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The 21st Century fa

We need an easier way for faculty from Vassar’s many departments and programs to meet, socialize, and share ideas...

aculty is on the go.

The faculty lounge network is a tool for creating a more robust informal social life between faculty.

The lounge network implements small, quick social events for faculty in strategic locations and at strategic times.

Community-generated programming and free coffee attract nearby faculty, bringing people t o g e t h e r.


Vassar’s lounge-scape is as diverse as the college’s faculty. Exploring the many atmospheres and amenities can be as much fun as the lounge events themselves.

s trategi e s Use the network of small spaces around campus that are most accessible to faculty.

Hold small events for 30 to 45 minutes when the most faculty are free.

E xa m p l e us e s So want to workshop a paper you’re working on?

So you want to talk to other faculty who are new parents?

So you want to meet other secret heavy metal fans?

So you want to see who else loves backgammon?

So you want to show off that awesome guest speaker?

There’s a lounge for that! f or ins ta n c e .. . New England’s Room for Debate Taking your working paper out on a test drive? Get the ideas flowing in this voluminous lounge. Its mix of ornate traditionalism and modern touches will keep you thinking.

Kenyon Club Room: the Parents’ Lodge Conveniently located next to the Wimpfheimer, the Kenyon Club Room is a rustic, kid-friendly loft space with a startling array of seating options.

Replete with a number of tables, natural lighting, and plenty of space, Blodgett’s basement lounge is ripe for a spirted backgammon tournement .

Blodgett’s Gaming Academician

The Headbangers’ Ball at Sanders Physics

Rock out to heavy metal isotopes in the basement of Sanders Physics. It’s secluded, so no one will get mad at all the noise. And it looks to be actually proximate to some radiation, which is so metal.

The Globetrotter’s Refuge at Ely Hall

Show off your well-traveled guest speaker in the erudite luxury of Ely Hall’s Geography lounge. The guest speaker’s globe will be spinning at the comfort of the sofas, while your colleagues will simply be impressed by your refined pallette for lounges.

How to set up a lounge event... Go to: Click ‘Explore the Lounges’ to enter the interactive Lounge Explorer.

Find a lounge that suits your needs and desires.

Click ‘Schedule an Event’ on the Lounge Network’s home page.

Log into Vassar’s Event Request System.

Hover over ‘Reservations’ to see the drop-down menu. Within that menu, click on ‘Faculty Lounge Network.’

Enter the date and time of the event in the left-hand panel. The calendar system will use this info to search for spaces. Click this to select the date using the calendar.

You MUST enter a number here. Always underestimate the attendance. Overly high estimates will unneccesarily exclude smaller lounges.

If this event repeats (say weekly), click this to set the recurrence pattern.

Select the building that your preferred lounge is in. Or choose ‘all’ to search through all lounges available at that time.

In the center panel that appears, select your preferred lounge by clicking the green plus sign next to its name. The system will tell you if there is a scheduling conflict in the panel’s ‘Conflict’ column.

Click the ‘Details’ tab at the top of the panel. Enter all the required information. Click ‘Submit Reservation.’ You did it!

Up o n a p p rova l, your event will be i nte grate d i nto Vassar ’s ca m pus cal e n d ar. To s e e a f u l l c a l e n dar of Fac u l t y Lo u n g e N et wor k list i ng s: G o to facult wor k Click on ‘Events Calendar ’ at the top. S elec t ‘Facult y Lounge Net wor k ’ from the list of calendars in the r ight-hand panel.

Up co m i n g e ve nt s can always b e fo u n d o n t h e homepage o f t h e Fac u l t y Lo u n ge N et wo r k si te.

Don’t forget to other faculty l Relax with a cu go o d co nv

o look out for lounge events. up of coffee & ve rsat i o n .

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Prepared by Willy Mann & John McCartin, in conjunction with Tobias Armborst.

Faculty Lounge Network Brochure  

An informational brochure for Vassar's Faculty Lounge Network. Produced by John McCartin and Willy Mann. Brought to you by the Office of t...