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==== ==== How to Generate Hundreds of New Leads for Your Business ==== ====

How to get free leads is always a hot topic no matter who you are talking to in the home based business arena and I can totally understand why. I mean after all to build a big business you need a lot of leads But I want to look at this question from a different angle. I believe several questions should be answered first. Why do you want leads? What will you do with them once you get them? What are you bringing to the table so that your lead can turn into a buying customer, a follower or a business partner? All of those questions need to be answered as you research the various ways of how to get free leads or it will be pointless to pursue the endeavor of generating free leads. Now assuming you know your why and you have a plan of what you will do once you have them (ie a funded proposal for an example), let's now talk about some practical ways of how to get free leads. Asking for referrals is and will always be the best way. Of course most people neglect it but it still works. Networking groups such as BNI and Meet-Up have mastered this and have as a result gone global on the concept of free leads or referrals. They thrive off of the premise of sharing one another's connections thereby connecting potential persons with problems or questions with people who have a potential solution. This can work well provided you have answered the first few questions I addressed in the first paragraph. Just mastering this method can put you far above your peers as you master how to get free leads from this one method alone. Another way of how to get free leads is to focus on providing valuable information online. Several gurus will teach that if you provide value to a client they will follow you anywhere. You can provide answers by finding out what issue your potential prospect has and YOU can provide the solution. You could blog about it, You could make a video about by using sites like YouTube or MetCafe. You could use sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Linked-In. The key is to develop relationships with them and then direct them to your lead capture page with ease all because you provided a solution to their problem. Writing articles is also another popular of how to get free leads. People are always searching article directories looking for either entertainment or solutions to their questions or problems. It makes since to hang out where they hang out. Be smart by using the resource box to send free traffic back to your main hub which should be your blog or a website. Using that keyword that you know people will search is a strategy that many article writers use. Keep in mind that Google really like blogs because of the fresh content. They want to be as relevant to their "customer" as possible. So that when a person types in a question, they will receive the answer that they seek. For an example you want to know how to get free leads and I am providing you ideas and answers and Google will consider this to be relevant free content for you "their" customer.

Another place that shows you how get free leads is forums. One you can watch the activity of other forum participants and learn a lot. You can also develop relationships with them in hopes of them becoming a free lead. Make sure you visit forums that have to do with your particular niche and you can get free leads simply by putting your information in the signature area which most forum sites allow. If you use it wisely you can get a ton of free leads in this manner. Well these are just a few places and ideas on How to get free leads. As I said earlier, make sure you answer the question of why do you want the lead, what you will do with the lead and do you have what the lead is really looking for. Answer those questions and I can just about guarantee that you will soon know exactly how to get free leads at the push of a button. For more detailed information on resource boxes, signature lines, blogging, funded proposals and writing articles, go to my resource box and click the link to my blog. God Bless.

Tracie Davis is a seasoned network marketer and home based business expert. Known as the Career Builder, she is a published author, wife, mom, and success coach. She has helped several inexperienced people in the network marketing industry build successful thriving businesses from the comfort of their homes. To learn more marketing tips and ideas go to and to learn more about Tracie Davis visit her website at

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==== ==== How to Generate Hundreds of New Leads for Your Business ==== ====

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