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Why Pubs Are So Popular

• It seems that neighborhood pubs keep popping up all of the time. These establishments seem to be remarkably popular, particularly among the college-aged crowd. By their numbers, it's safe to say that there are more than enough paying customers to support the vast majority. Why, however, are they so popular? What compels someone to pay more for pizza and beer in a pub as opposed to buying some from the store for less and taking it home? Here are some reasons why pubs are so popular.

Social Gathering Places • Pubs serve as a local "watering hole", a place where people can hang out with each other and hear the latest word on what's happening around town or on TV. They're a common place for coworkers to de-stress together after a long day on the job. Pubs are even fun places for friends to get together for a night on the town. If you're lonely and feeling the itch to socialize, they're also helpful for that. Just walk in, take a seat at the bar and order your drink. There will be no shortage of people wanting to chat with you.

The Dating Scene • Pubs are an ideal hangout for people who are on the prowl for a mate. Their reliable busy periods provide you with a wide variety of potential dates to choose from, whether you're looking for a fling or something more serious. They can also serve as a fun place to go on a date with someone. Fun, food and music: how could a date be any better?

Really Tasty Chow • Pubs are great places to go for people who like good eats. From appetizers to the main course, you're sure to find something mouth-watering and scrumptuous. Some pubs have even become famous for the unique menu items that they sell. Many bar foods also make good comfort foods, which can be really nice after a breakup, a bad day at work or having your car break down.

Specials • Pubs are a never-ending fountain of good deals, especially for certain lucky groups. It's common for pubs to run discounts during happy hour, which is usually between 5pm and 7pm. At pubs in college towns, flashing your student ID at the bar can get knock off a portion of your order price and may come with other perks as well. In most places, senior citizens can take advantage of similar benefits. Some nights of the week may also be ladies' night. In most cases, this gives women free admission or free drinks, but men have to pay a cover charge and are charged the regular rate for drinks.

Party Hot Spots • There are few places that are better for parties than pubs. They can handle large numbers of people, they're set up to provide meals and alcohol, and many already feature entertainment. Many pubs will allow you to rent out the entire space for a party, and this, too, may be subject to discounts. With all of the pizza, beer and entertainment under one roof, pubs are party hot spots.

Why Pubs Are So Popular  

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