flow Switches

TERBERG SPECIAL VEHICLES – Netherlands Builds Terminal tractors and RoRo tractors for the transport of trailers in ports, industry, logistics and distribution centres and tipper trucks for the ground and construction transport. Terberg vehicles are operative in more than 80 countries in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, South East Asia, China and Australia.


Tug Master Terberg Tractors Terminal Tractors RoRo Tractors Swap Body Carriers


WIESE-EUROPE – Belgium Wiese has more than 20 years of service experience in marine loading arms; land loading arms; safety systems; revision & maintenance; pigging systems and bucket elevators.



Loading Arms Safety Systems Revision and Maintenance Pigging Systems Buckets Elevators

POINT HEALTH PTY LTD - Australia Point Health oers a range of products and services to promote and safeguard the health and safety of workers and sports people. We specialise in management strategies to optimise work and performance in hot environments.

PRODUCT RANGE • Aqua Powder Solution in Orange, Lemon & Lime


XIOM ENERGY SERVICES – UK Xiom Energy Services are leading providers of a large range of services to the oil and gas, marine, industrial and renewable sectors.

PRODUCT RANGE • • • • • • • • •


Shotblasting + Coatings UHP Water Blasting Hot Oil Hydraulic Flushing Equipment Re-furbs and Certification Valve Repair and Testing De-Commissioning of Oilfield Equipment Pressure Testing + Pipeline Services Flow Services Insulation + Buoyancy

• • • • • • • •

Radiator + Cooling Services ROU + Camera Inspection Container Workshop Rental Thermal Spray Equipment Bolt Torquing Riser Maintenance and Inspection Flexible Riser Annulus Testing Field Joint Coating




9 25

Code of


STE’s team has the capabilities and responsibilities and are dedicated to justifying the confidence placed in them by their customers, suppliers and colleagues. Our main objective is to earn the respect of our customers based on our ability to provide excellent values. We work to build long term business relationships. We deal openly and honestly with our colleagues. Teamwork is fundamental to our success and we ensure that everyone is treated with fairness, dignity and respect. We communicate in an open timely manner and actively seek the viewpoints and opinions of our colleagues. We build our company in a manner that all staff can be proud of and find rewarding.



Our philosophy is based upon partnering with our clients to create streamlined bases of mutual confidence and understanding!

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Specialized Technical Equipment - STE

Mezz. Floor M02, ADCP Building; Mazda Road; Tourist Club Area P.O. Box: 45481 - Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates Tel: +971 2 6716464 - Fax: +971 2 6716417 Email: - web:

Specialized Technical Equipment (STE) - Company Profile  

ISO certified local company established in Oct. 2000 in Abu Dhabi with diversified activities serving the oil & gas industries, petrochemic...

Specialized Technical Equipment (STE) - Company Profile  

ISO certified local company established in Oct. 2000 in Abu Dhabi with diversified activities serving the oil & gas industries, petrochemic...