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The Phases Of The Moon The moon has inspired many lore, beliefs and stories through the years. For ancient peoples, before there were clocks and calendars, the moon has served as a time-teller, signaling the seasons and the turns of the tide. Hunting for food and planting were synchronized with the moon’s phases. Even feasts and rituals were timed with the moon. It was a mystery, a source of magic, and in some cultures, even a god or a goddess. In the modern world, the moon has become a physical place where man could take steps on and send many space shuttles to. While there are still quite a few mysteries to be solved about the moon, many others have been brought to light by science. Today when people look up at the night sky, it makes one wonder, what exactly does one see? Do people see a lump of rock or the hidden face of a deity?

The phases of the moon come with its own sets of stories and legends. The key phases are new moon, first quarter, full moon and last quarter. Scientifically, these phases are explained by how the sun throws light on the moon. Since the moon goes around the earth, and the earth goes around the sun, the sun illuminates the moon based on those movements. From another angle, these phases reflect the

natural flow of life from birth to growth to death. These perspectives make the difference on what people see when they look up at the moon. The observed pattern or cycle of the phases of the moon takes 29.5 days. Within this period, much is practiced, believed and influenced by how the moon shows itself in the night sky. Activities such as planting and fishing have long been coincided with the moon’s phases. People from earlier times scheduled life events depending on the moon, whether for luck or for a simple functional reason that more light at night allows for more accomplishments. Among the phases of the moon, the most popular could well be the full moon. That point in time when the moon is round and big and bright in the sky has always elicited various emotions and associations. Depending on how beliefs sway, a full moon could be an omen or a sign of good tidings. The full moon has received so much attention through time and has become an object of myth and superstition in its own right. Each full moon has actually been given names, with meanings that are often rooted in traditional agricultural practices. The most commonly heard is probably the Harvest Moon that happens in either September or October. It is named such because it is the time when it is biggest and brightest. It is so bright that farmers can continue to harvest in their fields even during nighttime. On the other hand, the full moon has also been connected to strange behavior to this day. Nurses have been said to claim that during the full moon, more people are brought into hospitals for accidents or injuries caused by unusual activities. Even some policemen have made the association of increased violence or aggression during the full moon. However, regardless of how superstitious or scientific one approaches the moon, it cannot be denied that the moon will remain to be a fascinating object of wonder and study. Call it magic or the magnet of gravity -- the pull of the moon on people’s imaginations will remain as strong as its pull on the tides of the seas.

White Magic and the Phases of the Moon The moon has always remained a mystery and an object of myths and magic despite newspaper headlines of men making footprints on its surface. Even in today’s modern world, there are those who remain attuned to lore of the moon. White magic is one of the things that abide by the moon in its practice. There are many ways of understanding white magic but what is key to remember




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part. White magic and the phases of the moon are inseparable when it comes to doing rituals and spells that are intended to enhance some aspect of life. The moon is often a key ingredient in the success of these intentions as its phase mirrors the movement or direction of the desired effect of the spell.

In general, the phases of the waxing moon, or when the moon is growing from new moon to full moon is best for spells that target growth or increase. Spells for money, health and the development of romantic relationships are often

performed during this time. For even better effects, days closest to the full moon take advantage of for its perfect state of coming to completion. On the other hand, for matters that need a full fresh start, the new moon phase is considered perfect timing for triggering that much needed shift. The phases of the waning moon, or when the moon is decreasing from full moon until before the new moon, are the best times to conduct spells of removal. Spells that push away obstacles or lessen bad influences and bad luck work well with the diminishing moon. Some types of healing spells can be done at this time as the ailment is visualized to weaken and disappear. When healed, the spell can take on a next phase during the waxing moon. This time it will be geared towards increasing wellness and strengthening the body. As white magic and the phases of the moon are integrated more closely, one can also add other elements in the spell such as what day, hour or season it is. Layering the associated effects could further empower the intention. For example, the season of spring has always been symbolic of new beginnings and renewed hope as the earth emerges from winter. Doing a spell in spring, on a new moon, will aid any desired beginnings whether a relationship, a job, or even the simple matter of moving house. The combinations of white magic and the phases of the moon are further enhanced by bringing in earth’s own nature to the mix. By understanding the lore of herbs, for example, one can add yet another layer to the spell. Keeping basil in one’s wallet after a spell for increasing money on a spring night during the waxing moon should soon manifest a money source. While a pouch of money may not necessarily fall from the sky, the intention could result in a job opportunity or an unexpected gift. The important thing is to have one’s own emotions to also be positively attuned to the whole practice. Although with magic, the idea of a falling pouch from the sky may not be too strange after all.

The Lunar Orbit Cyble of Moon  
The Lunar Orbit Cyble of Moon  

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