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Game review Assassin’s creed 3 In this game you play as Connor, an assassin in the 18th century. The aim of the game at first is to eliminate targets helping with the revolutionary war between the Patriots and the British. Later on in the game you have to stop the 2012 apocalypse believed in by many spiritual people and the team leading Desmond (Connor) into the animus. It is a hack and slash, twitch game play mechanic testing player’s reflexes and alertness to scenarios that are happening in game and using a slight stealth mechanic if you don’t want to fight.

Outlast Outlast is a survival horror game that can test your reactions also making it a twitch based game, especially when you get jump scared because in this game it doesn’t end if you get found. Instead you have to run or hide from whatever monster trying to kill you, of course if you get caught then you die a horrible death. You are a journalist exploring an insane asylum that has been abandoned for some time, you pull up in your car and see what a creepy place it is, and the character says something under his breath that you cannot hear which I thought was funny.

Battle block theatre In this comical and fun game you can either play single player or co-op which makes for endless hours of fun, as instead of achieving the goal you can just mess about and disrupt your friend’s progress making the game that much more fun. It also includes a 1-4 multiplayer arena battle mode. This game mainly focuses on running jumping and punching, and is essential that the player has exceptional skill to try and achieve A++ which is the highest rating that you can get for each level. It includes speed run elements making it a strategy and PvAll game.

Dark Souls In this game you get to choose what type of character that you would like to be ranging from a knight to a cleric or even just a barebones character style. Starting off in a small prison cell you ask yourself how and what reasons would you be in here, whilst questioning this you make your way through a small area that last about 15 minutes before you get thrown in with a boss straight away! The small catch about this game is that if you die you can’t go back to a save point you just go back instead to what is called a bonfire which is your save point instead of AutoSaving, this means that if you died to this boss you would have to go all the way back to the beginning where you first started, although you do keep all items that you have acquired. This makes for a unique mechanic which makes the game very interesting. It is also a very hard skill based reaction game with no set difficulty just the one the game has been made with.

Mario Kart 8 Mario kart is a very popular game amongst the Wii U and DS users because of its easy to play controls and creative and colourful level design. It is a co-op multiplayer game but can be also played single player. With a linear level set and proficient design that has been mastered each generation not only is this a casual game but can be played competitively between friends or even at tournaments. Loved by kids and adults alike there is a reason that this game always sells well each game. With newer graphics and new consoles like the 3DS and Wii U this game looks and plays beautifully.

Chivalry medieval warfare This widely successful indie game was first released on this PC but has since also been ported to the XBOX live market place.AS it was well received by the players on Steam this game shot to the top of most played games in 2013. Many youtubers have also covered this game as spotlights on their channels and even doing series of their own. As a hack and slash game its main game mode is to try and push your warhorse into the enemy base and then slay the king of the opposing team, there is also a team death match and Free for all game mode. There are many playable classes but I usually can play as a knight who has powerful melee attacks but low speed, an archer with medium speed and excels at engaging from a distance, he also has a choice of a backup weapon that is either a short sword or a dagger.

Unreal tournament GOTY This game is a first-person shooter that involves PvP elements making for a fun and fast paced game. You have to work as a team to kill the enemy team to gain points, the team that reaches max points wins the game. Having an active and twitch reflex gameplay element means that adept shooters will be good at this game.

Spyro Considered one of the best games of its generation holding best graphically made game for the PS1. It is a linear but also quite diverse when it comes to the free roam genre. Being a single player game it was usually quite passive unless you was doing a time attack challenge which there was plenty of in this game, also utilizing strategy by having a lot of mini games and puzzles that you had to complete before being able to go into the next area. This games replay value was outstanding, unlocking secrets by completing the game in a set amount of time and /or collecting 90 percent of the gems made the game very challenging at times and pushed players to do the best.

Destiny This game is considered to be a MOBA because of the online capabilities that this game uses, you cannot play this game if you do not have an internet connection even if you want to play the story mode on your own which is a downside to this game. Other than that this is a PvAll and PvP combat based shoot em up which is popular across all platforms, you must have good twitch reflexes if you wish to outgun any opponent that you may come across. Using a RNG you get certain drops ranging from common to Exotic. Exotics are the best pieces of the gear in the game with special stats and abilities that lower tier gear could never imagine of having.

Wii Sports Wii Sports comes free with the Purchase of a Nintendo Wii, it includes Baseball, Bowling, Boxing, Golf and Tennis. Each of these modes require the player to mimic each action that would be taken on the specific sport by mimicking them on screen. It is the most sold game in the world with 85.24 million copies sold.

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