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Mix use Dev. What is mixed use development? Creating Identity/ vision/ mission/ ways to achieve it/size/ senseof place/ feeling/ smell/ generation a 24 h activity Mixed use development is a space of 3 or more significant revenue producing uses. The characteristics are high density and pedestrian friendly space. It can include shopping, employment, entertaining, lodging, civic and cultural. Mixed use building enhance a senseof place in the community Growing number of childless households prefer more urban life style. Higher density housing is being developed in and around commercial areas, downtown, town centers, leading to mixed use development. It solves environment degradation, urban decay to sprawl. It creates identity and pedestrian environment and gathering places for the community. Good example is shanghai and Kuala Mixed dev. Offer different amnesties and is characterized by the dramatic deign, size, impact and senseof place being created. This makes mix use dev. big even if they are small scale. The amenities like retail should be convenience and should attract a market at their own right. All projects components should be interconnected by pedestrian links. Vertical structure like tower, are a key components around a central public spacesor pedestrian friendly street. A good pedestrian circulation and orientation are key for achieving a senseof place of mix use dev. Mixed use vs. multi use is the integration of the components. Multi use is less dense and less significant. For our project. We will use as a reference the Santana row in San Jose.It illustrates good physically and functionally pedestrian friendly environment.

900 north Michigan avenue Chicago. Large basestructure with retail/ parking and tower include office/ hotel/ residential uses. Copley place in Boston usesintegrated multi tower mixed use. Mix use dev. can be vertically or horizontally. Integrated multi tower structure: Integrated multi tower is individual building and towers connected by an atrium, concourse and shopping complex or underground parking structure. They are found in downtown central businessdistrict and in higher density urban locations. Example: the Houston galleria in Huston and Copley place in boston. Jin mao JOHNHANCOCKIN CHICAGOVERYGOODEXAMPLE PARKTOWER The fashion center at the pentagon city Sony center am pots darmer. Aol time warner center in new york. The history of mixed use building. To defend the city properly in the old days, it was necessary to keep the circumference of the protective exterior wall to minimum resulting in a compact city and forcing high density and significant integration of building like government, commercial and residential use. 2 towers open the space between them like Alex hgnere La defense paris. Mix use dev should be connected to transportation means. For underground space. Look Rockefeller center. International style is not that good for mixed use dev. becauseof hard surfaces plaza and glass boxes Houston galleria is one of the example having a shopping center. When including Apartments near theater design for the noise coming from the theater. (It will be hard to lease if noise exist)

Offices are more marketable when they have private and easily identified accessto the street and do not share stairs or paths with apt. Hotel and restaurant should be easily accessthe street. Suburbs has no senseof community or senseof the place becausethey have no town center or civic place where people can gather and can identify themselves. Air pollution and senseof environment (less trips and more pedestrian movement) Site development. Evaluate the positive and negative attributes of the potential use. Proximity (adjacent land use, nearby activity centers) Accessand visibility (highway, transit system and pedestrian) The site itself (size shape topography and soil) Services (utilities, roads, public facilities) Land use control (zoning, sub division regulation, building code, local government attitude) Social and political issuesand sensitivity Potential use (type of the quality of use programmed, timing and size of markets) Land cost in relation to those factors Features of mixed use dev. : Sustain sized and allow high density dev. to accommodate multiple users. Site has to be quite large. In small sites, stacking usesis good like many mixed tower. It is not feasible to stack three usesin ten or fewer stories. Excellent accessand exposure. Site need to be near accesspoints and existing travel patterns. Site need to be located in an existing multiuse environment Mccaffery interest is a firm that developed mix use dev. Seldom is economy hotels developed in a mixed use proj.

Hotels are good in mix use dev. Becausethey bring a 24 hour movement, Hotel with strong brand enhance a project image/ hotels provide dining, entertainment/ and recreation that serve not only guests but office and retail. Hotel benefit also from the demand generated from the residential and offices Questions about Including a hotel? Is it accessible from major highways or near public transportation. What the physical characteristic that can accommodate the hotel. What is the status of the existing infrastructure? Are the surrounding and uses compactible with the hotel? Retail market provide a higher density for office apartment, etc.. Retail successful point and themes: An unusual setting or striking architecture. A strong food statement restaurants An emphasis on gifts and crafts often with a distinctive local/ regional orientation A visual opennessdesigned to create clear interesting vistas and strong store to store sight lines and a large number of relatively small shops. Emphasis can be on merchandize architectural design and shopping ambiance. We can incorporate framers market twice a week. Retails entertainment can be restaurant, cinemas and media retailers like Disney store and warner bros. If residential is included we can have retails store like grocery store, drugstore, hair saloon , ‌

Entertainment can be very beneficiary becausethey serve the important purpose of drawing people on evening and weekends. reentrants bars clubs. Cultural uses: Cultural facilities give a strong identity and a prestigious that money cannot buy. Performing art facilities can be indoor and outdoor. They add activity and excitement. Museum bring people in week end and evening. Religious facilities.

Convention center. Convention center can be a major facility if developed by the public sector or a modest facility in a convention hotel. It is an attractive component for the mix use project becauseof the support they lend to the hotel and restaurant component after five business. Disadvantage is being giant and detract the pedestrian friendly atmosphere. They attract new businessand revenue. Suntec city good example for convention center. Recreational uses: parks, swimming pool gymnasium, pool table ping pong, video game, Google office is a good example to look up up recreation. Thelitic club. Parking: Retail and entairtment tenant want lots of parking. Readily available at peak evening and weekends Office tenant want priority parking during day time. Hotel wants adequate parking at night for gests and in the day for conference attendees. Parking should be commentary. Estimating parking space can very challenging because providing enough spacein peak time depends on the time, the day and season. It is related to shopping patterns of customers. (keenwood mall) problem parking. Getting and out. Not enough accesspoints. Confusing . The exsiting point of accessdo not distribute the movement outward. Everyonetry to park in front becauseof accesspoint. Follow the rule the less land paved over unnecessarily, the better becauseit is costly and environmentally not desirable. Implanting shared space is good but hard becausethe public view is skeptical during the approval processit is hard to obtain data and project user want dedicated parking areas. Things to consider in our project: What is our program. Office/ retail or retail hospital, religious, entertainment. What is our vision. What is our goal? What our mission statement. High pedestrian traffic/ vibrant shopping district/ Accessto public transportation/ residential and office center, sport activities. An issue is to place residential over relay. Loft Residential over retail can increaseits price.

Plan for noise/ privacy/security/marketing and management/ accesspoint/ emergency points for units Look at precedents in usa as well as oversees. Things to consider while designing: dramatic interior space, large atrium, gallerias, . good example of atrium peachtree in atlanta/ jin mao shangai/ westin and mariott hotels in peach tree center Design a space that can be added to and update. Research on this one. Reasearch on 24 h activity space. UCis intended to be 24 h hour campus but it failed. Why? Becauseclass Finnish by 5, students from different majors do not mix togehter

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